Eager to recast itself as a Web-centric company, Nolo Press has changed its name to Nolo.com and will make several improvements to its Web site.

From now on, all Nolo titles -- even those in hard copy -- will be labeled as Nolo.com books. The change, said associate publisher Steve Elias, reflects the company's belief in the developing marketplace. "Less and less will we be making our money in the traditional book markets. Increasingly, we're going to be making it on the Web," he said.

In several weeks, the company will relaunch its Web site, which will include such new features as an "emergency resource center" for those in immediate need of quick legal solutions. "It's a real-needs sort of thing, and you don't even have to buy a book," said spokesperson Jen Lee.

The company has also partnered with Findlaw, the legal database that contains case law arranged according to topic. The two will create a co-branded site for those wanting both the "plain-English" version and the formal case law. Nolo also is developing a "Learning Center" for such topics as "Beat Your Ticket" and may eventually charge for this service.