Tyndale is heading up bestseller charts around the country with the sixth installment of the Left Behind series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim La Haye. First printing of Assassins, which had a one-day laydown on August 5, was one million copies. Orders are coming in so fast that three more press runs, totaling 500,000 more copies have been scheduled for delivery at the end of September. According to the publisher, more than 9.5 million copies of the Left Behind books -- not counting audio books and ancillary products -- have been sold. In addition, the Left Behind series for children has sold more than 1.3 million copies. Jenkins's first signing, in Scottsdale, Ariz., drew more than 1000 people and got front-page coverage in the Arizona Republic. Tyndale estimates that by the end of its fiscal year 2000 (April 30) the house will have spent more than $1 million to promote the series. That figure will include some of the promo budget for book #7, The Indwelling, scheduled for release March 30.


The Chicken Soup series continues its A+ record for bestseller activity with its latest title, Chicken Soup for the College Soul by Kimberly Kirberger and Dan Clark. The book landed high on the national charts within days of its national laydown. Health Communications launched the book with a one-million-copy first printing and the authors will begin a 10-city media/book signing tour on September 13. The book will also be featured in the September issue of Teen People. Kirberger has already done a 20-city radio satellite tour. An interview/book excerpt will appear on the Web site www.collegestudent.com, which has 250,000 members.


Bestselling psychic Sylvia Brown has been working the QVC audience with her latest book, The Other Side and Back. She was on QVC August 9 and sold out her book inventory (2700 copies, to be exact) in just four minutes. She has been invited back at the beginning of September for an extended appearance. Within two weeks of its August 2 publication, her book, a guide to understanding psychic and paranormal experiences, hit #1 on most of the national charts, including PW, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Amazon. Dutton has gone back to press and total copies in print are above the 200,000 level. Browne is on the road through mid-September and will be the subject of a pay-per-view television program on October 9.


Stuart Woods's latest, Worst Fears Realized, is his 19th bestseller. The mass market edition of the previous bestseller, Orchid Beach included a preview chapter, making his fans eager for the new book. Total copies in print after four printings is 133,000. HarperCollins is touring the author in Atlanta and Florida after Labor Day. Meanwhile, the house has been busy doing national print and network radio advertising.


Jim Burke is in the midst of a 16-city driving tour that began in Minneapolis for his latest bestseller, Heartwood, which Doubleday launched with a 110,000-copy first printing. In Burke's hometown of Missoula, Mont., the crowd was SRO. In addition to a formal book signing in each city, the author will do numerous drop-ins to sign stock at mystery stores, chains and independents.


Sandra Brown continues to grow her readership with each new book. Her latest success, Unspeakable, moves up to the top tier of the national bestseller charts with more than 1,655,000 copies in print. A year ago, in hardcover, it was on the national charts for about three months and had more than 444,000 copies in print. Brown has had 37 national bestsellers over the past eight years and there are more than 53 million copies of her books in print.