One Child by Christopher Cheng, illus. by Steven Woolman ($14.95), reveals what one child can do to help save the environment. (3-6)

Paperback Reprints: The Animals of the Chinese Zodiac by Susan Whitfield, illus. by Philippa-Alys Browne ($7.95, all ages); and The Watertower by Gary Crew, illus. by Steven Woolman ($7.95, 7-14).


What Is God's Name? by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, illus. by Ph be Stone ($7.95). A board-book edition with abridged text. (1-4)


A Coat for the Moon and Other Jewish Tales, selected by Howard Schwartz and Barbara Rush, illus. by Michael Iofin ($14.95), retells 15 folktales. (8-up)

The Cross by Day, the Mezuzzah by Night by Deborah Spector Siegel ($14.95). A girl struggles to preserve her family and culture during the Spanish Inquisition. (12-up)


The Kids' Catalog of Bible Treasures by Chaya Burstein ($17.95) includes Bible-related crafts and quizzes. (8-12)


Uncle Noah's Big Boat by Yuki Tsurumi ($15). The story of the Flood told from the perspective of the animals on board. (2-5)

Christmas Trio by Gordon Stowell ($12). Three mini board books tell the story of Christmas. (2-5)

Best-Loved Carols by Philip Tebbs and Victoria Tebbs, illus. by Debbie Lush ($15), collects 15 holiday carols and songs. (8-17)



Series: Math Matters by Barbara deRubertis adds A Collection for Kate, illus. by Gioia Fiammenghi; Count on Pablo, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh; and Deena's Lucky Penny, illus. by Joan Holub and Cynthia Fisher ($4.95 each, 4-7).


The Gift by Gabriela Keselman, illus. by Pep Montserrat ($15.95). Parents search for the perfect gift for their son. (3-6)

Idora by Alex Godard ($14.95). A Parisian giraffe is forced to move. (4-8)

The José Stories by Yerner Holzwarth, conceived and illus. by Yatiyawi Studios ($13.95), are stories based on the life of a real Bolivian boy. (8-up)

Paperback Reprints: The Truffle Hunter by Inga Moore and Girl from the Snow Country by Masako Hidaka ($7.95 each, 4-8).


All About Hanukkah by Judye Groner and Madeline Wikler, illus. by Kinny Kreiswirth ($4.95, $19.95 with CD). The story of Hanukkah, plus activities and discussion ideas for the eight nights. (All ages)

Let's Celebrate Shabbat by Madeline Wikler, illus. by Miriam Sagasti ($4.95 board). A story about the Jewish Sabbath. (1-3)

Tamar's Sukkah by Ellie Gellman, illus. by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki ($4.95 board). Tamar and friends of various ages help with the harvest booth. (1-3)

You Can Do a Mitzvah by Judye Groner, illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn ($4.95 board), explains to the youngest children how to do a mitzvah (good deed). (1-3)

Baby's Bris by Susan Wilkowski, illus. by Judith Friedman ($16.95, $6.95 paper). Five-year-old Sophie describes the events surrounding and including her brother's circumcision. (4-8)


Series: New Stardust Classics are Laurel and the Sprites™ Mischief by Cassie Kendall, Kat and the Missing Notebooks by Emma Bradford and Alissa™s Tournament Troubles by Jillian Ross ($12.95 each, 7-12). New Stardust Classics Holiday Boxed Sets are Alissa, Princess of Arcadia Set, Kat the Time Explorer Set and Laurel the Woodfairy Set ($16.95 each, 7-12).


Mr. McGratt and the Ornery Cat by Marilyn Helmer, illus. by Martine Gourbault ($14.95). A man tries to rid himself of an ill-tempered feline. (3-7)

Bear on the Train by Julie Lawson, illus. by Brian Deines ($14.95). A bear settles in for a long winter sleep on a train. (3-8)

Pippin Takes a Bath by K.V. Johansen, illus. by Bernice Lum ($12.95). Mabel tries to get her muddy dog into the bath. (4-7)

When Addie Was Scared by Linda Bailey, illus. by Wendy Bailey ($14.95). A girl learns she's braver than she thinks. (4-8)

The Kids Can Press Spanish & English Phrase Book and The Kids Can Press French & English Phrase Book by Chantal Lacourcière Kenny, illus. by Linda Hendry ($12.95 each), each contain more than 200 phrases and expressions. (5-12)

A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841 by Barbara Greenwood, illus. by Heather Collins ($12.95), explains how the early settlers observed this holiday. (7-12)

Stormy Night by Michèle Lemieux ($15.95). A girl contemplates life's important questions. (8-up)

The Secret Life of Fairies by Penelope Larkspur, illus. by Lesley Watts ($14.95, book and pendant $16.95), explores fairy life and lore. (8-up)

Daughter by Ishbel Moore ($14.95). A teen comes to terms with the fact that her mother has Alzheimer's disease. (10-14)

Series: Elliot Bakes a Cake by Andrea Beck is a new Elliot Moose story ($12.95, 3-7). Franklin returns in Franklin's Neighborhood ($10.95, 3-8) and Franklin's Classic Treasury ($15.95, 3-8) by Paulette Bourgeois, illus. by Brenda Clark. America at Work adds Fishing and Mining by Jane Drake and Ann Love, illus. by Pat Cupples ($12.95 each, 7-10). Sam: Dog Detective takes on Spying on Dracula and The Ghost of Captain Briggs by Mary Labatt ($12.95 each, paper $4.95, 7-10). And Starting with Space gains Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites by Cynthia Pratt Nicholson, illus. by Bill Slavin ($12.95, paper $6.95, 7-11).


The Best on Ice: The World's Top Figure Skaters by Patty Cranston ($4.95) focuses on famous skaters. (7-10)

Paperback Series: New Memory Scrapbooks for Me are My Grandfather and Me and My Grandmother and Me by Jane Drake and Ann Love, illus. by Scott Ritchie ($4.95 each, 5-up). Lu & Clancy introduces Crime Science by Louise Dickson and Secret Codes by Adrienne Mason, both illus. by Pat Cupples ($5.95 each, 6-10). Joining Hockey's Hottest are Goalies and Wingers by James Duplacey ($4.95 each, 7-10). And Kids Can Do It continues with Beanbag Buddies and Other Stuffed Toys by Judy Ann Sadler, illus. by June Bradford; Making Gift Boxes by Linda Hendry; and Making Memory Books by Amanda Lewis, illus. by Esperança Melo ($5.95 each, 8-up).

Paperback Series Reprints: Wildlife Series gains Deer, Moose, Elk & Caribou and Beavers by Deborah Hodge, illus. by Pat Stephens ($5.95 each, 5-10). New to Starting with Space are The Planets and The Stars by Cynthia Pratt Nicholson, illus. by Bill Slavin ($6.95 each, 7-11).


Little Rabbit's First Time Book by Alan Baker ($10.95) presents a clock with movable hands. (2-5)

What Will I Do Without You? by Sally Grindley, illus. by Penny Dann ($15.95), is a story about making new friends. (2-6)

Baby Bill and Little Lil by Sue Heap ($14.95) describes a quest for a pet fish. (3-up)

Your World: A First Encyclopedia by Angela Wilkes ($24.95) includes facts and activities. (4-7)

The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia by Richard Walker with Roy Palmer ($16.95) introduces human biology. (5-8)

Great Girl Stories: A Treasury of Classics from Children's Literature, selected by Rosemary Sandberg ($18.95), is a compendium of tales starring well-known heroines. (5-10)

Disasters by Ned Halley ($15.95) examines natural and man-made calamities. (8-12)

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia ($39.95) surveys human civilization. (8-up)

The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Planet Earth by Martin Redfern ($19.95) is a guide to our planet. (9-12)

The Kingfisher Book of Religions by Trevor Barnes ($22.95) covers beliefs and ceremonies from around the world. (9-up)

Series:The Best Book of series adds The Best Book of Sharks by Claire Llewellyn and The Best Book of Trains by Richard Balkwill ($12.95 each, 5-8). Sightseers: Essential Travel Guides to the Past visits Ancient Greece and California Gold Rush ($8.95 each, 7-11). And How the Future Began gains Communications by Anthony Wilson ($15.95, 9-up).


Magic for Kids by Fay Presto ($10.95). A magician passes on her tricks. (7-up)

Paperback Series:Story Library welcomes Animal Stories, compiled by Michael Morpurgo, illus. by Andrew Davidson ($6.95, hardcover $14.95, 9-14).



Fun Finding Out About Our World by Rosie McCormick, illus. by Anthony Lewis ($10.95), introduces kids to the world around them. (4-6)

Ha! Ha! Ha! Over 400 Very Funny Jokes ($5.95). A joke collection. (5-9)

Superschool by Mick Manning and Brita Granström ($12.95) offers projects on a variety of subjects. (6-9)

Fascinating Facts ($9.95) presents info about earth, space, animals, etc. (8-12)

Fun with Science ($12.95) rounds up 150 experiments and games. (8-up)

Paperback Reprints:Gray Rabbit's 1,2,3, Black and White Rabbit's ABC, White Rabbit's Color Book, Brown Rabbit's Day, Gray Rabbit's Odd One Out and Brown Rabbit's Shape Book by Alan Baker ($3.95 each, 3-up); The Kingfisher First Encyclopedia of Animals ($12.95, 5-8); The Kingfisher First Picture Atlas ($7.95, 6-9); Tales from the Ballet by Antonia Barber, illus. by Diz Wallis ($11.95, 6-up); Castles by Philip Steele and Wild West by Mike Stotter ($10.95 each, 7-11); The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Music by Clive Wilson and Sir Georg Solti ($12.95, 9-13); and Wild Technology by Phil Gates ($8.95, 9-13).


The Body Crayon Book by the editors of Klutz ($14.95) offers a book of designs and six washable body crayons. (4-up)

The Shrinky Dinks Book by Sherri Haab and the editors of Klutz ($12.95) includes plastic sheets and designs to trace. (6-up)

The Adventures of J Bender, The Adventures of Brenda Bender and The Adventures of Fender Bender by the editors of Klutz ($9.95 each) package magnetic wire figures with books of photos. (6-up)

Beaded Bobby Pins by Marilyn Green ($14.95) presents instructions and materials for making beaded hair pins. (8-up)

Bead Rings by Anne Akers Johnson ($12.95) provides supplies and directions for making bead rings. (8-up)

Series: New Klutz Guides are Backyard Birds: A Coast-to-Coast Guide to Birds You're Already Supposed to Know, Spotter's Guide to the Coolest Cars on the Road, Spotter's Guide to the Coolest Dinos in the Woods and Classic Cookies by the editors of Klutz ($4.95 each, 6-up).


The 20th Century Children's P try Treasury, selected by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Meilo So ($19.95), collects more than 200 p ms. (All ages)

The Last Alchemist by Colin Thompson ($17). A king and his alchemist learn that true gold comes from the heart. (8-10)

The Promise by Jackie French Koller, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers ($15.95). Matt tries to rescue his dog after a bear attacks it. (8-12)

Monumental Mazes by Richard Burnie ($14.95) offers mazes plus historical information on various monuments. (8-up)

Olympics by Chris Oxlade, photos by Andy Crawford and Steve Gorton ($19), takes a close look at the Olympics. (10-13)

The Ghost of Lizard Light by Elvira Woodruff, illus. by Elaine Clayton ($14.95). A ghost needs Jack's help to solve an old mystery. (10-13)

Sammy Keyes and the Runaway Elf by Wendelin Van Draanen ($14.95). Sammy solves a dognapping case. (10-13)

In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer by Irene Gut Opdyke and Jennifer Armstrong ($18). A young woman in WWII Poland decides to help Jews. (10-up)

Crooked by Laura and Tom McNeal ($16.95) recounts a ninth-grader's difficult year. (12-up)

Paperback Reprints:The Iron Giant: A Story in Five Nights by Ted Hughes, illus. by Andrew Davidson ($4.99, 8-10); The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, illus. by Joseph Mugnaini ($4.99, 8-12); Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy by Wendelin Van Draanen and Songs of Faith by Angela Johnson ($4.99 each, 10-13); The Sally Lockhart Trilogy: Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North and The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman; and Pullman's The Tin Princess ($4.99 each, 12-up); The Subtle Knife: His Dark Materials, Book II by Pullman ($10, 12-up); and Party Girl by Lynne Ewing ($4.99, 14-16).


Paperback Reprints: Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Pippa Goodhart, illus. by Stephen Lambert; and Imogene's Antlers by David Small ($6.99 each, 3-8); and Small's Ruby Mae Has Something to Say and Happy New Year! Kung-Hsi-Fa-Ts'ai! by Demi ($6.99 each, 5-8).


(Oxford University Press, dist.)

Series: New Miffy titles by Dick Bruna are Miffy in the Hospital and Miffy in the Snow ($4.95 each, 2-5).


Series:Little Landoll Halloween Storybooks include A Witch's Trick by Terry Collins, illus. by Jesse Clay; Why I Like Halloween by Dave Billman, illus. by Steve Harpster; Jeremy Jekyll's Halloween by Tracey Herrold, illus. by Terry Julien; and The Halloween Pageant by Andrea Pelleschi, illus. by Billman ($.79 each, 6-9). New Little Landoll Holiday Storybooks are The Christmas Walk and Santa's Reindeer Surprise by Andy Rector, illus. by Ben Mahan; The Magic Christmas Box, Santa's Peppermint Rescue and Mole Hole Holiday, illus. by Rusty Fletcher; Santa's Sled Race and Rusty's Christmas Parade, illus. by Terry Julien; and Where's Santa's Kitten?, illus. by Nancy Munger ($.79 each, 6-9).


Series:Great Railway Adventures rolls on with The Mighty Mogul by Lin Oliver, illus. by Jeffrey Lindberg ($14.95, 5-8).


Titles in Spanish:Franklin y el regalo de Navidad (Franklin's Christmas Gift) and Franklin en el museo (Franklin's Class Trip) by Paulette Bourgeois, illus. by Brenda Clark ($10.95 each, paper $5.95, 5-7); and Cuéntame otra vez la noche que nací (Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born) by Jamie Lee Curtis, illus. by Laura Cornell ($14.95, 6-8).

Paperbacks in Spanish:El nuevo cachorrito de Arturo (Arthur's New Puppy) and Las vacaciones de Arturo (Arthur's Family Vacation) by Marc Brown ($6.95 each, 4-8 ); and Lejos del polvo (Out of the Dust) by Karen Hesse ($11.95, 9-12).


Rainbow J and Me by Maria Diaz Strom ($15.95). A blind man teaches an African-American girl to see colors through music. (3-up)

Strong to the Hoop by John Coy, illus. by Leslie Jean-Bart ($16.95). A boy proves himself on an urban basketball court. (6-up)

Board Book Reprints:Baby Born by Anastasia Suen, illus. by Chih-Wei Chang ($6.95, 1-5); I Had a Hippopotamus and Yo tenía un hipopótamo by Hector Viveros Lee ($6.95 each, 2-6).

Title in Spanish:Bajo la luna de limón (Under the Lemon Moon) by Edith Hope Fine, illus. by René King Moreno ($15.95 each, paper $6.95, 6-up).

Paperback Reprints:The Birthday Swap by Loretta Lopez ($6.95, 4-8); and Richard Wright and the Library Card by William Miller, illus. by Gregory Christie ($6.95, 4-up).



The Big Book of Cool Crafts by Sara Lynn, Diane James and Ivan Bulloch ($5.95), offers projects using common household items. (5-8)

Paperback Series:The Need for Speed takes off with Aircraft by Chris Maynard, Racing Cars by Philip Raby, High-Speed Boats by Simon Bornhoft and Motorbikes by Raby and Simon Nix ($7.95 each, 9-14). New to Sports Achievers are Kevin Garnett, "Da Kid" by John Torres, Terrell Davis, TD by Jeff Savage and Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Great by Thomas Raber ($5.95 each, 9-14). And new Biography titles are Jesse Ventura by Keith Elliot Greenberg, George Lucas by Dana White, Rosie O'Donnell and Princess Diana by Katherine Krohn and John Glenn and Legends of Dracula by Tom Streissguth ($7.95 each, 11-14).


The Edge by Ben Bo ($14.95). Declan learns to snowboard and comes to terms with the ghosts of his past. (12-18)


(Consortium, dist.)


Mother Opossum and Her Babies by Jean Echols ($16). Science and math experiments. (4-6)

Math on the Menu by Jaine Kopp ($16). A math lesson set in a Mexican restaurant. (8-10)

Only One Ocean by Craig Strang ($16) introduces concepts about the ocean and the environment. (10-13)

Messages from Space: The Solar System and Beyond by Kevin Beals and Cary Sneider ($18) explores the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence. (10-14)

Environmental Detectives by Kevin Beals ($25.50) is a mystery tale focusing on the environment. (10-14)


Look-Alikes, Jr. by Joan Steiner ($12.95) hides more than 700 objects. (All ages)

Night & Day: A Book of Eye-Catching Opposites by Hervé Tullet ($14.95). Children peek through die-cut holes. (All ages)

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore, illus. by Tasha Tudor ($14.95), features this classic p m with new art. (All ages)

Go to Sleep, Daisy and Daisy's Favorite Things by Jane Simmons ($5.95 each) are board-book adventures starring this duck. (Infant-3)

Day Care Days by Mary Brigid Barrett, illus. by Patti Beling Murphy ($12.95), celebrates day care fun. (2-6)

Let's Play and My Day by Debbie MacKinnon, photos by Anthea Sieveking ($7.95 each), feature photos, pull-tabs and flaps. (3-4)

Whose Nose?, Whose Feet? and Whose Ears? by Jeannette Rowe ($7.95 each). Readers guess which nose, feet or ears belong to which animal. (3-5)

Toot & Puddle: You Are My Sunshine by Holly Hobbie ($14.95). Puddle tries to cheer up his pal. (3-5)

Arthur's Underwear by Marc Brown ($15.95). Arthur has nightmares about forgetting to wear his pants. (4-8)

Basket Moon by Mary Lyn Ray, illus. by Barbara Cooney ($15.95). A boy learns to accept his heritage. (4-8)

Just Like a Baby by Rebecca Bond ($14.95). A family waits expectantly for a new baby to arrive. (4-8)

Go Away, Shelley Boo! by Ph be Stone ($15.95). Emily Louise is wary of the new girl next door. (4-8)

Blue Moon Soup: A Family Cookbook by Gary Goss, illus. by Jane Dyer ($16.95), presents soup recipes. (4-up)

The Crystal Mountain by Ruth Sanderson ($15.95). Three brothers try to retrieve a stolen tapestry for their mother. (8-12)

Ghost of the Southern Belle: A Sea Tale by Odds Bodkin, illus. by Bernie Fuchs ($15.95), is a ghost story set on the stormy seas. (8-12)

Snowboard Showdown by Matt Christopher ($15.95, paper $3.95). Two brothers compete on the slopes. (8-12)

Long Arm Quarterback by Matt Christopher ($15.95, paper $3.95). A new football team sparks an old rivalry. (8-12)

Series: New Marc Brown Chapter Books are Muffy's Secret Admirer, Arthur and the P try Contest and Buster Baxter, Cat Saver by Marc Brown ($12.95 each, paper $3.95, 7-9).


Zoomfun with Friends: 50+ Great Games, Parties, Recipes, Jokes and More from the Hit PBS TV Show! and Zoomzingers: 50+ Amazing Activites from the Hit PBS TV Show!, compiled by Amy Sklansky ($7.95 each), are based on the Zoom TV show. (6-12)

Stretch Your Wings: Famous Black Quotations for Teens, selected and edited by Janet Cheatham Bell and Lucille Usher Freeman ($8.95), collects quotes by African-American role models. (12-up)

The Girls' Book of Wisdom: Empowering, Inspirational Quotes from 500 Fabulous Females, selected and edited by Catherine Dee, illus. by Lou Pollack ($8.95), compiles quotations. (12-up)

Paperback Series: New Matt Christopher Sports Biographies are At the Plate with... Mark McGwire and At the Plate with... Sammy Sosa by Matt Christopher ($4.50 each, 8-12).

Paperback Reprints:The Great Corgiville Kidnapping by Tasha Tudor ($5.95, all ages); The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays by Malka Drucker, illus. by Nancy Patz ($12.95, all ages); A Mouse Told His Mother by Bethany Roberts, illus. by Maryjane Begin ($5.95, 3-7); Papa Gatto by Ruth Sanderson; The Day Gogo Went to Vote by Elinor Batezat Sisulu, illus. by Sharon Wilson; Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Night by Ogden Nash, illus. by Lynn Munsinger; and Lunch Bunnies by Kathryn Lasky, illus. by Marylin Hafner ($5.95 each, 4-8); Every Time I Climb a Tree by David McCord, illus. by Marc Simont ($5.95, 7-up); Nibble, Nibble, Jenny Archer by Ellen Conford, illus. by Diane Palmisciano ($3.95, 8-12); and Knock at a Star: A Child's Introduction to P try, Rev. Ed. by X.J. and Dorothy Kennedy, illus. by Karen Lee Baker ($10.95, hardcover $17.95, 10-up).


How to Be a Happy Hippo by Jonathan Shipton, illus. by Sally Percy ($14.95). Baby Hippo traps his father into playing with him. (3-7)

Laura's Christmas Star by Klaus Baumgart ($16.95). A star makes Christmas merry for Laura's family. (3-7)

Little Bear's Christmas by Norbert Landa, illus. by Marlis Scharff-Kniemeyer ($14.95). What d s Father Christmas look like? (3-7)

Little Tiger's Big Surprise by Julie Sykes, illus. by Tim Warnes ($14.95). Little Tiger has a new sister. (3-7)

Love Is a Handful of Honey by Giles Andreae, illus. by Vanessa Cabban ($14.95), demonstrates that love d s make the world go around. (3-7)

Nine Naughty Kittens by Linda Jennings, illus. by Caroline Jayne Church ($14.95). A rhyming counting book. (3-7)


The Shepherd and the 100 Sheep by Michael Hudak ($11.95). Woolly the sheep strays from his shepherd and gets lost. (3-9)

Jesus Is Born by Rolf Krenzer, trans. by Linda Maloney, illus. by Constanza Droop ($11.95). A retelling of the story of Jesus's birth. (5-12)



The Pizza Party by Susan and Michelle Johnston, illus. by Susan Johnston ($6.95). Opus the cat's behavior changes at the same time that empty pizza boxes start appearing. (3-6)

Smarty Pants by Colleen Sydor, illus. by Suzane Langlois ($12.95). A spunky girl spends a week with her spirited great-aunt. (6-10)

How Cold Was It? by Jane Barclay, illus. by Janice Donato ($12.95). An imaginative boy has an adventure in the snow. (8-12)

from Poppa by Ann Carter, illus. by Kasia Charko ($16.95). A girl learns to accept her grandfather's absence. (8-12)


Cowpokes by Caroline Stutson, illus. by Daniel San Souci ($15), is a bedtime tale featuring cowboys. (2-up)

Jumbo's Lullaby by Laura Krauss Melmed, illus. by Henri Sorensen ($16). An African elephant sings her baby to sleep. (2-up)

My Monster Mama Loves Me So by Laura Leuck, illus. by Mark Buehner ($16). A bedtime story celebrating mother-child relationships. (2-up)

Halloween Pie by Michael O. Tunnell, illus. by Kevin O'Malley ($15). Old Witch hosts a midnight feast. (4-up)

Island Summer by Catherine Stock ($16). An island springs to life as summer tourists arrive. (5-up)

Tough Cookie by David Wisniewski ($16) introduces a detective who never crumbles. (6-up)

Gorilla Walk by Ted and Betsy Lewin ($16). The authors tell of their expedition to a gorilla-inhabited Ugandan forest. (6-up)

Aneesa Lee and the Weaver's Gift by Nikki Grimes, illus. by Ashley Bryan ($16), collects 13 interrelated p ms about art and family. (7-up)

Suitcase by Mildred Pitts Walter, illus. by Teresa Flavin ($15), presents the plight of a six-foot-tall 11-year-old boy who hates basketball. (8-up)

One Thing I'm Good At by Karen Lynn Williams ($15). Julie feels that everyone else is smarter than she is. (8-up)

Series:Teamwork is a new photographic book by Ann Morris ($16, 4-up).


Teach Me to Love; Teach Me to Play by Pennie Kidd, illus. by Toni Goffe ($6.95 each). Children search for a way to love God; children seek how to pray. (3-7)


Barney's Neighborhood by Guy Davis, illus. by Jane Dippold ($6.95), is a board book introducing this dinosaur's neighborhood. (Infant-6)

Barney's Puppet Show by Linda Cress Dowdy, illus. by Cary Rillo ($6.95). A "slide and peek" board book. (Infant-6)

Barney Makes Music by Donna Cooner, photos by Dennis Full ($4.95). Barney shows off his musical skills. (Infant-6)

Barney's Shapes by Christine McAdam, illus. by Darren McKee ($5.95), is a fold-out board book. (Infant-6)

Barney's Peekaboo Halloween! by Guy Davis, illus. by Jay Johnson ($5.95), is a lift-the-flap board book. (Infant-6)

Barney's Play & Learn Book Set ($9.99) packages four tales in a box with a handle. (Infant-6)

Barney's Sleepytime Gift Set by Guy Davis, illus. by Darren McKee ($12.99), packages a board book with a pajama-clad Barney plush doll. (Infant-6)

Barney's We Wish You a Merry Christmas, adapted by Kimberly Kearns, illus. by Chris Sharp ($5.95), offers a board book with a Barney plush doll. (Infant-6)


Barney's Night Before Christmas by Stephen White, illus. by Rick Grayson ($3.25), is a holiday tale. (Infant-6)


Paperback Series: Wishbone: The Early Years launches with Jack and the Beanstalk by Brad Strickland and Thomas Fuller and The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Carla Jablonski, both illus. by Kathryn Yingling ($1.99 each, 6-8); and Hansel and Gretel by Vivian Sathre, illus. by Yingling ($3.99, 6-8). The Adventures of Wishbone adds Gullifur's Travels by Brad Strickland and Barbara Strickland, illus. by Jane McCreary; and Terrier of the Lost Mines by Brad Strickland and Thomas Fuller ($3.99 each, 8-12). Joining The Super Adventures of Wishbone is Tails of Terror, edited by Kevin Ryan and Pam Pollack ($3.99, 8-12). New Wishbone Mysteries are Case of the Impounded Hounds by Michael Anthony Steele, illus. by Daryl Millsap; and Phantom of the Video Store by Leticia Gantt ($3.99 each, 8-12). And Wishbone Super Mysteries greets The Haunting of Hathaway House by Alexander Steele, illus. by Al Fiorentino ($3.99, 8-12).

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