After more than four years of work, an editorial team at Publications International is heading into the final stages in the development of the company's first not-for-profit work, The Holocaust Chronicle: A History in Words and Pictures. The anthology traces the Holocaust from its origins to its aftermath and includes an 80,000-word time line that runs from 1000 B.C. through 1999, focusing heavily on the war years where entries run virtually day-by-day.

The Holocaust Chronicle is the brainchild of Louis Weber, who founded Publications International in 1967. Weber told PW he decided to undertake the venture in order to "give something back to the Jewish community that would be meaningful and could be a legacy for my children and grandchildren." The book has been written by six history and religion scholars and is being edited by David Hogan of Publications International. Despite more than 2000 photographs and approximately 750 total pages, Weber acknowledged that the book is not designed to give the complete story of the Holocaust but rather to provide an overview and "to bring the truth of the Holocaust to as many people as possible."

A first printing of 50,000 copies has been set with publication scheduled for next March. The book will be sold through traditional trade outlets as well as in such channels as museums and libraries. Weber plans to give free copies to every synagogue in the country and to some churches, universities and schools. In order to make the book as accessible as possible, Weber plans to price The Holocaust Chronicle at under $30 and will donate proceeds to various Holocaust charities. Foreign rights are available to any international publisher that shows a true commitment to the work, Weber said.