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Pearson Launches Global Business Book Unit
Calvin Reid -- 1/17/00

Pearson Education announced plans to launch an international business book publishing operation that will bring together the resources of its two subsidiaries, Prentice Hall and the Financial Times, along with a strategic alliance with Reuters, the international newswire service.

The new venture will include four new publishing units: Financial Times“Prentice Hall Books with offices in the U.S. and the U.K; ft.com Books (the online unit of the Financial Times); Reuters Books; and Prentice Hall Professional and Technical Reference Business Publishing, a newly organized business publishing unit operating under the Pearson Technology Group.

Richard Stagg, editor-in -chief of FT-PH Books, said the venture will "bring together the latest thinking from the best business experts in the world."

Jeffrey Pepper, publisher of PHPTR, told PW the venture will release about 60 books from all four imprints combined in 2000, and that the number of titles will increase in the next few years. Reuters Books, he noted, represents the only unit that is not owned by the Pearson group. Pepper said that Prentice Hall Professional and Technical Reference Business Publishing has been organized to oversee the U.S. publishing operations of the venture.

He said ft.com Books will publish about 10 titles, and Reuters Books will publish about 10 books and will be based in the U.K. The imprints will use writers, editorial and news expertise from both organizations. FT-PH will publish about 40 titles, some from the U.K. and others from the U.S.

Forthcoming titles include Management 21C by Subir Chowdhury, Sex and Business by Shere Hite and Funky Business by Jonas Ridderstrate and Kjell Nordstrom.

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