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Canadian 'Books in Print' G s Online
Leah Eichler -- 1/17/00

Bowker and Micromedia Limited will band together to provide librarians, bookstores and other interested individuals with Internet access or a CD-ROM with extensive information on more than 1.7 million titles through their new product Books in Print with Book Reviews--Canadian Edition.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Bowker to offer this unique product to our customers," Scott Reid, vice-president of marketing and business development for IHS Canada's Micromedia division, told PW.

The new service will be the only one that provides complete publishing information on 69,000 publishers and distributors, including 70,000 bookrecords available only in Canada, as well as a listing of 2,600 major Canadian book and audio distributors. In addition, the book records on the site will be enhanced with 200,000 descriptive annotations and 350,000 book reviews, including ones on all U.S. and U.K. titles distributed in Canada.

Books in Print has become an important tool for publishers and distributors ever since the Canadian government solidified its use in the Book Importations Regulations, part of the Copyright Act. According to the Act, a Canadian edition of a book must be identified as such and listed in the "latest edition of Books in Print Plus--Canadian Edition, published by R.R. Bowker."

Micromedia, a division of IHS Canada, is Canada's largest supplier of information products to the library market. Micromedia will deliver Books in Print product through Canada's Information Resource Centre--an outlet on the Web offering Canadian research informatio (circ.micromedia.on.ca).
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