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Publishers Weekly Children's Features

Children's Books for Spring
Compiled by Sally Lodge -- 2/14/00

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Gerald McBoing Boing by Dr. Seuss, illus. by Mel Crawford ($14.99). This tale of a boy who cannot speak is based on the Academy Award“winning short film. (5-8)
Young Dreamers: I Am a Rider
, photos by Jane Feldman ($14.99), focuses on a girl and her horse. (8-up)
Life Favors
adds More Prayers by Tasha Tudor ($6.99, all ages). New to Knee-High Books is Ducklings Love by Lisa McCue ($4.99, infant-4). Bathtime Books & Cuddle Cloth Books gains Whale Baby by Joy LaBrack, illus. by Dana Regan; and Berenstain Baby Bears: Say Night-Night and It's Bathtime by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($4.99 each, infant-4). Peekaboo Farm by Annie Ingle, illus. by Jane Dyer, is a new Great Big Flap Book ($11.99, infant-4). Toddler Board Books greets Thomas's Busy Day, Thomas Takes a Trip and Thomas G s to the Circus, based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry, illus. by Josie Yee ($2.99 each, infant-4). Berenstain Baby Bears offers Me First! Me First! and My Every Day Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($4.99 each, infant-4). And Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends rolls on with The Thomas Train Set, based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry, illus. by Christopher Moroney ($12.99, 2-4).
Junior Jellybean Books
adds Night Is the Time by Elizabeth Bennett, illus. by Martha Weston; and Thomas and the Dinosaur by Christopher Awdry, illus. by Paul Nichols ($1.99 each, 2-6). And new Jellybean Books are The Little Book of Planes by Billy Steers; Sweetie and Petie by Katherine Ross, illus. by Lisa McCue; and Theodore's Birthday Surprise by Ivan Robertson, illus. by Phil Gleaves ($2.99 each, 2-6). Beginner Books gains Flap Your Wings by P.D. Eastman ($7.99, 5-8). Joining First Time Books is The Birds, the Bees, and the Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($3.25, 5-8). And the Railway Series adds Henry the Green Engine, James the Red Engine, Thomas the Tank Engine and Tank Engine Thomas Again, based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry, illus. by Christopher Moroney ($6.99 each, 5-8).
Paperback Series
Early Step into Reading
continues with Ducks in Muck by Lori Haskins, illus. by Valeria Petrone; and The Berenstain Bears Go In and Out by Stan and Jan Berenstain ($3.99 each, 3-6). Duz Shed by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat debuts with Hollywood Hound and A Dog Star Is Born ($1.99 each, 5-8). Other new Picturebacks are Jack and the Leprechaun by Ivan Robertson, illus. by Katy Bratun; and Thomas the Tank Engine: The Cranky Day and Other Thomas Stories by the Rev. W. Awdry ($3.25 each, 5-8). Step into Reading adds Big Birds by Lucille Recht Penner, illus. by Bryn Barnard; Bear in the Big Blue House: Bear's Shape Book by Kiki Thorpe, illus. by J Ewers; A Dollar for Penny by Julie Glass, illus. by Joy Allen; Heavy-Duty Trucks by Joyce Milton, illus. by Richard Courtney; Baseball Ballerina Strikes Out by Kathryn Cristaldi McKeon, illus. by Abby Carter; Baseball's Greatest Hitters by S.A. Kramer, illus. by Jim Campbell; and Step into Reading Sticker Book: Arthur's Fire Drill by Marc Brown ($3.99 each, 5-8). And Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne adds Ding s at Dinnertime ($3.99, 5-8).
New Stepping Stone Books are The Katie Lynn Cookie Company: Frogs' Legs for Dinner? by G.E. Stanley, illus. by Linda Dockey Graves ($3.99, 5-8); and A to Z Mysteries: The Jaguar's Jewel by Ron Roy, illus. by John Steven Gurney ($3.99, 7-10). The Berenstain Bears and No Guns Allowed by Stan and Jan Berenstain joins Big Chapter Books ($3.99, 8-10). Launching Willow King by Chris Platt is Willow King and Race the Wind! ($4.99 each, 8-12). Last Chance in France is new to Hannah and the Angels by Linda Lowery Keep ($3.99, 8-12). Young Black Stallion by Steven Farley trots on with South Wind Spring ($3.99, 8-12). Chomper by Don Glut is a new Dinotopia title ($3.99, 8-12). Seventh Heaven by Amanda Christie gains Middle Sister and Mr. Nice Guy ($3.99 each, 8-12); and Rivals ($4.99, 9-up). Steven Farley's Black Stallion offers The Black Stallion's Shadow ($4.99, 9-up). Dinoverse debuts with I Was a Teenage T. Rex and The Teens Time Forgot by Scott Ciencin, illus. by Mike Fredericks ($3.99 each, 10-13). And The Three Investigators by William Arden adds The Mystery of the Moaning Cave ($3.99, 10-13).
Paperback Reprints

Nine Man Tree
by Robert Newton Peck ($4.99, 10-13).
Big Bird's Favorites
starts up with Elmo's Mother Goose by Constance Allen, illus. by Maggie Swanson; and Grover's Own Alphabet by Anna Jane Hays, illus. by Sal Murdocca ($4.99 each, infant-4). Dragon Tales debuts with A Nifty Lift-and-Look Book: Fly Away to Dragon Land by Beth Terrill, illus. by Robbin Cuddy ($5.99, infant-4). New to Knee-High Books is I Am a Baby by Constance Allen, illus. by Tom Brannon ($4.99, infant-4). New Toddler Board Books are Cookie Bakes Up Shapes! and What Color Is Elmo? by Shana Corey and What D s Ernie Hear? by Beth Terrill, all illus. by David Prebenna ($2.99 each, infant-4).
Sesame Shapes
gains Bert's Beautiful Sights and Ernie Follows His Nose by Constance Allen, illus. by Maggie Swanson ($3.99 each, infant-4). Junior Jellybean Books welcomes Elmo Can... Quack Like a Duck by Michaela Muntean, illus. by Maggie Swanson; Elmo Says... by Sarah Albee, illus. by Tom Leigh; First Steps by Stephanie Calmenson, illus. by Toni Delaney; and My Name Is Grover by Liza Alexander, illus. by Swanson ($1.99 each, 2-6). And new Jellybean Books are Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street by Lauren Collier Swindler, illus. by Martha Weston; and The Bunny Hop and Elmo Loves You by Sarah Albee, illus. by Maggie Swanson ($2.99 each, 2-6).
Paperback Series
Pictureback Shape Books
welcomes Cassie Loves a Parade by Irene Trimble, based on a story by Bob Carrau; and Ord and the Shining Star by Margaret Snyder, based on a story by Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser ($3.25 each, 2-6); and Are We There Yet? by Sarah Albee, illus. by Tom Brannon; I Want a Hat Like That, illus. by Tom Cooke; Let's Eat! by Constance Allen, illus. by David Prebenna; and Splish-Splashy Day by Liza Alexander, illus. by Joseph Ewers ($3.25 each, 3-6). And new Picturebacks are Elmo's Ducky Day by Sarah Albee, illus. by Normand Chartier; and Albee's Watch Out for Banana Peels and Other Important Sesame Street Tips, illus. by Tom Brannon ($3.25 each, 5-8).


Animals All Around adds What's That Dinosaur? by Linda Aber and Undersea Animals by P.Z. Mann, both illus. by Nan Brooks ($5.99 each, 1-3). Peekaboo Books offers Hide-and-Seek Kittens and Where Is Skipper's Bone?, illus. by Kristina Stephenson ($5.99 each, 1-5). Funny Faces introduces This Little Piggy and Kiss Me, I'm a Prince! by Paul Mann, illus. by Eldon Doty ($5.99 each, 2-5). Fisher-Price Rescue Her s Action Tool Books continues with Captain Cuffs on the Beat and Rocky Canyon on the Trail by Matt Mitter, illus. by Cardona Studio ($5.99 each, 3-6). New Playmobil Pop-Ups by Gaby Goldsack are The Lost Temple of Tula and Search for Sophie, illus. by Paul Amesbury and Tom Grzelinski ($7.99 each, 5-7). New On the Spot titles are Volcan s and Oceans by Angela Royston, illus. by Mike Dodd ($7.99 each, 6-8). Pokémon Evolvers offers Bulbsaur: Grass Pokémon, Charmander: Fire Pokémon, Abra: Psychic Pokémon and Gastly: Ghost Pokémon, illus. by David R ($3.99 each, 6-12). The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas of the Universe and The Reader's Digest Children's Atlas of the World, Rev. Ed. are new Reader's Digest Children's Atlases ($24.99 each, 8-13). And the Reader's Digest Pathfinder series gains Earthquakes and Volcan s and Insects and Spiders ($16.99 each, 8-14).
The Bone Talker
by Shelley Leedahl, illus. by Bill Slavin ($15.95), tells of a child's gift to Grandmother Bones. (4-8)
Let's Get Going: A Step-by-Step Guide for Successful Outings with Children
by Candace Weisner, illus. by Terry Leonard ($16.95), presents 250 activities. (2-10)

Clarence G s Out West and Meets a Purple Horse
by Jean Ekman Adams ($15.95) is the tale of the friendship between a pig and a purple horse. (3-6)
Somewhere in the Ocean
by Jennifer Ward and T.J. Marsh, illus. by Kenneth J. Spengler ($15.95), is a counting book featuring sea creatures. (3-7)
Blanca's Feather
by Antonio Hernández Madrigal, illus. by Gerardo Suzán ($15.95). A girl takes her hen to be blessed on St. Francis of Assisi's Day. (5-8)
Haunting at Black Water Cove
by Norma Lehr ($6.95). Kathy helps a ghost discover the truth about her death. (8-12)

The Ancient Mystery of Tangrams
($12.95) packages a book with a magnetic board and tangram shapes. (All ages)
The 3-D Journal series
launches with Monsters 3-D Journal, Unicorns 3-D Journal and Vampires 3-D Journal ($14.95 each, 8-up). And Discovery Kits adds Robot Inventor's Workshop by Greg Vogt and Deborah Shearer ($18.95, 8-up).

The New Children's Illustrated Atlas of the World
by Keith Lye ($9.98) includes facts, illustrations and maps. (8-up)

You Give Me the Sun: Biblical Prayers by Teenagers
, edited by Carl Koch ($5.95), compiles prayers written by teens. (13-18)
Good News Day by Day: Daily Meditations on the Bible for Teens
by Dee Bernhardt, Larry Schatz and Laurie Ziliak ($10.95) collects 365 reflections. (13-18)
Paperback Series
StarMaker Books
debuts with Serafin and The First Day by Sophie Masson, Pagan's Crusade by Catherine Jinks and Neighbors and Traitors by Carole Duncan Buckman ($5.50 each, 11-14).

Rainy Day Slug
by Mary Palenick Colborn, illus. by Lorie Ann Grover ($15.95). A slug explores the world beyond its garden home. (3-6)

My America
debuts with My Brother's Keeper, Virginia's Diary, Gettysburg, PA, 1863 by Mary Pope Osborne and Our Strange New Land, Elizabeth's Diary, Jamestown, VA, 1609 by Patricia Hermes ($8.95 each, 7-10). The Royal Diaries introduces Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles, Austria-France, 1769 and Isabel: The Jewel of Castilla, Spain, 1466 by Carolyn Miner ($10.95 each, 9-13). New Dear America titles are Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love, The Great Migration North, Chicago, IL, 1919 by Patricia McKissack and A Coal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska, Latimer, PA, 1896 by Susan Campbell Bartoletti ($10.95 each, 9-14). And My Name Is America continues with The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce, A Pilgrim Boy: Plymouth, 1620 by Ann Rinaldi and The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung, a Chinese Miner: California, 1852 by Laurence Yep ($10.95 each, 9-14).
All About You: Scope Out Your Life
($4.50) offers astrological profiles. (All ages)
Greatest Moments of the NBA
by Bruce Weber ($3.50) presents basketball highlights and photos. (4-7)
The NBA Book of Opposites
by James Preller ($3.50) is a book of opposites for young basketball fans. (4-7)
Marty Frye, Private Eye
by Janet Tashjian ($3.99) tells of a young sleuth who makes up rhymes. (6-8)
Complete Crazy Bones Collector's Guide
($9.95) offers games and trading tips. (7-14)
NBA Up & Coming: Stars of the New Millennium
by J Layden ($5.99) spotlights the latest generation of pro players. (7-up)
NBA Slam
by John Hareas ($5.99) examines the NBA's top scorers. (7-up)
NBA: Team USA 2000
by Chris Ekstand ($5.99) profiles the members of the U.S. Olympic baseball team. (7-up)
WNBA: The Chamique Holdsclaw Story
by Kristi Nelson ($4.99) is a biography of this player. (7-up)
by Julie Komorn ($4.50) is a guide to using the Internet. (8-12)
All About You: Beautiful You, Discover Yourself, Friendship Forever and Get It Together: How to Organize Everything in Your Life
by Lori Moore Stacy ($4.50 each) are guides for preteens. (8-12)
The Life and Words of Martin Luther King Jr.
by Ira Peck ($4.50). This biography includes quotes from King's sermons and speeches. (8-12)
Sixth Sense
by Peter Lerangis ($5.99) is a novelization of this film. (8-12)
The Official 7th Heaven Scrapbook
($5.99) features photos and interviews with cast members of this TV show. (8-14)
Antarctica: Journey to the North Pole
by Peter Lerangis ($4.50). A crew of explorers sets sail in 1911. (9-12)
The Rules for Teens: How to Keep Your Crush Crushing on You and Other Tips on Dating, Boys, and Relationships
($4.99) presents 25 tips. (12-up)
by Caroline B. Cooney ($4.50). Her classmates want to involve a model student in a prank. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Powerpuff Girls
offers Powerpuff Girls Ruff N' Tuff Tattoo Book ($7.95, all ages); Powerpuff Girls 8x8s:Mojo Jojo's Rising and Bubble Trouble by Laura Dower ($3.50 each, 4-7); Powerpuff Girls Save the Day Sticker Book ($5.99, 4-8); and Powerpuff Girls Chapterbooks: Power Professor and All Chalked Up by Amy Rogers ($3.99 each, 5-8). New Teletubbies titles are 8x8s: The Magic Hat and Flying Kites ($3.50 each, 1-5) and Teletubbies Lift-The-Flap Board Book: Big Hug! ($5.99, 5-7). Bob Books Sets debut with Bob Books First!, Bob Books Fun!, Bob Books Kids!, Bob Books Pals! and Bob Books Wow! by Bobby Lynn Maslen, illus. by John Maslen ($16.95 each, 4-6). Franklin TV tie-ins include Franklin Says Sorry and Franklin's Bicycle Helmet, based on characters created by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark ($4.50 each, 4-7). And Pokémon introduces Jr. Chapterbooks: Surf's Up, Pikachu!, Meowth the Big Mouth, Save Our Squirtle and Bulbasaur's Bad Day by Tracey West ($3.99 each, 5-9); Pokémon Pop Quiz! A Total Trivia and Test-Your Knowledge Book! by Carli Entin ($3.99, 6-12); and Pokémon Chapterbooks: Team Rocket Blasts Off!, Charizard, Go!, Splashdown in Cerulean City, The Return of the Squirtle Squad, Journey to the Orange Islands and The Secret of the Pink Pokémon by West ($4.50 each, 7-10).
returns in Scooby-Doo and the Groovy Ghost; Scooby-Doo Mysteries: The Zombie's Treasure and Scooby-Doo! And the Spooky Strikeout by James Gelsey ($3.99 each, 6-9); and 8x8s:Scooby-Doo! And the Weird Water Park and Scooby-Doo! And the Fantastic Puppet Factory by Jesse Leon McCann ($3.50 each, 6-9). New Flintstones titles are Flintstones Movie Storybook: The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas by Jane Mason ($3.50, 7-10); and Flintstones Digest: The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas ($3.99, 7-12). Heartland debuts with Coming Home and After the Storm by Lauren Brooke ($4.50 each, 8-12). Star Wars adds Jedi Apprentice: The Uncertain Path, The Captive Temple and The Day of Reckoning by Jude Watson ($4.99 each, 8-12); and Star Wars Journals Episode 1: Darth Maul by Watson ($5.99, 8-12). Launching The Moffatts on the Road areHome Is Where the Heart Is by Nancy Krulik and Double Play by Ej Maxwell ($4.99 each, 8-14). And the Broken Sky series by Chris Wooding, illus. by Steve Kaye, launches with Broken Sky #1 ($4.50, 9-12).
Paperback Reprints
The Whales
by Cynthia Rylant ($5.99, all ages); Playing Right Field by Willy Welch, illus. by Marc Simont ($5.99, 3-7); How George Radbourn Saved Baseball by David Shannon ($5.99, 4-up); Poppy's Chair by Karen Hesse, illus. by Kay Life ($5.99, 5-9); The New You by Kathleen Leverich ($4.50, 9-12); The Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling by Marvin Terban, illus. by Harry Campbell ($8.95, 9-up); Second Cousins by Virginia Hamilton andBat 6 by Virginia Euwer Wolff ($4.99 each, 10-14); and When She Was Good by Norma Fox Mazer and Bull Catcher by Alden R. Carter ($4.99 each, 12-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
Circle of Magic
by Tamora Pierce reprints Daja's Book and Briar's Book ($4.99 each, 11-up).

Brother Brother, Sister Sister
by Helen Dunmore ($4.50). In her diary, Tanya records the chaos of living with four new siblings. (8-12)
Help! I'm Trapped in a Professional Wrestler's Body
by Todd Strasser ($4.50). Andy switches bodies with a wrestler. (9-12)
Paperback Series
Animal Ark
sets sail with Goose on the Loose, Bunnies in the Bathroom and Hamster in a Handbasket by Ben Baglio ($3.99 each, 8-11). New Slapshots by Gordon Korman are The Face-Off Phony and Cup Crazy ($4.50 each, 8-11). Unicorns of Balinor adds Secrets of the Scepter, Night of the Shifter's Moon and Shadows Over Balinor by Mary Stanton ($4.50 each, 8-12). Ann M. Martin's BSC Friends Forever gains Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, Claudia Gets Her Guy, Mary Anne's Revenge, Kristy and the Kidnapper and Stacey's Problem ($4.50 each, 8-12). California Diaries by Martin welcomes Amalia, Diary Three ($4.99, 8-12). And Dog Tales by Coleen Hubbard offers Mountain Dog Rescue and The Great Spaniel Escape ($4.50 each, 8-12).
Goosebumps Series 2000
by R.L. Stine adds Ghost in the Mirror; and Goosebumps: Give Yourself Goosebumps gains Danger Time and All-Day Nightmare ($3.99 each, 8-12). Rockett's World by Lauren Day and H.B. Gilmour cruises on with Can You Keep a Secret?, Where Do You Belong? and Who's Running This Show? ($3.99 each, 9-12). John Peel's 2099 offers Traitor, Revolution and Meltdown ($4.99 each, 9-12). New to K.A. Applegate's Animorphs are The Weakness, The Arrival, The Hidden, The Other, The Familiar and The Journey; and Animorphs: Alternamorphs adds The Next Passage ($4.99 each, 9-12); and Animporphs: Megamorphs gains Back to Before ($5.99, 9-12). The Friendship Ring by Rachel Vail greets Popularity Contest and Fill in the Blank ($3.99 each, 9-13). Real Teens: Diary of a Junior Year has three additions ($4.99 each, 12-up). And Everworld by K.A. Applegate continues with three titles ($4.99 each, 12-up).

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
by Jane Yolen, illus. by Mark Teague ($15.95), views the bedtime rituals of young dinos. (2-up)
Jump Rope Magic
by Afi-Odelia Scruggs, illus. by David Diaz ($16.95). Shameka invites a cranky neighbor to join in her jump-rope games. (4-9)
Touch the P m
by Arnold Adoff, illus. by Lisa Desimini ($16.95), celebrates the senses. (4-9)
In the Rainfield: Who Is the Greatest
? by Isaac Olaleye, illus. by Ann Grifalconi ($16.95). Wind, Fire and Rain compete to discover which of them is greatest. (4-9)
Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot
by Dav Pilkey, illus. by Martin Ontiveros ($16.95, paper $3.99). A mouse and his robot friend outwit an evil scientist. (6-10)
Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants
by Dav Pilkey ($16.95, paper $3.99). George and Harold take on a scientific genius. (7-10)
REM World
by Rodman Philbrick ($16.95). A boy uncovers the secrets of a dream world. (9-14)
Learn to Count, Funny Bunnies
by Cyndy Szekeres ($6.99). Bunny relatives gather to welcome a baby bunny into the world. (Infant-4)
Bunny and Me
by Adele Aron Greenspun, illus. by Joanie Schwarz ($9.95), introduces a baby and a bunny friend. (Infant-5)
The Great Golden Easter Egg Hunt
by Barbara Lanza ($10.95) is a lift-the-flap board book featuring Little Rabbit. (2-5)
Cuddly Board Books: A Perfect Cuddle
, Birthday Bunny, Fluffy Kitten and Our New Baby by Dee Shulman, illus. by Sue Porter ($6.95 each), present stories with soft surprises. (2-5)
Puppy & Me: Bath Day
and Breakfast Time by Julia Noonan ($6.99 each). A girl and her pup take a bath; and eat breakfast. (2-5)
I Love You: A Rebus P m
by Jean Marzollo, illus. by Suse MacDonald ($7.95), offers a p m for parents and children to share. (2-6)
Mmm, Cookies!
by Robert Munsch, illus. by Michael Martchenko ($11.95). A boy convinces his parents to eat his toy cookies. (3-6)
Fantastic Feet
and Happy Hands by Kim Golding ($6.99 each ) pay tribute to all that we can do with these body parts. (3-6)
Big Blue Engine
, Big Silver Shuttle, Little Red Plane and Little Green Tow Truck by Ken Wilson-Max ($7.95 each) put readers at the controls of these vehicles. (3-6)
Picture Magic: Colors
and Weather by Jonathan Lambert ($6.95 each). Kids pull levers to view changes in colors; and the weather. (3-6)
The Field Mouse and the Dinosaur Named Sue
by Jan Wahl, illus. by Bob Doucet ($12.95). A mouse from South Dakota ends up in a Chicago museum. (3-7)
The Dawn Fairy
and The Dusk Fairy by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Helen Cann ($7.95 each), introduce fairies who come to children's rescue. (4-7)
I Spy Little Board Books
catches sight of I Spy Little Letters by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick ($6.99, infant-4). My Dog Clifford, a board book and plush, is a new Clifford title by Norman Bridwell ($7.95, 2-5). The Tonka series revs up with Tonka Trucks Night and Day by Patricia Relf, illus. by Thomas La Padula ($12.95, 3-8). And Bill Cosby's Little Bill adds The Day I Saw My Father Cry, illus. by Varnette Honeywood ($15.95, paper $3.99, 6-9).
Board Book Reprint
The Cheerios Counting Book: 1,2,3
by Barbara Barbieri McGrath, illus. by Rob Bolster and Frank Mazzola Jr. ($6.99, infant-4).
Huggly's Pizza
by Tedd Arnold ($3.25). Huggly discovers he loves pizza. (3-6)
Reese's Pieces: Count By Fives
by Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Rob Bolster ($5.95), uses these candies to teach arithmetic. (4-7)
The Silly Gooses
by Dav Pilkey ($5.99). Once upon a pond, there lived a family of silly geese. (4-8)
Paperback Series

New Clifford paperbacks by Norman Bridwell are Clifford's Opposites and Clifford Barks! ($3.95 each, infant-4); and Clifford to the Rescue ($3.25, 2-5). And Hello Reader! greets I Am Snow by Jean Marzollo, illus. by Judith Moffatt; Busy Bunnies' Five Senses by Teddy Slater, illus. by Maggie Swanson; It's Too Windy by Hans Wilhelm; Seeds Grow by Angela Shelf Medearis, illus. by Jill Dubin; The Cat and the Bird in the Hat by Norman Bridwell; and Why a Dog? by A. Cat by Robin Michal Koontz ($3.99 each, 3-6); Fantastic Frogs by Fay Robinson, illus. by Jean Cassels; Hanging Out with Mom by Sonia Black, illus. by George Ford; and A Head Is for Hats by Mary Serfozo, illus. by Katy Bratun ($3.99 each, 5-7); Fluffy the Classroom Guinea Pig: Fluffy's Valentine's Day, Fluffy Meets the Dinosaurs and Fluffy's Silly Summer by Kate McMullan, illus. by Mavis Smith; Big Bog and the Magic Valentine's Day Potato by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater; Hare and Rabbit: Friends Forever by Julia Noonan; Batman's Dark Secret by Kelley Puckett, illus. by Jon Muth; and Superman's First Flight by Michael Jon Friedman, illus. by Dean Motter ($3.99 each, 6-8).
returns in Franklin G s to the Hospital by Paulette Bourgeois, illus. by Brenda Clark ($4.50, 4-7). Hello Reader Math! adds What Time Is It? A Book of Math Riddles by Sheila Keenan, illus. by Kayne Jacobs ($3.99, 5-7); and Just Add Fun! by Joanne Rocklin, illus. by Martin Lemelman ($3.99, 7-9), both with math activities by Marilyn Burns. New Magic School Bus titles are The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm: A Book About Weather by Nancy White, illus. by Art Ruiz ($3.50, 5-8); and the first Magic School Bus Chapterbooks: The Truth About Bats, The Search for the Missing Bones and The Wild Whale Watch by Eva Moore, illus. by Ted Enik ($3.99 each, 7-9). Hello Reader Science! gains Buzz! A Book About Insects by Melvin Berger ($3.99, 6-8); and Great Black Her s: Five Brilliant Scientists by Linda Jones, illus. by RonGarnett ($3.99, 7-9).
Paperback Reprints
Two Eyes, a Nose, and a Mouth
by Roberta Gr bel Intrater ($4.99, 3-7); Woodrow, The White House Mouse by Peter and Cheryl Shaw Barnes; and Leo the Magnificat by Ann M. Martin, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully ($5.99 each, 5-8).
One Lonely Sea Horse
by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers ($15.99) is a counting book from the authors of How Are You Peeling? (2-up)
Monk Camps Out
by Emily Arnold McCully ($15.95) Monks takes his first steps toward independence. (3-7)
Dreaming: A Countdown to Sleep
by Elaine Greenstein ($15.95) offers a bedtime counting book. (3-7)
Nobody Rides the Unicorn
by Adrian Mitchell, illus. by Stephen Lambert ($16.95). A girl sets a unicorn free. (4-8)
Samir and Yonatan
by Daniella Carmi, trans. by Yael Lotan ($15.95), centers on wounded children in an Israeli hospital. (8-12)

It's Fun to Be Five
(5-7), It's Super to Be Six (6-9), It's Heaven to Be Seven and It's Great to Be Eight (7-10) and It's Fine to Be Nine (8-11) are anthologies of stories by various authors. ($3.99 each)
Paperback Series
Space Dog
blasts off with Space Dog to the Rescue and Space Dog Finds Treasure by Vivian French, illus. by Sue Heap ($3.99 each, 5-8). Launching Pixie Tricks by Tracey West are Sprite's Secret and The Video Game Gremlin ($3.99 each, 6-9). JigSaw Jones adds The Case of the Great Sled Race and The Case of the Stinky Science Project by James Preller, illus. by R.W. Alley ($3.99 each, 6-9). Baby-Sitters Little Sister by Ann M. Martin gains four titles ($3.99 each, 7-9). Tony Abbott's Secrets of Droon continues with The Sleeping Giant of Goll, Into the Land of the Lost and The Golden Wasp, illus. by Tim Jessell ($2.99 each, 7-10). Animal ArkPets welcomes Gerbil Genius, Duckling Diary and Lamb Lesson by Ben Baglio ($3.99 each, 7-10). Pony Pals rides on with Unlucky Pony, The Lonely Pony and Movie Star Pony by Jeanne Betancourt ($3.99 each, 7-10). New to The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids are Dracula D sn't Rockand Roll by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones, illus. by John Steven Gurney ($3.99, 7-10). The Bailey City Monsters by Jones and Dadey adds Happy Boo Day ($3.99, 7-10). Puppy Patrol starts up with Teacher's Pet, Big Ben and Abandoned! by Jenny Dale ($3.99 each, 8-11). And Odd Sports Stories debuts with Odd Moments in Baseball by J l Cohen, illus. by Tom Payne ($4.50, 8-11).

The Swampland Trilogy: Swampland
, Endsville and Tankworld by S.R. Martin ($4.50 each). Young people battle evil in this trilogy. (12-up)

The Blue & Green Ark: An Alphabet for Planet Earth
by Brian Paten, illus. by David Armitage, Sian Bailey, Patrick Benson and others ($18.95), is an alphabet book that celebrates our natural world. (All ages)
Will You Be My Friend?: A Bunny and Bird Story
by Nancy Tafuri ($15.95). Bunny helps Bird overcome her shyness. (4-7)
All About Turtles
by Jim Arnosky ($15.95) examines various kinds of turtles. (4-10)
You Forgot Your Skirt, Amelia Bloomer!
by Shana Corey, illus. by Chesley McLaren ($16.95), introduces an independent-minded heroine. (5-8)
by Jane Wattenberg ($15.95). Henny-Penny and her barnyard pals take a trip around the world (5-8)
The Fungus That Ate My School
by Arthur Dorros, illus. by David Catrow ($15.95). What is the green and purple fuzz covering the school? (5-8)
Love One Another: The Story of Easter
by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Elizabeth Uyehara ($15.95), retells the Easter story. (6-10)
Salsa Stories
by Lulu Delacre ($15.95) offer tales celebrating Latin American holidays and customs. (7-11)
Voices of the Alamo
by Sherry Garland, illus. by Ronald Himler ($16.95), reveals historical events through the perspectives of those who witnessed them. (7-12)
For the Children: Words of Love and Inspiration from John Paul II
by His Holiness John Paul II ($16.95) collects quotations from the Pope's writings and speeches. (7-up)
The Moonlight Man
by Betty Ren Wright ($15.95). Two sisters discover that their new home is haunted. (8-12)
Jazzimagination: A Journal to Read and Write
by Sharon Draper ($12.95) presents a girl's journal, plus space for readers to record their own thoughts. (8-12)
The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin
by James Cross Giblin, illus. by Michael Dooling ($17.95), is an illustrated biography. (8-12)
Snail Mail No More
by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin ($15.95) is a sequel to P.S. Longer Letter Later. (8-12)
Adaline Falling Star
by Mary Pope Osborne ($16.95). The daughter of Kit Carson runs away and braves living in the wilderness. (9-14)
A Special Fate: Chiune Sugihara: Hero of the Holocaust
by Alison Leslie Gold ($15.95) tells of the Japanese diplomat who granted visas to Jewish refugees in Lithuania during World War II. (9-14)
Drawing Lessons
by Tracy Mack ($15.95). A girl whose artist father taught her to draw must find her own way after he leaves the family. (10-up)
Magic Steps
by Tamora Pierce ($16.95). The first book in The Circle Opens quartet features the young noble from The Circle of Magic series. (10-up)
Torn Thread
by Anne Isaacs ($15.95). This tale of a child who survives a Nazi labor camp is based on a true story. (10-up)
Board Book Reprints
I Love You, Little One Board Book
by Nancy Tafuri ($7.99, 2-5); and Miss Spider's ABC Board Book by David Kirk ($8.95, 2-up).

Punctuation Power: Punctuation and How to Use It
by Marvin Terban, illus. by Eric Brace ($12.95), includes rules and an index of commonly misspelled words. (8-14)
Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America
by Penny Colman ($18.95) compiles girls' stories, many in their own words. (8-up)
First Discovery/Hidden World
adds two titles by Claude Delafosse and Gallimard Jeunesse: Caves, illus. by Heliadore; and Human Body, illus. by Pierre-Marie Valat ($12.95 each, 3-7). And new to National Audubon Society First Field Guides is Fishes by C. Lavett Smith ($17.95, paper $8.95, 8-up).

A Little Princess
by Frances Hodgson Burnett, intro. by E.L. Konigsburg ($3.99), is a new edition of this well-known tale. (All ages)
Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott, intro. by Paula Danziger ($4.99), offers the saga of the March sisters. (All ages)
The Mozart Season
by Virginia Euwer Wolff ($4.99) presents this novel about a young violinist. (11-up)

Dragonsong: A Fable for the New Millennium
by Russell Young, illus. by Civi Cheng ($15.95). A young Chinese dragon meets four other dragons who give him enduring gifts. (All ages)
Bobby Bear's ABC
and Billy Bunny's 123 by Maurice Pledger ($6.95 each) are board books introducing the alphabet; and counting. (Infant-4)
Find and Fit: Nature
and On the Farm ($14.95 each) are large-format board books with die-cut pieces. (3-5)
Jan Lewis's Nursery Rhymes:
Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories by Jan Lewis ($12.95 each) offer classic selections. (3-6)
Nature Lab
by Josephine Bryan ($19.95) is a kit outlining more than 50 nature experiments. (8-12)
Let's Start: Teacher's Pets
offers Timothy Flies South, Clara G s to School, Kevin's Seaside Picnic and Desmond's Birthday ($6.95 each, 4-6). And Let's Start continues with Shapes ($12.95, 5-9).
Billy Bunny's Sticker Book: Counting and Colors
by Maurice Pledger ($10.95) features more than 150 reusable stickers. (4-6)
Eloise's Guide to Life: Or How to Eat, Dress, Travel, Behave, and Stay Six Forever
by Kay Thompson, illus. by Hilary Knight ($9.95), offers advice from Eloise. (All ages)
All for Love
by Tasha Tudor ($18.95). Her art accompanies the words of Tudor's favorite writers. (All ages)
I Am Me
by Karla Kuskin, illus. by Dyanna Wolcott ($14), presents a declaration of individuality. (3-7)
My First Raggedy Ann: Raggedy Ann and the Birthday Surprise
by Stephanie True Peters, illus. by Kathryn Mitter ($15). Raggedy Ann has some birthday fun. (3-7)
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
by Doreen Cronin, illus. by Betsy Lewin ($15). Savvy cows turn a farm upside-down. (3-7)
What Dads Can't Do
by Douglas Wood, illus. by Doug Cushman ($14), offers a kid's view of dad behavior. (3-8)
The Youngest Fairy Godmother Ever
by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Diana Cain Bluthethal ($16), is a tale about the magic of friendship. (4-6)
Nice Try, Tooth Fairy
by Mary Olson, illus. by Katherine Tillotson ($15). What if you need your tooth back, but the Tooth Fairy can't find it? (4-7)
Everything I Know About Pirates
by Tom Lichtenheld ($16) collects tales and pictures of pirates. (4-8)
River Friendly, River Wild
by Jane Kurtz, illus. by Neil Brennan ($16), reveals a family's experiences during a flood. (4-8)
Goldilocks Returns
by Lisa Campbell Ernst ($16). Goldilocks returns to the scene of the crime”50 years later. (4-8)
by Margie Palatini, illus. by Jack Davis ($16). Oliver is having the worst bad hair day ever. (4-8)
Fairies, Trolls, & Goblins Galore
by Dily Evans, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers ($17). A girl searches for evidence of magical beings. (4-up)
Yummy! Eating Through the Day
by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. by Renée Flower ($17), collects p ms about food. (4-up)
100th Day Worries
by Margery Cuyler, illus. by Arthur Howard ($16). What can Jessica bring in to celebrate the 100th day of school? (5-8)
On the Day the Tall Ships Sailed
by Betty Paraskevas, illus. by Michael Paraskevas ($16), pays tribute to this country's history and future. (5-8)
The Disappearing Island
by Corinne Demas, illus. by Ted Lewin ($16). Carrie and her grandmother explore an island's treasure. (5-8)
Jimmy Zangwow's Out-of-this-World Moon Pie Adventure
by Tony DiTerlizzi ($16). A boy flies to the moon to fetch a moon pie. (5-8)
Virgie G s to School with Us Boys
by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard, illus. by E.B. Lewis ($16), centers on an African-American girl determined to attend school with her brothers. (5-8)
Queen Esther, The Morning Star
by Mordicai Gerstein ($16) relays the story of Purim. (5-10)
The News Hounds in the Great Balloon Race: A Geography Adventure
by Amy Axelrod, illus. by Tom Bowers ($13). The news hounds cover a race from the air. (6-9)
Satchel Paige
by Lesa Cline-Ransome, illus. by James E. Ransome ($16), focuses on this star pitcher. (6-10)
Why On This Night?: A Passover Haggadah for Family Celebration
by Rahel Musleah, illus. by Louise August ($24.95, Aladdin paperback $12.99), collects songs, p ms, plays and activities. (6-10)
Ghosts of the Twentieth Century
by Cheryl Harness ($17). Albert Einstein offers a tour of some of last century's dramatic events. (7-10)
The Janitor's Boy
by Andrew Clements ($15). A boy makes new discoveries about his school and its janitor, his father. (8-12)
The Basket Counts
by Arnold Adoff, illus. by Michael Weaver ($17), compiles p ms about basketball. (8-12)
A Wolf at the Door: And Other Retold Fairy Tales
, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling ($16). Fantasy authors give new twists to familiar tales. (8-12)
Soon Be Free
by Lois Ruby ($17) is a sequel to Steal Away Home. (8-12)
by Kenneth Oppel ($16). After saving his colony from a vampire bat, a young bat searches for his father. (8-12)
Author Talk
, edited by Leonard S. Marcus ($22), presents conversations with 15 children's book authors. (8-12)
When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune
by Lori Aurelia Williams ($17). A girl tells fantastic, increasingly terrifying stories. (12-up)
What's in a Name?
by Ellen Wittlinger ($16). Should the residents of Scrub Harbor change their town's name to Folly Bay? (12-up)
On the Edge: Stories at the Brink
, edited by Lois Duncan ($17). Twelve authors explore the possibility of being on the edge. (12-up)

New Ready-to-Read titles are It's Great to Skate!: An Easy Guide to In-Line Skating by Alexa Witt, illus. by Nate Evans; and Silly Sadie, Silly Samuel by Ann Whitford Paul, illus. by Sylvie Wickstrom ($15 each, Aladdin paperback $3.99, 5-8); Henry and MudgeandAnnie's Perfect Pet by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Suçie Stevenson ($15, 6-8); Animal Rescue: The Best Job There Is by Susan Goodman ($15, Aladdin paperback $3.99, 6-9); and Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Larry Day ($15, 6-9).
Eloise in Moscow
by Kay Thomspon, illus. by Hilary Knight ($17, all ages); Happy Birthday by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. by Knight ($11.95, 3-7); Once Upon MacDonald's Farm by Stephen Gammell ($15, 4-6); 1 Is One by Tasha Tudor ($16, 4-7); and CDB! by William Steig ($16, 5-8).

Prince William: A Birthday Scrapbook
by M.E. Crane ($6.99). Facts and photos celebrate this prince's 18th birthday. (All ages)
Odd Jobs: The Wackiest Jobs You've Never Heard Of
by Ellen Weiss, photos by Damon Ross ($8.99), introduces individuals who perform unconventional jobs. (7-up)
Freaky Facts: Natural Disasters
by Kathleen Duey and Mary Barnes ($4.99) rounds up survival stories. (8-12)
How to Find Lost Treasure in All Fifty States: And Canada Too!
by Joan Holub ($4.99) pinpoints locations where treasure allegedly lies. (8-12)
Landslide!: A Kid's Guide to the U.S. Elections, 2000 Ed.
by Dan Gutman ($3.99) explains the election process. (10-13)
Kissing: The Complete Guide
by Tamar Schreibman ($3.99) reveals the history, folklore and facts about kissing. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Ready-for-Chapters Books
introduces The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh, illus. by Leonard Weisgard; and Dalgliesh's The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, illus. by Helen Sewell ($4.99 each, 6-9); The Werewolf Club: The Magic Pretzel by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater ($3.99, Atheneum hardcover $15, 6-9); and 4: Fantastic Novels by Daniel Pinkwater ($10, 8-12). Sheltie by Peter Clover trots out with Sheltie the Shetland Pony, Sheltie Saves the Day! and Sheltie and the Runaway ($3.99 each, 7-9). Puppy Friends by Jenny Dale starts up with Gus the Greedy Puppy, Lily the Lost Puppy, Spot the Sporty Puppy, Lenny the Lazy Puppy and Max the Muddy Puppy ($3.99 each, 7-10). Donna Jo Napoli's Angelwings flies on with Give and Take, No Fair!, April Flowers, Playing Games, Lies and Lemons, Running Away, Know-It-All and New Voices ($3.99 each, 7-10). And Cobblestreet Cousins offers In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen and A Little Shopping by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($3.99 each, 7-10).
New Aladdin Classics are Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, foreword by Avi; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, foreword by Nancy Willard; and The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, foreword by Bruce Brooks ($3.99 each, 8-12); and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, foreword by Joan W. Blos ($5.99, 8-12). Childhood of Famous Americans welcomes Amelia Earhart: Young Aviator by Beatrice Gormley, illus. by Meryl Henderson; and Jim Henson: Young Puppeteer by Leslie Gourse, illus. by Robert S. Brown ($4.99 each, 8-12). American Diaries by Kathleen Duey adds Maddie Retta Lauren: Georgia, 1864 and Nell Dunne: New York City, 1899 ($4.50 each, 8-12). Golden Girls offers The U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team, The U.S. Women's Soccer Team and The U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team by James Preller ($5.99 each, 8-12). And You're the One by Fran Lantz debuts with Rock My World, Lights, Camera, Love! and A Royal Kiss ($3.99 each, 9-12).
Paperback Reprints
A Summertime Song
by Irene Haas ($7.99, all ages); Teddy Bear Tears by Jim Aylesworth, illus. by Jo Ellen McAllister-Stamen ($5.99, 3-5); Happy Birthday, Jesse Bear! by Nancy White Carlstrom, illus. by Bruce Degen ($5.99, 3-6); Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr., and John Archambault, illus. by Lois Ehlert ($6.99, 3-6); Chicken Little by Sally Hobson ($5.99, 3-7); Ma Dear's Aprons by Patricia C. McKissack, illus. by Floyd Cooper ($5.99, 3-8); The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy, illus. by Alexandra Day; and 3 Pandas Planting by Megan Halsey ($5.99 each, 4-7); The Biggest Frog in Australia by Susan L. Roth; The Mountain That Loved a Bird by Alice McLerran, illus. by Eric Carle; What's What? A Guessing Game by Mary Serfozo, illus. by Keiko Narahashi; School Supplies: A Book of P ms by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. by Renée Flower; and The Kids from Room 402 and The Ferocious Beast with the Polka-Dot Hide by Betty Paraskevas, illus. by Michael Paraskevas ($5.99 each, 4-8); and Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss, illus. by Marjorie Priceman ($6.99, 4-8).
Also, The Adventures of Sparrowboy by Brian Pinkney; Birdie's Lighthouse by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by Kimberly Bulcken Root; and Pigs on the Ball: Fun with Math and Sports by Amy Axelrod, illus. by Sharon McGinley-Nally ($5.99 each, 4-9); Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing Animal Habitats by Jim Arnosky ($5.99, 4-10); Beardream by Will Hobbs, illus. by Jill Kastner; Dear Willie Rudd by Libba Moore Gray, illus. by Peter M. Fiore; What Zeesie Saw on Delancey Street by Elsa Okon Rael, illus. by Marjorie Priceman; and Running the Road to ABC by Denizé Lauture, illus. by Reynold Ruffins ($5.99 each, 5-8); Blaze Finds the Trail by C.W. Anderson ($4.99, 5-8); The Dinosaurs Are Back and It's All Your Fault, Edward! by Wendy Hartmann and Niki Daly, illus. by Daly ($6.99, 5-8); On Passover by Cathy Goldberg Fishman, illus. by Melanie Hall ($5.99, 5-up); Henry and MudgeandAnnie's Good Move by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Suçie Stevenson ($3.99, 6-9); The Big Storm by Bruce Hiscock ($5.99, 6-10); How It Was with Dooms: A True Story from Africa by Xan Hopcraft and Carol Cawthra Hopcraft ($6.99, 6-up); and Lizzi Logan, Second Banana by Eileen Spinelli ($3.99, 7-10).
Also, Sad Underwear and Other Complications by Judith Viorst, illus. by Richard Hull ($4.99, 7-up); The Wild Kid by Harry Mazer; Under the Cat's Eye by Gillian Rubenstein; Well Wished by Franny Billingsley; Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule by Harriet Gillem Robinet; The Good Guys of Baseball by Terry Egan, Stan Friedmann and Mike Levine; Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix; Grasshopper Summer by Ann Turner; Tree by Leaf by Cynthia Voigt; and Randall's Wall by Carol Fenner ($4.99 each, 8-12); The Barrel in the Basement by Barbara Brooks Wallace, illus. by Sharon Wooding ($3.99, 8-12); Black Frontiers: A History of African American Her s in the Old West by Lillian Schlissel ($7.99, 8-12); The King of Dragons by Carol Fenner ($4.99, 9-12); The Callender Papers by Cynthia Voigt ($4.99, 9-13); Pawns by Willo Davis Roberts ($4.99, 10-14); Parallel Journeys by Eleanor Ayer ($5.99, 10-up); Sang Spell by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($4.99, 11-up); Stone Cold by Pete Hautman, The Singing Mountain by Sonia Levitin, The Keeper of the Isis Light by Monica Hughes, The Watcher by James Howe, How I Spent My Last Night on Earth by Todd Strasser, Behaving Bradley by Perry Nodelman, To Life by Ruth Minsky Sender, The White Horse by Cynthia D. Grant and Heaven by Angela Johnson ($4.99 each, 12-up); and Midgetby Tim Bower ($8, 12-up).

Swan in Love
by Eve Bunting, illus. by Jo Ellen McAllister Stammen ($16). A swan falls in love with a swan-shaped boat. (4-7)
Messenger, Messenger
by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Barry Root ($16). Readers ride through a day with a city bike messenger. (5-7)
An Amish Year
by Richard Ammon, illus. by Pamela Patrick ($16.95), follows a year in the life of an Amish girl and her family. (5-7)
Dinosaurs! The Biggest Baddest Strangest Fastest
by Howard Zimmerman ($17.95). Paintings by various artists illustrate this look at dinos. (5-8)
by Elaine Scott, photos by Margaret Miller ($16), spotlights the ups and downs of friendship. (5-8)
The Son of the Sun and the Daughter of the Moon
by Holly Young Huth, illus. by Anna Vojtech ($17). These offspring fall in love. (5-8)
On Purim
by Cathy Goldberg Fishman, illus. by Melanie W. Hall ($16), explains the meaning and rituals of this holiday. (5-up)
Growing Up Wild: Bears
by Sandra Markle ($16) reveals how baby bears grow and learn. (6-9)
Good-bye for Today: The Diary of a Young Girl at Sea
by Peter and Connie Roop, illus. by Thomas B. Allen ($16), is a tale based on the journals of children raised at sea. (7-10)
by Lynn Curlee ($18) chronicles the building of the Statue of Liberty. (7-12)
Uncle Sam and Old Glory
by Delno C. West and Jean West, illus. by Christopher Manson ($17), explains the backgrounds of American icons and symbols. (7-up)
Ultimate Field Trip 4: A Week in the 1800s
by Susan Goodman, photos by Michael Doolittle ($17), accompanies kids on a trip to a re-created 19th-century village. (8-12)
Molly's Fire
by Janet Carey ($16). What can Molly do when she hears that her father is missing in action? (8-12)
Dovey C
by Frances O'Roark Dowell ($16). In trouble, a country girl must rely on a city lawyer for help. (8-12)
Norman Rockwell: Storyteller with a Brush
by Beverly Gherman ($19.95). Rockwell's paintings illustrate a biography of this artist. (8-up)
Turning Point Inventions: The Clock
by Trent Duffy ($17.95) offers an account of the history of measuring time, from the sundial to the atomic clock. (9-up)
Jade Green
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($16). Living in her uncle's house, Judith hears stories of a former resident who died a tragic death. (10-14)
Michael, Wait for Me
by Patricia Calvert ($16). Sarah grows close to her sister's boyfriend. (10-14)
The Century That Was: Reflections on the Last One Hundred Years
, edited by James Cross Giblin ($19.95), collects observations by children's book authors. (10-up)
Postcards to Father Abraham
by Catherine Lewis ($17). When cancer ends her running career, a girl finds solace writing to Abraham Lincoln. (12-up)
Waiting for Odysseus
by Clemence McLaren ($16). This novel retells the Odyssey from the perspective of four of its female protagonists. (12-up)

Ghosts in the Gallery
by Barbara Brooks Wallace ($16). In this gothic tale, Jenny becomes a maid in the house of her dead father. (8-12)
Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues
by Harriet Gillem Robinet ($16). Two siblings find ways to solve their many problems. (8-12)
by Willo Davis Roberts ($16). Thieves take a girl hostage when she surprises them in her house. (8-12)
Peril in the Bessledorf Parachute Factory
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($16) is a new novel about the wacky world of Bernie Magruder. (8-12)
The Grooming of Alice
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($16). Alice's self-image is put to the test one summer. (10-14)
Friends and Enemies
by Louann Gaeddert ($16). William struggles to understand the meaning of war and of friendship. (10-14)

Pushkin Minds the Bundle
by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Donald Saaf ($16), is a sequel to Pushkin Meets the Bundle. (3-7)
Captain Bob Sets Sail
by Roni Schotter, illus. by J Cepeda ($16). In the bath, a boy imagines he's a sea captain. (3-7)
A Cake for Herbie
by Petra Mathers ($15). The latest Lottie book focuses on Herbie. (4-8)
The Honest-to-Goodness Truth
by Patricia C. McKissack, illus. by Giselle Potter ($16), examines the right and the wrong way to tell the truth. (4-8)
Deep in the Jungle
by Dan Yaccarino ($16). A jungle lion gets his comeuppance. (4-8)
Tie Your Socks and Clap Your Feet: Mixed-Up P ms
by Lenny Hort, illus. by Stephen Kroninger ($16), collects upside-down and backwards p ms. (4-8)

Knock, Knock, Who's There?: My First Book of Knock-Knock Jokes
by Tad Hills ($6.99) offers an introduction to knock-knocks. (2-5)
So Big! My First Measuring Book
by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Stephanie Hinton ($10.95), explains the concepts of height and length. (2-5)
Pig and Duck Buy a Truck: A Book of Colors
by Lee Lorenz ($10.95). When they can't agree on a shade, Pig and Duck buy a rainbow-colored truck. (2-5)
The Secret Father's Day Present
by Andrew Clements, illus. by Varda Livney ($5.99). Sarah and James plan the best Father's Day gift yet. (3-6)
Sweet Summertime
by Laura Trayser ($5.99). When the school year ends, summer fun begins. (3-6)
Be My Friend
by Joan Walsh Anglund ($9.99). This book on sharing comes with a heart-shaped locket. (4-8)

New Margaret Miller Board Books are Baby Food and Get Ready, Baby by Miller ($5.99 each, 3 mos.-2 yrs.). Soft & Squeaky Board Books adds Baby Duck's Day and Baby Chick's Day by Nicola Baxter,illus. by Stephanie B y ($4.99 each, 6 mos.-2 yrs). New editions of Lisa McCue Board Books include Bunny's Numbers and Ducky's Seasons by Dick McCue, illus. by Lisa McCue ($4.99 each, 1-3). Cyndy Szekeres's Toby series debuts with Toby!, Toby's Alphabet Walk, Toby's Rainbow Clothes and Toby's Silly Faces ($6.99 each, 1-5). Hide and Seek Books gains Peter Cottontail and Puppy by David Crossley, illus. by Sally Chambers ($5.99 each, 2-5). The Trucks series by Betsy Imershein offers Trucks and Construction Trucks ($4.99 each, 2-5). Sparkle 'n' Twinkle Books introduces A Valentine Bouquet and The Special Valentine by Eleanor Hudson, illus. by Laura Bryant ($4.99 each, 2-5). And Lionel Trains chugs on with Train Song: A Little Lionel Book About Sounds and NightTrain: A Little Lionel Book About Opposites by Catherine Lukas, illus. by Richard Torrey ($4.99 each, 1-5).
Board Book Reprint
Hippos Go Berserk!: Board Book Edition
by Sandra Boynton ($7.99, all ages).
Two Girls Can!
by Keiko Narahashi ($16) reveals what two best friends can do. (3-7)
May We Sleep Here Tonight?
by Tan Koide, illus. by Yasuko Koide ($12.95). A menagerie of animals climbs into a stranger's big bed. (3-7)
Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls
by Jane Simmons ($14.95). At the beach, Flo accuses Ebb of eating the picnic food. (3-7)
Pirates Ahoy!
by Hilary McKay, illus. by Alex Ayliffe ($16). Kids and a teddy bear pretend to survive a storm on a pirate ship. (3-7)
Mrs. Hen's Big Surprise
by Christel Desmoinaux ($12.95). Will the egg Mrs. Hen finds in the garden hatch into a new chick? (3-7)
Fly Eagle Fly! An African Tale
by Christopher Gregorowski, illus. by Niki Daly ($16). With an introductory note by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, this story pays tribute to South Africa's new democracy. (5-9)
The Emperor's New Clothes
by Demi ($19.95) sets this classic in ancient China. (7-10)
Night Garden: P ms from the World of Dreams
by Janet Wong, illus. by Julie Paschkis ($16), collects 15 p ms about dreams. (7-10)
God's Kingdom: Stories from the New Testament
by Geraldine McCaughrean, illus. by Anna Leplar ($20), retells 37 biblical tales. (8-up)
Star in the Storm
by Joan Hiatt Harlow ($16). Can a girl and her dog save a sinking ship? (9-12)
Timon's Tide
by Charles Butler ($16). Daniel tries to unravel the mystery surrounding his brother's death. (12-up)
River Boy
by Tim Bowler ($16). Jess discovers a strange presence in the river. (12-up)
Blue's Clues
adds Blue's Clues Super Chubby Board Book: What's Next? by Sarah Wilson, illus. by Jennifer Oxley ($4.99, 1-5); Blue's Snowy Day: Lift-the-Flap Paperback by Alison Inches, illus. by David Levy ($5.99 paper, 3-6); Stickers 'n' Shapes: Blue's Valentine's Day by Deborah Reber and It's Spring, Blue! by Adam Peltzman, both illus. by Jenine Pontillo ($3.99 each, 3-6); Ready-to-Reads Pre-Level 1: Blue Is My Name by Angela Santomero, illus. by Karen Craig; and Magenta and Me by Reber, illus. by Don Bishop ($3.99 each, 3-6); 8x8s: Blue's Best Rainy Day by Reber, illus. by Kevin Cardinali; and Blue G s to School by Santomero, illus. by Levy ($3.50 each, 3-6); Shaped Paperbacks: Blue's Travel Game by Sarah Albee, illus. by Steve Celmer ($3.99 paper, 3-7); and Blue's Lunchbox by Albee, illus. by Karen Craig ($4.99 paper, 3-7); Vinyl Sticker Book: Ready, Set¦Grow! by Alice Wilder, illus. by Levy ($5.99, 3-7); and Talk Back Books: Where Are You, Blue? by Wilder and Reber, illus. by Dan Kanemoto ($12.95, 3-7).
New to The Busy World of Richard Scarry Board Books are Blooming Busytown and The Missing Bananas ($4.99 each, 2-5). And Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House gains Super Chubbys: Bear Loves Weather by Janelle Cherrington and Bear Loves Opposites by Kiki Thorpe, both illus. by Cary Rillo ($4.99 each, 2-5); Mini Board Book and Plush: My Name Is Bear by Nancy Inteli, illus. by Gary Johnson ($6.99, 2-5); 8x8 Paperbacks: The Big Blue House Call and Spring Has Sprung by Thorpe, illus. by Tom Brannon; Mystery at the Big Blue House by Cherrington, illus. by Brannon; and When You've Got to Go! by Mitchell Kreigman, illus. by Kathryn Mitter ($3.50 each paper, 3-7); Stickers 'n' Shapes: The Ojo-Lympics by Cherrington and Bear's Breakfast by Thorpe, both illus. by Brannon ($3.99 each, 3-7); Shaped Board Books: Lost and Found by Cherrington ($6.99, 4-8) and Tutter's Tiny Trip by Thorpe ($3.99, 4-8), both illus. by Brannon; and Love Is All You Need by Catherine Daly-Weir, illus. by Mitter ($5.99, 4-8).
Paperback Series

The Wild Thornberrys adds 8x8 Paperbacks: Can't Have Ants and Jungle Mischief ($3.50 each, 3-7); Ready-to-Reads: The Bird Who Cried Wolf and Drawing the Line ($3.99 each, 5-9); Digests: The Wild Thornberrys Trivia Book and The Wild Thornberrys Survival Guide ($2.99 each, 6-9); and Chapter Book: Family Face-Off ($3.99, 7-10).
New Rugrats titles are 8x8 Paperbacks: Open Wide! A Visit to the Dentist and Chuckie Meets the Beastie Bunny ($3.50 each, 3-7); Shaped Paperbacks: Lights, Damera, Dil! and Bowling Twins ($3.99 each, 4-8); 10x8 Paperbacks: Rugrats Discover America, Be My Valentine! and No Place Like Home ($5.99 each, 4-8); Digest Paperbacks: A Day in the Life of Angelica and Twin Talk: A Day in the Life of Phil & Lil ($2.99 each, 4-8); Ready-to-Reads: Surprise, Angelica! and Take a Bow, Babies! ($3.99 each, 5-8); Chapter Books: Just Wanna Have Fun and Book 'Em Tommy, and Angelica the Grape ($3.99 each, 7-10); and The Rugrats Files: Time Travel Adventures: Case of the Missing Gold and Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Milk ($3.99 each, 8-12).
offers Chapter Books: Cookin' With CatDog and The Most World Records ($3.99 each, 6-9); and CatDog's Vacation and CatDog Undercover ($3.99 each, 7-10); and Digest/Novels: A Space Oddity and A Tale of Two CatDogs ($3.99 each, 8-12). And new to The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle are The Movie Joke Book ($2.99, 7-10); and The Movie Novelization ($3.99, 8-12).


The Let's Go to the Zoo!/Smithsonian series adds Tiger Cubs See and Do and Tamarin's Mealtime by Laura Gates Galvin, photos by Jesse Cohen ($5.95 each, $9.95 with plush, 18 mos.-3 yrs.). Smithsonian's Backyard welcomes Bumblebee at Apple Tree Lane by Galvin, illus. by Kristin Kest ($15.95, mini book $4.95, 4-8). Smithsonian Oceanic Collection swims on with Sockeye's Journey Home: The Story of a Pacific Salmon by Barbara Gaines Winkelman, illus. by Joanie Popeo ($15.95, mini book $4.95, 4-8). And Soundprints Habitat gains Realm of the Panther: A Story of South Florida's Forests by Emily Costello, illus. by Wes Siegrist; and Great Grizzly Wilderness: A Story of the Pacific Rain Forest by Audrey Fraggalosch, illus. by Donald Eberhart ($15.95 each, paper $5.95, 6-10).

50 Great Backyard Games
by Pete Cava ($12.95) presents the rules for classic outdoor games. (7-14)
Paperback Series

The Baseball SuperStar series greets Sandy and Roberto Alomar: Baseball Brothers; Manny Ramirez, Cleveland Indians; Craig Biggio, Houston Astros; Jim Thome, Cleveland Indians; David Cone, New York Yankees; Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros; and Eduardo Alfonzo, New York Mets ($4.95 each, 8-12). And new NASCAR SuperStars are Jeff Gordon: Rewriting the Record Book, Dale Earnhardt: The Intimidator, Dale Jarrett: Son of Thunder and Rusty Wallace: The Racer's Racer by Ken Garfield ($4.95 each, 8-12).

My Ocean Liner
by Peter Mandel, illus. by Betsey MacDonald ($18.95), recounts an American boy's adventures aboard the Normandie in 1939. (8-12)

Kids' Funniest Riddles
by Charles Keller, illus. by Jeff Sinclair ($14.95) collects more than 500 riddles. (6-9)
Quick-but-Great Science Fair Projects
by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone ($19.95) adapts projects for different grade levels. (8-12
Science Fair Projects: Chemistry
by Bob Bonnet and Dan Keen, illus. by Frances Zweifel ($17.95), outlines 47 experiments. (8-12)
P try for Young People
adds Rudyard Kipling, edited by Eileen Gillooly, illus. by Jim Sharpe; and Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Frances Schoonmaker, illus. by Lucy Corvino ($14.95 each, 8-12).
Around the World in 80 Puzzles
by Helene Hovanec ($6.95) compiles crosswords, word games and brainteasers. (8-up)
Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks
by Shar Levine and Robert Bowden ($10.95) presents the history and care of yo-yos, plus tricks. (8-up)
The Baseball Trivia Quiz Book
by Mitch Williams and David Brown ($6.95) collects trivia about this sport. (8-up)
Chess Basics Book & Gift Set
($14.95) includes instruction book and magnetic chess set. (8-up)
Dinosaur Mazes
by Roger Moreau ($5.95) offers 20 mazes featuring dinos. (8-up)
Great Paper Jets Book & Kit
($19.95) contains instructions and materials for making paper gliders. (8-up)
Play Winning Checkers Book & Gift Set
($14.95) includes a guide to this game and a fold-up magnetic checkers board. (8-up)
Science Puzzles for Young Einsteins
by Helene Hovanec ($6.95) rounds up puzzles focusing on science. (8-up)
Pocket Puzzlers: Brainteasers, Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Optical Illusions and Whodunits
($2.95 each) compile brain-stretching puzzles. (10-up)
Supernature: The Unseen Power of Animals
by John Downer ($17.95). This look at animals' abilities is a companion to the Discovery Channel TV series. (12-up)
The Magnificent Book of Kites: Explorations in Design Construction, Enjoyment & Flight
by Maxwell Eden ($14.95) reveals the process of building a variety of kites. (12-up)
Paperback Reprints
Awesome Experiments in Electricity & Magnetism
and Awesome Experiments in Force & Motion by Michael DiSpezio, illus. by Catherine Leary ($7.95 each, 8-up); Winning Chess Piece by Piece by Ted Nottingham, Al Lawrence & Bob Wade ($9.95, 8-up); Clever Quicksolve Whodunit Puzzles: Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve by Jim Sukach, illus. by Lucy Corvino ($6.95, 10-up); and Super Party Games: Fun & Original Ideas for 10 or More by John Chaneski ($7.95, 10-up)

My Favorite Baby Animals
($5.95) is a board book featuring photos of animals. (3-5)
Billy the Bear's Activity Books: First Counting Games
, First Learning Games, First Thinking Games and First Writing Games ($5.95 each) are activity books that teach basic skills. (3-5)
Animals on the Farm Super Sticker Book
($4.95) includes more than 70 reusable stickers. (4-6)
Katie Cat Super Sticker Book
($4.95). Kids decorate landscapes with stickers. (4-6)
Make a Doll's Shop: Press Out & Play
($5.95). Readers press out and fold pieces to assemble a play store. (5-7)
Add & Subtract with Benjamin the Bear
($5.95) is a workbook with stickers. (6-7)

Python Play and Other Recipes for Fun
by Robert Heidbreder, illus. by Karen Patkau ($14.95), collects p ms with themes based on children's games. (4-7)
by Jan Bourdeau Waboose, illus. by C.J. Taylor ($14.95). A traditional dance unites a girl and her grandmother with ancient spirits. (4-8)
by Maxine Trottier, illus. by Stella East ($14.95). A boy in the Arctic learns the secret of northern dreams. (4-8)
The Shaman's Nephew
by Sheldon Oberman and Simon Tookoome ($18.95) collects 28 tales of Eskimo life. (9-up)
Too Young to Fight
, compiled by Priscilla Galloway ($22.95). Authors relate what it was like to fight in WWII. (12-up)
Matthew and the Midnight Wrestlers
by Allen Morgan, illus. by Michael Martchenko ($6.99). A midnight adventure brings Matthew into a wrestling ring. (4-up)
Bringing Up Beauty
by Sylvia McNicoll ($5.95). Elizabeth's family adopts a dog. (9-12)
Nellie's Victory
by Connie Brummel Crook ($5.95) centers on a pioneer who fights for women's rights. (12-up)
A Circle of Silver
by Maxine Trottier ($7.95). A ring connects an Englishman in the new world to his former life. (12-up)
Paperback Reprints
Prairie Willow
by Maxine Trottier, illus. by Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobsen ($6.95, 4-7); Maple Moon by Connie Brummel Crook, illus. by Scott Cameron ($6.95, 4-up); and In Flanders Fields by Linda Granfield, illus. by Janet Wilson ($8.95, 12-up).

and Frogger by Frank B. Edwards, illus. by John Bianchi ($14.95 each, paper $4.95), are tales of a city girl who settles in the country and the outgoing country boy she meets. (8-12)

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