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New Head for ZanyBrainy.com
John Mutter -- 2/21/00

Judith Harrison has been named chief executive officer of ZanyBrainy.com, the online site owned jointly by Zany Brainy, the children's all-media chain, and Online Retail Partners, an e-commerce site investor and manager.

Harrison has 20 years' experience in retailing, most recently as president of General Cigar Enterprises. Earlier she worked for the Monet Group, Liz Claiborne and Yves Saint Laurent Parfums and Hecht's.

ZanyBrainy.com (www.zanybrainy.com) was launched November 10, 1999, and offers hundreds of exclusive products as well as the range of books, toys, audios, videos, puzzles, plush toys and more that are offered in stores. Customers can return or exchange ZanyBrainy.com purchases in Zany Brainy stores.

On the physical side, Zany Brainy has signed leases on 13 new stores and hopes to open a total of 25 during 2000. If it sticks to its schedule of expansion, Zany Brainy will have 128 stores in 30 states at the end of the year; one new location will be in Oklahoma.

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