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iUniverse.com, Harlem Guild Debut Press
Calvin Reid -- 3/6/00

Print-on-demand and Web publishing portal iUniverse.com has announced a partnership with the venerable Harlem Writers Guild to create a new imprint to be called the Harlem Writers Guild Press. Much like iUniverse.com's relationships with the Writers Digest and the Writers Club, the Harlem Writers Guild will oversee manuscripts submitted to iUniverse.com from the HWG membership.

William H. Banks, executive director of the HWG, told PW, "This is our first venture into publishing. It's a fitting way to celebrate our 50th anniversary." Banks also noted that the new imprint will reprint In the Shadow of the Peacock by Grace F. Edwards. The imprint will also publish an anthology of the work of HWG members and works from New York City school children.

The Harlem Writers Guild was founded in 1950 by historian John Henrik Clake, novelists John Oliver Killens and Rosa Guy and others. Other former members include novelist Terry McMillan and p ts Audre Lorde and Maya Angelou. The guild continues to serve the African-American writing community through its online workshops, TV and radio programs and school programs.

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