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Travel Titles for Fall and Winter
Compiled by Heather Vogel Frederick -- 6/5/00

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All titles are paperback unless otherwise noted


AAA (Simon & Schuster, dist.)
Newly revised editions of AAA All-in-One Guides for London, Scotland and Ireland (Nov., $14.95 each) offer practical details for touring the British Isles. AAA North America Road Atlas (Nov., $10.95)--also available in a Large Print Edition (Nov., $8.95) and a Pocket Edition (Jan. 2001, $3.95)--includes travel planning information along with maps of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, while the AAA Interstate Road Atlas (Jan. 2001, $6.95) focuses on major highways. AAA Professional Drivers' Road Atlas (Nov., $19.95) targets truckers, and AAA France Road Atlas (Nov., $19.95) covers the highways and byways of France. European travelers can also consult AAA Europe TravelBook for updated facts on everything from car rentals and insurance to customs regulations in 46 countries, while sun-seekers can plan their trip with AAA Caribbean TravelBook and AAA Mexico TravelBook (Jan. 2001, $15 each).

The vistas of Venice are softened with the use of the pinhole camera technique in Venice--Camera Obscura (Sept., $70 hardcover) by Pia M. Grueber, with photos by Gunter Derlath. Other Italian destinations include The Borghese Gallery (Jan. 2001, $29.95) in Rome, and Liguria (Feb. 2001, $16.95), the mountainous narrow strip of land along Italy's northwest coast featured in the newest addition to the Touring Club of Italy's Heritage Guide series.

Susan Meisel and Ellen Harris offer a sneak peek into exclusive territory in The Hamptons: Life Behind the Hedges (Sept., $39.95 hardcover); photographer Guido Alberto Rossi captures the Nile in Egypt: Gift of the Nile, An Aerial Portrait (Sept., $55 hardcover) by Max Rodenbeck; photojournalist Jasmine Rossi visits The Wild Shores of Patagonia: The Valdes Peninsula & Punta Tombo (Oct., $45 hardcover). Rachel Kaplan reveals 30 often-overlooked gems in Little-Known Museums in and Around Rome (Nov., $19.95), while Joseph Rykwert and photographer Roberto Schezen travel from ancient Rome to contemporary America looking for architectural gems in The Villa: From Ancient to Modern (Nov., $60 hardcover). Victoria Kastner explores William Randolph Hearst's magnificent San Simeon, Calif., hideaway in Hearst Castle (Nov., $49.50 hardcover). A pair of small-format paperbacks whisk readers to New England in Connecticut by Patricia Harris and David Lyon, and Rhode Island (Nov., $12.95 each) by Paula M. Bodah, new additions to the publisher's States series; while vistas broaden in The Western Horizon (Nov., $49.50 hardcover), photographer Macduff Everton's tribute to the American West, and Sahara: The Forbidding Sands (Nov., $49.50 hardcover) by Theodore Monod et al., with photos by Jean-Marc Durou.

Overhauled for the new millennium, the revamped Mr. Cheap's series visits ...Chicago (Sept., $9.95), scouting out reasonably priced hotels, restaurants and more. The Everything series expands with The Everything Guide to Las Vegas (Dec., $12.95) by Jason Rich, which caters to the whole family, as d s his updated ...Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Greater Orlando (Nov., $12.95), and Sheree Bykofsky romances the Big Apple in The 52 Most Romantic Places In and Around New York City (Feb. 2001, $6.95).

Journalist Dana Sachs went to live in Vietnam in the early '90s, when tourist visas first opened up the forbidden country to Americans; she recounts her experiences in The House on Dream Street (Sept., $22.95 hardcover).

ANACUS PRESS (K n, dist.)
The Bed, Breakfast & Bike series takes to the road with a quartet of new titles, as Michele Gast and Byron Glick profile bicycle-friendly inns and routes of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin in ...Western Great Lakes, Cynthia Reeder cycles through New England and New York in ...Northeast (Sept., $16.95 each), Theresa Russell pedals across Ohio, Indiana and Michigan in ...Midwest and Dale Lally follows Old Man River from St. Louis to New Orleans in ...Mississippi Valley (Oct., $16.95 each).

Gerard Bauer explores a dozen places of interest in the City of Lights in Selected Works: Paris (Editions Scala, Sept., $12.95), while Lieve Cafmeyer visits a host of hotels and restaurants across the Channel in Impressions: London (D-Publications, Oct., $19.95). Oceans away, Lester Cannon and Mark Goyen offer travel strategies for Exploring Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Watermark, Oct., $35), and Simon Blackall details life Down Under in The Book of Australia (Watermark, Nov., $18.95).

Carla Labat, food and restaurant critic for BET.com, checks out the scene from coast to coast in Steppin' Out: An African American Guide to Our 20 Favorite Cities--Where We Go for Food, Friends and Fun (Sept., $17.95), while the Asia Society zer s in on all things Asian in the Big Apple in Asia in New York City: A Cultural Travel Guide (Sept., $17.95). New revised Moon Handbooks include Honduras (Sept., $17.95) by Chris Humphrey, Cuba (Oct., $19.95) by Christopher P. Baker and Singapore (Dec., $16.95) by Carl Parkes, and the Foghorn Outdoors series takes to the greens in Northern California Golf Getaways (Feb. 2001, $17.95). There's a trio of new urban destinations in the City Smart lineup, with inside information from local authors--Dallas/Ft. Worth (Sept., $15.95) by Sharry Buckner, San Diego (Sept., $15.95) by Amy Sadler and Sacramento (Oct., $14.95) by Patrick Cosgrove--and the Travel Smart itinerary-based driving guides add Oregon (Dec., $16.95) by Gordon Thayer Coffin. The publisher's Adventures in Nature series highlights eco-travel opportunities in Panama (Feb. 2001, $17.95) by William Friar, and Rick Steves's European guidebooks are newly updated for 2001, covering a host of countries, as well as Europe Through the Back Door (Nov., $21.95) and Best of Europe (Jan. 2001, $21.95).

The culmination of 35 years of Alexander Kyrtsis's extensive research (and geared for travelers on varying budgets), Only the Best: Greece (Sept., $29.95) cross-references 43 different excursions with 22 interest areas, from ancient sites and beaches to hotels, restaurants and more.


The Great Destinations series of regional guides revisits a favorite New York getaway in a new edition of The Hamptons Book (Feb. 2001, $17.95) by Suzi Forbes Chase.

Historic homes of the South are featured in Sylvia Higginbotham's guide to Marvelous Old Mansions (Sept., $16.95), and one of North Carolina's most popular tourist destinations is profiled in A Walk Through Old Salem (Oct., $14.95 hardcover) by Erin Sedoris, drawings by Walter Stone.

BRADT PUBLICATIONS (Globe Pequot, dist.)
Looking for an exotic spot within the "band of totality" to view coming eclipses? Check out Africa & Madagascar: Total Eclipse 2001 & 2002 (Nov., $14.95) by Aisling Irwin and Hilary Bradt et al. A diverse quartet of destinations is covered in new Bradt Travel Guides--North Canada: Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut (Nov., $18.95) by Geoffrey Roy, Poland (Nov., $19.95) by Gordon McLachlan, Switzerland (Dec., $18.95) by Anthony Lambert and Cambodia (Feb. 2001, $17.95) by Anita Sach.


CADOGAN BOOKS (Globe Pequot, dist.)
Tired of Tuscany? Try Bologna & Emilia Romagna (Sept., $19.95) by Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls, which includes tips on Rimini and San Marino. The pair also visit Madrid/Seville/Barcelona (Nov., $14.95), and Facaros returns to her home country in Greek Islands by Air (Nov., $17.95). London-Edinburgh and London-Amsterdam (Sept., $14.95 each) by Andrew Gumbel and Charles Godfrey-Faussett cover two popular side trips, while Alex and Gardenia Robinson head for wilder territory in The Amazon (Oct., $24.95). A host of new Cadogan Guides tour India: Golden Triangle & Rajasthan (Oct., $19.95) by Frank Kusy, Morocco: Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat (Oct., $17.95) by Barnaby Rogerson, Amsterdam & The Randstad (Nov., $14.95) by Rodney Bolt, Barcelona (Dec., $17.95) by Dana Facaros and Vienna, Prague, Budapest (Dec., $19.95) by Sadakat Kadri. Michael Haag takes the classic Egypt tour in Cairo/Luxor/Aswan: Cities & Ancient Sites Along the Nile (Nov., $19.95), and the publisher debuts a new series featuring family attractions with Take the Kids ... Ireland (Nov., $19.95) by Catharina Day, ...Amsterdam (Dec., $19.95) by Rodney Bolt and ...England (Dec., $19.95) by Joseph Fullman.

CAMERAPIX (Interlink, dist.)
Photo essays reveal the beauty of the Middle East in The Beauty of Makkah & Madinah (Sept., $12.95) by Mohamed Amin and Journey Through Jordan (Sept., $50 hardcover) by Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willets and Sam Kiley.

Hilary Black, entertainment editor at More, dishes on top spots for shopping, eating, dancing, pampering and more in Inside New York: The Ultimate Guide to Style & Substance (Oct., $18 hardcover); those seeking quieter diversion can visit New York's Remarkable Houses of Worship (Oct., $14) by David Dunlap and J Vecchione and New York's 50 Best Places to Find Spiritual Renewal (Oct., $14) by Beth Donnelly and Andrea Martin.

Helping travelers make the most of their trip is the goal of the publisher's Must-See series, which widens its scope this October with Australia, Barcelona, Edinburgh & Glasgow, London, New Zealand, Sydney, Ireland, Scotland, Vancouver, South Africa, Venice, California and Florida, and in January 2001 with Spain, Italy and France ($14.95 each). The Signpost Guides are also on the move, leading motorists through unfamiliar routes in Washington, D.C., Virginia & North Carolina, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley, Tuscany and Umbria and England and Wales (Dec., $22.95 each). High-quality accommodations can be found in Welcome Guide: Bed & Breakfast Spain 2001 and ...France 2001 (Dec., $22.95 each), while memorable meals--from fine dining to snacks and picnics, local markets and regional recipes--are highlighted in the new pocket-sized Time for Food series, which visits Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Edinburgh, London, Prague, Rome, Venice, Paris, Boston, San Francisco and New York (Feb. 2001, $9.95 each).

History buffs heading for the pyramids can consult The Twilight of Ancient Egypt (Dec., $55 hardcover, $24.95 paper) by Karol My'sliwiec, translated from the German by David Lorton, for information on the Egypt of the Old Testament epoch.


Six new destinations join the lineup of Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides this fall, with Brussels ($19.95), Delhi, Agra & Jaipur ($24.95), Stockholm ($19.95) and Washington, D.C. ($19.95) premiering in September, and Japan ($24.95) and Singapore ($19.95) following in October. A deluxe leather-bound gift edition of the San Francisco guide (Sept., $40) features a separate foldout city map, menu decoder and vintage wine chart.

Back in print in its entirety for the first time since 1817, Mungo Park's classic Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa (Sept., $59.95 hardcover, $19.95 paper) chronicles the young Scotsman's 18-month journey through West Africa in the years before European intervention.


Revamped for the new millennium, new destinations in the Insiders' Guides series include Pittsburgh (Sept., $19.95) by Loriann Hoff Oberlin, Jenn Phillips and Evan M. Pattak, New Orleans (Oct., $19.95) by James Gaffney and Becky Retz Fremin and Virginia Beach (Nov., $16.95) by Sally Kirby Hartman, along with updates of Santa Fe (Oct., $16.95) by Anne Hillerman and Tamar Stieber and Colorado's Mountains (Oct., $19.95) by Linda Castrone and Steve Lipsher.

Post-its and expanded "Smart Travel Tips A to Z" sections highlight the revamped Gold Guides, whose new destinations include Puerto Rico (Nov., $15). The Pocket series also has a new design and format, with three new resort destinations--Pocket Aruba (Nov.), Pocket Aspen (Nov.) and Pocket Los Cabos (Dec., $10 each)--as well as Madrid (Feb., $9) added to the lineup. A quartet of popular urban locales broaden the scope of the Around the City with Kids series: Boston (Nov.), Miami (Nov.), London (Feb. 2001) and Paris (Feb. 2001, $10 each). The Escape series heads for the Hawaiian Islands (Dec., $18), the Compass American Guide series expands to include Nevada (Oct.) and Gulf South (Dec., $21 each), and Spain (Feb., $18) is a new title in the upCLOSE series.

From Syracuse to Buffalo, and Rochester to Elmira, over 100 routes for winter fun are covered in Winter Trails: Cross-Country Skiing and Snowsh ing in Western New York (Nov., $16.95) by Rich and Sue Freeman. Hiking trails as well as can /kayak routes on area waterways are highlighted in Take Your Binoculars: The Best Birding Spots in Western New York by Land or Water (Jan. 2001, $16.95) by Norman Wolfe.

Tricia Brown, former editor of Alaska magazine, takes one of the ultimate wilderness road trips in The World-Famous Alaska Highway: A Guide to the ALCAN & Other Wilderness Roads of the North (Sept., $21.95). A second edition of The Arizona Guide (Sept., $21.95) by Judy Wade offers a comprehensive look at the Grand Canyon State.


Eat, drink and be merry in two new cities as the publisher expands its Gayot Restaurant guides to ...Atlanta (Sept., $14) and ...Miami (Oct., $14), and updates coverage of ...New York City (Nov, $14).

Based on a weekly regional TV series of the same name, Texas Country Reporter (Sept., $29.95 hardcover, $19.95 paper) features stories by Bob Phillips about the people and places along Texas back roads. Also drawn from a TV series are the vignettes in Diane Smith's Absolutely Positively Connecticut (Oct., $29.95 hardcover, $19.95 paper). Karen Ivory tracks down Eight Great American Rail Journeys (Sept., $9.95), while Michael Feldman and Diana Cook take a walk on the humorous side in Wisconsin Curiosities (Sept., $12.95), a guide to wacky people, places, facts and phenomena. Endangered Lighthouses (Nov., $19.95) by Tim Harrison and Ray Jones spotlights 50 American lighthouses in peril, and Bernard I. Burt and Pamela J. Lechtman visit 100 Best Spas of the World (Jan. 2001, $19.95), for the ultimate in pampering. The Quick Escapes series expands with weekend getaways in St. Louis (Jan. 2001, $14.95), while Washington, D.C. (Jan. 2001, $12.95) is the first of the Off the Beaten Path guides to focus on a city rather than a state. In February, June Naylor Rodriguez adds to the lineup of Recommended Bed & Breakfasts guides with ...Southwest ($16.95).

The Culture Shock! series visits a host of new destinations, including Hungary, Kuala Lumpur at Your Door and Barcelona at Your Door (Nov., $12.95 each), while its offshoot, Culture Shock! Success Secrets to Maximize Business in...series, travels to Australia, Canada, The Philippines and Thailand (Nov., $12.95 each).

Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame (Sept., $19.95), edited by Victoria Brooks, blends practical guidebook information and suggested reading lists with the musings of travel writers on destinations made famous by such literary luminaries as Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Ian Fleming and A.A. Milne. (Currently available for sale in its entirety or by individual chapter as downloads on www.literarytrips.com.)

Remember the Alamo--and more! Wayne Lease visits early forts, missions, presidios and the territory they served, in Texas Forts (Sept., $15.95), the newest Lone Star Guide.


Two sisters find themselves among the vineyards and people of a small Italian town in Extra Virgin: A Young Woman Discovers the Italian Riviera, Where Every Month Is Enchanted (Feb. 2001, $24 hardcover).

An adventure tale that follows the lives of two Americans on a 2,000-mile journey across the heart of Asia, Into Tibet: America's Last Expedition to Tibet (Nov., $25 hardcover) by Tom Laird is the true story of a Cold War undercover expedition.

Newly revised and expanded Access guides, priced at $20, include New York City (Sept.), Philadelphia (Sept.) and Florence & Venice (Oct.) by Richard Saul Wurman, and Caribbean (Dec.).

The past and present of a trio of cities spring to life in Boston A to Z (Oct., $24.95) by native son and scholar Thomas H. O'Connor, Amsterdam (Oct., $29.95 hardcover), by Dutch writer Geert Mak, translated by Philipp Blom, and Cairo (Jan. 2001, $35 hardcover) by Andre Raymond, translated by Willard Wood.

The editors of Victoria magazine travel to The Heart of France (Sept., $35 hardcover) for an insider's view of that country.

Kicking off a series of Spiritual Traveler guidebooks for those seeking sacred destinations is The Spiritual Traveler--England, Scotland Wales: The Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain (Nov., $18).

Guest editor Bill Bryson and series editor Jason Wilson sifted through more than 300 magazines, newspapers and Web sites for The Best American Travel Writing 2000 (Oct., $27.50 hardcover, $13 paper), the first travel collection to join the publisher's Best American series lineup. For romantic getaways, family vacations and business travel, a quartet of revised Best Places to Stay guides check out lodgings in ...Florida, ...Hawaii, ...Mexico and ... the Caribbean (Sept., $19 each).

Previously published by Fodor's, the Rivages Hotels of Character & Charm series has been updated for 2001; titles--all due in January--include France ($22.95), Italy ($22.95), Paris ($16.95), Portugal ($16.95) and Spain ($18.95). New to the Landmark Visitors Guides lineup are Barbados, Cayman Islands and Jamaica (Oct., $10.95 each). Local authors spotlight "Sunup to Sundown" activities as well as those for "After Dark" in the Alive! guides--new additions to the series include Atlanta (Oct., $15.95) by Ann Carroll Burgess, Dallas/Fort Worth (Nov., $15.95) by Kimberly Young and Miami & the Florida Keys (Dec., $15.95) by Lisa Simundson. Romantic Escapes in the Caribbean (Oct., $15.95) by Paris Permenter and John Bigley has been newly revised, as have a number of Adventure Guides titles, which feature outdoor activities in Antigua, Barbuda, Nevis, St. Barts, St. Kitts & St. Martin (Oct., $16.95) and The Cayman Islands (Oct., $17.95), also by Permenter and Bigley. Also revised are The Appalachians & Great Smoky Mountains (Oct., $16.95) and Bermuda (Oct., $14.95) both by Blair Howard, Barbados (Sept., $16.95) by Lynne Sullivan, and The Yucatan (Sept., $16.95) by Bruce and John Conord.


A new For Dummies travel series will launch this September with Cruise Vacations for Dummies ($19.99), Europe...($19.99), London...($15.99), Walt Disney World & Orlando...($15.99), New York...($19.99), Las Vegas...($15.99), San Francisco...($15.99) and Caribbean...($19.99). Coming in December are Ireland...and Hawaii...($19.99 each). New Frommer's Guides travel to Shanghai (Nov., $15.99) and India (Dec., $21.99), and updates are in the works for Chicago (Oct., $14.99), Montreal & Quebec (Dec., $14.99), Toronto (Dec., $15.99) and Vancouver & Victoria ($15.99). A Frommer's Portable Los Angeles (Nov., $9.99) packs must-sees into a nutshell format geared to business and short-term travelers.


Drawn from the watercolor journals of Teresa Jordan, the new Sketchbook Expeditions series expands with Field Notes from Yosemite (Feb. 2001, $14).

The charms of the Pacific Northwest are on display in three updated guides--The Essential San Juans (Sept., $16.95) by Marge and Ted Mueller, The Greater Seattle Super Shopper (Oct., $12.95) by Marge Johnston and Rebecca Stanton and Breakfast in Seattle (Nov., $10.95) by Marilyn Dahl and Kay Vail-Hayden.


Gastronomes on the go can consult the Langenscheidt Pocket Menu Readers, which will venture into China (Nov., $7.95). New additions to the publisher's Pocket Dictionaries include Korean, Chinese (both Sept.), Vietnamese and Japanese (Dec., $13.95 each). Four new Insight Phrasebooks include French, German, Italian and Spanish (Jan. 2001, $7.95 each), and new Insight Travel Dictionaries will be available in the same four languages in Feb. 2001 ($5.95 each). The Discovery Travel Adventures series, which combine essays, history, travel tips, destination profiles and more, expands with Australian Outback (Oct.), African Safari (Nov.), Snow Sports (Nov.), Rain Forests (Jan. 2001) and Star & Sky (Feb. 2001). Updates to the Insight Guides series, due in October, include Amsterdam ($22.95), Burma/Myanmar ($23.95), Melbourne ($22.95), Belize ($23.95), Tenerife ($22.95), Pakistan ($22.95), Continental Europe ($24.95), Miami ($22.95), Los Angeles ($22.95), Namibia ($23.95) and Tokyo ($23.95). Redesigned for 2000, updated Insight Pocket Guides include Rome (Oct.), Istanbul (Oct.), Kuala Lumpur (Oct.), Cape Town (Nov.), Croatia (Nov.), Boston (Dec.), San Francisco (Dec.) and Denver (Dec., $12.95 each).

Kim Zetter scouts out Baghdad-by-the-Bay's best food in Out to Eat in San Francisco (Sept., $12.99), while Steve Fallon and Sophie Le Mao head overseas in World Food France (Oct., $12.99), which includes a comprehensive cuisine dictionary. The pocket-sized Frankfurt Condensed (Oct., $11.99) by Angela Cullen features foldout maps on the front and back covers, as d s Hong Kong Condensed (Feb. 2001, $11.99) by Dani Valent. Hair-raising travel adventures fill the pages of On the Edge: Extreme Travel (Oct., $12.99) edited by Cecil Kuhne. Professional shutterbug Richard I'Anson distills his 20 years of experience in Travel Photography (Nov., $16.99), Mark Strickland and John Williams take readers Diving and Snorkeling Thailand (Nov., $16.99) and Damien Simonis heads to Spain in the newest Lonely Planet guide, Madrid (Nov., $14.99). Other new guides this season include Shanghai (Feb. 2001, $15.99) by Bradley Mayhew and Guatemala (Feb. 2001, $16.99) by Conner Gorry. A revised New York City (Dec., $16.99) by David Ellis has the Big Apple covered from youth hostels to boutique hotels, while an updated Mexico (Oct., $24.99) by John Noble et al. travels from the bustling boulevards of Mexico City to Baja's beaches. Ryan Ver Berkm s, Thomas Huhti and Mark Lightbody cover all the states that touch the Great Lakes (Dec., $19.99), as well as the Ontario shoreline and the Midwest's major cities, and Laura Harger explores the nation's capital in Washington, D.C. (Feb., $15.99). For those on a tight budget, there's a new edition of Europe on a Sh string (Feb. 2001, $24.99) by Scott McNeely et al. Nicola Wells et al. map out 35 bike routes in Cycling Australia (Feb. 2001, $21.99), and Z Bran retraces her steps through what are now the countries of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in After Yugoslavia (Feb. 2001, $12.99).

Newly revised Longstreet Highroad Guides include California Coast by Ken McKowen, Northwest Coast by Allan May, Arizona Mountains & Grand Canyon by Stewart Aitchison and California Sierra Nevada (Oct., $18.95 each) by Mark Grossi.


More maps and more city insets are featured on the updated 2001 National Geographic Road Atlas Standard Edition (Sept., $10.99) and Deluxe Edition (Sept., $16.99), which also includes a 12-page guide to America's favorite National Parks and has a spiral binding.

The Green Guide series expands this fall, covering America from coast to coast with USA East and USA West (Sept., $20 each), while Indonesia ($25.95), Rajasthan ($21.95) and Sri Lanka/Maldives ($23.95) are added to the NEOS lineup of in-depth guides to exotic locations.

From Madagascar to Iceland, Bill Holm comments on the cultures and natural history of Eccentric Islands: Travels Real and Imaginary (Oct., $21.95 hardcover). Geared for children, Stories from Where We Live: The North Atlantic Coast (Oct., $19.95 hardcover), edited by Sara St. Antoine, is the first of a 16-book series that will blend stories, essays, p ms and journals in portraits of various ecological regions.

Such up-to-date features as Web sites and e-mail addresses are included in the newly revised A Guide to Monastic Guest Houses (Oct., $19.95) by Robert J. Regalbuto, which scouts out refuges throughout North America for those seeking reflection and renewal.

Hit the trail with 75 Year-Round Hikes in Northern California (Sept., $16.95) by Marc Soares, which includes photos and 75 maps, or Ecuador: A Climbing Guide (Sept., $16.95) by Yossi Brain, which covers all the country's major peaks. More outdoor fun can be had with Florida State Parks: A Complete Recreation Guide (Nov., $16.95) by Michal Strutin, which details recreational opportunities in all 129 of the Sunshine State's parks. Other titles revised and updated for fall include Cascade Alpine Guide 1: Columbia River to Stevens Pass (Sept., $34.95) by Fred Beckey, An Outdoor Guide to the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (Dec., $16.95) by Russ Manning, Best Hikes with Children in Utah (Nov., $14.95) by Maureen Keilty, Galapagos Islands (Dec., $16.95) by Marylee Stephenson, and The Colorado Trail (Dec., $22.95) by the Colorado Trail Foundation.


From National Geographic Books: Continuing to bring the wonders of the world to the modern-day traveler, the National Geographic Traveler guidebook series ventures into ...Hawaii by Rita Ariyoshi, ...Los Angeles by Marael Johnson, ...New Orleans by Mark Miller, Costa Rica (Sept., $22.95 each) and Japan by Nicholas Bornoff (Sept., $27.95). Unearthing the best natural sites across the U.S. and Canada, the National Geographic Guide to America's Outdoors series expands to Southwest by Mel White and New England (Oct., $24 each) by Gary Ferguson, while more of nature's wonders are on display in the revised edition of National Geographic's Guide to the National Parks of the United States (Feb. 2001, $25). Specially commissioned maps and photographs highlight the National Geographic Atlas of Natural America (Nov., $40 hardcover), while photos are paired with words to explore the natural beauty to be found in Heart of a Nation: Writers and Photographers Inspired by the American Landscape (Oct., $40 hardcover).
From National Geographic Adventure Press:
Natural history and travel writer John Heminway traces his homeland in the grand old West in Yonder: A Place in Montana (Sept., $25 hardcover). New Englander Roff Smith takes to the Australian Outback in Cold Beer and Crocodiles (Sept., $26 hardcover), while solo sojourner Karin Muller braves the treacherous and starkly beautiful ancient Inca Highway in Along the Inca Road: A Woman's Journey into an Ancient Empire (Sept., $26 hardcover). Sir Chris Bonington, one of the world's premier mountaineers, profiles the 20 most remarkable expeditions of the century in Quest for Adventure (Oct., $36 hardcover). Tom Miller paints a quirky portrait of the Southwest in Jack Ruby's Kitchen Sink: Offbeat Travels Through America's Southwest (Nov., $24 hardcover). Astride his BMW motorcycle, Christopher P. Baker explores the highways and byways of Cuba in Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba (Feb. 2001, $26 hardcover). John Bowermaster leads three friends on a 25-day sea kayaking and mountaineering expedition to the place where the Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea meet in Birthplace of the Winds: Storming Alaska's Islands of Fire and Ice (Feb. 2001, $26 hardcover).

Sporting a subtitle that may well hold the record for length, the latest edition of William A. Gordon's Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book: The Incomparable Guide to Movie Stars' Homes, Movie and TV Locations, Scandals, Murders, Suicides and All the Famous Tourist Sites has entered the electronic age with a bang: updates are available by e-mailing NRBooks@@aol.com and requesting the "List of Updates."

New destinations in the Footprint Handbooks series include Dominican Republic (Dec., $15.95) by Sarah Cameron, Jordan (Dec., $19.95) by Ivan Manheim, Sumatra (Sept., $17.95) by Jane Bickersteth and Zimbabwe (Dec., $24.95) by Sebastian Ballard, while updates include Argentina (Dec., $19.95) by Charlie Nurse, Venezuela (Sept., $19.95) by Alan Murphy and Columbia (Jan. 2001, $21.95) by Peter Pollard.

From Passport Books: Hundreds of things to see and do with kids are outlined in the new Premiere Parent series, which kicks off with Premiere Parent Los Angeles (Dec., $14.95) by Lisa Precious. Elizabeth and Larson Wood explore Reef Fishes, Corals and Invertebrates of the Caribbean (Jan. 2001, $19.95), while Ron Emmons ambles along 25 picturesque circular routes in Walking the Thames Path (Feb. 2001, $14.95). New AAA Essential Guides include Malaysia (Sept.) by Neil Wilson, Switzerland (Sept.) by Richard Sale, Venice (Sept.) by Teresa Fisher, Kyoto (Jan.) by Sasha Smith, Barbados (Feb.), Italian Lakes (Feb.), Naples and the Amalfi Coast (Feb.) by Jack Albman, Nepal (Feb.) by Kerry Moran, Osaka (Jan.) by Sasha Smith, Philippines (Feb.) by Abby Tan, South Africa (Feb.) by Richard Whittaker and Thailand (Feb.) by Andrew Forbes and David Henley; updates include California (Nov.) by Richard Minnich, Cuba (Nov.) by Richard Sale, New Zealand (Dec.) by Allan Edie, Tuscany & France (Nov.) by Tim Jepson, Orlando (Feb.) by Emma Stanford and Prague (Feb.) by Christopher and Melanie Rice ($8.95 each). AAA Essential Food and Drink, a new companion series to the Essential Guides, samples the gastronomic pleasures of France (Feb. 2001) by Hazel Evans, Italy (Jan. 2001) by Susan Conte and Spain (Feb. 2001) by Pepita Aris ($8.95 each). Two Trip Planner & Guide titles, France by Emma Stanford and Spain (Oct., $17.95 each) by David Baird, have been updated, as have a number of Illustrated Travel Guides, including China (Dec.) by George McDonald, Greek Islands (Sept.) by Robin Gauldie, Ireland (Sept.) by Doreen Taylor-Wilkie, London (Dec.) by Kathy Arnold and Tunisia (Sept., $14.95 each) by Diana Darke.

From Contemporary: Stretch those travel dollars with newly revised editions in the Econoguide series, including Canada, Disneyland Resort & Universal Studios Hollywood, Las Vegas, London, Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando and Washington, D.C. & Williamsburg (Oct., $17.95 each), all by Corey Sandler.

From minimizing jet lag to hotel room workouts and defensive dining, How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road (Sept., $9.95) by Joanne V. Lichten has the bases covered.


New vistas in family vacations are added to the Travel with Kids series this fall, Las Vegas with Kids (Sept. $14.95) by John Bigley and Italy with Kids (Oct., $14.95) by Barbara Pape, while Paris Permenter's Caribbean with Kids (Oct., $14.95) gets an update. Additions to the Open Road Guides lineup include Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands (Sept., $14.95) by Janet Gr ne, Washington (Sept., $16.95) by Larry Ludmer and England & Wales (Oct., $17.95) by Paul Tarrant.


Accompanied by the author's pen-and-ink drawings, Florida's Finest Inns and B&Bs (Jan. 2001, $14.95) finds Bruce Hunt scouring the Sunshine State for charming accommodations. Florida Lighthouse Trail (Jan. 2001, $9.95) by Tom Taylor charts the history of beacons from Pensacola to Amelia Island, and Janis Frawley-Holler wanders among horticultural havens both private and public in Key West Gardens and Their Stories (Nov., $18.95).

Through photographs and text, Robert de Gast peeks Behind the Doors of San Miguel de Allende (Sept., $19.95) to reveal courtyards and private paradises of this 16th-century Mexican town.

Family-friendly sites in the Big Apple are corralled in New York City with Kids (Feb. 2001, $16) by Ellen Shapiro, a new addition to the Travel with Kids series, while more family fun is in store with the updated Paradise Family Guide to Hawai'i: The Big Island (Sept., $25.95). Also due in September is Walt Disney World for Teens by Teens ($12.95) by Kim Wright Wiley and her 15-year-old daughter, Leigh Chandler Wiley. Seven U.S. cities kick off the Relocating to... series: Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles and Orange County, New York City, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco Bay Area (Sept., $16.95 each), which are all published in association with VirtualRelocation.com.


QUARTET (Interlink, dist.)
From teenage vampires in Murray, Ky., to a dalmatian puppy scheduled for a facelift in L.A., British journalist Daniel Jeffreys explores all that's wacky and weird across the U.S. in America's Back Porch (Sept., $15).


Written by passionate local foodies and watering hole enthusiasts, the Glove Box Guide series expands with Thirsty? A Guide to L.A.'s Greatest Coffeehouses, Juice Bars, and Cocktail Bars! (Sept., $12.95), edited by Nina Wiener, a companion to the recent Hungry? A Guide to L.A.'s Greatest Diners, Dives, Cafeterias, and Coffee Shops!

Setting out for all points on the compass, new destinations in the Rough Guide to... series include Croatia (Nov., $16.95) by Jonathan Bousfield, Southeast Asia (Jan. 2001, $23.95) by the editors, Ecuador (Jan. 2001, $18.95) by Harry Ades and Melissa Graham and Argentina (Jan. 2001, $23.95) by Danny Aeberhard, Andrew Benson and Lucy Phillips. Revised editions include Holland (Sept., $17.95) by Martin Dunford, Jack Holland and Phil Lee, Vietnam (Oct., $18.95) by Jan Dodd and Mark Lewis, Southwest USA (Nov., $17.95) by Greg Ward and New Zealand (Dec., $19.95) by Laura Harper, Tony Mudd and Paul Whitfield. In a handy pocket-sized format, the Mini Rough Guides series is also stepping out to new spots, including Beijing (Oct., $11.95) by Simon Lewis, Miami & the Florida Keys (Oct., $9.95) by Loretta Chilcot, Capetown (Nov., $11.95) by Tony Pinchuck and Singapore (Jan. 2001, $11.95) by Mark Lewis. Five of the publisher's Phrasebooks have been redesigned to match their corresponding travel guides--Portuguese and Greek (Sept., $5 each), and Polish, Turkish and Vietnamese (Jan. 2001, $6.50 each).


For 25 years, the title of the publisher's bestselling guidebook has been Northwest Best Places, but for the new millennium all the titles in the flagship regional series have been flipped. The revised Best Places Northwest: Restaurants, Lodgings, Touring (Sept., $19.95), edited by Giselle Smith, covers Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

James Stephenson sojourns with the last Stone Age hunting and gathering tribe in Africa in The Language of the Land: Living Among the Hadzabe in Africa (Sept., $24.95 hardcover). The Travelers' Guide to Latin American Customs & Manners (Nov., $16.95) by Elizabeth Devine and Nancy L. Braganti has been updated and expanded with a new chapter on Cuba, and Jeff Wilson's The Buddhist Guide to New York (Dec., $16.95) introduces resources, retreats, restaurants and more geared for practicing and new Buddhists. The recently launched Let's Go City Guide series leaves its heart in San Francisco and Boston, while London, Paris, Rome, New York City and Washington D.C. (Dec., $16.99 each) are updated for 2001. Western Europe 2001 (Dec., $22.99) is added to the robust ranks of Let's Go guides, covering Europe's most popular destinations, while annual updates of 25 more titles in the series cover the waterfront in December from Israel ($17.99) to Australia ($22.99), China ($24.99), Greece ($19.99), Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia ($22.99) and much more.

ALASTAIR SAWDAY (Globe Pequot, dist.)
Peripatetic green thumbs looking for horticultural havens can consult Special Places to Stay: Garden B&B in Britain (Feb. 2001, $19.95) by James Belsey, which includes 150 entries with full-color photographs.
Named by Cheech and Chong in the early '60s, Bob Bitchin offers up an irreverent travelogue of life afloat in Letters from the Lost Soul: A Five Year Voyage of Discovery and Adventure (Sept., $29.95 hardcover). More adventure on the high seas can be found in Sailing to Hemingway's Cuba (Oct., $19.95) by Dave Schaefer, who fulfilled a lifelong dream aboard his 32-foot sloop, while novices might wish to consult Cruise Savvy: An Invaluable Primer for First-Time Passengers (Oct., $17.95) by maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham before clambering up the gangway.

History buffs traveling to Pennsylvania's Oley Valley can visit the Daniel Boone Homestead by Sharon Hernes Silverman, while those intrigued with the workings of an 18th-century religious community might stop by Ephrata Cloister (Sept., $10 each). Thirsty travelers seeking more earthly pleasures can sample Pennsylvania Breweries (Sept., $16.95) recommended by beer connoisseur Lew Bryson in his updated guide. Shutterbug Joseph K. Lange offers Photographer's Guide to the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona (Jan. 2001, $14.95), while the flora and fauna of Rocky Mountain National Park are described in Rocky Mountains: A Visitor's Companion (Jan. 2001, $19.95) by George Wuerthner, illustrated by Douglas W. Moore.


From Friedman/Fairfax: The magic of Zeus's birthplace, Aphrodite's beach and Homer's Iliad spring to life in Timeless Places: Greek Isles by Laura Brooks, while Annette Solystz meanders from Casbah to Casablanca in Timeless Place: Morocco (Sept., $17.95 each hardcover).

From Hamlyn: Pubs, art, history, natural beauty--the urban heart of Ireland showcases it all in Traditions of Dublin (Oct., $24.95 hardcover).

From Philip's: Nick Cotton scouts out scenic bicycle trips in the British Isles in Philip's Cycle Tours Around London: 24 One-Day Routes within a 60-Mile Radius, ...Central Scotland, ...Cumbria & the Lakes and ...the Yorkshire Dales (Oct., $17.95 each). Detailed driving and walking maps of towns and cities, including points of interest, cultural and historical information and more, are offered in Philip's Multiscale Britain and Ireland 2001 (Oct., $19.95), Philip's Multiscale Europe 2000 (Oct., $19.95) and Philip's Street Atlas: London (Oct., $12.95).

Offering practical advice for everyday life abroad, a pair of new Survival Books Handbooks are added this fall: Living and Working in Italy and Living and Working in Germany (Oct., $21.95 each) both by Nick Daws.


The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the South (Sept., $40 hardcover) by Bonnie Ramsey, photographs by Dennis O'Kain, is the 10th in this series; ... of Ireland (Nov., $40 hardcover) by Christopher Fitz-Simon, photographs by Hugh Palmer, explores quaint hamlets of the Emerald Isle. Living in the Highlands (Sept., $40 hardcover) by Lesley Astaire and Roddy Martine, photographs by Eric Ellington, takes to the rugged mountains, lochs and glens of northern Scotland, and for The Spirit of Asia: Journeys to the Sacred Places of the East (Oct., $40), Michael Freeman and Alistair Shearer criss-cross the Indian subcontinent and eastern Asia in search of mountains, valleys, temples and shrines.

Travelers can match their "vacation personality" and budget to the ship of their dreams in Mary Fallon Miller's 2001 Cruise Chooser: Buyer's Guide to Cruise Bargains, Discounts & Deals--How to Get the Best for Less (Sept., $16.95).

Time Out Book of New York Walks (Nov., $14.95) perambulates through all five boroughs on 25 routes. New to the flagship Time Out Guides (now in full-color throughout) is Naples: Capri, Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast (Dec., $14.95), while revised editions touch down in Amsterdam (Oct.), New York (Oct.), New Orleans (Nov.), Prague (Dec.) and Madrid (Dec., $14.95 each).

From HarperCollins UK: Christopher Turner takes readers on 11 walks through Scotland's capital city in Edinburgh Step by Step (Sept., $13 hardcover), Peter Irvine scouts out the best restaurants, lodgings, museums and more in the revised Edinburgh the Best! (Sept., $13), John and Anne Spencer round up spooky sights in Collins Ghost Hunters' Guide to Britain (Sept., $22.95 hardcover), Paul Sterry tracks 1,500 species in popular vacation destinations in Complete Mediterranean Wildlife: Collins Photoguide (Sept., $27.50) and BBC reporter Robert Carver travels through Albania in The Accursed Mountains (Sept., $16.95 paperback reprint).

From Ebury: Some 10,000 recommended places to visit and things to do in England, Scotland and Wales fill The Good Britain Guide 2001 (Dec., $24.95), edited by Alisdair Aird, who also points tired travelers to the best watering holes in The Good Pub Guide 2001 (Dec., $24.95).

From Prion: Sally Varlow offers a literary tour of writers' homes and the landscapes that inspired them in A Reader's Guide to Writers' Britain (Sept., $24.95).

From Mainstream: Bibliophiles fresh from their trekking can drop into The Bookshops of London (Sept., $19.95) by Matt Jackson, which covers new, second-hand, antiquarian and specialist stores, or head north to Scotland: A Visual Journey (Sept., $29.95 hardcover), with photographs by Douglas Corrance. For a more macabre holiday, accompany British journalist Nick Wood as he tracks the Grim Reaper from L.A. to New York in Coffin Nails and Tombstone Trails: A Journey Across the Dark Side of America (Sept., $19.95).

From Metro: Abigail Willis tours Museums and Galleries of London (Sept., $17.95), while Andrew Kershman and Ally Ireson take to the streets in The London Market Guide (Sept., $12.95), and Kershman offers more shopping suggestions in Bargain Hunter's London (Sept., $12.95). The aptly named Lesley Reader peruses Book Lover's London (Sept., $16.95), Jenny Linford offers hints for the traveling foodie in Food Lover's Guide to London (Sept., $14.95) and Graham Parker checks out the restaurants, night clubs and political organizations of Gay London (Sept., $12.95).

From The National Trust: Over 400 properties worth visiting from the coast of Northern Ireland to the woods of southern England are listed in Coast and Countryside Handbook (Sept., $15.95 hardcover) by James Parry, while 120 of particular interest to parents and children are detailed in The Family Handbook: The Essential Guide to Great Days Out (Sept., $14.95 hardcover).

From Ph nix: Brit Nick Middleton takes a road tour of the American South in Ice Tea and Elvis (Sept., $13.95).

From Queensgate: Over 300 organizations with whom travelers can balloon, bungee jump, sea kayak, skydive and more are corralled in Action Guide Europe: The Directory of Outdoor Sports (Sept., $22.95) by Steve Watkins and Paul Grogan.

From Pavilion: The alluring Greek island of Cephalonia is the star of Captain Corelli's Island (Sept., $29.95 hardcover) by Andy Harris, with photographs by Terry Harris; Harry Holcroft captures the essence of the fabled Spice Route (Oct., $24.95 hardcover) in sketches, diary entries and personal observations; p t Ronald Blythe muses on England: The Four Seasons (Sept., $17.95 hardcover), with photographs by Michael Busselle, who also supplied the pictures for France: The Four Seasons (Sept., $17.95 hardcover), with commentary by novelist Frederic Raphael.

From Red Fox: A new edition of Look Out London! A Child's Own Guide (Sept., $9.95) by Louise Nicholson includes maps, activities, quizzes and suggested walks.

TRAVELER'S COMPANION (Globe Pequot, dist.)
Featuring a trip planner, on-the-road tools and photos, Argentina (Jan. 2001, $22.95) is the publisher's latest addition to its flagship Traveler's Companion guides.

This fall, the publisher launches Travelers' Tales Classics, a new series of long-lost travel literature, with Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (Sept., $14.95) by Isabella Bird, originally published in 1878, and Richard Halliburton's 1925 globe-hopping adventure, The Royal Road to Romance (Oct., $14.95). Follow in Brad Newsham's footsteps around the world as he searches for a stranger on whom to bestow an all-expenses-paid trip to the U.S. in Take Me with You (Sept., $24), and laugh along with contributors Bill Bryson, Dave Barry, Anne Lamott, David Sedaris and more in Not So Funny When It Happened: The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure (Nov., $12.95), edited by Tim Cahill. Others muse on spirit-renewing journeys in Pilgrimage: Adventures of the Spirit (Nov., $16.95) edited by Sean O'Reilly and James O'Reilly, while a host of literary stars, including Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell and Paul Theroux, are collected in Travelers' Tales Greece: True Stories of Life on the Road (Nov., $17.95), edited by Larry Habegger, Sean O'Reilly and Brian Alexander.

From Periplus: Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and William Warren reveal a host of horticultural treasures in Singapore: City of Gardens (Jan. 2001, $29.95 hardcover). Jakarta Street Directory (Nov., $14.95) maps Indonesia's capital city; new destinations in the Periplus Travel Maps include Sabah, Singapore and Vietnam, while China, Beijing, Malaysia, Sarawak, Shanghai and West Malaysia are all updated (Nov., $7.95 each). Four new Essential Phrase Books are in the works for January 2001: Dutch, Greek, Portuguese and Turkish ($6.95 each).

An expanded, updated edition of The Best of the British Virgin Islands (Jan. 2001, $14.95) by Pamela Acheson now includes even more information about Tortola and Virgin Gorda, as well as the smaller neighboring islands.


In a new partnership with AAA, the publisher launches AAA Hidden Highways, a travelogue series that meanders along America's two-lane byways and offers suggestions for suitable stops. First up are Arizona by Richard Harris and Northern California (Oct., $17.95 each) by Ray Riegert and Richard Harris. Updates in the Hidden series include Cancun & the Yucatan (Sept., $16.95) by Richard Harris, Tahiti (Oct., $17.95) by Rob Kay, Hawaii (Nov., $18.95) by Ray Riegert and Florida (Nov., $17.95) by Ann B se. Also revised is The New Key to Costa Rica (Oct., $17.95) by Beatrice Blake and Anne Becher.

Miami's Parrot Jungle and Gardens (Nov., $12.95) by Cory H. Gittner traces the history of one of Florida's oldest and most popular tourist attractions. Miami, U.S.A. (Oct., $24.95 hardcover) by Helen Muir has been revised and expanded.

Organized around 39 trail sections, Allen de Hart's Hiking North Carolina's Mountains-to-Sea Trail (Dec., $18.95) includes maps and discussions of terrain, scenery, plant and animal life, local history and lore, and practical preparations.

Part travelogue, part history, Indian Mounds of Wisconsin (Nov., $45 hardcover, $18.95 paper) by Robert A. Birmingham and Leslie E. Eisenberg traces these intriguing Native American earthworks and provides information on where they may be seen. Tobias Schneebaum finds adventure and self-knowledge in Secret Places: My Life in New York and New Guinea (Oct., $24.95).


VIRGIN (Globe Pequot, dist.)
All-day and all-night guides and a double-sided map highlight Virgin Los Angeles (Feb. 2001, $17.95), the publisher's newest addition to its travel series.

The allure of beacons up and down the West Coast is explored through photographs and text in Lighthouses of the Pacific Coast: Your Guide to the Lighthouses of California, Oregon and Washington (Sept., $29.95 hardcover) by Randy Leffingwell and Pamela Welty.


From old hotels to cemeteries, Lisa Farwell ventures into 150 eerie vacation destinations in The Complete Ghostly Guide to Haunted Texas Vacations (Sept., $19.95). Less spooky territory is covered in Tom Lorang Jones's Complete Guide to the Arizona Trail (Feb. 2001, $27.95) and Lynna Howard's Complete Guide to Utah Wilderness Areas (Feb. 2001, $24.95).

Colonized by the Spanish, French, British and Dutch, the Caribbean is home to a wealth of historic buildings, and Architectural Heritage of the Caribbean: An A-Z of Historic Buildings (Oct., $39.95 hardcover, $22.95 paper) charts over a thousand worth visiting.

Trips on major lakes in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Utah are charted in Adventure Kayaking: Inland Waters of the Western United States (Sept., $14.95) by Don Skillman. Day trekkers might want to consult 101 Hikes in Northern California (Dec., $15.95) by Matt Heid, while motorists can turn to a revised edition of Sierra Nevada Byways (Oct., $16.95) by Tony Huegel for scenic and historic routes.

From Russian Hill to Cow Hollow, journalist and historian Peter Booth Wiley tours the colorful neighborhoods of one of the world's most popular cities in National Trust Guides/San Francisco: America's Guide for Architecture and History Travelers (Oct., $19.95).

Sportsmen and -women looking for hunting and fishing destinations will find ample suggestions in North America's Greatest Waterfowl Lodges & Outfitters (Sept., $19.95) by Chuck Petrie and ...Whitetail Hunting Lodges & Outfitters (Nov., $19.95) by Peter Fiducia and Jay Cassell, as well as Fly Fishing North America's National Parks (Jan. 2001, $19.95) by John Ross.

NEIL WILSON (Interlink, dist.)
Brian Townsend visits the remnants and ruins of Victorian distilleries in the newly revised edition of Scotch Missed: The Lost Distilleries of Scotland (Sept., $15).

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