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Fall/Winter Relgion Books
Compiled by Robert Dahlin and Charles Hix -- 7/31/00



Across faiths and topics:
Orbis, Weatherhill, Kregel.
Congregational Fitness: Healthy Practices for Layfolk
(Sept., $14.95 paper) by Denise W. Goodman faces the fact that congregations are inclined to conflict, then describes how to manage discord constructively.
A Time for Change?: Re-Visioning Your Call (Oct., $14.95 paper) by James E. Hightower Jr. and W. Craig Gilliam addresses the thorny situation of clergy questioning whether or not to continue their ministry.
Entering the World of the Small Church (Dec., $14.95 paper) by Anthony G. Pappas is a revised and expanded edition dealing with the requirements of ministering to smaller congregations.
Every Person's Guide to Jewish Sexuality
(Nov., $35) by Ronald Isaacs offers the rabbi's insights. Jewish Book Club selection. Advertising.
Stories Within Stories: From the Jewish Oral Tradition (Dec., $40) by Peninnah Schram collects tales with a common thread from the Talmud, the Israel Folktale Archives and other sources. Jewish Book Club selection. Advertising.

All Through the Day All Through the Year: Family Prayers and Celebrations
(Sept., $12.99 paper) by David Batchelder is a collection of rituals to build a familial spiritual legacy.
Spirited Women: Encountering the First Women Believers (Oct., $11.99 paper) by Mary Ellen Ashcroft combines biblical scholarship and a fictional approach to present seven early New Testament women of faith.
Escaping the Family Time Trap: A Practical Guide for Over-Busy Families (Oct., $10.99 paper) by Barbara DeGrote Sorensen and David Sorensen advises families on how to bring their use of time into harmony with shared values.

Moment by Moment: A Retreat in Everyday Life
(Sept., $10.95) by Carol Ann Smith and Eugene F. Merz draws upon the classic retreat model to invite God into busy lives.
Friend of the Bridegroom: Spiritual Direction and the Encounter with Christ (Sept., $9.95) by Thomas H. Green shares the seasoned seminary professor's wisdom.
Living in God's Embrace: The Practice of Spiritual Intimacy (Sept., $12.95) by Michael Fonseca encourages perseverance to draw close to God.

Sermons of the Century: Inspiration from 100 Years of Influential Preaching
(Sept., $19.99), edited by Warren W. Wiersbe, gathers stimulating sermons from 25 key preachers.
Holy Invitations: Exploring Spiritual Direction (Sept., $16.99 paper original) by Jeannette A. Bakke introduces readers to the concept of spiritual direction through special personal relationships.
Baker Atlas of Christian History (Jan., $29.99), edited by Tim Dowley, is an illustrated chronicle from biblical to modern times with photographs, diagrams and 160 maps.

King David: The Real Life of the Man Who Ruled Israel
(Sept., $28) by Jonathan Kirsch combines biblical texts with centuries of interpretations and commentary. Ad/promo. 4-city author tour.
God's Funeral: A Biography of Faith and Doubt in Western Civilization (Sept., $16 paper) by A.N. Wilson dramatizes the duel between belief and doubt in Western civilization.
More Prayers on My Pillow: Words of Comfort and Hope for Girls on the Journey to Self (Nov., $18.50) by Celia Straus provides more reassurance for girls with 50 new prayers. 5-city author tour.
The Battle for God (Feb., $TBA paper) by Karen Armstrong determines why fundamentalism has become a dynamic force in all major world religions. Advertising.

Christmas Hearts: Twelve Stories of the First Christmas
(Sept., $9.99 paper) by Tim R hl recounts first-hand encounters with the Messiah.
Keeping God in the Small Stuff: Devotions for Every Day (Oct., $14.99) by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz employs a sense of humor to enliven daily devotionals. 50,000 first printing.
What I Learned from God While Gardening (Oct., $8.99 paper) by Niki Anderson with Christine Bolley recognizes God's presence in nature. 15,000 first printing.

Christianity and the Making of the Modern Family
(Sept., $28.50) by Rosemary Radford Ruether examines the historical relationship between Christianity and the family in order to shed light on the "family values" debate.
Living with Loss, Healing with Hope (Nov., $18) by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman is a compassionate guide for mourners within the Jewish faith.

Ordinary Graces: Christian Teachings on the Interior Life
(Nov., $22), edited by Lorraine Kisly, anthologizes the inner experiences and insights of Christians from all walks of life and all denominations over two millennia.
Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On: The Autobiography and Journals of Helen M. Luke (Feb., $13 paper), edited by Helen Mowat, is a memoir by the Jungian analyst pulled from journals and an unpublished autobiography.

While Mortals Sleep
(Sept., $11.99 paper original) by Jack Cavanaugh portrays Christian activism against Hitler's Reich. 22,000 first printing.
The Glorious Prodigal (Oct., $9.99 paper original) by Gilbert Morris touches upon forgiveness and reconciliation. 27,000 first printing.
Sisters of the Confederacy (Oct., $10.99 paper original) by Lauraine Snelling is set during the Civil War. 35,000 first printing.
The Birthright (Feb., $10.99 paper original) by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn. In a sequel to TheSacred Shore, Nicole searches her soul regarding Charles's desire for an heir. 220,000 first printing.
The Complete Book of Christian Wedding Vows (Feb., $13.99 paper original) by H. Norman Wright helps couples create personal vows of commitment to each other and to God.

Christian Literature
(Nov., $29.95 paper original) by Alister E. McGrath anthologizes 2000 years of Christian historical writings.
American Evangelical Christianity (Dec., $24.95 paper original) by Mark A. Noll assesses the movement through the input of theologians, sociologists, historians and political scientists.

Border Crossings: Christian Trespasses on Popular Culture
(Sept., $16.99 paper original) by Rodney Clapp offers theologically-based reflections on Christian formation and engagement with politics and popular culture.
Taking Religion to School: Christian Theology and Secular Education (Oct., $19.99 paper original) by Stephen H. Webb advocates the teaching of religious faiths in public schools and colleges.
He Was Here: Voices from the Gospels (Feb., $12.99 paper original) by Ivan Kauffman is a series of imagined interrelated monologues by witnesses to the historical Jesus.
Day of Reckoning: Columbine and the Search for America's Soul (Feb., $17.99) by Wendy Murray Zoba delves into the religious aspects of the shooting and its aftermath.

The Ways of God: Working Through Us to Reveal Himself to a Watching World
(Sept., $17.99) by Henry T. Blackaby contemplates how encounters with God refine believers.
Final Roar (Sept., $17.99) by Bob Briner comments upon assorted subjects from "end time" speculations to the Christian music industry.
Religious Freedom in the World: A Global Report on Freedom and Persecution (Oct., $14.99 paper original), edited by Paul Marshall, reviews the status of the right to religious expression in 80 countries.
The Way Back to Mayberry: Lessons from a Simpler Time (Jan., $10.99 paper original) by J y Fann portrays the lessons learned by the characters on the TV series that was based in the fictional Mayberry, N.C.

Next Up: Generation Y
Next in line for advertisers, marketers and ministers are the children born after 1976 or so and dubbed, in a burst of demographic orderliness, Generation Y (the one after X). Now old enough to seek their own answers to spiritual questions, this generation is also old enough to develop its own voices. Memoirs of a Spiritual Outsider (Conari, Oct.) by Suzanne Clores (a 1994 Columbia grad) roams the spiritual waterfront in quest of a faith that fits and matters. Big Questions, Worthy Dreams (Jossey-Bass, Nov.) by Sharon Daloz Parks offers the perspective of a mentor to young adults searching for meaning. Spirituality Under 25: Generation Y Speaks Out (SkyLight Paths, Dec.) compiles the responses of young adults, ranging from yeshiva graduates to hippie offspring. "We're focused on Generation Y because it is clear--contrary to popular opinion--that they are highly interested in spiritual practice, though not in dogma or religious institutions," says Jon Sweeney, associate publisher for SkyLight Paths.
--Marcia Nelson

Can a Darwinian Be a Christian?: The Relationship Between Science and Religion
(Nov., $24.95) by Michael Ruse contends that evolution and Christianity have much in common.
Bound to Sin (Nov.; $64.95, paper $22.95) by Alistair McFadyen discusses the Christian doctrine of sin in terms of child sexual abuse and the Holocaust.

New St. Joseph Handbook for Proclaimers of the Word -- Year C
(Sept., $10.95) by Rev. Jude Winkler contains the approved New American Bible texts of the Readings for Mass on Sundays and holy days and more.
Favorite Prayers from the Imitation of Christ (Sept., $5.95) contains prayers in large type taken from the classic work of Thomas a Kempis.
New Parishioner Manual (Sept., $2.50) by Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy is a 64-page booklet with basic information for newcomers to a community of worship.

Destined for Liberty: The Human Person in the Philosophy of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II
(Nov., $22.95 paper original) by Jaroslaw Kupczak focuses on the Pope's theory of the human person.
The Catholic Church in Spain, 1875-1998 (Feb., $49.95) by William J. Callahan studies the relationship between the Church and the modern Spanish state.

Praise, Anxiety, and Other Symptoms of Grace
(Sept., $16.99 paper original) by J y Earl Horstman gathers wry commentary on the struggle to live with hope.
Soul Care: Facing Life with God (Jan., $18.99 paper original) by Peter Atkins is spiritual instruction for good times and bad.

The Sound of My Daughter's Voice
(Sept., $10.99 paper original) by Wayne Hastings aims to help parents deal with their daughters as they mature.
A Women's Journey Through Psalms (Jan., $6.99) by Dee Brestin guides readers threough an eight-session study of different Psalms.

Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, 2nd Ed.: Freedom from Pressures You Thought You Had to Live With
(Sept., $10.99 paper) by Derek Prince is a 10th anniversary edition of a book aimed at helping readers indentify important life issues, complete with study guide and a new introduction.
When Spring Comes Late: Finding Your Way Through Depression (Sept., $11.99 paper original) by Pam Rosewell Moore aids Christians in understanding and surviving depression without shame.

In the School of Love: An Anthology of Early Cistercian Texts
(Sept.; $29.95, paper $14.95), selected and annotated by Edith Scholl, arranges passages from the 12th and 13th centuries thematically.
The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian (Oct.; $34.95, paper $16.95) illustrates the spiritual theology of the man also known as Isaac of Ninevah.

The Birth of Jesus: Biblical and Theological Reflections
(Dec., $19.95 paper), edited by George J. Brooke, combines study and contemplation affirming the ongoing significance of Jesus' birth.
Magic and Paganism in Acts (Jan., $34.95) by Hans-Josef Klauck describes the world of magic and paganism into which Christianity was born.

Memoirs of a Spiritual Outsider
(Oct., $23.95) by Suzanne Clores recounts the young writer's efforts to bring spirituality into her life. $25,000 ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
Buddhist Acts of Compassion (Nov., $11.95 paper original), edited by Pamela Bloom, recounts gracious deeds practiced by Buddhists in all cultures and times.
The Giving Heart: Unlocking the Transformative Power of Generosity in Your Life (Nov., $11.95 paper original) by Mary Jane Ryan submits a series of essays on how benevolence benefits everyone. Ad/promo.

Front Porch Reflections
(Sept., $12.99 paper original) by Teresa Cleary proposes finding a quiet place to reflect on more than 100 devotions.
Every Day Is Saturday (Sept., $9.99 paper original) by James and Jackie Harvey promotes the opportunities of retirement, especially for Christian believers.
Holy People, Holy Lives (Nov., $16.99 paper original) by Richard C. Eyer scrutinizes such ethical questions as reproductive technology and end-of-life decisions from a "Law and Gospel" perspective.
The Thread of Hope (Nov., $12.99 paper original) by Faye Hill Thompson shows how a focused relationship with Christ helps in coping with 150 common struggles.

The Holocaust and the Christian World: Reflections on the Past, Challenges for the Future
(Sept.; $49.95, paper $24.95) by Carol Rittner, Stephen D. Smith and Irena Steinfeldt examines Christian complicity in and resistance to the Holocaust.
African Americans and the Bible: Sacred Text and Social Texture (Sept., $99.95) by Vincent L. Wimbush surveys the interaction between sacred text and African-American readers.
Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith (Nov., $24.95) by John L. Allen Jr. profiles the powerful Vatican advisor.
Jesus and the Politics of Interpretation (Nov., $22.95) by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza is a theologian's commentary on ethics.

Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God
(Oct., $16.95 paper) by Marilyn McCord Adams is a philosopher/minister's reconciliation of faith in God with the reality of human affliction.
The Twilight of Ancient Egypt: First Millennium B.C.E (Dec.; $55, paper $24.95) by Karol My'sliwiec observes Egyptian culture and history during Old Testament times.
Of Religion and Empire: Missions, Conversion, and Tolerance in Tsarist Russia (Jan., $49.95), edited by Robert P. Geraci and Michael Khodarkovsky, researches religious conversion in relation to state-building in Russia.

Old Man, New Man
(Sept., $19.99) by Stephen Strang, founder and publisher of Charisma magazine, offers guidance to equip men with godly insight and direction.
Ten Lies the Church Tells Women (Oct., $12. 99 paper) by J. Lee Grady looks at the unscriptural attitudes within the church that have viewed women as "second-class" citizens.

O Worship the King
(Sept., $19.95) by Joni Eareckson Tada et al. showcases the histories and messages of a dozen classic hymns that the authors have recorded on an accompanying CD.
O Come Let Us Adore Him (Sept., $12.99) by Melody Carlson centers on the prophetic names of Christ and the celebration of Christmas.
Christians in a .com World (Oct., $12.99 paper original) by Gene Edward Veith and Chris Stamper is a new map for drivers on the information highway.

Out of the Labyrinth: For Those Who Want to Believe But Can't
(Oct., $14.95) by J. Donald Walters addresses people in spiritual confusion. Ad/promo.

Life Before Life: Origins of the Soul... Knowing Where You Came From and Who You Really Are
(Sept., $18.95) by Richard Eyre suggests how to determine the eternal nature of one's soul. A Shadow Mountain book. Author publicity.
Standing on the Promises: Volume 1: One More River to Cross (Sept., $19.95) by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray launches a series of historical fiction tracing the experiences of African-American Latter-day Saints. A Bookcraft book.
The Kingdom and the Crown, Vol. 1: Fishers of Men (Oct., $25.95) by Gerald N. Lund is the first in a series of novels set during Jesus Christ's ministry and following the disciples after the Resurrection. .A Shadow Mountain book.. 50,000 first printing. Publicity.
Women of Genesis, Vol. 1: Sarah (Oct., $22.95) by Orson Scott Card begins a new series of novels portraying biblical women. A Shadow Mountain book.. Author tour.

The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime
(Sept., $27.50) by Phyllis Tickle is the second of three planned prayer volumes guiding the practice of fixed-hour prayer. 15,000 first printing.
I Like Being Catholic: Treasured Traditions, Rituals, and Stories (Sept., $19.95) by Michael Leach and Therese Borchard brings together memories, thoughts, aspirations and "top 10" lists of famous and little-known Catholics. 45,000 first printing.
A Place Like Any Other: Sabbath Blessings (Sept., $12.95 paper original) by Molly Wolf gathers her essays about the everyday aspects of spirituality.
The Voices of the Saints: A Year of Readings (Sept., $27.95) by Bert Ghezzi limns one saint per day based upon primary sources, including the saints' own writings.
Rabbi Jesus: The Jewish Life and Teachings that Inspired Christianity (Oct., $25) by Bruce Chilton tells the story of Christ's life from nativity through adulthood with commentary. 25,000 first printing.
The Nine Commandments: Uncovering the Hidden Pattern of Crime and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible (Nov., $24.95) by David N l Freedman postulates that there must have been a master editor of the Bible. 25,000 first printing.
Journey to Peace: Reflections of Embracing Suffering and Finding New Life (Feb., $19.95) by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin is the posthumous publication of his thoughts on the stations of the cross and on his own life. 30,000 first printing.
The Particulars of Rapture: Reflections on Exodus (Feb., $34.95) by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg examines Exodus for connections between the Bible and literature, psychology and philosophy. 15,000 first printing.

A Unique and Glorious Mission: Women and Presbyterianism in Scotland, 1830-1930
(Sept., $39.95 paper) by Lesley A. Orr McDonald traces the changing role and perception of Scottish women within the denomination. A John Donald book.

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
(Sept., $45), edited by David N l Freedman, Allen C. Myers and Astrid B. Beck, includes nearly 5,000 articles on books, persons, places, events and terms in the Bible. 25,000 first printing.
Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayers (Sept., $16) by J. Philip Newell invites personal meditation with daily prayers from the Celtic tradition.
The Fingerprints of God: Tracking the Divine Suspect Through a History of Images (Sept., $15 paper original) by Robert Farrar Capon detects God's presence in historical clues.
The Rivers of Paradise: Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad as Religious Founders (Oct., $50), edited by David N l Freedman and Michael J. McClymond, probes the lives of the five founders of major world religions in the context of their cultural and religious surroundings.

True Confessions: Making Peace with the Past, Celebrating the Present, Embracing the Future
(Sept., $24.95) by Uri Geller and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Letters reveal the friendship between the paranormalist and the spiritual leader. 25,000 first printing. $40,000 ad/promo.
And a Little Child... (Sept., $10.95) by Laurie Wiener is an illustrated fable about religious and racial tolerance.
Simple Bliss: 157 Zen Meditations: Nirvana Made Easy (Oct., $16.95) by Scott Shaw introduces a spiritual path.

A Journey into Christian Art
(Sept., $35) by Helen de Borchgrave interprets religious art, combining over 1000 reproductions of paintings with insights into the lives of more than 50 artists whose beliefs inspired their work.
Sacred Energies: When the World's Religions Sit Down to Talk About the Future of Human Life and the Plight of This Planet (Sept., $13 paper) by Daniel C. Maguire reveals the ways that scholars and religious leaders address global issues.
Trauma and Evil: Healing the Wounded Soul (Sept., $20 paper) by J. Jeffrey Means and Mary Ann Nelson contends that the theological concept of evil must be recognized in the treatment of human trauma.
Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Planet in Peril (Oct., $16 paper) by Sallie McFague is a theological primer calling for a reassessment of the global economy and ecology informed by the Christian tradition.
Beyond Nice: Girl's Emerging Spiritual Voices (Dec., $15 paper) by Patricia H. Davis conveys how adolescent females from diverse backgrounds cope with conflict.

Presbyterians: A Spiritual Journey
(Sept., $49.95) by Dirk Wierenga interweaves photography with text to focus on Presbyterians, their congregations and institutions.
Come Worship with Me: A Journey Through the Church Year (Oct., $19.95) by Ruth Boling is the Presbyterian minister's illustrated tour of all the seasons and festivals of the church year.
The Piety of John Witherspoon: Pew, Pulpit, and Public Forum (Nov., $24.95 paper) by L. Gordon Tait presents a fresh biographical view of the signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Missions in the Age of the Spirit
(Sept., $11.99) by John V. York studies the Great Commission in terms of the mission of God to save the world.
A Who's Who of Visionaries
Even if you missed the luncheon at BEA that showcased this book, you can still feast on the buffet of possibilities offered by editor Marianne Williamson in Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century (Rodale/Daybreak, Nov.). Williamson, author of the bestselling A Return to Love and now a contributing editor to O: The Oprah Magazine, invited other spiritual heavy hitters--including Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Gary Zukav and Neale Donald Walsch--to contribute essays that sound an inspirational call to action in the new century. "A lot of people know who these writers are and want to hear what they have to say," notes Cindy Ratzlaff, director of publicity at Rodale/Daybreak. A $150,000 promotion budget will spread media exposure over two months in a tiered campaign paralleling the book's two sections on personal and cultural change. In December, Williamson will do a day of national media in New York on "Inner America" and personal change. In January 2001, pegged to the changing of the guard in Washington, she and one or two other contributors will tour the country, stumping for cultural transformation. First printing is 100,000; Highbridge bought audio rights.
--Marcia Nelson

The Unfinished Cross: Listen to the Voice Within
(Sept., $18.95) by Dave Austin is an updated gospel of Christ channeled through an ordinary man. Ad/promo.

Coloring Your Prayers: An Inspirational Coloring Book for Making Dreams Come True
(Sept., $17.95) by Carolyn Manzi cites creative self-expression as a pathway to meditation and prayer. Author publicity.
Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation (Oct., $20) by Stephen Mitchell has rough-cut pages and a two-color interior. Ad/promo. 6-city author tour.

All Things Possible
(Sept., $24) by Kurt Warner with Michael Silver is the Super Bowl-winning quarterback's story of triumph over injury and rejection by holding to his faith.
The Best Christian Writing 2000 (Sept., $15 paper original), edited by John Wilson, launches a new annual series, while The Best Spiritual Writing2000 (Nov., $16 paper original), edited by Philip Zaleski, is the third volume in this series.
Possibility Living (Oct., $24) by Robert Schuller and Douglas DiSiena. The son of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller expands upon his father's principles for living an abundant life.
Ruthless Trust (Oct., $22) by Brennan Manning is a sequel to The Ragamuffin Gospel urging readers to put their trust in God's unconditional love.
Why Religion Matters (Jan., $24) by Huston Smith indicts both a higher education system that in his view operates without a soul, and a legal system that he contends is amoral.
Son of a Preacher Man (Feb., $23) by Jay Bakker. The son of Jim and Tammy Faye relates his own variation on the story of the Prodigal Son, with Jay finding new faith and meaning in Christian charity.

Hearing Things: Religion, Illusion, and the American Enlightenment
(Sept., $37.50) by Leigh Eric Schmidt enters the debate between Christians and skeptical Enlightenment critics over the spiritual practice of "listening."
Red-Hot and Righteous: The Urban Religion of the Salvation Army (Oct., $16.95 paper) by Diane Winston traces how the militant mission borrowed practices from the broader culture to deliver its message.

The Giuliana Legacy
(Sept., $14.95 paper) by Alexis Masters. A fictional heroine with psychic gifts travels from California to Cyprus, then to Tuscany to find her true inheritance. 50,000 first printing.
Blessings (Oct., $8.95 paper) by Brahma Kumaris bestows individual blessings inspired by the centuries-old teachings of Raja Yoga. 20,000 first printing.

Beyond Survival and Philanthropy: American Jewry and Israel
(Sept., $35), edited by Allon Gal and Alfred Gottschalk, assembles the responses of 31 Israeli and American figures to the question: What will hold the Diaspora and Israel together as the traditional "crisis glue" melts down?

The Gift of the Psalms
(Sept., $16.95 paper) by Roland E. Murphy teaches how best to read these biblical verses.
The Reconciled Life (Sept., $19.95 paper) by R. Paul Olson advocates using the spiritual wisdom of Jesus as the framework for a practical approach to counseling.

Getting Home Before Dark: Stories of Wisdom for All Ages
(Sept., $14.99) by Peter J. Dyck presents a series of meditations offering insights gained by the author's experience helping refugees.
How to Understand the Bible (Oct., $14.99) by David Ewert gives guidance on studying the scriptures and illuminates literary devices from ancient cultures.

The Strength Within: Find Your Life Anchors and Cultivate Habits of Wholenesss, Hope, and Joy
(Sept., $15 paper original) by Barbara Hansen is full of strategies for attaining true happiness and inner strength.
The God Experiment: Can Science Prove the Existence of God? (Nov., $20) by Russell Stannard weighs recent scientific theories against age-old religious thinking to challenge prevailing assumptions. Advertising. Publicity.
The Spiritual Traveler: England, Scotland, Wales (Nov., $18 paper original) by Martin Palmer and Nigel Palmer is a guide book to sacred sites and pilgrim routes in Britain. Advertising. Publicity.

The Seventh Million: The Israelis and the Holocaust
(Nov., $18 paper) by Tom Segev examines the impact the Holocaust has had on the identity and politics of Israel. One Spirit Book Club selection.
Saints and Madmen: How Pioneering Psychiatrists Are Creating a New Science of the Soul (Oct., $14 paper) by Russell Shorto explores new ground in the study of spirituality and mental illness. One Spirit Book Club selection.

Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews: A History
(Jan., $28) by James Carroll combines a historical account of the Church's 2000-year antagonism toward Judaism with personal reflections by the former Catholic priest and NBA-winner for An American Requiem. Ad/promo. 9-city author tour.

Hugs from Heaven: Celebrating Friendship
(Sept., $10.99) by G.A. Myers, Hugs from Heaven: Portraits of a Woman's Faith (Sept., $10.99) by Deb Cleveland, and Hugs for Grandma (Jan., $10.99) by Chrys Howard all contain uplifting stories. 20,000 first printing each. $35,000 ad/promo for first two titles; $30,000 for the third.
God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds (Oct., $16.99) by Michael Caputo demonstrates how some of history's renowned artists, musicians and scientists have viewed God. 20,000 first printing. $20,000 ad/promo.

Christmas Lost and Found: Rediscovering the True Spirit of Christmas
(Nov., $14) by John A. Jensen suggests that the holiday season is a time to confront loss and to reverse personal setbacks. 20,000 first printing. Promotion.

Love's Sacred Order: The Four Loves Revisited
(Sept., $12.95 paper original) by Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis ponders the themes in C.S. Lewis's famous work.
Healing the Culture: A Commonsense Philosophy of Happiness, Freedom and the Life Issues (Oct., $16.95 paper original) by Robert Spitzer delves into fundamental meanings.
The Red Horse (Oct., $29.95) by Eugenio Corti is an epic historical novel set in a northern Italian town during WWII. $15,000 ad/promo.

The Hindu Temple
(Feb., $24.95 paper) by Alain Daniélou deciphers the erotic nature of the sacred symbolism of the Hindu temple.

Leading Ladies: Biblical Images for Women's Transformative Leadership
(Sept., $14.95 paper original) by Jeanne Porter proposes Midwife, Choreographer, Weaver and Intercessor as contemporary role models taken from antiquity.
A Woman's Book of Money & Spiritual Vision: Bringing Your Financial Life and Spiritual Values into Balance (Oct., $14.95 paper original) by Rosemary Williams outlines a spiritual perspective for the meaning of money.

Faiths in Conflict?
(Sept., $19.99) by Vinoth Ramachandra argues that Christianity is needed for a true democratic pluralism to resolve conflicts between major world religions.
Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Figment? (Oct., $12.99), edited by Paul Copan and Ronald Tacelli, records a debate between Christian philosopher William Lane Craig and atheist Gerd Ludemann.
Dictionary of New Testament Background (Nov., $39.99), edited by Craig Evans and Stanley Porter, is an extensive resource of information about the New Testament.
Homosexuality: The Use of Scientific Research in the Church's Moral Debate (Dec., $12.99) by Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse suggests how churches debating the issue can interpret clinical findings.
Six Modern Myths About Christianity & Western Civilization (Feb., $11.99) by Philip Sampson seeks to dispel misconceptions about Galileo, Darwin, church dogma and missionary endeavors.

D s the Soul Survive?: A Jewish Journey to Belief in Afterlife, Past Lives & Living with Purpose
(Sept., $21.95) by Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz provides his views on such topics as reincarnation, past life memory and the work of mediums. $15,000 ad/promo.
The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Exploring & Living a Spiritual Life (Nov.; $24.95, paper $16.95), edited by Stuart M. Matlins, gathers material from over 50 spiritual leaders regarding today's practices. $20,000 ad/promo.
Celebrating Your New Jewish Daughter: Creating Jewish Ways to Welcome Baby Girls into the Covenant--New & Traditional Ceremonies (Nov., $16.95 paper original) by Debra Nussbaum Cohen offers comprehensive guidance in preparing a special reception. Ad/promo.
The Handbook of Jewish Meditation Practices: A Guide for Enriching the Sabbath and Other Days of Your Life (Nov., $16.95 paper original) by Rabbi David A. Cooper details techniques and exercises. Ad/promo.

Synagogues Without Jews
(Sept., $50) by Rivka and Ben-Zion Dorfman documents through text and 250 color photos 35 communities with surviving synagogues in the smaller cities and towns of central and southern Europe. Advertising. Author tour.
The Illustrated Torah: Illustrated Sidrot and Haftarot (Sept., $60). In her naïve-style paintings, Israeli artist Michal Meron illuminates excerpts from the sidrot and haftarot.
Scrolls of Testimony (Feb., $60) by Abba Kovner is a literary collage of the late author and p t's fictional vignettes of Holocaust characters, with the centered text on each page surrounded by marginalia created by Samuel Bak.

Education, Religion, and the Common Good
(Sept., $23) by Martin E. Marty with Jonathan Moore advances a public dialogue on the proper role of religion in educating and forming the next generation within a pluralistic society.

Christian Faith 101: The Basics and Beyond
(Sept., $13 paper original) by Steven Tsoukalas assists laypersons and new believers in learning about Christian theology.
The Gospel with Extra Salt: Friends of Tony Campolo Celebrate His Passions for Ministry (Sept., $14 paper original), edited by Joseph B. Modica. Nine contributors write about Campolo's more than 40 years as a spiritual leader. Ad/promo.
Shattering the Myth of Race: Genetic Realities and Biblical Truths (Dec., $14 paper original) by Dave Unander uses the facts that human beings are greatly similar in their genetic make-up and in their biblical foundation to ponder the relevance of race. Ad/promo.

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Bible
(Oct., $8.99 paper original) by Tim Dowley is an illustrated, full-color, 32-page guide answering such questions as: How far did the disciples travel?
eMinistry (Feb., $10.99 paper original) by Andrew Careaga reports on the spirituality of the digital peer group, with advice on how Christians can utilize the Internet to reach the "net generation."
Finding Calm in Family Chaos (Feb., $9.99 paper original) by Elisabeth Corcoran champions motherhood as a high calling using God's word as proof.

Astron sis: Philosophy's Empirical Context, Astrology's Transcendental Ground
(Oct., $72) by Anthony Damiani claims that philosophy and astrology are two sides of the same coin--philosophy for understanding principles, astrology for understanding people.

Prayer-Centered Healing: Finding the God Who Heals
(Sept., $14.95 paper original) by Rick Mathis uncovers an inspiring connection between prayer and healing.
The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook: A Daily Companion (Sept., $13 paper original) is a Redemptorist Pastoral Publication.
Europe's Monastery and Convent Guesthouses: A Pilgrim's Travel Guide (Oct., $14.95 paper original) by Kevin J. Wright features more than 450 spiritual retreats in 20 countries.
Sunny Side Up: Prayers to Banish the Blahs and the Blues (Oct., $9.95 paper original) by Bernadette McCarver Snyder. A wry collection of everyday conversations with God is directed to both working women and stay-at-home moms.
Padre Pio: In My Own Words (Nov., $13.95) by Anthony Chiffolo incorporates a biographical sketch with a collection of the memorable sayings of the recently beatified Padre Pio.

Selected Works of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Vol. 1: Homilies and Teaching Documents and Vol. 2: Church and Society
(Sept., $62.90 two-volume set), edited by Alphonse P. Spilly, foreword by Roger Cardinal Mahony, contains essential writings of the late cardinal who died in 1996.
The Catholic Church in the Twentieth Century: Renewing and Reimaging the City of God (Sept., $24.95), edited by John Deedy, looks back at historic developments and assesses the special signficance of the Church at the turn of the millennium.
The Holy City: Jerusalem in the Theology of the Old Testament (Sept., $17.95) by Leslie J. Hoppe studies ancient Israel's sacred literature.
Imagining the Catholic Church: Structured Communion in the Spirit (Dec., #29.95) by Ghislain Lafont and John Burkhard challenges the Church to offer a renewed vision for dealing with modern issues without sacrificing the Gospel message.

Bamboo Swaying in the Wind: A Survivor's Story of Faith and Imprisonment in Communist China
(Sept., $21.95) by Claudia Devaux and George Bernard Wong is the priest's first-hand account of being incarcerated in China for more than 25 years. Publicity.
Saviour: The Life of Christ in Words and Paintings (Sept., $19.95) by Philip Law combines depictions of Christ by great artists, including Raphael and Bellini, with p try and prose from great writers, including Blake and Teresa of Avila.
The Seeker's Guide to Saints (Sept., $11.95 paper) by Mitch Finley moves beyond mystique to penetrate how and why saints became saints.
Raising Faith-Filled Kids: Ordinary Opportunities to Nurture Spirituality at Home (Oct, $12.95 paper original) by Tom McGrath dispenses advice to parents intent upon engendering spirituality in their offspring. 15,000 first printing. Publicity.
Visions: The Soul's Path to the Sacred (Oct., $17.95) by Eddie Ensley explores the misconceptions and misgivings about visions from a variety of perspectives. 25,000 first printing. Advertising. Author tour.

Post-Columbine Reflections
The vividness of the Columbine High School killings on April 20, 1999, has faded, but the anguish and enigma at the heart of the slaughter of 13 people persist. Two fall titles give fresh consideration to the motivations for youth violence and how it might be prevented. In The Wounded Spirit (Word, Oct.), bestselling novelist Frank Peretti gets personal in his first work of nonfiction, telling how a youthful disfigurement made him a taunted and introverted loner. A wounded spirit, Peretti writes, was at the core of Columbine; he urges those who wound to be kind, and those who are wounded to disclose their hurt. Word is betting a $250,000 promo budget that the Peretti name (and a track record of nine million books sold) will move a first printing of 275,000 copies. In Day of Reckoning (Brazos, Feb. 2001), Wendy Murray Zoba pores over the events of last April from the viewpoint of a mother of teenagers and a journalist, reviewing evidence, adding fresh interviews with survivors and families and analyzing the cultural factors that may have influenced killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. "She focuses on Columbine as a religious story," says Brazos marketing director Bobbi Jo Heyb r. First print run is 10,000 with a marketing budget of $10,000.
--Marcia Nelson

Jewish Images in the Christian Church: Art as the Mirror of the Jewish-Christian Conflict, 200-1250 CE
(Oct., $45) by Henry N. Claman uses art to portray how Christians reinterpreted Hebrew scriptures to prove they foretold the ascendancy of Christianity.
Damned Souls in a Tobacco Colony: Religion in Seventeenth-Century Virginia (Nov., $35) by Edward L. Bond takes a scholarly look into social and religious practices in colonial Virginia.
Ungodly Women: Gender and the First Wave of American Fundamentalism (Nov., $19. 95 paper) by Betty A. DeBerg analyzes fundamentalism in terms of gender-role ideology and American social behavior, 1880-1930.

Jewish Medical Ethics and Law
(Oct., $27.99) by Avraham Abraham is a physician's adaptation into English of his work originally written in Hebrew.
500 Great Jewish Events (Dec., $13.99) by Nachman Zakon compiles important or unusual happenings with brief historical perspectives.
Living Jewish: An Introduction to Judaism (Dec., $29.99) by Mordechai Becher comments upon the major ideas and observances of classic Judaism. 20,000 first printing.

Healing the Spirit: Stories of Transformation
(Sept., $15.95 paper original) by Rev. Bobbie McKay and Lewis A. Musil. The husband-and-wife team interviewed people in more than 100 churches to hear about spiritual and physical healing. Ad/promo.
Good Marriages Don't Just Happen (Oct., $21.95) by Catherine Musco Garcia-Prats and Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D., cites the couple's experience raising 10 sons as a living example of how to maintain a good marriage. 25,000 first printing. $20,000 ad/promo.
Simple Changes: Quietly Overcoming Barriers to Personal and Professional Growth (Oct., $15.95) by Robert J. Wicks integrates contemporary psychology with spirituality to demonstrate how to remove blocks that divert energy. Ad/promo.

Listen My Son: St. Benedict for Fathers
(Oct., $17.95 paper) by Dwight Longenecker applies time-tested spiritual truths to contemporary parents.
Still Listening: New Horizons in Spiritual Direction (Nov., $19.95 paper), edited by Norvene Vest, anthologizes essays written by seasoned spiritual directors.
God at 2000 (Dec., $20), edited by Marcus Borg and Ross Mackenzie. Seven authors and lecturers respond to the question: How do I see God?

Maire, A Novel: The Fires of Glennmara Series #1
(Sept., $11.99 paper) by Linda Windsor is a first novel about a warrior queen's attraction to a faith-filled hostage.
God Came Near: Chronicles of the Christ (Oct., $12.99) by Max Lucado intends to make God's presence tangible.
When Joy Came to Stay (Oct., $11.99 paper) by Karen Kingsbury is a fictional account of a woman's release from depression into God's light.

When You Can't Say "I Forgive You"
(Sept., $10 paper original) by Grace H. Ketterman and David Hazard sends a hopeful message to the deeply aggrieved. 20,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
What Will I Do with the Rest of My Life? (Oct., $10 paper original) by Brenda Poinsett counsels women over 40 seeking to discover peace, power and purpose. 15,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
The Message of Old Testament Prophets (Nov., $21) by Eugene H. Peterson restores the passion and power for the present generation. 45,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Staying Up, Up, Up in a Down, Down World
(Sept., $14.99) by Zig Ziglar furnishes motivational strategies for facing daily challenges.
The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader's Day (Sept., $15.99) by John C. Maxwell advises that setting aside 21 minutes every day to contemplate critical issues makes for effective leadership.
Into His Presence (Oct., $19.99) by Charles Stanley focuses on mountaintop experiences in the scriptures for daily insights and devotions.
Out of Egypt (Oct., $16.99) by Gwen Shamblin is a companion devotional to Rise Above for those who battle with weight-loss issues.
The Garden of Friendship (Oct., $12.99) by Thomas Kinkade rejoices in the gift of friendship with inspirational thoughts and garden paintings.

Heaven on Earth: Meditations and Reflections
(Oct., $12.95 paper) by Chiara Lubich is a collection of meditations in new translation released to coincide with her November visit to the U.S. Ad/promo.
On Human Being: A Spiritual Anthropology (Oct., $14.95 paper) by Oliver Clement examines human nature through the lens of early Christian experience.

Jung and the Alchemical Imagination
(Nov., $18.95 paper original) by Jeffrey Raff explicates the spiritual nature of Jungian psychology.

The David Story: A Translation with Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel
(Sept., $30) by Robert Alter tells a biblical tale of political intrigue, illicit sex, murder and war. Author publicity.

(dist. by Houghton Mifflin)
God's Big Handbook of the Soul: An Owner's Guide (Oct., $15.95) by Juliet Mabey features a range of quotations from both scriptural and secular sources from around the globe.
Pluralism in the World Religions: A Short Introduction (Nov., $15.95 paper) by Harold Coward considers the ways in which each world religion views the others and their teachings.
A Rumi Anthology (Nov., $19.95 paper) by Reynold A. Nicholson gathers previously published translations of 170 of Rumi's passages into one volume.
Scripture in the World Religions: A Short Introduction (Nov., $17.95 paper) by Harold Coward surveys the role of scripture in the major faiths.
Ghazali of Tus: His Life, Works and Teachings (Feb., $23.95 paper original) by Ebrahim Moosa evaluates the contributions of the influential Muslim thinker.
Muslim Women Mystics: The Life and Work of Rabi'a and Other Women Mystics in Islam (Feb., $19.95 paper) by Margaret Smith couples a biography of the Muslim saint with a review of other female mystics of the Islamic world.

The Mindful Traveler: A Guide to Journaling and Transformative Travel
(Sept., $16.95 paper original) by Jim Currie draws from Buddhism and other major religions to propose that travel affords an opportunity for personal growth.

Celtic Quest: A Healing Journey for Irish Catholics
(Sept., $12 paper original) by Timothy J. Joyce professes that the spirituality of the ancient Celtic church can renew the lives of wounded Christians today.
Faithful Dissenters: Stories of Men and Women Who Loved and Changed the Church (Sept., $16 paper original) by Robert McClory showcases dissenters from Galileo to John Courtney Murray. Ad/promo.
Living Well: Scriptural Reflections for Every Day (Sept., $14 paper original) by Joan Chittister proffers daily meditations, with each month devoted to a unifying theme developed through a personal story related to a biblical passage. Ad/promo.
Mary, Mother of All Nations (Sept., $20 paper original) by Megan McKenna. Reflections on the mother of Jesus are accompanied by William Hart McNichols's icons.
Thomas Merton: Writings Selected with an Introduction (Oct., $14 paper original) by Christine Bochen is a new title in the Modern Spiritual Masters series. Ad/promo.
The Raft Is Not the Shore: Conversations Toward a Buddhist-Christian Awareness (Jan., $15 paper) by Thich Nhat Hanh and Daniel Berrigan recounts dialogues between the Buddhist monk and the Jesuit activist on such topics as imprisonment and exile, Jesus and Buddha. Ad/promo.

D s the Pope Need Taming? A Guide to the Papal Primacy Debate
(Sept., $12.95) by Russell Shaw assesses arguments on both sides for weakening the power of the papal office.
The New World of Faith (Sept., $14.95) by Avery Dulles confronts modern challenges to the Catholic faith and explains how faith still stands despite these challenges.
Our Sunday Visitor's 2001 Catholic Almanac (Nov.; $28.95, paper $23.95), edited by Matthew Bunson, reviews the year's news and events while also covering Church history and teachings.

The Jewish Cultural Tapestry: International Jewish Folk Traditions
(Sept., $30) by Steven M. Lowenstein surveys Jewish folkways on five continents. Advertising.
No God But God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam (Sept., $25) by Geneive Adbo draws from many interviews to look at the Islamic revival in Egypt. 5-city author tour.
The New Buddhism: The Western Transformation of an Ancient Tradition (Jan., $25) by James William Coleman sheds light on the recent evolution of Buddhist practices in the West. Advertising.
The Oxford Companion to Christian Thought (Jan., $25), edited by Adrian Hastings et al., arranges lengthy entries alphabetically to present an overview of Christian thought in its many permutations. Advertising.

Sons of Preacher Men
By providence or coincidence, two titles from Harper San Francisco show how near or far the apple can fall from the tree. The story of one son who fell far but, like the prodigal, returned, is found in Son of a Preacher Man (Feb. 2001) by Jay Bakker, son of televangelist and ex-convict Jim Bakker and his long-lashed ex-wife, Tammy Faye. Young Bakker, 25, went through drugs and disillusionment before finding faith again, and the pierced and tatto d scion now ministers to troubled youth on the streets of Atlanta. Nearer to the paternal tree is Robert A. Schuller, son of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller and co-host of the TV show Hour of Power. Heir-apparent Schuller's Possibility Living (Oct.), written with Douglas DiSiena, extends his father's optimistic "possibility thinking" to the realm of healthy life choices. "There's no break in tradition here," says Kathi Goldmark, associate director of marketing and publicity, of Schuller's message. Each book has a marketing budget of $75,000.
--Marcia Nelson

The Prymer
(Oct., $15.95) by Robert Webber introduces a contemporary adaptation of the prayer book used in medieval times.
A Season in the Desert: Making Time Holy (Nov., $20) by W. Paul Jones explores the concepts of space and time as the essence of sprituality.
Worship Without Words (Nov., $12.95) by Patricia Klein includes the meanings and historical context of signs and symbols encountered in liturgical churces and worship.
Transformation at the Base: Fifty Verses on Buddhist Psychology
(Dec., $24) by Thich Nhat Hanh illustrates how ancient Buddhist teachings apply to the modern world.
Novice Stories (Dec., $13 paper) by Thich Nhat Hanh narrates stories of his life as a novice in the monastery.
Recommendation Whether to Confiscate, Destroy and Burn All Jewish Books: Classic Treatise Against Anti-Semitism
(Sept., $9.95 paper) by Johannes Reuchlin, trans. and edited by Peter Wortsman. This entry in the Stimulus Books series is a 1510 text that helped stop the Inquisition from moving into Germany.
The Enduring Heart: Spirituality for the Long Haul (Nov., $16.95) by Wilkie Au. Words of spiritual helpfulness are geared specifically to those who find themselves stuck on the road to middle age.
The Myth of More: And Other Lifetraps that Sabotage the Happiness You Deserve (Jan., $16.95 paper) by Joseph R. Novello, M.D., affirms that we all possess the power to be happy, but we must awaken it.
With Listening Hearts: Understanding the Voices of Lesbian and Gay Catholics (Jan., $9.95 paper) by Peter J. Liuzzi presents the Church's latest teachings regarding the controversy and argument about homosexuality.
Christmas Prayers
(Sept., $6.95) by Marianne Williamson delivers five original prayers bespeaking the Christmas tradition. 45,000 first printing.
First Aid for the Jewish Soul (Sept., $4.95), compiled by Evelyn Beilenson, offers life wisdom from centuries of tradition and scholarship. 30,000 first printing.
First Aid for the Soul at Christmas (Sept., $4.95), compiled by Sonya Tinsley, gathers sagacious words appropriate to the season. 30,000 first printing.
Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonh ffer
(Sept., $10 paper original) by Charles R. Ringma challenges readers to move toward a world-changing Christ-likeness. 20,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Dare to Journey with Henri Nouwen (Sept., $10 paper original) by Charles R. Ringma endorses wholehearted service to God and others. Ad/promo.
A Different Light: The Big Book of Hanukkah
and A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration (Oct.; $27.95, paper $21.95 each) by Noam Zion and Barbara Spectre. The former presents pluralistic perspectives from several contemporary Jewish thinkers; the latter is a how-to guide covering all eight days as celebrated all over the world. Ad/promo.
Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven: Essential Jewish Tales of the Spirit (Oct., $24.95) by Avram Davidson. A biography accompanies Davidson's SF tales, along with an appraisal of his work by other science fiction writers. Ad/promo.
God Is Proof Enough (Oct., $21.95) by Rabbi Walter Wurzburger advances the thesis that every person can discern an individual "proof" of God's existence. Ad/promo.
Endangered: Your Child in a Hostile World
(Sept., $10 paper) by Johann Christoph Arnold delineates strategies to defend the preciousness of childhood. 25,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.
No One Can Stem the Tide (Sept., $10 paper) by Jane Tyson Clement is an anthology of p try concerning nature, love and the struggle for faith.
Wisdom of the Sadhu: Selected Writings of Sundar Singh (Oct., $12 paper) serves as an introduction to an uncommon man.
(dist. by Blackwell)
Fundamentalism (Jan., $24.95 paper original) by Steve Bruce explores the interplay of factors that produce fundamentalist movements.
Tantra in Practice
(Sept., $19.95 paper original), edited by David Gordon White, studies 36 texts from China, India, Japan, Nepal and Tibet to convey the full range of the Tantric experience.
Abraham on Trial: The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth (Nov., $18.95 paper) by Carol Delaney muses on how the sacrifice rather than the protection of children became the focus of faith.
The End of Days: Christian Life Vanishing in the Land Where It Began: A Reporter's Journey
(Nov., $26) by Charles Sennott. The Middle East Bureau Chief for the Boston Globe argues that the disappearance of the Christian community in the Holy Land makes the area more vulnerable to the ideologies of Muslim and Jewish fundamentalism.
Communion with God: An Uncommon Dialogue
(Oct., $22.95) by Neale Donald Walsch. The author of Conversations with God directs readers toward their unique paths to the Divine. Ad/promo. Author tour.
The Great Investment: Faith, Family and Finance (Oct., $21.95) by T.D. Jakes extends biblically based principles to attain full potential in every area of life. Ad/promo. Author tour.

Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship
(Sept., $15.95 paper original) by Howard Raphael Cushnir indicates that bliss is available to anyone at any time no matter how difficult life may be. Ad/promo. One Spirit and QPB selection.
When Oracles Speak: Understanding the Signs and Symbols All Around Us (Oct., $16 paper) by Dianne Skafte uses the ancient art of divination to gain a sense of purpose in life.

God's Secret to Greatness
(Oct., $11.99 paper original) by Tommy Tenney and David Cape suggests that a revival of servanthood among people of God would greatly help a hungry and hurting world. 15,000 first printing.
Frog in the Kettle 2 (Jan., $17.99) by George Barna and Mark Hatch takes a fresh look at the church at the dawn of a new millennium. 15,000 first printing.
So What's the Difference (Jan., $10.99 paper original) by Fritz Ridenour explains the basic tenets of many religious and spiritual beliefs. 15,000 first printing.
(Sept., $12.99 paper original) is a call for America's youth to take a stand for Christ. 15,000 first printing.
The Power of Covenant (Nov., $10.99 paper original) by Kingsley Fletcher identifies the force of covenant as it applies to daily lives and to the life of the Church. 15,000 first printing.
The Color of Grace: Thoughts from a Garden in a Dry Land
(Sept., $12.99) by Tonia Triebwasser unearths spiritual truths gained from gardening a dry piece of land.
Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours (Sept., $12.99 paper) by Kevin Leman is the second edition of the author's seven principles for discipline based upon scripture.
Thanks for the Mammogram!: Fighting Cancer with Faith, Hope, and a Healthy Dose of Laughter (Sept., $12.99) by Laura Jensen Walker recounts the breast cancer survivor's experiences with fright and faith in a light manner.
Fragile Branches: Travels Through the Jewish Diaspora
(Sept., $23.95) by James R. Ross visits isolated Jewish communities in Uganda, India, the Amazon, Peru, Brazil and Israel.
Imagine: What America Could Be in the 21st Century
(Nov., $26.50), ed. by Marianne Williamson. Eric Utne, James Redfield and other visionaries offer plans for a better future. 100,000 first printing.$150,000 ad/promo.
Daily Word for Healing (Nov., $17.95) by Colleen Zuck, Janie Wright and Elaine Meyers enables readers to overcome their challenges. 25,000 first printing.
The Hunger for Ecstasy (Feb., $19.95) by Jalaja Bonheim points to a communion between spirituality and sexuality.

The Sun and Moon over Assisi: A Personal Encounter with Francis and Clare
(Sept., $24.95) by Gerard Thomas Straub. A Hollywood filmmaker recounts his spiritual transformation.
The Blessing Candles: 58 Simple Mealtime Celebrations (Sept., $9.95 paper original) by Gaynell Bordes Cronin and Jack Rathschmidt helps families mark religious and personal milestones.
Harvest Us Home: Good News as We Age (Sept., $11.95 paper original) by Rachel Callahan and Rea McDonnell speaks to mature readers as they cooperate with God, who tends and harvests all people.
Praying with Mother Teresa
(Sept., $8.95 paper original) by Jean Maalouf enriches a brief biography with 15 meditations based on her writings. A Companions for the Journey book.
Catholic Youth Bible: New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition (Oct., $47.95 leatherette), edited by Brian Singer-Towns, contains 650 lively articles helping young people make sense of what the Bible says. $20,000 ad/promo.
A Guide to Jewish Prayer
(Sept., $28.50) by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz answers every question likely to arise about prayer rituals. Advertising. Author publicity.
Journey to Self-Realization: Collected Talks and Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life, Vol. III
(Oct., $14 paper original) by Paramahansa Yogananda seeks to untangle the complexities of human existence. Ad/promo.
(Sept., $10.99 paper original) by Siang-Yang Tan. The pastor shows how Christians can transform stress into rest.
God of the Valleys (Sept., $11.99 paper original) by Mark Rutland walks through the valleys of scripture where life is lived.
Your One-Stop Guide to the Mass (Oct., $9.99 paper original) by Bill Dodds and Father Dale Fushek discusses the role the mass plays at the center of Catholic life.
Stepping Stones: A Garden Path (Jan., $TBA) by Patsy Clairmont takes readers on a tour of her home and garden.
A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality
(Sept., $19.95) by Ken Wilber addresses everyday applications of his theories. 25,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Boundless Healing (Oct., $22.95) by Tulku Thondup proposes simple exercises and meditations to relieve worry, stress and physical ailments. 35,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Samadhi: Personal Journeys to Spiritual Truth (Oct., $29.95) by Derek Biermann depicts ordinary people on extraordinary spiritual paths. Ad/promo.
Indestructible Truth: The Living Spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism (Nov., $29.95) by Reginald A. Ray underscores the living tradition of practical spirituality. 15,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Be Strong and Courageous: Letters to My Children About Being Christian
(Sept., $16.95 paper original) by David Yount salutes the family with passion and humor. Ad/promo.
In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience (Sept., $15.95 paper original) by James Martin follows one man's journey from corporate America to the Jesuit order. Ad/promo.
Mary's Pope: John Paul II, Mary, and the Church Since Vatican II (Sept., $23.95 paper original) by Antoine Nachef contextualizes the pontiff's devotion to Mary. Ad/promo.
Believing Women: The Witness of Women in the Church (Oct., $12.95 paper original) by Jane Redmont looks at the women who teach, heal and challenge in the Catholic tradition. Ad/promo.
Thelordismyshepherd.com: Seeking God in Cyberspace
(Sept., $10.95 paper) by Joshua Hammerman alternates between analytic and experiential approaches. 50,000 first printing. Promotion. Author tour.
Esther: A Jerusalem Love Story (Sept., $9.95 paper) by Dvora Waysman is a novel spanning three decades and three continents. 20,000 first printing. Author publicity.
Converting to Judaism: Choosing to Be Chosen, Personal Stories (Oct., $9.95 paper) by Rabbi Bernice K. Weiss relates inspirational life experiences. 25,000 first printing. Author tour.
Being Jewish: The Spiritual and Cultural Practice of Judaism Today
(Sept., $25) by Ari Goldman focuses on both historical and contemporary aspects of Judaism in all its guises.
Today I Am a Boy: A Memoir (Oct., $23) by David Hays. At the age of 66, the writer studies for his bar mitzvah.
Three Gates to Meditation Practice: A Personal Journey into Sufism, Buddhism and Judaism
(Sept., $16.95 paper original) by David A. Cooper explores a rich variety of spiritual expression. Ad/promo.
Praying with Our Hands: Twenty-One Practices of Embodied Prayer from the World's Spiritual Traditions (Oct., $14.95 paper original) by Jon M. Sweeney. Words and images portray devotion and ritual. Ad/promo.
Making a Heart for God: A Week Inside a Catholic Monastery (Nov., $21.95) by Dianne Aprile is a first-hand account of monastic spirituality. Ad/promo.
Making It Happen: Leadership Keys for People Who Must Produce Results
(Sept., $20) by Bob Alexander. Zig Ziglar penned the foreword to these solutions for serious challenges facing leaders in all walks of life.
Self-Esteem: A Gift from God (Sept., $18) by Ruth McRoberts Ward uses quizzes and real-life examples to understand differences in people.
Walking the Leadership Highway Without Becoming Roadkill (Sept., $16) by Jim Buchan reveals personal experiences designed to encourage people who lead.
The Art of Peace: Nobel Peace Laureates Discuss Human Rights, Conflict and Reconciliation
(Sept., $22.95), edited by Jeffrey Hopkins, assembles the thoughts of Betty Williams, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and others.
The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment: The Lamrim Chenmo, Vol. 1 (Oct., $29.95) by Tsong-kha-pa is one of the major texts of Mahayana Buddhism.
Buddhism for Beginners (Feb., $12.95) by Thubten Chodron answers fundamental queries and issues.
Stages of Meditation (Feb., $24.95) by the Dalai Lama covers the principles of meditation in a format suited to Westerners.
Touched by a Saint: Personal Encounters with Mother Teresa
(Sept., $14.95) by Susan Crimp seeks to renew and perhaps change readers' lives forever.
This Blessed Mess: Finding Hope Amidst Life's Chaos (Sept., $11.95) by Patricia H. Livingston nurtures the seeds of creativity and hope.
How the Children Became Stars: A Family Treasury of Stories, Prayers and Blessings from Around the World (Sept., $16.95) by Aaron Zerah assembles 52 tales of spiritual wisdom for family sharing.
What's in the Bible for...Couples
(Feb., $16.95 paper) by Kathy Collard Miller and D. Larry Miller supplies advice from the ultimate relationship expert--God.
Life in the Family: An Oral History of the Children of God
(Sept., $29.95) by James D. Chancellor details the beliefs and lifestyle of the religious movement known as The Family.
Emma Newman: A Frontier Woman Minister (Nov., $29.95) by Randi Jones Walker places a view of gender in relationship to geography.

The Inside Scoop
September brings three books by religion publishing insiders, all from Doubleday. These industry mavens enjoy both the big picture and the view from the leading edge, which seems this season to carry publishers toward that old-time religion. The title of I Like Being Catholic by Michael Leach and Therese Borchard says it all. Leach, executive editor of Orbis Books, helps compile memories, stories and top-10 lists of famous and everyday Catholics whose lives have been shaped by their faith's teachings and unique culture. Bert Ghezzi, editorial director of Servant Publishing, plumbs the world of Catholic saints in The Voices of the Saints: A Year of Readings. And The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime by Phyllis Tickle, PW contributing editor, contains fixed-hour daily prayers for the late-year liturgical seasons, in the second of Tickle's three prayer volumes. Doubleday senior editor Trace Murphy says all three books have in common a turning away from "generic" spirituality. "People are now rediscovering the richness, particularly in Christianity, of the past 2000 years," he says. For the first two titles in particular, Doubleday is drawing a bead on the Catholic market, with targeted advertising and mailings.
--Marcia Nelson

One River, Many Wells
(Sept., $24.95) by Matthew Fox identifies the common heart of the world's great religions.
Rumi: In the Arms of the Beloved
(Oct., $12.95 paper) by Jonathan Star collects selections from the work of the 13th-century p t.
Seeing God
(Jan., $24.95) by David Aaron employs fundamental lessons from the Kabbalah to usher God into daily life.
Between the Dreaming and the Coming True
(Feb., $12.95 paper original) by Robert Benson is a self-portrait about the search for a vital relationship with God.
Goodbye to Catholic Ireland: How the Irish Lost the Civilization They Created
(Oct., $19.95 paper) by Mary Kenny includes reminiscences by Pierce Brosnan, Maeve Binchy and others about growing up Catholic in Ireland.
I Want to Believe, But...: A Navigator for Doubters
(Oct., $14.95 paper) by Boyd Wright poses and answers 80 questions about Christianity.
Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information: The Humble Approach in Theology and Science
(Sept.; $24.95, paper $12.95) by Sir John Templeton aims to rekindle desire for spiritual knowledge. 35,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.The Power of Prayer Around the World (Nov., $12.95) by Glenn Mosely and Joanna Hill borrows prayers from many cultures and religions. $15,000 ad/promo.Realized Religion: Research on the Relationship Between Religion and Health (Nov., $29.95) by Theodore J. Chamberlain and Christopher A. Hall concentrates on the connection between healing and spirituality. Advertising.TEMPLE UNIV. PRESS
The Study of Religion in the Third Millennium
(Sept.; $59.50, paper $19.95) by Leonard Swidler and Paul Mojzes encourages people to live according to an ethical set of principles.
Holy Leisure: Recreation and Religion in God's Square Mile
(Sept., $17.95 paper) by Troy Messenger revisits Ocean Grove, N.J., the first permanent camp meeting ground established for religious revivalism.
God's Diet: A Short, Simple Way to Eat Naturally, Lose Weight, and Live a Healthier Life
(Nov., $12 paper) by Dorothy Gault-McNemee, M.D., advises that if you can't pick it, pluck it, pull it from the earth or scale it, don't eat it.
Unlocking the Bible--Old Testament Book One: The Maker's Instructions; ...Old Testament Book Two: A Land and a Kingdom; ...Old Testament Book Three: P ms of Worship and Wisdom; ...New Testament Book One: The Hinge of History; and ...New Testament Book Two: The Thirteenth Apostle
(Sept., $13 each, paper originals) by David Pawson with Andy Peck launch a new series published by Marshall Pickering applying biblical themes to the modern world.
Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-examination of the Evidence
(Oct., $30) by Jonathan L. Reed reconstructs 1st-century Galilee from excavations and artifacts.
The Historical Jesus Through Catholic and Jewish Eyes
(Dec., $18 paper), edited by Bryan F. Le Beau et al., assesses the historical understanding of a Galilean peasant named Jesus.
Beyond Cloning: Religion and the Remaking of Humanity
(Dec., $17 paper), edited by Ronald Cole-Turner, responds to the matter of genetic engineering.
Simple Buddhism: A Guide to Living
(Sept., $12.95 paper original) by Annellen and C. Alexander Simpkins covers its history, themes and daily practice.
Expect Nothing: A Zen Guide
(Jan., $16.95) by Clarice Bryan offers instruction on how to follow the Zen tenet: by expecting nothing, we gain everything.
Peaceful Dwelling: Meditations for Healing and Living
(Jan., $14.95 paper original) by Madeline Ko-I Bastis contains the wisdom of a Buddhist priest and certified hospital chaplain.
J.I. Packer Answers Questions for Today
(Sept., $8.99) by J.I. Packer is filled with practical advice. $30,000 ad/promo.Creative Correction (Oct., $15.99) by Lisa Whelchel raises new ideas for parents needing to discipline children. A Focus on the Family book. $70,000 ad/promo.Answers to Your Kids' Questions (Oct., $10.99) by Charles Colson speaks to 100 of the most pressing issues facing teens. $50,000 ad/promo.Unashamed: #2 A Lineage of Grace (Oct., $12.99) by Francine Rivers is a historical romance about Rahab, a woman in the lineage of Christ. $250,000 ad/promo.The Mark (Nov., $22.99) by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye is book #8 in the Left Behind series. $3 million ad/promo.

Jesus and Lao Tzu: The Parallel Sayings
(Oct., $19) by Martin Aronson compares the New Testament and Tao Te Ching on facing pages.
The Gospel of Thomas: Discovering the Lost Words of Jesus (Oct., $12 paper original) by John Dart and Ray Riegert, with an introduction by John Dominic Crossan, offers a reassessment of Jesus and his message.
Before He Was Buddha: The Life of Siddharta (Nov., $12 paper) by Hammalawa Saddhatissa draws from 2,000-year-old Pall and Sanskrit texts.
Ordinary Enlightenment: Experiencing God's Presence in Everyday Life
(Sept., $12.95 paper original) by John Robinson sees the mystical experience of God as natural and ordinary. Ad/promo.
Trust in the Goodness of God (Oct., $TBA paper original) by Mary L. Kupferle asserts that God's goodness is present in all situations. Ad/promo.
The Messiah Before Jesus: The Suffering Servant of the Dead Sea Scrolls
(Oct., $22) by Israel Knohl gives evidence of a messianic precursor to Jesus.
Riders for God: The Story of a Christian Motorcycle Gang
(Sept.; $55, paper $34.95) by Rich Remsberg rolls with born-again bikers who overcame addictions and violence to take a new ride.
Houses of God: Region, Religion, and Architecture in the United States (Sept., $24.95 paper) by Peter W. Williams demonstrates how American places of worship reflect cultural influences and beliefs.
The Uses of Darkness: Women's Underworld Journeys, Ancient and Modern
(Sept.; $34, paper $16.95) by Laurie Brands Gagné. The goddess tradition leads to self-transcendence and to self-transformation.
Friendship and Ways to Truth (Sept.; $15, paper $8) by David B. Burrell shows how friends can open our minds and hearts to interfaith dialogue.
Being Catholic, Being American, Vol. 2: The Notre Dame Story, 1934-1952 (Oct., $35) by Robert E. Burns tracks the major events under three important university presidencies.
The Christ-Centered Woman: Finding Balance in a World of Extremes
(Sept., $12 paper original) by Kimberly Dunnam Reisman. A working mother of three tells how to find a calm center.
On the Way to Bethlehem: Reflections on Christmas for Every Day in Advent (Sept., $13 paper original) by Hilary McDowell paves a spiritual journey that leads to the manger and Christ's presence.
Parents and Grandparents as Spiritual Guides: Nurturing Children of the Promise (Sept., $13 paper original) by Betty Shannon Cloyd spurs parents to reclaim the primary role as their offspring's leaders.
Compelled to Write to You: Letters on Faith, Love, Service, and Life (Feb., $15) by Christopher de Vinck and Elizabeth Mosbo reveals the correspondence between de Vinck, author of The Power of the Powerless, and Mosbo, a college senior, on matters of faith and spirituality. 25,000 first printing. Advertising.

Really Bad Girls of the Bible
(Sept., $12.95 paper original) by Liz Curtis Higgs discloses the life-changing power of God's grace. 75,000 first printing. $75,000 ad/promo.
Bravehearts (Sept., $11.95 paper original) by Sharon Hersh energizes women who want more in their relationships. Ad/promo.
When Your Soul Aches (Sept., $12.95) by Lois Mowday Rabey conveys comfort and practical help for widows from widows. Ad/promo.
In the Days of Angels (Nov., $13.95) by Walter Wangerin Jr. Stories, essays and carols emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. 20,000 first printing. $17,000 ad/promo.
Fighting for Social Justice: The Life Story of David S. Burgess
(Jan., $34.95) by David S. Burgess. The autobiography of a retired labor activist, former U.N. official and Christian minister.
Jewish Voices of the California Gold Rush: A Documentary History 1849-1880 (Feb., $39.95) by Ava Fran Kahn records the founding of California's Jewish community.
Buddha and Christ: Images of Wholeness
(Sept., $60) by Robert Elinor considers visual images produced by the two religions.
A Record of Awakening: Practice and Insight on the Buddhist Path (Oct., $15.95) by David Smith recounts a working-class man's 20-year immersion in Buddhism.
Vision and Transformation: An Introduction to the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path (Oct., $16.95) by Sangharakshita says that the spiritual dimension is available every minute of the day.
Path to the Soul
(Sept., $16.95 paper original) by Ashok Bedi claims that psychological and physical illness can be traced to a schism between ordinary consciousness and the soul's wisdom. Ad/promo.
The Heart of Wicca: Wise Words from a Crone on the Path (Nov., $12.95 paper original) by Ellen Cannon Reed discusses Wicca for contemporary practitioners. Ad/promo.
The Westminster Collection of Christian Meditations
(Sept., $29.95), compiled by Hanna Ward and Jennifer Wild, aims to deepen appreciation of the Christian heritage.
In Our Own Voices: Four Centuries of American Women's Religious Writings (Sept., $29.95 paper), edited by Rosemary Skinner Keller and Rosemary Radford Ruether, recovers diaries, speeches, essays and letters.
Teachings of the Master: The Collected Sayings of Jesus Christ (Nov., $15.95), compiled by Philip Law, presents Christ's words alongside religious art from around the world.
Jesus: Everything You Need to Know to Figure Him Out (Nov., $16.95 paper) by Mark Littleton is a devotional dictionary with facts, ideas and stories.
Hidden Spring: A Buddhist Woman Confronts Cancer
(Oct., $16.95) by Sandy Boucher reveals how meditation techniques helped her face illness. Author tour.
The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A New Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya (Oct., $120stet). Bhikkhu Bodhi provides a fresh version.
The Wheel of Great Compassion: The Practice of the Prayer Wheel in Tibetan Buddhism (Dec., $19.95), compiled by Lorne Ladner, describes the practice, its meaning and benefits.
Heaven's Wager
(Sept., $12.99 paper) by Ted Dekker. When a man encounters personal and professional catastrophe, his mother-in-law intercedes with prayer for his soul. 25,000 first printing. $30,000 ad/promo.
Day by Day with Charles Swindoll (Sept., $16.99) by Charles Swindoll is a devotional condensed from The Finishing Touch. 55,000 first printing.
The Wounded Spirit (Oct., $18.99) by Frank Peretti relates the moving story of his childhood and inspires readers to help those who cause personal pain. 275,000 first printing. $250,000 ad/promo.
The Fourth Frontier (Oct., $19.99) by Stephen Graves and Thomas Addington shows that work itself is ordained by God. 50,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.

From Jesus to Christ: The Origins of the New Testament Images of Jesus
(Sept., $14.95 paper) by Paula Fredrikson includes a new introduction on the most recent scholarship on Jesus and its historical and theological implications.
Faith, Science and Understanding (Oct., $19.95) by John Polkinghorne. The scientist/theologian defends the place of theology in the university.
A Bishop's Tale: Mathias Hovius Among His Flock in Seventeenth-Century Flanders (Oct., $27.95) by Craig Harline and Eddy Put returns to the Catholic bishop and the Age of Reformation.
Canon and Creativity: Modern Writing and the Authority of Scripture (Oct., $18.50) by Robert Alter looks at the ways 20th-century writers have used stories and images from the Hebrew Bible.

Reaching for the Invisible God
(Sept., $21.99) by Philip Yancey tells how to find a personal belief once more.
The Case for Faith (Sept., $19.99) by Lee Strobel contemplates whether skeptics' issues and doubts of the heart destroy reasons for Christianity--or confirm them.
The Act of Marriage After 40 (Sept., $12.99) by Tim and Beverly LaHaye reviews such topics as nutrition, fitness and sexual desire.
Love Notes (Dec., $15.99) by Women of Faith. The writers providing biblically based wisdom include Patsy Clairmont, Barbara Johnson and Marilyn Meberg.
Fresh Power (Jan., $18.99) by Jim Cymbala. The pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church talks about what it really means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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