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Fall 2000 Mass Market Paperback List

Edited by Laurele Riippa
Compiled by Karole Riippa
-- 8/14/00

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Xena, Warrior Princess: How the Quest Was Won
(Sept., $5.99) by Ru Emerson. Xena and her friends find Helen of Troy hiding in Crete, then Helen's husband arrives.
Red Planet (Oct., $6.99) by Peter Telep. When the first manned voyage to Mars g s wrong, a single astronaut is stranded on the planet. Movie tie-in.
Laws of the Blood #2: Partners (Nov., $5.99) by Susan Sizemore concerns the undead who must enforce the Laws of the Blood.
Phule Me Twice (Dec., $6.99) by Robert Asprin and Peter J. Heck. Phineas Phule is called in as a military adviser by the Zenobians whose planet has been invaded.
They Also Serve (Jan., $6.50) by Mike Mosc is the third novel in this series about a future war and its aftermath.
The Astrologer #1: Heart of Stone (Feb., $TBA) by Denny DeMartino. A woman must investigate when one of the emperor's children is murdered in a bizarre and ritualistic way.
Reprints: (Sept.): The Fires of Merlin ($5.99) by T.A. Barron; (Nov.): Forever Free ($6.99) by J Haldeman; (Dec.): Scion's Lady ($5.99) by Rebecca Bradley.

Seventh Heaven
(Sept., $6.99) by Catherine Anderson. A woman must confront the past and rekindle love with the man she truly loves. 600,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
His Wicked Promise (Sept., $6.50) by Samantha James. A Scottish beauty finds unexpected love with her late husband's loyal friend. 300,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
No Marriage of Convenience (Sept., $5.99) by Elizabeth Boyle. A debt-ridden earl becomes involved with a woman of questionable reputation. 150,000 first printing. Advertising. Author publicity.
Rules of Engagement (Oct., $6.99) by Christina Dodd offers the next romantic story in the governess series. 400,000 first printing. Ad/promo. 3-city author tour.
After the Kiss (Oct., $5.99) by Karen Ranney. A sheltered widow discovers passion with an earl who swore never to give his heart again. 150,000 first printing. Advertising. Author publicity.
Just the Way You Are (Nov., $6.50) by Barbara Freethy. A husband and wife part then fall in love all over again. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
A Dangerous Love (Nov., $5.99) by Sabrina Jeffries introduces three sisters who must marry to avoid poverty and the extraordinary men they wed. 150,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Secrets of a Perfect Night (Dec., $6.99) by Stephanie Laurens, Victoria Alexander, and Rachel Gibson. This collection of three romances blends historical and contemporary stories. 750,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
The Viscount Who Loved Me (Dec., $6.50) by Julia Quinn. A rakish viscount, convinced he will die young, finds the pursuit of love difficult. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity
Marrying Walker McKay (Dec., $5.99) by Lori Copeland. A fleeing Boston society girl changes places with a reluctant mail-order bride and finds love. 150,000 first printing.
All Shook Up (Jan., $6.99) by Susan M. Anderson. A "good girl" falls in love with a man from the wrong side of the tracks. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
A Streetcar Named Expire (Jan., $6.50) by Mary Daheim. An innkeeper is horrified to find that her bed-and-breakfast is a stop on a Seattle streetcar mystery tour. 175,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
All About Love: A Cynster Novel (Feb., $6.99) by Stephanie Laurens. Lucifer Cynster and the willful Phyllida stumble into a mystery involving love letters. 600,000 first printing. Advertising.
The Marriage Contract (Feb., $6.50) by Cathy Maxwell. A penniless debutante is forced into marriage with a man she's never met. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Reprints: (Sept.): A God in Ruins ($7.99) by Leon Uris; White Elephant Dead: A Death on Demand Mystery ($6.50) by Carolyn Hart; (Oct.): Have a Nice Day!: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks ($7.99) by Mankind/Mick Foley; A Long Way from Home ($6.99) by Connie Brisc ; (Nov.): The Rock Says ($7.99) by The Rock; (Jan.): The Kiss of the Bees ($7.50) by J.A. Jance; Bannerman's Promise ($6.50) by John R. Maxim.

Fatal Diagnosis
(Sept., $6.99) by Echo Heron. Nurse Adele Monsarrat uncovers a link between two cases involving disfigured corpses in this medical thriller.
Battle for the Central Highlands: A Special Forces Story (Sept., $6.99) by George Dooley. The author tells his story as a member of an elite group within the army's Airborne division.
Pop Princesses: The Dish Behind Today's Hottest Teen Divas (Oct., $5.50) by Beth Peters features Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, Blaque and Destiny's Child.
Happily Ever After: The Drew Barrymore Story (Nov., $5.99) by Elina and Leah Furman reveals the full story about the actress's life.
Why a Soldier?: A Signal Corpsman's Tour from Vietnam to the Moscow Hotline (Nov., $6.99) by Colonel David Fitz-Ens describes the work of the Army Signal Corps and its role during Vietnam.
Force 10 (Dec., $6.99) by Ian Slater. Rebels join forces with the Chinese and the Russians to steal American's most coveted secret weapon.
LRRP Company Command (Dec., $6.99) by Kregg P. J. Jorgensen focuses on Capt. George Paccerelli as he molds the men of the LRRP company into a successful reconnaissance unit.
Very Crazy, G.I. (Feb., $TBA) by Kregg P.J. Jorgensen. A Vietnam vet looks at some of the war's sidelights to both amuse and horrify.
Reprints: (Sept.): Monster ($7.99) by Jonathan Kellerman; The Twisted Roof ($6.99) by Anne Perry; Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys ($6.99) by Dave Barry; If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him... ($6.99) by Sharyn McCrumb; (Oct.): The Vampire Armand ($7.99) by Anne Rice; Timeline ($7.99) by Michael Crichton; (Dec.): The Insider ($6.99) by Stephen Frey; Outfoxed ($6.99) by Rita Mae Brown; The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program: Break Your Carbo-Insulin Connection ($6.99) by Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller, Frederic Vagnini, M.D.; (Jan.): O Is for Outlaw ($7.99) by Sue Grafton; Half Moon Street ($TBA) by Anne Perry; The Innocents Within ($TBA) by Robert Daley; (Feb.): Angel Falls ($TBA) by Kristin Hannah.

Stealing Shadows
(Sept.); Hiding in the Shadows (Oct.); Out of the Shadows (Nov., $6.50 each) by Kay Hooper are suspense novels: the first involves a psychic, the second a woman awaking from a coma with no memory and the third, a ritual killer stalking teens.
By Possession (Sept., $4.99) by Madeline Hunter. A soldier of the Crusades and his enslaved mistress find love in this medieval romance.
Blind Spot (Oct., $5.99) by Stephanie Kane. An attorney defending a man accused of murdering his lover may find herself the final victim.
A Little Death (Oct., $5.99) by Laura Wilson. In the 1890s, a country estate holds secrets that explain the deaths of three recluses in 1955.
Temporary Mistress (Nov., $5.99) by Susan Johnson. A beautiful heiress seeks refuge in a brothel to avoid marriage.
Buried Bones (Nov., $5.99) by Carolyn Haines. Sarah Delaney copes with an antebellum ghost determined to save her from spinsterhood.
Birthday Party (Dec., $5.99) by Marnie Davis Kellogg. U.S. Marshall Lilly Bennett searches for the killer of Western land developers.
The Outlaw Bride (Dec., $5.99) by Sandra Chastain. Determined to save the bullet-ridden outlaw left at her door, Josie Miller fights her growing attraction to him.
Nuke Down (Dec., $5.99) by Chet Cunningham. The American government calls on the Specialists to recover a missing fighter jet with its payload--a tactical nuclear warhead.
By Design (Jan., $TBA) by Madeline Hunter. Reduced to an indentured servant after her birthright is stolen, a young woman is bought by a handsome freemason.
The Off Season (Jan., $TBA) by Jean Stone. Former TV anchorwoman Jill McPhearson falls in love with a carpenter who is accused of a shocking crime.
The Third Schoolboy (Feb., $TBA) by Lisa Gardner. While investigating a school shooting, deputy sheriff Rainey Connor discovers evidence that a killer is trying to destroy Rainey himself.
Your Wish Is My Command (Feb., $TBA) by Donna Kauffman. A young woman unleashes a genie who claims that he must match three souls to their soul mates.
Reprints: (Sept.): A Clash of Kings ($6.99) by George R.R. Martin; The Trigger ($6.99) by Arthur C. Clarke and Michael Kube-McDowell; (Oct.): The Least Likely Bride ($6.50) by Jane Feather; John Glenn: A Memoir ($7.99) by John Glenn with Nick Taylor; (Nov.): In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner ($7.50) by Elizabeth George; The Mentor ($5.99) by Sebastian Stuart; Death of a Blue Movie Star ($6.99) by Jeffery Deaver; (Dec.): False Memory ($7.99) by Dean Koontz; In a Class by Itself ($6.99) by Sandra Brown; (Jan.): Follow the Stars Home ($TBA) by Luanne Rice; Kissed a Sad Goodbye ($TBA) by Deborah Crombie; (Feb.): Special Circumstances ($TBA) by Sheldon Siegel; Pawing Through the Past ($TBA) by Rita Mae Brown.

Judgment in Death
(Sept., $7.50) by J.D. Robb. Investigating a murder, Eve Dallas uncovers Purgatory, a private club that's much more than just a club.
Tom Clancy's Net Force #4: Breaking Point (Oct., $7.99), created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, written by Steve Perry. Net Force operatives set off on their latest mission when the files of a top secret research project are accessed by an unknown party.
Tom Clancy's Power Plays #4: Bio-Strike (Nov., $7.99), created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg, written by Jerome Preisler. The Uplink Technologies team must find the evil man who has developed a deadly genetically engineered disease.
Abduction (Nov., $7.99) by Robin Cook. Unknown to the human race, aliens have set up a colony deep in the ocean.
The Wrong Child (Dec., $6.99) by Patricia Kay. Two families realize that their daughters were accidentally switched at birth.
The Perfect Family (Jan., $6.99) by Patricia Potter. This romantic suspense novel examines the meaning of family and the secrets and lies they keep.
Betrayal in Death (Feb., $TBA) by J.D. Robb is the 12th novel in the futuristic series featuring Eve Dallas.
Reprints: (Sept.):In the Hour Before Midnight ($7.50) by Jack Higgins; (Nov.): Family Honor ($7.50) by Robert B. Parker; (Jan.): Atlantis Found ($7.99) by Clive Cussler; Big Trouble ($7.50) by Dave Barry; (Feb.): Rules of Engagement ($TBA) by Gordon Kent.

Generation X: Genogoths
(Sept., $6.99) by J. Steven York. The teens of Generation X battle the Genogoths, former mutant protectors who have been altered into savage hunters.
Dream On: Livin' on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith (Sept., $6.99) by Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler and Danny Fields is the story of the author's marriage to the rock star.
Spider-man: Emerald Mystery (Oct., $6.99) by Dean Wesley Smith. When Spider-man and a PI investigate a murder, the trail leads to nefarious villain "The Jewel."
The Hunks of Daytime (Nov., $4.99) by Tony Lawrence looks at the hottest actors on soaps with bios and photos.

Tom Clancy's Net Force (Young Adult #12): Duel Identity
(Sept., $4.99), created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, written by Bill McCay. Net Force Explorer Megan O'Malley is initiated into the world of Amalgamated Historical Simulation Organizations (AHSO).
Tom Clancy's Net Force (Young Adult #13): Deathworld (Nov., $4.99), created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, written by Diane Duane. When his friend starts spending time at a punk/black rock/morbo-site called Deathworld, Charlie Davis decides to visit the place undercover.
Journey to America (#1): Fiona's Journey (Jan., $4.50) by Clare Pastore is a new series chronicling the adventures of teen girls immigrating to America.
Tom Clancy's Net Force (Young Adult #14): High Wire (Jan., $4.99), created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, written by Mel Odom. When the Cservanka Brothers Circus comes to town, Net Force Explorer Andy Moore is enlisted to program their virtual animals.

Bleeding Heart
(Sept., $5.99) by Mary Freeman is the third mystery featuring Oregon professional gardener-landscaper Rachel O'Connor.
A Rant of Ravens (Oct., $5.99) by Christine Goff is the first title in a new series about a group of birdwatchers.
Solace for a Sinner (Dec., $6.50) by Caroline R is the fourth book in the historical mystery series featuring blind Jewish physician Isaac of Girona.
Murder Past Due (Jan., $5.99) by D.R. Meredith. Librarian Megan Clark and the Murder by the Yard reading circle take a tour of famous murder sites and become involved in an investigation.
Reprints: (Sept.): The Reeve's Tale ($6.50) by Margaret Frazer; The Tentmaker ($5.99) by Michelle Blake; (Oct.): The Crossword Murder ($5.99) by Nero Blanc; (Nov.): Death and Restoration ($6.50) by Iain Pears; Murder at Manassas ($5.99) by Michael Kilian; (Dec.): The Celtic Riddle ($6.50) by Lyn Hamilton.


The Omega Game
(Sept., $6.99) by Steven Krane. Quaid is a player in the Game and must continue to play or forfeit his life.
The Wizard's Treasure (Oct., $6.99) by Irene Radford. Both friends and f s of Coronnan are caught by the enchantment of the spell set centuries ago.
Guardsmen of Tomorrow (Nov., $6.99), edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Larry Segriff, explores the challenges tomorrow's soldiers will face in distant star systems or in dealing with aliens.
Alternate Realities (Dec., $7.99) by C.J. Cherryh collects three classic Cherryh novels long out of print: Port Eternity, Wave Without a Shore and Voyager.
The Family (Jan., $6.99) by Kevin McCarthy. This novel of paranormal suspense involves a CIA project: exploring a means to spy over long distances using the powers of the mind.
Red Moon Rising (Feb., $5.99) by Billie Sue Mosiman is a contemporary novel that redefines the nature a vampirism; the first in a series.
Reprints: (Sept.): Otherland: Mountain of Black Glass ($7.99) by Tad Williams; (Oct.): Precursor ($6.99) by C.J. Cherryh; (Nov.): Owlknight ($6.99) by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon.

A Heart Full of Miracles
(Sept., $6.50) by Stephanie Mittman. In this historical romance, a young woman succeeds in convincing the town doctor to believe in love until tragedy threatens.
The Ruthless Charmer (Oct., $5.99) by Julia London. A man vows to teach a young woman everything he knows about passion in this historical romance.
Dead Easy (Oct., $5.99) by Phillip DePoy. Psychic PI Flap Tucker checks out a mystery involving Easy, Atlanta's hottest nightspot.
Return to No Man's Land (Oct., $5.99) by Bill Brooks. Quint McCannon must deal with both his own demons and his enemy's bullets as he tracks deadly outlaws.
Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses (Nov., $6.50) by Jill Gregory. A pampered socialite and a ranch foreman find love in the American West.
Death, Snow, and Mistlet (Nov., $5.99) by Valerie S. Malmont. A boy's disappearance and the discovery of another boy's 30-year-old corpse seem tied together.
Reinventing Romeo (Dec., $5.99) by Connie Lane. A wealthy businessman who must testify against colleagues hides in a safe house with a beautiful FBI agent.
Godchild (Dec., $6.99) by Vincent Zandri. Jack "Keeper" Marconi tries to help a woman whose story could ruin many lives and save his own.
Reprints: (Sept.): Hard Time ($6.99) by Sara Paretsky; October Sky ($6.99) by Homer Hickman; (Nov.): Irresistible Forces ($7.50) by Danielle Steel; Handyman ($6.99) by Linda Nichols; The Hunted ($7.50) by Elmore Leonard; (Dec.): Where You Belong ($7.99) by Barbara Taylor Bradford; Nothing But the Truth ($7.99) by John Lescroart; If Only ($7.50) by Geri Halliwell; (Feb.): After the Fire ($TBA) by Belva Plain.

Babylon 5: Out of the Darkness: Legions of Fire
(Nov., $6.50) by Peter David concludes the Centauri trilogy. Advertising.
The Tenth Planet: Final Assault: Book Three (Dec., $6.50) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. The aliens launch their final assault in this series finale.
Reprints: (Sept.): Angel Fire East ($6.99) by Terry Brooks; (Oct.): Hero in the Shadows ($6.99) by David Gemmell; (Nov.): Knight of the Demon Queen ($6.99) by Barbara Hambly.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse
(Oct., $6.99) by James Luceno. Han Solo and his new partner take on the Yuuzhon Vong while Luke, Leia and the others continue to fight the alien invasion.
Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Knightfall I: Jedi Storm (Feb., $TBA) by Michael Jan Friedman follows the adventures of Danni Quee and Jorallen, a Jedi knight who may have a mysterious past.

Rules of Conflict
(Sept., $6.50) by Kristine Smith combines military intrigue, political conspiracies, solid science and a strong heroine. 75,000 first printing. Advertising.
Colony Fleet (Oct., $6.50) by Susan R. Matthews. As a link between the highest and lowest classes of her society, only Hillbrane can avert disaster in her world. Advertising.
Sword and Shadow (Nov., $6.50) by Ann Marston is the fantasy finale to the Exiled Sword trilogy. Advertising.
Wind in the Stone (Dec., $6.50) by Andre Norton. After the Dark returns, a student-mage seeks to enslave the Valley and destroy the Forest. 85,000 first printing. Advertising.
Brothers in Arms (Jan., $5.99) by Ben Weaver. First-year cadet Scott St. Andrew must survive the grueling training program but his genetic flaws make his chances questionable. 50,000 first printing. Advertising.

Slice and Dice
(Sept., $6.50) by Ellen Hart is the fifth mystery featuring food critic and hotel owner Sophie Greenway.
The Alpine Menace (Oct., $6.99) by Mary Daheim. Emma Lord becomes involved in a lethal family affair.
Death at a Discount (Dec., $6.50) by Valerie Wolzien. Susan Henshaw and her friends are thrilled with the luxury mall until one of them turns up dead in the dressing room.
Reprints: (Sept.): Plots and Errors ($6.99) by Jill McGown; (Oct.): Pursuit and Persuasion ($6.50) by Sally Wright; (Nov.): Running for Shelter ($6.50) by Michelle Spring; (Jan.): In the Last Analysis ($TBA) by Amanda Cross; (Feb.): P tic Justice ($TBA) by Amanda Cross; The Remorseful Day ($TBA) by Colin Dexter.

Grand Cru
(Feb., $TBA) by Barney Leason takes a sexy look into the world of wine. Advertising.
Reprints: (Sept.): Younger Than Springtime ($6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley; (Oct.): The Protocol ($6.99) by April Christofferson; (Nov.): Vengeance ($6.99) by Stuart Kaminsky.


That's My Baby
(Sept., $5.99) by Vickie Lewis Thompson. A baby is left in the care of three sexy bachelors, any one of whom could be the father.
Born in a Small Town (Sept., $4.50) by Debbie Macomber, Judith Bowen and Janice Kay Johnson offers three stories set in small-town America.
Coming Home (Oct., $6.50) by Penny Jordan. Will Honor Jessop still love David Creighton when she knows his true identity?
Wild Thing (Oct., $4.25) by Anne Stuart. It is Dr. Elizabeth Holden's job to unravel the mystery of the man with no identity, no past and the mind of a genius.

The Chance
(Oct., $6.99) by Edith Layton. Attracted to Annabelle, Lord Dalton must consider marriage to another when scandal arises in this historical romance.
To Bury the Dead (Dec., $6.99) by Craig Spencer. One man descends into a private hell in search of the soul of another in this psychological drama.
Syndrome X: Managing Insulin Resistance (Dec., $5.99) by Deborah S. Romaine and Jennifer B. Marks, M.D., is a guide to the newly discovered disorder that includes insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, hypertension and obesity.
The Mediterranean Diet (Jan., $5.99) by Marissa Cloutier shows how to change diet and lifestyle to promote better health.
Reprints: (Sept.): The Interior ($6.99) by Lisa See; Sh 's on the Otha' Foot ($6.50) by Hunter Hayes; (Oct.): The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life ($6.99) by Steven Pressfield; Calder Pride ($7.50) by Janet Dailey; (Nov.): The Devil's Workshop ($6.99) by Stephen J. Cannell; Three Women ($6.99) by Marge Piercy; (Dec.): Young Wives ($7.50) by Olivia Goldsmith; (Jan.): Hunting Badger ($7.50) by Tony Hillerman; Red Sky at Morning ($6.99) by Paul Garrison; (Feb.): Moment of Truth ($7.50) by Lisa Scottoline.

Swan's Grace
(Sept., $6.99) by Linda Francis Lee is the sequel to Dove's Way.
I Do, I Do, I Do (Oct., $6.99) by Maggie Osborne. Three women have one thing in common, the silver-tongued adventurer who is married to each of them.
The Duke (Dec., $6.50) by Gaelen Foley. In Regency London, a powerful duke joins forces with a young courtesan to unmask a murderer.
Nobody's Angel (Feb., $6.99) by Patricia Rice. To prove himself innocent of murder, Adrian Quinn kidnaps his boss's ex-wife.
Reprints: (Oct.): Captive Passions ($6.99) by Fern Michaels; (Jan.): The Innocent ($TBA) by Bertrice Small.

After Dark
(Sept., $6.99) by Jayne Castle. Colonizers on the planet Harmony have developed mysterious psychic powers.
Once Upon a Dream (Nov., $7.50) by Nora Roberts, Jill Gregory, Ruth Ryan Langan and Marianne Willman. Four romances feature a dream element and a touch of magic.
Heart of the Sea (Dec., $7.99) by Nora Roberts is the final installment in Roberts's Irish trilogy, featuring Darcy, the last Gallagher sibling.
The Scottish Bride (Jan., $7.99) by Catherine Coulter. This final addition to the Bride trilogy tells the story of the last Sherbrooke brother.
Straw Men (Jan., $6.99) by Martin J. Smith is a thriller featuring memory psychologist Jim Christensen.
Reprints: (Sept.): Top Ten ($6.99) by Ryne Douglas Pearson; (Oct.): Soft Focus ($7.50) by Jayne Ann Krentz; Second Wind ($6.99) by Dick Francis; (Nov.): Resurrection Day ($7.50) by Brendan DuBois; (Dec.): The Attorney ($7.99) by Steve Martini; Secret Honor ($7.99) by W.E.B. Griffin; (Jan.): The Cat Who Robbed a Bank ($6.99) by Lilian Jackson Braun; (Feb.): Blackout ($TBA) by John J. Nance.

Menopause: A Woman Doctor's Guide
(Sept., $6.99) by Lois Jovanovic with Suzanne LeVert offers strategies to ease menopausal transitions.
Depression: A Woman Doctor's Guide (Nov., $6.99) by Jane S. Ferber, M.D., with Suzanne LeVert offers help in facing and overcoming depression.
A Pain in the Neck... And How to Get Rid of It (Feb., $5.99) by Rowlin Lichter, M.D. A board-certified orthopedic surgeon provides a "user-manual" for the neck.

The Kinsmen: A Knight's Vow
(Sept., $5.50) by Candice Kohl. Three brothers seek their fate in the might of a sword only to find their destiny in the heart of a lady.
Shadow of the Bastille: A Brother's Honor (Oct., $5.50) by Jo Ann Ferguson. Torn apart by the French Revolution, two sisters and a brother are reunited by a family crest.
The Wishing Well: Emily's Wish (Nov., $5.50) by Joy Reed. A gentleman and a runaway woman embark on a romantic escapade in Regency England.
Shadow of the Bastille: A Sister's Quest (Dec., $5.50) by Jo Ann Ferguson. Torn apart by the French Revolution, a noble family is finally reunited.
The Clan Maclean: Summer's End (Jan., $5.50) by Lynne Hayworth. Jamie Mclean must stop his daughter's beautiful healer from being hanged as a witch.
Angels of Mercy: More Than a Dream (Feb., $5.50) by Martha Schr der. Catherine Stanhope dreams of being a healer, then finds her dream and more with a doctor.

Hand in Hand
(Sept., $4.99) by Marcia Evanick. Fed up with her workaholic husband, Annie Burton sets out to fulfill her own goals but can't forget her dream of happily ever after.
Tempting Zack (Oct., $4.99) by Colleen Faulkner. A pretty pediatrician moves to a small town and falls for a bachelor.
Taming Ben (Dec., $5.99) by Colleen Faulkner. A bachelor is attracted to the woman he's suing, a woman whose heart he broke years ago at the senior prom.
Seeing Stars (Jan., $4.99) by Vanessa Grant. An astronomer returns to Port Townsend for her high school reunion and has an affair with the school bad boy.
Think About Love (Feb., $4.99) by Vanessa Grant. A woman's boss follows her to British Columbia, determined to be her partner in both business and love.

Isabella's Dreams
(Oct., $3.99) by Tracy Montoya. In the Honduran jungle, an archeologist confronts the man who shattered her heart.
First Love (Nov., $3.99) by Erica Fuentes. Nearly two decades after loving and losing Miguel Garza, Gina Ramon is reunited with the man she never expected to see again.
Miracle of Love (Dec., $3.99) by Gloria Alvarez. School principal Elena Santiago moves back to New Orleans and rekindles a flame with her long-lost love.
All My Love (Feb., $3.99) by Caridad Scordato. Scientist Daisy Ramos and firm partner Brad Evans are like oil and water--until passion ignites.

Prince Harry
(Sept., $5.99) by Wendy Brody is a biography of the younger son of Diana and Charles.
Crime Stories: The Best of Court TV, Cold Killers (Oct., $6.99) by David Jacobs offers eyewitness accounts of actual cases aired on Court TV.
Code Name: Survival (Oct., $5.99) by William W. Johnstone. Ex-CIA agent John Barrone and his elite army are engaged in a high-speed war to stop an outlaw biker gang.
Life Blood (Dec., $6.99) by Thomas Hoover. In the Central American rain forest, a filmmaker seeks a brilliant doctor known for his bizarre human experiments.
Warriors from the Ashes (Jan., $5.99) by William W. Johnstone. Ben Raines is in a battle against both the evil president Claire Osterman and a man attempting to claim Mexico for his New World Order.
Vanished (Feb., $6.99) by T.J. MacGregor. Suspected in his wife's disappearance, a man eludes arrest and joins a marine biologist to investigate cataclysmic phenomena.
Reprints:(Sept.):Cradle and All ($6.99) by Zachary Alan Fox; (Oct.):Landing It ($6.99) by Scott Hamilton with Lorenzo Benet; (Nov.):False Witness ($6.99) by Lelia Kelly; (Jan.):Dead of Winter ($6.99) by P.J. Parrish.

Lord Nightingale's Love Song
(Sept.), Lord Nightingale's Triumph (Oct.) and Lord Nightingale's Christmas (Nov., $4.99 each) by Judith A. Lansdowne are the last three novels in a four-book series.
The Willfull Miss Winthrop (Oct., $4.99) by Wilma Counts. An independent lady fights her attraction to a soldier she believes to be a rogue.
Lady Diana's Daring Deed (Nov., $4.99) by Mona Gedney. Disguised as her twin brother, Lady Diana Ballinger loses a wager that places her in a most awkward position.
A Brighton Flirtation (Dec., $4.99) by Valerie King. The toast of Brighton society is delighted when her brother-in-law's brother begins to show interest in her.
The Christmas Charm (Dec., $4.99) by Lynn Collum. Miss Ariana Addington is unaware the her godmother plans to play matchmaker for her; the first book in a new trilogy.
The Missing Grooms (Jan., $4.99) by Cinday Holbrook. To pacify her father, Lady Julie creates a list of every suitable suitor in town who then begin to vanish.
The Wagered Wife (Feb., $4.99) by Wilma Counts. When, after seven years, Trevor Jeffries returns to London, he finds himself in love--with the wife he'd left behind.


Shadows at Sunset
(Sept., $6.50) by Anne Stuart. A con artist is trapped in his own web when he uses his enemy's daughter to exact revenge. Advertising.
Lord of the Desert (Oct., $6.99) by Diana Palmer. American Gretchen Callaway, assistant to the sheik of Qawi, finds love but not before her life is threatened. Advertising.
The Mistress (Oct., $6.50) by Susan Wiggs. A penniless maid and a con man marry, each thinking the other has a fortune. Advertising. Author tour.
Savage Desire (Dec., $7.50) by Rosemary Rogers continues the saga of the Brandons who struggle against events that threaten to separate them again. Advertising. Author tour
Glamour Puss (Dec., $6.50) by R.J. Kaiser. Twenty years after the accident that killed his lover's husband, Mac McGowan is threatened with blackmail. Advertising. Author tour.
Destiny's Daughter (Jan., $6.50) by Rebecca Brandewyne. A woman's life changes when she discovers that her father was murdered by a secret order and she's to be next. Advertising.
The Four Seasons (Feb., $6.50) by Mary Alice Monr . Four middle-aged sisters must rediscover the girls they once were and reconcile the women they have become. Advertising. Author tour.

The Seventh Sin
(Sept., $6.99) by Eben Paul Perison. A woman falsely accused of her lover's murder agonizes through a trial before the horrifying discovery of the real killer.
Darkness Bound (Oct., $6.99) by Larry Brooks. A stock trader's life is plunged into murder and mayhem when he succumbs to the advances of an adulterous mistress.
First Avenue (Dec., $6.99) by Lowen Clausen. A cop and his colleague search for the story behind a baby who's been abandoned.
Dark Side of Dawn (Jan., $5.99) by Merline Lovelace. A beautiful chopper pilot becomes the object of a deadly stalker.
Hard Landing (Feb., $TBA) by Lynne Heitman involves backstabbing lovers, high-stakes corporate takeovers and a plane crash cover-up.
(Sept.):The Lamorna Wink ($6.99) by Martha Grimes; (Nov.):Lethal Measures ($6.99) by Leonard Goldberg; (Jan.):The Death of Innocence ($TBA) by John and Patsy Ramsey.

Fair Haven
(Sept., $6.99) by Joann Ross. In rural Ireland, Dr. Erin O'Halloran unexpectedly finds love.
Dead Silence (Sept., $6.99) by Donna Anders. Someone thinks Liza MacDonough possesses dangerous information in this psychological thriller.
Courting Susannah (Oct., $7.99) by Linda Lael Miller. Susannah McKittrick comes to Seattle to take her late cousin's baby but the father has other ideas.
When Night Falls (Oct., $6.99) by Linda Anderson. An attorney haunted by personal tragedy finds love with a man who has a tragic past of his own.
Run for Your Life (Nov., $6.99) by Andrea Kane. Victoria Kensington teams with an ex-lover to investigate an illegal operation that may involve her father.
Warcraft #1: The Last Guardian (Nov., $6.99) by Charles Grant. A rakish and war-weary human mercenary in a world of sword and sorcery embarks on a perilous quest.
A Season in the Highlands (Dec., $6.99) by Jude Devereaux, Jill Barnett, Geralyn Dawson, Pam Binder and Patricia Cabot collects tales about love in historical Scotland.
Hawke's Cove (Jan., $6.99) by Susan Wilson. In 1944, with her husband away at war, Vangie finds herself tangled in a web of love and secret identities.
A Suggestion of Death (Feb., $6.99) by Marianne Wesson. Attorney Cinda Hayes tries to help a fragile young woman remember a horrifying event from her past.
Star Craft #1 (Feb., $6.50) by Jeff Grubb is based on the popular computer game.
High Tide ($7.99) by Jude Devereaux; (Oct.):Gravity ($7.99) by Tess Gerritsen; Bless the Child ($6.99) by Cathy Cash Spellman; (Nov.):Pay It Forward ($6.99) by Catherine Ryan Hyde; Rogue Warrior: The Real Team ($6.99) by Richard Marcinko; (Jan.):Empty Promises: Case Files ($7.99) by Ann Rule.

Sizzle All Day
(Sept., $6.50) by Geralyn Dawson. Seeking a lost treasure in a Scottish castle, Jake meets two sisters capitalizing on the public's fascination with the castle's ghosts.
Starlight (Oct.) and Starbright (Oct., $6.50 each) by Miranda Jarrett follow the fortunes of the Fairbourne family.
Fortune's Bride (Dec., $6.50) by Victoria Malvey. To take care of herself and her sister after their parents' death, Lady Alyssa Porter is forced to take a new identity.
Lady of Skye (Jan., $6.50) by Patricia Cabot. To prove to his fiancée that he's not a drunken wastrel, Dr. Reilly Stanton takes a post in a plague-ridden fishing village.
Hearts (Feb., $6.50) by Stef Ann Holm is book four in the romantic comedy series Brides for All Seasons.

(Sept.): And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer
($7.99) by Ann Rule; (Oct.): Three Wishes ($6.99) by Barbara Delinsky; (Nov.): Fountain Society ($6.99) by Wes Craven; (Jan.): Two Brothers: The Lawman and the Gunslinger ($TBA) by Linda Lael Miller; Murder @ Maggody.com ($6.99) by Joan Hess.

Star Trek New Frontiers #9: Book One: Excalibur
and Star Trek New Frontiers #10: Book Two: Renaissance (Sept., $6.99 each) by Peter David.
Star Trek #95: Rihannsu #3: Swordhunt and Star Trek #96: Rihannsu #4: Honor Blade (Oct., $6.99 each) by Diane Duane.
Star Trek Voyager #19: Dark Matters #1: CloakandDagger; Star Trek Voyager #20: Dark Matters #2: Ghost Dance (Nov., $6.50 each); Star Trek Voyager #21: Dark Matters #3: Shadow of Heaven (Dec., $6.50), all by Christie Golden.
Star Trek: The Next Generation: I, Q (Dec., $6.50) by John de Lancie and Peter David.
Star Trek: Dark Passions #1 and Star Trek: Dark Passions #2 (Jan., $6.50 each) by Susan Wright.
Star Trek: The Next Generation #60: Tooth and Claw by Dorrana Durgan and Star Trek: The Next Generation #61: Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R.A. De Candido (Feb., $6.99)

When Your World Is Coming Apart
(Sept., $5.99) by Donald W. Morgan provides strategies for overcoming anger, fear, doubt and depression.
Recovering from the Losses of Life (Dec., $5.99) by H. Norman Wright discusses how loss also brings the potential for growth, new insights and understanding.


Romancing the Rogue
(Sept., $6.50) by Barbara Dawson Smith. A girl who believes she is a Gypsy discovers she is the daughter of a governess and captures the love of an earl.
The Promise of Flowers (Sept., $5.99) by Delia Parr. Thought to be mad by Philadelphia society, Violet and her sister plan a daring escape from their controlling father.
Perfect Sin (Oct., $6.99) by Kat Martin. Randall Clayton, a duke, didn't expect to marry an unconventional American upstart or actually fall in love with her.
All Due Respect (Oct., $5.99) by Vicki Hinze. Fleeing her abusive husband, engineer and rocket scientist Dr. Julia Warner-Hyde thinks she is safe until a colleague tracks her down.
Catch a Fallen Angel (Nov., $5.99) by Kathleen Kane. When a gunslinger is hanged, the devil offers him a bargain--three months of life to find the man who set him up; but what he finds is love.
Don't Close Your Eyes (Nov., $6.99) by Carlene Thompson. After returning home, Natalie begins to hear the voice of her murdered friend Tamara warning her that she will be next.
No, Kitty! and Bad Dog! (Nov., $5.99 each) by Steve Duno. An animal behaviorist provides solutions to the most common feline and canine behavioral problems.
Montana Born and Bred (Dec., $5.99) by Alexis Harrington. Seduced by a wealthy villain and duped into giving him her life savings, Sarah struggles to hold onto her precious baby boy.
Welcome to Leo's (Dec., $6.50) by Rochelle Alers, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson and Francis Ray. Four women find love at Leo's Supper Club.
Servant of the Law (Dec., $5.99) by Dusty Richards. Based on fact, this is a story of the governor of the Arizona territory who hired Major Gerald Bowen to fight the bandits who were running wild.
Deadly Love (Jan., $TBA) by B.D. Joyce. Expected by her parents to marry well, sheltered Francesca Cahill falls in love with a dangerous and romantic police commissioner.
Back in Baby's Arms (Jan., $TBA) by Tina Wainscott. After the death of the husband who had made her come alive, Maddie is alone--until she meets a mysterious stranger who was rescued from a storm at sea.
The Matchmaker (Feb., $TBA) by Rexanne Becnel. After her debut, Olivia finds no man suitable for marriage--until she meets the very unsuitable scoundrel Neville Hawke.
Raven (Feb., $TBA) by Laura Baker. A cop in Chama, New Mexico, suspects that the woman he's coming to love is the notorious art thief, Raven.
Reprints: (Sept.): The Unexpected Guest ($6.99) by Agatha Christie, adapted as a novel by Charles Osborne; (Oct.): The Cold Truth ($6.50) by Jonathan Stone; The Millennium Girl ($6.99) by C rte V.W. Felske; Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex... ($7.99) by David Reuben, M.D.; (Nov.): Projection ($6.99) by Keith Ablow; A Midnight Carol ($4.99) by Patricia K. Davis; (Dec.): The Phantom of Manhattan ($6.50) by Frederick Forsyth; (Jan.): Rough Draft ($TBA) by James W. Hall; Dr. Atkins' Age-Defying Diet Revolution ($7.50) by Robert C. Atkins, M.D., with Sheila Buff; (Feb.): The Lighthouse Keeper (Feb., $6.99) by James Michael Pratt.

The Perfect Wife
(Sept., $5.99) by Jane Goodger. In 1890's Newport, an unlikely romance develops between a man and the girl he marries to obtain his inheritance.
Storm (Nov., $6.99) by Boris Starling. Kate Beauchamp takes on a serial killer with the help of Red Metcalfe.
The Walking (Nov., $6.99) by Bentley Little ties together a secret from the past and a series of mysterious deaths in the present.
Winter Raven (Dec., $6.99) by Cassie Edwards tells of a bold young woman, a brave Indian warrior and the bounty of love.
Reprints: (Sept.): Silent Snow ($6.99) by Steve Thayer; (Oct.): Scavenger ($6.99) by Tom Savage; (Jan.): Above the Law ($6.99) by J.F. Freedman; Almost Night ($6.99) by Ann Prospero; (Feb.): Back Roads ($6.99) by Tawni O'Dell.

Night Shield
(Sept., $4.50) by Nora Roberts. Allison Fletcher refuses to let herself be seduced by charmer Jonah Blackhawk, even though he makes her heart race.
Marriage Prey (Nov., $3.99) by Annette Broadrick. Detective Steve Antonelli isn't going to be any woman's prey until his brothers invite him to his own shotgun wedding.

Young Founders #4/1863: A House Divided
(Sept., $4.99) by Elizabeth Massie. Alarmed that rebel troops are threatening to invade Washington, D.C., twins Susanne and Stephen join the war effort then are separated. Advertising.
Rolling Thunder Stock Car Racing #7 (Oct., $5.99) by Don Keith and Kent Wright brings behind-the-scenes action to life. Advertising. Author publicity.
The Sixth Day (Nov., $TBA) by Terry Bisson. A company that has produced an illegal clone suspects one of its employees of uncovering their secret. Advertising. Tie-in with the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie thriller.
Reprints: (Sept.): Brotherhood of the Wolf ($7.99) by David Farland; (Oct.):Conspiracies ($6.99) by F. Paul Wilson; Xone of Contention ($6.99) by Piers Anthony; (Nov.): Others ($6.99) by James Herbert; (Dec.): Ender's Shadow and Ender's Game ($6.99 each) by Orson Scott Card; (Jan.): The Light of Other Days ($7.99) by Arthur C. Clarke.

Texas Crime Chronicles: Outrageous True Stories of Murder and Mayhem in the Lone Star State
(Sept., $6.99) by Texas Monthly editors offers up tales of murder, mischief and mayhem.
More Than a Memory (Feb., $6.99) by Dorothy Garlock.
Reprints: (Sept.): A Walk to Remember ($6.99) by Nicholas Sparks; Saving Faith ($7.99) by David Baldacci; (Oct.): Pop G s the Weasel ($7.99) by James Patterson; Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot ($7.99) by J. Randy Taraborrelli; (Nov.): The Lion's Game ($7.99) by Nelson DeMille; (Dec.): Personal Injuries ($7.99) by Scott Turow; The Bodyguard's Story: Diana, the Crash, and the Sole Survivor ($7.50) by Trevor Rees-Jones with Moira Johnson; (Jan.): Void Moon ($7.99) by Michael Connelly.

VOR #5: Hell Heart
(Nov., $6.50) by Robert E. Vardeman ties in with VOR, the new science fiction adventure game.
VOR #6 (Jan., $6.50) by Thomas S. Gressman is the final book in the series.
Reprints: (Nov.): The Naked God, Part I: Flight ($6.99) by Peter F. Hamilton.

Trust No One
(Sept., $6.99) by Meryl Sawyer. A love triangle and a mysterious death envelop twin brothers separated at birth.
Warrior's Honor (Sept., $5.99) by Georgina Gentry. Warrior Talako's mission to capture a runaway ends when he meets and falls in love with his quarry's sister.
When Darkness Falls (Oct., $6.99) by Shannon Drake. Someone is watching Jade MacGregor and will try to rescue her from an evil waiting to destroy her.
If She Only Knew (Oct., $6.50) by Lisa Jackson. A woman who lost her memory is haunted by betrayals, secrets and a twisted killer waiting to strike. Advertising. Author tour.
His Scandalous Duchess (Oct., $5.99) by Sara Blayne. A woman with a scandalous past finds passion and true love with a confirmed rake.
My Own (Nov., $6.99) by Joan Hohl. A secret childhood crush grows into a wistful woman's treasured love.
Jordan's Heart (Nov., $5.99) by Laurel Collins. Two hearts join forces in search of gold and love in the Colorado canyons.
Border Storm (Jan., $5.99) by Amanda Scott. The daughter of a Scottish warden pledges herself as a hostage when her runaway sister is accused of murder.
Forever and Beyond (Jan., $5.99) by Susan Grace. A respected lady exposes the truth about her outlaw past to her family.
Seize the Dawn (Feb., $6.99) by Shannon Drake is the third novel in the Graham family saga.
Too Good To Be True (Feb., $6.50) by Kasey Michaels. PI Grady Sullivan, hired by a toilet paper magnate to find out which of his heirs is trying to kill him, falls in love with the man's unknown granddaughter.
Long Way Home (Feb., $5.99) by Janis Reams Hudson. Duncan Malone and Franki Taylor come together to deal with the treacherous past, the ominous present and the hopeful future.
Reprints: (Nov.): The Merry Widow ($6.50) by Meagan McKinney; (Jan.): Yesterday ($6.99) by Fern Michaels.
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