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Fall 2000 Title Listings

We're not even into the dog days of summer yet, but for bookstores, the fall is just around the corner. This season looks to open with the a mini-Brit invasion--Beatlemania, 2000-style. No less than nine titles will be available on the Fab Four, including an intimate look at their original manager, Brian Epstein, the so-called "fifth Beatle," and the re-publication of John Lennon's In His Own Write (S&S), a quirky little volume that was a huge bestseller in 1964. If '60s rock isn't your thing, applaud the recently knighted actor Michael Caine with his rags-to-riches story or find out what Britain's crown princeling is up to in William: King for the 21st Century (Blake). Anniversary corks will pop for Sourcebooks' Steppenwolf at 25 and Rutledge's Mayberry Memories, now 40 years old. Prima pays homage to centenarians in On Being 100, while ReganBooks swings the pendulum the other way to capture the allure of teen idols in HotHouse. Curiosities always make an appearance: How about finding out where bialys came from or what happened to a lock of Beethoven's hair?

And celebrations for the future? Books previewing Sydney's 2000 Summer Olympics and the 2002 winter competitions in Salt Lake City anticipate champions of the future. In the meantime, join the PW party below...And look for the latest in computer titles featured in the August 28 roundup!

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