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Fall 2000 Hardcover List
Edited by Laurele Riippa
Compiled by Lynn Andriani, Dena Croog, Robert Dahlin, Cindi DiMarzo, Charles Hix, Karole Riippa, and Bella Stander
-- 8/14/00

Fiction/General & Short Stories
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(Oct., $22.95) by James Robert Baker. A man with murder on his mind comes unhinged as he seeks an ex-lover in L.A.
Only with the Heart
(Sept., $24.95) by Sherri Szeman. Alzheimer's pushes a family to the brink of destruction.
What Are You Like?
(Sept., $24) by Anne Enright. Chaos ensues when a woman leaves home to find herself. 35,000 first printing. $40,000 ad/promo.
Four Blondes (Sept., $24) by Candace Bushnell chronicles the loves, betrayals and victories of modern women in millennial New York. 100,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.
The Beast God Forgot to Invent (Oct., $24) by Jim Harrison contains three novellas sparked by the conflict between culture and wildness. 65,000 first printing. $75,000 ad/promo.
Slaves of Obsession
(Oct., $25) by Anne Perry. William Monk travels from London to the Civil War battlefield of Manassas to track a killer. Ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
A Kiss of Shadows (Oct., $22.95) by Laurell K. Hamilton. An alien PI specializing in supernatural crime in L.A. must return to her home planet. Ad/promo. 8-city author tour.
Gangster (Feb., $TBA) by Lorenzo Carcaterra recounts the rise and fall of a New York mobster. Ad/promo. To be an ABC-TV miniseries. 6-city author tour.
The Whitechapel Conspiracy (Feb., $TBA) by Anne Perry is the 21st mystery with Inspector Thomas Pitt and his wife, Charlotte, in Victorian London.
Hot Johnny (and the Women Who Loved Him)
(Jan., $TBA) by Sandra Jackson Opoku takes a Rashomon-like look at a man who is both saint and sinner. 5-city author tour.
Dust to Dust
(Sept., $25.95) by Tami Hoag. When a Minneapolis cop turns up dead, is it suicide or murder? 300,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author tour.
The Man Who Ate the 747 (Sept., $19.95) by Ben Sherwood. A guy will do weird things to prove to a woman that he loves her. 125,000 first printing. Ad/promo. LG and DBC selections. Author tour.
From the Corner of His Eye (Dec., $TBA) by Dean Koontz. Blinded at three, Bartholomew Lampion regains his sight and a heightened perception.
Riley in the Morning (Jan., $TBA) by Sandra Brown. As an important dinner party approaches, the hostess faces her estranged husband, a popular TV star.
The Moon Pearl
(Sept., $24) by Ruthanne Lum McCunn. Three young women carve out lives for themselves in the restrictive world of 19th-century China.
Silent Warrior: The Marine Sniper's Story Continues
(Oct., $21.95) by Charles W. Henderson is the sequel to Marine Sniper.
(Sept., $23.95) by Mat Johnson. A 31-year-old black man struggles to break out of the ghetto.
Five Mile House (Oct., $23.95) by Karen Novak tells a modern-day story haunted by a 19th-century ghost.
Standing on the Promises, Vol. 1: One More River to Cross
(Sept., $19.95) by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray launches a series based on what befell African-American Mormons in pioneer days.
Sea of Glory
(Feb., $21.99) by David Poling and Ken Wales is inspired by a WWII event, when four chaplains gave up their lives at sea to save others.
(dist. by Interlink)
(Sept., $27) by Ross Leckie. A great city and civilization come under the heavy boot of Rome.
According to Queeney
(Nov., $22) by Beryl Bainbridge reimagines Samuel Johnson's last days. 30,000 first printing. $25,000 ad/promo.
Labor Day
(Sept., $22) by Floyd Kemske pits a seasoned union-busting consultant against an unconventional union organizer.
Wild Kids: Two Novels About Growing Up
(Sept., $22.95) by Ta-Chun Chang capture the disillusionment and cynicism of modern Taiwanese youth.
Jayber Crow
(Sept., $25) by Wendell Berry is an epic work set in the fictional town of Port William, Ky.
Cassada (Jan., $25) by James Salter entirely rewrites his second novel, The Arm of Flesh.
An Eighth of August
(Oct., $22.95) by Dawn Turner Trice begins with a 1986 festival as a Midwestern town marks the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Ad/promo. 4-city author tour.
Nappily Ever After (Dec., $22) by Trisha R. Thomas. A smart African-American woman rebels against the assimilationist ritual of long, straight hair. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
The Babel Effect (Jan., $23) by Daniel Hecht. A global epidemic seems to make people increasingly violent.
Elvis and Nixon (Feb., $22.95) by Jonathan Lowy stretches from Graceland to the White House.


Pagan Babies
(Sept., $24.95) by Elmore Leonard. Genocide in Rwanda and the Mafia in Detroit collide in Leonardesque fashion. 100,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
More than a Mistress (Sept., $16.95) by Mary Balogh. A rakish duke meets his match in Regency England. 50,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Sometimes I Dream in Italian (Oct., $23.95) by Rita Ciresi. Two sisters, having fled their stultifying home, cannot escape the memories. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Journey (Nov., $26.95) by Danielle Steel. In her 50th novel, Steel portrays the private lives behind public facades in Washington, D.C. 1.2 million first printing. Ad/promo. LG and DBC main selections.
Mary and O'Neil
(Feb., $TBA) by Justin Cronin. A young couple's union and offspring testify to the redemptive power of love.
The Blind Assassin
(Sept., $26) by Margaret Atwood. At the start of this novel-within-a-novel, a sister's death in 1945 is ruled accidental. A Nan A. Talese book. Ad/promo. Author tour.
The Golden Age (Sept., $27.50) by Gore Vidal concludes his historical narratives, from the U.S. entering WWII to the end of the Korean War. Ad/promo. Author tour.
The Brand New Kid (Oct., $23.95) by Katie Couric, illus. by Marjorie Priceman. Two girls befriend a recent immigrant from Hungary who is ridiculed at school for being different.
Disobedience (Oct., $24.95) by Jane Hamilton. A high school senior reads his mother's e-mail and learns she is having an affair. Ad/promo. Author tour.
The Program (Feb., $24.95) by Stephen White. A female DA marked for death enters the witness protection program.
(Sept., $22) by Mitch Cullin is a macabre story about an abandoned young girl's fantasy world in West Texas.
Her Husband
(Nov., $24.95) by Luigi Pirandello. Rome's literary world comes to life in this first English translation.
Bad Boy
(Jan., $24.95) by Olivia Goldsmith. A luckless lover gets better results after he dons a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet. Advertising. Author publicity.
The Warmest December (Feb., $23.95) by Bernice McFadden reveals how her father's alcoholism affects a young girl's life. Author tour.
The Headmaster's Wife
(Sept., $21.95) by Richard Hawley. A mortal illness leads an intelligent woman to revelations about herself.
The Complete Short Stories
(Sept., $23) by Evelyn Waugh assembles 39 tales, including "Mr. Lovejoy's Little Outing."
The Maltese Falcon, The Thin Man, Red Harvest (Nov., $20) by Dashiell Hammett collects three classic novels.
The Years with Laura Díaz
(Oct., $26) by Carlos Fuentes covers the Mexican revolution and its aftermath through the experiences of a powerful female protagonist.
In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden (Jan., $23) by Kathleen Cambor sets a bittersweet romance against the construction and collapse of the Johnstown, Pa., dam.
Turning on the Girls (Feb., $23) by Cheryl Benard envisions a world designed and run by women.
Border Crossing (Feb., $24) by Pat Barker. In northern England, a child psychiatrist rescues a drowning man--a child murderer at whose trial he gave evidence.
David's Story
(Feb., $19.95) by Zoë Wicomb. The South African writer probes the world of spies and saboteurs in the liberation movement.
A Christmas Wedding
(Nov., $24.95) by Andrew M. Greeley continues the saga of the O'Malley family in Chicago. 100,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Eagle's Cry (Nov., $25.95) by David Nevin explores George Washington's death and the birth of the two-party system. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Combat (Jan., $TBA) by Stephen Coonts anthologizes techno-thrillers by such writers as Harold Coyle and Dean Ing. 200,000 first printing. Advertising.
Domain (Feb., $TBA) by Steve Allen. A beautiful psychologist helps the son of an archeologist escape a mental asylum to resolve a Mayan prophecy of doom. Advertising. Author publicity.
Snapshots: 20th Century Mother-Daughter Fiction
(Sept.; $24.95, paper $16.95), edited by Joyce Carol Oates and Janet Berliner, gathers stories by Alice Walker, Mary Gordon and others.
The Last Buffalo Hunter (Nov., $24.95) by Jake Mosher is a coming-of-age story set in the Big Sky country of Montana.
War Memorials
(Nov., $23.95) by Clint McCown. A bumbling antihero seeks life's meaning in a small Southern town shaped by war. Advertising. Author tour.
How the Dead Live
(Sept., $24) by Will Self. A hospital patient dying of cancer struggles with mortality. 40,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo.
Artemisia (Sept., $25) by Alexandra Lapierre recounts the life of a significant female artist.


All the Names
(Oct., $24) by Jose Saramago. The Nobel Prize-winner delves into the baffling workings of the human heart. 75,000 first printing. Advertising. Author tour.
Too Far Afield (Nov., $30) by Günter Grass maps the historical dimensions of German reunification. 60,000 first printing.
Wild Justice
(Sept., $26) by Phillip Margolin. A young woman fears she may be involved with a sociopath. 250,000 first printing. $250,000 ad/promo. LG, DBC, BOMC and Mystery Guild selections. 12-city author tour.
Rowing in Eden (Sept., $25) by Elizabeth Evans. The youngest daughter remembers the events of her family's lakeside summer in the 1960s. 25,000 first printing. Author publicity.
The Night Listener (Oct., $26) by Armistead Maupin. A radio personality becomes intrigued with the mysterious boy who telephones him. 100,000 first printing. Advertising. 16-city author tour.
Sharpe's Fortress (Nov., $25) by Bernard Cornwell is the final installment of the India trilogy. 60,000 first printing. Advertising. Author publicity.
T2: Infiltrator
(Nov., $22) by S.M. Stirling is the first officially authorized Terminator adventure. 100,000 first printing.
Talking About O'Dwyer
(Oct., $23) by C.K. Stead. Two Oxford dons unravel the life of another who divulged a horrifying secret at his death.
Custer's Luck
(Sept., $25) by Robert Skimin with William E. Moody offers an alternative history of George Armstrong Custer.
Martin Bauman; Or, A Sure Thing
(Sept., $26) by David Leavitt. A young man moves to New York City, secures a job in a publishing house and comes to terms with the chaos of AIDS. Ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
The Means of Escape (Oct., $20) by Penelope Fitzgerald is the late author's first story collection. Ad/promo.
The Persian Bride (Oct., $23) by James Buchan. This love story and political thriller takes place in modern Iran. Ad/promo.
(dist. by IPG)
Ghost Writing (Oct., $24), edited by Roger Weingarten. John Updike, Peter Straub and others supply ghost stories. $20,000 ad/promo.
What You Wish For
(Oct., $24) by Fern Michaels. A woman changes her identity to escape an abusive husband. Advertising.
Finding Ian (Jan., $24) by Stella Cameron. Visiting his 13-year-old son in Cornwall, England, a widower falls in love with a local woman.
Still of the Night (Feb., $23) by Meagan McKinney. A wounded Drug Enforcement Administration agent hides out on a rundown Louisiana plantation.
When We Were Orphans
(Sept., $25) by Kazuo Ishiguro. An English boy born in early 20th-century Shanghai is orphaned and sent to England, where he grows up to be a detective. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo. 11-city author tour.
Merrick (Oct., $26.95) by Anne Rice journeys into the unexplored world of witchcraft. 750,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Licks of Love: Short Stories and a Sequel, "Rabbit Remembered" (Nov., $25) by John Updike revisits many of the locales in his fiction. 60,000 first printing. Advertising.
Protect and Defend (Jan., $26.95) by Richard North Patterson is the latest by the author of Degree of Guilt.400,000 first printing. Author publicity.
The True History of the Kelly Gang (Feb., $26) by Peter Carey was inspired by the life and times of Australia's mythic outlaw, Ned Kelly. Author publicity.


The Fire of Origins
(Dec., $25) by Emmanuel Dongala. One of Africa's major writers unfolds his continent's history. 25,000 first printing. $15,000 ad/promo. Author tour.
F. Scott Fitzgerald: Novels and Other Stories 1920-1922
(Sept., $35), edited by Jackson R. Bryer, collects This Side of Paradise and additional work.
(Jan., $24.95) by Rick Moody is a collection of stories by the author of The Ice Storm. Advertising. 9-city author tour.
On Bear Mountain (Feb., $24.95) by Deborah Smith. The sculpture of a bear brings together a New Yorker and a dirt-poor Georgian. Advertising. Author publicity.
Hemingway on Fishing
(Nov., $29.95) by Ernest Hemingway, edited by Nick Lyons, gathers Papa's writings on angling. 100,000 first printing.
The Lucky Gourd Shop
(Sept., $25) by Joanna C. Scott. Three Korean children are suddenly orphaned. Advertising.
A Tinker's Damn (Oct., $25) by Darryl Wimberley. A man is caught between two families in conflict.
Return to Promise
(Oct., $12.95) by Debbie Macomber reunites readers with the families of Promise, Tex. Advertising. Author tour.
The Last Lover (Nov., $22.95) by Laura Van Wormer. Sally Harrington, a smart young journalist, is embroiled in the case of a missing movie star. Advertising. Author tour.
The Courage Tree (Feb., $22.95) by Diane Chamberlain. Suffering from a rare disease, a young girl g s missing on a camping trip. Advertising. Author tour.
The Sky Is Falling
(Sept., $26) by Sidney Sheldon. When five members of a famous family are killed in separate accidents over one year, a beautiful anchorwoman becomes suspicious. 750,000 first printing. Ad/promo. 6-city author tour.
Taking Lottie Home (Oct., $25) by Terry Kay. In 1904, two men released from a baseball team meet a girl-woman on an evening train. 50,000 first printing. Advertising. 6-city author tour.
Home for the Holidays (Nov., $18) by Johanna Lindsey. An unlucky young woman is rescued by a dashing champion. 500,000 first printing. Advertising.
The World's Smallest Unicorn
(Oct., $22.95) by Shena Mackay is a collection of stories blending the mysterious and the everyday.
A Heart So White
(Nov., $24.95) by Javier Marías, trans. by Margaret Jull Costa. Family secrets are revealed in this modern novel from Spain.
I'm Gone
(Feb., $23.95) by Jean Echnoz, trans. by Mark Polizzotti, was a bestseller in France.
Don't Tell Anyone
(Oct., $25.95) by Frederick Busch. These new stories plumb the soul of the American family. Ad/promo. 6-city author tour.
Island: The Complete Stories (Oct., $25.95) by Alistair MacLeod. In 16 stories, men and women confront their mortality on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Author publicity.


The Diagnosis
(Sept., $25) by Alan Lightman. On his way to work one morning, a man forgets who he is. Ad/promo. 9-city author tour.
The Bridegroom (Oct., $22) by Ha Jin. The NBA winner offers 12 new stories alive with the daily dramas of Chinese men and women. Ad/promo. 17-city author tour.
The Lynching Tree
(Dec., $25) by Michael Stein. Shortly before a man becomes the first black member of the police force in a New Jersey town, a white man is lynched.
Piper (Jan., $24) by John Keegan. A teenager looks for answers when her adoptive mother drowns amid rumors that she was having an affair.
The Return of Felix Nogara
(Sept., $25.95) by Pablo Medina. An exile decides to return home after the death of Castro. Author tour.
The Holocaust Kid (Feb., $22.95) by Sonia Pilcer. Autobiographical stories by a second generation Holocaust writer follow a sexy heroine from birth in a German displaced persons camp to her move to New York City. Author tour.
(dist. by Dufour Editions)
Doubting Thomas: A Novel About Caravaggio (Oct., $29.95) by Atle Naess, trans. by Anne Born. The painter provides the focus for this first appearance in English of the Norwegian novelist.
The First Time
(Sept., $24.95) by Joy Fielding. After learning that her husband is having yet another affair, a woman receives even more devastating news. 100,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
Temptation (Oct., $24.95) by Jude Deveraux. The year is 1909, and a woman's rights activist in New York City is compelled to move to Scotland to keep house for a brutish man. 250,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Eye of the Storm (Nov.; $24.95, paper $7.99) and End of the Rainbow (Feb.; $24, paper $7.99) by V.C. Andrews are the final two volumes in the Hudson series. Advertising.
Paradise County (Nov., $24.95) by Karen Robards. Passion and murder roil neighboring horse farms in Kentucky bluegrass country. 125,000 first printing. Ad/promo. 5-city author tour.
(Sept., $25.95) by Dick Francis. Criminal forces threaten the life of a glassblower who holds the key to priceless treasure. Advertising. Author tour.
The Devil's Code (Oct., $25.95) by John Sandford. A computer whiz/professional criminal uncovers conspiracy and murder in top government agencies. Ad/promo.
The Last Precinct (Oct., $26.95) by Patricia Cornwell. Dr. Kay Scarpetta's investigation of a 400-year-old death leads to a contemporary killer. Ad/promo. LG, DBC and Mystery Guild main selections. Author publicity.
Shock (Dec., $24.95) by Robin Cook. Two graduate science students are threatened after discovering harrowing secret research at a fertility clinic. Ad/promo. LG, DBC and Mystery Guild main selections. Author publicity.
The Jury (Jan., $25.95) by Steve Martini. A lawyer defends a brilliant research physician who may be a killer. Advertising. LG, DBC and Mystery Guild selections.
Special Ops: A Brotherhood of War Novel (Jan., $25.95) by W.E.B. Griffin brings back U.S. Army characters involved in the death of Che Guevara. Advertising. BOMC selection. Author publicity.
The Bonesetter's Daughter (Feb., $25.95) by Amy Tan is the latest by the author of The Joy Luck Club.
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
(Sept., $26.95) by Michael Chabon. Two misfits make a hit creating comic-book superher s in 1939. Ad/promo. 8-city author tour.
Killing Time (Sept., $25.95) by Caleb Carr. An expert criminologist in 2023 receives troubling evidence about the 2018 assassination of the female U.S. president. Ad/promo. 12-city author tour.
The Way Forward Is with a Broken Heart (Oct., $23.95) by Alice Walker contains stories based on her experiences. Ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
Dr. Death (Dec., $26.95) by Jonathan Kellerman. Dr. Alex Delaware works up the case of the title character, a murdered euthanasia proponent. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
The Last Prince (Jan., $25.95) by Daniel Silva. Middle East political intrigue spreads to three continents, jeopardizing the peace process.
Death Benefits (Jan., $24.95) by Thomas Perry creates two new characters, private detective Max Stillman and his partner, John Walker.
Where Love Is, There God Is Also
(Jan., $12.99) by Leo Tolstoy collects the title story and two others.
(Sept., $21.95) by Jane Mendelsohn. A New York teen suspects that a vampire has a taste for her blood. Ad/promo. Author tour.
Laura Blundy (Oct., $22.95) by Julie Myerson. Crimes of passion terrorize mid-19th-century London.


Far from the Tree
(Sept., $24.95) by Donna Grant and Virginia DeBerry considers sisterhood, family secrets and the ties that bind. 150,000 first printing. Ad/promo. LG, DBC and Black Expressions selections. 10-city author tour.
Hong Kong (Sept., $25.95) by Stephen Coonts. The world is endangered by a frighteningly plausible scenario. 300,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
Alice's Tulips (Oct., $22.95) by Sandra Dallas charts one woman's survival during the Civil War. 40,000 first printing. Advertising. Serial rights to Good Housekeeping. Author tour.
The Prometheus Deception (Oct., $27.95) by Robert Ludlum. A retired deep-cover operative learns that the organization he worked for used him as a pawn against the country's best interests. 750,000 first printing. Ad/promo. Author publicity.
The Accidental Pope (Dec., $24.95) by Raymond Flynn and Robin Moore. A humble fisherman becomes the next head of the church. 25,000 first printing. Advertising.
Winter Solstice
(Sept., $27.95) by Rosamunde Pilcher delivers a tale of tragedy and renewal. 750,000 first printing. Ad/promo. LG, DBC and BOMC selections.
A Hampton's Christmas (Nov., $23.95) by James Brady creates a Yuletide at the beach. 35,000 first printing. Author publicity.
The Fisher King
(Oct., $23) by Paule Marshall. In 1949, a black jazz pianist flees racism in New York City for success in Paris.
The Body Artist (Feb., $22) by Don DeLillo. After her husband's suicide, a woman invites a man into her home who can foretell the future.
The Case of Doctor Sachs
(Oct., $27.95) by Martin Winckler. This bestseller in France involves a country doctor who cares deeply for his patients. Ad/promo. 12-city author tour.
Women of Genesis, Vol. 1: Sarah
(Oct., $22.95) by Orson Scott Card inaugurates a new series based on biblical women. Author tour.
Blind Ambitions
(Sept., $23) by Lolita Files. Three women strive to make names for themselves in the Hollywood jungle. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo. DBC and Black Expressions selections. 7-city author tour.
The Carousel (Sept., $18.95) by Richard Paul Evans picks up the unfinished story of Faye Murrow and Michael Keddington. 500,000 first printing. Ad/promo. 15-city author tour.
Morgan's Run (Sept., $28) by Colleen McCullough. Undesirables are shipped from England to the hostile Australian continent in the 18th century. 250,000 first printing. Ad/promo. BOMC selection. 8-city author tour.
Boone's Lick (Nov., $26) by Larry McMurtry. The Cecil family helps open up the American West as they journey from Missouri to Wyoming. 200,000 first printing. Ad/promo.
(Sept., $27) by Keith Maillard. A beautiful young woman in 1950s America wants more than what's offered by her privileged life.
Desirada (Nov., $24) by Maryse Conde. Guadeloupe, France and the U.S. hold the secrets to a Caribbean woman's past.
In the Country of the Young
(Sept., $19.95) by Daniel Stern is a collection dealing with love, money and power.
Slow Emergencies
(Jan., $17.50) by Nancy Huston. A ballet choreographer is torn between her family in a New England town or life on the world's stages.
Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century
(Sept., $39.95), edited by David Peirce.
Diary of an Adulterous Woman
(Nov., $29.95) by Curt Leviant. Meeting at their Jewish day school's reunion, two men become interested in the same married woman.
The Devil's Tiger
(Sept., $24.50) by Robert Flynn and Dan Klepper. Dangerously infected tigers sent to America by post-Soviet Union Russia are set loose in south Texas.
Pony Express Christmas
(Oct., $12.99) by Sigmund Brouwer is a tale about an express rider and his needy family.
The Mark: #8 Left Behind (Nov., $22.99) by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Back-from-the-dead Nicolae begins his reign of terror over the earth. $3 million ad/promo.


Killing Time with Strangers
(Sept., $22.95) by W.S. Penn. A Native American man seeks love with the help of incompetent spirit guides.
Ice Age
(Sept., $24.95) by Robert Anderson is a debut story collection venturing into the world of the absurd.
This Is Where We Live: Short Stories by 25 Contemporary North Carolina Writers
(Oct., $29.95), edited by Michael McFee, gathers tales published within the last 15 years.
(Sept., $19.95) by Gerald Vizenor centers on the volatile issue of repatriation of Native American skeletal remains.
By Way of the Forked Stick
(Sept., $22.50) by Billy C. Clark. Four stories draw from the author's childhood in a small Appalachian town during the Depression.
Color of Law
(Oct., $24.95) by David Milofsky follows a racial murder in 1959 and the subsequent police coverup.
Orange Pulp: Stories of Mayhem, Murder, and Mystery
(Nov., $24.95), edited by Maurice J. O'Sullivan and Steve Glassman, celebrates the golden age of pulp fiction from the Sunshine State.
The Old American
(Oct., $24.95) by Ernest Hebert. An Algonkian Indian takes an English captive during the French and Indian Wars.
A Friend of the Earth
(Sept., $24.95) by T.C. Boyle. It is 2025, and the biosphere has collapsed under global warming. Ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
Nowhere Else on Earth (Sept., $24.95) by Josephine Humphreys. The Civil War engulfs a North Carolina community. Ad/promo. 10-city author tour.
Thunder from Jerusalem (Oct., $19.95) by Bodie and Brock Th ne. In the second book of the Zion Legacy series, tragedy, romance and spiritual adventure flare when Israel is just five days old. Ad/promo. 6-city author tour.
Cause Celeb (Feb., $23.95) by Helen Fielding. Western celebrities are introduced to Third World starvation in this novel by the author of Bridget Jones's Diary.
(Sept., $18.95) by Dan Rhodes. Lust, loss and love figure in these 101 stories, each 101 words in length.
L.I.E. (Sept., $22.95) by David Hollander concerns a high school graduate on Long Island seeking escape, enlightenment and the loss of his virginity. Author publicity.
Casual Rex (Feb., $23.95) by Eric Garcia. Don't look now, but PI dinosaur Vincent Rubio is back.
The Rescue
(Sept., $22.95) by Nicholas Sparks. A volunteer fireman, afraid of commitment, meets a single mother in a small North Carolina town. Ad/promo. 24-city author tour.
Wish You Well (Oct., $24.95) by David Baldacci. A 1940 tragedy sends two young children and their invalid mother from New York City to the rugged mountains of Virginia. Ad/promo. Author tour.
Out of the Night That Covers Me (Jan., $23.95) by Pat Cunningham Devoto. An orphaned white boy and an eccentric black man forge a friendship in 1950s Alabama. Ad/promo.
The Sailor's Wife
(Oct., $24) by Helen Benedict. Living as a peasant woman on a Greek island, a spoiled American bride discovers her own worth.
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