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Spring 2001 Book List
Edited by Laurele Riippa. Compiled by Lynn Andriani, Dena Croog, Robert Dahlin, Charles Hix, Julia Moberg, Karole Riippa and Bella Stander. -- 1/22/01

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Evergence III: A Dark Imbalance
(Mar., $6.99) by Sean Williams and Shane Dix. When an army of genetically enhanced warriors is sent to destroy mankind, only one woman can stop them.

Stark's Command (Apr., $5.99) by John G. Henry. A mutiny on the moon places Sgt. Ethan Stark in command of the U.S. military forces there.

Interlopers (May, $6.99) by Alan Dean Foster. When Cody Wescott discovers Interlopers on the planet and his wife is attacked, he must find the secret that will save her.

The Killing Dance (June, $6.99) by Laurell K. Hamilton. Nothing is ever easy for the woman they call the Vampire Hunter.

Eccentric Circles (July, $5.99) by Rebecca Lickiss. An aspiring writer who considers herself to be the only rational member of her family finds an elf sitting at the kitchen table.

Spec Ops Squad: Holding the Line (Aug., $6.50) by Rick Shelly. Earth has joined a political alliance of various alien species.

Reprints: (Mar.):The Changeling Saga #3: The Magic Dead ($6.99) by Peter Garrison; (Apr.): Heart of Gold ($6.99) by Sharon Shinn; (May): Oceanspace ($6.99) by Allen Steele; (June): Spindle's End ($6.50) by Robin McKinley; (July): King Kelson's Bride ($7.50) by Katherine Kurtz.

Everything to Gain
(Mar., $5.99) by Marilyn Tyner. Teacher Caroline Duval had put her breakup with Derek behind her, until a chance encounter reignited passion.

Her 1-800 Husband (Apr., $5.99) by Shirley Hailstock. Fed up with her meddling family, Catherine decides to find a man who will marry her, then divorce quickly.

Know by Heart (May, $5.99) by Angela Winters. After a disastrous relationship, reporter Jesse Grant hopes she'll find a new life in Silicon Valley.

Through the Fire (June, $5.99) by Donna Hill. After the loss of his wife and the discovery of his son by a former lover, Quentin Parker must find a way to pull his life together.

Scarlet Woman (July, $5.99) by Gwynne Forster. According to her late husband's will, a young widow must marry within a year or lose her inheritance.

Surrender (Aug., $5.99) by Brenda Jackson. Netherland Brooms has found the perfect man except for one flaw--he's a U.S. marine.

Reprints: (Apr.): Commitments ($5.99) by Carmen Green; (May): One Special Moment ($5.99) by Brenda Jackson.

Lick the Sugar Habit Sugar Counter: Discover the Hidden Sugar in Your Food
(Apr., $6.95) by Nancy Appleton exposes the sugar content of thousands of brand-name and generic food items.

Rules of Attraction
(Mar., $6.99) by Christina Dodd continues the Governess series as an unexpected reunion sets romantic sparks flying. 500,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Time After Time (Mar., $6.99) by Constance O'Day-Flannery. A contemporary woman discovers excitement, purpose and love in 1888 New Orleans in this time travel romance. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Deadly Secrets: From High School to High Crime, The True Story of Two Teen Killers (Mar., $6.99) by Putsata Reang is the true story of a multiple homicide in Bellevue, Wash., written by the journalist who covered the crime. 125,000 first printing. Advertising.

The Indiscretion (Apr., $6.50) by Judith Ivory. In Regency England an improper millionaire makes an indiscreet proposition to a straight-laced beauty. 250,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

One Man's Love: Book One of The Highland Lords (Apr., $5.99) by Karen Ranney. Fate made a wild Scottish woman and a hardened British soldier enemies, but anything is possible where love is involved. 150,000 first printing. Advertising.

The Deal (May, $6.99) by Richard Setlowe. A U.S. attorney finds himself in jeopardy when he tries to instigate the first-ever merger between an American and a Japanese company in this thriller. 200,000 first printing. Advertising.

Suddenly, You (June, $6.99) by Lisa Kleypas. A proper Victorian lady gives herself a scandalous birthday present, and discovers that the perfect lover is standing right in front of her. 800,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

The Truest Heart (June, $6.99) by Samantha James. A young woman, sheltered from King John's murderous intent, finds that the handsome man who seemingly stumbles upon her doorstep was commanded to take her life. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

An Offer from a Gentleman (July, $6.99) by Julia Quinn. Benedict Bridgerton searches for the mysterious woman who stole his heart at his mother's masquerade ball. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

True Confessions (Aug., $6.99) by Rachel Gibson. A supermarket tabloid reporter looking to hide away in Idaho meets the local sheriff--the best-looking man in three counties. 350,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Final Betrayal: The Death of Las Vegas Casino Boss Ted Binion (Aug., $6.99) by Jeff German. Investigative reporter German explores the death of 55-year-old Ted Binion, heir to the Horsesh Casino fortune, who was found dead of a drug overdose by his 26-year-old ex-stripper girlfriend. 65,000 first printing.

Reprints: (Mar.):A Season Beyond a Kiss ($7.99) by Kathleen Woodiwiss; Skeleton Dance ($6.99) by Aaron Elkins; (Apr.):The Heir ($7.99) by Johanna Lindsey; He Shall Thunder in the Sky ($7.50) by Elizabeth Peters; (May):Midnight in Ruby Bayou ($7.50) by Elizabeth Lowell; (June):Flash Point ($7.50) by James Huston; (July):Stalker ($7.99) by Faye Kellerman; Rachel's Holiday ($6.99) by Marian Keyes; (Aug.):Devil's Claw ($6.99) by J.A. Jance; The Sugar House ($6.50) by Laura Lippman.


Diary of an Airborne Ranger: A LLRP's Year in the Combat Zone
(Mar., $6.99) by Frank Johnson offers a day-to-day account of this elite guerilla unit in Vietnam.

The London Vampire Panic (Apr., $6.99) by Michael Romkey. In the sixth novel in this series, vampires terrorize Victorian Europe.

Phantom Warriors: Book 2 (Apr., $6.99) by Gary A. Linderer chronicles the courage, loyalty and dedication of the U.S. Army LRRPs and Rangers behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War.

Behind Fascist Lines: Guerilla Warfare and the Spanish Revolution (June, $6.99) by A.K. Starinov follows the exploits of Soviet-Spanish interpreter and dedicated revolutionary Anna Obrucheva, who, in 1936, after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, trained guerillas to fight behind nationalist lines.

Not Going Home Alone: A Marine's Story (Aug., $7.50) by James Kirschke deals with Marine Captain Kirschke's tour of duty in Vietnam, his training and struggle to survive after being wounded.

Reprints: (Mar.):Vittorio, the Vampire ($7.99) by Anne Rice; Silent Justice ($7.50) by William Bernhardt; Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up ($6.99) by Dave Barry; (Apr.):Havana Bay ($7.99) by Martin Cruz Smith; The Feast of All Saints ($7.99) by Anne Rice; (May):Omerta ($7.99) by Mario Puzo; Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled ($6.99) by Dorothy Gilman; (June):Nightshade ($7.99) by John Saul; Jurassic Park and The Lost World ($7.99 each) by Michael Crichton; (July):The Forest ($7.99) by Edward Rutherfurd; (Aug.):The China Bride ($6.99) by Mary Jo Putney; The PMS Outlaws ($6.99) by Sharyn McCrumb.

The Legend
(Mar., $5.99) by Suzanne Robinson. A medieval clairvoyant seduces a woman than plots to marry her to keep her silent.

A Mischief in the Snow (Mar., $5.99) by Margaret Miles. When the body of a young man is discovered, Charlotte Willet and Richard Longfellow suspect a supernatural presence.

The Secret Swan (Apr., $5.99) by Shana Abe. A young man returns to his wife after several years away at war in this medieval romance.

Dying Voices (Apr., $5.99) by Laura Wilson. A woman must pick through the shards of memory to piece together a mosaic of passion, deception and murder.

The Murder Channel (May, $6.50) by John Philpin. A forensic psychiatrist helps a friend keep Boston safe from an escaped killer whose bloody escapades have terrorized the city.

Firefly Beach (June, $6.99) by Luanne Rice. Three sisters gather at their childhood home to repair their painful past.

The Protector (July, $4.99) by Madeline Hunter. An heiress develops a tumultuous relationship with an errant knight that leads to passion and consequences that cannot be ignored.

Prince of Time (July, $6.50) by Glenna McReynolds. A thief and a princess embark on a journey of danger and desire; concludes the Celtic saga.

Repair to Her Grave (Aug., $5.99) by Sarah Graves. History repeats itself as Jake and Ellie investigate the mysterious disappearance of a musician who lived in Jake's house 150 years ago.

Reprints: (Mar.): Wicked Widow ($7.50) by Amanda Quick; Battle Born ($7.99) by Dale Brown; (Apr.): Tough Cookie ($6.50) by Diane Mott Davidson; The Bride and the Beast ($6.50) by Teresa Medeiros; (May): The Search ($7.50) by Iris Johansen; Off the Mangrove Coast ($4.99) by Louis L'Amour; (June): The End of War ($6.99) by David L. Robbins; Dawn on a Distant Shore ($6.99) by Sara Donati; (July): Special Circumstances ($6.99) by Sheldon Siegel; The Advocate ($6.50) by Bill Mesce Jr. and Steven G. Szilagyi; (Aug.): The Patient ($7.50) by Michael Palmer; Sacred Sins ($7.50) by Nora Roberts; Dune: House Harkonnen ($6.99) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Betrayal in Death
(Mar., $7.99) by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb. Advertising. Author tour.

Tom Clancy's Net Force #5: Point of Impact (Apr., $7.99) by Steve Perry deals with a new world order and a new global threat that g s beyond the point of no return. Advertising.

The End of Enemies (May, $TBA) by Grant Blackwood. This first novel features Special Agent Kent Slater who finds himself tangled in a dangerous web in the Middle East.

Head Hunters (June, $6.99) by Jules Bass. Four women go looking for Mr. Right in Monte Carlo.

The Other Woman (July, $TBA) by Patricia Kay. A woman falls in love with a married man.

Angel Face (Aug., $TBA) by Suzanne Forster. A female serial killer targets surgeons.

Reprints: (Mar.): Easy Prey ($7.99) by John Sanford; Redemption ($6.99) by Howard Fast; (Apr.): Rules of Engagement ($7.99) by Gordon Kent; Tammy Wynette: A Daughter Recalls Her Mother's Tragic Life and Death ($7.50) by Jackie Daly with Tom Carter; (May): Atlantis Found ($7.99) by Clive Cussler; (June) Hugger Mugger ($7.99) by Robert B. Parker; (July): The Last Precinct ($7.99) by Patricia Cornwell; (Aug.): Blind Instinct ($TBA) by Robert W. Walker; The Bear and the Dragon ($TBA) by Tom Clancy.

The Mummy Returns
(Apr., $6.99) by Max Allan Collins. The wrapped one is back in this movie tie-in, the sequel to The Mummy.

Murder on Gramercy Park
(Mar., $5.99) by Victoria Thompson. When a baby falls mysteriously ill, midwife Sarah Brandt discovers a scandal of greed and deception.

Crime Brulee (Apr., $5.99) by Nancy Fairbanks. In New Orleans, food writer Carolyn Blue gets a taste of both cooking and crime.

The Weeping Woman (June, $5.99) by Michael Kilian is the first novel in a new jazz age series featuring Bedford Green, man-about-town and sometime art dealer.

Death Is in the Air (Aug., $5.99) by Kate Kingsbury is the second Manor House mystery featuring Lade Elizabeth Hartleigh.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Bernini Bust ($6.50) by Ian Pears; (Apr.): Seven Sisters ($6.50) by Earlene Fowler; (May): Death on a Silver Tray ($6.50) by Rosemary Stevens; (July): Nursery Crimes ($5.99) by Ayelet Waldman; (Aug.): The Spirit Woman ($5.99) by Margaret C l.


Reprints: (June): When the Dark Man Calls
($6.95) by Stuart M. Kaminsky; (Aug.): A Prize for Princes ($5.95) by Rex Stout.


The Second Summoning: The Keepers #2
(Mar., $6.99) by Tanya Huff. In this sequel to Summon the Keeper, Huff returns to an occult world of dark souls and one opinionated talking cat.

Villains Victorious (Apr., $6.99), edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers gathers tales in which the dastardly get their due.

Sea of Sorrows: The Sun Sword #4 (May, $6.99) by Michelle West. The ancient Powers have awakened and new alliances are being forged.

The Sword and the Sorceress III (May, $6.99), edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley, features 20 stories of strong, heroic women, warriors and wizards who face perils and aid those in need.

In the Company of Others (June, $6.99) by Julie E. Czerneda deals with human emmigration into space and the search for other life in the universe.

Gene Roddenberry's Xander in the Lost Universe (July, $6.99) by John Peel. Xander and his comrades, clones of existing humans, have been sent to another universe to find out who is stealing planets.

Reprints: (Apr.): Guardian of the Trust ($6.99) by Irene Radford; (June): Brightly Burning ($6.99) by Mercedes Lackey; (July): The Flightless Falcon ($6.99) by Mickey Zucker Reichert.

Dark Object
(Mar., $6.99) by Don Ledger and Chris Styles/Whitley Strieber offers a history of the only UFO to be acknowledged by the government.

Midnight Honor (Apr., $6.50) by Marsha Canham is a romance set during the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland.

The Road to Arnhem (Apr., $6.50) by Donald R. Burgett. In his third book, Burgett describes his experiences in the 101st Airborne Division during WWII.

Frontier Woman (Aug., $6.99) by Joan Johnston. A Texas ranger falls in love with the passionate women hiding beneath the rough ranch girl's surface.

Lilies on the Lake (Aug., $6.50) by Katherine Kingsley. A woman scandalizes Regency London.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Wedding ($7.99) by Danielle Steel; (Apr.): After the Fire ($7.99) by Belva Plain; (May): Purple Cane Road ($7.50) by James Lee Burke; (June): More Than a Mistress ($6.50) by Mary Balogh; Lost Girls ($6.50) by Andrew Pyper; (July): The House on Hope Street ($7.50) by Danielle Steel.

Babylon 5: Casting Shadows: The Passing of the Technomages: Book I
(Mar., $6.50) by Jeanne Cavelos, based on an original outline by J. Michael Straczynski begins a new Babylon 5 trilogy. Ad/promo.

Starfist: Hangfire: Book VI (Apr., $6.50) by David Sherman and Dan Cragg. The beloved marines of the 25th century visit exotic alien planets, meet exotic enemies and kill them. Ad/promo.

The Midnight Falcon (May, $6.99) by David Gemmell. Bane the Wolfhead joins the battle to destroy the Myth of Stone.

Babylon 5: Summoning Light: Technomage Book 2 (July, $6.99) by Jeanne Cavelos. Mysterious technomages journey to the Babylon 5 space station to escape the deadly Shadows. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.): Pegasus in Space ($6.99) by Anne McCaffrey; (Apr.): Mortalis ($6.99) by R.A. Salvatore; Dragonquest, Dragonflight and The White Dragon ($6.99 each) by Anne McCaffrey; (May): The Hobbit; The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King ($6.99 each) by J.R.R. Tolkien; (June): Prospero's Children ($6.99) by Jan Siegel; Dirge ($6.99) by Alan Dean Foster; The Silmarillion ($6.99) by J.R.R. Tolkien; (July):The Great War: Breakthrough ($7.99) by Harry Turtledove.

Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory Book I: Conquest
(Apr., $6.99) by J. Gregory Keyes. Young Anakin Solo rescues a child and emerges a hero. Ad/promo.

Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory Book II: Rebirth (Aug., $6.99) by J. Gregory Keyes. Luke and his wife, Mara, fear the effects of her Vong-caused illness on their unborn child.

Reprints: (May): Star Wars: Episode I: Rogue Planet ($6.99) by Greg Bear; (July): Star Wars: New Jedi Order: Balance Point ($6.99) by Kathy Tyers.


Deceptions: The Blending Enthroned
(Apr., $6.99) by Sharon Green. In the second adventure of the Blending Enthroned, the Chosen Five have become six. 50,000 first printing. Advertising.

Thunder Rift (May, $6.99) by Matthew Farrell. This novel of first contact is replete with adventure, mystery and sociological conflict. 100,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Year's Best Fantasy 1 (July, $6.99) by David G. Hartwell collects the past year's best fantasy stories. 50,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

The Gambler's Fortune (Aug., $6.99) by Juliet E. McKenna this tale of magic and adventure follows McKenna's popular The Thief's Gamble and The Swordsman's Oath. Ad/promo.

Reprints: (Mar.): Fortress of Dragons ($6.99) by C.J. Cherryh; Beyond the Stars: Quest for Tomorrow ($6.50) by William Shatner; (Apr.) Vacuum Diagrams ($6.99) by Stephen Baxter; Realware ($6.50) by Rudy Rucker; (May): Eater ($6.99) by Gregory Benford; (June): The Black Rood: The Celtic Crusades: Book II ($7.50) by Stephen R. Lawhead; (July): Crescent City Rhapsody ($7.50) by Kathleen A. Goonan.


The April Fool's Day Murder
(Mar., $6.50) by Lee Harris. Ex-nun and expert sleuth Christine Bennett returns to solve a new murder.

When the Fax Lady Sings (Apr., $6.50) by Leslie O'Kane continues the Molly Masters mystery series.

Dying To Be Murdered (May, $6.50) by Judy Fitzwater. Aspiring crime novelist Jennifer Marsh works with a woman who claims she's "dying to be murdered." Author publicity.

The Procedure (June, $6.99) by Peter Clement. This sequel to Lethal Practice and Death Rounds involves multiple murders, a result of inhumane practices of HMOs. Ad/promo.

Bad Company (July, $6.99) by Suzanne Proulx. Hospital risk manager Vicky Lucci must deal with an armed man on the loose.

Reprints: (Apr.): The Theban Mysteries ($6.50) by Amanda Cross; (May): Crying Wolf ($6.99) by Peter Abrahams; (June): The Naked Detective ($6.99) by Laurence Shames; (July): Demolition Angel ($6.99) by Robert Crais; (Aug.): The Talisman ($7.99) by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

Reprints: (Mar.): Irish Eyes
($6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley; (Apr.): God's Children ($7.99) by Harold Coyle; (May): Daughter of God ($6.99) by Lewis Perdue; (June): The Secret ($7.99) by Harold Robbins; (July): The Bishop and the Missing L Train ($6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley; (Aug.): Spotlight ($6.99) by Carole Bellacera.


Blame It on Texas
(Mar., $6.99) by Kristine Rolofson. After many years, Kate McIntosh returns home to Beauville, Tex., and must confront old memories and her former flame.

A Season for Scandal (Apr., $6.99) by Stephanie Laurens contains two novels about two English noblemen who pursue love among scandal and danger in Regency England.

Texas Sheikhs: His Innocent Temptress (Apr., $4.25) by Kasey Michaels is the first in a four-book, multi-author series featuring three cowboy brothers who learn they are real-life sheikhs. A Harlequin American Romance book.

Midnight Fantasies (June, $6.50) by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Stephanie Bond and Kimberly Raye contains three stories of love, passion and seduction.

Big Sky Grooms (Aug., $6.50) by Susan Mallery, Bronwyn Williams and Carolyn Davidson is the historical prequel to the Montana Mavericks series.

Reprints:Shadows and Daddy in Demand (June; $6.99, 2 in 1) by Stella Cameron and Muriel Jensen; Rainy Day Kisses and The Bride Price (July; $6.99, 2 in 1) by Debbie Macomber and Day Leclaire.

Josie and the Pussycats
(Apr., $5.99) by Cathy East Dubowski and Jackie Jarosz Robb ties in with the live-action film, scheduled for a May 2001 release, starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Tara Reid and Rosario Dawson; includes eight-page color insert. 55,000 first printing.

Might &Magic #1: The Sea of Mist (Aug., $6.99) by Mel Odom ties in with the popular fantasy computer games. 125,000 first printing.

Reprint: (Aug.): Manning: A Father, His Sons and a Football Legacy ($6.99) by Peyton Manning and Archie Manning

Enchanted by Your Kisses
(Mar., $5.99) by Pamela Britton. A ruined English lady vows to keep her heart from the charming duke determined to steal it. 125,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Gotta Get Next to You (May, $5.99) by Lynn Emery. In this African-American romance, intelligent, beautiful and newly divorced Andrea Noble comes to her small Louisiana hometown to rebuild her life. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Stand by Your Man (May, $6.50) by Nancy Bartholomew. Maggie Reid is compelled to defend the honor of her scalawag ex-husband when his business associate turns up dead, the contents of his bank account missing. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

Deep Fathom (July, $7.50) by James Rollins. The author of Subterranean and Excavation explores a lost civilization that is revealed when a solar storm coincides with the first solar eclipse of the new millennium. 500,000 first printing.

Crazy Thing Called Love (Aug., $6.50) by Cindi Louis. Still reeling from a vicious divorce that left her reputation in tatters, Jayde Tillman just wants to start her life over in this African-American romance. 60,000 first printing.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Run ($7.99) by Stuart Woods; (Apr.): In Her Defense ($6.99) by Stephen Horn; Once an Eagle ($7.99) by Anton Myrer; The Fifth Elephant ($6.99) by Terry Pratchett; (May): The Terrible Hours ($6.99) by Peter Maas; U.S.S. Seawolf ($7.50) by Patrick Robinson; (June): The Circle of Three ($7.50) by Patricia Gaffney; (July): Nora, Nora ($7.99) by Anne Rivers Siddons; (Aug.): Wild Justice ($7.99) by Phillip Margolin.


Wanton's Web
(Apr.) and Cat's Claw (June, $6.99 each) by Alex Matthews brings psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe back in her fourth and fifth mysteries. Advertising. Author tour.

Going Overboard
(Apr., $6.99) by Christina Skye. When a photo shoot on a luxury cruise erupts in gunfire, a man discovers just how far he will go for the woman he loves.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Texan ($6.99) by Joan Johnston; (May): Midnight Pleasures ($4.99) by Eloisa James; (June): Move to Strike ($7.50) by Perri O'Shaughnessy; (July): The Marriage Prize ($6.99) by Virginia Henley; (Aug.): Numbered Account ($7.99) by Christopher Reich.

The Defiant Hero
(Mar., $6.50) by Suzanne Brockmann. The author of the bestselling The Unsung Hero returns with a new contemporary novel filled with romance and intrigue. Ad/promo.

Fallen (Apr., $6.50) by Emma Jensen. In the sequel to Entwined, Jensen tells a tale of romance between an English lord and a Scottish lass.

A Light on the Veranda (May, $6.99) by Ciji Ware. A harpist seeking peace and artistic fulfillment is transported back in time in this romance set in Natchez, Miss. Ad/promo.

Nightingale's Gate (June, $6.99) by Linda Francis Lee. The owner of a notorious gentlemen's club, accused of murder, must place his fate in the hands of a beautiful woman. Ad/promo.

Whispers of Heaven (July, $6.99) by Candice Proctor. Returning to her family's estate on the coast of Tasmania, Jesmond finds herself drawn to a handsome convict in this historical romance. Ad/promo.

What to Do About Annie (Aug., $6.99) by Millie Criswell. When a priest decides to leave the church, he hopes to regain the love of Annie, the girl whose heart he broke. Ad/promo.

Reprints: (Apr.): The Innocent ($6.99) by Bertrice Small.


Cold Edge
(Mar., $6.99) by Robert Walker. Native American police detective Lucas Stonecat tracks an insatiable killer.

Very Truly Yours (Apr., $6.99) by Julie Beard. When he receives some mysterious letters at his law office, Jack Fairchild seeks out the young woman who wrote them. Advertising.

Dawn in Eclipse (May, $7.99) by Jayne Ann Krentz. Lillian Harte g s to Eclipse Bay to concentrate on her painting but when Gabe Madison follows her, sparks fly.

Dance Upon the Air (June, $7.99) by Nora Roberts. Three Sisters Island, created by three witches, becomes the refuge of an abused wife who has faked her death.

Dale Brown's Dreamland (June, $7.99) by Dale Brown and Jim De Felice is the first in a series of four military thrillers.

Out of This World (Aug., $TBA) by J.D. Robb, Laurell Hamilton, Susan Krinard and Maggie Shayne gathers paranormal/romantic novellas by four popular authors.

Reprints: (Mar.): Chaos Theory ($7.50) by Gary Krist; (Apr.): Carolina Moon ($7.99) by Nora Roberts; (May): The Fighting Agents ($7.99) by W.E.B. Griffin; (June): Doubleshot ($7.50) by Raymond Benson; Riptide ($7.50) by Catherine Coulter.


A Woman Doctor's Guides: Miscarriage
(Mar.) by Lynn Friedman, M.D., with Irene Daria; ...Skin Care (May) by Wilma E. Bergfeld, M.D., with Shelagh Ryan Masline; ...Osteoporosis (July; $6.99 each) by Yvonne R. Sherrer, M.D., with Robin K. Levinson, provide women with up-to-date information.

Second Chances (June, $6.99) by Marlene Fanta Shyer. After a car accident turns her life upside down, Harriet Kessler's tango instructor shows her that life can go on.

Reprints: (Mar.): Evidence of Guilt ($5.99) by Jonnie Jacobs; (Apr.): Hanging Hannah ($5.99) by Evan Marshall; (May): Going Out in Style ($5.99) by Chl Green; (June): Endangered Species ($5.99) by Barbara Block; (July): Requiem for a Mezzo ($5.99) by Carola Dunn; (Aug.): Unleashed ($5.99) by Laurien Berenson.

Cowboy for Hire: The Dream Maker
(Mar., $5.50) by Alice Duncan. In the early days of movies, Mart Tafft is driven to make Lovejoy Studios the biggest name in silent films.

A Bright Idea: Dublin Dreams (Apr., $5.50) by Cindy Harris. Four penniless ladies are brought together by a gentlemanly benefactor.

My Lady Imposter: The Sword and the Ring (May, $5.50) by Suzanne McMinn tells of an extraordinary family, the Sperlings of Castel Wulfere, in the days when men lived and died by the sword.

Enchantment: Hope Chest (June, $5.50) by Pam McCutcheon. A hope chest becomes a time portal whisking Gina to the Chesterfield resort where she must save the man she loves from a fire.

True to Her Heart: Angels of Mercy (July, $5.50) by Martha Schr der. Lucinda loves Jeffery but refuses to accept his proposal until the Angel of Mercy shows her his heart.

Wolf at the Door: Dublin Dream (Aug., $5.50) by Cindy Harris. Is the notorious blackguard Captain Alec Wolferton the proper man for a woman seeking love?

One and Only
(Mar., $3.99) by Lynda Sandoval. Pilar Valenzuela fears her husband is more devoted to being a cop than a spouse.

Wild for You (Apr., $3.99) by Victoria Marquez. A detective who promised to look after sassy beautician Marisol Calderon d sn't realize what's in store for him.

Waves of Passion (May, $3.99) by Sylvia Mendoza. Former Navy brat Marissa Buenaventura is about to initiate Lt. Commander Alex Rivera into the joys of civilian life.

In Your Arms (June, $3.99) by Consuelo Vazquez. Widow Alina Romero and Brendab "Suave" Rivera find they have more in common than just mutual attraction.

The Last to Know
(Mar., $6.99) by Wendy Corsi Staub. A serial killer preys on young, stay-at-home mothers.

Necessary Evil (Apr., $6.99) by David Dun. A private jet slams into California's high country during a storm--loaded with enough infectious toxins to wipe out most of humanity.

The Next to Die (May, $6.99) by Kevin O'Brien. An actor accused of murder is the target of a hate group.

Cold Fear (July, $6.99) by Rick Mofina. Rangers in Glacier National Park seek a lost child--and the vicious escaped convict who killed her aunt there years before.

Candle Bay (Aug., $5.99) by Tamara Thorne. The Darling family of vampires, running a hotel and spa, are visited by the Dante family of vampires who bring a wave of bloodlust.

Reprint: Fit For Life: A New Beginning
(May, $6.99) by Harvey Diamond.

My Lord Highwayman
(Mar., $4.99) by Valerie King. Penniless Abigail pays the highwayman who demands tribute with a kiss that sends her down the road to romance.

The Wedding Charm: Addingtons Trilogy #3 (Apr., $4.99) by Lynn Collum follows three siblings whose link to a family charm affects their fate.

A Highland Folly (May, $4.99) by Jo Ann Ferguson. Lady Alice inherits a castle complete with a peculiar assortment of kin.

The Perfect Husband (June, $4.99) by Jeanne Savery. When Lady Lillian mistakes the bedroom of Lord Anthony Wendover, a marriage of convenience seems the only solution to imminent scandal.

The Trouble with Harriet (July, $4.99) by Wilma Counts. A man and woman named joint guardians for a young miss are at odds--even when they're falling in love.

The Missing Bride (Aug., $4.99) by Cindy Holbrook. The Earl of Raleigh invites prospective brides to Severs Hall, only to find they mysteriously disappear.


Feeding the Picky Eater
; How to Get Your Baby to Sleep; Keeping Your Baby Healthy and The First Three Months (Aug., $4.99 each) by William Sears, M.D., and Martha Sears are mini-guides offerings advice from parenting experts. Ad/promo.


The Firebrand
(Apr., $6.99) by Susan Wiggs. A woman saves a baby during the Chicago fire; four years later, she meets a man who believes his baby daughter perished in the fire.

The Seduction of Ellen (Apr., $6.50) by Nan Ryan. Ellen and her aunt join an unscrupulous man who promises to lead them to the Fountain of Youth.

Always Dakota (May, $6.99) by Debbie Macomber. On this third and final visit to Buffalo Valley, Maggie Clemens decides to go after Matt Ellers.

Storm Warning (May, $6.50) by Dinah McCall. Two decades after their graduation, former students in a class for gifted youngsters are committing suicide.

Shaker Run (May, $6.50) by Karen Harper. Why would Kate Marburn, the prime suspect in the case, have killed her mentor?

The Widow (July, $6.50) by Anne Stuart. Named an heir in her ex-husband's will, Charlotte Pompasse returns home, where she'll deal with her mother--who was involved with the late Pompasse before Charlotte.

The Texas Ranger (Aug., $6.99) by Diana Palmer. Like it or not, Texas ranger Marc Brannon has the help of Josette Langley in finding out who killed a convicted murderer.


Ghetto Sketches
(Aug., $8.50) by Odie Hawkins offers sights, sounds and smells of life in the inner city.

Dying to Have Her
(Mar., $6.99) by Heather Graham is set in the high-gloss world of TV soap operas, where anything can be had for a price.

Hard Landing (Apr., $6.99) by Lynn Heitman is replete with back-stabbing lovers, high stakes corporate takeovers and a plane crash cover-up.

Fantastic Voyage (May, $6.99) by Kevin Anderson expands on the story of inner space--the miniaturization of people to microscopic size.

Ruthless Game (June, $6.99) by Danielle Girard. A rookie cop is framed for murder in this follow-up to Savage Art.

Reprints: (Mar.): Good Peoples ($6.99) by Marcus Major; (Apr.): The Cezanne Chase ($6.99) by Thomas Swan; (June): Julie and Romeo ($6.99) by Jeanne Ray; (Aug.): Flint ($6.99) by Paul Eddy; The DaVinci Deception ($6.50) by Thomas Swan.


Entering Tenebrea
(Mar., $6.99) by Roseanne Dawson. A temperamental human woman, adopted into an alien army, fights for the right to avenge her family against the enemies of Earth.

Spellbound (Apr., $6.99) by Jeanette Baker follows one woman's journey of love lost and found.

Diablo #1: The Legacy of Blood (May, $6.50) by Richard Knaak. While on a quest, Norrec Vizharan begins living a nightmare when he discovers an artifact beyond his wildest dreams; based on the computer game from Blizzard entertainment.

Tomb Raider (June, $6.99) by Dave Stern is the novel of the film featuring Lara Croft.

Starcraft #2: Artifact (July, $6.50) by Kevin Anderson. In the future, 60,000 light-years from Earth, a loose confederacy of Terran exiles is locked in battle.

Legends Lake (Aug., $6.99) by Jo Ann Ross. In a small village in Ireland, a special horse brings two families together.

Reprints: (Mar.): If Only It Were True ($7.99) by Marc Levy; (Apr.): Before I Say Goodbye ($7.99) by Mary Higgins Clark; (May): Temptation ($7.99) by Jude Devereaux; (June): Hot Springs ($7.99) by Stephen Hunter; The Burning City ($6.99) by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle; (July): Deadly Decisions ($7.99) by Kathy Reichs.

Woman of Virtue
(Mar., $6.50) Liz Carlyle is a sequel to A Woman Scorned.

The Bad Luck Wedding Night (Apr., $6.50) by Geralyn Dawson returns to the Dawson's "bad luck" theme.

My Lady Beloved (June, $6.99) by Lael St. James is a tale of medieval romance.

Fever (June, $6.50) by Katherine Sutcliffe. The illegitimate son of a plantation owner wishes to be acknowledged by his father and become his heir--until be meets a beautiful woman.

To Tame a Wild Heart (Aug., $6.50) by Tracy Fobes is a paranormal romance set in the Scottish highlands.

(Mar., $6.99) by Karen Robards is the first in a three-book series set in Regency England, featuring the fabulous Banning sisters.

Until the Day They Die (Apr., $6.99) by Christine McGuire. D.A. Kathryn MacKay struggles to break up a kidnapping ring that specializes in stealing newborns.

Sweet Success (May, $6.99) by Susan Mallery. A widower meets the quirky owner of a chocolate emporium and life begins to look sweeter .

Reprints: (Mar.): Batman ($6.99) by Greg Rucka; (Apr.): The Empty Chair ($7.99) by Jeffrey Deaver; (May): Blue Gold: A Novel from the NUMA Files ($7.99) by Clive Cussler; (June): Lethal Seduction ($7.99) by Jackie Collins; Portraits of Guilt ($6.99) by Jeanne Boylan; (July): Mr. Perfect ($7.50) by Linda Howard; (Aug.): The Vineyard ($7.99) by Barbara Delinsky.

Maximum Warp #1
and Maximum Warp #2 (Mar., $6.99 each) by Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur continue the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Book One: Avatar and Book Two: Avatar (June, $6.99 each) by S.D. Perry begin a story that takes place in the aftermath of the Dominion War.

Star Trek Section 31: Book One: Cloak by S.D. Perry; Book Two: Rogue by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin (June, $6.99 each); Book Three: Shadow by Kristine Katherine Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith; Book Four: Abyss by David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang (July, $6.99 each). In this four-novel sequence, the super-secret black ops arm of Starfleet plots to bring the major powers of the galaxy to their knees.

Star Trek Gateway: Book One: One Small Step by Susan Wright and Book Two: Chainmail by Diane Carey (Aug., $6.99 each).

The Gold of El Negro
(May, $6.99) by Michael C. Haley moves its story of adventure through the Southwest in the post-Civil War era. $25,000 ad/promo.


The Year the Cloud Fell
(Mar., $6.99) by Kurt A. Giambastiani. In 1886 the U.S. has been in an undeclared war with the Cheyenne Alliance for decades.

The Meek (Apr., $5.99) by Scott Mackay. The future of humanity depends on an asteroid where children can grow up in Earthlike gravity.

Archangel Protocol (May, $6.99) by Lyda Morehouse. In the near future, every citizen is connected by a computer "infested" with what claim to be angels.

Resurrection (June, $6.99) by Arwen Elys Dayton. A young woman from an alien planet must journey to Earth to retrieve technology left by her people.

Alien Taste (July, $6.50) by Wen Spencer. A young man with odd abilities begins to investigate his mysterious origins.

Reprints: (Apr.): The Last Star at Dawn: Book Three of the Lightbringer Trilogy ($7.50) by Oliver Johnson; (June): Silver Wolf, Black Falcon ($6.99) by Dennis L. McKiernan.


Remember Your Lies
(Mar., $6.50) by Jill Jones. A woman's life is torn apart by murder, blackmail and family secrets in this a tale of death and seduction in the deep South.

Border Lord (Apr., $6.50) by Haywood Smith. Branded a bastard, Duncan Maxwell has survived by becoming a powerful warrior.

The Turning Point (Apr., $6.99) by Francis Ray. A woman finds the courage to walk away from an abusive marriage.

Heartless (May, $6.99) by Kat Martin. Ariel Summers, whose only future is one of poverty, hard work and childbearing, dreams of being a lady.

Tidewater (June, $6.99) by Antoinette Stockenberg. A woman believes that she is deliberately being driven insane by her ex-husband.

Going to the Chapel (June, $6.99) by Rochelle Alers, Gwynne Forster, Donna Hill and Francis Ray is an African-American wedding anthology.

Dear Cupid (July, $6.50) by Julie Ortolon. To revitalize the on-line romance column she's about to lose, Kat needs to rekindle romance in her life.

Just West of Heaven (Aug., $TBA) by Kathleen Kane. Sophie Dolan must protect her little sister, Jenna, who has the gift of sight.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Hades Factor ($7.50) by Robert Ludlum; Name Dropping ($6.99) by Jane Heller; (Apr.): Welcome to Temptation ($6.99) by Jennifer Crusie; The Eye of the Tiger ($6.99) by Wilbur Smith; (May): Winter Solstice ($7.99) by Rosamunde Pilcher; The Church of Dead Girls ($6.99) by Stephen Dobyns; (June): Hot Six ($6.99) by Janet Evanovich; (July) Afterburn ($TBA) by Colin Harrison; Let Me Whisper in Your Ear ($6.99) by Mary Jane Clark; (Aug.): House of Dreams ($TBA) by Brenda Joyce; The Carrier ($TBA) by Holden Scott.

(Mar., $6.99) by Michael Slade. After two murders, it appears that someone is turning the child's game of hangman into a nightmare of horror.

Midnight Falcon (Apr., $6.99) by Cassie Edwards. In colonial Jamestown, a young widow follows her heart into the arms of a Powhatan chief.

Murder She Wrote: Blood on the Vine (Apr., $5.99) by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain. When Fletcher travels to California's wine country for a little R&R, she finds murder.

Evil Whispers (May, $6.50) by Owl Goingback. On a quiet vacation, a family encounters a demon from long ago, now bent on revenge.

All a Woman Wants (June, $6.99) by Patricia Rice. In Victorian England, a rough-around-the-edges American meets a prim and proper mistress of an almost-bankrupt estate.

Amber (July, $6.50) by Lauren Royal. In the final novel in the Jewel trilogy, Kendra is appalled that her brothers would marry her off to a common thief.

Reprints: (Mar.): Above the Law ($7.99) by J.F. Freedman; Actual Innocence: When Justice G s Wrong and How to Make It Right ($6.99) by Barry Scheck, Peter Neufield and Jim Dwyer; (Apr.): On Secret Service ($7.99) by John Jakes; (May): The Second Silence ($7.50) by Eileen Goudge; (June): Liar's Game ($6.99) by Eric Jerome Dickey; (July): Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Guided Tour of Home ($7.50) by Sylvia Browne with Lindsay Harrison; (Aug.): Suspicion of Malice ($6.99) by Barbara Parker.

Morgan's Mercenaries: Heart of Stone
(Mar., $5.99) by Lindsay McKenna. Set in South America, a powerful enemy of Captain Maya Stevenson becomes a passionate lover.

Matters of the Heart (Apr., $6.50) by Pamela Morsi, Ann Major and Annette Broadrick is a Mother's Day collection of three love stories.

The Coltons: Brides of Privilege (May, $6.50) by Kasey Michaels, Ruth Langan and Carolyn Zane introduces readers to the newest family members of the California Coltons.

The Texas Brand: The Homecoming (June, $6.99) by Maggie Shayne. On the run with her son after witnessing a murder, Jasmine Jones pretends to be a long-lost relative of the Brand family but sexy Luke Brand could blow her cover.

Maternity Leave 2001 (July, $6.50) by Sharon Sala, Leanne Banks and Marie Ferrarella. Three stories involving love, passion, a sperm-bank mix-up and babies prove the power of family.


A Time for Treason
(May, $7.99) by Anne Newton Walther is a novel about the Revolutionary War.

Face to Face with the Unknown
(Apr., $5.99) by Sherry Hansen. Teens relate real-life experiences with alien encounters, guardian angels, hauntings and more. Advertising.

Farscape: House of Cards (May, $6.99) by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Catapulted to the other end of the universe, John Crichton must join alien prisoners on their odyssey through space. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.): Darkness Descending ($7.99) by Harry Turtledove; The Last Prince of Ireland ($7.99) by Morgan Llewelyn; (Apr.): A Walk in the Darkness ($6.99) by Jon Land; Gene Roddenberry's Earth Final Conflict--Requiem for Boone ($5.99) by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald; (May): Venus ($7.99) by Ben Bova; (June): Saturn's Race ($7.99) by Steven Barnes and Larry Niven; (July): The Return ($7.99) by Buzz Aldrin; (Aug.): Elixir ($7.99) by Gary Braver.


Royal Bride
(Mar., $6.99) by Joan Wolfe is the author's eighth Regency romance.

Someone to Love (Apr., $6.99) by Kasey Michaels is a Regency romance.

Devil in a Kilt (Aug., $6.99) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder is a Scottish medieval romance.

Reprints: (Mar.): I'm Wild Again ($7.50) by Helen Gurley Brown; (Apr.): The Color of Night ($7.99) by David Lindsay; (May): Let's Go to the Videotape ($7.50) by Warner Wolf with Larry Weisman; (July): The Sky Is Falling ($7.99) by Sidney Sheldon;

Fools Errant
(Mar., $6.99) by Matthew Hughes is an adventure fantasy.

The Temple and the Crown (Apr., $6.99) by Katherine Kurtz and Deborah Turner Harris is the sequel to The Temple and the Stone.

Highlander: The Eye of Dawn (May, $6.50) by Bradley H. Sinor ties in with the movie release of Highlander: World Without End.

My Scottish Summer (July, $6.50) by Connie Brockway, Patti Berg, Debra Dier and Kathleen Givens is the first in a four-book epic fantasy series.

Fool Me Twice (Aug., $6.99) by Matthew Hughes is the sequel to Fools Errant.

Reprint: (Apr.): The Hook
($7.50) by Donald E. Westlake.

The Diary of V: The Affair
(June, $6.99) by Debra Kent offers a tale of suburban adultery as told through diary entries of V., a wife, mother and psychotherapist.

Reprints: (Mar.): Sick Puppy ($7.99) by Carl Hiaasen; (Apr.): Standoff ($6.99) by Sandra Brown; (May): Burnt Sienna ($7.50) by David Morrell; (July): The Ice Limit ($7.99) by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child; (Aug.): The Switch ($7.99) by Sandra Brown.


The Secret
(Mar., $6.99) by Kat Martin. After a brush with death, Kate Rollins exchanges her L.A. job for the challenge of running a café in Montana.

Thoroughly Kissed (Mar., $6.50) by Kristine Grayson. A real sleeping beauty tries to hide her magical powers and avoids kissing strange men.

Charming Lily (Apr., $7.99) by Fern Michaels. After rediscovering an old love, Lily Harper must embark on a dangerous journey when he disappears.

More Than You Wished (Apr., $5.99) by Jo Goodman. After the Civil War, Bria Hamilton's only passion is reclaiming her family's Carolina plantation--until she hires Northerner Lucas Kincaid.

Can't Stop Loving You (May, $6.99) by Janelle Taylor. An e-mail reunites Muriel Rowan with the man who fathered the child she gave up for adoption.

Fly Me to the Moon (May, $6.50) by Kylie Adams. The daughter of a bumbling mafioso falls for a crooner who's #1 on Daddy's hit list.

Glass Houses (June, $6.99) by Stella Cameron. An NYPD homicide detective races to rescue an Englishwoman he's never met.

Highland Knight (June, $5.99) by Hannah Howell. Sir Mungo MacAlpin takes beautiful Avery Murray hostage to force her bother to marry MacAlpin's pregnant sister.

Heat of the Moment (July, $5.99) by Olga Bicos. Sydney Shanks's vengeful ex-husband has deadly plans for her; the only person who can keep her safe is his former accomplice.

To Tame a Duke (July, $5.99) by Patricia Grasso. An English duke finds himself falling in love with the woman he's kidnapped.

Hot Blooded (Aug., $6.50) by Lisa Jackson. A popular radio talk-show host in New Orleans is the obsession of a twisted serial killer.

The Cottage (Aug., $6.50) by Sandra Steffen. A healer living a solitary life is unaware that a missing teenager will bring her love.

Reprint: (June): What You Wish for ($7.99) by Fern Michaels.

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