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Fall 2001 Children's Books

Compiled by Shannon Maughan -- 2/12/01

All About Kids serves up Spaghetti and Peas by Gary Gautier, illus. by Sheila Bailey, in which a girl helps a snake find its missing babies; Magical Thoughts by Arlene Maguire, illus. by
Sharon Lane Holm, a collection of inspirational messages; Walking with Maga by Maureen Boyd Biro, illus. by Joyce Wheeler, about a girl's walks with her grandmother; Just One More by Wendi Silvano, illus. by Ricardo Gamboa, in which a cast of characters crams into a little bus in the Andes; and Traveling Homes by Mary May Peterson, starring animals that carry their homes.
Annick holds the anchovies for Nothing Beats a Pizza, a humorous p try collection by Loris Lesynski; From Daybreak to Good Night: The P ms of Carl Sandburg by Carl Sandburg, illus. by Lynn Smith, an anthology; Nibbling on Einstein's Brain: The Good, the Bad and the Bogus in Science by Diane Swanson; The Mole Sisters and the Blue Egg and The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night by Roslyn Schwartz, the adventures of these small creatures with big hearts; and I'm a Farmer by Michael Martchenko, about a city slicker who moves to the country.

Atori swims into fall with Finny Finds Friends in the Forest by the Tini Sisters, illus. by Erin Marie Mauterer, in which a fish realizes there's no place like home.

Baker signs onto the season with Jeanmarie, with Love by Lucille Travis, an Apple Valley Mystery set at the zoo; and Little Boys Tiny Bible Storybook and Little Girls Tiny Bible Book by Carolyn Larsen, illus. by Caron Turk, which feature Bible stories adapted for children.

Barefoot sets sail for Daddy Island by Philip Wells, illus. by Niki Daly, about the playful interaction between father and son; Fiesta Femenina: A Celebration of Women in Mexican Folk Tales by Mary-Joan Gerson, illus. by Maya Gonzalez, tales inspired by seven extraordinary Mexican women; Shakespeare's Storybook: Folk Tales That Inspired the Bard, retold by Patrick Ryan, illus. by James Mayhew, a collection of stories from Shakespeare's day; First Morning: P ms About Time, compiledby Nikki Seigen-Smith, illus. by Giovanni Manna, p ms from a variety of cultures that explore the concept of time; and The Patient Stone: A Persian Love Story, retold by Margaret Olivia Wolfson, illus. by Juan Cáneba Clavero, a classic tale set in an enchanted palace in the desert.

Barron's heads into fall with The Big Baby Bear Book, a picture book by John Prater; That's Not Fair, Hare! by Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes, a take on the classic Tortoise and the Hare story; Newton by Rory Tyger, the story of a little bear afraid of nighttime noises; Hush-a-Bye Babies by Janet Slingsby, illus. by Andy Beckett, about little ones settling down for the night; The Hoppameleon by Paul Geraghty, about an odd creature at a time when the world was young; and Wish Come True Cat by Ragnhild Scamme and Gaby Hansen, a story about a girl who wishes for a cat and gets more than she bargained for.

Candlewick sets a place for Table Manners by Chris Raschka and Vladimir Radunsky, a guide about how not to behave at the table; Ignis by Gina Wilson, illus. by P.J. Lynch, in which a dragon searches for his fire; Witch Child by Celia Rees, a period tale about a girl's efforts to escape being burned at the stake as a witch; Handel, Who Knew What He Liked by Tobin Anderson, illus. by Kevin Hawkes, an antic picture book about the composer; and Kiss Good Night, Sam by Amy Hest, illus. by Anita Jeram, in which a young bear awaits his good-night kiss.

Cavendish do-si-dos into fall with Dance Y'all by Bettye Stroud; A Place to Sleep by Holly Meade; Big Dog by Lois Grambling, illus. by Andy San Diego; A Safe Place Called Home by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Christy Hale; and Jack Quack by Lucy Nolan, illus. by Andrea Wesson.

Charlesbridge pricks up its ears for Did You Hear That? by Caroline Arnold, illus. by Cathy Trachok, which explains some animals' acute hearing ability; Face to Face: The Horse by Valérie Tracqui, which kicks off a new animal nonfiction series; Chalk It Up to Learning: I Like Writing and I Like Numbers by Stephanie Weeks, erasable chalkboard books; Red Riding Hood's Math Adventure by Lalie Harcourt and Ricki Wortzman, illus. by Capucine Mazille, an interactive novelty book; and The Egg by Shelley Gill, illus. by Jo-Ellen Bosson, a look at the many roles of the egg in myth and nature.

Talewinds plays mind games with Scatterbrain Sam by Ellen Jackson, illus. by Matt Faulkner, a folktale about a simple-minded man's attempts to get his brains collected; and Looking Out for Sarah by Glenna Lang, based on the real experiences of a woman and her seeing-eye dog.

Whispering Coyote blows into fall with Blizzard by Carole Gerber, illus. by Marty Husted, in which a blustery storm is contrasted with the comfort of a warm home; and Baa Baa Black Sheep, retold and illus. by Iza Trapani, an extension of the nursery rhyme.

Chelsea House walks the red carpet with Jennifer Aniston by Mike Bonner and Faith Hill by Bonnie Hinman, new biographies in the Galaxy of Superstars; Scott Gomez by Tim O'Shei and Freddie Prinze Jr. by Liesa Abrams, biographies joining the Latinos in the Limelight series; and Pro Wrestling: The Early Years by Matt Hunter, an addition to the Pro Wrestling Legends series.

Chouette greets the season with Caillou Friends and Caillou on the Farm by Tipéo, picture books which introduce animals and the sounds they make; and Caillou Xylophone and Caillou Domin s by Jeannine Beaulieu, illus. by Claude Lapierre, two sticker and activity books.

Chronicle digs into fall with Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner, featuring fun dino facts and rhyming text; Sylvia Long's Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Sylvia Long, an illustrated
version of the favorite rhyme; The Inflatable Crown by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert, a balloon-tying kit complete with hand-operated pump; and Pinocchio Classic Illustrated Edition by Carlo Collodi, compiled by Cooper Edens, which pairs the original story with illustrations from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Cinco Puntos gets a fall lift with Up, Up and Away!/¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! by Honorio Robledo, about a boy's fantasy flight to the moon; and Efraín, The Desert Side-Blotched Lizard, as told to Gary Paul Nabhan by Seri Indian Elder Amalia Estorga, illus. by Janet Miller, about the friendship between a Native American and a lizard.

New to the Clarion list will be We Were There by Eve Bunting, illus. by Wendell Minor, a story about lesser-known creatures that were also at the Nativity; The Little Drummer Boy, illus. by Kristina Rodanas, a picture-book version of the classic song; The Great Pig Search by Eileen Christelow, a sequel to The Great Pig Escape; Nursery Classics by Paul Galdone is a collection of four books; and In the Days of the Vaqueros: America's First True Cowboys by Russell Freedman, a lesson in the Spanish and Mexican backdrop of the American West.

Cook creates a colorful season with Ivory and the Blueberry Turtle by Richard Hays, illus. by Chris Sharp, in which Ivory the elephant makes a discovery in Noah's Park; Looking High &Low for One Lost Sheep by Lois Rock, illus. by Alex Ayliffe, in which a shepherd carefully tends his flock; and God's Fair Ladies: Women of the Bible by Mike Thaler, illus. by Dennis Adler, a collection of light-hearted Bible stories from the Heaven &Mirth series.

NorthWord grabs pick and shovel for Rocks, Fossils &Arrowheads, a new Take-Along Guide; and The Family of the Earth by Schim Schimmel, a picture book with an environmental conservation theme.

Dial forecasts a great fall with Fair Weather by Newbery Medalist Richard Peck, a novel set during the Chicago World's Fair of 1893; More Parts by Tedd Arnold, a follow-up to the picture book Parts; A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton by Steven Kellogg in which the beloved Great Dane dreams of fathering a baby penguin; Moley Gets Dressed for All Weather by Sue Hendra, a novelty book with magnetic pieces of clothing for dressing Moley; and Black Mirror by Nancy Werlin, a suspense novel.

Dingles paints a bright season with Red as a Fire Truck and Yellow as a Daffodil by Molly Dingles, illus. by Aimee Bingler, two concept books introducing colors and reading readiness skills.

Dutton has visions of sugar plums with Emma's Magic Christmas by Michael Garland, in which Emma tipt s out of bed to witness a very magical Christmas in action; Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson, about a plucky orphan sent to live on the Amazon River during the early 1900s; The Sight by David Clement-Davies, a fantasy-adventure starring a clan of wolves; The Complete Tales and P ms of Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, illus. by Ernest H. Shepard, an anthology to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of Winnie-the-Pooh; and Piracy and Plunder by Milton Meltzer, an account of piracy past and present.

Eerdmans makes the season bright with The Shine Man by Mary Quattlebaum, illus. by Tim Ladwig, in which a Depression-era sh shine man experiences a Christmas miracle; Glory by Nancy White Carlstrom, illus. by Debra Reid Jenkins, a p tic celebration of beauty and variety in the animal world; and A Humble Dutch Life by Linda Oatman High, illus. by Bill Farnsworth, a cycle of p ms about Pennsylvania Dutch farm life.

FSG looks to the heavens with Some from the Moon Some from the Sun by Margot Zemach, Zemach's final book, a collection of p ms; The Adventures of Bert by Allan Ahlberg, illus. by Raymond Briggs, starring a winning if slightly bumbling new picture book character; The Revenge of Randal Reese-Rat by Tor Seidler, illus. by Brett Helquist, a sequel to A Rat's Tale that tracks the misadventures of a feisty rodent accused of a crime he didn't commit; The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs by Cynthia DeFelice, the sequel to The Ghost of Fossil Glen, in which readers learn the truth about a fearsome cafeteria lady; and Is My Friend at Home: Pueblo Fireside Tales by John Bierhorst, illus. by Wendy Watson, seven intertwining folktales from the Hopi country of Northern Arizona.

Frances Foster Books heads for the big top with Circus Girl by Tomek Bogacki, about a girl who joins the circus; Earthquake by Milly Lee, illus. by Yangsook Choi, a true story of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906; Molly and the Magic Wishbone by Barbara McClintock, a
picture book based on the Charles Dickens story The Magic Fish-Bone; Spellbound by Janet McDonald, a YA novel about a teenage mother's struggles to succeed in life; and Hokusai by Deborah Kogan Ray, a biography of the Japanese artist and printmaker.
Melanie Kroupa Books hits the bull's-eye with Shooting for the Moon: The Amazing Life and Times of Annie Oakley by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Bernie Fuchs, a picture book biography based on Annie's own writings; No More Nasty by Amy MacDonald, illus. by Cat Bowman-Smith, a middle-grade novel about an eccentric substitute teacher; Shrinking Violet by Cari Best, illus. by Giselle Potter, in which Violet overcomes her shyness with a school pageant as the backdrop; The Boy in the Burning House by Tim Wynne-Jones, a psychological thriller; and We Were There, Too!: Young People in U.S. History by Phillip Hoose, a volume that highlights more than 70 young people who helped shape our nation.

Flywheel turns back the clock with A Day Redux by Robert Favole, a YA novel in which a teenager travels back in time to stop an episode of fatal high school violence.

Fulcrum heads to the farm in In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin by Gloria Evangelista, a picture book about the treasures to be found close to home; America's Prairies and Grasslands by Marianne Wallace, which introduces readers to these vast habitats and the animals that live there; and Worm Holes, Warp Drive, Monoliths, and Monsters: The Amazing Science of Science Mysteries by Kendall Haven, featuring scientific explanations behind such mysteries as the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge.

Golden blows out the candles for Pat the Birthday Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt, a new touch-and-feel book inspired by the classic; It's Not Marsha's Birthday by Barbara Bottner and Gerald Kruglik, illus. by Denise Brunkus, in which Marsha tries to steal the spotlight from her older sister; Cackle Cook's Monster Stew by Patricia Rae Wolff, illus. by S.D. Schindler, about a witch who uses yucky ingredients for her Halloween stew; A Garth Williams Treasury of Best-Loved Golden Books, an oversized gift edition featuring 12 of this artist's works and an introduction by Leonard S. Marcus; and Dr. Ruth: Grandma on Wheels! by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, illus. by Joy Allen, a p m about the joys of being a grandparent.

Grosset &Dunlap bundles up with Max's Snowsuit by Rosemary Wells, a cloth book starring Max the bunny; Boss for a Day and Hide and Seek All Week, which join the Meet the Barkers early reader series by Tomie dePaola; Emily's Busy Day: A Giant Lift-the-Flap Book by Claire Masurel, illus. by Susan Calitri, a familiar concept in a new format; and the debut titles in the My First Field Guides nature book series.

Handprint saddles up for Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, illus. by Christopher Bing, a picture book featuring historical artifacts and maps; Sam's Sub by David Pelham, a novelty book in the tradition of Sam's Sandwich; PiggyWiggy's Bath Time by Christyan and Diane Fox, in which PiggyWiggy imagines being a deep-sea diver; Naughty Kitten by Christyan and Diane Fox, about a kitten that gets into mischief before bedtime; and Animagicals: Homes and Sports, rhyming riddle picture books.

Harcourt is off to obedience school with Truman, Sit! by Dan Harper, illus. by Barry Moser and Cara Moser, a look at a day in the life of Truman the dog; Tell Me What It's Like to Be Big by Joyce Dunbar, illus. by Debi Gliori, in which the siblings from Tell Me Something Happy Before
I Go to Sleep dream of growing up; Jabutí: A Trickster Tale from the Amazon Rainforest by Gerald McDermott, which reveals how the tortoise got its shell; and The Siege at Los Coyotes by Theodore Taylor, about a teenager investigating who is killing the animals at a game preserve.
Gulliver roars into fall with Mansa Musa: The Lion of Mali by Khephra Burns, illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon, an imagined tale of the childhood of the African king Mansa Musa; Mim's Christmas Jam by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illus. by Brian Pinkney, a holiday tale set in New York City; Monster Goose by Judy Sierra, illus. by Jack E. Davis, a comical twist on Mother Goose; The Christmas Cobwebs by Odds Bodkin, illus. by Terry Widener, in which a group of spiders spin a Christmas miracle; and The Problem with Pumpkins: A Hip and Hop Story by Barney Saltzberg, first in a new humorous series about a hippo and rabbit duo.

Red Wagon checks the barometer for Kipper's Rainy Day and Kipper's Sunny Day by Mick Inkpen, two lift-the-flap adventures starring Kipper the dog; Kipper and Roly by Inkpen, in which Kipper makes a new friend, Roly the guinea pig; and Fish Eyes and Snowballs by Lois Ehlert, new board book editions.

Silver Whistle grabs a partner for Mountain Dance by Thomas Locker, a blend of art, p try and science that shows how different mountains were created; Daughters of Fire: Heroines of the Bible by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Uri Shulevitz, a collection of stories highlighting 11 women of the Old Testament; Rose's Journal: The Story of a Girl in the Great Depression by Marissa Moss, the latest in the Young American Voices series; Brave Harriet: The Story of the First Woman to Fly the English Channel by Marissa Moss, illus. by C.F. Payne, an introduction to female aviator Harriet Quimby; and Auntie Claus Gift Package by Elise Primavera, which includes the hardcover, a CD recording of the story and an ornament.

HarperCollins has its eyes peeled for If I Were a Potato by Dean Koontz, illus. by Phil Parks, a humorous p try collection; A Christmas Carol by Dean Morrissey, an illustrated adaptation of the Dickens classic; All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander, illus. by Bruce Whatley, a picture book rendition of the hymn; The First Thanksgiving Day by Laura Melmed, illus. by Mark Buehner, a counting p m about the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving; and Don't Know Much About the Fifty States by Kenneth C. Davis, a picture book edition of this title from the bestselling question-and-answer series.

Avon taps into girl power with The Boy Crazy! Rules, first in the nonfiction series based on the Boy Crazy! trading-card and Internet phenomenon; Sex Files and Love Stories, two debut titles in the Teen People Books series; The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud by Jonah Black, a three-volume series in which a high school student shares his ups and downs with the women in his life; and Silvercloak by Dave Duncan, book three of the King's Daggers fantasy series.

Joanna Cotler Books casts a spell with The Witches and Wizards of Oberin by Suza Scalora, which explores the existence of witches and wizards among us; Caleb's Story by Patricia MacLachlan, the sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall and Skylark; Little Lit: Strange Stories, edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly, a follow-up to the comics anthology Little Lit: Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies; Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, the tale of a boy and his dog; and Echo by Francesca Lia Block, a novel about the struggle toward womanhood and a sense of self.

Laura Geringer Books is tucked in tight with Sleepytime Olie by William Joyce, a look at bedtime at Olie's house; Spike and Mike by Richard Egielski, a Dickensian tale of true friendship between a mouse and a rat; Grannie and the Jumbie by Margaret Hurst,in which a boy angers an evil spirit; and Santa Calls by William Joyce, a reissued, re-illustrated edition of this journey to the North Pole.

Greenwillow buckles up for My Car by Byron Barton, a picture book for very young children; Awful Ogre's Awful Day by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Paul O. Zelinsky, a humorous p try collection; Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart by Vera B. Williams, a novel told in free verse and pictures; The Stable Rat and Other Christmas P ms by Julia Cunningham, illus.
by Anita Lobel, starring the animals that were present for Jesus' birth; and After the Holocaust, a photo-essay by Howard Greenfeld tracing the lives of eight men and women--all young people during WWII--from the Liberation on.
Tempest puckers up for reprints of Necking with Louise by Rick Book, The Rose and the Beast by Francesca Lia Block and The Wurst Case Scenario by Catherine Clark.

Trophy takes the throne with reprints of The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whelan Turner; Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan; Shiva's Fire by Suzanne Fisher Staples; Mean Margaret by Tor Seidler, illus. by Jon Agee; and The Wanderer by Sharon Creech.

HarperFestival climbs up the water spout with Itsy Bitsy Spider by Paige Billin Frye, a musical board book; Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes, an original board book about sharing, starring Sheila Rae and little sister Louise; Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?,illus. by Jane Manning, a pop-up; Biscuit's Christmas by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Pat Schories, in which Biscuit the pup helps make a scrapbook; and Santa Claus Is Coming to Town by Laura Blanken Merer, a musical board book version of the favorite holiday song.

Holiday House sews up the season with Quilt Alphabet by Lesa Cline Ransome, illus. by James E. Ransome, an ABC book filled with country images; Anansi and the Magic Stick by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Janet Stevens, a new tale about the trickster spider; Blues Journey by Walter Dean Myers, illus. by Christopher Myers, a celebration of the African-American experience by this father-and-son team; Where Do You Sleep? by John Winch, in which baby animals reveal their sleeping places; and Polar Bears by Gail Gibbons, a nonfiction picture book.

Holt saunters into the season with Daniel's Walk by Michael Spooner, a historical novel in which a boy searches the Oregon Trail for his father; The Little Wing Giver by Jacques Taravant, illus. by Peter Sís, about the Little Wing Giver who helps the birds, butterflies and insects and is then given wings of his own; Cat in the Manger by Michael Foreman, in which a cat witnesses the first Christmas; Pumpkin Eye by Denise Fleming, a Halloween rhyme; and Rock It, Sock It, Number Line by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson, illus. by Heather Cahoon, a counting rhyme in the tradition of Martin's Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Houghton takes off with Animals in Flight by Robin Page, illus. by Steve Jenkins, the story of how, when and why birds and beasts have taken to the air; Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater, starring two blueberry-muffin-loving polar bears; Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez, the sequel to Jimenez's novel of life in a migrant farming family, The Circuit; Race of the Birkenbeiners by Lise Lunge-Larsen, illus. by Mary Azarian, a true tale set in the Norwegian mountains; and The Gift of the Lonely Doll by Dare Wright, a holiday tale about a lonely doll and her friends.

Walter Lorraine Books gets in shape for fall with Murphy Meets the Treadmill by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emily Bolam, in which Murphy the dog begins an exercise program, having enjoyed too many snacks; Fast Food! Gulp! Gulp! by Bernard Waber, about the nonstop action in fast food town; Nursery Crimes by Arthur Geisert, a horticultural mystery starring the porcine characters from Pigs from A to Z; The Great Whale of Kansas by Richard Jennings, in which a boy digging in his backyard uncovers the remains of a giant prehistoric animal; and Days of the Ducklings by Bruce McMillan, a photo-essay about establishing a community of eider ducklings on an Icelandic island.

Emma Howard Books pirouettes into fall with Darinka's Nutcracker Ballet by Rachel Nickerson Luna, in which Darinka dances the role of the Sugarplum Fairy in her own production of the famous ballet.

Hyperion smartens up this fall with their Baby Einstein book series by Julie Aigner-Clark, designed as infant teaching tools; Dumpy Saves Christmas by Julie Andrews-Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton, illus. by Tony Walton, a Yuletide Dumpy tale; and Yoko's Paper Cranes by Rosemary Wells, further adventures of this Japanese kitten.

Michael di Capua Books will offer I'm Not Bobby by Jules Feiffer, the story of a boy who is a monster, an airplane--anything but Bobby.

Jump at the Sun greets the season with Diaries of a Light-Skinned Colored Boy by E. Lynn Harris, a first children's book from the bestselling author, the story of a 14-year-old aspiring writer living in 1970s Arkansas.

Illumination Arts ponders the season with What If by Regina Williams, illus. by Doug Keith, in which a boy delays bedtime with a series of imaginative scenarios; Cassandra's Angel by Gina Otto, illus. by Trudy Lucas, about an angel who helps a girl to shine; One Smile by Cindy McKinley, illus. by Monica Gripman, in which one child's kindness inspires others; and Little Squarehead by Peggy O'Neill, illus. by Denise Freeman, about a girl with a square head who learns to recognize her inner beauty.

JPS g s a-haunting with Ghosts and Golems: Tales of the Supernatural, edited by Malka Penn, a collection of 10 stories of the supernatural, all with Jewish themes.

Kane scores with Everybody Wins! by Sheila Bruce, illus. by Paige Billin-Frye, in which Oscar gets carried away with entering contests; What's Next, Nina? by Sue Kassirer, illus. by Page mO'Rourke, about a girl who borrows her sister's necklace with unfortunate results; Keep Your Distance! by Gail Herman, illus. by Jerry Smath, in which Jen must adjust to sharing a room with her new baby sister; Slowpoke by Lucille Recht Penner, illus. by Gioia Fiammenghi, in which slow-moving Teddy resolves to become the fastest kid in town; and Tightwad Todd by
Daphne Skinner, illus. by John Nez, about a super frugal boy who is challenged to spend $20 all in one day.
Kane/Miller makes a wish with Happy Birthday I'm 1!, Happy Birthday I'm 2!, Happy Birthday I'm 3! and Happy Birthday I'm 4! by Matteo Faglia, four small books that feature a birthday story and keepsake pages; and Fox by Margaret Wild, illus. by Ron Brooks, in which Fox throws a wrench into Dog and Magpie's friendship.

Kids Can d s a figure eight with The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World by Linda Bailey, illus. by Heather Collins, in which Lizzy proves that good effort is sometimes more important than talent; A Cartoon History of the World, Vols. 1-4 by Jacqui Bailey, illus. by Mathew Lilly, a comic-book style series spanning from the Big Bang to the Dawn of Man; To the Top of Everest by Laurie Skreslet, which chronicles a journey to the top of the world; Adventures with the Vikings by Bailey, illus. by Lea and Alan Daniel, in which the Binkerton kids travel back in time to ancient Scandinavia; and Gold Rush Fever: A Story of the Klondike, 1898 by Barbara Greenwood, illus. by Collins, about two boys who plan to strike it rich.

Kingfisher wishes on a star with Complete Book of the Night by Sally Tagholm, a look at what happens between dusk and dawn; In the Light of the Moon and Other Bedtime Stories by Sam McBratney, illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton, a collection of eight original tales; The Kingfisher Children's Bible, an illustrated volume; The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia by David Burnie, which spotlights these prehistoric beasts; and Little Rabbits First Farm Book by Alan Baker, the latest picture book adventure in the Little Rabbits series.

Kregel looks forward to fall and A Day at Gramma's by Marcia Cate Overstreet, about a special day that Forrest spends with his grandmother.

Lee &Low creates a fall bouquet with Flowers for Mariko by Rick Noguchi and Deneen Jenks, illus. by Michelle Kumata, in which a Japanese-American girl and her family rebuild their lives after being released from an internment camp; Christmas Makes Me Think by Tony Medina, illus. by Chandra Cox, in which an inner-city boy thinks about the true meaning of Christmas; Coming Home by Susan Middleton Elya, illus. by Felipe Dávalos, about a Mexican girl and her family adjusting to living in the U.S.; David's Drawings by Cathryn Falwell, in which an African-American boy makes friends via his artwork; and Rent Party Jazz by William Miller, illus. by Charlotte Riley-Webb, about how a jazz musician helps an African-American boy raise money for the rent.

Lerner aces the fall season with Venus and Serena Williams by Terri Morgan, a profile of the sibling tennis stars; Oprah Winfrey by Katherine Krohn, an in-depth look at the life and career of this talk-show host and businesswoman; Peyton Manning by Jeff Savage, a biography of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback; and reprints of Play-by-Play Snowboarding by Jon Lurie, illus. by Jimmy Clarke; and Play-by-Play Volleyball by Julie Jensen, illus. by Andy King.

Carolrhoda dresses up for Trick-or-Treat on Milton Street by Lisa Bullard, illus. by Joni ltjenbruns, in which Charlie celebrates Halloween in a new neighborhood with his new stepdad; Harriet and George's Christmas Treat by Nancy Carlson, about Harriet and George's comical efforts to avoid Ms. Hoozit's holiday treat; Horse Sense by Janet Schultz, in which a young boy joins a posse tracking the Jesse James gang; Little Wolf, Forest Detective by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Tony Ross, a whodunit for Little Wolf and the Yelloweyes Forest Detective Agency; and a reprint of Hairy, Scary Ordinary: What Is an Adjective? by Brian P. Cleary, illus. by Jenya Prosmitsky.

Little, Brown makes a special delivery with Baby on the Way by William Sears, Martha Sears and Christie Watts Kelly, illus. by Renée Andriani, the debut title in the Sears Parenting Library, about how children can participate in expecting and caring for a new baby; What's the Matter with Timmy? by Maria Shriver, illus. by Sandra Speidel, in which a girl comes to better understand the challenges disabled people face; The Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Coat by Catherine Ann Cullen, illus. by David Christiana, about a garment with special powers; Toot &Puddle: I'll Be Home for Christmas by Holly Hobbie, about Toot's efforts to brave a snowstorm and reach Woodcock Pocket to celebrate the holiday with Puddle; and Secrets in Stone: All About Mayan Hieroglyphs by Laurie Coulter, illus. by Sarah Jane English, a look at everyday Mayan life and how the riddle of the Mayan code was solved.

Megan Tingley Books plans a purr-fect fall with Meow: A Day in the Life of Cats by Judy Reinen, a picture book illustrated with whimsical photographs; You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Michael Emberley; It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr, which celebrates differences and individuality; Imaginative Inventions by Charise Mericle Harper, a history of such everyday things as piggy banks and eyeglasses; and The Best Part of Me: Children Talk About Their Bodies in Pictures and Words by Wendy Ewald, in which award-winning photographer Ewald captures children's thoughts.

Lyrick is purple all over with Barney's World of Trucks by Scott Nickel, illus. by Dennis Full, and Barney's Zoo Friends by Nancy Parent, illus. by Josie Yee, two picture books starring the popular dinosaur and his pals; Witzy's Book of Words by Suzy Spafford, a concept board book; SPY Fox: 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea by Mel Gilden, illus. by Darren McKee, and Putt-Putt: Race Against the Clock by Gayla Amaral, illus. by Sue DiCiccio, both inspired by characters from the Humongous Entertainment CD-ROMs.

Peter Bedrick Books cranks up the time machine for Incredible Journey Through the Worldof the Dinosaurs by Nicholas Harris, illus. by Alessandro Rabatti, a nonfiction picture book focusing on the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods; and Deserts by Beatrice Macleod, illus. by Sabrina Marconi; Coral Reefs by Macleod, illus. by Antonella Pastorelli; Tropical Rainforests by Anita Ganeri, illus. by Paola Holguin; and African Grasslands by Ganeri, illus. by Ferruccio Cuccharini join the Animal Homes series.

Milkweed maps out the season with Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast, new to the Stories from Where We Live series; and Parents Wanted by George Harrar, a story of a boy's experiences with his foster parents.

Moon Mountain looks to the night sky with Star Dusters by Ann Garrett and Gene-Michael Higney, illus. by Pattima Singhalaka, about two boy angels; Louie Larkey and the Bad Dream Patrol by Linda Kay Weber, illus. by Nora Hilb, in which a team of teddy bears protects their owner from unpleasant dreams; The Sleepy Babies by Mercedes Lawry, illus. by Jennifer O'Keefe, a look at the amusing ways insomniac babies entertain themselves; and Carrot in My Pocket by Kitson Flynn, illus. by Denise Ortakales, an introduction--in verse--to barnyard animals.

Tommy Nelson has high-apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes for Baby Ant Has Stinky Pants; You Never Listen, Daddy Ant; Eat Your Veggies, Mommy Ant;and Don't Cry, Annie Ant, four titles in the Bug's-Eye View series, which reinforces Christian values.

North-South is clucking about Chicken Chickens by Valeri Gorbachev, which captures a child's first trip to the playground; How the Camel Got His Hump by Lisbeth Zwerger, a new edition
of a favorite Rudyard Kipling tale; Sailing Home: The True Story of a Childhood at Sea by Gloria and Ted Rand, the real-life adventures of four children growing up on a ship during the 19th century; Mother Holly by John Warren Stewig, illus. by Johanna Westerman, a retelling of a lesser-known tale by the Brothers Grimm; and Rainbow Fish and the Monsters' Cave, the latest glittery undersea adventure by Marcus Pfister.
SeaStar navigates the season with Mazescapes by Roxie Munro, a collection of 13 interconnected aerial landscapes, with other games and challenges to play; We Gather Together... Now Please Get Lost! by Diane deGroat, about Gilbert opossum's class trip to Pilgrim Town; Now What Can I Do? by Margaret Park Bridges, illus. by Melissa Sweet, in which a mother raccoon helps her son find fun on a rainy day; Kate Culhane, illus. by Michael Hague, a retelling of a spooky Irish folktale; and The Adventures of Tom Thumb by Marianna Mayer, illus. by Kinuko Craft, a new version of a favorite story.

Oliver blasts off with Space Flight: Shooting for the Stars by Jason Richie, which profiles the engineers and scientists whose innovations made space flight possible; and Business Builders in Real Estate by Nathan Aaseng, which features businessmen like John Jacob Astor who made fortunes by developing land.

Orca unwraps the season with A Present for Mrs. Kazinski by Marilynn Reynolds, in which a boy tries to find a gift for his elderly friend; It's Raining, It's Pouring by Andrea Spalding, a new take on the classic rhyme; and Last Summer in Agatha by Katherine Holubitsky, a YA novel by the author of Alone at Ninety Foot.

Peartree spins into fall with The Lost Side of the Dreydl by Barbara Birenbaum, a story about this traditional Hanukkah symbol.

Pelican strings together a fine fall list with Warlord's Beads by Virginia Pilegard, illus. by Nicholas DeBon, in which a boy devises a way to count all the treasure the warlord can gather; and Toby Belfer and the High Holy Days by Gloria Pushker, illus. by Judith Hierstein, in which Toby tells her friend about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Phyllis Fogelman Books tells it like it is with The Real Santa Claus by Marianna Mayer, illus. by various painters, which tells "the real life story of St. Nicholas"; The Land by Mildred D. Taylor, a prequel to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, set in the post-Civil War South; Chimp and Zee by Catherine and Laurence Anholt, an oversize rhyming picture book starring two mischievous monkeys; In the Forest of Your Remembrance by Gloria Pinkney, illus. by Jerry, Brian and Myles Pinkney, a collection of spiritual reflections; and Miracles by Mary Hoffman, illus. by Jackie Morris, stories of nine miracles performed by Jesus.

Philomel plants a fall list with Johnny Appleseed,a retelling of this story with folk illustrations by Will Moses; A Redwall Winter's Tale by Brian Jacques, illus. by Christopher Denise, a picture book about the arrival of winter at Redwall Abbey; The Taggerung, a new Jacques novel, the latest addition to the Redwall epic; A Tree Girl by T.A. Barron, a fantasy novel; and Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco, in which a boy overcomes his racist upbringing with the helps of an understanding principal.

Pippin sharpens its hedge clippers for an as-yet-untitled book by Virginie Elbert about making topiary gardens and a historical novel set in colonial America by John Minahan.

Pleasant Company glides into fall with reissues of Angelina's Birthday and Angelina Ice Skates by Katharine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig; and three new books about Kit Kittredge, a girl living during the Great Depression: Kit Saves the Day, Changes for Kit and Happy Birthday, Kit!,all by Valerie Tripp, illus. by Walter Rane.

Archway logs on for From E to You by Chris d'Lacey and Linda Newbery, an e-pistolary novel told through e-mails between a boy and girl who've never met; Desert Kiss by Ellen Titlebaum and Kathy Hapka, the first of four contemporary time travel romances that comprise the Vintage Kiss series; Harvey Angell by Diana Hendry, the first of three novels in a fantasy series; Hex by Rhiannon Lassiter, about a 15-year-old girl who is a Hex (a human with a mutant gene that allows her to interact with computers); and The Secret Life of Doctor Doom, in which a scrawny boy obsessed with pro wrestling discovers that his gym teacher has an alter ego.

Minstrel is seeing double with Suddenly Twins by John Peel, first in a trilogy about a parallel world ruled by magic and mystery; Final Fantasy by John Vornholt, a novelization of the feature film based on the video game of the same name; Pongwiffy by Kaye Umansky, illus. by Chris Smedley, a British fantasy adventure about the smelliest, most disorganized witch in the world; Bub Moose by Carol Wallace and Bill Wallace, illus. by John Steven Gurney, starring a baby moose growing up in the wilds of the west; and Saving Lilly by Peg Kehret, in which Erin saves an elephant when a small traveling circus comes to town.

Pulse dusts off the yearbook for Reunion by Jenny Carroll, third title in the suspenseful Mediator series; Brain Trust by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala, a Body of Evidence book in which Jenna Blake's vacation turns into a murder-mystery case; Laws of Nature by Christopher Golden, which joins the Prowlers suspense series; Silver Eyes by Nicole Luiken, the sequel to Violet Eyes, which focused on teens involved in a genetic experiment; and Fat Boy Saves the World by Ian Bone, a novel about a rebellious teenage girl and her quirky, overweight brother.

Price Stern Sloan has the blueprint for fall with The Little Skyscraper by Scott Santoro, a picture book fantasy; The Great Show and Tell Disaster by Mike Reiss, illus. by Mike Cressy, in which a young inventor produces a device that turns show-and-tell upside down; and Christmas Time Is Cookie Time by William Boniface, in which readers fit cookie decorations into the appropriate slots.

Puffin packs its bags for What a Trip, Amber Brown by Paula Danziger, first in a new easy-to-read series starring spunky Amber Brown; and reprints of Saving Sweetness by Diane Stanley, illus. by G. Brian Karas; One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims by B.G. Hennessy, illus. by Lynne Cravath; The Book of the Lion by Michael Cadnum; and Squashed by Joan Bauer.

Putnam makes a splash with The Cod's Tale by Mark Kurlansky, an adaptation of the author's adult bestseller about this now endangered fish; The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica by Kathleen Norris, illus. by Tomie dePaola, about twins who grew up and founded religious orders
within a few miles of each other in sixth-century Italy; Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett, about a brave hen that travels down the Li River; Leonardo's Horse by Jean Fritz and Hudson Talbott, the story of da Vinci's dream to sculpt a great horse statue; and What Pete Ate, an alphabet book about a ravenous dog by Maira Kalman.
Ragged Bears celebrates fall's bounty with A Harvest of Color by Melanie Eclare, a picture book about vegetable gardening; Bears! by Paul Stickland, in which a boy imagines all sorts of these creatures; Little Robot Rabbit by Mike Brownlow, a lift-the-flap search for Little Rabbit; Ragged Bears' Book of Stories: 17 Classic Tales for Children retold and illustrated by Diz Wallis; and How Were You Made? by Nila Aye, a look at the reproductive process for a host of different creatures.

Random House gussies up with Cinderella by Hilary Knight, a humorous rendition of the fairy tale; My Sister's Hair by Sally Crabtree and Roberta Mathieson, illus. by Jane Cabrera, which encourages readers to imagine the potential wacky hairdos of a bald baby; Toots Underground by Carol Hughes, in which Toots returns to the magical Upside-Down World; and Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne, the first hardcover Magic Tree House book, which finds Jack and Annie in the time of King Arthur.

Bantam g s into the woods with The Obsessionby Cade Merrill, latest in the Blair Witch Files series; Don't Look Backjoins Clearwater Crossing series; Stay or Goand Road Tripare new to Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Senior Year series; and The Popular One is added to the Love Stories series.

Skylark has fall all wrapped up with The Mummy Files #3 by Dave Wolverton, inspired by the feature film The Mummy Returns; No Dogs Ever!by Wendy Loggiajoins the Woof! series about pooches and their owners; and Dreamcrusherand Like Father, Like Sonare new to the Replica series.

Crown sizes up the season with Me and the Measure of Things by Joan Sweeney, illus. by Annette Cable, which introduces readers to the units of measure; It's a Guy Thing by Mavis Jukes, a guide for teen guys who are curious about their changing bodies; and Ice Age Mammoth by Barbara Hehner, illus. by Mark Hallett, a look at the prehistoric woolly mammoth.

Delacorte walks the plank with The Buccaneers by Iain Lawrence, a story collection brimming with high-seas adventures; Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan, a biography; Caught by the Sea: My Life on Boats by Gary Paulsen, a memoir about adventures on the ocean; Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, about a witch whose life revolves around destroying vampires; and Going Home by Patricia Reilly Giff, a Depression-era novel set in New York City.

Disney gets cozy with Pooh's Nursery Rhymes Lap Library, a board book featuring Pooh and his pals as the stars of favorite nursery rhymes; Pooh's Perfect Presents, one of four I Can Do It books that feature buttons, snaps, ribbon or laces to help readers master everyday skills; Cinderella: Here Comes the Bride Magnet Book, which picks up the tale after the ball; and Monsters, Inc. Picture Book, featuring characters from the latest Disney/Pixar computer-animated feature.

Doubleday is checking things twice with Peter Claus and the Naughty List by Lawrence David and Delphia Durand, in which Santa's son aims to shake up the nice/naughty list system his father originated; and Zigzak!: A Magical Hanukkah Night by Eric Kimmel and John Goodell, about two tricky devils who are foiled when they try to spoil a town's Hanukkah.

Dragonfly wags its tail for fall reprints of Dog Days by Jack Prelutsky, illus. by Dyanna Wolcott; The Cinder-Eyed Cats by Eric Rohmann; One Beyond a Million by David Schwartz, illus. by Paul Meisel; Night of the White Stag by M.C. Helldorfer, illus. by Yvonne Gilbert; and Wake Up House by Dee Lillegard, illus. by Don Carter.

Knopf is the cat's meow with Puss in Boots by Philip Pullman, illus. by Ian Beck, a large read-aloud edition of the classic; You Read to Me and I'll Read to You, editedby Janet Schulman, an anthology featuring more than 25 books for children who are just beginning to read on their own; Woody Guthrie: P t of the People by Bonnie Christensen, a picture book biography of the folksinger; Shattered: Stories of Children and War, compiled by Jennifer Armstrong, in which 12 noted YA authors examine war through the eyes of a young person; and Pure Dead Magic by Debi Gliori, the first book of a cyber-gothic, middle-grade trilogy.

Laurel-Leaf heads uptown for reprints of 145th Street: Short Stories by Walter Dean Myers; Kit's Wilderness by David Almond; The White Fox Chronicles by Gary Paulsen; Crooked by Laura and Tom McNeal; and Never Trust a Dead Man by Vivian Vande Velde.

Sesame Workshop is counting on a great fall with 1,2,3 by Elmo, a picture book about numbers and counting; Imagination Song, the classic Sesame Street song adapted as a picture book; I Don't Want to Live on the Moon by Jeff Moss, a song/picture book about imaginary journeys; Ballerina Wings, in which Cassie from Dragon Tales takes to the stage; and Elmo's World: Elmo's Big Word Book, a large-format tabbed board book.

Starfire jingles all the way into fall with reprints of Christmas with Anne by L.M. Montgomery; and Angel of Mercy and How Do I Love Thee by Lurlene McDaniel.

Yearling plans a fall mission with reprints of Space Race by Sylvia Waugh, Bad Dreams by Anne Fine, Gib and the Gray Ghost by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, and Sport and The Long Secret by Louise Fitzhugh.

Rising Moon chills out with Totally Polar by Marty Crisp, illus. by Viv Eisner; When Kangaroo G s to School by Sonia Levitin, illus. by Jeff Seaver; Halloween Night by Arden Druce, illus. by David Wenzel; and Clear Moon Snow Moon by Tony Johnston, illus. by Guy Porfino.

Scholastic Press takes a wild ride with The Magic School Bus: Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Egypt by Joanna Cole, illus. by Bruce Degen, the first book in the Ms. Frizzle's Adventures series; The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kelly, illus. by Brian Selznick, the story of the artist who built the world's first life-size models of dinosaurs; Belle Teal by Ann M. Martin, in which a girl growing up in the 1960s faces many challenges; Witness by Karen Hesse, a novel about the Ku Klux Klan's infiltration of a town; and The Chimpanzees I Love by Jane Goodall, personal stories from the renowned scientist and wildlife advocate.

Blue Sky has its knickers in a twist over Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman by Dav Pilkey, the latest adventures of the superhero in briefs; Alphabet Adventure by Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood, a whimsical ABC book; Tiger Trouble! by Diane Goode, about the friendship between a boy and his pet tiger; Dot the Fire Dog by Lisa Desimini, a day in the life of this busy canine;and Christmas Promise by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, illus. by David Christiana, a tale of a father and daughter reunited on Christmas Eve.

Cartwheel says E I, E I O with Old MacDonald Had a Farm, a pop-up book by David Carter; Hide and Seek with Leo: A Hand Puppet Board Book by Tim Weare, featuring a hand puppet monster; Long Train: 101 Cars on the Track by Sam Williams, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max, an oversize board book with 101 flaps that hide train-car surprises; I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles, Tenth Anniversary Edition by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick, a reissue of this title; and the first four Look Inside board books.

Chicken House wakes up and puts on makeup with Say a Little Prayer for Me, illus. by Karin Littlewood, a picture book adaptation of the hit song by Burt Bacharach; Look at Me Grandma by Valerie Mendes, illus. by Claire Fletcher, about the enduring love between the generations in a family; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, illus. by Lesley Harker, in which two children set out to follow the star they see from their bedroom window; Spellfall by Katherine Roberts, a story of kidnap and sorcery spanning two worlds; and P try by Heart, an anthology compiled by Liz Attenborough, with a foreword by Andrew Motion.

Arthur A. Levine Books looks to the past with The Seeing Stone, first in a fantasy-adventure trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland; The Shark God by Rafe Martin, illus. by David Shannon, a Hawaiian flood tale; The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban, illus. by David Small, a reissue of this favorite; Rover Saves Christmas by Roddy Doyle, illus. by Brian Ajhar, in which Rover plays Rudolph; and Gus and Button by Saxton Freymann, illus. by Joost Elffers, about a mushroom who leaves his all-beige surroundings for the colorful land of Cornucopia.

Orchard slithers into fall with Reptiles Are My Life by Megan McDonald, illus. by Paul Brett Johnson, starring the bug-crazy heroine of Insects Are My Life; Clem's Chances by Sonia Levitin, a fast-paced coming-of-age story; Running Back to Ludie by Angela Johnson, a cycle of p ms about a teen's dramatic reunion with her mother; Born in the Breezes: The Voyages of Joshua Slocum by Kathryn Lasky, illus. by Walter Lyon Krudop, about the wayfaring life of this accomplished sailor; and Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae, illus. by Guy Parker-Rees, in which a giraffe finds its own special music to dance to.

Scholastic Reference dons a lab coat for Popular Science: Science Year by Year, a
chronological journey through the accomplishments of scientists over the past 100 years; See for Yourself: More Than 100 Amazing Experiments for Science Fairs and Projects by Vicki Cobb, illus. by Dave Krug; and Scholastic Writer's Desk Reference; Scholastic Atlas of the World; and Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals,allby Laurence Pringle, photographs by Norbert Wu.
Scratch &Scribble celebrates the season with The Remembrance Tree by Violet Haufsk, in which Gianduja the moose begins a new Christmas tradition in memory of a friend who has died.

Linnet Books takes off with Flying Higher: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II by Wanda Langley, the story of these women who served our country; Early Women Writers: Voices from the Margins by Virginia Brackett, featuring profiles of eight authors; and Grasshopper and Other Hungarian Folktales, translated and retold by Irma Molnár, illus. by Georgeta-Elena Enesel, a collection of 30 folktales from Central and Eastern Europe.

Silver Dolphin sparkles with Angel Bear, Ballerina Bear, Fairy Bear and Princess Bear, the lead titles in the Glitter Bears series by Sue Harris, illus. by Pauline Siewart, featuring holographic foil on every page.

S&S rises and shines with Good Morning Sweetie Pie by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Jane Dyer, a collection of vignettes that explore children's daily activities; Marsupial Sue Book and CD by John Lithgow, illus. by Jack E. Davis, the story of a young kangaroo who's never satisfied; Cowboy Christmas by Audrey Wood, illus. by Robert Florczak, a holiday story set in the Old West; Alien &Possum, Friends No Matter What by Tony Johnston, illus. by Tony DiTerlizzi, an adventure for beginning readers; and Shayla's Double Brown Baby Blues by Lori Aurelia Williams, the YA follow-up to When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune.

Aladdin has designs on the season with Have Fun with Your Room, a collection of simple, inexpensive decorating tips by home decorating guru Lynette Jennings; Science Magic in the Kitchen by Richard Robinson, illus. by J Wright, first in a four-book series of magic tricks kids can perform with common household objects; and fall reprints of The Janitor's Boy by Andrew Clements, King of Shadows by Susan Cooper and The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley.

Atheneum takes a bite out of fall with The Burger and the Hot Dog by Jim Ayelsworth, illus. by Stephen Gammell, a p tic romp starring food; Silent Night by Sandy Turner, a picture book in which a very vocal dog may prevent Santa from making his deliveries; The Misfits by James Howe, about a group of friends determined to make a difference in the upcoming student council elections; Walk Across the Sea by Susan Fletcher, a historical novel addressing the bigotry toward Chinese immigrants in turn-of-the-century California; and All That Remains by Bruce Brooks, a collection of novellas on loss, grief and healing for teens.

Richard Jackson Books suits up with The Boys Team by Amy Schwartz, about kindergarten girls who challenge the division in their class; Wool Gathering: A Sheep Family Reunion by Lisa Wheeler, illus. by Frank Ansley, a humorous picture book; Storm Maker's Tipi by Paul Goble, a history of these Native American dwellings; Good Dog by Avi, a story told from the dog's point of view, which examines the contest between freedom and loyalty to man; and Just Ask Iris by Lucy Frank, about a girl's comic interpretation of the goings-on in her neighborhood.

Anne Schwartz Books is stirring with The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illus. by Raqquel Jaramillo, a family-album style version of the beloved p m; Teeny Tiny Tingly Tales by Nancy Van Laan, illus. by Victoria Chess, three not-too-spooky tales for beginning readers; Who Invited You? by Candace Fleming, illus. by George Booth, a rollicking counting story set on a boat in the bayou; and Goin' Someplace Special by Patricia McKissack, illus. by Jerry Pinkney, inspired by McKissack's experience growing up in 1950s Tennessee.

Good grief! Little Simon kicks off the season with It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz, a debut title in the new Peanuts Ready-to-Read line; Josh Takes a Trip is among the first four titles in the OshKosh B'Gosh series based on the kids' clothing line; Little Red Riding Hood: A Classic Collectible Pop-Up by Marjorie Priceman, paper engineering by Bruce Foster, a humorous retelling of the fairy tale; Flapdoodle Dinosaurs by David Carter, an oversize pop-up; and A Book for Honey Bear: Reading Keeps the Sighs Away by Audrey Wood, in which reading cures a case of "the sighs," part of the ABA's Prescription for Reading literacy program.

Margaret K. McElderry Books sets a fall table with Rivka's First Thanksgiving by Elsa Rael, illus. by Maryann Kovalski, a holiday story set in New York City's Lower East Side in the early 1900s; Goodbye Mousie by Robie H. Harris, illus. by Jan Ormerod, in which a boy comes to terms with losing his pet mouse; Ten Monkey Jamboree by Dianne Ochiltree, illus. by Anne-Sophie Lanquetin, a rhyming read-aloud with a math theme; Gandhi by Demi, a portrait of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi; and Stopping to Home by Lea Wait, in which two orphaned children in 1806 Maine discover the meaning of family and home.

Simon Spotlight delivers tricks and treats with Little Bill: The Halloween Costume Hunt by Kim Watson, illus. by Bernie Cavendar, a lift-the-flap story based on the Nick Jr. TV show created by Bill Cosby; Blue's Thanksgiving Feast by Jessica Lissy, illus. by David Cutting, a lift-the-flap holiday tale; and new publishing programs based on each of the following Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. programs: Bob the Builder, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and Rocket Power.

Stoddart plans a three-alarm season with The Night Fire by Lori Lukasewich, a look at a fire crew's typical night on the job; Maiden of the Mist: A Legend of Niagara Falls by Veronika Martenova Charles, a story of how the fabled falls came to be; If I Just Had Two Wings by Virginia Frances Schwartz,in which Ph be, a slave, follows the Underground Railroad to freedom; Don't Go into the Forest! by Veronika Martenova Charles, illus. by Leanne Franson, about three friends exchanging eerie tales as they walk through the forest; and The Hungry Year by Connie Brummel Crook, the tale of how a poor harvest and harsh winter put Kate and her brothers at risk of starving.

Townsend welcomes fall with Gooseman by Emily Chetkowski, illus. by Martha Armstrong, a tale of Germany at the end of WW II; and The Secrets of Cranberry Beach, The Secrets of Cain's Castle and The Secrets of Pilgrim Pond, the latest reissues in the Belltown Mystery series by T.M. Murphy.

Tricycle readies its chopsticks for First Book of Sushi by Amy Wilson, an introduction for the very young to this fishy delicacy; Q Is for Quark: A Science Alphabet Book by David Schwartz, illus. by Kim Doner, a companion to G Is for Googol; The Philosopher's Club by Chris Phillips, illus. by Kim Doner, a brain tickler that explores basic philosophical principles; and Danger Boy #2: Dino Sword by Mark London Williams, in which Eli is trapped in World War II Germany.

Troll stakes out the season with The Vampire Hound by Jim Kraft, a tale of vampire hunters in Victorian London; The Fatal Strand by Robin Jarvis, the conclusion to the Wyrd Museum magical time-travel trilogy; The High King's Daughter by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald, new to the medieval fantasy series Circle of Magic; and How to Draw the Legend of Zelda by Michael Teitelbaum, illus. by Ron Zalme, featuring easy art techniques for fans of this video game.

Bridgewater plans a fall fright fest with Too Many Monsters by Eve Bunting, illus. by James Bernardin, in which a boy finds some creative ways to get rid of the unusual monsters under his bed.

Tundra rides the waves with Song of the Sea: Myths, Tales and Folklore by Ann Spencer, illus. by Mark Lang, a collection of stories and songs about sailors; Bleeps and Blips to Rocket
Ships: Great Inventions in Communications by Alannah Hegedus and Kaitlin Rainey, illus. by Bill Slavin, featuring profiles of 10 inventors; and Benny Bensky and the Perogy Palace by Mary Borsky, illus. by Linda Hendry, in which a dog tries to help its owners with their restaurant.
Viking minds its p's and q's with Madeline Says Merci, a book on manners and etiquette tips from Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline; Once Upon a Fairy Tale, a collection of favorite tales retold by movie star authors and celebrity illustrators, all to benefit the Starbright Foundation; Bunny Party by Rosemary Wells, in which bunnies Max and Ruby celebrate Grandma's birthday; While the City Sleeps by Steven T. Johnson, another urban landscape picture book by the creator of Alphabet City;and the 10th book in the Time Warp Trio series by Jon Scieszka, which has the boys traveling to ancient Japan.

Walker scores a knockout with Champion by Jim Haskins, illus. by Eric Velasquez, a picture book biography of boxer Muhammad Ali; Trouble on the Tracks by Kathy Mallat, about a train journey that gets derailed by a surprise plot twist; Side-by-Side: How Picture Book Collaborators Work Together by Leonard Marcus, an inside look at five author-illustrator teams; The Great Ships by Patrick O'Brien, a detailed portrait of famous ships in history, including the Amistad and the Titanic; and Tormenta by Anna Myers, a historical novel set during the catastrophic Galveston hurricane of 1900.

Wiley sets a scene with Movie Science: Over 40 Mind-Expanding, Reality-Bending, Star-Struck Activities for Kids by Jim Wiese, which shows the science involved in filmmaking; Reinvent the Wheel: Make Classic Inventions, Discover Your Problem-Solving Genius, and Take the Inventor's Challenge by Ruth Kassinger, an activity book; Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants, and Strangler Figs: And 18 More of the Strangest Plants on Earth by Sally Kneidel, a look at the lives of plants; Revolutionary War Days: Discover the Past with Exciting Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes by David King, which joins the American Kids in History series; and The New York Public Library Amazing Explorers: A Book of Answers for Kids, new to the NYPL Answer Books for Kids series.

Winslow gets squashed with Pumpkinhead by Eric A. Kimmel, in which a young Pumpkinhead believes that everyone in the world is just like him; The Little Squeegy Bug by Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson, illus. by Pat Corrigan, about a bug trying to find a name for himself; The Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman, illus. by Jeff Shelly, in which a smart turkey outfoxes the townsfolk looking for Thanksgiving dinner; The World in 32 Pages: One Hundred Years of the American Picture Book by Barbara Bader, an updated, expanded version of this reference title; and The Stones of Mourning Creek by Diane Les Becquets, about the friendship between a black girl and a white girl during the 1960s.

Zonderkids has a whale of a list with Old Jonah's Tossed into the Ocean by Mark Lowry; The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Rick Osborn, illus. by Jon McDonald; Mooki the Berry Bandit by Gibson; My ABC Bible by Crystal Bowman; and DoorKnobbers: The Christmas Story, Kristina Stephenson.