Children's Books for Spring
Compiled by Sally Lodge -- 2/12/01


RAGGED BEARS (Chronicle, dist.)
Timothy Tib
by Liz Graham-Yooll ($15.95) reveals a cat's secret nightlife. (All ages)

Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!: A Farmyard Counting Book by Steve Lavis ($5.95) is a board book that invites readers to count and identify 10 animals. (6 mos.-4 yrs.)

Peek-Through Board Books: In the Jungle and ...On the Farm by Steve Lavis ($5.95 each) are board-book tales with die-cut pages. (2-4)

Sunshine &Storm by Elisabeth Jones, illus. by James Coplestone ($14.95), tells of the friendship between a cat and a dog. (3-6)

The Big White Book with (Almost) Nothing in It by Mike Brownlow ($13.95). Kids spin a wheel and lift flaps to find characters hiding between the pages. (4-8)

Me Too! Chunky Book of Bible Stories
, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt ($9.99), is a board book collection of 13 Bible stories. (2-7)

RAINCOAST BOOKS (Advantage Publishers Group, dist.)
Ornithomimus: Bird Mimic Dinosaur
by Monique Keiran ($16.95) depicts a dinosaur and its world. (10-up)

Raven's Flight by Diane Silvey ($7.95) is a fictional account based on true stories of individuals living in a ghetto. (11-15)

Basic Hockey and Skating Skills by Jeremy Rose and Murray Smith ($14.95) offers tips on ice-skating and in-line skating. (12-up)

Dead Reckoning by Julie Burtinshaw ($7.90). Are James's nightmares omens of an ill-fated passage on a steamship in 1906? (12-up)

Olympia by Olympia Dowd ($19.95). A teenager describes her experience performing in the title role of the Carmen suite. (12-up)

Lift the Lid, Use the Potty!
by Annie Ingle, illus. by Lisa McCue ($7.99). Little Bunny learns to use the potty in this board book with flaps and stickers. (up to 4)

Diggy Dan: A Room Cleaning Adventure by Daniel and David Kamish ($15.99). Diggy Dan assumes various identities as he cleans his room. (4-7)

Bunny and the Beast by Molly Coxe, illus. by Pamela Silin-Palmer ($15.95), casts a bunny in the role of Beauty and a terrier in the role of the Beast. (5-8)

Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie by Allcroft, illus. by Ken Edwards ($5.99), follows the adventures of an elephant and his pals. (5-8)

There Comes a Time: The Struggle for Civil Rights by Milton Meltzer ($16.95) chronicles African-Americans' civil rights struggles and achievements. (10-up)

Random House Pictureboards
debuts with Catch Me, Catch Me!: A Thomas the Tank Engine Story by Britt Allcroft, Animal Babies by Harry McNaught, and Kittens Are Like That and Puppies Are Like That by Jan Pfloog ($4.99 each, up to 4). Thomas the Tank Engine gains three titles ($3.99 each, up to 4). Theodore the Tugboat chugs on with Theodore and the Tall Ships by Ivan Robertson ($3.99, up to 4). New Elmo's World: First Flap Books are Animals! and Music! ($4.99 each, up to 4). Bright and Early Bath and Cloth Books gains One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss and Go, Dog, Go!: P.D. Eastman's Book of Opposites by Eastman ($5.99 each, up to 4). The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library adds Oh, Say, Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants by Bonnie Worth, illus. by Aristides Ruiz ($11.99, 5-8). Paws and Claws by Erica Farber and J.R. Sansevere joins Beginner Books ($11.99, 5-8). New to The Railway Series--Thomas the Tank Engine are Really Useful Engines by Christopher Awdry and Percy the Small Engine by Rev. W. Awdry ($6.99 each, 5-8). Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce adds Squire ($15.95, 10-13).

Board Book Reprints
Green Eggs and Ham Board Book with Fabulous Flaps and Stickers to Stick
by Dr. Seuss ($7.99 each, up to 4).

Policeman Small
and The Little Auto by Lois Lenski ($13.99 each, 5-8).

Series Reissues
Knee-High Books
offers Sweet Dreams, Little One by Lissa Rovetch, illus. by Betina Ogden ($4.99, up to 4); and William Joyce's Mother Goose, illus. by Joyce ($4.99, 5-8). New to Lap Library are Eloise Wilkin's P ms to Read to the Very Young Board Book, selected by Josette Frank, illus. by Wilkin, and Fingerplays and Songs for the Very Young Board Book, illus. by Carolyn Croll ($7.99 each, up to 4). Beginner Books reissues Summer by Alice Low, illus. by Roy McKie ($7.99, 5-8).

A Better View for Gordon: And Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories
($3.25) is a tie-in to the TV show starring Thomas. (1-4)

Bible Stories from the Old Testament and Bible Stories from the New Testament, illus. by Kathy Mitchell ($3.25 each), collect biblical tales. (5-8)

Stanley, the Seal of Approval by Stan Resnicoff ($3.25). Stanley is appointed lifeguard after he rescues a girl. (5-8)

Jurassic Park III Movie Storybook by Marc Cerasini ($6.99) features photos from this film. (8-12)

Jurassic Park III Novelization by Scott Ciensin ($4.99) recounts the plot of this movie. (8-12)

Dinosaur Field Guide by Michael Brett-Surman and Thomas Holtz Jr., illus. by Robert Walters ($10.99), focuses on various dinosaur species. (8-12)

Almanac of Alien Encounters by Eric Elfman, illus. by Jeff Westover ($4.99), chronicles alien sightings through the centuries. (9-13)

Shadow Horse by Alison Hart ($4.99). Did the owner of a horse farm kill Jasmine's horse? (10-13)

Paperback Series
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
debuts with Bobo Crazy by Marilyn Sadler, illus. by Roger Bollen ($3.99, 5-8). Step Into Reading adds Arthur's First Kiss by Marc Brown; What a Mess! by Stephen Krensky, illus. by J Mathieu; Boats by Shana Corey, illus. by Mike Reed; Jumbo by Bonnie Worth, illus. by Christopher Santoro; The Berenstain Bears and the Tic-Tac-T Mystery and The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Watermelon Money by Stan and Jan Berenstain; and Colorful Chameleons by Michelle Knudsen, illus. by Bryn Barnard ($3.99 each, 5-8). Step into Reading + Math adds Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares by Frank Murphy, illus. by Richard Walz ($3.99, 5-8). New Magic Tree House Research Guides are Mummies and Pyramids: A Nonfiction Companion to Mummies in the Morning and Pirates: A Nonfiction Companion to Pirates Past Noon by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Sal Murdocca ($4.99 each, 5-8).

Stepping Stones continues with Junie B. Jones Is a Graduation Girl by Barbara Park, illus. by Denise Brunkus; The Katie Lynn Cookie Company: Wedding Cookies by G.E. Stanley, illus. by Linda Dockey Graves; Magic Tree House: Twister on Tuesday by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Sal Murdocca; A to Z Mysteries: The Missing Mummy and ...The Ninth Nugget Mummy by Ron Roy, illus. by John Steven Gurney; Mole and Shrew: Mole and Shrew Have Jobs to Do by Jackie French Koller, illus. by Anne Reas ($3.99 each, 5-8); and Magic Elements Quartet: Fire Dreams by Mallory L hr ($3.99, 8-10). New to Landmark Books are Meet Abraham Lincoln by Barbara Cary and Meet George Washington by Joan Heilbroner ($3.99 each, 6-up); Meet Martin Luther King Jr. by James T. de Kay ($3.99, 8-up); and The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson ($3.99, 10-up). Jurassic Park Adventures starts up with Survivor by Scott Ciencin ($4.99, 8-12). Amanda Christie's 7thHeaven issues Learning the Ropes and Drive You Crazy ($3.99 each, 8-12). Fire Bird by Mary Frances Zambreno joins Voyage of the Basset ($3.99, 8-12). Dinotopia adds Survive! by Brad Strickland ($3.99, 10-13).

Paperback Series Reprint
Protector of the Small
by Tamora Pierce offers Page ($4.99, 10-13).

Paperback Reissues
The Little Pig
by Judy and Ph be Dunn and A Day at the Beach by Mircea Vasiliu ($3.25 each, 2-5); Richard Scarry's A Day at the Airport by Richard Scarry ($3.25, 5-8); and Operation: Dump the Chump by Barbara Park ($4.99, 8-12).

The Mummy Returns
by John Whitman ($4.99) is a junior novelization of this forthcoming film. (9-12)

The Mummy Returns Movie Scrapbook by John Whitman ($6.99) features behind-the-scenes photos. (9-12)

Paperback Series
Love Stories: His. Hers. Theirs.
starts up with The Nine-Hour Date, Snag Him! Love Stories and Nick &the Nerd ($4.50 each, 12-up). Sweet Valley Senior Year, created by Francine Pascal, adds six titles ($4.50 each, 12-up). Just Say Yes and Prime Time by Laura Peyton Robertsjoin Clearwater Crossing ($4.50 each, 12-up). Pine Hollow by Bonnie Bryant continues with Track Record and Full Gallop ($4.50 each, 12-up). The Blair Witch Files by Cade Merrill gains The Night Shifters ($4.50, 14-up). And Max's Choice and I Need You are new to the Elizabeth series, created by Francine Pascal ($4.50 each, 14-up).

Paperback Series
by Wendy Loggia kicks off with A Puppy of My Own, Cute As a Button and My New Best Friend ($4.50 each, 7-10). The Talking Snowman and The Secret in the Woods by Lois Gladys Leppard are new Young Mandie Mysteries ($4.50 each, 7-10). Launching The Mummy

Chronicles by Dave Wolverton are Revenge of the Scorpion King and Heart of the Pharaoh ($4.99 each, 8-12). Replica adds Missing Pieces, Return of the Perfect Girls and Happy Birthday, Dear Amy! by Marilyn Kaye ($4.50 each, 8-12). Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Jr. High adds six titles ($4.50 each, 8-12), and The Saddle Club by Bonnie Bryant has three additions ($4.50 each, 9-12).

To Live Again: A Dawn Rochelle Novel
by Lurlene McDaniel ($4.99). With her leukemia now in remission, Dawn copes with another medical trauma. (10-up)

Akiko and the Great Wall of Trudd
by Mark Crilley ($9.95). In order to reach Alia Rellapor's castle, Akiko and her friends must find a way over a great wall. (All ages)

Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick ($15.95). Left behind in a flooded city, Z escapes in a rowboat to try to find her parents. (8-12)

Bad Girls by Jacqueline Wilson, illus. by Nick Sharratt ($15.95). Tormented by bullies at school, Mandy becomes best friends with a different kind of 'bad' girl. (8-12)

The Autobiography of Meatball Finkelstein by Ross Venoker ($14.95). One day Meatball loses his temper and discovers he has a special power that may come in useful. (8-12)

Expiration Date: Never by Stephanie Spinner and Terry Bisson ($14.95). Can a group of youngsters solve all of their problems on time? (8-12)

Captain Tweakerbeak's Revenge: A Calliope Day Adventure by Charles Haddad, illus. by Steve Pica ($14.95). Calliope and Noreen bicker about many things, including the issue of who is the rightful owner of Noreen's pet bird. (8-12)

Spyhole Secrets by Zilpha Keatley Snyder ($15.95). After her father dies in an accident, Hallie tries to help a dysfunctional family. (8-12)

Black Angels by Rita Murphy ($14.95). During the civil rights movement, Celli's long-lost grandmother comes to town and reveals a secret that changes the girl's life forever. (9-up)

Stealing South: A Story of the Underground Railroad by Katherine Ayers ($14.95). Living in a slave society in which he d sn't believe, Will searches for answers to difficult questions. (10-14)

The Jumping Tree: A Novel by René Saldaña Jr. ($14.95). This coming-of-age story centers on a Chicano boy. (10-14)

Heaven Eyes by David Almond ($15.95). Erin and two friends run away from an orphanage and meet an unusual girl. (10-up)

Flags of Our Fathers: Her s of Iwo Jima by James Bradley with Ron Powers, adapted by Michael French ($15.95), reveals the story behind the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima. (10-up)

Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books by Gary Paulsen ($16.95). The author reveals the real adventures behind his novels. (12-up)

Thicker Than Water, edited by Gordon Snell ($17.95). Irish authors contribute 12 coming-of-age stories. (12-up)

Sights by Susanna Vance ($15.95). A girl with a special power tries to adjust to a new high school. (12-up)

If High School Is a Game, Here's How to Break the Rules: A Cutting Edge Guide to Becoming Yourself by Chérie Carter-Scott ($12.95). Well-known personalities offer advice on surviving the ups and downs of high school. (12-up)

The Ransom of Mercy Carter by Caroline B. Cooney ($15.95). A girl from Boston must begin a new life in a Kahnawake Indian village. (12-up)

China's Son: Growing Up in the Cultural Revolution by Da Chen ($15.95). When Mao dies, Da, who believed he could never be more than a poor farmer, pursues his chance for education and success. (12-up)

The Year of My Indian Prince by Ella Thorp Ellis ($15.95). A girl diagnosed with tuberculosis muses on her friendships, loves and losses. (12-up)

Colonial Williamsburg Young Americans
introduces Will's Story: 1771 and Maria's Story: 1773 by Joan Lowery Nixon ($9.95 each, 7-11). New Harriet the Spy titles are The Long Secret and Sport by Louise Fitzhugh ($15.95 each, 10-up).

Atlantis: The Final Stand
($12.99) recounts the conclusion of this Disney film. (All ages)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Read-Aloud Storybook ($6.99) ties in to the movie. (6-11)

Adventure Vehicles ($9.99) is a pull-the-tab look at submarines and other vehicles. (6-11)

New Jellybean Books are Pooh's Basket of Surprises, Presents from Pooh, Princess P ms, Jungle Rhymes, Sing a Song with Pooh, The Colorful Storm, Simba's Daring Rescue and Banana Hunt ($3.99 each, up to 4).

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Movie Scrapbook
($7.99) and Atlantis: The Lost Empire Animated Flip Book ($3.99) are based on this movie. (All ages)

Hello Spring ($3.25). Pooh and friends enjoy this season. (2-5)

My Brother Is a Dinosaur ($3.25). A family of lemurs adopts a dino. (2-5)

Happy to Help ($3.25). Dumbo decides to use his special skills to help others. (2-5)

Pooh Gets a Check-Up and A Bear-y Good Neighbor ($3.25 each) are tales starring Pooh and his pals. (5-8)

The Good, the Bad, and the Robotic ($3.25) features the stars from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. (5-8)

Atlantis: The Search Begins and Welcome to My World ($3.25 each) describe scenes from this film. (6-11)

Code Word: Atlantis ($3.99) includes a punch-out decoder to help kids solve the movie's mysteries. (6-11)

Atlantis: Punch-Out Action Vehicles ($3.99) presents models to assemble. (6-11)

Atlantis: Pull-Out Posters and Game Card Book ($7.99) offers 13 posters, a game board and cards. (6-11)

Atlantis: The Mark of a Princess ($7.99) is a movie storybook. (6-11)

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Junior Novel ($4.99) is a novelization of the movie. (8-12)

Good-night Books
gains Sweet Dreams, A Bouncy Adventure, Where Do They Sleep? and It's Naptime ($5.99 each, up to 4). New Disney Board Books are Colors, Shapes, Opposites and Seasons ($4.99 each, up to 4); Pooh's This and That, Tiggerific Things, Mind Your Manners, Pooh! and Sunny Day in the Hundred-Acre Wood ($7.99 each, up to 4); Mickey's Book of Trucks and Minnie's Book of Animals ($3.99 each, up to 4); Pooh's Greatest Big Lift-the-Flap Book ($11.99, up to 4); Simba's Jungle Hunt ($7.99, 3-6); and Princess Collection Friendship Box ($9.99, 3-8). Step Into Reading offers Kida and the Crystal($3.99, 6-8). Milo's Story is a new Stepping Stone Chapter Book ($3.99, 6-10).

101 Dalmatians
, 102 Dalmatians, Bambi, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Dinosaur, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Tarzan, The Tigger Movie, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Winnie the Pooh's Honey Adventures and Winnie the Pooh's Friendly Adventures ($6.99 each, 3-7).

Series Reissues
Disney Board Books
reissues Mickey's Week, Pooh Says Please, Pooh's Friends and Rub-a-Dub, Pooh ($3.50 each, up to 4). There are six new Busy Books ($6.99 each, up to 4). Disney Learn &Grow Board Books reissues eight Disney's Winnie the Pooh titles ($4.99 each, 1-3). Lift-the-Flap Board Books adds Good Friends, The Perfect Picnic Spot, A Walk in the Woods and Who Hid the Honey? ($3.98 each, 1-4); and 102 Dalmatians: Colors and Numbers ($4.99 each, 1-4). Tickle Me, Pooh is a new Touch and Feel Book ($8.99, 1-4). Tab Books gains three titles ($7.99 each, 18 mos.-up). Shaped Board Books greets 102 Dalmatians: Take Me Home! ($7.99, 2-5). Pooh's Big and Little Book joins Pull-a-Page Books ($9.98, 2-6). A new Friendship Box offers four Winnie the Pooh tales ($9.99, 2-up). And Disney First Readers reissues 18 titles ($3.99 each, 5-7).

Paperback Reissues
Princesses Pull-out Posters and Game Card Book
and Toy Story 2 Pull-out Posters and Game Card Book ($7.99 each, all ages); and 102 Dalmatians, Junior Novel ($4.99, 8-12).

Hands On! 33 More Things Every Girl Should Know: Skills for Living Your Life from 33 Extraordinary Women
, edited by Suzanne Harper ($12.95), offers practical tips for young women. (12-up)

Full Moon
by Brian Wilcox and Lawrence David, illus. by Wilcox ($15.95). After a boy's grandmother gives him a snow-globe of New York City, he awakens one night to find himself in that city. (All ages)

Skyrockets and Snickerdoodles: A Cobtown Story by Julia Van Nutt, illus. by Robert Van Nutt ($15.95). A baseball game brings some unexpected events. (All ages)

Curious Kittens by Roy Volkmann ($9.95). Enthralled with the fish they see, three kittens decide that they can swim, too. (1-4)

Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? by Emma Chichester Clark ($15.95). A girl's toy kangaroo worries that he'll be left behind. (2-5)

The Sick Day by Pataricia MacLachlan, illus. by Jane Dyer ($12.95). Emily's sick day turns into a special one for the girl and her father. (4-8)

The Rickety Barn Show by Jemma Beeke, illus. by Lynne Chapman ($14.95). All the animals are eager to get involved in putting on a show. (4-8)

Anne of Green Gables, adapted by M.C. Helldorfer, illus. by Ellen Beier ($15.95), is a picture-book adaptation of L.M. Montgomery's classic. (5-8)

The Karate Way by Gary Hellman ($12.95) describes all that a boy learns when he joins a karate class. (6-up)

Mountain Men: True Grit and Tall Tales by Andrew Glass ($15.95) recounts the beginnings of the American fur trade. (8-12)

Paperback Reprints
I Love You, Blue Kangaroo
by Emma Chichester Clark ($6.99, 2-5); Don't Need Friends by Carolyn Crimi, illus. by Lynn Munsinger; and Can Days by Gary Paulsen, illus. by Ruth Wright Paulsen ($6.99 each, 4-8); Good Job, Oliver! by Laurel Molk; Tasty Baby Belly Buttons by Judy Sierra, illus. by Meilo So; This Is Your Garden by Maggie Smith; and Emeline at the Circus by Marjorie Priceman ($6.99 each, 5-8); The Longest Hair in the World by Lois Duncan, illus. by Jon McIntosh ($5.99, 5-8); The Invisible Princess by Faith Ringgold ($6.99, 6-10); and Beetle Boy by Lawrence David, illus. by Delphine Durand ($6.99, 6-up).

See You Soon Moon
by Donna Conrad, illus. by Don Carter ($16.99). The moon follows a family on an evening car trip. (up to 4)

Naughty! by Caroline Castle, illus. by Sam Childs ($14.95). On a nighttime excursion, Little Zeb plays with Little Hippo. (1-4)

Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown ($9.95). Ten seeds are planted in this counting tale. (2-5)

Good Night, Monkey Boy by Jarret Krosoczka ($14.99). A mother urges her 'monkey boy' to

prepare for bed. (2-5)

It's Simple, Said Simon by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Meilo So ($15.95). Animals that a boy meets challenge him with a dare. (3-7)

Desser the Best Ever Cat by Maggie Smith ($16.99) is the story of a pet cat, told by the girl who loved him best. (5-8)

How Tía Lola Came to Stay by Julia Alvarez ($15.95). Nim relies on animal friends to help her when her father leaves her alone on an island. (8-12)

Storm Warriors by Elisa Carbone ($16.95). Nathan helps the surfmen at a North Carolina U.S. life-saving station and dreams one day of joining their ranks. (10-13)

A Piece of Heaven by Sharon Dennis Wyeth ($14.95). Haley turns to her music teacher after her mother is hospitalized for severe depression. (10-13)

How to Be a Real Person (in Just One Day) by Sally Warner ($15.95). Kara takes care of herself and her mentally ill mother after her father moves away. (10-13)

Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy by Wendelin Van Draanen ($14.95). In Hollywood, Sammy encounters her mother, who has altered her appearance in hopes of being 'discovered.' (10-13)

Fiddleback by Elizabeth Honey ($14.95) recounts an eventful camping trip. (10-14)

Following Fake Man by Barbara Ware Holmes ($15.95). Though his mother refuses to answer his questions about his long-dead father, Homer finds a wealth of information on his own. (10-up)

The Misadventures of Gaspard and Lisa
launches with Lisa's Airplane Trip and Gaspard on Vacation by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben ($9.95 each, 3-6).

Paperback Reprints
One Thousand Paper Cranes: The Story of Sadako and the Children's Peace Statue
by Takayuki Ishii ($4.99, 10-up); Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen ($5.50, 10-up); Burning Up by Caroline B. Cooney, The Hermit Thrush Sings by Susan Butler, Mind's Eye by Paul Fleischman and Broken Chords by Barbara Snow Gilbert ($5.50 each, 12-up); Who Are You? by Joan Lowery Nixon, The Spring Tone by Kazumi Yumoto, trans. by Cathy Hirano, and The Squire, His Knight &His Lady by Gerald Morris ($4.99 each, 12-up); Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter by Adeline Yen Mah and Frenchtown Summer by Robert Cormier ($5.99 each, 12-up); and The Likes of Me by Randall Beth Platt ($5.50, 14-up).

Jellybean Books
adds Cassie's Runaway Kite and Lost and Found by Margaret Snyder, illus. by Don Williams; Wheezie Loses Her Voice by Irene Trimble, illus. by Williams; Spring Fever by Sarah Albee, illus. by Carol Nicklaus; Elmo's First Babysitter, My Baby Brother Is a Little Monster, Elmo G s to the Doctor and I Don't Want to Go to School by Albee, illus. by Tom Brannon; Albee's The Monsters on the Bus, illus. by Joseph Ewers; Big Bird's Busy Day by Deborah Bereger, illus. by Maggie Swanson; Shake a Leg! by Constance Allen, illus. by Swanson; and Taking Care of Quetzal, illus. by Don Williams ($3.99 each, up to 4). New Dragon Tales Board Books are We Sing! We Fly! Who's Inside? and I'm Little and Shy. Who Am I? by Simon Lewin ($4.99 each, up to 4). Elmo's World First Flap Books offers Dancing! and Drawing! ($4.99 each, up to 4). And new to Big Bird's Favorites are Elmo Loves You Board Book by Sarah Albee, illus. by Maggie Swanson, and Grover's Guide to Good Manners Board Book by Constance Allen, illus. by David Prebenna ($4.99 each, up to 4).

Paperback Series
New Pictureback Shape Books are Max and Emmy's Flower Power by Irene Trimble ($3.25, 2-5); I Love You When... by John Edward Hasse, illus. by Lilian Obligado; and Ernie's Joke Book and If You're Happy and You Know It by Sarah Albee, illus. by J Mathieu ($3.25 each, 5-8). Elmo's ABC Book, illus. by Carol Nicklaus, is a new Pictureback title ($3.25, 5-8).

Paperback Series
debuts with Akiko on Planet Smoo and Akiko in the Sprubly Islands by Mark Crilley ($4.99 each, all ages).

Paperback Reprints
Blackberries in the Dark
by Mavis Jukes, illus. by Thomas B. Allen ($4.50, 7-10); The Diary of MelanieMartin by Carol Weston, illus. by Marci Roth; The Secret Life of the Underwear Champ by Betty Miles, illus. by Dan Jones; The Merman by Dick King-Smith, illus. by Roger Roth; and Zink by Cherie Bennett ($4.99 each, 8-12); In the Quiet by Adrienne Ross, Be First in the Universe by Stephanie Spinner and Terry Bisson and The Cookie Company by Ross Venokur ($4.50 each, 8-12); The Cay by Theodore Taylor ($5.50, 9-12); In the Shade of the Nispero Tree by Carmen Bernier-Grand; Tucket's Gold: Book Four of the Tucket Adventures by Gary Paulsen; Seesaw Girl by Linda Sue Park, illus. by Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng; An Early Winter by Marion Dane Bauer; and I Remember the Alamo by D. Anne Love ($4.50 each, 9-12); Zooman Sam by Lois Lowry, illus. by Diane de Groat, and A Traitor Among the Boys by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($4.99 each, 9-12); My Angelica by Carol Lynch Williams ($4.99, 10-14); Don't Pat the Wombat by Elizabeth Honey ($4.50, 10-14); Cinderella 2000 by Mavis Jukes and Sammy Keyes and the Curse of MustacheMary by Wendelin Van Draanen ($4.99 each, 10-up); Stealing Freedom by Elisa Carbone, Alida's Song by Gary Paulsen and When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Willis Holt ($5.50 each, 10-up); and Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh ($5.99, 10-up).

Paperback Reissues
The Lottie Project
by Jacqueline Wilson, illus. by Nick Sharratt ($4.50, 8-12); and The Dark-Thirty by Patricia C. McKissack, illus. by Brian Pinkney ($5.50, 10-up).

Wild Girl and Gran
by Nan Gregory, illus. by Ron Lightburn ($16.95), presents a portrait of a girl and her grandmother. (4-8)

The Polar Bear's Gift by Jeanne Bushey, illus. by Vladyana Langer Krykora ($16.95). Pani finds an injured polar bear cub on the Arctic ice. (4-8)

Eh? to Zed: A Canadian ABeCedarium by Kevin Major, illus. by Alan Daniel ($16.95), offers an alphabetical tour of things Canadian. (4-8)

Lean Mean Machines
by Michèle Marineau, trans. by Susan Ouriou ($7.95). Can Laure keep her new friend from discovering the secret no one must know? (9-14)

RED FOX (Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Lion Country
by Colin Dann ($19.95). Twin lionesses are transported from a zoo in England to an African wildlife sanctuary. (8-11)

Is That What Friends Do?
by Marjorie Newman, illus. by Peter Bowman ($9.95). For Monkey and Elephant, the path to true friendship is sometimes bumpy. (3-6)

Faster, Faster, Little Red Train by Benedict Blathwayt ($8.95). A train carrying passengers bound for the fair breaks down. (4-7)

The Green Ship by Quentin Blake ($8.95). Two children discover a topiary ship. (7-10)

Paperback Series Reprints
New Katie Morag titles by Mairi Hedderwick are The Big Katie Morag Storybook and The Second Katie Morag Storybook ($11 each, 6-9); and Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins, Katie Morag and the Grand Concert and Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted ($8.95 each, 6-9).

My Best Friend Bear
by Tony Johnston, illus. by Joy Allen ($15.95), is the tale of a girl and her teddy. (3-5)

If I Had a Tail by Karen Clemens Warrick, illus. by Sherry Neidigh ($15.95), imagines what kinds of tails youngsters might have. (3-6)

When Elephant Comes to a Party by Sonia Levitin, illus. by Jeff Seaver ($15.95). Elephant learns the etiquette of being a guest at her first party. (4-7)

Carlos Digs to China/Carlos excava hasta la China by Jan Romero Stevens, illus. by Jeanne Arnold ($15.95). Tired of eating beans and rice, Carlos digs to China to find egg rolls and

fortune cookies. (5-8)

The Old Man and the Flea by Mary Elizabeth Hanson, illus. by David Merrell ($15.95). An unusual pet keeps an old man company. (5-8)

The Sandcastle by Mark Robertson ($15.95). A boy wishes for his sandcastle to be real. (5-8)

Busy Blocks
starts up with Animals, Colors, Faces and Shapes ($8.95 each, 18 mos.-3 yrs.). Atlas in the Round offers Weather and Dino ($15.95 each, 7-12).

Series Reissue
reissues Opposites and Clothes ($6.95 each, 1-3).

Paperback Series
Girls Club
gets underway with Fortune Telling Kit, Hair Creations, Nail Magic and Slumber Party ($9.95 each, 9-12). Digital Detectives adds Scent of Crime and Runaway Ride by Jay Montavon ($4.95 each, 9-12).

Big Book of Dinosaurs
by Donald Glut and Robert Walters ($9.98) is an illustrated guide to dinosaurs. (3-7)

Library of Children's Literature and Library of Classic Adventures ($15.98 each) collect classic novels and adventure tales. (9-15)

The Secret Garden
by Frances Hodgson Burnett, illus. by Robert Sauber, and Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, illus. by Don Daily ($9.98 each, 5-9).

by Vanessa Gill-Brown, illus. by Mandy Elizabeth Stanley ($12.95). Diamante transforms her dog into a girl who becomes a singing star. (4-10)

Jackie's Nine: Jackie Robinson's Values to Live By by Sharon Robinson ($15.95). Jackie Robinson's daughter describes the values that helped her father achieve his goals. (10-up)

Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens by Terrie Williams ($15.95). The head of her own public relations firms tells about her career and offers advice for teens. (12-up)

Backstage Pass: Westlife
by Michael-Anne Johns and C. Patchett ($5.99) profiles this Irish band. (All ages)

My First Game Readers by Jackie Glassman ($3.99 each) tie into Hasbro board games. (3-6)

Scratches and Scrapes ($5.95). A boy who loves bandages has a penchant for getting scratches. (4-6)

If You Lived in the Days of the Knights by Ann McGovern, illus. by Dan Andreasen ($5.99), focuses on life in the Middle Ages. (7-10)

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama by Jo Hurley ($3.99) presents trivia about stars. (7-11)

Wizard School by Moira Butterfield ($7.95) offers a history of magic and wizards, as well as magic tricks. (7-up)

Rosa Parks: From the Back of the Bus to the Front of a Movement by Camilla Wilson ($4.50) recounts Parks's life. (8-12)

Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents, Revised Edition by George Sullivan ($4.99) chronicles the 43 American presidents. (8-12)

Friends Stick Together by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Rebecca Doughty ($5.95), compiles sayings about friendship. (8-12)

Multiple Choice by Janet Tashjian ($4.99). A girl who is a perfectionist creates a roulette word game. (10-15)

I Will Remember You by Laura Dower ($12.95) is a guide to coping with loss. (12-up)

Ultimate You! by Alison Raine and Emma Harrison ($4.99) offers tips and activities for each day of the year. (12-up)

Secret Life of Guys ($4.99) sets out to explain teenage boys' behavior. (12-up)

Paperback Series
New Scooby-Doo 8x8 titles are Scooby Doo in Jungle Jeopardy ($3.50, 3-6) and Scooby Doo and the Opera Ogre ($3.50, 4-8), both by Jesse Leon McCann. The Powerpuff Girls Chapter Books gains Scary Princess by Howie Dewlin ($3.99, 3-8); Teacher's Pest by E.S. Mooney ($3.99, 4-7); and Dewlin's Party Savers ($3.99, 6-9). Down 'N' Dirty by Laura Dower is a new The Powerpuff Girls 8x10 ($5.99, 3-8). The Powerpuff Girls Readers continue with Much Ado at the Zoo and What's Bugging Bubbles? by Tracey West ($3.99 each, 4-6). New The Powerpuff Girls 8x8 titles are Snow-Off by E.S. Mooney ($3.50, 4-7); and Beat Your Greens and Bubblevision by Laura Dower ($3.50 each, 4-8). Franklin adds Franklin and Harriet by Paulette Bourgeois, illus. by Brenda Clark; and Franklin TV offers Franklin Plants a Tree, based on characters created by Bourgeois and Clark ($4.50 each, 4-7).

Cardcaptors starts up with Meet the Cardcaptors Sticker StoryBook by Maria S. Barbo and Cardcaptors Best Friends Tattoo Scrap Book ($5.99 each, 4-8); Cardcaptors ($3.99, 4-8); and two 8x8 storybooks: Power Play and Changing Places by Kimberly Weinberger ($3.50 each, 4-8). New Scooby-Doo! Readers are Shiny Spooky Knights and The Mixed-Up Museum by Gail Herman, illus. by Duendes del Sur; and Scooby-Doo! Picture Clue picks up Clues at the Carnival and Baseball Blackout, both illus. by Duendes del Sur ($3.99 each, 5-7). Pokémon Junior Chapter Books gains Snorlax Takes a Stand by Sarah Heller ($3.99, 5-8); and Good-Bye Lapras by Gregg Sacon, illus. by Keith Batcheller ($3.99, 6-9). The Littles First Readers introduces The Littles and the Big Blizzard, based on books by John Peterson, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers ($3.99, 6-9). Scooby-Doo! Mysteries presents Scooby-Doo and the Phony Fortune Teller and Scooby-Doo and the Toy Store Terror by James Gelsey, illus. by Duendes del Sur ($3.99 each, 6-9). Ace Ventura Chapter Books moves on with The Case of the Lost Unicorn and The Case of the Disappeared Doggie by Jesse Leon McCann ($3.99 each, 6-9).

Twister Trouble by Ann Schreiber is a new Magic School Bus Chapter Book ($3.99, 7-10). Joining Pokémon Chapter Books are Battle for the Zephyr Badge by Jennifer Johnson; and The Chikorita Challenge, Go West, Young Ash and Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Detective by Tracey West ($4.50 each, 7-11); and West's Prepare for Trouble ($4.50, 8-12). Tuff's Luck and Saving Skye by Jenny Dale are new Puppy Patrol titles ($3.99 each, 8-11). Heartland greets Taking Chances by Lauren Brooke ($4.50, 8-12); and Brooke's Come What May ($12.95, 9-12). New to 2 GRRRLS are I Love My Life ($12.95, 8-12) and Pillow Talk by Nancy Krulik ($3.99, 8-12). Star War: Jedi Apprentice continues with The Evil Experiment by Judy Watson ($4.99, 8-12). Malcolm in the Middle returns in The Bad Luck Charm ($4.99, 8-12) and The Exchange Student ($3.99, 8-12), bothby Pam Pollack. Who Knew? by Beth Mayall ($4.50, 8-12) and Top Tens: Terrific Tips on Friends, Family, Happiness, and More ($4.50, 9-12) are new to All About You. And The Sixth Sense: Secrets from Beyond welcomes Hangman by David Benjamin ($4.99, 9-12).

Paperback Reprints
The Matzah That Papa Brought Home
by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Ned Bittinger ($5.99, 2-7); Lost and Found by Mark Teague ($5.99, 4-7); A. Lincoln and Me by Louise Borden, illus.

by Ted Lewin; and Old Dry Frye by Paul Brett Johnson ($5.99 each, 4-8); The Blue and the Gray by Eve Bunting ($5.99, 5-7); The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepian and Ann Seidler ($3.95, 5-8); Bunny Trouble and More Bunny Trouble by Hans Wilhelm ($4.99 each, 5-8); Favorite Norse Myths by Mary Pope Osborne ($7.99, 8-12); Snail Mail No More by Ann Martin and Paula Danziger ($4.99, 8-12); How to Write P try by Paul B. Janeczko ($6.95, 9-14); and Hold Fast Your Dreams by Kimberly Colen and Carrie Boyko ($6.99, 14-up).

My Own Worst Enemy
by Carol Sonenklar ($4.50). When she switches schools, an eighth grader tries to please her parents by blending in with the popular crowd. (8-12)

Don't Get Caught Wearing the Lunch Lady's Hairnet by Todd Strasser ($4.50). Kids take action when the principal hires new lunch monitors to try to restore order to the cafeteria. (8-12)

Castaway Survivor's Guide by Rory Strom ($4.99) offers tips for surviving in the wild. (8-up)

Paperback Series
Pony Pals
trots on with Lost and Found Pony and Pony-4-Sale by Jeanne Betancourt, illus. by Paul Bachem ($3.99 each, 7-10). Animal Ark welcomes aboard Shetland in the Shed and Raccoons on the Roof by Ben Baglio ($3.99 each, 8-11). Launching Deltora Quest are Emily Rodda's The Forest of Silence and The Lake of Tears ($4.50 each, 8-12);and City of Rats ($4.99, 8-12). Aenir by Garth Nix joins The Seventh Tower ($4.99, 8-12). The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes adds Have Wheels, Will Travel by Anne Mazer ($4.50, 8-12). Broken Sky gains two titles by Chris Wooding ($4.50 each, 9-12). New to Animorphs by K.A. Applegate are The Diversion, The Ultimate, The Absolute, The Sacrifice, The Answer and The Beginning ($4.99 each, 9-12). Help! I'm Trapped in a Supermodel's Body is the latest title in Todd Strasser's Help! I'm Trapped In... series ($4.50, 9-12). Everworld continues with The Magician and Entertain the End by K.A. Applegate ($4.99 each, 12-up).

The Great Gracie Chase: Stop That Dog!
by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Michael Teague ($15.95), tells of a dog who escapes from her yard. (4-up)

Those Building Men by Angela Johnson, illus. by Barry Moser ($16.95), pays tribute to the individuals who built America's bridges, railroads and skyscrapers. (4-up)

The Spider Weaver: A Legend of Kente by Margaret Musgrove, illus. by Julia Cairns ($16.95), is the story of the magic spider that inspired the creation of kente cloth. (4-up)

Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot vs. the Voodoo Vultures from Venus by Davstet Pilkey, illus. by Martin Ontiveros ($16.95, paper $3.99). Ricky and his robot take on more villains. (8-up)

A Sailor Returns by Theodore Taylor ($16.95). A boy learns the meaning of family love. (8-up)

Captain Underpants Extra-Crunchy Book O' Fun
by Dav stetPilkey($3.99) is an activity book based on this book series. (7-up)

Ten Little Bunnies
by Robin Spowart ($7.95) is a counting book starring bunnies. (up to 4)

I Spy Little Bunnies by Jean Marzollo, photos by Walter Wick ($6.99). Youngsters use picture clues to find bunnies and other objects. (up to 4)

The Real Mother Goose: Touch &Feel Book, illus. by Blanche Fisher Wright ($6.99), collects rhymes. (up to 4)

Do You Have My Quack? by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Rob Hefferan ($10.95). A duckling asks this question of animals, who reply with their own sounds. (2-5)

Up, Up, Down! by Robert Munsch, illus. by Michael Martchenko ($11.95), introduces a playful girl who gets her family into a tight spot. (3-6)

Spots and Slots by Sam Williams, illus. by Manya Stojic ($9.95). Spots slide into slots in this book teaching colors. (3-6)

Happy Cat, Me! by Ken Wilson-Max, illus. by Manya Stojic ($9.95), invites readers to try Pussycat's face on other animals. (3-6)

Teddy Fairies by Moira Butterfield ($4.95). Four bear fairies help their friends learn important lessons. (3-6)

Animal Babies, illus. by Bob Bampton and Lawrie Taylor ($4.50), is a board book introducing young animals. (3-6)

Bunny's Easter Eggs by Helen Rossendale, illus. by Jacqueline McQuade ($14.95), is a holiday tale with flaps and tabs. (3-6)

Tonka: Fire Trucks!, illus. by Thomas LaPadula ($9.95), features fire-fighting equipment. (3-6)

Big Red Fire Truck and Little Orange Submarine by Ken Wilson-Max ($7.95 each) show a fire engine and a submarine in action. (3-6)

Ten Little Monkeys
by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Jonathan Lambert ($9.95). One by one, monkeys get in trouble and disappear. (3-6)

Hershey's Kisses Addition Book by Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Robert Bolster ($5.95). Clowns use candy to teach a math lesson. (3-6)

What Will I Be?, photos by James Levin ($3.25), focuses on various occupations. (3-6)

Too Many Rabbits by Kay Cooper, illus. by Judith Moffatt ($5.99), introduces finger play. (3-8)

The Pledge of Allegiance ($5.99). Photos illustrate this pledge. (4-7)

Paperback Series
Big Red Readers
, based on characters created by Norman Bridwell, launches with six titles ($3.99 each, 3-6). Clifford returns in Clifford's Furry Friends and Clifford's Happy Mother's Day by Bridwell ($3.50 each, 3-7).

Behold the Trees
by Sue Alexander, illus. by Leonid Gore ($16.95), reveals a land that moves from forest to desert and gradually back again. (All ages)

Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss, illus. by Tiphanie Beeke ($15.95). Bored barnyard animals decide to find something to read. (2-6)

The Hickory Chair by Lisa Rowe Fraustino, illus. by Benny Andrews ($15.95), is a tale about love, told from the perspective of a blind child. (4-8)

Beware of the Storybook Wolves by Lauren Child ($15.95) aims to offer an antidote to readers' fears of big bad wolves. (4-8)

Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Markus Zusak ($15.95) is a first novel that examines what is behind guys' thoughts and involvement in sports. (10-up)

A Fairy Called Hillary
by Linda Leopold Strauss, illus. by Sue Truesdell ($3.99). A fairy joins Heidi's family as they drive to the natural history museum. (7-10)

Paperback Series
Pixie Tricks
adds Double Trouble Dwarfs and The Wicked Wizard by Tracey West ($3.99 each, 6-9). Jigsaw Jones continues with The Case of the Ghostwriter, The Case of the Marshmallow Monster, The Case of the Class Clown and The Case of the Detective in Disguise by James Preller ($3.99 each, 6-9). Maximum Boy debuts with The Hijacking of Manhattan and The Day Everything Tasted Like Broccoli by Dan Greenburg ($3.99 each, 7-9). The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids gains Robots Don't Catch Chicken Pox by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones, illus. by John Steven Gurney($3.99, 7-9); and Mrs. Jeepers' Monster Class Trip by Dadey and Jonesis a new Bailey School Kids Super Special ($3.99, 7-10). Animal Ark Pets presents Bunny Bonanza by Ben Baglio ($3.99, 7-10). And Secrets of Droon welcomes The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom and Under the Serpent Sea by Tony Abbott, illus. by Tim Jessell ($2.99 each, 7-10).

The Mouse Who Ate Bananas
by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Rory Tyger ($10.95), is a pop-up tale. (2-5)

I Am the King by Nathalie Dieterlé ($15.95). Louis's mother gives him a gold crown. (2-5)

No Kiss for Grandpa by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emilie Boon ($12.95). Will Louie give his visiting grandfather a kiss? (2-5)

Dancing Class by H.M. Ehrlich, illus. by Laura Rader ($12.95). Piggy and pals have fun dancing. (3-6)

Bloomer by Mandy Stanley ($9.95) features a cheerful dog. (3-6)

Oliver's Milk Shake by Vivian French, illus. by Alison Bartlett ($15.95). Oliver's bossy aunt is determined to change his picky eating habits. (3-6)

Sammy and the Robots by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Adrian Reynolds ($15.95). Sammy wonders how to help Gran when a bad cough sends her to the hospital. (3-6)

Hide and Seek by Brenda Shannon Yee, illus. by Debbie Tilley ($15.95). Hiding from his housemate, a little mouse moves from one spot to another. (3-6)

Eli's Night-Light by Liz Rosenberg, illus. by Joanna Yardley ($15.95). What will Eli do when his night-light burns out? (3-6)

Flora's Blanket by Debi Gliori ($15.95). A girl can't sleep because her blanket is missing. (3-6)

The Goose Who Went Off in a Huff by Paul Brett Johnson ($15.95). A strong-willed goose wants to be a mama. (3-6)

Crackers by Becky Bloom, illus. by Pascal Biet ($15.95). A French-speaking cat needs to find work. (4-7)

Katie and the Sunflowers by James Mayhew ($15.95). Can van Gogh's Sunflowers provide a source of seeds for Katie's garden? (4-7)

Grandpa's Overalls by Tony Crunk, illus. by Scott Nash ($15.95). Neighbors help chase a pair of overalls that spring to life and run away. (4-7)

Bikes for Rent! by Isaac Olaleye, illus. by Chris Demarest ($16.95). A boy works very hard to earn money to rent a bike. (5-9)

Why Butterflies Go By on Silent Wings by Marguerite Davol, illus. by Robert Roth ($16.95), looks back to a time when the noisiest creatures in the world were butterflies. (5-9)

What's So Scary? by John Stadler ($16.95) chronicles a canine hero's escapade. (5-9)

Singing Diggety by Maggie Stern, illus. by Blanche Sims ($14.95). A talented pooch has trouble

learning the basics at dog training school. (6-9)

A Dragon in the Sky by Laurence Pringle, illus. byBob Marstall ($18.95), tracks the life of a green darner dragonfly. (8-12)

Have You Been to the Beach Lately? by Ralph Fletcher, photos by Andrea Sperling ($15.95). P ms chronicle a boy's day at the beach. (8-12)

Stepping Out with Grandma Mac by Nikki Grimes, illus. by Angelostet ($16.95). The young narrator tells of his spunky grandmother. (8-up)

The Jacob Ladder by Gerald Hausman and Uton Hinds ($15.95) is the story of a towering figure in a Jamaican town. (10-13)

The Dragon's Son by Sarah L. Thomson ($17.95). Various characters recall their roles in the rise and fall of King Arthur. (12-up)

Raven of the Waves by Michael Cadnum ($17.95) centers on a teenage boy in a Norse village who was trained to be a warrior. (14-up)

Just the Two of Us
by Will Smith, illus. by Kadir Nelson ($16.95), illustrates the lyrics of this song. (All ages)

Home Before Dark by Ian Beck ($15.95). A teddy's young owner lets go of him by mistake. (up to 6)

Silly Little Goose! by Nancy Tafuri ($15.95). A goose in search of a spot to make a nest hatches a surprise. (1-6)

Little Bird, Biddle Bird by David Kirk ($9.95) reveals how asserting one's independence can lead to new adventures. (2-up)

The Tale of Tricky Fox, retold by Jim Aylesworth, illus. by Barbara McClintock ($15.95). A fox bets his brother he can trick a human into giving him a pig. (3-6)

The Pocket Dogs by Margaret Wild, illus. by Stephen Michael King ($15.95). A dog who rides in his master's coat pockets gets lost when he accidentally pokes a hole in the pocket. (3-7)

Robin Hook Pirate Hunter! by Eric A. Kimmel, illus. by Michael Dooling ($15.95), introduces a character whom Captain Hook found at sea and raised to be a pirate. (4-8)

Ackamarackus: Julius Lester's Sumptuously Silly Fantastically Funny Fables by Julius Lester, illus. by Emilie Chollat ($17.95), collects tales that underscore the importance of acceptance and individuality. (4-up)

TV Rex by John Nickle ($15.95). Bored without his grandfather, Rex watches too much TV and finds himself the star of his favorite shows. (5-7)

One Riddle, One Answer by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Linda Wingerter ($15.95). A princess fond of riddles devises one for her suitors to solve. (5-9)

The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang, illus. by Harry Briggs ($16.95), offers math riddles. (7-10)

Fat Camp Commandos by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Andy Rash ($14.95), presents a tale in which a Twinkie or a banana split is always close at hand. (8-13)

Girl in Blue by Ann Rinaldi ($15.95). Determined never to allow a man to control her life, Sarah disguises herself as a male. (8-13)

Pray Hard by Pamela Walker ($15.95). A year after her father's death, for which she feels responsible, Amelia is determined to turn her life around. (10-14)

The Beastly Arms by Patrick Jennings ($16.95) is a tale of family, friendship and learning to trust one's instincts. (10-up)

Street Magic: The Circle Opens by Tamora Pierce ($16.95). Can Briar put his old life behind him for good? (10-up)

Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman ($6.95). Two girls discover a mermaid at the bottom of a pool. (10-up)

Find Where the Wind G s: Moments from My Life by Mae Jemison ($16.95) is an autobiography by the first African-American woman to go into space. (10-up)

The World at Her Fingertips: The Story of Helen Keller by Joan Dash ($15.95) is a biography. (12-up)

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers ($16.95) tells this boxer's life story. (12-up)

Can You Hear a Shout in Space?
by Melvin and Gilda Berger, illus. by Vincent Di Fate ($14.95), answers questions about space. (7-9)

What Makes an Ocean Wave? by Melvin and Gilda Berger, illus. by John Rice ($14.95), offers an introduction to oceanography. (7-9)

Woolly Mammoth: Life, Death, and Rediscovery by Windsor Chorlton ($15.95) profiles this species. (8-12)

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times by David Rubel ($18.95) covers the lives and eras of each U.S. president. (9-up)

Scholastic Book of World Records
by Jenifer Morse ($9.95) cites such statistics as the lowest recorded temperature and the oldest living thing. (8-up)

Scholastic Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms ($4.95) is a reference for young writers. (10-up)

Paperback Series
New Mini-Maestro titles are Card Tricks by Gordon Hill and Jackie Andrews, Hill's Magic Tricks, Chess Master by Paul Callick and Micro Fliers by Daniel Graham ($7.95 each, 6-8). Stained Glass Art offers Butterflies and Moths and Tropical Fish ($4.99 each, 8-12).

The Gathering Spot: A Story About Death for Children
by Violet Haufsk ($14.99). A mother answers her daughters' questions after the death of their brother. (All ages)

Gianduja the Moose and America's Kids
launches with C Is for Chocolateby Violet Haufsk ($16.99, 9-13).

On the Trail Made of Dawn: Native American Creation Stories
, retold by M.L. Webster ($19.50), compiles 13 tales. (All ages)

Ho Yi the Archer and Other Classic Chinese Tales, retold and trans. by Shelley Fu, illus. by Joseph Abboreno ($22.50), is a folktale collection. (All ages)

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Arthurdale Experiment by Nancy Hoffman ($22.50) recounts this First Lady's establishment of a self-sufficient community in a poor area of West Virginia. (10-13)

Four to the Pole!: The American Women's Expedition to the Antarctica, 1992-1993 by Nancy L wen and Ann Bancroft ($25) tells of the first four women to reach the South Pole on foot. (11-up)

Buttons, Bones, and the Organ Grinder's Monkey: Tales of Historical Archaeology by Meg Greene ($25) examines five American archaeological discoveries. (11-up)

Tragic Prelude: Bleeding Kansas by Karen Zeinert ($25) chronicles the 1854 clash between Northerners who wanted Kansas to be a free state and Southerners who wanted it to be a slave state. (12-up)

Dancing on the Moon
by Janice Roper, illus. by Lauren Grimm($19.95). After her baby brother dies, a youngster dreams she flies to the moon to bring him back. (All ages)

Tiny Teethers
, illus. by Emma Davis ($15.95), packages four board books with teething rings. (up to 3)

Let's Start! Learning
offers Clara Asks How Many? ($16.95, 3-6). New Starring Me titles are Baby's Bedtime, Baby's Nursery Rhymes, Busy Baby! and Peek-a-Boo Baby! by Madeline Olsen, illus. by Nicole Rutten ($7.95 each, 3-5). Peek and Pat issues Hiding in the Jungle, Hiding in the Playroom and Hiding on the Farm, illus. by Emma Davis ($12.95 each, 4-6). New to Maurice Pledger's Board Books are Olivia Owl's Opposites and Oscar Otter's Colors ($6.95 each, 4-6); and Animal Friends Boxed Set ($16.95, 4-6), all illus. by Pledger. Maurice Pledger's Nature Trail Books gains Nature Trails: In the Ocean, illus. by Pledger ($12.95, 4-6). Let's Start! adds Fabric Art and Foam Art ($12.95 each, 5-9). Popular Science Datafiles presents Ocean by Trevor Day, Science Now by Sarah Angliss and Technology and Communications by Richard Platt ($15.95 each, 8-12). And Electronics Lab by Brenda Bach is a new Science Lab title ($19.95, 8-12).

Love Is...
, adapted and illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($16), illustrates a New Testament passage about love. (All ages)

My Mother Is Mine by Marion Dane Bauer, illus. by Peter Elwell ($13). Animal babies share what makes their mothers special. (1-5)

Sleepy Me by Marni McGee, illus. by Sam Williams ($14.95). A child and the world around him become very sleepy. (2-5)

My First Raggedy Ann: Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Magic Potion by Stephanie True Peters, illus. by Reg Sandland ($15). A potion enables Ann and Andy to see magical fairy folk. (3-7)

What Moms Can't Do by Douglas Wood, illus. by Doug Cushman ($14), is a follow-up to What Dads Can't Do. (3-8)

Sophie's Masterpiece: A Spider's Tale by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Jane Dyer ($16), introduces a spider who is an artist. (4-7)

Maxwell's Magic Mix-Up by Linda Ashman, illus. by Regan Dunnick ($16). A magician transforms the guests at a birthday party into animals. (4-8)

Jubela by Cristina Kessler, illus. by J llen McAllister Stammen ($16). An elderly rhino cares for a baby rhino whose mother is killed by poachers. (4-8)

Raggedy Ann's Birthday Party Book by Elizabeth Silbaugh, illus. by Laura Francesca Filippucci ($14). Raggedy Ann and her friends throw a party for the new doll in the nursery. (4-8)

Haiku! Gesundheit: An Illustrated Collection of Ridiculous Haiku P try by Ross Venokur, illus. by Kenny Scharf ($10), rounds up absurd verses. (4-8)

Winter Waits by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Greg Couch ($16), explores the winter season. (4-8)

What Daddies Do Best by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lynn Munsinger ($6.95), is a miniature

version of the father's portion of What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best. (4-8)

Around-the-House History: What You Never Knew About Tubs, Toilets &Showers by Patricia Lauber, illus. by John Manders ($16), reveals how the modern bathroom evolved. (4-8)

The Runaway Rice Cake by Ying Chang Compestine, illus. by Tunwai Chau ($16.95). A special New Year rice cake runs away before a family can eat it. (5-8)

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse by Betty Paraskevas, illus. by Michael Paraskevas ($16). An agent promises to make a dancing horse a Broadway star. (5-8)

Cats, Cats, Cats! by Lesléa Newman, illus. by Erika Oller ($16), is the tale of a woman who lives with lots of cats. (5-8)

Ted by Tony DiTerlizzi ($16) introduces a lop-eared fellow who fills in for fathers who don't have time to play with their children. (5-8)

Little Panda: The World Welcomes Hua Mei at the San Diego Zoo by Joanne Ryder ($16.95) tells of the first giant panda to be born in the western hemisphere in 10 years. (5-8)

Nibbles O'Hare by Betty Paraskevas, illus. by Michael Paraskevas ($16). Could Nibbles be the Easter Bunny? (5-8)

Hiccup Snickup by Melinda Long, illus. by Thor Wickstrom ($16). When nothing will cure a girl's hiccups, Grandma explains an old family hiccup remedy that finally works. (5-9)

For Better, for Worse: A Guide to Surviving Divorce for Preteens and Their Families by Janet Bode and Stan Mack ($16) compiles first-person narratives of children whose parents have divorced. (8-12)

Dad, in Spirit by A. Lafaye ($16). Dad has always been there in spirit; now he is a spirit. (8-12)

The Gypsies Never Came by Stephen Roos ($15). A new friend tries to convince a boy with a deformed hand that he will not feel like an outsider in the company of the Gypsies. (8-12)

Among the Impostors by Margaret Peterson Haddix ($16) is a sequel to Among the Hidden. (9-14)

The War Within: A Novel of the Civil War by Carol Matas ($16). A Jewish girl identifies with slaves when she and her family become victims of prejudice during the Civil War. (10-14)

A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor by Harry Mazer ($15). During the chaos following the attack on Pearl Harbor, a boy searches for his father. (10-14)

Plunking Reggie Jackson by James W. Bennett ($16). A star high-school pitcher reevaluates what is important to him after he is sidelined with an injury. (12-up)

Hole in the Sky by Pete Hautman ($16). After a flu epidemic in 2028, two teens struggle to survive. (12-up)

Love and Sex: Ten Stories of Truth, edited by Michael Cart ($18). Ten authors examine how love and sex affect today's teens. (12-up)

adds Pearl Harbor by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Larry Day ($15, paper $3.99, 6-8); and The Heart of Cool by James McEwan, illus. by Sandra Boynton ($15, 6-9). New Ready-for-Chapters are Jake Drake, Bully Buster by Andrew Clements, illus. by Amanda Harvey,and Jake Drake, Know-It-All by Clements ($14 each, paper $3.99, 7-10); and The Girl with 500 Middle Names by Margaret Peterson Haddix, illus. by Janet Hamlin ($15, paper $3.99, 7-10). The Cobble Street Cousins offers The Summer Partyby Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($15, 7-10).

A Tale for Easter
by Tasha Tudor ($12.95, all ages); Hilary Knight's The Owl and the Pussycat, adapted and illus. by Knight ($17, all ages); and A Is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor ($16, 4-7).

More Freaky Facts About Natural Disasters
by Kathleen Duey and Mary Barnes ($4.99) focuses on such phenomena as earthquakes, volcan s and avalanches. (8-12)

Chamique Holdsclaw: WNBA Superstar by Chamique Holdsclaw with Jennifer Frey ($4.99) is an autobiography of this basketball player. (8-up)

Who Do You Love? Your Complete Guide to Romance by Nancy Krulik ($3.99) rounds up horoscopes, trivia and quizzes. (11-up)

Paperback Series
Aladdin Classics
adds Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, foreword by Carol Fenner, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, foreword by Bruce Brooks ($3.99 each, all ages); and A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett, foreword by Nancy Bond, and Robinson Crus by Daniel Def , foreword by Avi ($3.99 each, 8-12). Kitten Friends gains Nell the Naughty Kitten, Leo the Lucky Kitten and Patch the Perfect Kitten by Jenny Dale, illus. by Susan Hellard ($3.99 each, 6-8). Joining Puppy Friends are Tilly the Tidy Puppy and Spike the Special Puppy by Dale, illus. by Frank Rodgers ($3.99 each, 6-8). Peter Clover's Sheltie series trots on with Sheltie in Danger and Sheltie Rides to Win ($3.99 each, 6-8). New Ready-for-Chapters are Third Grade Detectives: The Mystery of the Hairy Tomat s and The Cobweb Confession by George Edward Stanley, illus. by Salvatore Murdocca ($3.99 each, 6-9); I'll Meet You at the Cucumbers by Lilian Moore, illus. by Sharon Wooding, and Moore's Don't Be Afraid, Amanda, illus. by Kathleen Gary McCord ($3.99 each, 7-10); and American Diaries: Janey G. Blue: Pearl Harbor, 1941 by Kathleen Duey ($4.99, 8-12). Childhood of Famous Americanswelcomes Rosa Parks, Young Rebel by Kathleen Kudlinski and Laura Ingalls Wilder, Young Pioneer by Beatrice Gormley, both illus. by Meryl Henderson ($4.99 each, 8-12).

Paperback Reprints
Ashley Bryan's ABC of African American P try
by Bryan ($5.99, all ages); With a Whoop and a Holler: A Bushel of Lore from Way Down South by Nancy Van Laan, illus. by Scott Cook ($10, all ages); If You Were Born a Kitten by Marion Dane Bauer, illus. by J llen McAllister Stammen ($6.99, 1-3); Barnyard Song by Rhonda Gowler Greene, illus. by Robert Bender, and Barnyard Lullaby by Frank Asch ($5.99 each, 2-6); Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle ($6.99, 2-up); Let's Count It Out, Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom, illus. by Bruce Degen ($5.99, 3-6); Gabriella's Song by Candace Fleming, illus. by Giselle Potter ($5.99, 3-8); Sophie and Lou by Petra Mathers, The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, Rabbit and the Moon by Douglas Wood, illus. by Leslie Baker, and Ten Tall Soldiers by Nancy Robison, illus. by Hilary Knight ($6.99 each, 4-8); Lottie's New Beach Towel by Petra Mathers, The Bat Boy &His Violin by Gavin Curtis, illus. by E.B. Lewis, Wow! It's Great Being a Duck by Joan Rankin and 'I Can't Take You Anywhere!' by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, illus. by Jef Kaminsky ($5.99 each, 4-8); A Place Called Freedom by Scott Russell Sanders, illus. by Thomas B. Allen, and Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice by Sylvia Rosa-Casanova, illus. by Robert Roth ($5.99 each, 5-8); and Good-bye, Charles Lindbergh by Louise Borden, illus. by Thomas B. Allen ($6.99, 5-9).

Also, The Sea King's Daughter by Aaron Shepard, illus. by Gennady Spirin ($6.99, 6-9); Teddy Bear's Scrapbook by Deborah and James Howe, illus. by Timothy Bush ($3.99, 7-10); Nissa's Place by A. LaFaye, Children of the Fire by Harriette Gillem Robinet, Back in the Beforetime by Jane Louise Curry, illus. by James Watts, A Blue-Eyed Daisy by Cynthia Rylant and Bunnicula Strikes Again! by James Howe, illus. by Alan Daniel ($4.99 each, 8-12); Abraham's Battle: A Novel of Gettysburg by Sara Harrell Banks ($4.50, 9-13); The Vandemark Mummy by Cynthia Voigt, Speed of Light by Sybil Rosen and Walker's Crossing and Jade Green: A Ghost Story by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($4.99 each, 10-14); King of Shadows by Susan Cooper ($4.99, 10-up); Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper, Edith Shay by A. LaFaye, The Watcher by James Howe, Spider's Voice by Gloria Skurzynski, Downsiders by Neal Shusterman and Blue Star Rapture by James W. Bennett ($4.99 each, 12-up); Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers, edited by Judy Blume, and Our Country's Founders: A Book of Advice for Young People Adapted from Our Sacred Honor, edited by William J. Bennett ($10 each, 12-up); Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger and My Bridges of Hope: Searching for Love and Life after Auschwitz by Livia Bitton-Jackson ($8 each, 12-up); and Moondog and Room 13 by Henry Garfield ($5.99 each, 12-up).

Paperback Series Reprints
New Ready-to-Read reprints are Silly Sadie, Silly Samuel by Ann Whitford Paul, illus. by Sylvie Wickstrom ($3.99, 5-9); Taking Flight by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Larry Day ($3.99, 6-8); and Henry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect Pet by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by SuAie Stevenson, and Animal Rescue: The Best Job There Is by Susan E. Goodman ($3.99 each, 6-9). The Cobble Street Cousins adds Some Good News by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($3.99, 7-10).

Paperback Series Reissues
Bernie Magruder Mysteries
reissues Bernie Magruder and the Case of the Big Stink, Bernie Magruder and the Disappearing Bodies and Bernie Magruder and the Haunted Hotel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($4.95 each, 8-12).

Beyond the Dinosaurs!: Sky Dragons Sea Monsters Mega-Mammals and Other Prehistoric Beasts
by Howard Zimmerman ($18) showcases creatures that roamed the earth in prehistoric times. (All ages)

Oswald the Octopus by Dan Yaccarino ($16). An octopus and his dog move to the city. (3-6)

Mine! by Kevin Luthardt ($14) is a tale about sharing. (3-7)

Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest! by Judith Viorst, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($16). A practically perfect older sister reports on her younger sibling's sloppy and forgetful habits. (4-7)

Growing Up Wild: Wolves by Sandra Markle ($16) explains how wolf cubs grow. (5-8)

Patsy Says by Leslie Tryon ($16). Albert's pal Patsy tries to teach ill-behaved first graders some manners. (5-8)

On Shabbat by Cathy Goldberg Fishman, illus. by Melanie Hall ($15). A Jewish family observes this weekly ritual. (5-8)

Amish Horses by Richard Ammon, illus. by Pamela Patrick ($17). Am Amish boy introduces the various horses on his family's farm. (5-8)

James Towne: Struggle for Survival by Marcia Sewall ($16) describes the early days of the Jamestown settlement. (6-10)

The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won by Stephen E. Ambrose ($22) chronicles America's involvement in this war. (7-10)

Thunder on the Plains: The Story of the American Buffalo by Ken Robbins ($16) reports on the existence and extinction of this species. (7-10)

Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself by Catherine Andronik, illus. by Joseph Daniel Fiedler ($17), tells of the reign of Egypt's only successful female pharaoh. (7-10)

The Devil in Ol' Rosie by Louise M ri ($16) is a tale of survival set in the Oregon mountains. (8-12)

Secret in St. Something by Barbara Brooks Wallace ($16). The boys at St. Something save Robin from his stepfather. (8-12)

Dangling by Lillian Eige ($16). Ben watches as his best friend wades into the river--and never resurfaces. (8-12)

In Ned's Head by Sören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson, trans. by Kevin Read ($16). Ned fears that the class bully will discover that he keeps a diary. (8-12)

Brooklyn Bridge by Lynn Curlee ($18) traces the history of this structure. (8-12)

The Wells Fargo Book of the Gold Rush by Margaret Rau ($18) chronicles the California Gold Rush. (8-12)

Wounded Knee by Neil Waldman ($18) recounts the final battle of the Indian Wars. (9-up)

6-321 by Michael Laser ($15). Marc's class becomes involved in a senseless feud with another class. (10-14)

Alice Alone by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($15). With her busy high-school schedule, Alice has less and less time for her boyfriend. (10-14)

Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper ($16) concludes the Hazelwood High trilogy. (12-up)

Compass in the Blood by William E. Coles Jr. ($16). Dee studies a notorious crime in Pittsburgh's history. (12-up)

True Believer by Virginia Euwer Wolff ($17) is a sequel to Make Lemonade. (12-up)

Countdown to Independence: A Revolution of Ideas in England and Her American Colonies: 1760-1776 by Natalie S. Bober ($26.95) offers an account of the years preceding the revolution. (12-up)

Standing Like a Stone Wall: The Life of General Thomas J. Jackson by James Robertson Jr. ($22) profiles this military hero. (12-up)

Pinky and Rex
return in Pinky and Rex and the Just-Right Pet by James Howe, illus. by Melissa Sweet ($15, 5-8). Ready-for-Chapters adds The Werewolf Club: The Werewolf Club Meets Dorkula by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater ($15, paper $3.99, 7-10). Ultimate Field Trip gains Blasting Off to Space Academy by Susan E. Goodman, photos by Michael Doolittle ($17, 8-12).

by Chris Raschka ($16). When Waffle stops waffling and becomes more engaged, he learns that he, too, can fly. (4-7)

Emily's Art by Peter Catalanotto ($16) centers on a girl who takes art to heart. (5-8)

The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley ($17) introduces Sylvie, who has been a 12-year-old princess for more than 80 years, ever since the book she lives in was printed. (10-up)

Born in Sin by Evelyn Coleman ($16). Despite the many obstacles in her way, Keisha is determined to attend a premed program. (12-up)

Tartabull's Throw by Henry Garfield ($15) brings together baseball, werewolves and time travel. (12-up)

Buddy Is a Stupid Name for a Girl
by Willo Davis Roberts ($16). After her father dies, a girl moves in with relatives and unravels family secrets. (8-12)

Tickle Tum!
by Nancy van Laan, illus. by Bernadette Pons ($14.95). Mama Bunny makes mealtime fun for her little one. (1-6)

Freedom Summer by Deborah Wiles, illus. by Jerome Lagarrigue ($16), is the story of the friendship between a white boy and a black boy in 1964. (4-8)

Dodo Gets Married by Petra Mathers ($16). Lottie and Herbie help Dodo plan her wedding. (4-8)

Good Mousekeeping: And Other Animal Home P ms by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Lisa Desimini ($16), collects p ms about where animals would reside if they could decide. (4-8)

Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier, illus. by Lori Lohst ter ($16), tells how an African girl's dream to attend school came true. (4-8)

Henry's First-Moon Birthday by Lenore Look, illus. by Yumi Heo ($16). A Chinese-American girl helps her grandmother prepare for her brother's one-month birthday celebration. (4-8)

Fannie in the Kitchen: The Whole Story from Soup to Nuts of How Fannie Farmer Invented Recipes with Precise Measurements by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by Nancy Carpenter ($16), explains the importance of exact measuring and careful cooking techniques. (4-9)

Yay, You! Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On
by Sandra Boynton ($14.95) celebrates moves of all kinds. (All ages)

When Mama Comes Home Tonight: A Classic Board Book by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Jane Dyer ($7.99), is a bedtime tale. (6 mos.-6 yrs.)

Where Is Baby's Mommy? by Karen Katz ($5.99). Baby searches for his mother in this lift-the-flap tale. (1-5)

These Little Piggies: A Lift-the-Flap Storybook by Laura Rader ($6.99) features flaps to lift. (2-5)

Under the Bed: A Pop-Up Book by Rebecca A. Sams, illus. by Laura Merer ($9.99), reveals objects stuffed under a mattress. (2-8)

My Mommy and Me: A Lift-the-Flap Story by Laura Trayser ($5.99) follows a mother and child through a day. (3-6)

Mouse Ballet by Michelle Cartlidge ($6.99). A mouse and her friends prepare for a performance. (3-6)

Easter Bugs: A Springtime Pop-Up by David A. Carter ($9.99) introduces some seasonal bugs. (3-7)

The Jelly Bean Fun Book by Karen Capucilli ($7.99) is an activity book featuring jelly beans. (3-7)

Play Along Farm Board Book and Xylophone by Richard Powell, illus. by Simone Abel ($12.95), includes a songbook and a xylophone mounted on the back cover. (4-7)

My Girl Power Journal by Kelli Chipponeri, illus. by Shelly Meridith ($7.99). This journal and pen set presents drawing and writing activities. (5-8)

Bubblegum Gift Books
offersGroovy Gradand Best Friends($7.95 each, all ages). Raggedy Ann &Andy return inAll That We Loveand Fridays Are Fun! Days of the Weekby Patricia Hall, illus. by Alison Winfield ($4.99 each, 1-3); I Spy! A Book of Shapes and Easter Treats! A Book of Colors by Hall, illus. by Kathryn Mitter ($4.99 each, 2-5); and Raggedy Ann &Andy Be My Valentine by Alison Inches, illus. by Winfield ($9.99, 3-7). New Toby titles by Cyndy Szekeres are Toby's Good Nightand Toby's Please and Thank You ($4.99 each, 1-4); and Do You

Love Me?and I Can Do It!($4.99 each, 2-5). Hideaway Concept Board Books introducesLadybug, Ladybug: Count with Meand Butterfly, Butterfly: What Colors Do You See?by Annie Horwood ($5.99 each, 2-5). Sparkle 'n' Twinkle Books adds two by Eleanor Hudson: Bunny's Easter Bonnet, illus. by Laura Trayser, and Little Duckling's Colorful Easter, illus. by Tammie Lyon ($4.99 each, 2-5). New Sparkle 'n' Shimmer Books by Michelle Knudsen are Valentine's Day, illus. by Sue Heap, and Love, illus. by Amanda Haley ($5.99 each, 2-6). Is That My Chick? and Whose T s Are Those? by Ana Larranaga join Flip-Top Board Books ($6.99 each, 2-6). Joining Slide 'n' Seek are Colors and Counting by Chuck Murphy ($5.99 each, 2-5). New Richard Scarry titles are Richard Scarry's Longest Counting Parade Ever! ($12.95, 4-7);and Richard Scarry's All Around Busytown! A Pop-Up Book ($14.95, 4-7).

Counting Kisses
by Karen Katz ($14) is a bedtime tale. (1-5)

Grump by Janet S. Wong, illus. by John Wallace ($16). Why is Mommy grumpy when Baby dumps applesauce and ketchup gravy on the floor? (2-5)

Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs by Alan Katz, illus. by David Catrow ($15), gives nonsense lyrics to familiar tunes. (2-6)

Low Song by Eve Merriam, illus. by Pam Paparone ($16), celebrates a child's world. (3-6)

Puff-Puff, Chugga-Chugga by Christopher Wormell ($15). A little train's conductor worries that his three large passengers won't fit on board. (3-7)

Mrs. McTats and Her Houseful of Cats by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Joan Rankin ($16), is an alphabet and counting tale. (3-7)

Fearless Jack by Paul Brett Johnson ($16). After leaving home to seek his fortune, Jack gains a reputation he hasn't earned. (4-8)

The Day Eddie Met the Author by Louise Borden, illus. by Adam Gustavson ($15). A third grader's favorite author comes for a school visit. (7-10)

Panther by Martin Booth ($15). On a camping trip, two teens stalk a panther. (8-12)

Understanding Buddy by Marc Kornblatt ($15). After Sam's family's housekeeper dies in a car accident, her son joins Sam's class at school. (8-12)

Starry Tales by Geraldine McCaughrean, illus. by Sophy Williams ($21), collects 15 myths about the sun, moon and stars. (8-12)

Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs by Betsy Hearne ($16). When Louise wishes her brother would turn into a pig, he d s. (8-12)

The Wonderful Sky Boat: And Other Native American Tales of the Southeast by Jane Louise Curry, illus. by James Watts ($17), compiles stories from Southeastern native peoples. (8-12)

Fly High!: The Story of Bessie Coleman by Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kr ger, illus. by Teresa Flavin ($16), tells of the first African-American aviatrix. (9-up)

Roman Myths by Geraldine McCaughrean, illus. by Emma Chichester Clark ($21), presents 15 myths of ancient Rome. (9-up)

Arachne Speaks by Kate Hovey, illus. by Blair Drawson ($17.95). The goddess Athena challenges a mortal girl to a weaving contest. (10-up)

Shout, Sister, Shout! Ten Girl Singers Who Shaped a Century by Roxane Orgill ($18) profiles singers of popular music. (12-up)

The Life History of a Star by Kelly Easton ($16) shares the diary entries of a teenage girl in post-Vietnam War America. (12-up)

There are six new Blue's Clues titles, among them Bath Book: Where Is Slippery Soap? by Buster Yablonsky, illus. by Traci Paige Johnson ($5.99, all ages); Preschool Ready-to-Read: My Favorite Letters by Deborah Reber, illus. by Karen Craig ($3.99, 3-6); and Reber's Vinyl Sticker Book: Blue's Memory Scrapbook, illus. by Victoria Miller ($5.99, 3-7). Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House adds six titles, including Lift-the-Flap Board Book: Let's Find Treasure by Nancy Inteli, illus. by Jane Maday ($4.99, 3-6); Vinyl Sticker Book: We Love Counting! by Inteli, illus. by Barry Goldberg ($5.99, 3-7); and The Tutter Family Reunion by Inteli, illus. by Tom Brannon ($5.99 paper, 4-8). The five additions to Nick Jr. Little Bill include Vinyl Sticker Book: Let's Go to the Supermarket! by Lorraine Gallacher, illus. by Jane Howell ($5.99, 3-6); and Elephant on the Loose by Kim Watson, illus. by Sheree Boyd ($3.50 paper, 3-7).

Paperback Series
Spongebob Sqarepants
adds four books, including Flip Book ($2.99, all ages); and Sandy's Rocket by Steven Banks, illus. by Clint Bond ($3.99, 7-10). The Wild Thornberrys gains seven titles, among them The Best Valentine by Adam Beechen, illus. by Patrick Dene ($3.50, 3-7); Lost and Found by Lara Bergen, illus. by Mel Grant ($3.50, 4-8); and Ready-to-Read: Follow the Lemming by Kiki Thorpe, illus. by Robert Roper ($3.99, 5-8). Rugrats has six additions, including Phil and Lil Go to the Doctor by Becky Gold, illus. by Roper ($3.50, 3-7); and Brand New Daddy by Sarah Willson, illus. by Jose Maria Cardona ($5.99, 4-8). Six titles launch the Angela Anaconda series, including Dueling Diaries by Kent Redeker ($2.99, 5-9); My Notebook by Redeker, illus. by Barry Goldberg ($5.99, 5-9); and The Trouble with Teachers by Barbara Calamari, illus. by Elizabeth Brandt ($3.99, 7-10). And Hey Arnold! welcomes three new chapter books by Craig Bartlett and Maggie Gr ning, illus. by Tim Parsons ($3.99 each, 7-10).
How D s God Make Things Happen?
and What D s God Look Like? by Lawrence and Karen Kushner, illus. by Dawn Majewski ($7.95 each), are board books that aim to teach children about God. (up to 4)

On Blue Creek Farm
by Carrol Thomas ($9.95). Matty Trescott lives in pre-Civil War Kansas in this prequel to Matty's War. (8-12)

Brian Wildsmith's Farm Animals
and Brian Wildsmith's Animal Colors by Wildsmith ($4.95 each) are board books featuring animals. (6 mos.-2 yrs.)

Once Upon a Place by Robert Ingpen ($14.95) introduces some magical locations. (All ages)

It's Mine by Michele Coxon ($13.95, paper $5.95). Readers lift flaps to help a dog find his bone. (2-5)

Alicia's Happy Birthday by Meg Starr, illus. by Yin-Hwa Hu and Cornelius Van Wright ($15.95), is a tale of a birthday celebration. (3-8)

Sammy Wakes His Dad by Chip Emmons, illus. by Shirley Anger ($15.95). Sammy longs to go fishing with his wheelchair-bound father. (4-8)

Board book in French
Abécédaire de Brian Wildsmith (Brian Wildsmith's ABC)
by Wildsmith ($6.95, 6 mos.-2 yrs.).

Board books in Spanish
A¿Cuántos hay? (How Many?)
and A¿Dónde va? (Where D s It Go?) by Cheryl Christian ($5.50 each, 9 mos.-2 yrs.).

Curious Little Critters
adds Will You Sting Me? Will You Bite?: The Truth About Some Scary-Looking Insectsby Sara Swan Miller, illus. by Rick Chrustowski ($18.95, paper $8.95, 6-10).

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball
by Vicki Churchill and Charles Fuge ($12.95) introduces a little wombat. (2-5)

Goofy Jokes &Giggles by Charles Keller, illus. by Dave Garbot ($14.95), is a joke collection. (6-9)

Ridiculous Knock-Knocks by Chris Tait, illus. by Mark Zahnd ($14.95), compiles knock-knock jokes. (6-9)

Super Silly Riddles by Charles Keller, illus. by Dave Winter ($14.95), offers 500 riddles. (6-9)

Bathtub Science by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone ($19.95) presents experiments involving water. (6-12)

Midnight Fairy Craft &Party Book by Tracy Marsh ($19.95) offers craft projects and party ideas with fairy themes. (7-11)

Zany Rainy Days: Indoor Activities for Active Kids by Hallie Warshaw with Mark Shulman, photos by Morten Kettel ($19.95), describes indoor games and projects. (7-11)

Eye-Popping Optical Illusions by Michael DiSpezio ($17.95) rounds up images that fool the eye. (8-12)

Impossible Objects: Amazing Optical Illusions to Confound &Astound by J. Timothy Unruh ($17.95) presents optical illusions. (8-12)

Amazing Math Magic by Oliver Ho, illus. by Jeff Sinclair ($14.95), explains tricks using numbers, coins and cards. (8-up)

100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects by Glen Vecchione ($21.95) collects 100 project ideas. (8-up)

Mind-Boggling Word Puzzles by Martin Gardener ($14.95) compiles word puzzles. (8-up)

Whodunit Math Puzzles by Bill Wise ($14.95). Readers use calculations to solve mysteries. (8-up)

Bowling for Beginners: Simple Steps to Strikes &Spares by Don Nace, photos by Bruce Curtis ($19.95), outlines bowling techniques. (10-up)

P try for Young People
continues with Robert Browning by Eileen Gillooly, illus. by J l Spector ($14.95, 8-12).

Secret Hiding Places (for Clever Kids)
by Mark Shulman ($4.95) offers suggestions for hiding things. (6-9)

Extreme Animals Dot-to-Dot by Ellen Jackson, illus. by Richard Salvucci ($5.95), is an activity book. (6-up)

Dinosaur Puzzles by Helene Hovanec, illus. by Catherine Leary ($5.95), collects crosswords, riddles and acrostics featuring dinos. (7-9)

Wild Weather Mazes by Rodger Moreau ($5.95). Readers follow mazes to escape weather disasters. (8-up)

The Ultimate Balloon Book: 64 Projects to Blow Up, Bend &Twist by Shar Levine and Michael Ouchi ($6.95) explains how to make balloon creations. (8-up)

Baker Street Whodunits: Puzzles of Deduction by Tom Bullimore ($6.95). Kids help Sherlock Holmes solve brainteasers and logic puzzles. (10-up)

Mesmerizing Math Puzzles by Rodolfo Kurchan ($6.95). Kids use math skills to solve puzzles. (10-up)

Hard-to-Solve Math Puzzles by Derrick Niederman ($6.95) rounds up puzzles involving math. (10-up)

Mighty Mini Word Puzzles by Gary Disch ($4.95) compiles 71 linguistic puzzles. (10-up)

One-Minute Brainteasers by Alan Stillson ($6.95) challenges readers to solve puzzles in 60 seconds. (10-up)

Paperback Series
New Little Giant Books are The Little Giant Book of Travel Funby Sheila Anne Barry ($6.95, 7-up); and The LittleGiant Book of Visual TricksandThe Little Giant Book of Amazing Mazesby The Diagram Group; and The Little Giant Book of Dinosaurs by Thomas Holtz, illus. by Terry Riley ($6.95 each, 8-12).

Paperback Reprints
Best Knock-Knock Book Ever
by Charles Keller, illus. by Jeff Sinclair, and Totally Terrific by Matt Rissinger and Philip Yates, illus. by Sinclair ($5.95 each, 6-9); The Sleepover Cookbook by Hallie Warshaw, recipes by Diane Nepa, photos by Julie Brown ($9.95, 8-12); Cool Chemistry: Great Experiments with Simple Stuff by Steven Moje($5.95, 8-up); Science Fair Projects: Chemistry by Bob Bonnet ($9.95, 8-up); Super Simple Origami by Irmgard Kneissler ($6.95, 10-up); and Be a Better Hitter: Baseball Basics by Buz Brundage ($12.95, 10-up).

Click and Stick CD-ROM
($8.95) offers a CD-ROM for creating landscapes, plus a sticker book. (3-5)

A Visit to the Farm: Sticker Story Time ($4.95). Two children visit a farm in this storybook with stickers. (4-6)

Make a Garage: Press Out &Play ($5.95) features a gas station setting and press-out pieces. (5-8)

Wild Word Search ($3.95) offers word searches with various themes. (7-9)

Maze Craze ($3.95) rounds up mazes. (8-12)

Paperback Series
Fun House Paperbacks
gains Dot-to-Dot from 1 to 10, Mini Mazes, Find the Differences Coloring Book and Magic Coloring Book ($2.95 each, 3-4).

Magic World of Learning: The Magic Pointer Always Gives the Right Answer
, created by Jay Young, illus. by Sian Tucker ($19.95), introduces concepts and objects. (3-6)

Magic Fact Machine: Animals ($9.95) and Science: Gives the Right Answer Every Time ($14.95) by Jay Young answer questions about animals and science facts. (7-12)

New Internet @@ction titles are The Fun Way to Become a Whizzon the Net by Jay Young and Chilling Out: How to Use the Internet to Make the Most of Your Leisure Time by Anne Rooney ($14.95 each, 8-12); and Homework Busters: How to Use the Internet to Be Top of the Class by Bill Thompson ($9.95, 8-12). Quiz Master offers Eye Teasers and Mind Benders ($8.95 each, 8-up).

Paperback Series
Pocket Pals
gains Secret Agent, Super Science, Creepy Crawlies and Mighty Magic ($6.95 each, 7-12).

The Magic of Ballet
welcomes Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Giselle by Adèle Geras and Emma Chichester Clark ($10.95 each, 6-9).

New Off the Wall Museum Guides are Greek and Roman Art and Modern Art by Ruthie Knapp and Janice Lehmberg ($9.95 each, 7-10).

Stylin': Great Looks for Teens
by Maggie Maron ($12.95) covers such topics as skin care, fitness and fashion. (12-up)

Popular Science Mini Guides
adds Bugs, Dinosaurs, Earth and Space ($7.95 each, 8-up).

Eco-Fun: Great Projects, Experiments, and Games for a Greener Earth
by David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlinden ($10.95) collects ecological projects. (8-11)

Off the Wall Baseball Trivia: Games, Puzzles, Quizzes by Bob Mackin ($6.95) compiles trivia about this sport. (8-up)

Joining Up Close are Headgear That Hides and Plays and Skin That Slimes and Scares by Diane Swanson ($9.95 each, 5-7).

The Book of Wizard Craft: In Which the Apprentice Finds Spells, Potions, Fantastic Tales &50 Enchanting Things to Make
by Janice Eaton Kilby, Deborah Morgenthal and Terry Taylor, illus. by Lindy Burnett ($19.95), offers activities for aspiring young wizards. (8-12)

Philip's Guide to the Night Sky: A Guided Tour of the Stars and Constellations
by Diane Swanson ($9.95) provides charts of the sky's constellations. (8-up)

Philip's International School Atlas ($7.95) is an atlas for students. (8-up)

Fun Flap Books: Follow That Chicken!
and How Now Cow? by Angela Chambers, illus. by Simone Abel ($3.95 each), are animal stories with flaps. (2-4)

Hang On, Crocodile! and Hang On, Elephant! by Harry Alexander ($5.95 each) are board-book tales. (2-4)

Who's a Busy Baby? by Thierry Courtin ($6.95). Flaps open to reveal babies. (2-4)

Monster Snuggles: Chomp! Chomp! and Gurgle! Gurgle! by Frances C ($7.95 each). Monsters star in these board books with plush covers. (2-4)

Magic Color Books: Amazing Magic School and Magic Art Class by Harley Black ($5.95 each) feature colors that change when children pull tabs. (2-5)

Storm at Batoche
by Maxine Trottier, illus. by John Mantha ($15.95), describes an encounter between a fictional boy and an historical figure, Louis Riel. (4-8)

The Twelve Months by Rafe Martin, illus. by Vladyana Langer Krykorka ($15.95), is based on a Slavic Cinderella tale. (4-8)

The Wolf of Gubbio by Michael Bedard, illus. by Murray Kimber ($15.95), retells a legend about St. Francis of Assisi. (5-10)

Matthew and the Midnight Bank
by Allen Morgan, illus. by Michael Martchenko ($8.99). A boy plays a game of Midnight Monopoly. (4-8)

Don't Open the Door: Easy to Read Spooky Tales ($7.95). Three boys tell eerie tales during a sleepover. (6-9)

Creative Crafts for Critters by Nancy Furstinger, illus. by Philippe Beha ($8.95), presents 22 crafts kids can make for their pets. (7-12)

Dancing for Danger: A Meggy Tale ($8.95). Meggy saves her school from English soldiers. (8-11)

Maybe Tomorrow by Joan Weir ($5.95). In the 1880s, two girls become friends at an integrated school for white and Native American children. (10-up)

A Bushel of Light by Troon Harrison ($7.95). An orphan longs to be reunited with her twin sister. (10-up)

Rebound by Eric Walters ($5.95) tells of the friendship between a former basketball star who is now in a wheelchair and an up-and-coming player. (12-up)

By the Standing Stone by Maxine Trottier ($7.95). Charlotte's adventure takes her to the Boston Tea Party. (12-up)

The Girl on Evangeline Beach by Anne Carter ($7.95). Michael travels back to Nova Scotia in the 1700s. (12-up)

Paperback Series
Discovering Canada
continues with The Rebels ($9.95, 8-up).