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Children's Books for Spring
Compiled by Sally Lodge -- 2/12/01

Paperback Series
Here &Now: Things We Need to Learn About Today!
by Carole Marsh debuts with six titles, including The Here &Now Reproducible Book of George W. Bush: America's Newest President, and His White House Family and The Here &Now Reproducible Book of America's Important Neighbors: Canada, Mexico, and Cuba ($7.95 each, 7-10); and The Here &Now Reproducible Book of Classroom Cooking: E-Z, Fun, Healthy, Educational, Historical Things to Cook up Right in the Classroom! ($7.95, 8-12).

GENEVA PRESS (502-569-5342)
Come Worship with Me: A Journey Through the Church Year
by Ruth Boling, illus. by Tracey Dahle Carrier ($19.95), explores church attendance. (3-up)

Wishing on a Star: Constellation Stories and Stargazing Activities for Kids
by Fran Lee ($9.95) presents stories and activities featuring the night sky. (7-up)

The Waterfall's Gift
by Joanne Ryder, illus. by Richard Jesse Watson ($15.95), is a tale of loss and renewal. (5-9)

Bees Dance and Whales Sing: The Mysteries of Animal Communication and What D s the Crow Know?: The Mysteries of Animal Intelligence by Margery Facklam, illus. by Pamela Johnson ($6.95 each), examine animal communication and intelligence. (8-11)

Shaped Little Nugget Books
continues with Peter Cottontail: Hop to It! by Andrea Posner, illus. by Linda Karl and Christopher Nowell; and Extra Special Eggs by Fran Posner, illus. by Terry Taylor ($3.99 each, up to 3). Richard Scarry's Is This the House of Mistress Mouse? is a new Touch and Feel title ($9.99, 2-5). Little Golden Books adds How the Turtle Got Its Shell and How the Camel Got Its Hump by Justine and Ron Fontes, illus. by Keiko Motoyama;
Between the Lions: Mississippi Skip by Pippi Nipperwit, illus. by Ken Edwards; and The Powerpuff Girls: Creature Teacher by Amy Keating Rogers, illus. by Lauren Faust ($2.99 each, 2-5). Among the six Little Golden Books Classic Reissues are The Lion's Paw by Jane Werner Watson, illus. by Gustaf Tenggren; and Animal Orchestra by Ilo Orleans, illus. by Tibor Gergely ($2.99 each, 2-5). New Family Storytime Books are The Big Brown Bear by George Duplaix, illus. by Gustaf Tenggren ($9.95, 3-6); The Twins by John Wallace ($9.95, 3-7); and Metro Cat by Marsha Diane Arnold, illus. by Jack E. Davis; and Mr. K and Yudi by Karen Stanton ($9.95 each, 4-8). Golden Picture Book Classics gains Green Eyes by A. Birnbaum ($14.99, 3-6); and Miss Jaster's Garden by N.M. Bodecker ($14.99, 5-9). Joining the Pop-Up/Lift the Flapseries are I Can Fly! by Deborah Norville, illus. by Bob Beeson; and The Last of the Wizards by Rona Jaffe, illus. by Mike Peterkin ($12.99 each, 4-7). The Big Golden Book of Laughs by Linda Williams Aber, illus. by Jerry Smith, is a new Golden Books Treasury ($12.99, 5-up).
Paperback Series
Golden Super Shape Books
greets Precious Moments: What a Wonderful World and Heaven's Little Helpers by Samuel Butcher; and Things That Go!: Monster Trucks and Race Cars by Craig Robert Carey ($3.29 each, 3-7). Launching Wee Wizard Look-Look Books are Windy Won't Practice, Cricket and the Excitable Egg and Jasper and the Mixed-Up Dragon by Tracy West, illus. by John Manders ($3.99 each, 4-7). New Golden Look-Look Books are Barbie: A Big Bed for Me!by Ann Braybrooks; and Mercer Mayer's Little Critter: I'm Sorry by Gina and Mercer Mayer, illus. by Mercer Mayer ($3.29 each, 4-7). Word Wheel Look-Look Books spins on with Between the Lions: Pandora's Box by Louise Gikow and Between the Lions: Pecos Bill by Rebecca Grand, both illus. by Phil Wilson ($3.99 each, 4-8). Road to Reading winds on with Pepe and Papa by Linda Hayward, illus. by Laura Huliska-Beith ($3.99, Mile 1); Cat on Ice by Susan Schade and Jon Buller ($3.99, Mile 2); Beans Baker, Number 5 by Richard Torrey ($3.99, Mile 3); Wild Horses by George Edward Stanley, illus. by Michael Longham Rowe; and The Stone Giant by Natalie Standiford, illus. by Bob Doucet ($3.99 each, Mile 4); and Who Cloned the President? by Ron Roy, illus. by Liza Woodruff; and Miami Makes the Play by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack, illus. by Michael Chessworth ($3.99 each, Mile 5).

Paperback Reissue
The Underbed
by Cathryn Clinton H llwarth, illus. by Sibyl Graber Gerig ($6.95, 3-6).

GR PUBLISHING (Baker &Taylor, dist.)
Katie's Rose: A Tale of Two Late Bloomersby Karen Gedig Burnett, illus. by Laurie Barrows, is a new Grandma Rose Story ($14.50, paper $8.50, 5-9).

Neeluk, an Eskimo Boy in the Days of the Whaling Ships
by Frances Kittredge, illus. by Howard Rock ($18.95, paper $11.95), describes the lifestyle of the Inupiat people. (10-up)

Gold Rush Dogs
by Claire Murphy and Jane Haigh ($16.95) celebrates the hardworking dogs of this era. (12-up)

Children of the Gold Rush by Claire Murphy and Jane Haigh ($14.95) collects stories and photos of youngsters living during the Gold Rush days. (12-up)

Paperback Reprints
Aurora: A Tale of the Northern Lights
by Mindy Dyer; and The Sleeping Lady, retold by Ann Dixon, illus. by Elizabeth Johns ($8.95 each, 5-up); and The Hungry Giant of the Tundra, retold by Teri Sloat, illus. by Robert and Teri Sloat; and The Eye of the Needle, retold and illus. by Teri Sloat ($8.95 each, 6-up).

Cook Kids Cook
by Donna Hay ($14.95) rounds up recipes. (6-10)

Dot to Dot in the Sky: Stargazing in Your Backyard
by Joan Hinz ($12.95) is a guide to the stars. (7-up)

Paperback Series
Whose... Is This?
adds Whose Nose Is This? by Wayne Lynch ($6.95, 5-7). New Investigate titles are Dinosaurs, Planes, Racing Cars, Sharks, Snakes and Whales ($3.95 each, 5-10).
Hide and Go Peep!
and Funny Bunnies ($5.99 each) are die-cut Easter board books. (1-3)
Cats Go... and Dogs Go..., illus. by Annie Horwood ($5.99 each). These board books reveal the sounds that these animals make. (2-5)

Chitter-Chatter! and Yakety-Yak! by David Crossley ($5.99 each). Animals communicate in these board books with pull-tabs. (4-7)

Touch-and-Feel Books
welcomes Happy Easter, Baby!, photos by Elizabeth Hathon ($6.99, up to 2).

Dazzling Tiaras
by Jill Jarnow, illus. by Linda Hawkins ($6.99), offers instructions for creating tiaras. (4-8)

Fingertips: Handy Secrets for Beautiful Nails by Emily Sollinger, illus. by Linda Hawkins ($4.99), is a guide to nail art, with nail decals. (8-12)

My Slam Book: Love According to My Friends by Anne Kaufman ($6.99). This book that asks readers questions about love comes with stickers. (9-15)

Paperback Series
Reading Railroad Books
welcomes aboard Wee Sing and Learn 123, Wee Sing and Learn ABC and Wee Sing and Learn Colors by Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp, illus. by Yudthana Pongmee ($3.49 each, 3-6); Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever! by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue; Spot's First Picnic and Other Stories by Eric Hill; and The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers ($3.49 each, 4-8). Joining First Friends First Readers are Meet Mo and Ella by Tui Sutherland, illus. by Rose Mary Berlin; Meet Trouble by Susan Hood, illus. by Kristina Stephenson; and Meet the Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper, illus. by Cristina Ong ($3.99 each, 4-6). New to All Aboard Reading are Princess Buttercup: A Flower Princess Story by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, illus. by Jerry Smath; Sharks by Ginjer Clarke, illus. by Stephen James Petruccio; and Snail City by Jane O'Connor, illus. by Rick Brown ($3.99 each, 4-6); Martin Luther King Jr. and the March on Washington by Frances E. Ruffin, illus. by Stephen Marchesi; and Totem Poles by Jennifer Frantz, illus. by Allan Eitzen ($3.99, 6-8); L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, adapted by Jennifer Dussling, illus. by Lydia Halverson; and Stock Car Kings by Andrew Gutelle, illus. by J l Snyder ($3.99 each, 7-9); and Shaquille O'Neal--Man of Steel by Douglas Bradshaw($3.99, 7-9). Books and Stuff greets Drawing Dinosaurs, illus. by Ed Heins ($6.99, 4-8). New Grosset &Dunlap's Nature Field Guides are Looking at Bugs by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Pedro Julio Gonzalez and Tim Haggerty; and Looking at the Sky by Jennifer Frantz, illus. by Drew-Brook-Cormack and Haggerty ($4.99 each, 6-8). The Fairy Diaries flies on with Rebecca's Quest and Annie's Journey by Louise Bradley, illus. by Br ck Steadman ($4.99 each, 9-12). No Secrets: The Making of a Girl Band strikes up with The First Cut, Sneaking Around, Spring Fever and In the Spotlight by Nancy Krulik ($5.99 each, 12-up).

Paperback Series Reissues
Stuck on the Presidents
by Lara Bergen, Lisa Hopp and Angela Tung (8.99, 7-10).

HANDPRINT BOOKS (Chronicle, dist.)
Count to Ten, PiggyWiggy!
and What Color Is That, PiggyWiggy? by Chrisytan and Diane Fox ($5.95 each) are board books introducing the concepts of counting and colors. (2-4)

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Martin Kelly and Phil Legris ($4.95) pairs this nursery rhyme with photographs. (2-4)

Three Little Kittens by Martin Kelly and Matthew Adamec ($4.95). Photos illustrate this rhyme. (2-4)

Touch the Sky, My Little Bear by David Bedford, illus. by Jane Chapman ($15.95), centers on a young polar bear and his mother in the Arctic. (3-6)

Fire Fighter PiggyWiggy by Christyan and Diane Fox ($9.95). PiggyWiggy imagines himself as a fire fighter. (3-6)

Who's That Scratching at My Door?: A Peekaboo Riddle Book by Amanda Leslie ($12.95). A menagerie of animals comes knocking at a boy's door. (3-6)

Animagicals: On the Go and Animagicals: Patterns by Carol Diggory Shields, illus. by
Svjetlan Junakovic ($9.95 each), transform animals into vehicles and shapes. (4-8)
On the Day You Were Born: A Photo Journal
by Debra Frasier ($9.95) is a journal based on this picture book. (All ages)

Little Green by Keith Baker ($16). A hummingbird inspires a young artist. (2-5)

Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers, illus. by Marla Frazee ($16), reveals busy babies. (2-5)

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right by Frances Minters, illus. by Janie Bynum ($13), is a book about opposites and friendship. (2-5)

Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs by Linda Ashman, illus. by Lauren Stringer ($16), focuses on animal homes. (2-5)

Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert ($17) examines the life cycles of four butterflies. (3-7)

Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas by Eve Bunting, illus. by LeUyen Pham ($15). Old Badger teaches Little Badger about the power of imagination. (3-7)

Polar Bolero: A Bedtime Dance by Debi Gliori ($16). A polar bear's dance lulls everyone to sleep. (3-7)

Mrs. Spitzer's Garden by Edith Pattou, illus. by Tricia Tusa ($16), introduces a teacher who knows how to help children grow and blossom. (3-7)

Stella's Dancing Days by Sandy Asher, illus. by Kathryn Brown ($16), presents a tale about growing up. (3-7)

Miles Away from Home by Joan Cottle ($15) reveals what happens when the family of a hardworking dog heads for the beach. (3-7)

Oomph!: A Preston Pig Story by Colin McNaughton ($15). Preston and a new friend find love and adventure at the beach. (3-7)

Little Whistle by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Tim Bowers ($14). A guinea pig shares nighttime adventures with the toys in Toytown. (3-7)

And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, illus. by Janet Stevens ($17). A cast of nursery rhyme characters searches for the missing Dish and Spoon. (5-8)

The Days of Summer by Eve Bunting, illus. by William Low ($16), tells of two sisters whose grandparents divorce. (5-8)

The Many Adventures of Johnny Mutton by James Proimos ($16, paper $6) introduces a sheep who isn't afraid to march to his own drummer. (5-9)

lizards, frogs, and polliwogs by Douglas Florian ($16) collects p ms and paintings featuring reptiles and amphibians. (5-10)
Oddhopper Opera: A Bug's Garden of Verses
by Kurt Cyrus ($16) rounds up p ms about bugs. (5-10)

The Moon &Riddles Diner and the Sunnyside Café by Nancy Willard, illus. by Chris Butler ($17), offers a tale of an unusual restaurant, plus 14 recipes. (6-9)

Scribbler of Dreams by Mary Pearson ($17) is a novel about family feuds and forgiveness. (12-up)

Troy by Adèle Geras ($17). Two sisters fall in love with the same man in this novel set during the Trojan War. (14-up)

Mr. Putter &Tabby Easy Readers
adds Mr. Putter &Tabby Feed the Fish by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Arthur Howard ($14, 6-9). Zero Grandparents by Michelle Edwards joins Jackson Friends ($14, 6-9). Chet Gecko Mysteries continues with Farewell, My Lunchbag by Bruce Hale ($14, 8-12). And Young Wizards gains The Wizard's Dilemma by Diane Duane ($17, 12-up).

Series Reissues
Harcourt Young Classics
reissues The Moffats, The Middle Moffat, Rufus M. and The Moffat Museum by Eleanor Estes, illus. by Louis Slobodkin and Estes ($17 each, Odyssey Classic paperback $6, 8-up).

Paperback Reprint
The Blue Hill Meadows
by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Ellen Beier ($6, 7-10).

Paperback Series Reprints
Jackson Friends
reprints Pa Lia's First Day by Michelle Edwards ($4.95, 6-9). And joining Chet Gecko Mysteries are The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse and The Mystery of Mr. Nice by Bruce Hale ($4.95 each, 8-12).

Big Pig and Little Pig
by David McPhail ($10.95, paper $3.95). Despite their differences, these two pigs are great pals. (5-7)

Come Here, Tiger! by Alex Moran, illus. by Lisa Campbell Ernst ($10.95, paper $3.95). Where has Tiger the cat gone? (5-7)

Marco's Run by Wesley Cartier, illus. by Reynold Ruffins ($10.95, paper $3.95). Marco is a fast runner, but is he as fast as a rabbit? (6-8)

Splash! by Ariane Dewey and Jose Aruego ($10.95, paper $3.95). Clumsy Sam and Nelly know how to have fun. (6-8)

Baby Duck's New Friend
by Frank Asch and Devin Asch ($15). Baby Duck and his new pal journey to the sea. (2-5)

Spring Song by Barbara Seuling, illus. by Greg Newbold ($16). When spring arrives, animals wake up to explore and play. (2-5)

Preschool to the Rescue by Judy Sierra, illus. by Will Hillenbrand ($15). Preschoolers rescue trucks stuck in a mud puddle. (3-7)

A Mountain of Blintzes by Barbara Diamond Goldin, illus. by Anik McGrory ($16). Children teach their parents the meaning of cooperation as they prepare for Shavuout. (5-8)

Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way by Peter Golenbock, illus. by Paul Lee ($16), profiles this baseball hero. (6-9)

Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles ($16). This coming-of-age novel focuses on the relationship between a girl and her grandmother. (8-12)

New to Iris and Walter Easy Readers is Iris and Walter, True Friends by Elissa Haden Guest, illus. by Catherine Davenier ($14, 6-9). Emily and Alice Easy Readers adds Emily and Alice Baby-Sit Burton by Joyce Champion, illus. by Joan Parazette ($14, 6-9). And joining Young Royals is Beware, Princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer ($17, 12-up).

Paperback Reprint
The Coffin Quilt: The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys
by Ann Rinaldi ($6, 10-14).

Paperback Series Reprints
Emily and Alice Easy Readers
issues Emily and Alice, Best Friends and Emily and Alice Stick Together by Joyce Champion, illus. by Suçie Stevenson ($5.95 each, 6-9). And Young Royals
reprints Mary, Bloody Mary by Carolyn Meyer ($6, 12-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
Young Wizards
reprints So You Want to Be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry and A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane ($6.50 each, 10-up).

Paperback Reprint
Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast
by Jane Yolen ($6, 10-up).

Good Morning
, Good Night, Rainy Day and Sunny Day by Carmel O'Mara ($3.95 each). In these board books, parent and child share morning and bedtime rituals, and friends play in different kinds of weather. (6 mos.-3 yrs.)

Little Goal! and Little Oops! by Colin McNaughton ($5.95 each) present escapades of Preston Pig and Mr. Wolf. (6 mos.-3 yrs.)

Baby Animal Kisses: A Touch and Feel Book by Barney Saltzberg ($7.95) features a variety of baby animals. (6 mos.-3 yrs.)

New Kipper titles by Mick Inkpen are Touch and Feel Stories: Kipper and the Egg and Kipper's Sticky Paws ($7.95 each, 6 mos.-3 yrs.); Little Kipper's Paperback Story Books: Picnic and Thing! ($4.95 each, 2-5); and Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure($16.95, 3-7).

Crunch Munch
by Jonathan London, illus. by Michael Rex ($13), trots out a parade of crunching, munching animals. (2-5)

Growing Like Me by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Holly Keller ($14). In spring, tadpoles, robin eggs and caterpillars turn into something new. (2-5)

Ride by Stephen Gammell ($16) recounts a backseat battle between two siblings. (2-5)

Albert by Donna Jo Napoli, illus. by Jim LaMarche ($16). A miraculous event changes the life of a lonely man. (5-8)

Goal by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Stephen T. Johnson ($16). Teamwork saves the last game of the soccer season. (6-9)

Lookin' for Bird in the Big City by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Marek Los ($16). This introduction to jazz chronicles Miles Davis's first encounter with Charlie "Bird" Parker. (6-9)

When Dad Killed Mom by Julius Lester ($17). Jenna and Jeremy must create of life of their own after their father is jailed for fatally shooting their mother. (12-up)

Paperback Series Reprints
Young American Voices
reprints Emma's Journal: The Story of a Colonial Girl and Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl by Marissa Moss ($7 each, 8-12).

Paperback Reprints
Wildflower ABC: An Alphabet of Potato Prints
by Diana Pomeroy ($6, all ages); Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme by Bruce McMillan ($6, 2-5); Top Cat by Lois Ehlert; and Mud by Mary Lyn Ray, illus. by Lauren Stringer ($6 each, 3-7); Dandelions by Eve Bunting, illus. by Greg Shed ($6, 5-8); in the swim by Douglas Florian ($6, 5-10); Birdsong by Audrey Wood, illus. by Robert Florczak; The Shaman's Apprentice: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry and Mark Plotkin, illus. by Cherry; Twinnies by Eve Bunting, illus. by Nancy Carpenter; Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Lauren Stringer; and Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man by David A. Adler, illus. by Terry Widener ($6 each, 6-9); and When Willard Met Babe Ruth by Donald Hall, illus. by Barry Moser ($6, 7-10).

Dirty Laundry Pile: P ms in Different Voices
, selected by Paul B. Janeczko, illus. by Melissa Sweet ($15.95), collects p try told from a variety of perspectives. (All ages)

How Animals Saved the People: Animal Tales from the South, retold by J.J. Reneaux, illus. by James Ransome ($17.95), compiles Southern folktales starring animals. (All ages)

I Loved You Before You Were Born by Anne Bowen, illus. by Greg Shed ($15.95), presents a grandmother's p m to her grandchild. (All ages)

Jennifer's Rabbit by Tom Paxton, illus. by Elizabeth Miles ($15.95), is a tale of nautical bedtime adventures. (All ages)

Mississippi by Diane Siebert, illus. by Greg Harlin ($16.95), tells the story of this mighty river. (All ages)

Monkey King by Ed Young ($16.95) is an adaptation of a Chinese epic. (All ages)

My Favorite Things by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, illus. by Renée Graef ($15.95), illustrates this song from The Sound of Music. (All ages)

Under the Big Sky by Trevor Romain ($15.95) follows a young man's journey in search of the meaning of life. (All ages)

Words with Wings: A Treasury of African-American P try and Art, selected by Belinda Rochelle ($16.95), pairs p ms with works of art. (All ages)

Nobody Asked Me! by Steve Henry ($14.95) reveals what happens when a new kitten joins a family. (2-5)

Miss Mouse's Day by Jan Ormerod ($14.95). A stuffed doll enjoys a day with her toddler friend. (2-up)

Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards, illus. by Henry Cole ($15.95), is a tale that shows how appearances can be deceiving. (3-6)

Good Thing You're Not an Octopus! by Julie Markes, illus. by Maggie Smith ($14.95). Where will a boy's imagination take him? (3-6)

I Love Trains! by Philemon Sturges, illus. by Shari Halpern ($12.95), celebrates trains. (3-6)

The Whole Night Through: A Lullaby by David Frampton ($15.95). Woodcuts of jungle animals accompany rhymes. (3-6)

Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon ($15.95). What do two very different trains have in common? (3-6)

Benjamin's Treasure by Garth Williams, colored by Rosemary Wells ($15.95), is a picture-book adaptation of The Adventures of Benjamin Pink. (3-7)

Growing Up Is Hard by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, illus. by Daniel McFeeley ($15.95). Dr. Laura addresses coping with life's disappointments and frustrations. (3-7)

Rabbit's Wish by Paul Stewart, illus. by Chris Riddell ($12.95). Best friends Rabbit and Hedgehog spend the day together. (3-7)

We All Sing with the Same Voice by J. Philip Miller and Sheppard Greene, illus. by Paul Meisel ($15.95), emphasizes that children are all the same at heart, no matter where they live. (3-7)

Paddington Bear G s to the Hospital by Michael Bond and Karen Jankel, illus. by R.W. Alley ($12.95), tells what happens when Paddington spends the night in the hospital. (3-8)

A Young Child's Bible, retold by Elisabeth Gilles-Sebaoun, trans. by Joan Robins, illus. by Charlotte R derer ($12.95), retells biblical tales. (3-8)

Nora's Room by Jessica Harper, illus. by Lindsay Harper duPont ($15.95). Is there a party going
on in Nora's room? (3-8)
Sea, Sand, Me! by Patricia Hubbell, illus. by Lisa Campbell Ernst ($14.95), is a tale revealing a fun day at the beach. (3-8)

Happy Birthday to Me by Valrie M. Selkowe, illus. by John Sanford ($15.95). A mysterious key leads a curious rabbit on an adventure. (3-up)

Park Beat: Rhymin' Through the Seasons by Jonathan London, illus. by Woodleigh Marx Hubbard ($15.95), takes a rhythmic journey through the seasons. (3-up)

Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair! by Harriet Lerner and Susan Goldhor, illus. by Helen Oxenbury ($15.95). A girl loves her curly red hair--even if there is a bird in it. (4-8)

I'll Always Be Your Friend by Sam McBratney, illus. by Kim Lewis ($15.95), tells of a child's first longing for independence. (4-8)

In the Heart by Ann Turner, illus. by Salley Mavor ($14.95), features p try illustrated with fabric art. (4-8)

Max, the Stubborn Little Wolf by Marie-Odile Judes, trans. by Joan Robins, illus. by Martine Bourre ($14.95), spotlights a battle of wills between Papa Wolf and his son. (4-8)

Nutik &Amaroq Play Ball and Nutik the Wolf Pup by Jean Craighead George, illus. by Ted Rand ($15.95 each), bring the adventures of Julie and her family in the Arctic to a picture book audience. (4-8)

Special Deliveries by Alexandra Day and Cooper Edens, illus. by Day ($15.95), conveys the joy of receiving a letter. (4-8)

The Stray Dog by Marc Simont ($15.95) is a tale about finding a furry new friend in the woods. (4-8)

The Reluctant Flower Girl by Lynne Barasch ($14.95). A flower girl is determined to stop her big sister's wedding. (4-8)

Wait! No Paint! by Bruce Whatley ($15.95) offers a quirky retelling of "The Three Little Pigs." (4-8)

When Moon Fell Down by Linda Smith, illus. by Kathryn Brown ($15.95). The moon has a grand time when he falls out of the sky. (4-8)

Rock Steady: A Story of Noah's Ark by Sting, illus. by Hugh Whyte ($15.95). The musician adapts the lyrics of his song, which gives a modern spin to this biblical tale. (5-8)

Bubblegum Delicious by Dennis Lee, illus. by David McPhail ($15.95). In these p ms, a variety of beetles and bugs accompany a boy and his dog on a day's adventures. (5-9)

Master Man: A Tall Tale of Nigeria by Aaron Shepard, illus. by David Wisniewski ($15.95), retells the tale of a competition among Nigeria's strongest men. (5-up)

Abe Lincoln Remembers by Ann Turner, illus. by Wendell Minor ($15.95), presents a p m describing Lincoln's life. (6-9)

Red Legs: A Drummer Boy of the Civil War by Ted Lewin ($15.95) centers on a drummer boy during this period in American history. (6-9)

The Mare's Nest by Gary Bowen, illus. by Warren Kimble ($17.95). In 1846, pets and livestock disappear across the Vermont countryside. (6-10)

Big Trouble in Little Twinsville by Elizabeth Levy ($14.95). A big sister plans to pay back her prankster younger twin sisters. (7-10)

Judge Judy Sheindlin's You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Cool Rules for School by Judy Sheindlin, illus. by Bob Tore ($14.95), sets out to help kids tackle problems at school. (7-12)

Antarctic Journal: Four Months at the Bottom of the World by Jennifer Owings Dewey
($16.95) recounts the author's experiences living at an Antarctic research station. (7-up)
Don't You Know There's a War On? by Avi ($14.95). During WWII, a Brooklyn boy has to fight his own war on the home front. (8-12)

Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky by Kathi Appelt and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer ($16.95) tells of the women who brought free library service to poor rural areas as part of the WPA. (8-12)

The Field of the Dogs by Katherine Paterson, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully ($14.95). New in town and victimized by a bully, Josh follows his dog one day and stumbles upon a secret. (8-12)

Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure: Another Story to Make You Squirm by Lynne Reid Banks, illus. by Tony Ross ($14.95), is a sequel to Harry the Poisonous Centipede. (8-12)

Odysseus in the Serpent Maze by Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris ($14.95). The Prince of Ithaca escapes after being kidnapped by pirates. (8-12)

The Truth About Rats, Rules, and Seventh Grade by Linda Zinnen ($15.95). Will Larch make it through seventh grade? (8-12)

The Summer of Riley by Eve Bunting ($15.95). After his dog is taken away, William has just 21 days to save him. (8-12)

Trial by Journal by Kate Klise, illus. by M. Sarah Klise ($15.95), tells of a 12-year-old who is on the jury for a murder trial. (8-12)

Yo-Yos: Tricks to Amaze Your Friends by Ingrid Roper, illus. by Alan Tiegreen ($15.95, HarperTrophy paper $7.95), offers tips for performing yo-yo feats. (8-12)

On the Wing: American Birds in Migration by Carol Lerner ($16.95) explains where birds go in the winter. (8-up)

Remember the Ladies: 100 Great American Women by Cheryl Harness ($16.95) tells of some unsung heroines. (8-up)

Shipwrecked!: The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy by Rhoda Blumberg ($16.95) offers the story of the teenager who was allegedly the first Japanese person to arrive in the U.S. (8-up)

Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps by Andrea Warren ($16.95) evokes the experiences of a 12-year-old boy who was living in Poland when Hitler came to power. (8-up)

Bad Girl Blues by Sally Warner ($15.95) is a sequel to Totally Confidential. (10-14)

Blue by James DeVita ($14.95). A child's imagination whisks him away to a life at sea. (10-up)

Cissy Funk by Kim Taylor ($15.95). A girl living in Colorado during the Depression makes shocking discoveries about her family. (10-up)

Down the Yukon by Will Hobbs ($15.95) is a sequel to Jason's Gold. (10-up)

Finding Hattie by Sally Warner ($14.95). In this novel based on the author's great-grandmother, Hattie is sent to a seminary after her parents and brother die. (10-up)

Girlhearts by Norma Fox Mazer ($15.95). Sarabeth loses the only family and home she has ever known. (10-up)

Monsieur Eek by David Ives ($15.95). Two young adults try to save the life of a new friend. (10-up)

My Family Shall Be Free!: The Life of Peter Still by Dennis Brindell Fradin ($16.95) recounts this African-American's journey from slavery to freedom. (10-up)

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen ($14.95) centers on a boy who is sent to live on a remote Alaskan island after attacking a classmate. (10-up)

The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine ($15.95). After disaster strikes, a princess attempts to save both her sister and their kingdom. (10-up)

The Gadget by Paul Zindel ($15.95). A teenage boy is at the center of this novel about the world's first atomic bomb. (11-up)

Bad Boy: A Memoir by Walter Dean Myers ($15.95). The author reveals what it was like growing up in Harlem in the 1940s and '50s. (12-up)

Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn ($15.95). A boy discovers that he has more in common with his hot-tempered father than he thought. (12-up)

Brides of Eden: A True Story Imagined by Linda Crew ($15.95). One man's power captivates an entire town whose residents are denied their individuality. (12-up)

Extra Innings by Robert Newton Peck ($15.95) is a tale of families, memories and baseball. (12-up)

Freewill by Chris Lynch ($15.95) explores the psyche of a young man enrolled in a woodworking program in a high school devoted to occupational therapy. (12-up)

Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr by Garth Nix ($16.95) is a sequel to the fantasy Sabriel. (12-up)

Memory Boy by Will Weaver ($15.95). What will it takes for Miles Newell to save his family after disaster strikes in the new millennium? (12-up)

On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God: Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison ($15.95) is a sequel to Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. (12-up)

Secret Sacrament by Sherryl Jordan ($15.95). Caught up in politics and prophecies, Gabriel tries to save two civilizations. (12-up)

Every Time a Rainbow Dies by Rita Williams-Garcia ($15.95) is a novel celebrating the healing power of love. (14-up)

My First I Can Read Books
gains Biscuit Wants to Play by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Pat Schories ($12.95, 3-5). Let's-Read-And-Find-Out-Science adds Bugs Are Insects by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Steve Jenkins ($15.95, paper $4.95, 3-6); and Hear Your Heart by Paul Showers, illus. by Holly Keller; Terrible Tyrannosaurs by Kathleen Weidner Z hfeld, illus. by
Lucia Washburn; and What Happens to a Hamburger by Paul Showers, illus. by Edward Miller ($15.95 each, paper $4.95, 5-9). Stuart J. Murphy's MathStart adds Missing Mittens: Odd and Even Numbers, illus. by G. Brian Karas ($15.95, paper $4.95, 3-up); Probably Pistachio: Probability, illus. by Marsha Winborn ($15.95, paper $4.95, 6-up); and Shark Swimathon: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers, illus. by Lynne Cravath ($15.95, paper $4.95, 7-up).
New to I Can Read Books are Crocodile and Hen: A Bakongo Folktale by Joan M. Lexau, illus. by Doug Cushman; and Emma's Yucky Brother by Jean Little, illus. by Jennifer Plecas ($14.95 each, 4-8); Johnny Lion's Book, Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots and Johnny Lion's Bad Day by Edith Thacher Hurd, illus. by Clement Hurd; and Stuart Hides Out and Stuart Sets Sail by Susan Hill, illus. by Lydia Halverson ($14.95 each, paper $3.95, 4-8). Little House continues with Little House in the Big Woods: A Special Read-Aloud Edition by Laura Ingalls Wilder, illus. by Garth Williams ($19.95, 5-9); and Down to the Bonny Glen by Melissa Wiley, illus. by Renée Graef; and On Tide Mill Lane by Wiley, illus. by Dan Andreasen ($15.95 each, paper $4.95, 8-12). The Magic Door welcomes The Moon Robber by Dean Morrissey and Stephen Krensky, illus. by Morrissey ($14.95, 7-10). From African Beginnings adds Building a New Land: African Americans in Colonial Americaby James Haskins and Kathleen Benson, illus. by James Ransome ($17.95, 7-10). And Prairie School by Avi, illus. by Bill Farnsworth, is a new I Can Read Chapter Book ($14.95, 8-9).

Higglety, Pigglety, Pop! or There Must Be More to Life
by Maurice Sendak ($14.95, all ages).

How Little Lori Visited Times Square by Amos Vogel, illus. by Maurice Sendak ($14.95, all ages).

I'll Be You and You Be Me by Ruth Krauss, illus. by Maurice Sendak ($14.95, all ages).

Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer, illus. by Maurice Sendak ($15.95, all ages).

The Last Princess: The Story of Princess Ka'iulani of Hawai'i by Faye Stanley, illus. by Diane Stanley ($15.95, 7-up).

Paperback Series
Turning Seventeen
adds This Boy Is Mine by Wendy Corsi Staub; Secrets and Lies by Christa Roberts; We Have to Talk by Elizabeth Craft; and Just Trust Me by Rosalind Noonan ($4.95 each, 12-up). And joining Seventeen are Trauma-Rama: Life's Most Embarrassing Moments... and How to Deal by Megan Stine; and Seventeen Girlfriends: Your Total Guide to Friendships by Amy Fishbein ($5.95 each, 12-up).

Paperback Series
Anne: The Animated Series
by Elizabeth Morton introduces Anne's Big Party, Anne's Red Hair, Over the Moon and Carrottop ($3.99 each, 4-8); Anne's Baby Sitting Book ($4.99, 4-8); and Anne's New Dress and Baby-Sitting Blues ($4.99 each, 7-10). All-American Puppies starts up with New Pup on the Block, On the Scent of Trouble and Camp Barkalot by Susan Saunders, illus. by Henry Cole ($3.99 each, 7-10). Linda Ellerbee's Get Real! gains Girl Reporter Gets Skinny! and Girl Reporter Bytes Back! ($4.99 each, 8-12). Lonely Lamb by Emily Costello, illus. by Larry Day, joins Animal Emergency ($3.99, 8-12). R.L. Stine's The Nightmare Room adds five titles, plus Thrillogy 1: Fear Games ($3.99 each, 10-up). Launching Fingerprints by Melinda Metz are Gifted Touch, Haunted and Trust Me ($4.99 each, 12-up). Circle of Three by Isobel Bird debuts with So Mote It Be, Merry Meet, Second Sight, What the Cards Said, In the Dreaming and Ring of Light ($4.99 each, 12-up).

A Gift from Zeus
by Jeanne Steig, illus. by William Steig ($17.95), retells classic Greek myths with a twist. (All ages)

A Mother's Heart, a Daughter's Love: P ms for Us to Share by Joyce Carol Thomas ($16.95) pays tribute to mothers and daughters. (All ages)

Toby, What Are You? by William Steig, illus. by Teryl Euvremer ($14.95). What is Toby pretending to be? (2-6)

I Love Going Through This Book by Robert Burleigh, illus. by Dan Yaccarino ($15.95), celebrates the joy of reading. (4-8)

Josie and the Pussycats
by Cathy East Dubowski and Jackie Jarosz Robb ($5.99) is a tie-in to the forthcoming film. (12-up)

Paperback Series
The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley
has four additions ($4.25 each, 6-10). NASCAR Racers zooms on with Chain Reaction by Mel Gilden, Red Flag by Michael Teitelbaum and High Stakes by J.E. Bright ($4.50 each, 6-10). Digimon Ultimate Adventures debuts with DigiArmour Energize! by Lisa Papademetriou, The New DigiDestined by Mike Sullivan and Dark Rings Attack by J.E. Bright ($4.50 each, 6-11). Digimon gains The Legend of the DigiDestined and Piximon's Training Ground by John Whitman, The Quest for Crests by J.E.
Bright and Mimi's Crest of Sincerity by Pamela Pollack and Meg Belviso ($4.50 each, 6-11). Mary-Kate &Ashley Starring In offers Our Lips Are Sealed and Winning London ($4.25 each, 6-12). Two of a Kind picks up a trio of titles ($4.25 each, 8-12). Thoroughbred adds three titles; and Thoroughbred: Ashleigh gains Derby Dreams by Joanna Campbell ($4.50 each, 8-12).
Inside Freight Train
by Donald Crews ($9.95). This sliding board book invites readers on board a train. (All ages)

Baby's First Classics by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Clement Hurd ($6.95), packages Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny together in a slipcase. (up to 3)

Baby Face and So Big! by Dan Yaccarino ($7.95) introduce nursery rhymes and games. (6 mos.-2 yrs.)

The Runaway Bunny Board Book and Doll by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Clement Hurd ($14.95), offers this classic with a plush bunny. (1-4)

One More Bunny by Rich Walton, illus. by Paige Miglio ($6.95), is a board book featuring bunnies. (18 mos.-3 yrs.)

Kellogg's Froot Loops Color Fun Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath, illus. by Frank Mazzola Jr. ($5.99), is a board book that aims to teach colors. (2-5)

Sergeant Sniff's Easter Egg Mystery, illus. by Julie Durrell ($6.95), is a holiday tale. (2-5)

Biscuit's Day at the Beach and Time to Paint, Biscuit! by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. by Pat Schories ($12.95 each). This pup plays in the backyard sandbox and helps spruce up his doghouse. (3-5)

Sidewalk 123 and Sidewalk ABC by Julie Markes, illus. by Jennifer Markes ($8.95 each), are board books with a chalkboard and chalk. (3-5)

Stuart and the Stouts and Stuart and Snowbell ($6.95 each) are scratch-and-sniff adventures. (3-7)

Summer Camp Crack-Ups: And Lots S'more Knock-Knock Jules to Write Home About by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg, illus. by Stephen Carpenter ($6.95), collects jokes. (5-8)

Harper Growing Tree
adds My First Baby Games, illus. by Jane Manning ($5.95, 6 mos.-up); Backyard Bedtime by Susan Hill, illus. by Barry Root ($5.95, 1-up); Rain Dance by Kathi Appelt, illus. by Emilie Chollat ($9.95, 18 mos.-up); Fred's Bed by Marilyn Singer, illus. by Joann Adinolfi ($9.95, 2-up); Wings Across the Moon by Linda Hargrove, illus. by Jung Un Kim ($9.95, 2-up); and While You Were Chasing a Hat by Lillian Moore, illus. by Rosanne Litzinger ($9.95, 3-up). Babies Help Out and Favorite Colors are new Hanna Books by Marcia Leonard, photos by Dorothy Handelman ($7.95 each, 2-4). Alona Frankel's Joshua &Prudence Books welcomes The Moon and the Stars and On Grandparents' Farm ($6.95 each, 2-5). What to Expect Kids introduces What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home and What to Expect at a Play Date by Heidi Murkoff, illus. by Laura Rader ($7.99 each, 2-5). Charming Classics continues with Little Women Book and Charm by Louisa May Alcott and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Book and Charmby Kate Douglas Wiggin ($5.95 each, 8-12).

Anne: The Animated Series Storybook
by Elizabeth Morton ($6.99) ties into the TV series based on Anne of Green Gables. (4-8)

Timothy Tunny Swallowed a Bunny
by Bill Grossman, illus. by Kevin Hawkes ($14.95), is a p try collection from the creators of My Little Sister Ate One Hare. (3-7)

Regular Guy
welcomes My Guy by Sarah Weeks ($14.95, 8-12).

Annie Bananie
by Leah Komaiko, illus. by Laura Cornell ($15.95, 4-8).

Come Back Hannah
by Marisabina Russo ($15.95) centers on a baby who crawls at breakneck speed. (2-up)

Jiggle Joggle Jee! by Laura Richards, illus. by Sam Williams ($15.95), traces a baby's imaginative ride through his bedroom. (2-up)

My Cat Tuna and My Dog Truffle by Lynn Reiser ($9.95 each) are lift-the-flap tales featuring pets. (2-up)

Ballerina! by Peter Sís ($14.95). A mirror transforms a girl into a graceful dancer. (3-up)

Estelle and Lucy by Anna Alter ($14.95). Two very different sisters learn to share. (3-up)

My Bunny and Me by Lindsay Barrett George ($15.95) is a tale about love and respect for the natural world. (3-up)

The Adventure of Louey and Frank by Carolyn White, illus. by Laura Dronzek ($14.95), spotlights two friends on a sea voyage. (4-up)

Bully by Judith Casely ($15.95). After his mother has a new baby, Jack turns into a bully. (4-up)

I Can Draw a Weeposaur and Other Dinosaurs by Eloise Greenfield, illus. by Jan Spivey Gilchrist ($14.95). Verse and art introduce a cast of dinos. (4-up)

I'm Not Feeling Well Today by Shirley Neitzel, illus. by Nancy Winslow Parker ($15.95). A boy gets caught when he feigns illness to avoid going to school. (4-up)

Lulu's Birthday by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard, illus. by Pat Cummings ($15.95). An extended family works together to throw a party. (4-up)

My Brown Bear Barney at the Party by Dorothy Butler, illus. by Elizabeth Fuller ($15.95). A girl and her teddy attend a birthday party. (4-up)

My Day, Your Day by Robin Ballard ($14.95) is a story that encourages parents and children to talk together about the time they spend apart. (4-up)

One More Wednesday by Malika Doray, trans. by Suzanne Freeman ($15.95). Bunny learns to deal with death in this tale originally published in French. (4-up)

Pieces: A Year in P ms &Quilts by Anna Grossnickle Hines ($15.95) compiles seasonal p ms, illustrated with pictures of quilts. (5-up)

Princess Dinosaur by Jill Kastner ($15.95) introduces a brave, rambunctious dinosaur princess. (5-up)

Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst, illus. by James Stevenson ($15.95), tells the true story of one boy's passion for rocks. (5-up)

The Black Bull of Norroway: A Scottish Tale, retold by Charlotte Huck, illus. by Anita Lobel ($15.95), centers on a girl who will only marry for love. (6-up)

Bluebird Summer by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by Bethanne Andersen ($15.95). The first summer after their grandmother dies is very difficult for two children. (6-up)

Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Story by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Barbara Bash ($15.95), spotlights a creature that lives in the Southwest desert. (6-up)

Grandaddy and Janetta Together: Three Stories in One Book by Helen V. Griffith, illus. by James Stevenson ($15.95), collects a trio of tales about this loving pair. (7-up)

Runaway Radish by Jessie Haas, illus. by Margot Apple ($15.95), tells of the friendship between a girl and a pony. (7-up)

Bo &Mzzz Mad by Sid Fleischman ($14.95). Two feuding families learn to help each other pursue their dreams. (8-up)

Just Around the Corner by James Stevenson ($14.95) is a p try collection. (8-up)

More True Lies: 18 Tales for You to Judge by George Shannon, illus. by John O'Brien ($14.95). Are the characters in these twisted stories really telling the truth? (8-up)

Jakarta Missing by Jane Kurtz ($15.95), centers on a girl who moves from Africa to the U.S. (10-up)

Mixed Magics: Four Tales of Chrestomanci by Diana Wynne Jones ($15.95) stars this master enchanter. (10-up)

Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher ($16.95) is a novel about seven members of a high school swim team. (12-up)

The High-Rise Private Eyes
starts up with The Case of the Puzzling Possum and The Case of the Troublesome Turtle by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by G. Brian Karas ($14.95 each, 6-up). Emily Rodda's Rowan of Rin is the inaugural Rowan title ($4.95, 7-up).

Paperback Reprints
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
by Louise Rennison; and Monster by Walter Dean Myers ($6.95 each, 12-up); The Shared Heart: Portraits and Stories Celebrating Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young People by Adam Mastoon; and Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy by Sonya Sones ($6.95 each, 13-up); and What Have You Lost? by Naomi Shihab Nye ($9.95, 13-up).