FastRead Build a Home Page (Apr., $5.95) by Adams Media shows how to create a visually appealing and functional home page in less than one hour.

Creating Wealth on the Web with Quixtar (May, $19.95) by Cynthia Stewart-Copier and Jennifer Sander contains tools the reader needs to access the largest online network marketing opportunity.

Streetwise Low Cost Web-Site Promotion (June, $19.95) by Barry Feig shows how to boost Web site traffic without breaking the marketing budget.

Streetwise Internet Business Plan (June, $19.95) by Robert Weinberg offers suggestions for creating and implementing a successful online business.


The Complete Guide to Client Server Computing (May, $65 cloth) by Jae Shim, Anique Qureshi, John Walker and Joel Siegel covers not only the technology aspects of client/server computing, but also the business management issues.

The Get-Started Guide to E-Commerce (May, $19.95) by Danielle Zilliox helps newcomers learn the ropes of e-commerce, including technical, legal and financial strategies.

The E-Privacy Imperative (May, $34.95) by Mark Merkow and James Breithaupt shows Web site operators how protect themselves and their customers through careful information handling.

Pushing the Digital Frontier (June, $27.95 cloth) by Nirmal Pal and Judith Ray addresses critical e-business issues such as restructuring for responsiveness, Web-enabled collaborative commerce, scalability and security.


Programming VB.NET (Mar. $34.95) by Gary Cornell and Jonathan Morrison leads experienced programmers through VB.NET programming, stressing what Visual Basic programmers need to know to make the transition to the .NET platform.

User Interface Design for Programmers (Mar., $29.95) by Joel Spolsky is a concise guide of principles programmers should follow in order to make their interfaces user-friendly.

Java Collections (Mar., $39.95) by John Zukowski steers experienced programmers through Java's important Collections API.

Moving to VB.NET (Apr., $39.95) by Dan Appleman explains both the strategies and the code involved in migrating to the .NET platform.

Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP (Apr., $39.95) by Ray Rischpater gives readers what they need to prepare their Web sites for use by mobile devices.

Java 2, Micro Edition (May, $34.95) by Jonathan Knudsen is a guide to Java programming for small devices—from Palm Pilots to phones.


Roadmap to the E-Factory (Mar., $59.95 cloth) by Alex Beavers discusses the information value chain, a concept that demonstrates how all computing resources contribute to the success of a manufacturing organization.

Information Security Risk Analysis (Mar., $59.95 cloth) by Thomas Peltier takes users through the qualitative risk analysis process—using such techniques as PARA (Practical Application of Risk Analysis) and FRAP (Facilitated Risk Analysis Process).

Application Servers for E-Business (Mar., $59.95 cloth) by Lisa Lindgren presents an overview of the selection, integration and administration of application servers to facilitate e-business.

Securing E-Business Applications and Communications (May, $49.95) by John Bowers and Jonathan Held walks readers through the process of setting up a secure e-business Web site, with implementation examples for Unix (Solaris and Linux), Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

Managing Cisco Network Security (Aug., $54.95) by Bob Obreiter provides the skills necessary to install, operate and manage Cisco network security products and Cisco IOS software features that enable network security.


Information Warfare (Mar., $39.95) by Matthew Warren and William stimulates managers to develop policies and strategies for the aggressive use and defense of their data, covering direct attacks on computer systems and subtle psychological perception management.

The Project Manager's Toolkit (May, $39.95) by David Shailer provides a quick reference checklist to drive an IT development project.

Delivering Business Value from IT (June, $47.95 cloth) by Leslie Willcocks and Valerie Graeser shows how evaluating Internet performance can improve overall business performance, with case studies of Safeway, Hewlett-Packard, Morgan Stanley, CNN and more.

E-Business Strategies for Virtual Organizations (June, $39.95) by Janice Burn and Peter Marshall enables IT managers to develop strategies for new business models on the Internet and introduces the concepts of Information Warfare and the Information Economy.

Reinventing the Information Technology Department (June, $74.95 cloth) by Terry White offers alternative views of the in-house IT function.


The SQL Server 2000 (Mar., $39.95) by Ken England supplies readers with tools to determine database performance and to tune SQL Server's configuration.

Data Analysis for Database Design, 3rd Ed. (June, $32.95) by David Howe has been updated to include chapters on distributed database systems, query optimization and object orientation.

Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Image Processing (June, $47.95) by Mark Nixon and Alberto Aguado covers image acquisition, sampling theory, point operations and low-level feature extraction.

Compaq Visual Fortran (July, $44.95) by Norman Lawrence provides practical tips to get the most from the Fortran language.

Networking Explained (July, $44.95) by Michael Gallo and William Hancock offers an overview, covering voice and data wireless networking, multimedia and convergent technologies.


PC Overclocking, Optimization and Tuning (Mar., $34.95) by V. and E. Rudometrov recommends various methods of overclocking, optimizing and tuning your PC to achieve the best possible performance.

Advanced Bryce Creations (Mar., $54.95) by Shamms Mortier teaches Bryce users indispensable modeling skills using detailed tutorials.

Infinite Game Universe (May, $49.95) by Guy Lecky-Thompson explains the mathematical concepts used in game development.

Programming Dynamic Character Animation (June, $49.95) by David Paull tells advanced programmers how to add character animation to their entertainment renderings and animation source code.

Modeling in LightWave (July, $49.95) by Shamms Mortier advises users on how to make computerized mathematical models using LightWave.


Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 17th Ed. (Mar., $32.95) by Harry Newton adds 1,000 new terms to the bestselling dictionary of telecommunications, networking and Internet terms, bringing the total to 21,000 definitions.

Motion Graphics Projects with After Effects (Aug., $44.95) by Chris and Trish Meyer provides the advanced techniques the pros use to achieve extraordinary motion graphics.

The Complete Guide to Game Audio (July, $39.95) by Aaron Marks teaches readers with basic music compositional skills the technical and business know-how needed to succeed in this booming industry.

DVD Authoring and Production (July, $54.95) by Ralph LaBarge shows how to publish in DVD Video, DVD-ROM and WebDVD formats, from concept to duplication, including advice on marketing and business management.

The Telephony Book, 4th Ed. (Apr., $34.95) by Jane Laino helps IT, telecommunications and customer-service managers gain a quick understanding of the newest telephone systems and services.


MCSE Migrating from NT4 to Windows 2000 Exam Cram (Mar., $29.99) by Kurt Hudson and Deborah Haralson covers all curriculum objectives for the Upgrading Windows NT to Windows 2000 exam (70-222).

LPI General Linux II Exam Cram (Mar., $34.99) by Emmett Dulaney explains all the candidate needs to know to pass the LPI General Linux I exam (102), including the Linux kernel and shell, Linux security and the X environment.

CCNP Remote Access Exam Prep (Apr., $59.99) by Barry Meinster and Richard Deal supplies a tutorial on the curriculum objectives and all necessary study materials to pass the new CCNP Remote Access exam (640-505).

Citrix CCA MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows ExamCram (Apr., $34.99) by Roddy Rodstein and Phil Duffield helps network professionals gear up for the popular Citrix Certified Administrator MetaFrame 1.8 exam (218).


Flash 5 Cartoons and Games F/X and Design (Mar., $49.99) by Bill Turner and James Robertson teaches how to create the elements of a cartoon show and how to use cartoon elements for video or when scripting interactive games on the Internet.

Flash 5 Visual Insight (Mar., $24.99) by Sherry and Dan London explores the fundamentals of the Web authoring program and guides readers through creation of a movie.

Photoshop 6 in Depth (Mar., $59.99) by David Xenakis and Benjamin Levisay takes the mystery out of new Photoshop functions, including layers, channels, selections, color corrections, prepress and preparing images for the Web.

Dreamweaver 4 Visual Insight (Mar., $24.99) by Greg Holden and Scott Willis leads beginners through the application tools, including how to convert text tiles to Web pages, add/edit Web page images and make global changes to a Web site.

Dreamweaver 4 F/X and Design (Apr., $49.99) by Laurie Ulrich builds on the reader's current Dreamweaver skills with text, graphics, color and special effects to add sound, animated gif files and Flash movies.


The iMac Book, 2nd Ed. (Mar., $24.99) by Don Rittner serves as a complete resource on Apple's latest iMac for beginning computer users.

Real World Linux Deployment Black Book (May, $49.99) by Dee-Ann Leblanc contains case studies of Linux projects in real organizations with analyses of problems encountered in those projects

PC Technician Black Book (May, $49.99) by Ron Gilster is a reference for diagnostics and repair processes for commonly used personal computers and peripheral devices.

The Science of Debugging (May, $49.99) by Matt Telles and Yuan Hsieh describes the nature of bugs and how they slip through testing, including case studies of famous and not-so-famous bugs.


Persuasive Programming (Mar., $22.95) by Jerud Meade and Anil Shende uses assertions within a program to reflect properties of the program's semantic content.


Point to Point (Mar., $49.95) by Stan Reimer explains the process of migrating from Microsoft Exchange 4.0 or 5 to Exchange 2000 by following the steps in a model company with multiple NT domains and Exchange servers spread across several sites.

In the Trenches (Mar., $49.95) by Ted Malone and Rolly Perreaux is a blueprint for system administrators installing using the new automated-deployment tools included in Windows 2000 Professional.

Installing and Configuring Apache Web Server (Aug., $49.99) by Melanie Hoag helps system administrators implementing Apache on Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Linux from scratch, guiding them through planning, installation, configuration, administration, customization and troubleshooting.


Dictionary of Computer and Internet Words (June, $14) by The Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries contains an A to Z guide to hardware, software and cyberspace without jargon.


E-Commerce for Dummies (July, $21.99) by Greg Holden and Rick Villars

A+ Certification for Dummies, 2nd Ed. (Apr., $34.99) by Ron Gilster helps readers earn the A+ Certification with this targeted exam-preparation tool.

Wireless Internet for Dummies (June, $21.99) by Curt Simmons

Microsoft Office XP for Dummies (June, $21.99) by Wallace Wang

Server + Certification for Dummies (July, $34.99) by Ron Gilster and Mickael Glencross

Flash 5 Bible (Mar., $49.99) by Robert Reinhardt

Photoshop Studio Secrets (Mar., $49.99) by Deke McClelland

Flash Studio Secrets (Mar., $49.99) by Glenn Thomas

Flash 5 Cartooning (Mar., $49.99) by Mark Clarkson

JavaScript Bible, 4th Ed. (Mar., $49.99) by Danny Goodman

Dreamweaver 4 Bible (Apr., $49.99) by Joseph Lowery

XML Bible, 2nd Ed. (May, $49.99) by Elliotte Harold

Microsoft FrontPage "X" Bible (June, $39.99) by David Elderbrock and David Karlins

JavaScript Bible, Gold Ed. (June, $69.99) by Danny Goodman

Red Hat Linux 7.1 Bible, Unlimited Ed. (May, $49.99) by Chris Negus

Red Hat Linux 7.1 Secrets (Apr., $49.99) by Naba Barkakati

Linux Weekend Crash Course (Apr., $24.99) by Naba Barkakati


Creating Web-Accessible Databases (Mar., $39.50 cloth) by Julie Still presents case studies showing libraries, museums and other not-for-profit institutions ways to offer patrons and the public Web access to their collections.


Super Searchers on Mergers & Acquisitions (Apr., $24.95) by Jan Tudor shares the online secrets of top M&A pros for finding and evaluating business data.

The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines, 2nd Ed. (May, $24.95) by Randolph Hock adds a half dozen of the newest search engines to last year's edition.

International Business Information on the Web (May, $29.95) by Sheri Lanza is the first ready reference to sites for effective worldwide business research, identifying foreign suppliers, buyers and industry analysts.

Electronic Democracy, 2nd Ed. (June, $19.95) by Graeme Browning describes Web-based sources of political information and offers practical techniques for influencing legislation.

The Invisible Web (July, $29.95) by Chris Sherman and Gary Price shows readers how to find the 80% of the information in universities, libraries, associations and government agencies that is not indexed by such search engines as AltaVista, Hotbot and Google.


The E-Consultant (Aug., $39.95) by Rick Friedman helps management consultants guide their Internet clients to success in the new economy by optimizing customer satisfaction and retention.


Online Public Relations (Apr., $19.95) by David Philips uses step-by-step action plans to bridge the gap left by other works dealing with PR and the Internet.

Clicks, Bricks and Brands (June, $29.95) by Martin Lindstrom provides practical advice and tools for creating a successful online marriage between retailer and e-tailer.

E-Marketing Handbook (June, $37.95) by Matt Haig examines the pros and cons of cybermarketing versus bricks-and-mortar marketing.


XSLT Quickly (Apr., $29.95) by Bob DuCharme offers a tutorial on the most important techniques of XSLT as well as a handy reference for the tasks programmers use most.

JSP Tag Libraries (May, $44.95) by Gal Schachor and Adam Chace teaches Java programmers how to use custom tags to improve JSP code reuse.

Dynamic WAP Application Development (May, $49.95) by Soo Mee Foo and Christopher Hoover covers Web site creation in wireless languages such as HDML, WML and WMLScript.

Web Development with Java Server Pages, 2nd Ed. (June, $44.95) by Duane Fields and Mark Kolb is updated to cover the new JSP (v. 1.2) and Java Servlet (v. 2.3) specifications.

Microsoft .NET for Programmers (July, $49.95) by Fergal Grimes presents the structure of .NET using C# examples.


Easy Web Page Creation (Mar., $19.99) by Mary Millhollon delivers a Web-page creation guide designed for users of average skills.

Protect Yourself Online (Apr., $19.99) by Matthew Danda gives expert tips for protecting privacy and security online.

Managing Your E-Commerce Business, 2nd Ed. (Apr., $29.99) by Brenda Kienan shows entrepreneurs how to capitalize on e-commerce using Microsoft technologies and services.

Introducing the Microsoft .NET Platform (May, $29.99) by David Platt offers an insider's guide to .NET's structure and design.

Inside C# (June, $49.99) by Tom Archer provides an in-depth look at the architecture and programming elements of C#.


Creative Destruction (Apr., $24.95 cloth), ed. by Lee McKnight and Paul Vaaler, applies Schumpeter's theory that innovations destroy obsolete technologies to business strategies in the Internet economy.

Ars Electronica (Apr., $19.95), ed. by Timothy Druckrey, discusses the possibilities of computers as fundamental to the future of art and culture.

Global E-Commerce Strategies for Small Businesses (June, $24.95 cloth) by Eduardo da Costa instructs small businesses on how they can use the Internet to succeed.

Information Arts (June, $49.95 cloth) by Stephen Wilson introduces the work of artists who use—and influence—science and technology.

The Digital Divide (July, $29.95), ed. by Benjamin Compaine, presents data supporting the existence of a digital divide in the 1990s along racial, economic and educational lines.


Your Wish Is MyCommand (Mar., $49.95) by Henry Lieberman covers Programming By Example, a set of capabilities that can be built into an application, allowing it to adapt itself to the way it is used.

Internet QoS (Mar., $44.95) by Zheng Wang details the improvements necessary in Internet architectures and mechanisms for quality of service.

Visual Effects in a Digital World (Mar., $44.95) by Karen Goulekas describes 7,000 visual effects and techniques for filmmakers.

Swarm Intelligence (Apr., $65.95 cloth) by James Kennedy and Russell Eberhart presents insights regarding human cognition and its application to solving engineering problems.

Optical Network, 2nd Ed. (Aug., $72.95 cloth) by Rajiv Ramaswami is updated to include multiwavelength (WDM) transmission systems, carrier infrastructure and enterprise networks.


Murach's CICS for the COBOL Programmer (June, $62.50) by Raul Menendez gives IBM mainframe programmers what they need to know for developing interactive programs with CICS.

Murach's Java 2 (Aug., $47.50) by Andrea Steelman shows programmers with experience in another language how to build Java applications and applets.


Sound Forge Power! (Mar., $29.95) by Scott Garrigus discusses music creation, professional postproduction and multimedia authoring with the popular music-editing software.

Making the Technical Sale (Mar., $34.95) by Richard Greenwald and James Milberry is real-world training for sales personnel in technology companies.

Home Recording Power! (June, $29.95) by Ben Milstead and Pat Pickslay teaches readers how to set up a home recording studio.

Graphic Tablet Solutions (Aug., $29.95) by Iril Kolle instructs users how to install and customize a graphics tablet for specific design needs such as creating illustrations and Web graphics, using shadows and depth, and creating weather and nature effects.


(dist. by Seven Hills Book Distributors)

Just the Tips, Man, for Microsoft Word 2000 (May, $15.95) by Bob Flisser and Wendy Richardson covers document formatting, creating lists and tables, and using hyperlinks.

Just the Tips, Man, for Microsoft Windows ME (May, $15.95) by Bob Flisser and Wendy Richardson helps users customize Windows, modify the Start menu, deal with fonts and multimedia, and troubleshoot the system.

Just the Tips, Man, for Microsoft Excel 2000 (May, $15.95) by Bob Flisser and Wendy Richardson shows the shortcuts to handling formulas and functions, formatting, sorting and filtering, and charting and graphing.

Just the Tips, Man, for Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 (May, $15.95) by Bob Flisser and Wendy Richardson includes creating and moving slides, importing pictures, formatting text and animating graphics in a presentation.

Just the Tips, Man, for Adobe Photoshop 6 (July, $15.95) by Bob Flisser and Wendy Richardson describes easy photo retouching and optimizing graphics for the Web.


Joe Nagata's Lego Mindstorms (Mar., $19.95) by Joe Nagata shows how to build ten robots with step-by-step, illustrated directions.

The Book of WAP (May, $59.95 book/CD) by Masum Huq illustrates how to develop wireless applications with WML and WMLScript.

The Little Red Book of Adobe LiveMotion (July, $19.95) teaches LiveMotion through a parody of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book.

Jin Sato's Lego Mindstorms: The Master's Technique (Aug., $24.95) by Jin Sato adds advanced robots, including Sato's MIBO, a clone of the Sony robotic dog, Aibo, to Sato's original.

No Starch Press/Linux Journal Press

The Linux Cookbook (May, $29.95) by Michael Stutz shows Linux users at all levels how to perform a variety of everyday computer tasks.

Programming Linux Games (June, $39.95) by Loki Software Inc. discusses multimedia toolkits and the basics of game programming; readers learn how to write and distribute Linux games.

The Book of Zope (Aug., $39.95) by Beehive introduces Zope, the leading open-source Web application server and portal toolkit.


XSLT (Apr., $34.95) by Doug Tidwell uses real-world examples to show how to apply XSLT style sheets to XML data.

Oracle & Open Source (Apr., $39.95) by Andy Duncan and Sean Hull ties together the commercial world of Oracle and the freewheeling world of open-source software.

Programming PHP (Apr., $39.95) by Rasmus Lerdorf gives inside tips from the creator of the hypertext preprocessor.

Embedded Systems Development with Linux (May, $39.95) by Thomas Besemer offers engineers and program managers what they need to design an embedded system.

Building Enterprise Java Applications (May, $49.95) by Brett McLaughlin discusses design and deployment issues of complex Java enterprise programs.

O'Reilly/Pogue Press

Dreamweaver 4: The Missing Manual (Mar., $24.95) by David McFarland enables designers to create interactive Web sites.

Mac OSX: The Missing Manual (May, $19.95) by David Pogue guides users through the new network-oriented OS.


Hacking Exposed Spl. Ed. by Joel Scambray and Stuart McClure (Mar., $49.99) contains custom scripts and tools and a database of default passwords.

Web Design Virtual Classroom (Mar., $39.99) by Laurie Ann Ulrich presents the elements of Web design through a mix of streaming video, audio, close-up on-screen demonstrations, animations, slide shows and graphics.

Fireworks 4 Expert Edge by Lisa Lopuck (May, $39.99) focuses on practical problem solving for Web design professionals.

Office XP: The Complete Reference (May, $39.99) by Stephen Nelson and Julia Kelly covers the new release of the suite.

Incident Response (June, $39.99) by Chris Prosise and Kevin Mandia provides an FBI insider's look at the legal, procedural and technical steps of forensics.


MCDBA SQL Server 2000 Administration Study Guide (May, $49.99 book/ CD) by Syngress includes an exam simulator.

MCDBA SQL Server 2000 Database Design Study Guide (May, $49.99 book/ CD) by Syngress covers exam objectives for this required exam for the MCDBA track.

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server Study Guide (July, $49.99) by Curt Simmons guides users with hundreds of exam questions.


Oracle Portal Handbook (May, $49.99) by Steve Vandivier helps readers learn WebDB 3.0, the cornerstone Web development product in Oracle's e-business strategy.

Oracle Portal Developer's Guide (May, $59.99) by Kenneth Atkins and Craig Warman shows users how to get the most from Portal 3.0.


RSA Security's Official Guide to Cryptography (May, $59.99) by Stephen Paine and Steve Burnett guides readers through understanding security encoding.

IPsec: Securing VPNs (May, $49.99) by Carlton Davis provides an overview of Virtual Private Network security issues.


CRM at the Speed of Light (Mar., $29.99) by Paul Greenberg is a no-fluff guide to capturing and keeping 21st-century customers.

Information Warfare (July, $29.99) by Michael Erbschloe and John Vacca tells readers how to protect e-commerce sites from cyber attacks.


Perl Debugged (Mar., $34.95) by Peter Scott and Ed Wright shows how to debug programs and write better code from the start.

Internet Trust (Apr., $34.95) by James Essinger provides an overview of the problems in creating trust between consumers and businesses in e-commerce.

Extreme Programming in Practice (May, $29.95) by James Newkirk and Robert Martin presents a case study in putting XP into practice within an organization.

Wireless Web (May, $39.95) by Frank Coyle tells readers how to unleash the power of wireless technology to benefit their businesses.

The Practical SQL Handbook, 4th Ed. (May, $44.95) by Judith Bowman, Sandra Emerson and Marcy Darnovsky revises the bestseller to include examples in Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and Oracle.


Adobe Premiere 6.0 Classroom in a Book (Mar., $45) by Adobe Creative Team introduces digital video editing.

Web Design Essentials (Mar., $40) by Maria Guidice offers readers an illustrated guide to Adobe's Web graphics tools.

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Studio Techniques (Mar., $44.99) by Ben Willmore helps readers master the essential features of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop 6.0/Illustrator 9.0 Advanced Classroom in a Book (Apr., $45) by Adobe Creative Team shows intermediate to advanced users how to get the most from Photoshop and Illustrator.


Routing TCP/IP, Vol. II (Apr., $70) by Jeff Doyle examines exterior routing protocols and advanced IP routing issues.

Cisco Interactive Mentor, Cisco Internetworking Basics (May, $149.95) by Cisco Systems prepares CCNA candidates with a refresher on the basics of internetworking.

BGP-4 Command and Configuration Reference (May, $55) by William Parkhurst describes all the BGP-4 commands.

Cisco Interactive Mentor, Expert Labs: Multiprotocol Challenge (May, $149.95) by Cisco Systems covers network protocol configuration and troubleshooting, preparing users for the CCIE lab with router simulation exercises from Cisco Systems.


XML, XSLT, Java, and JSP (Mar., $49.99) by Westy Rockwell teaches Web developers how to build applications on multiple platforms with XML, XSLT, Java and JSP.

Jakob Nielsen's 50 Web Sites (Apr., $29.99) by Jakob Nielsen critiques the design of high-profile companies' home pages.

Flash ActionScript for Designers (May, $45) by Brendan Dawes covers the hottest topic in Flash with four-color design, lots of visuals and annotated code techniques.

ASP Application Performance and Tuning (June, $39.99) by Jeff Niblack spotlights how to test the performance of IIS and ASP applications and then tune them.

MySQL and Perl for the Web (July, $44.99) by Paul Dubois looks at using MySQL and Perl together for Web scripting.


JavaScript for the World Wide Web Visual QuickStart Guide, 4th Ed. (Mar., $19.99) by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith helps HTML users learn JavaScript to make their sites more dynamic.

Mac OS X Visual QuickStart Guide (Mar., $18.99) by Maria Langer shows how to get the most out of the revamped Mac operating system.

Dreamweaver 4 for Windows and Macintosh Visual QuickStart Guide (Mar., $21.99) by Tarin Towers focuses on Web site management and the HTML styles palette.

Premiere 6 for Macintosh and Windows Visual QuickStart Guide (Mar., $19.99) by Antony Bolante delves into the latest version of Adobe's digital video production software.

Perl and CGI for the World Wide Web Visual QuickStart Guide, 2nd Ed. (Apr., $19.99) by Elizabeth Castro teaches Web producers how to create CGI scripts from scratch or adapt existing scripts.

PTG/PEACHPIT/Lynda Weinman's Hands-On Training

Photoshop 6/ImageReady 3 Hands-On Training (Mar., $49.99) by Lynda Weinman shows readers how to use Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3.0 together.

Flash 5 Hands-On Training (Apr., $44.99) by Garo Green offers a hands-on way to learn Web graphics.

Dreamweaver 4 Hands-On Training (May, $39.99) by Lynda Weinman and Garo Green demonstrates expert Web design techniques.

PTG/PEACHPIT/Macromedia Press

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 Authorized (Mar., $44.99) by Macromedia Inc. is a short course in Web site creation using Macromedia's design software together.

Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 Authorized (Mar., $44.99) by Macromedia Inc. guides new users through projects developed for Macromedia's own authorized trainers.

Macromedia Flash 5 Authorized (Mar., $44.99 book/CD) by Macromedia Inc. leads beginners and intermediate Web developers through the features of the graphics program.

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Authorized (Mar., $39.99) by Macromedia, Inc. is a short course in Web site creation and management.

Flash and Generator Demystified (May, $54.99) by Phillip Torrone and Chris Wiggins introduces experienced Web developers to the art of creating dynamic Web graphics.


Essential ColdFusion 4.5 for Web Professionals (Mar., $29.99) by Michael Fredrick and Micah Brown gets readers up to speed fast with ColdFusion 4.5, including unique coverage of using ColdFusion for wireless development.

Cisco Network Security (Mar., $48) by James Pike is a guide to the basics of maintaining security on a network using Cisco products, including the market-leading Cisco's PIX firewall.

Perl by Example, 3rd Ed. (Mar., $44.99) by Ellie Quigley uses sample programs to take readers from the basic concepts of Perl to sophisticated scripting.

MPEG-4 Jump-Start (Apr., $34.99) by Aaron Walsh and Mikael Bourges-Sevenier describes the widely used media format for networks, including such new platforms as satellite and wireless links.

Oracle and Java (Apr., $49.99) by Elio Bonazzi and Glenn Stokol shows Java programmers who want to create e-business solutions how to apply client/server ideas to e-commerce using the world's most popular business database software.

Core Web Programming, 2nd Ed. (Apr., $49.99) by Marty Hall and Larry Brown teaches professionals how to use Java's tools, including the Java 2 platform, HTML, HTTP, CGI, JavaScript, Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Swing and Java2D, for effective Web programming.


Bertrand Meyer's .NET Video Course (Mar., $69.99) by Bertrand Meyer is a survey of Microsoft's new object-oriented network technology.

Uyless Black's Networking 101 Video Course (Apr., $69.99 video/book/CD) by Uyless Black presents a primer on networking for anyone who needs to understand the basics of voice and data communications.

Marty Hall's Servlets and JSP Video Course (May, $69.99 video/book/CD) by Marty Hall includes five hours covering Servlets and Java ServerPages, plus configuration details for the most popular development servers.

Pete and Jason Moulton's Telecom Survival Video Course (May, $69.99 video/ book/CD) by Pete and Jason Moulton features the "Dial-A-Nerd" stars Pete and Jason Moulton in lectures that show telecom professionals how to use new technologies to develop new business.


Program Generators with Java and XML (Mar., $49.99) by Craig Cleaveland shows how to use XML and Java to automate the writing of computer programs.


HP-UX 11i System Administration Handbook and Toolkit (Mar., $54) by Marty Poniatowski updates the bestselling System Administration Handbook to include HP-UX 11i.

Clusters for High Availability, 2nd Ed. (Mar., $39) by Peter Weygant covers clustering on Windows NT and high availability data storage and networking, topics often considered beyond the scope of HP-UX.

Internet Future Strategies (May, $39.99) by Daniel Amor describes the next generation of e-commerce business plans.


IT Problem Management (Mar., $39.99) by Gary Walker guides IT professionals through improvements that yield measurable results in help-desk service levels.

Java 3D Jump-Start (Mar., $34.99) by Aaron Walsh and Doug Gehringer introduces programmers to the 3D technology considered by many as the most likely to succeed in the Web development arena.

Business Continuity Planning with Sun Microsystems Technologies (Apr., $34) by Stan Stringfellow contains case studies, implementation strategies and advice on Sun's wide range of business tools.

Advanced JavaServer Pages (Apr., $44.99) by David Geary covers JSP, JavaBeans and Servlets—all of which are needed to master JSP programming—as well as Web application design, security and databases.


Special Edition Using Office 10 (May, $39.99) by Ed Bott and Woody Leonard is a one-stop source for detailed coverage of the Microsoft suite.

Special Edition Using Outlook 10 (May, $39.99) by Gordon Padwick helps users maximize productivity with Microsoft's popular messaging application.

Special Edition Using FrontPage 10 (May, $39.99) by Neil Randall and Dennis Jones provides practical solutions to FrontPage and Web publishing problems.

Special Edition Using Max OS X (May, $39.99) by Brad Miser covers migration to the network-oriented OS.

Special Edition Using Access 10 (June, $49.99) by Roger Jennings is a guide to mastering this powerful database.


Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, 4th Ed. (Mar., $39.99) by Jesse Liberty updates the bestseller that introduced more than 200,000 people to C++.

Drew Heywood's Networking Windows 2000 (Mar., $49.99) by Drew Heywood highlights hardware configuration so readers can set up and administer a Windows 2000 network.

Deploying and Managing Microsoft .NET Web Farms (Apr., $49.99) by Barry Bloom helps readers learn the frameworks to build and tune e-business applications.

Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET (May, $39.99) by Doug Wolthuis and Doug Seven teaches readers how to add database productivity to ASP.NET pages.

Alison Balter's Mastering Access 10 Desktop Development (May, $49.99) by Alison Balter offers how to get the most from Access development.


Rebel Code (Mar., $27.50) by Glyn Moore outlines the open-source transformation taking place in computing.

Trust on Trial (Apr., $17) by Richard Mckenzie uses the Microsoft case to show how current rules of business competition have been rendered obsolete.

What's Your Net Worth? (June, $25) by Jennifer Openshaw (founder of the Women's Financial Network) shows women how to use the Internet to better manage their money. (June, $27.50) by Michael Cunningham helps businesses to forge leading-edge Internet partnerships.

Sonic Boom (Aug., $26) by John Alderman chronicles the inside story of the MP3 revolution.


Practical Algorithms for 3D Computer Graphics (June, $49) by Stuart Ferguson presents the key algorithms at the heart of all computer graphics software.

Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping (June, $39) by Henrik Jensen describes both direct and indirect illumination for photon mapping.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (July, $39) by Amy and Bruce Gooch applies traditional artists' techniques to computer graphics.

Audio Anecdotes (July, $49), ed. by Ken Greenbaum, provides short articles on the production and manipulation of sound by computers.


The Joy of Linux (Mar., $29.99) by Michael Hall and Brian Proffitt serves as a cultural history, field guide and love song for the Linux community.

Beginning Direct3D Game Programming (Mar., $49.99) by Wolfgang Engel teaches beginning programmers how to use visual effects.

Isometric Game Programming with DirectX (Mar., $49.99) by Ernest Pazera offers tools for serious game developers who want an alternative to 3D programming.

Game Design (Apr., $29.99) by Bob Bates furnishes developers with insight on breaking into the business.

OpenGL Game Programming (May, $49.99) by Kevin Hawkins shows readers how to create dynamic 3D environments and effects and teaches basic 3D theory and techniques.


The Hacker Ethic (Mar., $24.95) by Pekka Himanen proposes an alternative to the Protestant work ethic for the Information Age, with a prologue by Linus Torvalds.


MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002 (Mar., $39.95) by Stephen Nelson and David Maguiness provides business users a primer on the basics of Excel.

MBA's Guide to Microsoft Office 2002 (May, $39.95) by Stephen Nelson and Pat Coleman supplies a business user's survey of the most important tools in Office.

Effective Executive's Guide to Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (May, $24.95) by Stephen Nelson and Michael Bushmohl describes the seven steps for making PowerPoint presentations.

Effective Executive's Guide to Microsoft Word 2002 (May, $24.95) by Pat Coleman outlines the seven core skills required to use Microsoft Word in business.

Effective Executive's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002 (June, $24.95) by Stephen Nelson and David Maguiness spotlights the seven core skills required to use Microsoft Excel in business.


Essential ColdFusion Fast (June, $29.95) by Matthew Norman instructs readers how to quickly develop a working knowledge of ColdFusion to build Web sites, especially e-commerce sites.

Essential Flash 5.0 Fast (June, $29.95) by Fiaz Hussain focuses on the components required to get started quickly to create Web applications.

Architecture for E-Business Information Systems (July, $55) by Tony Beveridge and Col Perks offers an overview of database systems design.

Unified IP Internetworking (July, $49.95) by Dhiman Chowdhury describes the use of unified IP Internetworking solutions for building Intranets.

A Discipline of Multiprogramming (July, $59.95) by Jayadev Misra addresses distributed applications on wide-area networks, such as the Internet and World Wide Web.


Click and Stick CD-ROM (Mar., $8.95) helps kids use the PC toolbar to create their own fantasy scenes.


Chilling Out (Mar., $9.95) by Annie Rooney tells newcomers how to use the Net to enhance leisure hours.

Homework Busters (May, $9.95) by Bill Thompson shows kids how to find homework help on the Web.

Internet Action (May, $12.95) introduces kids to the Net.


E Tales (May, $9.95) collects an e-culture potpourri of outrageous jokes, alarming facts and word games.


I'm Turning on My Mac, Now What? (Mar., $17.95) by Chris Sandlund contains information to get beginners started on Macs.

I'm Turning on My PC, Now What? (Mar., $17.95) by Matthew James provides useful answers to the questions beginners ask.


PhotoShop 6 Cookbook (May, $29.95) by Kate Binder helps users become expert in Photoshop 6.


MCSE: Windows 2000 Core Requirements (July, $149.99) by James Chellis covers the four core exams in the Windows 2000 track.

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide (Mar., $49.99) by Todd Lammle provides readers with all the tools they need to pass Cisco's CCNA exam.

The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide, 12th Ed. (Aug., $59.99) by Mark Minasi includes updates on memory, modems, networking and video capture.

Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide (Mar., $49.99) by Simon Roberts and Philip Heller covers both the developer's and programmer's exams.

MCSE: Windows 2000 Server Virtual Test Center (Mar., $49.99) challenges the user with adaptive testing on more than 400 questions.


Grandma Online (May, $14.95) by Kathleen Shaputis is a step-by-step guide for grandmothers learning to use computers and the Internet.


Poor Richard's Branding Yourself Online (June, $29.95) by Bob Baker offers readers ways to use the Internet to become recognized authorities in their field.

Poor Richard's Computer Security (Aug., $29.95) by Cathy Cronkhite and Jack McCullough addresses security risks to e-mail, Web sites, e-commerce and networks for small businesses.


Waterfields Software Guide 2001 (Aug., $24.95) by Waterfields Press covers nearly all software in use today, from network software to utilities.


WWW.Layout (Mar., $29.95) by Jerry Glenwright covers the basics of Web design, including HTML coding, cascading style sheets, authoring software and hyperlinks.

Icon Design (May, $29.95) by Steve Caplin helps users create innovative interface icons.

The Ultimate Color Printer Craft Book (June, $19.95) by Susan Krzywicki and Laurel Burden tells how to make the most of your color printer.


The Accidental Project Manager (Apr., $54.50) by Patricia Ensworth is a survival guide for the person who suddenly becomes a software project leader without preparation.

Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Ed. (May, $44.99) by Ed Roman and Scott Ambler includes the new EJB specification and expanded coverage on more advanced topics for developers.

Developing Mainframe Java Applications (May, $49.99) by Lou Marco points readers toward the best use of Java to provide access to business data.

GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications (May, $49.99) by Christoffer Andersson guides developers through the steps of programming for the mobile Internet.

Advertising on the Internet (July, $29.99) by Robbin Zeff and Brad Aronson gets readers up to speed on the new trends in online advertising.


Quick CORBA 3 (Apr., $39.99) by Jon Siegel provides a quick reference to CORBA 3 for developers who need just the basics of the upgrade.


Search Engine Positioning (Apr., $49.95) by Fredrick Marckini shows readers how to achieve high-priority placement in search engines.

Learn Character Modeling with 3D Studio (Apr., $29.95) by Paul Steed covers creation of animated characters using 3D Studio.

Learn Computer Game Programming with CDX and DirectX 8.0 (May, $54.95) by Bill Simser details the CDX set of C++ class wrappers that simplify game development tasks.

Real-Time Strategy Programming Using DirectX 8.0 (May, $54.95) by Ian Parberry covers Direct3D for developers of real-time strategy games.

Learn JBuilder 4.0 (July, $49.95) by Charles Calvert presents a guide to the new Java authoring tool.


Professional JSP, 2nd Ed. (Mar., $59.99) by the Wrox Author Team is based on JSP version 1.1 and Servlets version 2.3, focusing on the releases' important new features.

XSLT 1.1 Programmer's Reference (Mar., $34.99) by Michael Kay is dedicated to XSLT, recent changes in the XML specification and developments in XSLT parsers.

Professional XML, 2nd Ed. (May, $59.99) by the Wrox Author Team offers an updated edition of the bestseller.


Foundation Dreamweaver UltraDev (Mar., $29.99) by Ted Brockwood and Rob Paddock provides a tutorial of database-driven Web design.

Foundation ActionScript (Mar., $29.99) by Sham Bhangal teaches basic programming constructs and principles needed to develop ActionScript skills.