Canada's Key Porter Books launched a new imprint this spring, Sarasota Press, which will be geared to the American market and focus on natural health titles. Kicking off the new imprint are two new titles, Red Wine for Your Health and Lemon Cures, part of the press's Natural Healing series. Other books to be published under the new imprint have already been released in Canada under the Key Porter imprint.

Key Porter is hoping Sarasota Press will tap into a niche in the American marketplace. "We're starting a whole new imprint in the States, and for a Canadian publisher to do that is great. We're starting from scratch," said Arden Boehm, manager of rights and co-editions at Key Porter, adding that all media and marketing will be conducted from the Toronto office. "It's great for us to be trying out this new market and see what's out there, and then we'll tailor the books to what we see is working down there [in the United States]." Sarasota Press will be distributed by Book World Services, based in Sarasota, Fla., and the company is hoping to penetrate health food stores as well as traditional bookstores.