That would be Sticks and Scones, the 10th novel from culinary mystery author Diane Mott Davidson to feature Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz and her mouthwatering recipes. In an innovative marketing campaign, Bantam designed a ceramic teapot modeled after the book's cover image to be used for in-store displays and as a centerpiece for giveaway contests. Davidson's in the midst of a 12-city tour, signing books in record numbers and offering home-baked treats to her fans. Speaking of ceramic designs, Bantam used a similar promotional objet for Davidson's previous caper, Tough Cookie —bet you can guess what the ceramic was. That title, which was released last week in its mass market edition, hits our list at #4 after a five-week run on our hardcover list last March. Copies in print of Davidson's latest total nearly 110,000; the Cookie paperback boasts 550,000 after two printings.

With reporting by Dick Donahue.