Publishers' Trade Sales (in millions)
First Quarter

Publisher March 31, 2000 March 31, 2001 % CHANGE
Total revenues for six trade houses tracked by PW fell 7.8% for the first quarter ended March 31, 2001, to $857.9 million. Three publishers had a sales gain in the period, while three had a decline. Hungry Minds had the steepest drop, due to soft sales in both its consumer and computer book divisions. HarperCollins faced a difficult comparison with the quarter ended March 31, 2000, when it was publishing out titles acquired in the Morrow/Avon acquisition. Sales at Reader's Digest are for its worldwide books and home entertainment group, where sales in the U.S. were soft. Solid North American sales boosted Harlequin's revenues in the quarter, while Simon & Schuster had across-the-board gains. Houghton Mifflin's figures were led by strong sales in the adult division.
Harlequin $88.9 $93.3 4.9%
HarperCollins 242.0 210.0 -13.2
Houghton Mifflin 21.0 21.7 3.3
Hungry Minds 64.5 43.8 -32.1
Reader's Digest 401.3 367.2 -8.5
Simon & Schuster 112.8 121.9 8.1
Total $930.5 $857.9 -7.8%