A book about the Vietnam War experiences of former senator Bob Kerrey has been sold for a significant six figures to Tom Dunne for his eponymous imprint at St. Martin's Press. It will be by Gregory Vistica of the New York Times, whose reporting on the story in the paper and in an article in its Sunday magazine revealed that a unit commanded by Kerrey had been responsible for killing a number of unarmed civilians, including women and children. The Education of Lt. Kerrey will describe the former senator's entire tour of duty in the war and go beyond the incident described in Vistica's Times article. Dunne bought world rights from agent Edward Jay Acton at Spartan Literary Associates and plans to publish next year. Meanwhile, Kerrey is working on his own book, which Philippa Brophy at Sterling Lord Literistic sold to editor Jim Silberman some years ago, for publication by Harcourt. Silberman says they expect to publish next year.