Vermont Senator James M. Jeffords, who upset the balance of power in the Senate when he bolted the Republican party, will write two books for Simon & Schuster, in a world rights deal worked out between publisher David Rosenthal and William Morris's chairman, Norman Brokaw, and senior v-p Mel Berger. The first of the two will be an expanded version of the statement in which Jeffords announced his switch, called My Declaration of Independence, and will appear in a couple of months. The second book, a more detailed and considered political autobiography telling how Jeffords decided to become an independent, and offering his views on the current American political scene, has been scheduled for fall of next year. Jeffords commented that he "continues to be amazed by the reaction to my decision," and said that a number of publishers had expressed interest in a book. The S&S titles will be edited by editorial director Alice Mayhew.