Publishers normally sell books to book clubs, not the other way around. But in a deal recently concluded by Putnam's Wendy Hubbert, it was she who purchased trade rights for the U.S. and Canada to a book called My Blue Notebooks, which Quality Paperback Book Club had brought back from OP obscurity and was selling very successfully in its own club edition. The book is a racy autobiography of a turn-of-the-century Parisian courtesan named Liane de Pougy, who knew tout Paris in those golden years, and had numerous romances with celebrities of both genders, among them Cocteau, Colette and Mata Hari. She eventually became a princess, but then had a change of heart and died a nun. She wrote her recollections between 1919 and 1941. QPB's Kathy Kiernan got the club rights from Harper's Bob Spizer, and it was he with whom Hubbert made her unusual deal, when she saw how well the book was doing for the club. She even took the club's plates on the book.