May Sales Mixed

Category % Change May % Change YTD
(Measured in $ sales against same time periods, 2000)
Eight of the 13 publishing segments tracked by the AAP had a sales gain in May over May 2000, with sales in five segments down in the month. The two educational segments had the strongest May with sales increases of 23.7% for college and 23.0% for elhi; elhi's sales increase of 15.1% for the first five months of the year was the best in the industry. On the trade side, the adult hardcover segment had its third straight month of sales gains, although sales were still down 17.5% for the year to date. The mass market paperback segment continued its solid performance in 2001 with a 14.9% increase in May and a 9.4% gain in the first five months of the year. Book clubs had the worst month with sales off 32.8%, although sales in the segment were up 9.1% in the January through May span.
Adult Hardcover 12.5 -17.5
Adult Paperback -8.7 -7.2
Juvenile Hardcover 3.0 5.8
Juvenile Paperback 8.2 12.8
Audio Books -5.2 -12.8
Univ. Pr. Hardcover 14.2 -1.3
Univ. Pr. Paperback 12.7 -5.1
Mass Market Paperback 14.9 9.4
Book Club -32.8 9.1
Mail Order -18.3 -15.9
Professional -15.4 -14.3
College Texts 23.7 4.0
School Texts 23.0 15.1