Richard Bach, whose Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a huge, and surprise, hit of the '70s, is back with another animal fable—this time a series of them. He has signed with Scribner publisher Susan Moldow for a collection of fables for all ages to be called The Ferret Chronicles, which will begin appearing in June of next year. Moldow bought world rights to the series for an undisclosed sum in a negotiation conducted by the author's attorney, Bob Solomon. Moldow, who has known and worked with Bach for 20 years, said the series will be "a fitting continuation of our long and fruitful relationship." In the series, Bach has created a mythical ferret society, quite separate from our own, from which the animals observe the doings of fellow ferrets and humans. Bach, who was an Air Force fighter pilot, still flies, and most of his books, including Seagull and the more recent Illusions, have involved ideas of flight. The first two Ferret titles will appear next June, and there will be a total of five during the first year.