Tom Dunne, who has his own imprint at St. Martin's Press, paid six figures for a book by veteran New York Times crime reporter Selwyn Raab, an in-depth study of the rise, fall and later resurrection of the Mafia, to be called Twilight of the Godfathers . Raab left the Times last year after more than 25 years as its chief authority on organized crime, and now does investigative TV reporting. He is also the author of Justice in the Back Room, originally published by World, on which the popular TV series Kojak was based, and Mob Lawyer (Scribner), a biography of Jimmy Hoffa's lawyer, Frank Ragano. The world rights deal, done with agent Sam Pinkus at McIntosh & Otis, calls for delivery of a manuscript Pinkus thinks will be the definitive Mafia book in late 2003.