One of the more offbeat theories about a mystery of ancient times is the one propounded by Dr. Maureen Clemmons at the California Institute of technology, which she outlines in a book proposal just sold for six figures to senior editor Lisa Lytton at the National Geographical Society in Washington, D.C. Clemmons believes that the huge stones for the Egyptian pyramids and various obelisks were lifted into place using large kites. Agent Jeff Kleinman at the city's Graybill & English agency acknowledged that when Clemmons and her writing partner, Dan Cray, a science contributor to Time magazine, came to him with the offering, he was "sure they were a pair of crackpots." Dr. Clemmons, however, has conducted tests at the institute in which an eight-ton obelisk was hauled aloft by a 25-foot kite in a few seconds. Lytton won the proposal at auction, and National Geo plans not only a book next fall, but also a network TV special about the theory and an emphasis on Egypt in its publications. Lytton bought North American, audio and TV rights.