A Navy officer who led a secret mission behind North Korean lines to prepare the way for General Douglas MacArthur's invasion at Inchon during the Korean War left his own account in a safe deposit box when he died three years ago, and Putnam's Neil Nyren just bought world rights when it was offered to him exclusively by agent Ted Chichak at Scovil Chichak & Galen. The author was Commander Eugene Franklin Clark, who describes how he had only two weeks to investigate the tides and the enemy defenses at Inchon before the planned invasion. Working with South Korean intelligence officers, his little expedition was constantly harassed by North Korean troops, and finally guided the invading forces in by activating an abandoned lighthouse. The book is The Secrets of Inchon: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert Mission of the Korean War , and Nyren plans to publish as soon as next spring.