Pocket Books has made a couple of multibook deals with a pair of established suspense authors, Karen Robards and Robert K. Tannenbaum. Executive editor Caroline Tolley bought three new books by Robards, two in her series of contemporary romantic suspense titles (most recently, Paradise County) and a historical novel that will be done as a mass market original. She bought world rights, with an audio option, from agents Damaris Rowland and Steve Axelrod. The Tannenbaum buy was another three-book one, this time by the executive editorial director, Emily Bestler, The author's new books will all star his tough prosecutor, Butch Karp (his latest, The Enemy Within). This was a world English rights deal, plus book club, first serial and audio, made with agents Robert Diforio and Michael Hamilburg, with the first book set to appear in hardcover in summer 2003.