Books that seem to answer some questions about aspects of our current crisis continue to be crashed, brought back or promoted from obscure corners of the list to trade prominence. Here are examples of each. Pocket Books is crashing The Secret Life of Germs: Observations and Lessons from a Microbe Hunter by Philip M. Tierno Jr., who is currently on the New York Task Force on Bioterrorism because of his experience in clinical microbiology and diagnostic immunology at two major medical institutions. This guide, which describes leading bioterrorism methods and their effects, as well as ways to safeguard against them, was originally scheduled for January, but is now being rushed out at the end of this month. The agent is Bob Tabian. Originally published 10 years ago, The Demon Lover: On the Roots of Terrorism by noted feminist Robin Morgan, is being brought back, with a new foreword and afterword by the author, by Pocket's Washington Square Press imprint. Judith Curr did the deal with agent Edite Kroll; the book investigates the lives of women under Islamic fundamentalism and will be out in December. A publisher not usually heard from in this column is Facts on File, which publishes mostly for the school and library market, but has just promoted a library reference title to trade distribution. Global Terrorism: The Complete Reference Guide, which originally appeared last March, will be out in its new guise next February, and is already attracting foreign interest.