Those have been the twin poles in the life of John Falk, a noted war correspondent (he covered the war in Bosnia, even brought two young refugees from it home to the U.S. with him) who also suffers severely from depression; he estimates he may be the world's most heavily medicated patient on the drug Zoloft. All this will be discussed in Hello to All That: A Memoir of Depression in the Shape of a War Story, just preempted by executive editor George Hodgman in a hard/soft North American rights deal for Henry Holt and Picador. Falk has already written about his experiences in a recent Esquire article and in a screenplay he has written with fellow war correspondents Sebastian Junger and Scott Anderson, which is currently in development with Mark Johnson Productions for Intermedia. The book sale was made by agent Stuart Krichevsky, and movie rights are with Howard Sanders and Richard Green of UTA.