A book by the author of Surviving Ophelia, Cheryl Dellasega, about the harmful behavior girls can show toward one another was bought by Perseus senior editor Marnie Cochran for six figures for world rights from agent Laureen Rowland at the David Black agency. It's called When Girls Hurt Girls: What to Do When Words Become a Weapon, and is written with Sue Wellman, president of the Ophelia Project; publication is planned for fall 2003.... An associate editor at Pocket Books Press, Brenda Copeland, signed a book called The Astrology of Time by Gary Goldschneider, author of The Secret Language of Birthdays; it gives readers an astrological guide to each day of the year, and was bought from agent Noah Lukeman at AMG for publication next year.... Scribner senior editor Gillian Blake bought a book by Yale professor Charles Yang called The Tower of Babel: How Children Learn and Unlearn Language; she took North American rights from agent Susan Rabiner and plans to publish in 2004.