The charismatic John O'Neill, the FBI's leading antiterrorist expert, who, ironically, died in the World Trade Center in the very kind of attack he had been warning against, will be the subject of an untitled book just signed by Judith Regan for her HarperCollins imprint. The author is star New York Post reporter Murray Weiss, who knew O'Neill well and has followed his career closely—a career that had him investigating every major terrorist effort targeting Americans, from the first WTC attack through the attacks on the U.S.S. Cole, Oklahoma City and the African embassies. His often-expressed conviction that one day there would be a major terrorist assault in America by al-Qaeda, on which he was an authority, was largely ignored—until September 11. Regan bought world rights in his story—also the subject of a recent New York magazine cover story—directly from the unagented Weiss, and will publish in October 2003.