Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is not only a new parent, but recently fathered his first children's book, Halloween , to be published by Little, Brown Children's Books this fall. The full-color picture book is based on a Seinfeld comedy routine about the two Cs of Halloween--candy and costumes--and has been completely reworked for kids. A first printing of 200,000 copies is scheduled to be released July 17; pub date will be September 1.

Although senior editor Cindy Eagan declined to discuss the terms of the contract, she attributed the idea for Halloween to packager Byron Preiss, who has worked with LB in the past. A friend of Seinfeld's, Preiss is acting as the book's producer and found James Bennett to illustrate it. This is also Bennett's first children's book; he has previously done illustrations for Mad magazine and Sports Illustrated.

"The thing that is the most pleasing about the project," Eagan told PW, "is that Jerry's been involved with every step of the editorial process." At his request, the house is planning two editions, a 10"×10" hardcover priced at $15.95, and an $18.95 book/CD package featuring Seinfeld reading the story in front of a live audience. "Jerry listened to a lot of comedy albums growing up," Eagan said, "and he wanted to share that experience with other kids. That's why he's doing the gift edition."

LB is still formulating marketing plans for Halloween. "It's going to have a crossover audience," noted director of marketing Linda Magram. In addition to listing Halloween in both the adult and children's catalogues, LB is working on trick-or-treat bags and candy to tie in with the book's themes. Seinfeld will make national media appearances, including one at this May's BEA.