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Stark's Crusade
(Mar., $5.99) by John G. Henry. Sergeant Stark and his men must fend off deadly aggression from their own country without igniting a civil war.

Living Dead in Dallas (Apr., $6.50) by Charlaine Harris. This addition to the Southern Vampire series is the sequel to Dead Until Dark.

Deryni Tales (June, $6.50) by Katherine Kurtz collects nine tales set in the Deryni universe.

Spec Ops Squad: Deep Strike (July, $TBA) by Rick Shelley is the second book in this military science fiction series.

Reprints: (Mar.): Castaways of the Flying Dutchman ($6.99) by Brian Jacques; (Apr.):Children of Hope ($7.99) by David Feintuch; (May): Summers at Castle Auburn ($7.50) by Sharon Shinn; (June): Revelation Space ($7.99) by Alastair Reynolds; (Aug.): Myth-ion Improbable ($TBA) by Robert Asprin.

When a Man Loves a Woman
(Mar., $6.99) by Bette Ford. A woman haunted by her parents' tragic relationship finds passion and promise in her own marriage.

Love Potions (Apr., $6.99) by Leslie Esdaile. A private eye investigates a so-called psychic and falls under her spell.

Doctor, Doctor (May, $6.99) by Carmen Green. When Shayla is forced to give a year of medical service in an impoverished area after her residency, the one-time prima donna finds more in life.

Bargain of the Heart (June, $6.99) by Candice Poarch. After suffering a miscarriage, Crystal leaves her husband who finally realizes he must change.

Once in a Lifetime (July, $6.99) by Gwynne Forster is the first in a trilogy featuring Alexis Stevenson and Telford Harrington's love story.

Coming Home (Aug., $6.99) by Roberta Gayle. When Charlie tries to win back her ex-husband she realizes that he may not be what she wants.

Lost in Your Arms
(Mar., $6.99) by Christina Dodd continues the Governess Bride series.

SEALs Sub Rescue: Operation Endurance (Mar., $6.99) by S.M. Gunn. A SEALs team heads to the North Sea on a mission to extract a Russian defector.

On a Wild Night (Apr., $7.50) by Stephanie Laurens. When the Cynster twins cannot find husbands due to their relatives' interference, they take matters into their own hands.

On a Wicked Dawn (May, $7.50) by Stephanie Laurens. Now that Amanda Cynster has captured the man she wants, it's her twin sister's turn.

Marry Me (May, $5.99) by Susan Kay Law. In this new Marrying Miss Bright series, the second Bright sister tames trouble.

Lady Sophia's Lover (June, $7.50) by Lisa Kleypas. Lady Sophia hides her true identity to work for the man she believes ruined her brother.

Black Silk (June, $6.99) by Judith Ivory brings together a mysterious widow, a notorious rake and a secret.

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (July, $6.99) by Julia Quinn reveals the truth about Regency gossip queen Lady Whistledown.

Her Highness, My Wife (Aug., $6.99) by Victoria Alexander. When a princess travels incognito she finds that pretending to be a commoner is more difficult than she anticipated.

My Favorite Bride (Aug., $6.99) by Christina Dodd. A beautiful spy seeking to avenge her dead lover discovers that he is not dead after all, nor is he what he seems.

The Silent Service: Seawolf Class (Aug., $6.99) by H.J. Riker. Cmdr. Tom Garrett leads America's high-tech, ultra-silent attack submarines in a fight to the finish.

Reprints: (Mar.): Heart of a Warrior ($7.99) by Johanna Lindsey; (Apr.): Lord of the Silent ($7.50) by Elizabeth Peters; Son of a Grifter: The Twisted Tale of Sante and Kenny Kimes, the Most Notorious Con Artists in America ($7.99) by Kent Walker; You Only Die Twice ($6.99) by Edna Buchanan; (May): Murder in Spokane ($7.50) by Mark Fuhrman; (July): The Forgotten ($7.99) by Faye Kellerman; Diana's Boys: William and Harry and the Mother They Loved ($7.99) by Christopher Andersen; (Aug.): Paradise Lost ($7.99) by J.A. Jance.

Out of Control
(Mar., $6.99) by Suzanne Brockmann. An heiress enlists the help of a Navy SEAL to help find her kidnapped uncle in Indonesia. Advertising.

Rangers in Korea (Apr., $6.99) by Robert W. Black tells the story of the forgotten men of the forgotten war. Advertising.

Lady Killer (May, $6.99) by Michele Jaffe. Terror reawakens in Renaissance England when the vampire of London returns. Advertising.

Secret Admirer (June, $6.99) by Michele Jaffe. The murder of her estranged husband brings a young woman under the suspicion of the special investigator to the Queen.

The Raid (July, $6.99) by Benjamin F. Schemmer chronicles the attempted helicopter rescue of American POWs in Son Tay prison, only 23 miles from Hanoi.

Reprints: (Mar.): A Kiss of Shadows ($6.99) by Laurell K. Hamilton; (Apr.): Rise to Rebellion ($7.99) by Jeffrey M. Shaara; (May): The Manhattan Hunt Club ($7.99) by John Saul; Blood Money ($6.99) by Thomas Perry; (June): P Is for Peril ($7.99) by Sue Grafton; (July): Summer Island ($6.99) by Kristin Hannah; Sleepers ($7.99) by Lorenzo Carcaterra; (Aug.): The Surgeon ($7.99) by Tess Gerritsen; Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down ($6.99) by Dave Barry.

Dream Island
(Mar., $5.99) by Josie Litton introduces ancestors of the characters previously met in Dream of Me, Believe In Me and Come Back to Me.

The Bone Orchard (Apr., $6.50) by Daniel Judson takes readers to the Hamptons, a rich environment for even the ugliest of crimes.

Trust Fund Babies (Apr., $5.99) by Jean Stone. When three women suddenly lose their fortunes, they must face the possibility that money might not buy happiness.

Promise of Gold (Apr., $5.99) by Kristen Kyle features the dashing and enigmatic Derek from Touched by Gold.

Devlin's Luck (May, $5.99) by Patricia Bray. A man with survivor's guilt sets out to get himself killed but manages instead to save a kingdom in this new fantasy series.

Blonde Heat (June, $6.50) by Susan Johnson offers a lighthearted novel about one summer in the lives of three women.

Whisper of Evil (July, $7.50) by Kay Hooper. An FBI psychic returns to her backwoods hometown to investigate a series of grisly murders.

True Blue (Aug., $TBA) by Luanne Rice tells a tale of family bonds, enduring love and the timeless power of home.

Stealing Heaven (Aug., $5.99) by Madeline Hunter. Marcus de Brecon, brother of the heroine of By Design, stars in this medieval romance.

Reprints: (Mar.): Final Target ($7.50) by Iris Johansen; Catering to Nobody ($6.50) by Diane Mott Davidson; The Haunted Mesa ($5.50) by Louis L'Amour; (Apr.): Dust to Dust ($7.99) by Tami Hoag; Slightly Shady ($7.50) by Amanda Quick; (May): The Next Accident ($TBA) by Lisa Gardner; May There Be a Road ($4.99) by Louis L'Amour; Guinness World Records 2002 ($7.50) by Mark C. Young; Mistress of Justice ($7.99) by Jeffery Deaver; (June): Summer Light ($7.50)by Luanne Rice; Sticks & Scones ($6.99) by Diane Mott Davidson; (Aug.): Incriminating Evidence ($7.50) by Sheldon Siegel.

Reunion in Death
(Mar., $7.99) by Nora Robert writing as J.D. Robb. Eve and Roarke's first anniversary is an unforgettable reunion.

The Straw Men (July, $TBA) by Michael Marshall Smith. Three apparently unconnected events lead an unlikely hero into a maze of danger and fear.

Reprints: (Mar.): Gunman's Rhapsody ($7.99) by Robert B. Parker; (Apr.): Edge of Danger ($7.99) by Jack Higgins; (May): Chosen Prey ($7.99) by John Sandford; The Sum of All Fears ($7.99) by Tom Clancy; Warrior Class ($7.99) by Dale Brown; (June): Potshot ($7.99) by Robert B. Parker; (Aug.): Valhalla Rising ($TBA) by Clive Cussler.

A Murderous Yarn
(Mar., $5.99) by Monica Ferris. In her new Needlecraft mystery, Betsy Devonshire seeks a murderer at an antique car race.

Murder on Washington Square (Apr., $6.99) by Victoria Thompson is the fourth mystery featuring midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sgt.Frank Mallow in turn-of-the-century New York City.

Murder Will Travel (May, $6.50) by Emily Toll is the first in a new travel mystery series featuring Lynne Montgomery and her Book for Travel company.

Six Strokes Under (June, $5.99) by Roberta Isleib. This new series stars Kaitlin Rupert, a professional female golfer turned sleuth.

Positioned to Die (July, $5.99) by Denise Osborne. Feng shui practitioner and sleuth Salome Waterhouse has a suspicious new neighbor.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Ferryman Will Be There ($6.99) by Arthur Ellis; (May): Open Season ($6.50) by C.J. Box; (Aug.): The Thunder Keeper ($TBA) by Margaret Coel.

Reprint: Skeleton Crew
(Mar., $7.99) by Beverly Connor.

The Better Part of Valor
(Mar., $6.99) by Tanya Huff. The sequel to Valor's Choice follows the Confederation's investigation of a seemingly abandoned alien spaceship.

Heritage and Exile (Apr., $6.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley is the first in a series of omnibus volumes in the Darkover series.

The Ages of Chaos (May, $7.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley is the second omnibus in the Darkover series.

To Trade the Stars (June, $6.99) by Julie E. Czerneda is the third and final novel in the Trade Past Universe series.

The Burning Heart of Night (July, $6.99) by Ivan Cat. On an alien planet, colonists fight a virus that is decimating their ranks.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Serpent's Shadow ($6.99) by Mercedes Lackey; (Apr.): Otherland: Sea of Silver Light, Final Volume ($7.99) by Tad Williams; The Fall of Neskaya: The Clingfire Trilogy, Volume I ($6.99) by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross; (Aug.): The Beasts of Barakhai ($TBA) by Mickey Zucker.

The Loner
(Apr., $6.99) by Joan Johnston is the third book in the contemporary series featuring the feuding Blackthornes and the Creeds.

Area 51: Excalibur (Apr., $6.50) by Robert Doherty. Special forces officer Mike Turcotte must solve the riddle of the lost relic Excalibur.

The Secret Lover (May, $5.99) by Julia London. A man and a woman are pursued by secrets, shadowed by scandal and surprised by love in Victorian England.

Beyond the Rhine (Aug., $6.50) by Donald R. Burgett. The last volume of Burgett's WWII memoirs chronicles his final months in Europe and the liberation of Nazi death camps.

Reprints: (Mar.): Tell No One ($6.99) by Harlan Coben; (May): Looking Back ($7.99) by Belva Plain; (June): Leap of Faith ($7.50) by Danielle Steel; No Man's Mistress ($6.50) by Mary Balogh; (July): Writ of Execution ($7.99) by Perri O'Shaughnessy; (Aug.): The Smoke Jumper ($7.99) by Nicholas Evans.

(Mar., $6.99) by Peter David is the official tie-in to the Sony film starring Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe and Kirsten Dunst. Advertising. Author publicity.

Starfist: Kingdom's Sword (May, $6.99) by Dan Cragg and David Sherman. The Marines of the 34th FIST embark on their most dangerous mission yet. Advertising.

Men in Black II (June, $6.99) by Esther M. Friesner, based on an original screenplay by Robert Gordon. In this official movie tie-in, agents Jay and Kay return to stop a sexy but evil alien from reducing the Earth to toast. Advertising. Author publicity.

Web Warrior: Memories End (July, $6.99) by James Luceno. Outcast orphans help a data detective track down the aliens hiding in cyberspace. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.): Colonization: Aftershocks ($6.99) by Harry Turtledove; Reunion ($6.99) by Alan Dean Foster; (Apr.): The Tolkien Reader ($6.99) by J.R.R. Tolkien; (May): Ascendance ($6.99) by R.A. Salvatore.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream
(Apr., $6.99) by Aaron Allston. As the Yuuzhan Vong's conquests continue, Luke, Han, Leia and Wedge are forced to destroy what they have risked their lives to create. Advertising.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand (June, $6.99) by Aaron Allston. The Rebels continue to fight against the conquest of the New Republic's capital. Advertising.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Traitor (Aug., $6.99) by Matthew Woodring Stover. A hunted Jedi learns what it means to be a Jedi in the captured capital planet of Coruscant. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.): Star Wars: Episode 1: Rogue Planet ($6.99) by Greg Bear; Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace ($7.50) by Terry Brooks; Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime ($7.50) by R.A. Salvatore.

Destiny: Book Three of The Blending Enthroned
(Apr., $6.99) by Sharon Green reveals the finale to the Blending saga.

Year's Best SF 7 (June, $7.99), edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, gathers the best SF short stories of 2001.

Year's Best Fantasy 2 (July, $7.99), edited by David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, collects the best fantasy stories of 2001.

Reprints: (Apr.): Longtusk ($6.50) by Stephen Baxter; (May): The King of Dreams: Vol. 3 of The Prestimion Trilogy--A Majipoor Novel ($7.50) by Robert Silverberg; (Aug.): Hammerfall ($7.50) by C.J. Cherryh.

Give the Dog a Bone
(Apr., $6.99) by Leslie O'Kane. Dog therapist Allie Babcock is working with a dog owner who believes his golden retriever is channeling his late ex-wife.

Dying to Get Her Man (May, $6.99) by Judy Fitzwater. Aspiring mystery novelist Jennifer Marsh investigates when a distraught bride-to-be freezes to death atop her fiancé's grave.

Forged in Blood (Aug., $6.99) by Joyce Christmas. Lady Margaret Priam and retired businesswoman Betty Trenka collaborate as sleuths when their Roman holiday turns deadly.

Reprints: (Mar.): The Kill Artist ($6.99) by Daniel Silva; (Apr.): Death in Holy Orders: An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery ($7.99) by P.D. James; (May): Mutant ($6.99) by Peter Clement; (June): Last of the Dixie Heroes ($6.99) by Peter Abrahams; (July): Gangster ($7.99) by Lorenzo Carcaterra; (Aug.): Hostage ($7.99) by Robert Crais.

For Love or Country
(June, $6.99) by Kerrelyn Sparks. The Scarlet Pimpernel meets The Patriot and James Bond in this debut novel. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.): Combat ($7.99), edited by Stephen Coonts; 1 million first printing; (Apr.): Conspiracy.com ($7.99) by R.J. Pineiro; (June): The Bishop and the Beggar Girl of St. Germain ($6.99) by Andrew M. Greeley; (Aug.): Never Enough ($7.99) by Harold Robbins.

A Wedding at Cooper's Corner
(Apr., $6.50) by Kristine Rolofson, Bobbi Hutchinson and Muriel Jensen. Three stories are connected by three letters which change the lives of their recipients.

Four in Hand (July, $6.99) by Stephanie Laurens. London's most notorious rogue inherits the wardship of four attractive sisters.

Unbreakable Bonds (Aug., $5.99) by Judy Christenberry. Identical twin brothers, separated at birth, are finally reunited in Paris in this Randall family saga.

Reprints: (Apr.): Merle Haggard's My House of Memories: For the Record
($7.50) by Merle Haggard with Tom Carter; T2: Infiltrator ($7.99) by S.M. Stirling; (Aug.) : Goddess ($7.99) by Barbara Victor.

Reaper Man
and Witches Abroad (both Aug., $6.99 each) both by Terry Pratchett are the 11th and 12th books in the Discworld series.

Reprints: (Apr.): Mystic River ($7.99) by Dennis Lehane; (May): A Theory of Relativity ($7.99) by Jacquelyn Mitchard; (June): Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood ($7.99) by Rebecca Wells; (July): Long Time No See ($7.99) by Susan Isaacs; (Aug.): The Associate ($7.99) by Phillip Margolin; Rebecca's Tale ($7.50) by Sally Beauman.

Let Go and Let God
(Mar., $6.99) by Joyce Meyer teaches that peace and joy are attained by delivering our care into the hands of God.

Prophet of Your Own Life (June, $6.99) by Kenneth Copeland reveals how to activate God's word and blessings by speaking it out verbally.

Almost Perfect
(Mar., $6.99) by Patricia Rice. A cartoonist falls for his landlady in this contemporary romance. Advertising.

Miss Match (Apr., $6.99) by Leslie Carroll. A drama teacher enrolls in New York City's premier matchmaking service but finds that the man who interests her doesn't believe in happily ever after. Advertising.

The Trials of Angela (May, $6.99) by Millie Criswell. With a former fiancé, smothering parents and a surprise pregnancy, Angela thinks her life is a mess until.... Advertising.

Midnight Confessions (June, $6.99) by Candice Proctor. A woman finds herself at the center of a murder investigation and under the eye of the man whose Union army occupies her city. Advertising.

The Impossible Bride (July, $6.99) by Allie Shaw continues the story of Deborah and Patrick that began in The Impossible Texan. Advertising.

The President's Daughter (Aug., $6.99) by Mariah Stewart. A lot of people--from the FBI to the CIA to the president--would do anything to keep Dina's true parentage a secret forever. Advertising.

Isle of Lies
(Mar., $6.99) by Donna Fletcher. Tricked into marrying an enemy of her clan, Moira Maclean finds herself pregnant--and in love with her husband.

The Duchess' Lover (Apr., $TBA) by Julie Beard. After 20 years in an abusive marriage, the Duchess of Brandhurst is suspected of her husband's death.

Summer at Eclipse Bay (May, $7.99) by Jayne Ann Krentz is the final book in the Eclipse Bay trilogy.

Face the Fire (June, $7.99) by Nora Roberts is the final book in the Three Sisters Island trilogy.

The Diamond King (July, $TBA) by Patricia Potter. This Scottish historical romance is the sequel to The Heart Queen.

The Northeast Kingdom (Aug., $TBA) by Peter Collinson. When inmates escape a prison, their dash for freedom is hampered by deteriorating weather and a killer who is stalking them.

Reprints: (Mar.): Headwind ($7.99) by John J. Nance; (Apr.): The Villa ($7.99) by Nora Roberts; (May): Echo Burning ($7.99) by Lee Child; (June): The Shape of Snakes ($7.99) by Minette Walters; (July): Hemlock Bay ($7.99) by Catherine Coulter; The Jury ($7.99) by Steve Martini.

Two Daughters
(Apr., $6.99) by Marlene Fanta Shyer. Libby Ehrlich's perfect life is about to be tested as secrets are about to be revealed.

Double Date (Apr., $5.99) by Barbara Taylor McCaffery and Beverly Taylor Herald. Sleuthing twins Bert and Nan Tatum investigate a murder made for two.

Face Down Under the Wych Elm (May., $5.99) by Kathy Lynn Emerson. Susanna tries to help two gentlewomen jailed for bewitching two men to death, even though one was the mistress of her late husband.

Reprints:(Mar.):Grace and Favor ($6.99) by Caroline Upcher; Damsel in Distress ($7.99) by Carola Dunn; Dead of Summer ($5.99) by Mark Miano; (Apr.):Stabbing Stephanie ($5.99) by Evan Marshall; (May):Witness for the Defense ($6.99) by Jonnie Jacobs; (June):Renee and Jay ($6.99) by J.J. Murray; Wedding Day Murder ($6.50) by Leslie Meier; (July):Jacqueline Susann's Shadow of the Dolls ($7.99) by Rae Lawrence; Casting the First Stone ($6.99) by Kimberla Lawson Roby; Dead in the Water ($5.99) by Carola Dunn; Designed to Die ($5.99) by Chloe Green; (Aug.):Mourning Glory ($6.99) by Warren Adler; Once Bitten ($6.50) by Laurien Berenson; Midsummer Murder ($5.99) by Shelley Freydont.

In the Blink of an Eye
(Mar., $6.99) by Wendy Corsi Staub. Helping Paine Landry track down the person who killed Paine's wife and mother-in-law puts Julia's own life in jeopardy.

At the Edge (Apr., $6.99) by David Dun. Lawyers Dan Young and Maria Fischer are on opposite sides of a conflict until bombings put them on the same side.

Crimson Night (Apr., $5.99) by Trisha Baker. Female vampire Megan O'Neill discovers she's pregnant by vampire Simon Baldevar.

Make Them Cry (May, $6.99) by Kevin O'Brien. A serial killer on the loose in Seattle collects the bones of his victims.

The Blood of Others (June, $6.99) by Rick Mofina. San Francisco homicide inspector Walt Sydowski and Star reporter Tom Reed look for a serial killer who plans to destroy the world's computers with a virus showing the deaths of his victims.

Where Darkness Lives (July, $6.99) by Robert Ross. After a whirlwind marriage to a handsome financier, Kate realizes that her husband may not be what he seems.

The Orphan
(Mar., $6.99) by Stella Cameron. The man labeled 'England's most daring lover' falls for a pretty, penniless Scottish lass.

Doing Good (Mar., $6.99) by Pamela Morsi. Blonde ambition took Jane far, then an accident turned her world upside down.

White Mountain (Apr., $6.50) by Dinah McCall. FBI agent Jack Dolan investigates a murder victim whose fingerprints are the same as those of a man who died 30 years earlier.

The Beach House (May, $7.99) by Mary Alice Monroe. Attempting to reconnect with her mother, Cara Rutledge finds herself igniting other new relationships when she returns home.

With a Southern Torch (June, $8.50) by Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and Diana Palmer provides stories of sultry Southern romance.

Stonebrook Cottage (Aug., $6.50) by Carla Neggers. Up-and-coming defense attorney Kara Galway must unravel the mystery of her mentor's mysterious death.

The Hidden Heart (Aug., $6.50) by Candace Camp. When murder strikes at Cleybourne Castle, the duke and a feisty governess must catch the killer.

The Second Assassin
(Mar., $6.99) by Christopher Hyde. In WWII, two unlikely allies are in a desperate race to stop the perfect assassin.

Danger Hour (Apr., $6.99) by James Francis. While on a mission, an American nuclear submarine sinks, trapping the crew thousands of feet below the ocean's surface.

Hush (May, $6.99) by Anne Frasier. The vicious killer who rocked Chicago 16 years earlier may be back, and his only surviving victim must help to find him.

The Silent Bride (June, $6.99) by Leslie Glass. April Woo must trap a deadly sniper who killed a bride.

Under the Color of Law (July, $6.99) by Michael McGarrity. New Mexico State Deputy Chief Kevin Kerney, on the brink of retirement, is pulled back into a sordid murder case.

Falling Star (Aug., $TBA) by Diana Dempsey. A beautiful L.A. TV anchor will go to almost any lengths to grab more time in front of the camera.

Beyond the Law
(Apr., $7.95) by Emmett Dalton. The youngest Dalton brother details the exploits of the notorious Dalton Gang.

Blue Bayou
(Apr., $6.99) by Jo Ann Ross. In the sultry Louisiana low country, former teen lovers meet again and rekindle their passion.

No True Gentleman (June, $6.99) by Liz Carlyle. In Regency England, Lady Catherine Wodeway and Maxmillian de Rohan must deal with the murder of a society woman.

Fanning the Flame (Aug., $6.99) by Kat Martin is the second Regency-era historical romance featuring Adam Hawthorne and Jillian Whitney, who is suspected of an earl's murder.

Reprints: (Mar.):Blue Nowhere ($7.99) by Jeffery Deaver; The Women of Primrose Creek Omnibus ($7.99) by Linda Lael Miller; (Apr.):On the Street Where You Live ($7.99) by Mary Higgins Clark; (June):Dark Hollow ($6.99) by John Connolly; Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible ($7.99) by Earl Mindell; (July):Woman Next Door ($7.99) by Barbara Delinsky; Shooting Stars Omnibus ($7.99) by V.C. Andrews; (Aug):Open Season ($7.99) by Linda Howard; It's Only a Game ($7.99) by Terry Bradshaw.

My Enchanted Enemy
(Mar., $6.99) by Tracy Fobes. The author of To Tame a Wild Heart offers a new paranormal romance.

The Pretender (Apr., $6.99) by Barbara Miller presents a new Regency romance.

Kiss the Bride (May, $6.99) by Patricia Cabot. In Ireland, Emma Chesteron is beset by overzealous suitors bent on winning her hand--and her inheritance.

Dead Time
(Mar., $7.99) by Andrew Neiderman. When a clandestine experiment in age-reversal goes horribly wrong, several patients are left dead and others missing.

Mother's Day Garden (Apr., $6.99) by Kimberly Kates. The discovery of an abandoned baby and a woman's search for new meaning in her life put a strain on her marriage.

Tea for Two (May, $6.99) by Cathy Maxwell and Liz Carlyle blends humor and romance in a new Regency collection.

Leave No Trace (June, $6.99) by Hannah Nyala. Stranded in the Australian outback, a woman must evade her boyfriend's killers and guide his daughter to safety.

The Pink Magnolia Club (Aug., $6.99) by Geralyn Dawson. Three women of different ages forge a special friendship.

Reprints: (Mar.): Detachment Bravo ($7.99) by Richard Marcinko; (Apr.): The Summerhouse ($7.99) by Jude Deveraux; (May): Two for the Dough ($6.99) by Janet Evanovich; Bitterroot ($7.99) by James Lee Burke; (June): Hollywood Wives: The New Generation ($7.99) by Jackie Collins; (July): Fatal Voyage ($7.99) by Kathy Reichs; Grand Avenue ($7.99) by Joy Fielding; (Aug.): Enemy Within ($7.99) by Robert K. Tanenbaum.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Hard Rain
(Mar., $6.99) by Dean Wesley Smith is a hardboiled murder mystery set in 1941 San Francisco as rendered on the holodeck of the starship Enterprise.

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Eugenics Wars, Vol. 1 (Apr., $6.99) by Greg Cox reveals the origins of the Chrysalis Project, designed to create an improved breed of man.

Star Trek: The Stargazer Gauntlet, Book One (May, $6.99) by Michael Jan Friedman. The young Capt. Jean Luc Picard must capture a terrorist who's been raiding Federation shipping.

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Janus Gate, Book One (June, $6.99) by L.A. Graf. During an accidental three-day time trip into the past, a blissful crew vacation turns mysterious.

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Janus Gate, Book Three (July, $6.99) by L.A. Graf. It's a race to save the crew of the Enterprise from eliminating their own existence in the grasp of the Janus Gate.

Star Trek: The Original Series: Errand of Vengeance, Book Two: Killing Blow (Aug., $6.99) by Kevin Ryan. Discovering that Captain Kirk is not a dishonorable demon and the Starfleet crew are honorable warriors, a Klingon agent begins to doubt his mission.

Reprints: (Mar.):Star Trek Starfleet, Year One ($6.99) by Michael Jan Friedman; (July):Sir Apropos of Nothing ($6.99) by Peter David.

The Spirit of Thunder
(Mar., $6.99) by Kurt R.A. Giambastiani offers an alternate 19th-century American West where George Custer Jr., the son of President Custer, decides to fight with the Cheyenne.

Orbis (Apr., $6.99) by Scott Mackay. The Benefactors have guided Humanity since the days of Christ but now someone is questioning their mission.

Fallen Host (May, $6.99) by Lyda Morehouse is the sequel to Archangel Protocol.

Tainted Trail (June, $6.99) by Wen Spencer introduces Ukiah Oregon, a talented tracker with otherworldly origins.

The Disappeared (July, $6.50) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a science fiction novel based on Rusch's Hugo-nominated novella.

Deadly Pleasure
(Mar.), Deadly Affairs (Apr.) and Deadly Desire (May, $6.99 each) by Brenda Joyce feature Francesca Cahill, who solves crimes in New York City's underbelly as well as in its glamorous society ballrooms.

Open Secrets (Mar., $6.99) by Carlton Stowers. In 1983, a woman is brutally murdered while her four-year-old son sleeps in the next room.

Falling for You (Apr., $6.50) by Julie Ortolon. Sparks begin to fly when Rory St. Claire, who wants to buy a house said to be haunted, contacts the son of the local banker.

Shades of Honor (June, $6.50) by Wendy Lindstrom is a historical romance set in the post-Civil War period.

I Think I Love You (July, $6.50) by Stephanie Bond. Three estranged sisters return home to auction off the family antiques business.

The Mistress of Rossmor (Aug., $6.50) by Marianne Willman. A man and woman who meet amid the ruins of Rome are instantly attracted to each other.

Reprints: (Mar.):Robert Ludlum's Cassandra Compact ($7.99) by Robert Ludlum and Phillip Shelby; (Apr.):Fast Women ($6.99) by Jennifer Crusie; (May):In Harm's Way ($6.99) by Doug Stanton; (June):Seven Up ($6.99) by Janet Evanovich; (July):America ($7.99) by Stephen Coonts; Close to You ($6.99) by Mary Jane Clark.

Awakening Mercy
(June, $6.99) by Angela Benson. Even though CeCe and Nate realize that God has brought them together, a secret threatens their happiness.

Disappearing Acts
(Apr., $7.99) by Terry McMillan is a love story.

Hazard (May, $6.99) by Jo Beverley. Lady Anne Peckworth has little difficulty finding suitors who are interested in her dowry.

The Door to December (June, $7.99) by Dean Koontz explores the depths of a mother's love and the tempest of a father's obsession.

Back in My Heart (Aug., $TBA) by Catherine Anderson. In this humorous tale, a divorced couple is reunited with their scheming kids.

Reprints: (Mar.):Scarlet Feather ($7.99) by Maeve Binchy; L.A. Justice ($6.99) by Christopher Darden and Dick Lochte; Bubbles Unbound ($6.99) by Sarah Strohmeyer; (Apr.):Cold Paradise ($7.99) by Stuart Woods; The Songcatcher ($7.99) by Sharyn McCrumb; (May):Between Lovers ($7.50) by Eric Jerome Dickey; (June):Stranger in Paradise ($7.99) by Eileen Goudge; Hard Evidence ($7.99) by John Lescroart; (July):Dead Sleep ($7.99) by Greg Iles.

Destiny's Woman
(Mar., $6.99) by Lindsay McKenna. In the 24th story in the Morgan's Mercenaries series, Apache pilot Akiva Redtail is in a battle of wills--and hearts.

A Mother's Day (Apr., $7.99) by Emilie Richards, Marie Farrarella and Elizabeth Bevarly is an anthology celebrating motherhood and love.

Lonestar Country Club: The Debutantes (May, $7.99) by Ann Major, Christine Rimmer and Beverly Barton. At a Texas ball, a good girl, a plain Jane and a feisty cowgirl each discover that dreams can come true.

Going to the Chapel (July, $6.50) by Sharon Sala, Stella Bagwell and Dixie Browning collects three stories about getting that special man to the altar.

(Mar., $5.99) by Neal Shusterman combines two short story collections. Advertising.

Reprints: (Mar.):Irish Love ($6.99) by Andrew Greeley; (Apr.):Conclave ($7.99) by Greg Tobin; (May):Witness for the Dead ($7.99) by Michael Frederickson; (June):Domain ($7.99) by Steve Alten; (July): The Ring of Five Dragons ($7.99) by Eric Van Lustbader; (Aug.):Aztec Blood ($6.99) by Gary Jennings.

Reprints: (Mar.):
This Present Darkness ($7.99) by Frank Peretti; (Apr.): Dawn of Liberty ($7.99) by Michael Phillips.

Slayer: An Expanded and Updated Unofficial Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Mar., $9.95) by Keith Topping covers five seasons, episode by episode.

Hollywood Vampire: A Revised and Updated Unofficial Guide to Angel (Apr., $9.95) by Keith Topping is the fan bible, covering series one and two.

Inside Bartlett's White House (May, $9.95) by Keith Topping is a guide to the West Wing, covering series one and two.

Lone Wolf: True Stories of Spree Killers (May, $9.95) by Pan Pantziarka explores the motives of Timothy McVeigh, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith and others.

Manhattan Dating Game: An Unofficial Guide to Sex and the City (Aug., $9.95) by Jim Smith covers seasons one through four.

Unsolved Murders: When Killers Escape Justice (Aug., $9.95) by Russell Gould delves into unsolved murders including the cases of JonBenet Ramsey and The Black Dahlia.

Reprint: (Apr.):Audrey Hepburn ($10.95) by Ian Woodward.

Kursk Down: The Shocking True Story of the Sinking of a Russian Nuclear Submarine
(Mar., $6.50) by Clyde Burleson reveals the facts.

After Shock (Mar., $7.99) by Stephen Kyle. Chaos, tremors and death are the side effects of the almost-operational secret government research project in Alaska.

Knight in My Bed (Apr., $5.99) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. The uneasy truce between two warring clans is shattered when a MacInnes bride is found murdered.

Letters to Penthouse XV (Apr., $7.99) by Penthouse magazine features new, sexy letters.

Silverbridge (May, $TBA) by Joan Wolf. A superstar actress shooting a film at the Silverbridge estate begins having visions from the past.

Inter Office Male (June, $6.99) by John Richards. A man whose life has been boring and uneventful is captivated by a woman who treats him terribly.

The Legend (July, $6.50) by Kathleen Givens is loosely based on Sir Walter Scott's poem 'Lochinvar.'

The Secret Clan: Hidden Heiress (Aug., $6.99) by Amanda Scott is a retelling of the Cinderella tale.

Reprints: (Mar.):Seduction by Design ($6.99) by Sandra Brown; (Apr.):The Rules for Marriage: Time-Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work ($7.50) by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider; (May):The Edge of Town ($6.99) by Dorothy Garlock; (July):A Bend in the Road ($TBA) by Nicholas Sparks; (Aug.):Envy ($TBA) by Sandra Brown.

Reprints: (Mar.): A Darkness More Than Night
($7.99) by Michael Connelly; (May):The Judgement ($6.99) by D.W. Buffa; (June):Fearless Jones ($6.99) by Walter Mosely.

The Wizardwar
(Mar., $6.99) by Elaine Cunningham completes the Forgotten Realms: Counselors and Kings trilogy.

Realms of Shadow (Apr., $6.99), edited by Lizz Baldwin, includes stories by R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and more.

Judgment (May, $6.99) by Will McDermott provides the conclusion to the Odyssey Cycle series.

Heirs of Prophecy (June, $6.99) by Lisa Smedman is designed as an entry point to the Forgotten Realms universe.

The Lioness (Aug., $6.99) by Nancy Varian Berberick looks at the history of a character from the War of Souls trilogy.

Reprints: (Mar.):Dragons of a Lost Star ($7.99) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman; (Apr.):Betrayal ($7.99) by Jean Rabe; (Aug.):Sea of Swords ($7.99) by R.A. Salvatore.

The Knight Triumphant
(Mar., $6.99) by Shannon Drake. In this fourth novel in the Graham series, Eric Graham pursues the Lady Igrainia, who battles her passion for her rescuer.

Someone Knows (Mar., $6.50) by Karen Young. Valerie Long, the new editor of Panache magazine, is being stalked by someone who knows the secrets of her past.

What She Doesn't Know (Apr., $6.50) by Beverly Barton. A witness to a tragic crime returns home to confront secrets of the past.

Hot Rain (May, $6.99) by Kat Martin. When her roommate is killed in a suspicious accident, Allie Parker finds herself enmeshed in international intrigue.

Cold Blooded (June, $6.99) by Lisa Jackson. In this sequel to Hot Blooded, Detective Rick Bentz seeks another signature killer in New Orleans.

Be My Baby Tonight (June, $6.99) by Kasey Michaels. After their divorce, a baseball player and his high-powered ex-wife discover they're going to have a baby.

Night Moves (July, $6.99) by Janelle Taylor. A couple fights to protect the child who brought them together and has now plunged their lives into danger.

Tell Me Why (Aug., $6.99) by Stella Cameron. After losing her daughter in a bitter custody battle, jazz pianist Carolly Burns seeks a way to get her back.

Reprints:(Mar.):Vegas Sunrise ($7.50) by Fern Michaels; Shadow and Silk ($6.99) by Ann Maxwell; (Apr.):Kentucky Rich ($6.99) by Fern Michaels.

The Sword and the Ring: My Lady Knight
(Mar., $5.99) by Suzanne McMinn. Heroes who live by the sword find that women soften their hearts with the help of a special ring.

The Brides of Bath: With His Ring (Apr., $5.99) by Cheryl Bolen. Glee agrees to marry a man who must wed or lose a fortune.

Meet Me at the Fair: Just North of Bliss (May, $5.99) by Alice Duncan. Belle, a Southern girl whose family lost everything in the Civil War, is pursued by a photographer who thinks her face will be his fortune.

The Vaudrys: Surrender the Stars (June, $5.99) by Linda Lea Castle is the second book in this medieval series about a sister and two brothers who, separated as children, discover their familial ties as adults.

Haven: Moonlight on Water (July, $5.50) by Jo Ann Ferguson continues this series in which a small town is changed by the arrival of an orphan train.

The Brides of Bath: A Fallen Woman (Aug., $5.99) by Cheryl Bolen. To her horror, Carlotta Ennis falls in love with the soldier her husband died protecting.

The Baron and the Bluestocking
(Mar., $4.99) by Joy Reed. When she's left an estate by an elderly Lord Atwater, Miss Elizabeth Watson must deal with the man's attractive but testy nephew.

The Wrong Mr. Wright (Mar., $4.99) by Patricia Hay. In her first London season, Diana Somerville is compromised by a well-known rakehell whose half-brother attempts to set things to rights.

Smuggler's Heart (Apr., $4.99) by Jeanne Savery. When Miles Seward uncovers a group of French smugglers he finds that their leader is a beautiful woman.

His Unexpected Bride (May, $4.99) by Jo Ann Ferguson. When a man and woman are tricked into marriage, they agree to carry on the charade, then find themselves falling in love.

A Rogue's Heart (June, $4.99) by Valerie King. A roguish deception leads to love between a debutante and the Earl of Bradenstoke.

Lord Desmond's Destiny (July, $4.99) by Joy Reed. A lord and a runaway bride fall in love but are torn apart by misunderstandings.

Miss White and the Seven Wards (Aug., $4.99) by Lynn Collum. Fleeing her evil stepmother, Sarah White is rescued by seven boys who beg her to be their mother.