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Caribbean Elegance
(May, $39.95) by Michael Connors, photos by Bruce Buck, showcases the sumptuously furnished homes of sugar barons from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries.

Yves Saint Laurent, 5, avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris, France (May, $49.95) by David Teboul marks the designer's 40th year as an independent designer and coincides with a TV documentary.

Susie Cooper: A Pioneer of Modern Design
(Apr., $69.50) features the contemporary ceramic designer's work.

Starting to Collect: Oriental Rugs (July, $25) is a new entry in a series aimed at the beginner seeking guidance.

Fashion Follies
(Aug., $20) by Chesley McLaren and Ruth Peltason presents an irreverent look at haute couture.

Mr. Fix-It Introduces You to Your Home
(Apr., $23.95) by Lou Manfredini. The TV personality and columnist delivers the lowdown on all aspects of home maintenance. Advertising. 10-city author tour.

The Other End of the Leash (June, $25.95) by Patricia McConnell. A zoologist recommends consistent body language and verbal language that dogs can understand. Advertising. 8-city author tour.

New Spaces from Salvage: Creating Perfect Interiors from Recovered Architecture
(Mar., $29.95) by Thomas J. O'Gorman proclaims that it is chic to scavenge in salvage yards filled with bargain-priced fixtures, fittings and decorative pieces.

(dist. by Phaidon Press)
(Mar., $34.95) by Suzanne Trocmé traces the history and development of traditional and hi-tech fabrics, and includes profiles of designers.

(dist. by Trafalgar Square)
Get the Look: How to Be a Stylist in Your Own Home
(Mar., $37.50) by Rebecca Tanqueray shares tricks of the home stylist's trade for decorating inexpensively.

Flowers for the Table: Arrangements and Bouquets for All Seasons
(May, $22.95) by Ariella Chezar instructs on how to create centerpieces for any celebration or gathering.

Honey: From Flower to Table (June, $18.95) by Stephanie Rosenbaum gives all the buzz about honey, including chapters on history, cooking and crafting.

(dist. by Antique Collectors' Club)
More Space
(May, $40) by Fay Sweet details ways to expand living space plus how to work with architects and builders.

Family Fun Boredom Busters: 365 Games, Crafts, and Activities Your Kids Will Love
(June, $24.95) by Deanna Cook and FamilyFun magazine experts entertains kids with an activity for every day of the year.

Create Your Own Artist's Journal
(June, $24.99) by Erin O'Toole helps artists record what they observe.

(dist. by Antique Collectors' Club)
Jewel of the Nizams
(Mar., $95) by Usha R. Bala Krishnan is an illustrated catalogue of Indian jewelry and Golconda diamonds, including historical background and insider gossip.

Japanese Country Style
(Aug., $45) by Yoshihiro Takishita. Refurbished Japanese folk homes are presented in more than 300 full-color photos.

The New Generation of Japanese Swordsmiths (Aug., $55) by Tamio Tsuchiko profiles the lives and work of 20 contemporary swordsmiths.

(dist. by Sterling)
Art & Craft of Stonework: Dry-Stacking, Mortaring, Paving, Carving, Gardenscaping
(Mar., $27.95) by David Reed combines practical instructional information with examples of stonework from New Jersey to Nepal.

Creative Tabletop Fountains: 30 Projects to Renew Your Spirit (Mar., $24.95) by Martha Le Van shows how to craft a variety of water features using such materials as stone, wood, tile, bamboo and even ice.

Oh, Dry Up"Hanging laundry on a line is one of life's luxuries," write Irene Rawlings and Andrea Van Steenhouse, the appreciative authors of The Clothesline (Gibbs Smith, Apr.), a paean to the spirituality, practicality and peculiarities of the wash-day world. (Their definition of "clothesline" is notably broad, extending from the quintessential vision of white sheets flapping in a prairie wind to "wool socks drying on a steam radiator in a tiny New York walk-up.") The book is divided into four parts--"Clotheslines," "Laundry Rooms," "Collectibles" and "Clotheslines as Art"--each as fresh and breezy as its subject. Sprinkled throughout the text, along with photos old and new, are household tips, recipes and remedies. The book will appear in time for Mother's Day, be given a promotional push for Earth Day and be aimed mostly at homemaking publications and decorating magazines. Sharing a little-known fact, publicity director Alison Einerson reports that the laundry room is "currently the second most remodeled room in the house."

(dist. by PGW)
Grandmother's Scrapbook
(May, $25), with quilt-inspired illustrations by Judy Pelikan, is a keepsake journal encouraging grandmothers to document their stories.

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners
(June, $25.95) by the Monks of New Skete is the first revision since its original publication in 1978.

Furnishing Forward: A Practical Guide to Furnishing for a Lifetime
(Apr., $40) by Sheila Bridges, photos by Anna Williams. The interior design professional dispenses advice on achieving an enduring style in one's home. Advertising.

Katrin Cargill's Curtain Bible: Simple & Stylish Designs for Contemporary Curtains & Blinds (Apr., $35) by Katrin Cargill submits original designs for every type of window dressing. Ad/promo.

The Epicurean Collector (June, $40) by Patrick Dunne and Southern Accents editors, photos by Charles Walton, surveys culinary antiques. Advertising.

(dist. by Wilderness Adventures Press)
Living with Chickens: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Flock
(June, $24.95) by Jay Rossier, photos by Geoff Hansen, discusses such topics as how to live and sleep with a rooster in your midst.

Better Homes and Gardens Color Solutions
(Mar., $29.95) breaks color selection into 10 basic questions, then devotes a chapter to answering each. 50,000 first printing.

Lynette Jennings Straight Talk on Decorating (Mar., $34.95) shows how to make the most of space and how to arrange furniture. 75,000 first printing.Advertising. BOMC selection. Author publicity.

The Home Depot Decorative Painting 1-2-3 (Mar., $34.95) advises on paint selection, prep and cleanup. 75,000 first printing. Ad/promo.

(dist. by Phaidon Press)
American Insider's Guide to Twentieth-Century Furniture
(Mar., $24.95) by John Sollo is a history of modern furniture that highlights important designers and imparts guidance to collectors.

The Little Book of Spells
(Mar., $4.95) by Suzanne Siegel Zenkel prescribes spells to harness energy and bring about positive changes.

Home Swell Home
(June, $24) by Cynthia Rowley and Ilene Rosenzweig is a design book for "zoomers," young women with cyber-speed attention spans and tastes that run from decadent to disposable chic.

Good Things from Tag Sales and Flea Markets
(Apr., $22) by Martha Stewart Living magazine guides readers through the intricacies of shopping and negotiating street sales, and includes counsel on restoring and renovating, decorating and collecting. 75,000 first printing.

Santa Fe Houses (Apr., $50) by Christine Mather with Sharon Woods, photos by Jack Parsons. The author of Santa Fe Style explores more stunning homes from the region. Advertising.

Terence Conran Kitchens (Apr., $45) by Terence Conran is updated for 2002.

(dist. by Sterling)
Pocket Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Aquarium Fish (Apr., $24.95) by Richard Crow and Dave Keeley is a directory of more than 200 fish species.

Trade Secrets from Use What You Have Decorating
(July, $27.95) by Lauri Ward is full of money-saving ways from the pioneer of one-day redecorating. Author publicity.

Fowl Is FairWanna play chicken? Two publishers are hoping to score publishing, er, coops with spring releases dedicated to poultry lovers everywhere. First in the pecking order is My Fine Feathered Friend, an April release from Random House in which New York Times restaurant critic William Grimes tells about the chicken that came to dinner, as it were--but as a guest, not as the main course. This neighborly bird showed up in the dead of winter in Grimes's backyard (in Queens, New York), and stayed on for several months, stimulating both the protective impulses and the intellectual curiosity of his adopted "parent." Those roused to action by Grimes's tale can find inspiration in a June release from Lyons Press, Living with Chickens: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Flock. Author Jay Rossier covers everything from how to keep marauders from attacking your chickens to the comparative benefits of homemade vs. commercial grain to how to get quality eggs from one's brood. The man is clearly well credentialed: not only does he raise chickens at his Vermont home, but his book features an introduction by the American Poultry Association.

Outdoor Decorating and Style Guide: Fresh Ideas and Inspiration for Making Beautiful Outdoor Rooms
(Apr., $35) features 250 color images that apply interior design principles to exterior spaces.

First Impressions: Fresh Looks for Entryways, Hallways and Foyers (May, $35) by Anna Kasabian focuses on these often overlooked areas.

The Tea Ceremony: Explore the Ancient Art of Tea
(Apr., $30) by Okakura Kakuzo provides detailed instructions for serving the ritual tea ceremony at home.

Bikes, Scooters, Skates & Boards: How to Buy 'em, Fix 'em, Improve 'em, Move 'em
(May, $19.95) by Neil Bibbins is for recreational riders.

The New City Home: Smart Design for Metro Living
(Apr., $34.95) by Leslie Plummer Clagett supplies city-tested solutions to overcome limitations of urban life.

A Master Guide to the Art of Floral Design
(Apr., $39.95) by Alisa A. de Jong-Stout with Hannah Sigur suggests that the flower itself guides the arranger.

Cotton Knits for All Seasons
(Apr., $24.95) by Debbie Bliss. The Baby Gap designer offers 25 original designs for babies, children and adults, from sweaters to hats. Crafter's Choice selection.

Vastu Home: Harmonize Your Living Space with the "Indian Feng Shui"
(Aug., $17.50) furnishes the ancient principles of Vastu Vidya.

Ode to the Outhouse: A Tribute to a Vanishing American Icon
(May, $14.95), cartoons and drawings by Bob Artley and Eric Sloane, is an appreciation of privies.

The Creative Memories Way
(Mar., $17.95) by Rhonda Anderson and Cheryl Lightle shows how to create keepsake photo albums.

Coming Home: Spiritual Interiors
(Mar., $35) by Vinny Lee. Add a spiritual dimension by drawing from the inspirations of world cultures.

New Country Color: The Art of Living (May, $29.95) by Susan Sargent and Jake Chapline offers decorating advice from a prominent designer of home accessories.