Spring 2002 Listing by Publisher
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Several Silly CitationsOnce again, we've perused publishers' seasonal offerings looking for titles or subjects that spark our interest or tickle our funny bone. In the spirit of lighthearted humor, our accolades for spring are herewith bestowed:
Book Most Likely to Inspire Kids to Forgo Videos and Spend More Time Reading: Frankenstella and the Video Store Monster by Herbie Brennan, illus. by Cathy Gale, in which adorable little Stella turns into Frankenstella when the 'video store monster' eats her mother. (Bloomsbury USA)
Book that Parents Are Very Likely to Mistake for a Practical How-To: Laura Numeroff's 10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster by Numeroff, illus. by Nate Evans. Tips on what to do if your monster's aberrant behavior includes eating all of your favorite shirts or using your hairbrush as a toothbrush. (HarperCollins/Geringer)
Volume Most Apt to Put Booksellers on High Alert for Hungry Browsers: Eat This Book by the 'eaters' of Klutz. With edible pages and a pen that writes in edible ink, this is, promises the publisher, 'a book you can really sink your teeth into.' (Klutz)
Title Most Likely to Make Any Teen's Problems Seem Less Ruff: Lady: My Life as a Bitch by Melvin Burgess, in which a teenage girl finds she is turning into a dog. (Holt)
Funkiest--in More Than One Sense of the Word--Picture Book: I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullan, which stars a ravenous garbage truck that feasts on the likes of dirty diapers, moldy meatballs and puppy poo. (HarperCollins/Cotler)
Most Clever-Sounding and Spicy Spin on a Fairy Tale: The Three Armadillies Tuff by Jackie Mims Hopkins, illus. by S.G. Brooks, in which three armadillo sisters en route to a dance hall must outsmart a coyote who is fond of 'armadilly chili' and armadillo skin boots. (Peachtree)
Picture-Book Heroine with the Most Panache--and Crunch: The star of The Adventures of Coco the Carrot by Steven Salerno, an ambitious vegetable whose flair for designing exotic hats makes her the toast of Paris. (WinslowHouse)
Catchiest Title: This Whole Tooth Fairy Thing Is Nothing but a Big Rip Off! by Lois Grambling, illus.by Thomas Payne (Cavendish)

Little Star by Danielle Heufemann, illus. by Arcadio Lobato ($15). A star leaves the sky to tour the world below. (4-8)
The Secret of the North Pole by Danielle Heufemann, illus. by Arcadio Lobato ($15). Little Bear finds Santa's red cap and sets out to return it. (4-8)
Bandus the Bear by Jutta Gorschluter, illus. by Michael Grejniec ($15), centers on a bear who longs to be a circus star. (4-8)
The McGraw-Hill Children's Dictionary ($24.95) contains more than 35,000 entries and color art. (8-11)
The McGraw-Hill Children's Thesaurus ($19.95) includes more than 12,000 entries and a picture index. (8-11)
Kids Have Feelings, Too issues Someone Special Died, Sometimes I Feel Awful, Moving Is Hard, Mom and Dad Break Up and It's Hard to Share My Teacher by Joan Prestine, illus. by Virginia Kylberg ($14.95 each, 3-8). Molly & Emmett return in Emmett's Dream by Marylin Hafner ($12.95, 4-up). And there are 24 new Smithsonian Mini Books, including Beluga Goes South by Linda Lingemann, illus. by Jon Weiman; Orca Pup's Escape by Michael Amour, illus. by Katie Lee; Box Turtle's Big Search by Susan Korman, illus. by Stephen Marchesi; and Little Fawn's Summer Day by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, illus. by Joel Snyder ($2.99 each, 5-8).
Gulliver's Travels, illus. by Germano Ovani; Rapunzel, illus. by Nicoletta Oeccoli; The Little Mermaid, illus. by Francesca Salucci; and Thumbelina, illus. by Eva Montanari ($12.95 each, 3-8).
Jack and the Beanstalk
by Carol Ottolenghi, illus. by Guy Porfiriok; The Little Red Hen by Ottolenghi, illus. by Reggie Holladay; Rapunzel by Catherine McCafferty, illus. by Clive Spong; The Gingerbread Man by McCafferty, illus. by Doug Bowles; Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Candice Ransom; Little Red Riding Hood by Ransom, illus. by Tammie Lyon, The Three Little Pigs by Patricia Seibert, illus. by Horacio Elena; and Mother Goose, illus. by CD Hullinger ($3.99 each), offer classic tales. (3-8)
Paperback Series
Disney Parent and Child Read Together
adds Winnie the Pooh: The Big Honeypot Rescue and Pooh's Honey Tree, The Lion King: Cave Secret and The Little Mermaid ($5.99 each, 3-6). And First Readers Skills and Practice (Little Critter) gains six new titles by Mercer Mayer, among them My Trip to the Zoo and Little Sister Helps Out ($3.95 each, 5-8).
Paperback Series Reprints
Mercer Mayer's Picture Books
reprints Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo, If I Had a Gorilla, One Monster and Scaredy Cat by Mayer ($5.95 each, 3-8).

The Atlas of the Renaissance World
by Anita Ganeri ($19.95), covers almost 300 years of European history. (8-up)
Animal Close-Ups
debuts with Insects, Sea Creatures, Monkeys and Apes and Frogs and Snakes by Barbara Taylor ($9.95 each, 4-7). Launching Classical Composers are Handel, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Bach and Mozart by Gretta Cencetti ($18.95 each, 6-9). And Incredible Journey introduces Incredible Journey Through the World of Dinosaurs, Incredible Journey Through the World of Planets and Incredible Journey Through the World of the Body by Nicholas Harris ($9.95 each, 8-up).

(Interlink Publishing, dist.)
Mauby's Big Adventure by Peter Laurie, illus. by Ann Dodson ($11.95). Unhappy with farm life, a cat sets out to explore his Caribbean island. (3-8)
Constantine by Nancy Yaeger, illus. by Bill Grace ($11.95). A toucan leads a lonely man on a series of adventures. (3-8)

Rainbow's Landing
by Steve Tiller, illus. by Robert Cremeans ($15.95, paper $7.95). A sea anemone explores the ocean during a storm. (5-up)
Henry Hump 'Born to Fly' by Steve Tiller, illus. by Robert Cremeans ($15.95, paper $8.95), tells of a caterpillar who discovers he was born to fly. (5-up)

(Firefly, dist.)
Canyon by Eileen Cameron, photos by Michael Collier ($16.95), focuses on the canyons of the American West. (5-8)

Emma and the Ruby Ring
by Yvonne MacGrory, illus. by Terry Myler ($17.95, paper $6.95), is a time-travel adventure set in Ireland. (8-13)
Stories from Where We Live
adds The Gulf Coast, edited by Sara St. Antoine, illus. by Trudy Nicholson, maps by Paul Mirocha ($19.95, 9-up).

Old Shell, New Shell: A Coral Reef Tale
by Helen Ward ($17.95). A hermit crab searches for a new shell on the Great Barrier Reef. (5-7)
The Big Book of Christian Crafts by Kathy Ross, illus. by Sharon Lane Holm ($19.95), rounds up 78 craft projects. (5-8)
Glow in the Dark Book of Space by Nicholas Harris, illus. by Sebastian Quigley; and Glow in the Dark Book of Ocean Creatures by Harris, illus. by Elisabetta Ferrero, Mariano Valsesia and Gary Hincks ($12.95 each), feature glow-in-the-dark art. (7-9)
The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth by Ellen Jackson, illus. by Jan Davey Ellis ($14.95), reveals multicultural celebrations of this time of year. (7-9)
Footnotes by Frank Augustyn and Shelley Tanaka ($17.95) examines seven classical ballets. (10-up)
Super Snappy
gains Super Snappy Words by Dugald Steer, illus. by Derek Matthews, paper engineering by Richard Hawke, ($14.95, 3-6). Joining the Snappy Little series is Snappy Little Pets by Steer, illus. by Matthews, paper engineering by Hawke ($12.95, 3-6). New Snappy Touch & Feel titles are Croc's Crazy Day and Lion's Lost Ball by Steer, illus. by Matthews, paper engineering by Hawke ($11.95 each, 3-6). And Play-Doh Fun offers Play-Doh Animal Fun and Play-Doh Art Projects by Kathy Ross, illus. by Sharon Hawkins Vargo ($18.95 each, 5-8).
Magnificent Monarchs
by Linda Glaser, illus. by Gay Holland ($7.95), describes the life of a monarch butterfly. (4-8)
Dog's Night by Meredith Hooper, illus. by Allan Curless and Mark Burgess ($8.95). Dogs depicted in paintings escape from their canvases. (5-9)
No One Saw by Rob Raczka ($9.95) examines various artists' perspectives on particular objects. (5-10)
Africa Is Not a Country by Margy Burnes Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien and Mark Melnicove, illus. by O'Brien ($9.95), examines the customs of various African countries. (8-12)
50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet by Dennis Denenberg and Lorraine Roscoe ($12.95) spotlights 50 notable Americans. (9-up)
Paperback Series
Learning Is Fun!
welcomes Kathy Ross Crafts: Letter Shapes and Letter Sounds by Ross, illus. by Jan Barger ($8.95 each, 3-6). Celebrate the Seasons! continues with It's Spring! by Linda Glaser, illus. by Susan Swan ($7.95, 4-8). Let's Celebrate! parties on with Let's Celebrate Earth Day by Connie and Peter Roop, illus. by Gwen Connelly ($6.95, 5-8). And I Know America adds Our Money, Revised Edition by Karen Bornemann Spies ($9.95, 7-9).

How? What? Why?
continues with How Does a Ship Float? and Why Does It Fall Over? by Jim Pipe, illus. by Catherine Ward ($8.95 each, 5-7).
Paperback Series
Art Around the World
gains In the Time of Picasso and In the Time of Warhol by Antony Mason ($8.95 each, 9-12). Joining Fascinating Science Experiments are Animal Life and Electricity and Magnetism by Bobbi Searle ($8.95 each, 10-13). And new to Copper Beach Atlases is The Atlas of People and Places by Philip Steele ($12.95, 10-up).

From Get to Work Trucks!
by Don Carter
(Millbrook/Roaring Brook)

Get to Work Trucks!
by Don Carter ($14.95) is a concept book featuring trucks. (2-5)
Tickle Tickle by Dakari Hru, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max ($14.95), celebrates tickling. (3-6)
The Tide by Nik Pollard ($15.95) conveys the sights and sounds of the sea. (3-6)
Koala and the Flower by Mary Murphy ($14.95). From library books, Koala learns about growing flowers. (3-6)
Frog Hunt by Sandra Jordan ($15.95) reveals life in a pond. (3-7)
I'm a Tiger Too! by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick ($15.95) is a tale about finding a friend. (4-6)
Tom Mouse by Ursula K. Le Guin, illus. by Julie Downing ($15.95), presents the story of a mouse, a train and a woman with a pocketful of surprises. (4-8)
Night Train by Caroline Stutson, illus. by Katherine Tillotson ($15.95), reveals a nighttime train ride. (4-8)
My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann ($15.95). A bigger kid breaks his friend's toys. (4-8)
World Team by Tim Vyner ($15.95) shows children all over the world playing soccer. (4-8)
We Wanted You by Liz Rosenberg, illus. by Peter Catalanotto ($16.95), is a story about adoption. (5-9)
Across a Dark and Wild Sea by Don Brown ($15.95) tells of the life of an Irish monk and scribe. (5-9)
The True Story of Trapper Jack's Left Big Toe by Ian Wallace ($17.95). In the Yukon, two boys search for a missing toe. (6-10)
George Speaks by Dick King-Smith, illus. by Judy Browne ($14.95), centers on a baby who starts talking at the age of four weeks. (7-9)
Bridges: From My Side to Yours by Jan Adkins ($18.95) outlines the history of bridge-building. (9-14)
Naiwoto: A Warrior in Two Worlds by Joseph Lekuton ($15.95) is the true story of a man who splits his time between teaching in the U.S. and living as a Masai warrior in Kenya. (10-14)
Objects in Mirror by Ronder Thomas Young ($15.95) offers a novel about a teen who explores the boundaries of friendship. (11-14)
Shattering Glass by Gail Giles ($15.95). The leader of the senior class turns a nerd into Prince Charming. (12-up)
Hanging On to Max by Margaret Bechard ($15.95). After his girlfriend gets pregnant, a high school senior decides to keep the baby. (12-up)
Roman Mysteries
debuts with The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence ($15.95, 9-11).

Unlocking the Secrets of Science
starts up with 12 titles, including Tim Berners-Lee and the Development of the World Wide Web by Ann Gaines, Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine by John Bankston, Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist by Kathleen Tracy and Stephen Wozniak and the Story of Apple Computer by John Riddle and Jim Whiting ($17.95 each, 10-16).

New titles are added to Nursery Rhymes Plush Pals Board Books ($5.95 each, 2-5) and Fisher-Price Touch 'n' Feel Board Books ($4.95 each, 2-5).
Paperback Series
New volumes join Fisher-Price Write and Wipe Activity Books ($2.99 each, 3-7); Clifford the Big Red Dog Big Shape Coloring and Activity Books and Clifford the Big Red Dog Big Coloring and Activity Books ($1.99 each, 3-8); Clifford the Big Red Dog Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); Jay Jay the Jet Plane Coloring and Activity Books ($1.29 each, 3-8); and Jay Jay the Jet Plane Giant Coloring and Activity Books ($1.99 each, 3-8); and Fisher-Price 10-in-1 Ready Reader Storybooks, Level 1 ($7.95 each, 5-7) and Level 2 ($7.95 each, 6-9).

Right Outside My Window
by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Nicholas Wilton ($15.95), offers an introduction to the changing seasons. (3-7)
Signs of Spring by Justine Fontes, illus. by Rob Hefferan ($15.95), reveals the early signals of an approaching season. (3-7)
The Bear: An American Folk Song, illus. by Kenneth Spengler. A heroine outwits a bear in this song. ($15.95, 4-8)
Jake Greenthumb by Loki, illus. by Jason Gaillard ($15.95), introduces a character with a green thumb. (5-9)
Milo and the Fire Engine Parade by Pamela Jane, illus. by Meredith Johnson ($14), is the first in a series of tales about Milo and Wolf. (6-9)
National Treasures by Kate Torpie ($15.95) focuses on American landmarks. (6-10)
and Seahorses by Sylvia James ($6 each). Text and photos examine these species. (5-8)
Paperback Reprints
My Lucky Hat
by Kevin O'Malley ($6, 5-9); and The Straight Line Wonder by Mem Fox, illus. by Marc Rosenthal ($6, 6-10).

Blossom Tales: Flower Stories of Many Folk
by Patricia Hruby Powell, illus. by Sarah Dillard ($15.95), collects 14 folktales about flowers from various continents. (5-9)
Fatuma's New Cloth by Leslie Bulion, illus. by Nicole Tadgell ($15.95). A girl in East Africa goes to the market with her mother. (5-9)

(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)
Moments in the Wild
continues with Peaceful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Homes and Amusing Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Friends, ed. by Stephanie Maze ($15 each, 2-6).

One Little Church Mouse
by Anne Kitch, illus. by Terri Weidner ($6.95). In this board book, 10 mice gather to worship in a church. (1-3)
Earth and All Stars by Herbert Brockering, illus. by Preston McDaniels ($17.95), presents a contemporary hymn. (3-7)

The Wind in the Willows, Vol. 4: Panic at Toad Hall, adapted by Michel Plessix ($15.95), is a graphic-novel adaptation of this classic by Kenneth Grahame. (6-10)

A Cool Drink of Water
by Barbara Kerley ($16.95) examines the relationship that various cultures have with water. (All ages)
It's Still a Dog's New York by Susan L. Roth ($12). Two New York canines cope with their emotions after the events of September 11. (4-8)
Pipaluk and the Whales by John Himmelman ($16.95). A girl in the Russian Arctic rescues thousands of trapped whales. (4-8)
Navajo Long Walk: The Tragic Story of a Proud People's Forced March from Their Homeland by Joseph Bruchac, illus. by Shonto Begay ($18.95), chronicles this true event. (8-12)
America at Bat: Baseball Stuff & Stories by Paul Rosenthal ($13.95) contains photos, statistics and artifacts. (8-12)
SuperCroc and the Origin of Crocodiles by Christopher Sloan ($18.95) describes prehistoric ancestors of today's crocodiles. (10-up)
Jump Into Science
continues with Earthquakes by Ellen Prager, illus. by Susan Greenstein; and Honeybees by Deborah Heiligman, illus. by Carla Golembe ($16.95 each, 4-8). And Mysteries in Our National Parks by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson presents Over the Edge and Valley of Death ($15.95 each, paper $5.95, 8-12).
Paperback Series
New National Geographic My First Pocket Guides are Great Mammals, Stars & Planets, Wildflowers and Seashore Life ($5.95 each, 6-10). And National Geographic Extreme Sports kicks off with Ski! by Pamela Pollack, Snowboard! by Joy Masoff, Bike! by Monique Peterson and Zachary Zimmerman and Drive! by Darice Bailer ($8.95 each, 9-14).
Paperback Reprints
Crawdad Creek
by Scott Russell Sanders, illus. by Robert Hynes ($7.95, 5-up); How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by Rosalyn Schanzer ($7.95, 8-12); and Watching Desert Wildlife and Watching Water Birds by Jim Arnosky ($6.95 each, 8-12).
Paperback Series Reprint
Mysteries in Our National Parks
reprints Ghost Horses by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson ($5.95, 8-12).

Secrets of the Vine for Little Ones
by Bruce Wilkinson and Melody Carlson, illus. by Alexi Natchev ($5.99, 1-5); Secrets of the Vine for Young Hearts by Wilkinson and Rob Suggs, illus. by Sergio Martinez ($14.99, 3-8); and Secrets of the Vine for Kids by Wilkinson and Carlson ($9.99, 8-12) are adaptations of Wilkinson's Secrets of the Vine.
There's a Brand New Baby at Our House and... I'm the Big Brother and There's a Brand New Baby at Our House and... I'm the Big Sister by Susan Ligon ($17.99 each, paper $9.99) are interactive books aimed at siblings of a newborn. (2-5)
I'm Not Afraid
by Dandi Daley Mackall, illus. by Elena Kucharik, introduces No, No Noah!; Go, Go Fish!; Don't Cry, Lion! and Little Lost Donkey ($6.99 each, 3-7). Jay Jay the Jet Plane Storybooks takes off with Snuffy Goes to School, I Like Being Me and I Miss You a Whole Lot ($7.99 each, 3-7).
He Chose You
by Max Lucado, adapted by Monica Hall ($9.99) emphasizes God's unconditional love. (10-14)
Paperback Series
by Jim Denney debuts with Battle Before Time and Doorway to Doom ($5.99 each, 8-12). The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle by Bill Myers adds My Life as a Skysurfing Skateboarder ($5.99, 8-12). And new Mysteries in Odyssey are The Case of the Mysterious Message by Marshal Younger, The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman by John Fornoth and The Secret of the Monster in the Woods by Clint Kelley ($5.99 each, 8-12).
Paperback Reprints
The Veritas Project: Hangman's Curse
by Frank Peretti ($8.99, 8-12).

God Is Calling You: And Other Things My Granddad Taught Me
by Janet Hoffman ($6.99). The author reveals stories about the wisdom her grandfather shared with her. (8-12)

My Stick Family: Helping Children Cope with Divorce
by Natalie June Reilly and Brandi Pavese, illus. by Reilly ($12.95), reinforces the fact that divorce does not affect a family's love. (4-9)

Monkeys and Me
by Darrell Wiskur ($7.99) is an interactive board book about creation. (4-7)
Dinky Dinosaur: Who's My Friend? and Creation Days by Darrell Wiskur ($6.99 each) are board books focusing on friendship; and creation. (4-7)
The Tiny Book
and The Big Book by Kathleen Ruckman, illus. by Bryan Miller ($5.95 each), examine the smallest and the largest of God's creations. (4-7)
Ask Max: What's So Hot About the Sun? and Ask Max: What's So Striking About Lightning? by Roger Howerton ($5.99 each). Max answers questions about the solar system and weather. (8-12)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: The Illustrated Story of the Film and the Filmmakers
, screenplay by Melissa Mathison, ed. by Laurent Bouzereau and Linda Sunshine, introduction by Steven Spielberg ($22.95, hardcover $34.95), includes the screenplay, photos and interviews with the film's creators. (12-up)

The Three Little Rabbits
by Ivan Gantschev ($15.95) offers a Balkan version of The Three Little Pigs. (3-5)
The Clown Said No by Mischa Damjan, illus. by Christa Unzner ($15.95). A clown inspires the other circus performers to follow their dreams. (5-8)
Bailey the Bear Cub by Nannie Kuiper, illus. by Jeska Verstegen ($15.95). A bear has no interest in learning to be independent--until he catches his first fish. (5-8)
Just the Way You Are by Marcus Pfister ($15.95). Animal friends dream of looking just a bit different in this die-cut tale. (5-8)
Sarah's Willow by Friedrich Recknagel, illus. by Maja Dusíková ($15.95). Sarah copes with the destruction of her beloved tree. (5-8)
The Big Little Sneeze by Katja Reider, illus. by Wolfgang Slawski ($15.95). After Max's little sneeze, his friends pitch in to help him. (5-8)
Alex Did It! by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Cristina Kadmon ($15.95). Three little hares blame any trouble on an imaginary hare. (5-8)
Old Beaver by Udo Weigelt, illus. by Bernadette Watts ($15.95). When a dam needs to be built, the forest animals rely on the wisdom of Old Beaver. (5-8)
Paperback Reprints
by Charles Perrault, illus. by Loek Koopmans ($6.95, 5-8); and Fun with the Molesons by Burny Bos, illus. by Hans de Beer ($5.95, 6-9).

From Over in the Meadow,
illus. by Anna Vojtech
(North-South/Cheshire Studios)

Over in the Meadow: A Counting Rhyme
by Olive Wadsworth, illus. by Anna Vojtech ($15.95), features a meadow filled with animals. (3-6)
Paperback Reprints
Little Fox
by Marilyn Janovitz; and Ten Dirty Pigs/Ten Clean Pigs by Carol Roth, illus. by Pamela Paperone ($6.95 each, 3-7).
Books in Spanish
Zorrito (Little Fox)
by Marilyn Janovitz, trans. by Ariel Almohar; and Cenicienta (Cinderella) by Charles Perrault, trans. by Gerardo Gambolini, illus. by Loek Koopmans ($15.95 each, paper $6.95, 5-8); Somos como somos (Just the Way You Are) by Marcus Pfister, trans. by Almohar ($15.95, 5-8); and ¡Hay un ratón en casa! (A Mouse in the House!) by Gerda Wagener, trans. by Almohar, illus. by Uli Waas ($5.95 paper, 7-9).

Hugs and Kisses
by Christophe Loupy, illus. by Eve Tharlet ($15.95). A puppy decides that his mother's kiss is the best of all. (3-5)
Who Will Go to School Today? by Karl Rühmann, illus. by Miriam Monnier ($15.95). Will Sam send his monkey to school in his place? (3-6)
Precious Water by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Anne Möller ($13.95). A girl pays tribute to a natural resource in this companion to Little Apple. (3-7)
The Great Golden Thing by Linard Bardill, illus. by Miriam Monnier ($15.95). A bear, hare and magician try to determine the identity of the golden object they discover. (5-8)
Pablo the Pig by Bruno Hächler, illus. by Nina Spranger ($15.95). Pablo fears his life will change when a bulldozer arrives at his hut. (5-8)
Giant Jack by Birte Müller ($15.95). Mother Mouse reassures her son that his differences make him special. (5-8)
Where Is Henry? by Charise Neugebauer, illus. by Michael Wrede ($15.95). Henry's uncle finds a way for him to join in a hide-and-seek game. (5-8)
But I Want To! by Karl Rühmann, illus. by John A. Rowe ($15.95). A boy dreams of a life where he can do anything he likes. (5-8)
It's Bedtime! by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Alan Marks ($15.95). Ben wants his scariest monster doll to protect him during the night. (5-8)
Stories from the Bible, illus. by Lisbeth Zwerger ($19.95), collects 60 biblical vignettes. (5-10)
Weekend with Grandmother by Wolfram Hänel, illus. by Christa Unzner ($13.95). A boy teaches his parents to love his quirky grandmother as much as he does. (6-9)
Robbie and Ronnie by Christine Kliphuis, illus. by Charlotte Dematons ($13.95). These best friends find treasure and outsmart a gang of bullies. (6-9)
Mixed-Up Journey to Magic Mountain by Kemal Kurt, illus. by Wolfgang Slawski ($13.95). When he has trouble with his tricks, a magician seeks help from a master. (6-9)
Paperback Reprints
Why Are You Fighting, Davy?
by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Eve Tharlet ($6.95, 3-7); and Weninger's The Elf's Hat, illus. by John A. Rowe ($6.95, 5-8).

Ready, Set, Swim!
and S.O.S.: Save Our Shortcut! by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, illus. by David Austin Clar ($3.99 each), are tales featuring Rainbow Fish. (3-6)
Little Polar Bear Bath Book by Hans de Beer ($4.99). Lars the polar bear goes for a swim. (3-7)
Paperbacks in Spanish
El gran tesoro (Hidden Treasures)
by Gail Donovan, based on the work of Marcus Pfister, trans. by Ariel Almohar, illus. by David Austin Clar; Perdido en el mar (Lost at Sea) and El pez copión (The Copycat Fish) by Donovan, based on the work of Pfister, trans. by Gerardo Gambolini, illus. by Clar; and Puro cuento (A Fishy Story) by Donovan, based on the work of Pfister, trans. by Pilar Acevedo, illus. by Clar ($3.99 each, 3-7).

Good Night, Fairies
by Kathleen Hague, illus. by Michael Hague ($15.95), is a bedtime tale about the magical life of fairies. (4-7)
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! by Diane deGroat ($15.95). Gilbert the opossum goes on a camping trip. (5-8)
My Bunny Diary by Tracy Dockray ($15.95). A bunny keeps a diary about his school friendships. (5-8)
Gus & Gertie and the Lucky Charms by Joan Lowery Nixon, illus. by Diane deGroat ($14.95). This penguin pair snags a thief at the animal Olympics. (6-9)
The Museum of Modern Art's Art Safari Collage Activity Kit by Joyce Raimondo ($19.95) includes instructions and supplies to create eight collages based on works of art. (6-12)
Oh No, Noah! by Johanna Hurwitz, illus. by Mike Reed ($14.95). How can Noah impress the kids in his new neighborhood? (7-10)
Bad Stuff in the News by Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Hartmann ($14.95) is a handbook to help kids deal with troubling current events. (9-14)
Twisted Yoga by Pilobolus, photos by John Kane ($9.95), spotlights this dance troupe. (14-up)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll, illus. by Arthur Rackham ($19.95, all ages); Would You Rather... by John Burningham; and Oh Lord, I Wish I Was a Buzzard by Polly Greenberg, illus. by Aliki ($15.95 each, 5-8); and Little Mouse's Painting by Diane Wolkstein, illus. by Maryjane Begin ($15.95, paper $5.95, 5-8).
Paperback Series
SeeMore Readers
by Seymour Simon introduces Giant Machines, Killer Whales, Planets Around the Sun and Wild Bears ($3.95 each, hardcover $13.95, 4-6); and Danger! Earthquakes and Super Storms ($3.95 each, $13.95 hardcover, 6-8).
Paperback Reprints
Beauty and the Beast
by Marianna Mayer, illus. by Mercer Mayer ($5.95, all ages); Am I Big or Little? by Margaret Park Bridges, illus. by Tracy Dockray ($5.95, 3-7); and Out of Sight: Pictures of Hidden Worlds by Seymour Simon ($6.95, 5-up).

(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)
A Winter of Spies
by Gerard Whelan ($6.95). This sequel to The Guns of Easter continues the story of Sarah during the Irish Civil War. (10-up)
Paperback Series
The Panda series adds Snip Snip! by Creina Mansfield, illus. by Maeve Kelly; Ooh La Booga Bomp by Patrice Aggs; Granny's Teeth by Brianóg Brady Dawson, illus. by Michael Connor; and My Dog Lively by Patrick Deeley, illus. by Martin Fagan ($4.95 each, 5-up).

Business Builders
continues with Business Builders in Fashion by Jacqueline Kent and Business Builders in Toys by Nathan Aaseng ($21.95 each, 10-up). And new to Profiles are Influential Economists by Marie Bussing-Burks and Women of Adventure by Jacqueline McLean ($19.95 each, 10-up).

Great Black Writers
by Marilyn Fullen ($12.95, paper $6.95) compiles brief biographies of six African-American writers, including Zora Neale Hurston and James Baldwin. (8-up)
Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom by Charles Taylor ($18) centers on this African-American holiday. (10-up)

Under a Prairie Sky
by Anne Carter, illus. by Alan Daniels ($16.95). A boy searches for his brother on the prairie. (4-8)
When Sleep Found Tabitha by Maggie DeVries, illus. by Sheena Lott ($16.95). A whale bids a girl to join him in the deep blue sea. (4-8)
The White Horse Talisman by Andrea Spalding ($15.95) portrays a struggle between good and evil, played out by two children, a mythical horse and a dragon. (9-12)
Long Shot
by Eric Walters ($4.99) is a basketball story. (7-11)
Chance and the Butterfly by Maggie DeVries ($4.99). A butterfly touches a boy's heart. (7-11)
Dancing Naked by Shelley Hrdlitschka ($4.99). When Kia learns she is pregnant, her life crumbles until she begins to trust herself. (12-up)
Saving Jasey by Diane Tullson ($6.95). Gavin confronts his family's cruelty and his friend's fear of a deadly disease. (12-up)
The Popsicle Journal by Don Trembath ($15.95). Harper finds a job. (12-up)

Paperback Series
Sports Stories
presents Rink Rivals by Jacqueline Guest, Off the Wall by Camilla Reghelini-Rivers, Home Court Advantage by Sandra Diersch and Power Play by Michele Martin Bossley ($5.50 each, 8-13).

Business in Bangkok
by Lynn Weserhout, illus. by Chum McLeod ($10.95). When a mother goes on a business trip, father and son discover they can look after themselves. (4-8)
Paperback Series
I'm a Great Little Kid
offers It's No Joke, My Telephone Broke, Now See How Great I Can Be and Charlene's Choice by Linda Sky Grossman, illus. by Petra Bockus ($12.95 each, 4-8). And new to Women's Hall of Fame are Fabulous Female Physicians by Sharon Kirsh with Florence Kirsh and Amazing Women Athletes by Jill Bryant ($7.95 each, 9-13).

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
The Story of Ireland by Richard Brassey and Stewart Ross ($19.95, paper $9.95, 7-11) offers a picture-book history of this country. (7-11)

Little Acts of Grace
by Rosemarie Gortler and Donna Piscitelli, illus. by Mimi Sternhagen ($4.95), explains Catholic ceremonial gestures. (4-10)
Teach Me About Prayer by Paul Plum, Joan Plum and Catherine Odell ($4.95) presents a personalized approach to prayer. (5-10)
Standing with Courage: Confronting Tough Decisions About Sex by Mary-Louise Kurey ($9.95) discusses chastity. (10-18)
Paperback Series
Saints for Children
welcomes St. Francis and His Feathered Friends and St. Therese in Jesus' Garden by Anne Neuberger ($7.95 each, 4-18).

From The House the Pecks
by Helen and Alf
Evers (Overlook)

The House the Pecks Built
by Helen and Alf Evers ($18.95). After a carpenter builds additions to his house, his family must take a train between rooms. (3-up)
Series Reissue
Freddy the Pig
returns in Freddy the Pied Piper and Freddy the Cowboy by Walter R. Brooks, illus. by Kurt Wiese ($23.95 each, 8-up).

My First Oxford Book of Animal Poems
, compiled by John Foster ($19.95), contains works by traditional and modern poets. (4-up)
Journey Into Africa by Tim Knight ($16.95) introduces African animals. (8-up)
Great Expectations, retold by James Riordan ($19.95), adapts Charles Dickens's classic. (10-up)
The Boy of Chancellorville and Other Civil War Stories, edited by James Marten ($20), collects eight tales about this war. (12-up)
Young Oxford Books
adds The Young Oxford Book of Timewarp Stories, edited by Dennis Pepper ($22.95, 12-up).
Paperback Series
Oxford School Shakespeare
stages Love's Labour's Lost, edited by Roma Gill ($7.95, 11-up).
Paperback Reprints
Your Name Is Renee: Ruth Kapp Hartz's Story as a Hidden Child in Nazi-Occupied France
by Stacy Cretzmeyer ($12.95, 10-up); and A Guide to the Elements, 2nd Edition by Albert Stwertka ($21.95, 10-up).
Paperback Series Reissue
Oxford Myths and Legends
reissues Tales from Japan by William McAlpine ($10.95, 10-up).

Each Breath a Smile by Sister Thuc Nghiem, illus. by Nguyen Thi Hop and Nguyen Dong ($8). A discussion of the transformative power of breathing based on the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. (3-6)
A Pebble for Your Pocket by Thich Nhat Hanh, illus. by Philippe Ames and Nguyen Thi Hop ($8), explains basic Buddhist teachings. (8-12)

(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)
Young Patriots
adds Juliette Low, Girl Scout Founder by Helen Boyd Higgins and James Whitcomb Riley, Young Poet by Minnie Belle Mitchell and Montrew Dunham, both illus. by Cathy Morrison ($14.95 each, $9.95 paper, 8-12).

The Easter Story
by Lois Rock, illus. by Diana Mayo ($7.95), is an account based on the Gospel of Matthew. (5-8)
It's Great to Be Catholic! by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe, illus. by Patrick Kelley ($10.95), offers a child's perspective on being Catholic. (4-8)
What Does a Priest Do?/What Does a Nun Do?
by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe, illus. by H.M. Alan ($5.95), focuses on the lives of priests and nuns. (2-5)
Elizabeth Ann Seton: Saint for a New Nation by Julie Walters, illus. by Patrick Kelley ($8.95), presents a fictionalized account of the life of this saint. (11-up)

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Farmer George
returns in Farmer George and the New Piglet and Farmer George and the Snowstorm by Nick Ward ($13.95 each, 3-5).
Paperback Series Reprints
Farmer George
reprints Farmer George and the Hedgehogs and Farmer George and the Hungry Guests by Nick Ward ($8.95 each, 3-5).

Over the Candlestick: Classic Nursery Rhymes and the Real Stories Behind Them
, collected by Michael Montgomery and Wayne Montgomery, illus. by Michael Montgomery ($16.95), compiles familiar rhymes. (3-7)
The Three Armadillies Tuff by Jackie Mims Hopkins, illus. by S.G. Brooks ($15.95), gives Three Billy Goats Gruff a southwestern setting. (4-8)
Lady Lupin's Book of Etiquette by Babette Cole ($14.95). An aristocratic deerhound tries to teach her pups manners. (6-10)
adds About Fish: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill, illus. by John Sill ($14.95, 3-8). And Can You Hear a Rainbow? The Story of a Deaf Boy Named Chris by Jamee Riggio Heelan, illus. by Nicola Simmonds, is a new Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Learning Book ($14.95, 6-10).

My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie
by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe ($14.95). A girl becomes obsessed with discovering the cause of the death of a teenager she has never met. (12-16)

Play Ball Like the Pros! Tips for Kids from 20 Big League Pros
by Steve Krasner ($12.95). Baseball players share anecdotes and advice. (8-12)

(North Light Books, dist.)
Paperback Series
1-2-3 Draw
gains 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon People, 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Faces and 1-2-3 Draw Animals by Steve Barr ($8.95 each, 6-up).

Who's That Tripping over My Bridge?
by Coleen Salley, illus. by Amy Jackson Dixon ($14.95), retells Three Billy Goats Gruff. (5-8)
There Was an Ol' Cajun by Deborah Ousley Kadair ($14.95) offers a twist on There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly. (5-8)
Shawn O'Hisser, the Last Snake in Ireland by Peter Welling ($14.95). Why have all the snakes in Ireland disappeared? (5-8)
Evangeline for Children by Alice Couvillon and Elizabeth Moore, illus. by Alison David Lyne ($14.95), retells Longfellow's epic. (5-8)
L Is for Louisiana
by Cecilia Casrill Dartez ($12.95). Photos illustrate this alphabet book. (5-8)
Famous Firsts of Black Women by Martha Ward Plowden, illus. by Ronald Jones ($18.95), collects brief biographies. (10-14).

Giant Shaped Board Books: Rain
and Spirit ($7.99 each) tie into the film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. (2-6)
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, adapted by David Clement-Davies, illus. by William Maughan ($15.99), is a picture-book based on this film. (4-9)
Spirit of Cimarron
presents Bonita, Esperanza, Sierra and Spirit: The Novel by Kathleen Duey ($15.99 each, Puffin paperback, $4.99, 8-12).
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
($3.99). Images from the film accompany this retelling. (4-8)
A Friend in Rain ($4.99) is a chapter-book rendition of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. (7-11)
How to Draw Spirit and Friends ($6.99) is a guide to drawing characters from the film. (7-11)
The Tuxedo by Mary Hogan ($4.99) is a junior novelization of Spirit. (8-up)

Paperback Reprints
Spindle's End
by Robin McKinley and Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith ($7.99 each, 12-up).
Paperback Reissues
The Outlaws of Sherwood
by Robin McKinley ($6.99, 10-up); The Beggar Queen and The Kestrel by Lloyd Alexander ($5.99 each, 10-up); The Ear, the Eye and the Arm by Nancy Farmer and Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies ($6.99 each, 12-up); and I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer and Westmark by Lloyd Alexander ($5.99 each, 12-up).

Where Are My Chicks?
by Sally Grindley, illus. by Jill Newton ($9.99). Barnyard animals help a mother hen find her missing chicks. (1-3)
Chimp and Zee's Noisy Book and Monkey Around with Chimp and Zee by Laurence Anholt, illus. by Catherine Anholt ($6.99 each), are board books starring these monkey twins. (1-3)
Lucky Socks by Carrie Weston, illus. by Charlotte Middleton ($14.99). A pair of lucky socks breaks Karen's bad-luck streak. (4-8)
Whatever Wanda Wanted by Jude Wisdom ($15.99). A magic kite whisks spoiled Wanda away to a place where she's forced to rethink her nasty behavior. (4-8)
Picture a Letter, illus. by Brad Sneed ($15.99), is a wordless alphabet book. (4-up)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Sally Grindley, illus. by Thomas Taylor ($16.99). Based on an episode in Fantasia, this tells of an apprentice who charms a broomstick into doing his chores for him. (4-8)
Lucy Was There... by Jean Van Leeuwen ($16.99). After her mother's departure, Morgan is comforted by a vision of a gentle dog. (9-12)
The Doomspell by Cliff McNish ($17.99). Two siblings are dropped into the world ruled by a woman who has appeared in their nightmares. (9-12)
Mississippi Trail, 1955 by Chris Crowe ($17.99) offers a fictionalized account of the kidnapping and murder of an African-American teenager. (12-up)

Remember the Bridge: Poems of a People
by Carole Boston Weatherford ($17.99) collects poetry celebrating the African-American experience. (All ages)
The Jazzy Alphabet by Sherry Shahan, illus. by Mary Thelen ($15.99), is a music-inspired alphabet book. (2-5)
I Invited a Dragon to Dinner: And Other Poems to Make You Laugh Out Loud, illus. by Chris Demarest ($16.99), is a poetry collection. (3-7)
Song of the Circus by Lois Duncan, illus. by Meg Cundiff ($15.99), tells of a circus tiger whose plans to snack on a child are foiled. (3-7)
Elefantina's Dream by X.J. Kennedy, illus. by Graham Percy ($16.99), is a sequel to Elympics. (4-8)
Tanya and the Red Shoes by Patricia Lee Gauch, illus. by Satomi Ichikawa ($16.99). Is Tanya ready to don her point shoes and dance on toe? (4-8)
One Rainy Day by Valeri Gorbachev ($15.99) tells what happens when too many animals try to take shelter from the rain under a tree. (4-8)
What About Me? by Ed Young ($16.99) is the tale of a boy who is promised knowledge if he can obtain a carpet for the Grand Master. (4-8)
When Lightning Comes in a Jar by Patricia Polacco ($16.99). At a family reunion, Gramma is going to reveal how to catch lightning in a jar. (4-8)
Birdbrain Amos by Michael Delaney ($14.99). A bird builds a nest on Amos's back. (7-10)
How I Became a Writer and Oggie Learned to Drive by Janet Taylor Lisle ($15.99). Archie is determined to help his brother recover a prized possession stolen by a gang. (9-12)
Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements ($15.99). Bobby wakes up one morning to discover that he has become invisible. (10-14)
Anna Sunday by Sally Keehn ($18.99). Anna travels from Pennsylvania to Virginia to save her father, wounded in a Civil War battle. (10-14)
Bridging Beyond by Kathleen Benner Duble ($17.99). Anna is haunted by a recurring nightmare. (10-14)
The Kingfisher's Gift by Susan Williams Beckhorn ($17.99). Franny and the fairies she talks to search for a crucial feather. (10-14)
Point Blank: An Alex Rider Adventure by Anthony Horowitz ($16.99) is a sequel to Stormbreaker. (10-up)
Tribes of Redwall: Badgers
by Brian Jacques, illus. by Peter Standley ($8.99), includes puzzles, a quiz and a poster. (All ages)

Tales of Abigail Adams
by Horace Lamb, illus. by Robin Segal ($16), rounds up six true stories about this influential American woman. (8-12)
Jomo Kenyatta: A Life by Margaret Forster ($16) is a biography of this African leader. (10-up)

Kids Love Jewish Holiday Games
by Ron Isaacs ($18.95) presents games tying into major Jewish holidays. (All ages)
Noah's Ark and Moses in the Bulrushes by Chris Rothero ($5.95 each) retell these biblical tales. (3-6)
Kindergarten Carousel by Pnina Isseroff, illus. by Celia Yitzchak ($12.95), is a story featuring fold-out flaps that fit together to form a carousel. (3-6)
Uh! Oh! Passover Haggadah by Yaacov Peterseil, illus. by Janet Zwebner ($9.95), includes illustrations of Passover scenes featuring hidden objects. (7-12)
Best Friends by Elisabeth Reuter ($12.95). In 1938, Nazi propaganda strains the friendship between two friends. (8-12)

Campbell's Alphabet Soup
, illus. by Susan McDonald ($5.99). Kids turn wheels to create words. (1-5)
Picture Me
greets Baby's Birthday, illus. by Kaycee Hoffman and Sue McDonald ($4.99, up to 3); Peek-a-Boo Farm, illus. by McDonald ($4.99, up to 4); and ABC and 123 by McDonald and Erik Powers ($4.99 each, up to 4). Little Tikes adds Building by Jackie Wolf, illus. by Sue McDonald; and Trucks and Party by McDonald and Erik Powers ($4.99 each, up to 4). My Family, illus. by Lynne Schwaner and Erik Powers, is a new Play & Tote Book ($5.99, 1-5). And Little Lucy & Friends continues with Bow Wow Blast Off by Jon Kapper, illus. by John Ottinger ($9.99, 4-8).

Angelina Ballerina
twirls on with Color Angelina's World by Katharine Holabird, illus. by Helen Craig ($8.95, 3-7); and Holabird's Polly Doll & Book Set, illus. by Craig ($24.95, 3-7). The American Girls Collection adds Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure by Dottie Raymer, illus. by Dan Andreasen; and Molly's Route 66 Adventure by Raymer, illus. by Nick Backes ($15.95 each, 7-up); and Welcome to Kit's World--Growing Up During America's Great Depression by Harriet Brown, illus. by Walter Rane, Jean-Paul Tibbles, Susan Moore and Philip Hood ($16.95, 8-up).
Paperback Series
New American Girls Short Stories are Felicity Discovers a Secret and Samantha's Blue Bicycle by Valerie Tripp, illus. by Dan Andreasen; Tripp's Just Josefina, illus. by Jean-Paul Tibbles; Kirsten and the Chippewa by Janet Shaw, illus. by Renee Graef; Kit's Home Run by Tripp, illus. by Walter Rane; Addy Studies Freedom by Connie Porter, illus. by Dahl Taylor; and Molly's A+ Partner by Tripp, illus. by Nick Backes ($4.95 each, 7-12). New to American Girl Library are Doodle Studio, illus. by Amanda Haley ($14.95, 7-up); Girls' Club Kit: Find Friends, Fortune, & Fun! by Brooks Whitney, illus. by Isabelle Dervaux ($10.95, 8-up); Staying Home Alone by Dottie Raymer, illus. by Lauren Scheuer; and Writing Smarts by Kerry Madden, illus. by Tracy McGuinness ($7.95 each, 8-up); and Brain Waves Puzzle Book by Rick Walton, illus. by Lori Osiecki ($7.95, 9-up).
Amelia returns in Amelia Lends a Hand ($7.95, hardcover $14.95, 8-up) and Amelia's School Survival Guide by Marissa Moss ($7.95, 8-up). History Mysteries continue with Whistler in the Dark by Kathleen Ernst, illus. by Jean-Paul Tibbles and Greg Dearth; and Mystery at Chilkoot Pass by Barbara Steiner, illus. by Douglas Fryer and Dearth ($6.95 paper, hardcover $10.95, 10-up). And Wild at Heart beats on with Time To Fly: Zoe's Story by Laurie Halse Anderson ($4.95, 10-up).
(AGD, dist.)
Surviving Sam
by Karen Rivers ($6.95). After her brother dies in a mountain-climbing accident, Karen slowly learns how to live again. (12-16)
Paperback Series
The Mysterious Visitor by Joan Weir is a new Lion and Bobbi Mystery ($6.95, 8-14).

Adventures in Art and Architecture
continues with Edgar Degas: Dance Like a Butterfly by Angela Wenzel and Edward Hopper: Summer at the Seashore by Deborah Lyons ($14.95 each, 8-up).

The Big Burger Book
by Jocelyn Jamison ($9.99) is designed to look like a hamburger. (All ages)
Easter Treats by Leigh Harris, illus. by Tim West ($5.99), is a rhyming board-book tale. (3-up)
How to Be a Cow by Bo Vine and How to Be a Pig by Ima Swine, both illus. by Shelly Meredith ($5.99 each), describe what makes a cow 'moo' and a pig 'oink.' (3-up)
Jay Jay the Jet Plain
takes off with Kelli Chipponeri's Hide-and-Seek with Jay Jay ($5.99, 2-5) and Meet Jay Jay and His Friends ($6.99, 2-5); and Jay Jay Earns His Wings, adapted by Jodi Huelin; and Snuffy's Favorite Color, adapted by Chipponeri ($3.49 paper each, 2-5). Fairytale Foil Books offers Aladdin, Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Snow White by Melissa Tyrrell, illus. by Sonja Lamut ($4.99 each, 3-5). Wee Sing Board Books chimes in with If You're Happy and You Know It and Old MacDonald by Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp, illus. by Hala Wittwer ($4.99 each, 3-6). Top This! gains What Do You Want in Your Cereal Bowl? by William Boniface, illus. by Ronnie Rooney ($9.99, 3-6). And Flip 'n' Sniff adds My Smelly Family! and My Smelly School Day! by Jennifer Frantz, illus. by Scott Angle ($7.99 each, 4-8).
Play Ball!
by Jess Brallier, illus. by Sammy Yuen ($5.99), packages a ball with a book of instructions for playing ball games. (5-up)
Paperback Series
Mad Libs
by Roger Price and Leonard Stern adds The Powerpuff Girls Mad Libs and Scooby Doo! Movie Mad Libs ($3.99 each, all ages). Joining Wee Sing by Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp is Wee Sing 25th Anniversary Celebration, illus. by Nancy Spence Klein (book and CD with cassette, $8.99; book and cassette, $7.49; book alone $2.24, 2-8). Mr. Men and Little Miss by Roger Hargreaves introduces Little Miss Brainy, Mr. Cheerful and Mr. Grumble ($2.99 each, 5-up). And new Mighty Big Books are Travel Mysteries by David LaRochelle and Travel Games by Dina Anastassio and others, illus. by Shari Warren and others ($5.99 each, 8-12).
Paperback Series Reissues
Serendipity Books
reissues Leo the Lop, Leo the Lop (Tail Two), Leo the Lop (Tail Three) and Leo the Lop (Tail Four) by Stephen Cosgrove, illus. by Robin James ($4.99 each, 5-9).

Flat Earth, Round Earth?
by Theresa Martin ($12). A boy must prove the earth is round when his classmate insists that it's flat. (7-up)

Paperback Series
New Puffin Lift-the-Flaps are Hooray for St. Patrick's Day by Joan Holub, illus. by Paul Meisel; Company's Coming by Holub, illus. by Renée Andriani; Emily's Baby Brother by Claire Masurel, illus. by Susan Calitri; and Cousins Are for Holiday Visits and Teachers Are for Reading Stories by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Emily Bolam ($6.99 each, 2-6). And Sweep continues with Strife, Origins and Legacy by Cate Tiernan ($4.99 each, 12-up).
Paperback Reprints
Dinosaur Roar!
by Paul and Henrietta Stickland ($5.99, 2-6); Blue Rabbit and Friends by Christopher Wormell; Scarlette Beane by Karen Wallace, illus. by Jon Berkeley; and What! Cried Granny: An Almost Bedtime Story by Kate Lum, illus. by Adrian Johnson ($6.99 each, 2-6); Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells ($5.99, 2-6); A Is for Salad by Mike Lester; and Froggy Goes to Bed by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($5.99 each, 3-8); First He Made the Sun by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Todd McKie; Big Sister, Little Sister by Marci Curtis; Man on the Moon by Anastasia Suen, illus. by Benrei Huang; Are We There Yet, Daddy? by Virginia Walters, illus. by S.D. Schindler; and Purple Mountain Majesties: The Story of Katharine Lee Bates and 'America the Beautiful' by Barbara Younger, illus. by Stacey Schuett ($6.99 each, 3-8); Hats Off for the Fourth of July! by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Gustaf Miller ($6.99, 4-7); and Jamie O'Rourke and the Pooka by Tomie dePaola; Luba and the Wren by Patricia Polacco; A Pup Just for Me/A Boy Just for Me by Dorothea Seeber, illus. by Ed Young; Brave Potatoes by Toby Speed, illus. by Barry Root; Daughter's Day Blues by Laura Pegram, illus. by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu; I Walk at Night by Lois Duncan, illus. by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher; and Dinosaurs Forever by William Wise, illus. by Lynn Munsinger ($6.99 each, 4-8).
Also, The Magic Hill by A.A. Milne, illus. by Isabel Bodor Brown; Spike in the City by Paulette Bogan; and Humpty Dumpty by Daniel Kirk ($5.99 each, 4-8); Diez Deditos and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America, selected, arranged and trans. by José-Louis Orozco, illus. by Elisa Kleven ($7.99, 4-8); Tomie dePaola's Book of Bible Stories, illus. by dePaola ($10.99, 4-up); Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young ($6.99, 4-up); You Can't Take a Balloon into the National Gallery by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($7.99, 5-up); When Mack Came Back and The Beast Under the Wizard's Bridge by Brad Strickland ($5.99 each, 8-12); Tall Tales: Six Amazing Basketball Dreams by Charles R. Smith Jr. ($6.99, 8-up); Ribbiting Tales, edited by Nancy Springer, illus. by Toni DiTerlizzi ($5.99, 8-up); Do You Remember the Color Blue? and Other Questions Kids Ask About Blindness by Sally Hobart Alexander ($7.99, 9-up); Calling the Swan by Jean Thesman, Shakespeare's Scribe by Gary Blackwood and Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer ($5.99 each, 10-14); Over the Wall by John H. Ritter ($6.99, 10-14); The Girls by Amy Goldman Koss ($4.99, 10-14); Skin and Other Stories by Roald Dahl ($7.99, 12-up); Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, When I Was Older by Garret Freymann-Weyr, Eight Seconds by Jean Ferris and Many Stones by Carolyn Coman ($5.99 each, 12-up); and Life Is Funny by E.R. Frank ($7.99, 14-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
Puffin Easy-to-Reads
reprints Here Comes Kate by Kay Chorao; Kitty Riddles by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg, illus. by R.W. Alley; Oliver and Albert, Friends Forever by Jean Van Leeuwen; and Hamster Chase and Willie's Birthday by Anastasia Suen, illus. by Allan Eitzen ($3.99 each, 5-8). New Puffin Chapters are The Lucky Lizard by Ellen Kelley, illus. by Kevin O'Malley; and Molly's in a Mess by Suzy Kline, illus. by Diana Cain Bluthenthal ($4.99 each, 7-10); and Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon by Kline, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($3.99, 7-10). 26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie dePaola adds On My Way ($5.99, 7-10). And the Time Warp Trio reprints See You Later, Gladiator by Jon Scieszka, illus. by Adam McCauley ($4.99, 7-11).
Paperback Reissues
Mayfield Crossing
by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, illus. by Leonard Jenkins; and Horror at the Haunted House by Peg Kehret ($5.99 each, 8-12); and I Am Regina and Moon of Two Dark Horses by Sally M. Keehn; and Leave Well Enough Alone and Through the Hidden Door by Rosemary Wells ($5.99 each, 10-14).
Paperback Series Reissues
Herbie Jones
reissues Herbie Jones, Herbie Jones and the Hamburger Head, Herbie Jones and the Class Gift and What's the Matter with Herbie Jones? ($4.99 each, 7-11). And Freddy the Pig presents Freddy and the Bean Home News and Freddy and the Space Ship by Walter R. Brooks, illus. by Kurt Wiese ($6.99 each, 8-up).

Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs by Leonard Kessler ($16). What happens to Mr. Pine's signs when he loses his glasses? (3-8)
Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha ($17.95). Mark helps out at Gram's seaside hot dog stand. (3-8)
The Duchess Bakes a Cake by Virginia Kahl ($17.95). The duchess uses extra yeast in her cake. (3-8)
Big Susan by Elizabeth Orton Jones ($18.95) tells of a girl's large doll family. (6-10)
The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club by Bertrand Brinley, illus. by Charles Geer ($17.95), recounts five adventures of young geniuses. (8-12)
A Pair of Red Clogs
by Masako Matsuno, illus. by Kuzue Mizumura ($8.95). Mako longs for new clogs to replace her cracked pair. (3-8)

Time Stops for No Mouse: A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure
by Michael Hoeye ($14.99). Hermux searches for a lost friend. (All ages)
Baby See, Baby Do! by Malachy Doyle, illus. by Britta Teckentrup ($12.99), is a pop-up, lift-the-flap book about young animals. (1-3)
Cars At Play by Rick and Ann Walton, illus. by James Lee Croft ($15.99). Cars enjoy childhood activities. (1-3)
Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora ($15.99). A toddler plays peekaboo with her family. (1-3)
Bring on That Beat by Rachel Isadora ($14.99). On the streets of 1930s Harlem, residents enjoy the music of a jazz trio. (4-8)
Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett ($16.99). A hen in rural China becomes separated from her young owner. (4-8)
They Call Me Woolly: What Animal Names Can Tell Us by Keith DuQuette ($15.99) explains the significance of animal names. (4-8)
Atlantic by G. Brian Karas ($15.99). The Atlantic Ocean describes how it is constantly changing. (4-8)
He Saves the Day by Marsha Hayles, illus. by Lynne Cravath ($15.99). A boy's imagination turns his backyard into exciting locales. (4-8)
When Mommy Was Mad by Lynne Jonell, illus. by Petra Mathers ($13.99). Two brothers try to figure out why their mother seems mad. (4-8)
Toes Have Wiggles, Kids Have Giggles by Harriet Ziefert, illus. by Rebecca Doughty ($13.99), offers a look at word play. (4-8)
If the Shoe Fits by Gary Soto, illus. by Terry Widener ($15.99). A boy accustomed to hand-me-downs finally gets a pair of brand-new shoes. (5-up)
Outside the Lines: Poetry at Play by Brad Burg, illus. by Rebecca Gibbon ($15.99), collects poems. (5-up)
The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob Hartman, illus. by Tim Raglin ($15.99). A wolf instigates a chase around the countryside. (5-up)
Sunsets of the West by Tony Johnston, illus. by Ted Lewin ($16.99), centers on a family traveling across the country in an ox-drawn wagon. (5-up)
Whoa, Jealousy! by Woodleigh Marx Hubbard ($15.99) is a tale of a greedy rat, an envious snake and an angry hornet. (5-up)
Hush by Jacqueline Woodson ($15.99). As part of a witness protection program, Toswiah and her family start their lives over in a place far from home. (10-up)
Fearless Fernie: Hanging Out with Fernie and Me by Gary Soto, illus. by Regan Dunnick ($14.99). Poems chronicle best friends' experiences in middle school. (10-up)
The Red Rose Box by Brenda Woods ($16.99). Leah's aunt sends her special birthday gifts. (10-up)
Say Yes by Audrey Couloumbis ($16.99). A girl's stepmother abandons her in a New York City apartment. (10-up)
In the Shadow of the Pali by Lisa Cindrich ($18.99). Liliha is sent to live in an anarchic leper colony. (10-up)
Evvy's Civil War by Miriam Brenaman ($18.99). A 14-year-old struggles to keep her family together during the Civil War. (12-up)
Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson ($18.99) compiles six stories of merfolk and magical humans. (12-up)
Tomie dePaola's Barkers adds A New Barker in the House ($13.99, 4-8). And 26 Fairmount Avenue by dePaola opens the door to What a Year! ($13.99, 7-11) Board Book Reprints
Mice Squeak, We Speak
by Arnold Shapiro, illus. by Tomie dePaola ($6.99, 1-3); and Spot's First Easter by Eric Hill ($7.99, 1-3).
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes: 25th Anniversary Edition
by Eleanor Coerr ($16.99, 8-12); Last Summer with Maizon by Jacqueline Woodson ($16.99, Puffin paperback $4.99, 8-12); and Sticks by Joan Bauer ($18.99, Puffin paperback $5.99, 10-14).

Be Brown!
by Barbara Bottner, illus. by Barry Gott ($10.99). A young dog owner finally finds a command that his exuberant brown pooch will obey. (All ages)