Spring 2002 Listing by Publisher
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Hansa: The True Story of an Asian Elephant Baby
by Clare Hodgson Meeker with the Woodland Park Zoo ($16.95) tells of this elephant born in captivity. (All ages)

New Barney titles are Barney's Sharing & Caring Treasury ($10.99, 1-4); Hooray for Mommies!; Where's Barney? by Nancy Parent, illus. by Darren McKee; and Little Lessons: Going to My Big Bed! and Mine, Mine, Mine by Sheryl Berk, illus. by Josie Yee ($5.99 each, 2-4); Barney's Amazing Mazes and More!, illus. by Jay Johnson ($2.99, 2-4); and Barney's Sing-a-Long Stories: B-I-N-G-O! by Gayla Amaral, illus. by McKee ($3.50, 5-8). The Home Depot introduces My Surprise Toolbox, A Lift-the-Flap Board Book by Kimberly Weinberger, illus. by Thomas LaPadula ($10.95, 1-4). Joining Little Suzy's Zoo by Suzy Spafford are Witzy's Shapes and Witzy's Numbers ($4.99 each, 2-4); Witzy's Backyard Easter Hunt ($5.99, 2-4); and Witzy's Best Friends: A First Color and Activity Book ($2.99, 2-4). And Norman Bridwell's Clifford returns in Clifford's Neighborhood: A Lift-the-Flap Book ($10.99, 2-5); Clifford the Big Red Dog: I Love You Pop-up ($7.99, 3-5); Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Windy Day, A Scratch-and-Sniff Book ($5.95, 3-6); Clifford the Big Red Dog: Magnet Spelling and Magnet Math ($7.99 each, 3-6); Big Red Reader: Clifford's Loose Tooth and The Big Egg Hunt ($3.99 each, 3-6); Clifford's Busy Week ($3.50, 3-6); Clifford Goes to Dog School ($3.50, 3-8); Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Missing Beach Ball ($3.95, 3-up); and Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Spring Carnival Sticker Book ($5.99, 4-7).
Tonka rolls on with If I Could Drive a Bulldozer! and If I Could Drive a Crane! by Michael Teitelbaum, illus. by Uldis Klavins ($3.99 each, 3-7). My America continues with We Are Patriots: Hope's Revolutionary War Diary, Book Two, Philadelphia, 1777 by Kristiana Gregory and Flying Free: Corey's Underground Railroad Diary, Book Two, Canada, 1858 by Sharon Dennis Wyeth ($8.95 each, paper $4.99, 7-10). Joining The Royal Diaries are Sondok: Princess of the Moon and Stars, Korea, A.D. 595 by Sheri Holman and Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen Without a Country, France, 1553 by Kathryn Lasky ($10.95 each, 9-13). New to My Name Is America are The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty: United States Marine Corps, Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968 by Ellen Emerson White and The Journal of C.J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant, Oklahoma to California, 1935 by William Durbin ($10.95 each, 9-14). And Dear America adds Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: The Diary of Molly MacKenzie Flaherty, Boston, Massachusetts, 1968 by Ellen Emerson White and A Time for Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen, Washington, D.C., 1917 by Kathryn Lasky ($10.95 each, 9-14).
by Gail Jorgensen, illus. by Kerry Argent ($5.99). A buzzing fly interrupts a bear's birthday party. (3-7)
If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest by Anne Kamma, illus. by Pamela Johnson ($5.99), focuses on the Native Americans of the Pacific Coast. (7-10)
Boggle Jr.'s Wacky World of Words Puzzle Book by Howie Dewin ($4.50) presents puzzles based on this board game. (7-10)
Hangin' with Lil' Romeo and Hangin' with Lil' Bow Wow ($5.99 each) profile these hip-hop stars. (7-11)
Official Shoezies Collector's Book: Fashion at Your Fingertips ($4.50) is a handbook for collectors of mini shoes. (7-12)
The Official Guide to Battlebots
by Tom Mason and Dan Danko ($6.99) focuses on this robot combat game. (8-13)
The Official Guide to Shelby by Barbara Slate ($4.99) centers on this toy. (8-13)
Mile's Song by Alice McGill ($4.99). In 1851, Elijah is sent to work as a slave in the fields after he is caught perusing a book. (11-13)
Milk Mustache Mania by Bernie Hogya and Sal Taibi ($9.95) reproduces milk ads featuring celebrities. (11-up)
Conversations with God for Teens by Neale Donald Walsch ($7.99) includes an introduction by Alanis Morrisette. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Dragon Ball Z
adds How to Draw II by B.S. Watson ($4.99, all ages). Jumpstart Prep introduces Entering Pre-K ($6.99, 3-4), Entering Kindergarten ($6.99, 4-5), Entering 1st Grade ($6.99, 5-6) and Entering 2nd Grade ($6.99, 6-7). My First Games issues The Colors of Candy Land and 1,2,3 Come Play with Me ($3.99 each, 3-6). And Hello Readers! welcomes The Big Bug Dug by Mary Serfozo, illus. by Jeffrey Scherer; and First-Grade Friends: Softball Practice by Grace Maccarone, illus. by Betsy Lewin ($3.99 each, 3-6); George Washington, Our First President by Garnet Jackson, illus. by Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu; Butterflies by Karen Shapiro, illus. by Jean Cassels; and Whales and Dolphins by Peter and Connie Roop, illus. by Carol Schwartz ($3.99 each, 5-7); and Fluffy Meets the Groundhog and Fluffy Grows a Garden by Kate McMullan, illus. by Mavis Smith; Too Many Cooks! by Andrea Buckley, illus. by Kayne Jacobs; Make Way for Tooth Decay by Bobbie Katz, illus. by Steve Bjorkman ; If Dogs Ruled the World by Faith McNulty, illus. by Julie Durrell; Howl! A Book About Wolves and Snap! A Book About Alligators and Crocodiles by Melvin and Gilda Berger; and Mummies Unwrapped! by Kimberly Weinberger, illus. by Portia Sloan ($3.99 each, 6-8).
ThePowerpuff Girls return in 11 titles, including The Powerpuff Girls and the Valentine's Day Mix-Up by Dower and The Powerpuff Girls Save the Easter Bunny by E.S. Mooney ($5.99 each, 4-8); and Scooby-Doo reappears in 10 titles, including The Movie Scrapbook ($5.95, 7-12) and The Movie Novelization by Suzanne Weyn ($4.99, 9-12). Franklin stars in TV Storybooks: Franklin and the Babysitter and Franklin's Canoe Trip, based on characters created by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark ($4.50 each, 4-7); and Franklin Says 'I Love You' by Bourgeois, illus. by Clark ($4.50, 5-8). Sailor Moon continues with Junior Chapter Books: The Doom Tree and The Power of Friendship by Tracey West ($3.99 each, 4-8). Chubby Puppies offers Springtime in ChubbyTown and Summer Picnic by Olivia Barham, illus. by Karol Kaminski ($3.50 each, 4-8); and It's Puppy Time--A Sticker Storybook Picnic by Barham, illus. by Kaminski ($4.99, 4-8). New Cubix titles are The Unfixable Robot and Lights, Cameras, Robots! by Tracey West ($3.50 each, 4-8); Introducing Cubix by West ($3.99, 4-8); Color and Activity Book: Trouble in Bubble Town by West ($2.99, 4-8); and Tattoo Book: Connor's Tour of Bubble Town by West and Vinyl Sticker Book: Robots Everywhere ($4.99 each, 4-8). New Butt-Ugly Martians releases are Storybook: 2-T's Spoof Video, Chapter Books: The Big Bang Theory, Meet Gorgon and That's No Puddle, That's Angela!; Adventure Storybooks: The Martians Have Landed and Do-Wah Rocks; and Activity Sticker Books: Brainteasers and Activity Sticker Book #2 ($4.99 each, 5-10); and Tattoo Storybook ($4.99, 6-12). And The Danger Joe Show debuts with The Growling Grizzly by Jon Buller and Susan Schade ($3.99, 6-8).
Digimon adds Reader: Web of Friendship by Michael Teitelbaum, illus. by Choi Sung Hwan and Aragon Noel ($3.99, 6-8); and Kari's Tour of the Digital World by Teitelbaum ($5.99, 6-10). New to The Magic School Bus are The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Bugs, based on the series created by Bruce Degen and Joanna Cole ($5.99, 6-9); and Chapter Books: Dinosaur Detectives and Expedition Down Under ($3.99 each, 7-10). Pokémon continues with Totodile in Love: A Valentine's Day Sticker Storybook by Tracey West ($3.99, 6-9); Junior Chapter Book: Pikachu and Pichu by S.E. Heller ($3.99, 7-10); and Chapter Books: Tough Enough by West ($4.50, 7-10) and West's Winner Takes All ($4.50, 7-up). New to The Blue Planet: Seas of Life are 3-D Underwater World ($5.99, 6-9); Seas of Life Sticker Book ($4.95, 6-9); Shark Watch! ($5.99, 8-12); and Ocean World ($4.95, 8-12). And Necco Sweethearts introduces Math Magic by Kris Hirschmann ($5.99, 7-9); and Have a Heart Book of Friendship by Kimberly Weinberger ($4.99, 7-9).
The Littles adds First Readers: The Littles Go on a Hike and The Littles and the Summer Storm by John Peterson, illus. by Jacqueline Rogers ($3.99 each, 7-10). New NBA titles are Reader: NBA Superstar Shaquille O'Neal by Lyle Spencer ($3.99, 7-10); and All-Star Slam Dunk Sticker Book by Bruce Weber ($7.99, 7-up). Dolphin Diaries debuts with Into the Blue and Touching the Waves by Ben Baglio ($3.99 each, 8-11). Malcolm in the Middle checks in with Malcolm's Really Useful Guide to Getting Away with Anything! by David Levithan ($4.50, 8-12). Thicker Than Water by Lauren Brooke is a new Heartland title ($4.50, 8-12). Ripley's Believe It or Not gains World's Weirdest Critters, Creepy Stuff, Odd-inary People and Amazing Escapes ($4.50 each, 8-12). Star Wars Jedi Apprentice offers The Only Witness and The Threat Within by Jude Watson ($4.99 each, 8-12); and Special Edition: The Followers by Watson ($5.99, 8-12). Star Wars Jedi Quest starts up with Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Watson ($4.99 each, 8-up). Star Wars adds Attack of the Clones Junior Novelization by Patricia Wrede ($5.99, 8-up). And Universal Monsters issues The Mummy: Book of the Dead and Creature from the Black Lagoon: Black Water Horror by Larry Mike Garmon ($4.50 each, 10-up).
Paperback Reprints
Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm Off to the Moon!
by Dan Yaccarino; and The Khan's Daughter by Laurence Yep, illus. by Mou-sien Tseng ($5.99 each, 4-7).

How to Drive Your Family Crazy... on Valentine's Day
by Dean Marney ($4.50). A classroom Valentine box starts sucking in students and transporting them to another dimension. (8-12)
Barn Burner by Patricia Willis ($4.99). After he leaves home in 1933, a teen becomes the prime suspect in a rash of barn burnings. (8-13)
Don't Get Caught in the Teachers' Lounge by Todd Strasser ($4.50). Three kids get caught sneaking sodas out of the teachers' lounge. (9-12)
The Power of Un by Nancy Etchemendy ($4.50). Gib discovers a device that can erase mistakes. (9-14)
Paperback Series
Maximum Boy
adds Maximum Girl Unmasked and Attack of the Soggy Underwater People by Dan Greenburg ($3.99 each, 7-10). New Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries are The Mystery of the Dark Lighthouse, The Mystery of Dead Man's Cave and The Mystery of the Bad Luck Curse by Laura Williams ($4.50 each, 7-11). Animal Ark sails on with Foals in the Field by Ben Baglio, illus. by Ann Baum and Jenny Gregory; and Baglio's Dog at the Door ($3.99 each, 8-11). Puppy Patrol gains Puppy School by Jenny Dale, illus. by Mick Reid ($3.99, 8-11). Genny in a Bottle starts up with How to Become Popular Without Losing Your Mind, What to Do When Your Best Friend Hates You, 12 Ways to Trick Your Biggest Enemy and How to Create the Boy of Your Dreams by Kristen Kemp ($4.50 each, 8-12).Twist of Fate and Spellsinger by Rachel Roberts join Avalon Web of Magic ($4.99 each, 8-12).
Heartland offers Out of the Darkness by Lauren Brooke ($4.50, 8-12). The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes welcomes Two Heads Are Better Than One by Anne Mazer, illus. by Monica Gesue ($4.50, 8-12). New Deltora titles are The Deltora Shadowlands: Cavern of the Fear by Emily Rodda ($4.99, 8-12); and The Deltora Book of Monsters by Rodda, illus. by Marc McBride ($7.99, 8-13). Remnants continues with Nowhere Land, Mutation and Breakdown by K.A. Applegate ($4.99 each, 9-13). Joining T*Witches are Dead Wrong and Don't Think Twice by Randi Reisfeld and H.B. Gilmour ($4.50 each, 9-14). And Animal Ark Hauntings adds Cat in a Crypt by Ben M. Baglio, illus. by Ann Baum ($3.99, 9-up).

Duck On a Bike
by David Shannon ($15.95) reveals barnyard animals' adventure on wheels. (3-up)
Monkey Mo Goes to Sea by Diane Goode ($15.95) tells of the antics of a boy and his pet monkey on board an ocean liner. (3-up)
Song of Night: It's Time to Go to Bed by Katherine Riley Nakamura, illus. by Linnea Riley ($15.95). Bunnies, ducks and other animals prepare for bed. (3-up)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monkeys from Mars by Dav Pilkey, illus. by Martin Ontiveros ($16.95). Ricky and his robot battle creatures from Mars. (4-up)
The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby by George Beard and Harold Hutchins, aka Dav Pilkey ($16.95, paper $4.99). The creators of Captain Underpants invent a new superhero. (7-10)
Lord of the Kill by Theodore Taylor ($16.95). Ben is determined to discover who is behind the strange events taking place at a big cat preserve. (10-16)

Can You See What I See?
by Walter Wick ($13.95) presents search-and-find photo puzzles. (All ages)
Hugs and Hearts and Painted Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies by Toni Trent Parker, photos by Earl Anderson ($6.95 each), center on Valentine's Day; and Easter. (1-4)
My First Real Mother Goose Bedtime Book, illus. by Blanche Fisher Wright ($7.99), rounds up 10 rhymes. (1-4)
Touch the Kitty and Touch the Bunny, illus. by Jacqueline McQuade ($6.99 each), are touch-and-feel tales. (1-4)
Peek-A-Boo, You! by Roberta Grobel Intrater ($9.95). Youngsters lift the flaps to find images of babies. (1-4)
Baby Faces: Eat!, Hugs and Kisses, Sleepyheads and Splish! Splash! by Roberta Grobel Intrater ($4.95 each) feature photos of babies. (1-4)
I Love Hugs and I Love My Potty by Lara Jones ($6.95 each) are large-format board books. (2-4)
My First Jumbo Book of Colors by James Diaz, illus. by Melanie Gerth ($9.95), includes flaps and sliding parts. (2-5)
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Little Bunnies by Dawn Apperly ($9.95) presents a bedtime rhyme. (2-5)
Make Your Own Easter Treats! by Sonali Fry, illus. by Judith Moffatt ($6.99). Readers use holographic stickers to help the Easter Bunny decorate eggs. (3-5)
Finger Puppet Pals: I'm a Little Penguin and I'm a Little Caterpillar by Tim Weare ($6.95 each) are board books with finger puppets. (3-5)
A Rainbow All Around Me by Sandra L. Pinkney, illus. by Myles C. Pinkney ($14.95). This sequel to Shades of Black examines colors. (3-6)
A Book of Letters by Ken Wilson-Max, illus. by Manya Stojic ($14.95). A cast of young friends introduces the alphabet. (3-6)
Mixed-Up Pop-Up Books: Funny Farm and Jumbled Jungle by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Jonathan Lambert ($7.95 each), are pop-up tales featuring zany animals. (3-6)
Wake Up, Big Barn! by Suzanne Tanner Chitwood ($15.95) reveals some playful barnyard critters. (3-7)
Playhouse by Robert Munsch, illus. by Michael Martchenko ($13.95), centers on a girl who loves to play pretend. (4-7)
The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Multiplication Book by Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Rob Bolster ($14.95, paper $5.95), uses a candy bar to teach multiplication. (6-9)
First Discovery
adds Look-Inside Board Books: Things That Go, Opposites, Colors, Rain or Shine, Shapes and Numbers ($4.95 each, 1-4); and Look-It-Up Board Books: What Do Animals Eat?, Animals at Home, The Four Seasons, Animal Homes, Animals on the Move and Baby Animals in the Wild ($4.95 each, 1-5).
by Margery Cuyler, illus. by Bruce McNally ($3.25). A farmer and his animals come down with the flu. (2-5)
Mommy's Briefcase by Alice Low, illus. by Aliki ($5.99). What do mothers do at work? (3-5)
Paperback Reprints
Aaron's Hair
by Robert Munsch, illus. by Alan and Lea Daniel; Munsch's Get Out of Bed!, illus. by Alan Daniel; Alligator Baby, Andrew's Loose Tooth, Makeup Mess, Mmm, Cookies!, Up, Up, Down and We Share Everything by Munsch, illus. by Michael Martchenko; and Munsch's Ribbon Rescue, illus. by Eugenie Fernandes ($3.99 each, 4-7).

I Say a Little Prayer for You
, illus. by Karin Littlewood ($16.95), is an illustrated rendition of this song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. (2-up)

From Do Your Ears Hang Low?,
illus. by Caroline Jayne Church
(Scholastic/Chicken House)

Do Your Ears Hang Low?, illus. by Caroline Jayne Church ($15.95). Two puppies make friends in this version of the childhood song. (2-up)
No & Yes by Ivana Svabic, illus. by Phil Martin ($16.95). A toddler uses these words as he makes choices throughout the day. (2-up)
Martyn Pig by Kevin Brooks ($15.95). When his father is accidentally killed, Martyn must decide if he will tell the police what actually happened and risk being suspected of murder. (10-up)
Mirror, Mirror: Twisted Tales by Silverman ($15.95) collects tales in which things are not as they seem. (10-up)
The Echorium Sequence
by Katherine Roberts debuts with Song Quest ($4.99 paper, 9-up) and Crystal Mask ($15.95, 9-up).
Sweet Hearts: A Whole Hearted Fun Guide to Love
by Janet Hoggarth, illus. by Sarah Symonds ($4.99), includes Valentine's Day activities, recipes and jokes. (8-12)
DIY Style by Karen Cooper ($4.99) offers 'do-it-yourself' projects. (8-12)
Girl Friends by Sarah Delmage ($4.99) tells of the friendship shared by three girls. (8-12)

My Dream Bed
by Lauren Child ($16.95). Readers move a figure from page to page as a young sleeper tries out various beds. (4-8)
Frida by Jonah Winter, illus. by Ana Juan ($16.95). Frida learns to use art to cope with difficult situations in her life. (4-10)
Hey You! C'Mere: A Poetry Slam by Elizabeth Swados, illus. by Joe Cepeda ($15.95). A cast of young characters shares poetry with one another. (6-12)
St. Michael's Scales by Neil Connelly ($16.95). Soon to turn 16 and overwhelmed by his family's problems, Michael contemplates suicide. (12-up)
The Divine Wind: A Love Story by Garry Disher ($15.95). In Australia just before WWII, Hart grapples with his feelings for his sister's best friend, who is Japanese. (14-up)

Roses Are Dread, Violets Are Boo! A Vampire Valentine Story
by Michelle Poploff, illus. by Bill Basso ($3.99). Afraid she'll only receive one Valentine, Wanda plots to make more friends. (7-9)
Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble by Ralph Fletcher, illus. by Ben Caldwell ($3.99). Tommy is determined to buy a marble that allegedly prevents nightmares. (7-10)
Paperback Series
Jigsaw Jones
adds The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur, The Case of the Bear Scare and Super Special: The Case of the Buried Treasure by James Preller ($3.99 each, 6-9). Launching Abracadabra are Poof! Rabbits Everywhere! and Boo! Ghosts in the School! by Peter Lerangis, illus. by Jim Talbot ($3.99 each, 7-10). The Bailey School Kids gains Ghosts Don't Rope Wild Horses and Wizards Don't Wear Graduation Gowns by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Jones, illus. by Steven Gurney ($3.99 each, 7-10). Pony Pals by Jeanne Betancourt trots on with The Pony and the Lost Swan and Super Special: The Fourth Pony Pal ($3.99 each, 7-10). Joining Secrets of Droon by Tony Abbott are Voyage of the Jaffa Wind and The Moon Scroll ($3.99 each, 7-10). And The Sea Dog by Jenny Dale is new to Puppy Patrol ($3.99, 8-11).

Titles in Spanish
Baby Faces: Qué rico! (Eat!)
, Dulces sueños (Sleepyheads), Al agua patos! (Splish! Splash!) and Besitos y abrozos (Hugs and Kisses), photos by Roberta Grobel Intrater ($4.95 each, 1-4).
Paperbacks in Spanish
Como dan las buenas noches los dinosaurios? (How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?)
by Jane Yolen, illus. by Mark Teague ($5.99, 2-up); Dinositos: que llueva, que llueva! (Dinofours: Rain, Rain Go Away) by Steve Metzger, illus. by Hans Wilhelm ($3.25, 4-6); Arroz con frijoles... y unos amables ratones (Mice and Beans) by Pam Muñoz Ryan, illus. by Joe Cepeda ($5.99, 4-7); Camaleones! (Cool Chameleons) by Fay Robinson, illus. by Jean Cassels ($3.99, 5-7); Huggly va a la playa (Huggly's Trip to the Beach) by Tedd Arnold ($3.25, 5-7); and Les adventuras de Capitan Calzoncillos (The Adventures of Captain Underpants), El Capitan Calzoncillas y la invasion de las horribles camareras (Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies) and El Capitan Calzoncillos y el ataque de los inodoros parlantes (Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets) by Dav Pilkey ($4.99 each, 7-10).

Can I Have a Hug?
and Tickly Under There by Debi Gliori ($5.95 each) are large-format board books starring Mr. Bear. (1-4)
Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton, illus. by Guy Parker-Rees ($15.95). Barnyard pals splash in the pool. (2-5)
Pete and Polo's Farmyard Adventure by Adrian Reynolds ($16.95). This duo searches for missing ducklings. (3-6)
Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes by Carolyn Crimi, illus. by Marsha Gray Carrington ($16.95), tells of a dancing mouse and a crooning cat. (4-7)
Once Upon a Farm by Marie Bradby, illus. by Ted Rand ($16.95), describes life on a family farm. (4-7)
Noodle Man, the Pasta Superhero by April Pulley Sayre, illus. by Stephen Costanza ($16.95). What happens when the townsfolk start ordering pizzas rather than Al Dente's pasta? (4-7)
Just One More Story by Jennifer Brutschy, illus. by Cat Bowman Smith ($16.95), reveals how a boy in a family of performers finally gets more than one bedtime story. (4-7)
Splash! Poems of a Watery World by Constance Levy, illus. by David Soman ($16.95), collects poetry celebrating various forms of water. (8-12)
Ten Kings and the Worlds They Ruled by Milton Meltzer, illus. by Bethanne Andersen ($21.95), profiles 10 rulers who altered the course of history. (8-12)
Mosey: The Remarkable Friendship of a Boy and His Elephant by Ralph Helfer ($16.95). When the circus is sold, a boy stows away on the ship that is carrying his beloved elephant away from Germany. (8-12)
Someday by Jackie French Koller ($16.95). Celie's hometown is flooded to create a reservoir. (10-up)
Forbidden Forest: The Story of Little John and Robin Hood by Michael Cadnum ($17.95) relays the adventures of Little John after he joins Robin Hood's merry band. (12-up)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
by Frances Cony, illus. by Iain Smyth ($10.95, 2-5).

Mama's Little Bears
by Nancy Tafuri ($15.95) celebrates the thrill of independence and the security of a mother's love. (1-6)
Little Bunny, Biddle Bunny by David Kirk ($9.95). Though her older siblings advise against it, a curious bunny ventures into the great outdoors. (2-up)
Sometimes I'm Bombaloo by Rachel Vail, illus. by Yumi Heo ($15.95). After losing her temper, Katie regains her composure. (3-up)
The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill, illus. by Laura Huliska-Beith ($15.95). The new kid and the reigning recess queen confront each other on the playground. (3-7)

From Zat Cat! by Chelsey
McLaren (Scholastic Press)

Zat Cat! by Chesley McLaren ($16.95) introduces a sassy Parisian feline. (3-8)
When the Root Children Wake Up, retold by Audrey Wood, illus. by Ned Bittinger ($16.95). At winter's end, the Root Children are hard at work underground. (5-10)
If I Were in Charge the Rules Would Be Different by James Proimos ($16.95). Poems imagine what the world would be like if kids were in charge. (5-up)
The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth ($16.95). A boy's conversations with a turtle explore philosophy and spirituality. (6-up)
What the Animals Were Waiting For by Jonathan London, illus. by Paul Morin ($16.95), is a tale featuring the animals of the Masai Mara range in Africa. (6-9)
Math for All Seasons by Greg Tang, illus. by Harry Briggs ($16.95). This sequel to TheGrapes of Math offers math riddles. (7-10)
Abraham Lincoln by Amy L. Cohn and Suzy Schmidt, illus. by David A. Johnson ($16.95), chronicles the life of this president. (7-11)
The United Tates of America by Paula Danziger ($15.95). Skate Tate hates change, but her uncle teaches her to keep an open mind. (8-12)
Fat Camp Commandos Go West by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Andy Rash ($14.95), is a sequel to Fat Camp Commandos. (8-13)
Indigo by Alice Hoffman ($16.95). When a flood destroys their town, all the residents are left with a fear of water--except for two brothers. (10-up)
Little Soldier by Bernard Ashley ($16.95) examines racism, revenge and loyalty through the eyes of an African boy. (14-up)
The Lost Childhood by Yehuda Nir ($16.95) is a memoir of a Jewish boy's narrow escape from persecution at the opening of WWII. (14-up)
All About
adds All About Frogs by Jim Arnosky ($15.95, 4-10). First Graders from Mars continues with The Problem with Pelly by Shana Corey, illus. by Mark Teague ($14.95, paper $4.50, 5-7). And The Circle Opens quartet gains Cold Fire by Tamora Pierce ($16.95, 10-up).
Paperback Reprints
Tulip Sees America
by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Lisa Desimini ($5.99, 4-up); The Dollhouse Magic by Yona Zeldis McDonough, illus. by Diane Palmisciano ($3.99, 7-9); and Favorite Medieval Tales by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Troy Howell ($7.99, 8-12).
Paperback Series Reprints
All About
reprints All About Rattlesnakes by Jim Arnosky ($5.99, 6-10).

The Best Young Writers and Artists in America: A PUSH Anthology
($5.99) collects stories and art by winners of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. (12-up)
Kerosene by Chris Wooding ($6.99). In this novel, a teenage boy turns to destructive behavior when things don't go right. (13-up)
Pure Sunshine by Brian James ($6.99). One weekend, three friends on different paths are put to a test. (13-up)
You Remind Me of You: A Poetry Memoir by Eireann Corrigan ($6.99) offers an autobiographical account of battling anorexia. (13-up)
I Will Survive by Kristen Kemp ($6.99) centers on a girl whose boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend and whose mother is having an affair with one of her teachers. (13-up)
Paperback Reprints
by Patricia McCormick ($6.99, 12-up) and Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Markus Zusak ($6.99, 13-up).

Scholastic Children's Dictionary
($17.95) is an updated edition of this reference. (8-up)
In Their Own Words
welcomes Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Pocahontas by George Sullivan ($12.95 each, paper $4.50, 8-10). Scholastic Guides adds Building Your Vocabulary by Marvin Terban ($12.95, 9-up).
Scholastic Encyclopedia of Women: Updated Version
by Sheila Keenan ($8.95) examines the accomplishments of American women. (9-14)
Paperback Series
New Scholastic Science Readers are From Tadpole to Frog by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld ($3.99, 5-6); and Ocean Life by Brenda Z. Guiberson ($3.99, 7-8). And Scholastic Q & A adds three titles by Melvin and Gilda Berger: Why Do Wolves Howl?, illus. by Roberto Osti; Does It Always Rain in the Rainforest?, illus. by Michael Rothman; and Can Snakes Crawl Backward?, illus. by Alan Male ($5.95 each, 7-9).
Paperback Reprint
Scholastic First Encyclopedia: All About Space
by Sue Becklake ($7.95, 5-8).
Paperback Series Reprint
Scholastic Guides
reprints Punctuation Power: Punctuation and How to Use It by Marvin Terban, illus. by Eric Brace ($6.95, 8-14).

Mine Eyes Have Seen
by Ann Rinaldi ($4.99) recounts the Harpers Ferry raid through the eyes of John Brown's daughter. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Scholastic Junior Classics
offers Paul Bunyan and Other Tall Tales, adapted by Jane Mason ($3.99, 7-up). And Scholastic Classics introduces Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ($3.99, 7-up); Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, introduction by Jack Gantos ($3.99, 9-up); and The Best Poems Ever: A Collection of Poetry's Greatest Voices, ed. by Edric Mesmer; I'm Nobody! Who Are You? by Emily Dickinson, introduction by Virginia Euwer Wolff; Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, introduction by Mary Pope Osborne; and Kidnapped by Stevenson, introduction by Sid Hite ($3.99 each, 10-up).
Paperback Reprints
A Sailor Returns
by Theodore Taylor; and Samir and Yonatan by Daniella Carmi, trans. by Yael Lotan ($4.99 each, 8-12); Adaline Falling Star by Mary Pope Osborne, Bluish by Virginia Hamilton and REM World by Rodman Philbrick ($4.99 each, 9-14); Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman and The Last Book in the Universe by Philbrick ($4.99 each, 10-14); The Heavenly Village by Cynthia Rylant ($4.50, 10-up); and The Squared Circle by James Bennett ($4.99, 14-up).

Discover Drawing
($9.95) is a guide for aspiring artists. (5-12)
The Major League Baseball Card Collector's Kit by James Preller ($9.99) is a kit for beginning collectors. (7-13)
Micro Planes ($5.95) provides 100 planes to fly. (7-up)
Discover Acrylics ($9.95) is a guide to painting with acrylics. (8-12)
Spy Master ($12.95) explains how to decode secret messages and go undercover. (8-12)
Ocean Explorer and Rainforest Explorer by Sue Nicholson ($6.95 each) navigate the underwater world and the Amazonian rain forest. (8-12)
Parafoil Stunt Kite by Elizabeth Harris, illus. by Kevin Harris ($7.95), presents a kite to fly. (8-12)
Kid's Survival Guide ($9.95) is a handbook for surviving scary situations. (8-12)
introduces Daisy Chain Jewelry, Rainforest Charm Necklace and Butterflies & Dragonflies ($7.95 each, 8-up).

Hausaland Tales: An Anthology of Folktales from Northern Nigeria
by Gavin McIntosh ($22.50) collects 12 stories from the Hausa people. (All ages)
Young George Washington and the French and Indian War, 1753-1758 by Robert M. McClung ($22.50) examines this period in Washington's life. (11-up)
Flying Higher: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II by Wanda Langley ($25) is a history based on interviews with WASPs. (12-up)

(Advantage Publishers Group, dist.)
Bobalong Books
issues Bobalong Duck, Bobalong Sailboat, Bobalong Submarine and Bobalong Whale ($4.95 each, up to 3). Dial Books presents Dialing Alphabet, Dialing Animals and Dialing Numbers ($10.95 each, 3-5). Let's Start Learning adds Desmond Discovers Shapes and Colors ($16.95, 3-5). Joining Big Busy Books are My Big Busy Train and My Big Busy Bus by Sally Crabtree and Roberta Mathieson, illus. by Angie Sage ($10.95 each, 3-5). My First Write-and-Wipe offers Alphabet, Animals, Numbers and Play and Learn ($14.95 each, 3-5). Let's Start Play Along debuts with Clara's Fun Vacation, Paula's Party and Timothy's Special Delivery ($15.95 each, 4-6). New Maurice Pledger Stickerbooks are All Kinds of Creatures! and Animal World!, illus. by Pledger ($10.95 each, 4-6). Tavi Tiger, illus. by Pledger, joins Giant Peek & Find ($14.95, 4-6). Cool Cars revs up with Super Racing and Super Speeders ($12.95 each, 5-9). New Mania titles are Total Magic Mania by Peter Eldin and Board Game Mania by Rubert Mathews ($18.95 each, 7-up). Totally Reptiles by Dennis Schatz joins the Totally series ($15.95, 8-12). Light & Vision by Keith Greaves is a new Inventor's Handbook ($16.95, 8-12). And History in Stone gains Ancient Egypt by Andrew Langley, Ancient Greece by Stewart Ross and Ancient Rome by Sarah Easton ($16.95 each, 8-12).

Raggedy Ann's Words of Friendship: Kind Thoughts for One and All
, created from the works of Johnny Gruelle ($8.95), celebrates love, loyalty and generosity. (All ages)
Every Girl Tells a Story: A Celebration of Girls Speaking Their Minds by Carolyn Jones in collaboration with Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. ($19.95). Girls share their perspectives on their lives and their futures. (All ages)
Let's Go Home: The Wonderful Things About a House by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($16), presents a tour of a home. (All ages)
America: A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney, illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser ($16), is an alphabet book celebrating this country, written by the wife of the vice-president. (All ages)
Babies Are a Bit of Heaven by Joan Walsh Anglund ($9.95) reveals why babies are so special. (All ages)
Wake Up, Me! by Marni McGee, illus. by Sam Williams ($17). A toddler awakens to a new day in this companion to Sleepy Me. (2-5)
I'll Be There by Sheryl Daane Chesnut ($14.95) sets out to reassure children that they are always in their parents' thoughts. (2-5)
Hello, Hello! by Miriam Schlein, illus. by Daniel Kirk ($16.95), describes how various species greet each other. (2-5)
Mouse's First Valentine by Lauren Thompson, illus. by Buket Erdogan ($12.95). Mouse's big sister makes him a special Valentine. (2-6)
My First Raggedy Ann: Raggedy Ann and Rags, adapted from the stories of Johnny Gruelle, illus. by Jan Palmer ($15). Raggedy makes friends with a puppy. (3-7)
A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood, illus. by Dan Andreasen ($16.95). The best quiet place of all is the one inside of each of us. (3-7)
Giggle, Giggle, Quack by Doreen Cronin, illus. by Betsy Lewin ($15). Duck is in trouble in this tale by the collaborators of Click, Clack, Moo. (3-7)
Pearl's Passover: A Family Celebration Through Stories, Recipes, Crafts, and Songs by Jane Breskin Zalben ($16). Pearl discovers the importance of family and faith. (3-8)
Lettice, the Dancing Rabbit by Mandy Stanley ($14.95). Lettice realizes that being a rabbit is just as much fun as being a prima ballerina. (3-8)
Fox Tale Soup by Tony Bonning, illus. by Sally Hobson ($16). A fox is the chef in this retelling of Stone Soup. (4-8)
Spring's Sprung by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Greg Couch ($16). March, April and May put aside their sibling rivalry to awaken the world to spring. (4-8)
What Mommies Do Best Miniature Gift Edition by Laura Numeroff, illus. by Lynn Munsinger ($6.95), is a miniature edition of this book. (4-8)

From Earthquack!, illus.
by Barry Moser (S&S)

Earthquack! by Margie Palatini, illus. by Barry Moser ($15.95). Chucky Ducky warns his friends that the earth is crumbling. (4-8)
Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy by Phil Bildner, illus. by C.F. Payne ($17), tells of the early years of a legendary slugger. (5-8)
The Big Cheese of Third Street by Laurie Halse Anderson, illus. by David Gordon ($16). Little Benny, the smallest Antonelli, saves the day. (5-8)
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! by Lesléa Newman, illus. by Erika Oller ($16). Canines cavort in the city in this counting tale. (5-8)
The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein, illus. by Henry Cole ($16), spotlights a duckling who finds his true identity. (5-8)
Bugs Before Time: Prehistoric Insects and Their Relatives by Cathy Camper, illus. by Steve Kirk ($16.95), focuses on prehistoric bugs. (5-9)
Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods, Classic Edition by Johnny Gruelle ($17) features the original art. (5-up)
Alien & Possum: Hanging Out by Tony Johnston, illus. by Tony DiTerlizzi ($15), is a sequel to Alien & Possum: Friends No Matter What. (6-8)
Puss in Cowboy Boots by Jan Huling, illus. by Phil Huling ($16), gives Puss in Boots a Wild West setting. (6-9)
Ghosts of the Civil War by Cheryl Harness ($17). Lindsey travels back in time with Willie Lincoln. (7-10)
Lenny and Mel by Erik Kraft ($15) are holiday tales starring twin brothers. (7-10)
Hobart by Anita Briggs, illus. by Mary Rayner ($14). Four pigs live out their dreams. (7-10)
The Jacket by Andrew Clements ($12.95). Phil confronts his own prejudices after he unjustly accuses a classmate of stealing his brother's jacket. (8-12)
The Beloved Dearly by Doug Cooney ($16). A young entrepreneur makes a killing in the pet funeral business. (8-12)
Rising Water by P.J. Petersen ($16). During a flood, three teens foil looters. (8-12)
Recycling George by Stephen Roos ($16). A boy moves from a trailer park to a mansion. (8-12)
Stubby and the Puppy Pack to the Rescue by Nikki Wallace, illus. by John Steven Gurney ($16), is a sequel to Stubby and the Puppy Pack. (8-12)
My Chimp Friday: The Nana Banana Chronicles by Hester Mundis ($16). A mysterious visitor brings Rachel a pet chimpanzee. (8-12)
Among the Betrayed by Margaret Peterson Haddix ($15.95). A child from Among the Imposters faces a new crisis. (9-14)
The Strength of Saints by A. LaFaye ($16.95). Nissa learns about herself and her neighbors as racial tensions escalate in Harper, Louisiana. (10-14)
The Long Night of Leo and Bree by Ellen Wittlinger ($15). On the anniversary of his sister's murder, Leo kidnaps Bree in a fit of rage. (12-up)
Looking for Red by Angela Johnson ($15.95). Michaela must come to terms with her brother's sudden disappearance. (12-up)
Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn ($15.95). A teen spends the summer with her long-absent father. (13-up)
gains Pets to the Rescue: Dolores and the Big Fire and Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends by Andrew Clements, illus. by Ellen Beier ($15 each, 5-8). Jake Drake returns in Jake Drake, Class Clown by Clements, illus. by Dolores Avendano ($15, paper $3.99, 7-10). And The Cobble Street Cousins welcomes Wedding Flowers by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($15, 7-10).

Mystery of the Island Jewels
by Joyce Stengel ($4.99) presents a caper involving ancient jewels and family curses. (8-12)
Flag of Childhood: Poems from the Middle East, selected by Naomi Shihab Nye ($3.99), collects poetry from various Middle Eastern countries. (8-12)
Paperback Series
Ready-to-Read: Childhood of Famous Americans
greets Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Gershom Griffith; Helen Keller and the Big Storm by Patricia Lakin, illus. by Diana Magnuson; Betsy Ross and the Silver Thimble by Stephanie Greene, illus. by Magnuson; and Ben Franklin and His First Kite by Krensky, illus. by Bert Dodson ($3.99 each, 6-8). New Ready-for-Chapters are Hitty's Travels: Voting Rights Days by Ellen Weiss, illus. by Betina Ogden; Brave Kids: Cora Frear by Susan Goodman, illus. by Doris Ettlinger; The Adventures of Archie Featherspoon by Cathy Stefanec Ogren, illus. by Jack. E. Davis; Prairie Skies: Pioneer Summer by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by Patrick Faricy; and The Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Snow Queen's Surprise, The Crook Who Took the Book and The Crazy Carnival Case by Carolyn Keene, illus. by Jan Naimo Jones ($3.99 each, 6-9); and Camp Buccaneer by Pam Smallcomb, illus. by Tom Lichtenheld; The Unicorn's Secret: The Silver Bracelet by Kathleen Duey, illus. by Omar Rayyan; and A Fletcher Mystery: A Hare-Raising Tail by Elizabeth Levy, illus. by Mordicai Gerstein ($3.99 each, 7-10). And Science Magic gains Science Magic in the Bedroom by Richard Robinson, illus. by Alan Rowe ($4.99, 7-10).
New Aladdin Classics are Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter, foreword by Marion Dane Bauer; Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Mopes Dodge, foreword by Patricia Lauber; Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe; and Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, foreword by Janet Taylor Lisle ($3.99 each, 8-12). Pongwiffy stars in Pongwiffy and the Goblins' Revenge and Pongwiffy and the Spell of the Year by Kaye Umansky, illus. by Chris Smedley ($4.50 each, 8-12). Childhood of Famous Americans continues with Harriet Tubman: Freedom's Trailblazer by Kathleen Kudlinski, illus. by Robert Brown; and John Adams: Young Revolutionary by Jan Adkins, illus. by Meryl Henderson ($4.99 each, 8-12). Zellie Blake, Massachusetts, 1836 by Kathleen Duey joins American Diaries ($4.99 each, 8-12). Laurie Lawlor's American Sisters gains Horseback on the Boston Post Road, 1704 and Exploring the Chicago World's Fair, 1893 ($4.99 each, 8-12). Harvey Angell returns in Harvey Angell & The Ghost Child and Harvey Angell Beats Time by Diana Hendry ($4.99 each, 8-12). The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon and Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene each add three titles ($4.99 each, 8-12). The Broadway Ballplayers scores Ice Cold by Molly by Maureen Holohan ($4.50, 8-12). The Magical States of America by John Peel issues Double Disaster ($4.99, 8-12). And O'Dwyer & Grady Starring in Acting Innocent by Eileen Heyes is a new Aladdin Mystery ($4.99, 9-12).
Paperback Reprints
When Mama Comes Home Tonight
by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Jane Dyer ($6.99, 6 mos.-5 yrs.); Little Bunny's Easter Surprise by Jeanne Modesitt, illus. by Robin Spowart ($5.99, 2-6); Guess Who's Coming, Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom, illus. by Bruce Degen; and Daddy, Will You Miss Me? by Wendy McCormick, illus. by Jennifer Eachus ($6.99 each, 2-6); Ebb & Flo and the New Friend by Jane Simmons ($6.99, 3-7); Lottie's New Friend by Petra Mathers ($5.99, 3-8); Doodle Dandies: Poems That Take Shape by J. Patrick Lewis, illus. by Lisa Desimini ($6.99, 3-8); Hoppy and Joe by Betty Paraskevas, illus. by Michael Paraskevas; Outside and Inside Birds by Sandra Markle; When Agnes Caws by Candace Fleming, illus. by Giselle Potter; and America the Beautiful by Katherine Lee Bates, illus. by Neil Waldman ($6.99 each, 4-8); A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle; and Don't Forget by Patricia Lakin, illus. by Ted Rand ($6.99 each, 5-8); and A Band of Angels: A Story Inspired by the Jubilee Singers by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by Raúl Colón ($6.99, 5-9).
Also, Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert D. San Souci, illus. by Brian Pinkney; and San Souci's Brave Margaret: An Irish Adventure, illus. by Sally Wern Comport ($6.99 each, 5-10); Summertime: From Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, Dubose and Dorothy Heyward and Ira Gershwin, illus. by Mike Wimmer ($6.99, 5-up); A Desert Scrapbook: Dawn to Dusk in the Sonoran Desert and An Island Scrapbook: Dawn to Dusk on a Barrier Island by Virginia Wright-Frierson ($6.99 each, 6-up); Ghosts of the White House by Cheryl Harness ($6.99, 7-10); Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues by Harriette Gillem Robinet, Grandpa's Mountain by Carolyn Reeder and Gracie's Girl by Ellen Wittlinger ($4.99 each, 8-12); Ultimate Field Trip: Blasting off to Space Academy by Susan Goodman, illus. by Michael Doolittle ($6.99, 8-12); Soon to Be Free by Lois Ruby ($5.99, 8-12); All But Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park ($4.99 each, 9-12); Silent to the Bone by E.L. Konigsburg and Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix ($5.99 each, 10-14); The Art of Keeping Cool by Janet Taylor Lisle ($4.99, 10-14); Stowaway by Karen Hesse, illus. by Robert Andrew Parker ($6.99, 10-14); and Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson ($5.99, 10-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
reprints The Heart of Cool by Jamie McEwan, illus. by Sandra Boynton; and Pinky and Rex and the Just-Right Pet by James Howe, illus. by Melissa Sweet ($3.99 each, 6-9). Ready-for-Chapters adds Annabel the Actress Starring in Just a Little Extra by Ellen Conford, illus. by Renee Andriani; and The Cobble Street Cousins: Summer Party by Cynthia Rylant, illus. by Wendy Anderson Halperin ($3.99 each, 7-10). And The Club of Mysteries gains Carlotta's Kittens by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, illus. by Alan Daniel ($4.99, 8-12).
Paperback Reissues
The Dancing Cats of Applesap by Janet Taylor Lisle and The Trouble with Miss Switch and Miss Switch to the Rescue by Barbara Brooks Wallace ($4.99 each, 8-12); Sirens and Spies by Lisle and The York Trilogy: Shadows on the Wall, Faces in the Water and Footprints at the Window by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($4.99 each, 10-14).

From Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox,
illus. by Hanako Wakiywama

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox
by Erin Dealey, illus. by Hanako Wakiyama ($16). The three bears and other fairytale characters visit this bedridden heroine. (3-7)
Angel Face Book and CD by Sarah Weeks, illus. by David Diaz ($17.95). A crow helps a mother find her lost son. (3-7)
The Three Billygoats Gruff and Mean Calypso Joe by Cathrené Valente Youngquist, illus. by Kristen Sorra ($16), retells this tale with a Caribbean setting. (3-7)
Please Do Feed the Bears by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, illus. by Ana López Escrivá ($16). Percy's ingenuity saves a family picnic. (3-7)
The Animals and the Ark by Karla Kuskin, illus. by Michael Grejniec ($16.95), gives a twist to the tale of Noah. (3-8)
Eek! Creak! Snicker, Sneak by Rhonda Gowler Greene, illus. by Jos. A. Smith ($16). What do two feisty children do when something goes bump in the night? (4-7)
Audrey and Barbara by Janet Lawson ($13.95). A girl and her cat have an adventure in India. (4-7)

From Angel Face, illus.
by David Diaz

I Love Saturdays y domingos by Alma Flor Ada, illus. by Elivia Savadier ($16.95), celebrates a child's Mexican and Anglo heritages. (5-8)
Imani's Music by Sheron Williams, illus. by Jude Daly ($17), tells of a grasshopper who brought music across the ocean during the Middle Passage. (6-9)
Take Command, Captain Farragut! by Peter and Connie Roop, illus. by Michael McCurdy ($16), relays the story of this admiral. (7-10)
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Lynn Curlee ($17) spotlights masterpieces of human achievement. (8-12)
Undercurrents by Willo Davis Roberts ($16). Nikki uncovers her new stepmother's secret. (8-12)
Miss Switch Online by Barbara Brooks Wallace ($16). Miss Switch saves her class from an evil witch. (8-12)
Feed the Children First: Irish Memories of the Great Hunger by Mary E. Lyons ($17) collects accounts of life during the Irish potato famine. (9-12)
Betrayed! by Patricia Calvert ($16). Tyler and his friend head out West in this adventure tale. (10-14)
Double Dutch by Sharon M. Draper ($16). Two students' embarrassing secrets are revealed as the threat of violence escalates in their school. (11-up)
Aphrodite's Blessings: Love Stories from the Greek Myths by Clemence McLaren ($16) presents three tales adapted from myths. (12-up)
Cheating Lessons by Nan Willard Cappo ($16). A teenage girl contends with a situation that does not have obvious answers. (12-up)
Simply Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor ($16). Alice discovers that there is life after Patrick. (12-up)
Growing Up Wild
adds Penguins by Sandra Markle ($16, 6-9). The Werewolf Club continues with The Werewolf Club Meets Oliver Twit by Daniel and Jill Pinkwater, illus. by Jill Pinkwater ($15, $3.99 paper, 7-10).

Matthew A.B.C.
by Peter Catalanotto ($14.95) is an alphabet tale set in a kindergarten classroom. (4-6)
The Four Ugly Cats in Apartment 3D by Marilyn Sachs, illus. by Rosanne Litzinger ($15). Lily rescues her neighbor's cats. (8-10)
America by E.R. Frank ($18) is a novel centering on a boy in foster care. (12-up)
Born Too Short: The Confessions of an Eighth-Grade Basket Case by Dan Elish ($16) tells of a boy who is jealous of his best friend. (12-up)

The Brave Little Seamstress
by Mary Pope Osborne, illus. by Giselle Potter ($16), retells the Grimm tale 'The Brave Little Tailor.' (All ages)
Olivia Counts and Olivia's Opposites by Ian Falconer ($5.99). This popular pig stars in these board books introducing concepts. (2-5)
Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming, illus. by G. Brian Karas ($16), offers a tale about a gardener and three pesky bunnies. (3-7)

From My Friend Lucky
by David Milgram

My Friend Lucky by David Milgrim ($12) is a story about a boy and his dog. (3-7)
Under the Quilt of Night by Deborah Hopkinson, illus. by James E. Ransome ($16), is a companion to Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. (5-10)

Consider Love: Its Moods and Many Ways
by Sandra Boynton ($14.95) celebrates love. (All ages)
Night Night Toes: A Lift-the-Flap Story by Ashala Gabriel, illus. by Sue Porter ($12.95). Various creatures bid good night to a little bear. (1-4)
Grandma and Me: A Lift-the-Flap Story by Karen Katz ($5.99) is a tale about spending time with a special grandmother. (1-5)
Rescue Trucks and Farm Trucks by Betsy Imershein ($5.99 each). Photos focus on these vehicles. (1-5)
My Kitten Friends and My Puppy Friends by Jane Burton ($5.95 each) are board books featuring photographs of animals. (1-6)
Easter Weave Board Books: Easter Basket and Easter Egg by Michelle Knudsen, illus. by Dawn Apperley ($4.99 each), introduce rhyming holiday stories. (2-5)
Bedtime for Bunny by Jane Yolen, illus. by Lynn Norton Parker ($7.99). A bunny family prepares for bed in this board book. (2-5)
The Crayon Coloring Play Book by Lee Wade ($5.99) is a draw-on/wipe-off book. (2-5)
Where's Your Mitten, Josh? and Josh Counts by Darice Bailer, illus. by Jason Wolff ($6.99 each), are Osh Kosh B'Gosh board books featuring a teddy bear. (2-6)
Valentine's Day at the Zoo and Easter Egg Hunt by Nadine Bernard Westcott ($5.99 each) are holiday pop-up tales. (3-6)
What I Like About Passover by Varda Livney ($4.99) is a board book focusing on this holiday. (3-6)
The Kissing Monster: A Lift-the-Flap Story by Marion Dane Bauer, illus. by Kathi Couri ($5.99), concludes with a pop-up hug. (3-6)
Ouch! Bye Bye, Boo-Boos by Kelli Chipponeri, illus. by Barry Gott ($5.99). This vinyl sticker book offers tips on caring for minor cuts. (3-6)
Animal Popposites: A Pop-up Book of Opposites by Matthew Reinhart ($13.95) is a concept book starring animals. (3-6)
Two Bears Beneath the Stairs: A Lift-the-Flap Counting Story by Elizabeth Spurr, illus. by Nadine Bernard Westcott ($8.99). A child counts the animals hiding throughout the house. (3-6)
Dinosaurs: The World of Dinosaurs with Lift-the-Flaps by Anna Casalis, illus. by Franco Tempesta ($9.99), offers an interactive look at dinos. (3-6)
Mommy, What If...? A Pop-up Book by Carla Dijs ($8.99) sends children the message that their mothers will always love them. (4-7)
The Diary of Hansel and Gretel by Kees Moerbeek ($12.95) explains what really happened in the forest. (5-8)
New Classic Board Books are Rooster's Off to See the World by Eric Carle ($7.99, 2-5); and Give Me Grace: A Child's Daybook of Prayers by Cynthia Rylant ($6.99, 2-5). Carter Bugs in a Box adds Peekaboo Bugs: A Hide-and-Seek Book by David A. Carter ($12.95, 2-5).
Watch Out! A Giant!
by Eric Carle ($14.95, 4-8).
Paperback Series
New Peanuts titles based on the comic strip and characters created by Charles M. Schulz are A Charlie Brown Valentine; It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! and Here's to You, America!, adapted by Justine and Ron Fontes, illustrations adapted by Paige Braddock ($5.99 each, 4-8); and Ready-to-Read: It's a Home Run, Charlie Brown and Take a Hike, Snoopy!, adapted by Judy Katschke, illustrations adapted by Peter LoBianco ($3.99 each, 6-9).

Daddy's Lullaby
by Tony Bradman, illus. by Jason Cockcroft ($16.95), pays tribute to the relationship between a father and his baby. (6 mos.-2 yrs.)
Sailor Boy Jig by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Dan Andreasen ($16), presents a never-before published tale about a jig-dancing sailor pup. (2-5)

From Pillow Pup, illus.
by Mireille d'Allance

Pillow Pup by Dianne Ochiltree, illus. by Mireille d'Allancé ($14.95). A girl and her dog have a pillow fight. (3-6)
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson, illus. by Jane Chapman ($16). When Bear wakes up after a long sleep, his cave is filled with uninvited guests. (3-7)
Ebb & Flo and the Baby Seal by Jane Simmons ($16). Ebb and Flo reunite a baby seal with its family. (3-7)
Frog by Susan Cooper, illus. by Jane Browne ($17). A frog teaches Little Joe to swim. (4-7)
Give Yourself to the Rain: Poems for the Very Young by Margaret Wise Brown, illus. by Teri Weidner ($16.95), collects poems culled from Brown's notebooks of unpublished work. (4-8)
Wish, Change, Friend by Ian Whybrow, illus. by Tiphanie Beeke ($16). Little Pig discovers the power of words and the joy of making friends. (4-8)
Jack Outwits the Giants by Paul Brett Johnson ($16) is a tale about an Appalachian hero. (4-8)
Smokejumpers One to Ten by Chris L. Demarest ($17) describes a day in the life of four smokejumpers. (4-8)
America Is... by Louise Borden, illus. by Stacy Schuett ($16.95), pays tribute to the people and places of this country. (6-9)
Bad Dog, Dodger! by Barbara Abercrombie, illus. by Adam Gustavson ($14.95). Sam's puppy becomes an honorary member of his baseball team. (6-10)
King Midas: The Golden Touch by Demi ($19.95) reveals how King Midas learned his lesson. (7-10)
Saffy's Angel by Hilary McCay ($16). After she learns she is adopted, Saffy searches for a statue that holds the answer to her past. (8-12)
If the Shoe Fits: Voices from Cinderella by Laura Whipple, illus. by Laura Beingessner ($17.95), shares the story of Cinderella from various characters' perspectives. (8-12)
Green Boy by Susan Cooper ($16) is a time-travel tale set in the Bahamas. (9-12)
The Egyptian Box by Jane Louise Curry ($16). An Egyptian spirit takes charge of a girl's life. (9-12)

The House Next Door
by Richie Tankersley Cusick ($4.99). After spending a night in an abandoned house, Emma relives a horrific night from the house's past. (12-up)
Timeless Love by Judith O'Brien ($4.99). A teenage girl travels back to 16th-century England and finds love. (12-up)
Clockstoppers by Rob and Andy Hedden ($4.99) is a movie tie-in. (12-up)
Old Magic by Marianne Curley ($5.99). Kate and Jarrod travel back in time to destroy an evil curse. (12-up)
The Night I Disappeared by Julie Reece Deaver ($5.99). A teen discovers she witnessed a murder as a child. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
adds Tiger Tale by Mel Odom, The Witch That Launched a Thousand Ships by Nancy Krulik and Know-It-All by Lisa Fielder ($4.99 each, 9-up). Why Me? gains Don't Cry for Yesterday by Deborah Kent ($4.99, 10-14). Hex by Rhiannon Lassiter continues with Shadows and Ghosts ($4.99 each, 10-14). The Coral Coffin by Michael Dahl is a new Finnegan Zwake Mystery ($4.50, 10-up). Charmed continues with Charmed Again by Elizabeth Lenhard and Spirit of the World by Diana Gallagher, both created by Constance Burge ($5.99 each, 12-up). 1-800-Where-R-You by Jenny Carroll adds Safe House ($4.99, 14-up). Prowlers by Christopher Golden gains Wild Things ($5.99, 16-up). Fearless by Francine Pascal has three additions ($5.99 each, 16-up). Buffy the Vampire Slayer issues The Journals of Rupert Giles, Vol. 1 by Nancy Holder, Sweet Sixteen by Scott Ciencin, #25 Crossings by Mel Odom and #14 Oz: Into the Wild by Christopher Golden ($5.99 each, 16-up). New Angel titles are The Casefiles, Vol. 1 by Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte and Maryelizabeth Hart ($16.95, 14-up); and Haunted and Stranger to the Sun by Mariotte and Image by Mel Odom ($5.99 each, 16-up).
Paperback Reprints
River Boy
by Tim Bowler, Orfe by Cynthia Voigt, My Bridges of Hope: Searching for Life and Love After Auschwitz by Livia Bitton-Jackson and Give a Boy a Gun by Todd Strasser ($4.99 each, 12-up); Beast by Donna Jo Napoli ($8, 12-up); and Terry and the Pirates by Julian F. Thompson ($5.99, 13-up).
Spongebob Squarepants
offers Greetings from Bikini Bottom by David Lewman, illus. by Caleb Meurer ($6.99, all ages). Baby Blue's Clues adds Photo Board Books: Faces and Feelings by Jenny Miglis, illus. by Jenine Pontillo, photos by John Barrett ($5.99 each, 1-3); and Board Book: Guess Who Loves Blue! by Deborah Reber ($4.99, 1-4). Dora the Explorer launches with Count with Dora: A Counting Book in English and Spanish by Phoebe Beinstein, illus. by the Thompson Bros. ($4.99, 1-4); Dora's Backpack by Sarah Willson, illus. by Robert Roper; and Little Star by Willson, illus. by the Thompson Bros. ($3.50 each paper, 3-6); Vinyl Sticker Books: Dora's Treasure Hunt by Alison Inches, illus. by Susan Hall; and Dora Saves the Prince by Inches, illus. by Brian McGee ($5.99 each, 3-6); Lift-the-Flap Paperback: Good Night, Dora! by Christine Ricci, illus. by Susan Hall ($5.99 paper, 3-6); and Tabbed Board Book: Dora's Color Adventure by Beinstein, illus. by Hall ($6.99, 4-8).
New to Blues Clues are Blue's World of Words by Lara Bergen, illus. by Victoria Miller ($12.95, 2-5), Blue's ABC Detective Game by Deborah Reber, illus. by Karen Craig ($9.99, 3-6); Blue's Riddle Game: A Dial-the-Answer Book by Alice Wilder, illus. by David Cutting ($7.99, 3-6); and Blue's Sniffly Day by Brigid Egan, illus. by Victoria Miller; Magenta Gets Glasses by Reber, illus. by Troy Dugas; and Blue's Big Birthday by Angela Santomero, illus. by Traci Paige Johnson and Soo Kyung Kim ($3.50 each paper, 3-7).
Among the 10 additions to Bob the Builder are Super Chubby Board Book: Let's Count by Kelli Chipponeri, illus. by Vince Giarrano ($4.99, 2-5); Lift-the-Flap Board Book: Bob's Valentine Surprise by Kim Ostrow, illus. by Joe and Terri Chicko ($5.99, 3-6); Lift-the-Flap Paperback: Bob's Egg Hunt by Annie Auerbach, illus. by Barry Goldberg ($5.99 paper, 3-6); and Shaped Board Book: Bob's Busy Hammer by Kiki Thorpe, illus. by Goldberg ($5.99, 3-6). Joining Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House are Super Chubby Board Books: Bear Loves Letters! ($4.99, 2-5) and Bear Loves Colors! ($4.99, 3-6) by Susan Kantor, illus. by Barry Goldberg; and Board Books Plus: Bear's Valentine's Day by Kylie Foxx, illus. by Jane Maday ($4.99, 3-6); and Bear's Picnic by Kantor, illus. by Tom Brannon ($5.99, 3-6). And Little Bill returns in Little Bill's Big Book of Words by Catherine Lukas, illus. by Robert Powers ($12.95, 3-6); A Visit to the Dentist by Eleanor Fremont, illus. by Andy Mastrocinque ($3.50 paper, 3-7); Board Book with Sound Module: Let's Go Little Bill by Kiki Thorpe, illus. by Jennifer Oxley and Dan Kanemoto ($12.95, 3-7); and Happy Valentine's Day! by Robert Scull, illus. by Michael Lennicx and Etsu Kahata ($5.99 paper, 4-8).
Paperback Series
continues with Secret-Agent Dad by Sarah Willson ($3.50, 3-7); Sticker Book Plus: Angelica's Sassy Styles by Mana Rosado ($7.99, 4-7); Chuckie's New Mommy by Kim Ostrow, illus. by Robert Roper ($3.50, 4-8); The Rugrats' Easter Surprise by Willson, illus. by Roper ($5.99, 4-8); Rugrats in the Ring by Willson ($3.99, 7-10); and The Rugrats Files: In Search of Reptar by Steven Banks ($3.99, 8-12). E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial issues A Friend for E.T. and Be Good, Gertie! by Gail Herman ($3.50 each, 4-8); Movie Storybook by Kim Ostrow ($8.99, 6-10); E.T. and Me by Ostrow, illus. by Rudy Obrero ($3.99, 7-10); and The Movie Novelization by Terry Collins ($4.99, 8-12).
The Wild Thornberrys return in Gem of a Mom by Kim Ostrow, illus. by Aristedes Ruiz ($3.99, 7-10); and Wildlife Tales: Bear Rescue! by Maria Rosado, illus. by the Thompson Bros.; and Crane Crossing by Mark Dubowski, illus. by Jim Durk ($3.99 each, 8-12). Nickelodeon Rocket Power launches with The Cost of Cool and Twister's Big Break by Adam Beechen, illus. by Fran Talbot and Juliet Newmarch ($3.99 each, 7-10). Angela Anaconda is back in Green with Envy by Barbara Calamari, illus. by Elizabeth Brandt ($3.99, 7-10); and My School Newspaper by Calamari ($2.99, 7-10). And Hey, Arnold! presents Arnold Saves the Neighborhood: The Movie Novelization by Craig Bartlett and Maggie Groening ($4.99, 8-12).

Ten Amazing People and How They Changed the World
, ed. by Robert Klausmeier ($16.95), examines the achievements of 10 leaders of the last century. (6-9)

Legend of the Voyageur
by Kathy-Jo Wargin, illus. by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen ($17.95), presents the legend of the voyagers who explored the Great Lakes region. (4-10)
One Nation: America's Counting Book by Devin Scillian, illus. by Pam Carroll ($19.95), is a companion to A Is for America: An American Alphabet. (4-10)
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Margot Theis Raven, illus. by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen ($17.95), tells the true story of a pilot who dropped candy from his plane to the children of West Berlin during WWII. (5-10)
The American Reader by Kathy-Jo Wargin, illus. by K.L. Darnell ($12.95), offers stories about American history and national symbols. (6-10)
New Alphabet titles are G Is for Gold: A California Alphabet by David Domeniconi, illus. by Pam Carroll; L Is for Last Frontier: An Alaskan Alphabet by Carol Crane, illus. by Michael Glenn Monroe; and M Is for Maple Syrup: A Vermont Alphabet by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, illus. by Ginny Joyner ($17.95 each, 4-10).

Ring Out Wild Bells
by Carrol Thomas ($9.95). As the Civil War ends, two cousins investigate a woman's mysterious death. (8-12)

(Interlink Publishing, dist.)
Children's Encyclopaedia of Arabia by Mary Beardwood ($19.95) is an illustrated reference. (3-12)
Elvis the Camel by Barbara Devine, illus. by Patricia Al Fakhri ($14.95), relates the true tale of an injured baby camel nursed back to health by three children in the U.A.E.. (3-12)

6 Is So Much Less Than 7
by Ronald Himler ($16.95) is the story of a man and his cats. (All ages)
Piggy in My Pocket by Hui-Mei Pan ($5.95) is a board book with art that slides out from pockets. (6 mos.-2 yrs.)
What's in Grandma's Grocery Bag? by Hui-Mei Pan ($5.95). A bag opens to reveal foods of many colors. (6 mos.-2 yrs.)
Brian Wildsmith's Zoo Animals by Brian Wildsmith ($6.95) is a board book featuring zoo residents. (6 mos.-4 yrs.)
Olie's Bedtime Walk by Grete Janus Hertz, illus. by Nynke Talsma ($12.95). When Olie can't fall asleep, he takes a walk and meets nighttime workers who wish they were home in bed. (3-7)

Big Bad Wolf Is Good
by Simon Puttock, illus. by Lynne Chapman ($12.95), offers a fractured fairytale about friendship. (4-7)
Og the Dog & the Uninventor by Andrew Murray, illus. by Teri Gower ($12.95). Things go awry when the Uninventor arrives and begins un-inventing such things as the wheel and sound. (4-7)
Lost Little Elephant Where Are You? by Alison Morris, illus. by Olivia Rayner ($12.95), follows an elephant's journey around the world. (4-7)
Fun Food for Fussy Kids: Great Things to Make & Eat by Mumu Bienenstock and Mimi Bloch ($12.95) tells how to make such treats as rabbit-shaped sandwiches and a pizza with a smiling face. (5-10)
Sidewalk Chalk: Outdoor Fun and Games by Jamie Kyle McGillian, illus. by Blanche Sims ($17.95), outlines games using sidewalk chalk. (5-10)
Map Mania: Discovering Where You Are & Getting to Where You Aren't by Michael DiSpezio ($19.95) offers activities and facts about geography. (8-12)
Dinosaur Origami by Duy Nguyen ($19.95) shows how to make folded paper dinosaurs. (8-up)
Wizard's Book of Puzzles by Margaret Edminston and Muriel Mandell ($6.95) presents puzzles featuring wizards, knights and dragons. (10-up)
Be a Clown by Mark Stolzenberg ($19.95) reveals tricks of the clowning trade. (10-up)
Great Color Optical Illusions by Keith Kay ($5.95) rounds up optical illusions. (12-up)
Sneaky Lateral Thinking Puzzles by Paul Sloane and Des MacHale ($5.95). The answers to these puzzles are not the obvious ones. (12-up)
Brainsnack Puzzles by Frank Coussement and Peter De Schepper ($5.95) collects more than 80 puzzles. (12-up)
Clever Logic Puzzles by Norman Willis ($5.95) challenges kids' deductive reasoning. (12-up)
It's Not My Fault Because... The Kids' Book of Excuses
by Matt Rissinger and Philip Yates, illus. by Jeff Sinclair ($5.95), collects wacky excuses. (7-11)
Life's Least Important Questions by Jim Paillot ($6.95). Illustrations provide clues to the answers to unusual questions. (10-up)

New Encyclopedias for Beginning Readers are The World of Wild Animals and The World of Farm Animals ($4.95 each, 3-6).

Learning Champs
by Colin Rose and Anne Civardi ($19.95) offers tips to improve motivation, concentration and memorization. (8-12)
Bug World by Andy Dixon, illus. by Nick Harris ($14.95), presents puzzles set in a world of giant bugs. (8-12)
Magic Fact Machine
conjures up Planet Earth and Dinosaurs by Jay Young ($14.95 each, 7-11).
Paperback Series
New Challenge titles by Neil Morris are Super Quiz Challenge ($8.95, 8-up) and Mega Quiz Challenge ($8.95, 9-up).

Cowboys Can Do! Amazing Things, Too!
by Kelly Stuart, illus. by Cynthia and Bradley Clarke ($14.95), examines the things cowboys do. (2-4)
Lullaby of the Virgin of Guadelupe by Kelly Stuart, illus. by Carlos Caban ($14.95), tells of the encounter between an Aztec man and the Virgin of Guadelupe. (2-4)
Henry the Steinway & the Piano Recital by Sally Coveleskie and Peter Goodrich with Kelly Stuart, illus. by Laura Friedman ($15.95). A piano encourages a girl preparing for a big recital. (5-8)

New Atlas releases are Atlas of the Earth by Alexa Stace, Atlas of Space Exploration by Tim Furniss and Atlas of Natural Disasters by Jeff Groman ($14.95 each, 10-up).

Animals Can Be
adds Animals Can Be So Hard to See and Animals Can Be So Playful by Diane Swanson, illus. by Rose Cowles ($10.95 each, 3-4).
Paperback Series Reprints
Animals Can Be
reprints Animals Can Be So Sleepy and Animals Can Be So Speedy by Diane Swanson, illus. by Rose Cowles ($5.95 each, 3-4).

New Smudge titles are I'll Be Your Friend, Smudge!; It's My Turn, Smudge!; New House for Smudge and Smudge's Grumpy Day by Miriam Moss, illus. by Lynne Chapman ($12.95 each, 4-7).

Book of Wizard Parties
by Janice Eaton Kilby, illus. by Marla Baggetta ($19.95), offers tips for throwing wizard-themed parties. (6-8)
Geography Crafts for Kids by Joe Rhatigan and Heather Smith ($24.95) rounds up geography projects. (8-13)
Girls' World: Making Cool Stuff for Your Room, Your Friends & You
by Joanne O'Sullivan ($12.95) outlines more than 50 projects. (8-12)

Paperback Series
stars in Asterix & Obelix All at Sea, Asterix & Son, Asterix & the Black Gold, Asterix & the Great Divide, Asterix & the Magic Carpet and Asterix & the Secret Weapon by Albert Uderzo ($9.95 each, 10-up).

New Animal Snuggles are Cuddly Chick and Fluffy Bunny by Lynn Otterman, illus. by Rusty Fletcher ($7.95 each, 2-4). And joining Magical Color Skeleton are Amazing Dinosaur Discovery and Incredible Animal Discovery by Shaheen Bilgrami, illus. by Treve Tamblin and Mike Phillips ($9.95 each, 4-7).

Why Is Blue Dog Blue?
by George Rodrigue with Bruce Goldstone ($16.95) takes readers on a tour of a world of colors. (All ages)

The Happy Prince
by Oscar Wilde, illus. by Robin Muller ($15.95), presents this classic with new art. (4-8)
Sandwiches for Duke by Judy Ann Sadler, illus. by Lorna Bennett ($15.95). Duke receives his favorite food as a reward for being a hero. (4-8)
Emma's Cold Day by Margriet Ruurs, illus. by Barbara Spurll ($15.95). Emma the chicken learns about snow. (4-8)
Mama Likes to Mambo by Helaine Becker, illus. by John Beder ($15.95), rounds up poems. (4-8)

From Carry Me, Mama,
illus. by Pauline
Paquin (Stoddart)

Carry Me, Mama by Monica Devine, illus. by Pauline Paquin ($15.95). A girl in Alaska learns to walk on her own. (4-8)
All On a Sleepy Night by Shutta Crum, illus. by Sylvie Daigneault ($15.95), reveals the sounds houses make at night. (4-8)
Where Poppies Grow by Linda Granfield ($16.95) focuses on World War I. (8-up)
Secret of the Crystal Cave
by Margot Griffin, illlus. by P. John Burden ($7.95), is a tale set in Ireland. (8-11)
Seeing Stars by Gary Barwin ($7.95). The son of a telephone psychic searches for his father. (10-up)
Goodbye Atlantis by Troon Harrison ($7.95). A teen's summer vacation in England doesn't go as she'd planned. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Brady Brady
starts up with Brady Brady and the Great Rink and Brady Brady and the Runaway Goalie by Mary Shaw, illus. by Chuck Temple ($4.95 each, 4-8).

The Boy, a Kitchen and His Cave by Catherine Contopoulos, illus. by Chrissanth Gross ($15.95). A scullery boy finds solace in a place known only to him and God. (6-10)