Spring 2002 Listing by Publisher
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Zeek the Christmas Tree Mouse by Richard Schneider, illus. by Florence Davis ($17). Zeek escapes from the family cat by posing as a Christmas tree ornament. (All ages)
Badger's Easter Surprise by Alan and Linda Parry ($15). Owl reminds a grumpy Badger about the true meaning of Easter. (3-8)
Alphabet Rhymes for Bible Times by Pceg Augustine and Daphna Flegal, illus. by Paige Easter ($9), is an alphabet book featuring biblical verse. (3-8)
The Wing by Ray Buckley ($14). A winged creature is comforted after she breaks her wing and is no longer able to fly. (6-10)
In the Beginning
by Judy Newman-St. John ($5) tells the Christian story of creation. (3-5)
Meeting Bible Characters by Peg Augustine ($5) collects puzzles, word searches and other activities featuring biblical characters. (6-10)

Portables: Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Mojo Jojo) ($6.95 each) are four board books featuring these animated characters. (up to 3)
Hello Kitty, Hello Family! and Hello Kitty, Hello Friends! by Thea Feldman, illus. by Jean Hirashima ($6.95 each) are die-cut board books starring this friendly feline. (up to 3)
Hello Kitty, Hello World! by Higashi Glaser ($14.95) packages a miniature edition of this book with a plush doll. (3-5)
Puss in Boots by Steve Light ($14.95) is a retelling with collage art. (3-6)
Can We Play? by Mara van der Meer, paper engineering by Ron van der Meer ($14.95), is a pop-up, lift-the-flap story about the days of the week. (3-6)

From Sally Goes to the Farm by Stephen Huneck (Abrams)

Sally Goes to the Farm by Stephen Huneck ($17.95). Sally the black Lab meets the animals on a farm. (4-8)
Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy, illus. by Doug Kennedy ($16.95). A pirate and his parrot search for gold. (4-8)
Chocolate: Riches from the Rainforest by Robert Burleigh ($16.95) offers a history of chocolate. (6-10)
Babar's Battle
and Babar's Birthday Surprise by Laurent de Brunhoff ($16.95 each, 4-8); and de Brunhoff's Meet Babar and His Family and Babar's Little Girl Makes a Friend ($9.95 each, 4-8).

The Flight of the Sunflower by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez, illus. by Nadine Takvorian ($16.95). The wind takes a sunflower seed on a journey to see the world before setting it down to grow. (5-10)

(Independent Publishers Group, dist.)
A Moose Called Mouse by Martine Murray ($12.95, paper $6.95). A girl tells of her sunrise rendezvous with a mouse. (3-6)
Guide Dogs: From Puppies to Partners
by Diane Lawrenson ($7.95) discusses the breeding, raising and training of guide dogs. (8-up)
Paperback Series
New Tashi titles by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg, illus. by Kim Gamble, are The Big Book of Tashi ($11.95, 6-10) and Tashi and the Dancing Shoes ($5.95, 6-10).
Paperback Reprint
Fishing for Islands: Traditional Boats and Seafarers of the Pacific
by John Nicholson ($7.95, 8-13).

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Throwaway Bear by Sandy Nightingale ($16.95) follows a discarded teddy's long journey home. (4-6)
Quack, Quack! by Philippe Dupasquier ($16.95). A father finds a solution to a neighbor's noisy duck. (5-8)
Paperback Reprint
Two Can Toucan
by David McKee ($8.95, 4-7).

(Firefly, dist.)
A Cat Adrift by Maria Coffey, illus. by Eugenie Fernandes ($18.95, paper $6.95), tells of a cat who is washed into the sea on a log. (4-7)
The Dentist and You by Diane Swanson ($19.95, paper $7.95) examines the tools a dentist uses. (4-7)
Edward the 'Crazy Man' by Marie Day ($18.95, paper $7.95). Charlie wants to help a schizophrenic homeless man. (4-7)
Grizzly Pete and the Ghosts by Janet Amsden, illus. by John Beder ($19.95, paper $7.95). A miner decides to scare the ghosts living in a ghost town. (4-7)
Mama's Babies by Gary Crew ($18.95, paper $6.95). In this novel, Sarah becomes suspicious when her mother's babies start disappearing. (10-14)
The Witch in the Lake by Anna Fienberg ($18.95, paper $7.95). A young wizard must fight a witch to free his village from a curse. (10-14)
My Crazy Life: How I Survived My Family, compiled by Allen Flaming and Kate Scowen ($18.95, paper $9.95). Ten teens tell of their experiences living in dysfunctional families. (12-up)
Generals Die in Bed: A Story from the Trenches by Charles Yale Harrison ($18.95, paper $7.95) presents the true tale of a WWI soldier. (14-up)
The Mess
by Jennifer Wolfe, illus. by Cindy Revell ($6.95). This story about cleaning up a messy house includes reusable word stickers. (5-8)

Jessie and the Dolphins by Tatjana Tekkel ($12.95). Dolphins rescue a girl who gets into trouble after hiding on her father's fishing boat. (7-9)

Joining The Books of Nine Lives are Tales of Heroes, Tales of Holidays and Tales of Insects by Pleasant DeSpain, illus. by Don Bell ($14.95 each, 7-10).
Series Reissues
The Books of Nine Lives
reissues Tales of Tricksters, Tales of Nonsense & Tomfoolery and Tales of Wisdom & Justice by DeSpain, illus. by Bell ($14.95 each, 7-10).

Whatcha Doing? by Agatha Featherstone, illus. by Nicole Blau ($17.95). A boy finally finds someone who will read to him: his grandfather. (2-4)
One Bullfrog by Sid Hausman ($18.95) is a book and CD package presenting a song about animals who try to pile on a log. (2-up)
Ravens' Tale by the children of the Oz School ($14.95). Ravens fly to Hawaii for the winter in this story written and illustrated by students in a Santa Fe school. (3-8)

Little Girls Activity Bible for Toddlers and Little Boys Activity Bible for Toddlers by Carolyn Larsen, illus. by Caron Turk ($12.99 each), each compile more than 30 biblical stories. (1-4)
Little Girls Bible Library and Little Boys Bible Library by Carolyn Larsen, illus. by Caron Turk ($9.99 each), are slipcased collections of eight miniature books. (1-4)
Cow in the Rain and Cow Goes for a Ride by Todd Aaron Smith ($7.99 each) recount barnyard adventures. (2-7)
Paperback Series
X-Country Adventures
continues with California Gold Rush Fever and The Great Florida Chase by Bob Schaller ($5.99 each, 9-12).

An Island in the Sun by Stella Blackstone, illus. by Nicoletta Ceccoli ($15.99). A boy sets sail for a distant island with just a fishing rod and a telescope. (4-7)
How Loud Is a Lion? by Clare Beaton ($14.99). No other African creature can compete with the roar of a lion. (4-7)
The Barefoot Book of Knights by John Matthews, illus. by Giovanni Manna ($19.99). An armorer's tales of brave men inspire a boy. (8-up)
Paperback Reprints
Bunbun, the Middle One
and Bunbun at Bedtime by Sharon Pierce McCullough ($6.99 each, 4-7); Jack and the Beanstalk by Richard Walker, illus. by Niamh Sharkey ($6.99, 6-8); and The Barefoot Book of Pirates by Walker and The Barefoot Book of Princesses by Caitlin Matthews, both illus. by Olwyn Whelan ($9.99 each, 8-10).
Paperback Reprint in Spanish
Juan y los frijoles mágicos (Jack and the Beanstalk)
by Richard Walker, illus. by Niamh Sharkey ($6.99, 6-8).

Old MacDonald Had a Farm and The Wheels on the Bus by Penny Dann ($3.95 each) are board books presenting these songs. (1-3)
Quack Quack, Who's That! and Yawn Like a Hippo by Delia Noel and Ruth Galloway ($4.95 each) are lift-the-flap board books featuring animals. (1-4)
Morning in the Garden by Heather Gondek, illus. by Mercedes McDonald ($9.95). In this pop-up, pull-the-tab tale, verse reveals what happens in a garden. (3-6)
Oliver's Party by Jenny Fry ($8.95). This story about a birthday party presents the concepts of counting, adding and subtracting. (3-6)
Flop Ear Boxed Set by Guide Van Genechten ($14.95) packages Flop Ear with a plush bunny. (3-6)
Looking After Murphy by Jamie Rix, illus. by John Bendall-Brunello ($13.95). A woman takes care of her grandchildren's hamster when they go on vacation. (4-7)
I Want to Play! by Sue Robinson, illus. by Andy Beckett ($14.95). A kitten encounters the many critters that live in the backyard. (4-7)
The Totally Tea-Rific Tea Party by Hallie Warshaw and Tanya Napier ($13.95) provides menus for 16 tea parties. (7-11)
Baby Rattle Books
debuts with Colors, Food, Numbers and Zoo by Anaël Dena, illus. by Jérôme Eho ($3.95 each, up to 2). Stroller Books offers My Animals, My Clothes, My Room and My Toys by Dena, illus. by Eho ($4.95 each, up to 3). Baby Action Rhymes by Nicola Smee introduces Peek A Boo Baby, Sleepyhead, Splish! Splash! and Tickle Me Too ($4.95 each, 1-3). Animal Shapes welcomes Guinea Pig, Kitten, Puppy and Rabbit by Rachael O'Neal ($2.95 each, 1-3). New 'I Am' titles by Maria Prims and Núria Roca are I Am a Big Snake and I Am a Big Tyrannosaurus Rex ($9.95 each, 1-5). Flutterbugs presents Busy Buzzy Bee, Fly Little Butterfly, Helpful Little Dragonfly and Shy Little Moth by Elizabeth Lawrence, illus. by Katy Rhodes ($3.95 each, 2-4). New Jungle Flap Books are Whose Clothes Are Those? by Shaheen Bilgrami and Whose Food Is Whose? by Sally Crabtree and Robertha Mathieuson, both illus. by Sally Chambers ($4.95 each, 2-5). Picture Frame Books gains The Dream Fairies, The Rainbow Treasure, The Silvery Shiny Moon and The Wishing Star by Moira Butterfield, illus. by Suzy-Jane Tanner ($5.95 each, 2-5). New Chunky books are Chunky Boat, Chunky Car, Chunky Plane and Chunky Train by Sue Hendra ($4.95 each, 2-5). And Carry Me Tales offers Billy the Goat by Shaheen Bilgrami and Puddle the Duck by Angela Brooksbank, both illus. by Katy Rhodes ($5.95 each, 2-5).
Series in Spanish
'I Am'
adds Soy una gran serpiente (I Am a Big Snake) and Soy un gran tiranosauro by Maria Prims and Núria Roca ($9.95 each, 1-5).
Scared? From Fear... to Courage
and Boys and Girls of the World from Here... to There by Núria Roca, illus. by Rosa Curto ($6.95 each) examine childhood fears and children from various lands. (3-6)
Horrible Hair by Gerald Rose ($5.95). Lion has a bad hair day. (3-6)
Tiggy Tiger, Brave Explorer by Claire Freedman, illus. by Cecilia Johansson ($6.95). A young tiger practicing his growl encounters a grumpy rhinoceros. (4-7)
Paperbacks in Spanish
¿Tienes miedo? Del temor al valor (Scared? From Fear... to Courage)
and Niños y niñas del mundo de un extremo al otro (Boys and Girls of the World from Here... to There ) by Núria Roca, illus. by Rosa Curto ($6.95 each, 3-6).

Digby in Disguise
debuts with Digby in Disguise and Digby Finds a Friend by KD Wurtz, illus. by Tracey Carrier ($17.95 each, 3-6). And My Home begins with Bluffy's Mighty Mountain, Flurry's Frozen Tundra and Kingston's Flowering Forest by Virginia Kroll, illus. by Michael Maydak ($17.95 each, 4-10).
Paperback Series
Duke the Bear Detective
starts up with Duke's First Case: Jessie and the Missing Yarn, Poker and the Cupcake Chase and Babette and the Apple Bandit by Raymond Coutu, illus. by Renée Graef ($7.95 each, 5-9). And Suitcase Bear Adventures launches with Sebastian in Central Park, Sebastian at the Tower of London and Sebastian in Egypt by M.C. Hall, illus. by David Wenzel ($7.95 each, 6-10).

(Words, dist.)
My Guardian Angel, My Fairy Godmother and My Magical Mermaid by Samara Anjelae, illus. by Martha-Elizabeth Ferguson ($16.95 each), focus on angels, fairies and mermaids. (All ages)
Wonder Windows by Samara Anjelae, illus. by Martha-Elizabeth Ferguson ($42.95), is a boxed set containing My Guardian Angel, My Fairy Godmother and My Magical Mermaid. (All ages)

The Book of Jesus for Families by Calvin Miller ($15.99) compiles stories, poems and songs about Jesus. (All ages)
Look What You Made, God by Elspeth Campbell Murphy ($7.99) is a book of prayers celebrating creation. (2-6)
Paperback Series
gains The Super-Duper Blooper and AstroBall Free-4-All by Robert Elmer ($4.99, 7-11). Elmer's Freedom Trap joins Promise of Zion ($5.99, 8-13). Girls Only (GO!) offers Star Status by Beverly Lewis ($5.99, 8-13). Bloodhounds, Inc. sniffs out Mystery of the Melodies from Mars ($5.99, 8-13). Brio Girls continues with Opportunity Knocks Twice and Double Exposure by Lissa Halls Johnson ($5.99 each, 12-16). And Grave Matters by Patricia Rushford is new to Jennie McGrady Mysteries ($4.99, 12-16).
Paperback Series Reprint
Holly's Heart
by Beverly Lewis reprints Sealed with a Kiss and The Trouble with Weddings ($4.99 each, 11-14).

Generation FIX: Young Ideas for a Better World
by Elizabeth Rusch, illus. by Pamela Hobbs ($9.95), collects the true stories of 20 kids whose actions are making the world a better place. (9-16)
Authors by Request: An Inside Look at Your Favorite Writers by Janis Campbell and Catherine Collison ($8.95) focuses on J.K. Rowling, Louis Sachar, Brian Jacques and others. (9-16)
Going Places: Real-Life Teen Adventures by Michelle Roehm McCann ($9.95) compiles stories about teens who learn to overcome fears and reach out to others. (10-up)


(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Chester's Big Surprise by Olivia Villet ($16.95). Why doesn't Chester the dog's special friend want to play with him? (2-4)
Owen and the Mountain
by Malachy Doyle, illus. by Giles Greenfield ($8.95). A man and his grandson learn important lessons when they climb a mountain together. (5-8)
The Twilight Book by Jonny Boatfield ($8.95). Tom has only one hour to rescue a girl kidnapped by an ape. (6-9)
Paperback Reprints
The Emperor and the Nightingale
by Fiona Waters, illus. by Paul Birkbeck ($9.95, 8-11); and Moon Tales: Myths of the Moon from Around the World by Rina Singh, illus. by Debbie Lush; and Chaucer the Cat and the Animal Pilgrims by Patricia Borlenghi, illus. by Giles Greenfield ($13.95 each, 8-11).

(Holtzbrink, dist.)
Five Little Fiends by Sarah Dyer ($16.95). Five fiends learn that the earth, land, sea, sky, moon and sun must exist in harmony. (All ages)
My First Book of Numbers and My First Book of Opposites by Kim Deegan ($7.95 each) are concept board books. (up to 5)
No Trouble at All by Sally Grindley, illus. by Eleanor Taylor ($15.95). Grandpa bear doesn't notice three baby bears' mischief-making. (2-6)
Busy Night by Ross Collins ($15.95). Ben's bedtime visitors include the Tooth Fairy and Santa. (4-8)
Frankenstella and the Video Store Monster by Herbie Brennan, illus. by Cathy Gale ($15.95), reveals what happens to Stella when a monster eats her mother. (4-8)
Sandbear by Shen Rodde, illus. by Jenny Jones ($15.95). Hare makes a bear out of sand. (4-8)
Whistler's Hollow by Debbie Dadey ($14.95) centers on a girl who goes to live with her aunt and uncle after her parents die. (9-up)
Hunted by N.M. Browne ($16.95). In parallel worlds, Karen is a girl battling a coma and a fox helping to overthrow an ancient monarchy. (10-up)
The Secret of Sabrina Fludde by Pauline Fisk ($15.95). The legend of a river comes to life when a girl seeks out the truth about her life. (10-up)
Georgie by Malachy Doyle ($13.95). A teen confronts his past and creates a new life for himself. (12-up)


From Cuckoo Can't Find You by Lorianne Siomades (Boyds Mills)

Cuckoo Can't Find You by Lorianne Siomades ($12.95). Readers help animals find lost objects. (2-6)
What Color Is Nature? by Stephen Swinburne ($15.95, paper $8.95) is a photo essay focusing on the colors found in nature. (3-7)
Amazing Grazing by Cris Peterson, illus. by Alvis Upitis ($16.95), tells of three Montana ranches that practice rotational grazing. (4-8)
Barn Sneeze by Karen Winnick ($15.95). The animals in Sue's barn can't stop sneezing. (4-8)
Full Steam Ahead by Faye Gibbons, illus. by Sherry Meidell ($15.95). A boy and his grandfather ride through Georgia on a steam locomotive. (5-8)
My Grandma, My Pen Pal by Jan Dale Koutsky ($15.95). A girl and her grandmother exchange letters over the years. (5-9)
Ali and the Magic Stew by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim, illus. by Winslow Pels ($15.95). A beggar helps a Persian boy make a healing stew for his dying father. (5-up)
Rivers: Nature's Busy Waterways by David Harrison, illus. by Cheryl Nathan ($15.95), describes how people and nature depend on rivers. (6-8)
Jemma's Journey by Trevor Romain, illus. by Pat Lopez ($15.95). Jemma plants a tree in honor of a man who was hung in the 1920s. (6-up)
The Pied Piper of Peru by Ann Tompert, illus. by Kestutis Kasparavicius ($15.95), relates the legend of Martin de Porres, who rid a monastery of mice. (6-up)
John Paul II, Every Child a Light: The Pope's Message to Young People, ed. by Jerome Vereb ($16.95) collects inspirational words. (7-up)
On the Trail of Lewis and Clark: A Journey Up the Missouri River by Peter Lourie ($19.95) follows the route taken by these explorers. (7-up)
Black-eyed Suzie by Susan Shaw ($14.95). A girl's stay in a mental hospital helps her break out of her psychological prison. (10-up)
Look What You Can Make with Craft Sticks, ed. by Kelly Milner Halls; and Look What You Can Make with Newspapers, Magazines, and Greeting Cards and Look What You Can Make with Plastic Bottles and Tubs, ed. by Kathy Ross, all illus. with photos by Hank Schneider ($5.95 each). Each volume presents more than 80 craft projects. (4-12)
The Big Book of Fun: An Amazing Collection of Jokes, Riddles, Puzzles and More, ed. by Jeffrey A. O'Hare ($9.95), compiles jokes and activities. (5-12)
The Big Book of Mazes, ed. by Jeffrey A. O'Hare ($7.95), offers a collection of mazes. (5-12)
Beastly Behaviors: Find the Baffling Bonds Between Amazing Animals by Jeffrey A. O'Hare, illus. by Marc Nadel ($8.95), examines various animal habitats. (7-14)
Paperback Reprints
Lots and Lots of Zebra Stripes: Patterns in Nature
by Stephen Swinburne ($8.95, 3-7); Lost Treasure of the Inca by Peter Lourie ($9.95, 7-up); and The Fall of the Red Star by Helen Szablya, illus. by Peggy King Anderson; and Kat's Surrender by Trevor Romain, illus. by Pat Lopez ($9.95 each, 10-up).
Paperback Reissues
C Is for City
by Nikki Grimes, illus. by Pat Cummings ($9.95, 4-8); and Island of the Loons by Dayton Hyde ($9.95, 10-up).

Some Folks Like Cats: And Other Poems by Ivy Eastwick, compiled by Walter Barbe, illus. by Mary Kurnick Maass ($15.95), collects poems about things real and imagined. (4-7)
A Grand Celebration: Grandparents in Poetry, compiled by Carol Hittleman and Daniel Hittleman, illus. by Kay Life ($16.95), presents poems featuring grandparents. (4-up)
A Family Like Yours by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, illus. by Tammie Lyons ($14.95), offers poetry celebrating families. (7-up)
Wham! It's a Poster Jam: Discovering Performance Poetry by Sara Holbrook ($14.95, paper $9.95) is a guide to performing poetry. (8-14)
Wild Wings: Poems for Young People by Jane Yolen, photos by Jason Stemple ($17.95). Photos and poems focus on birds in the wild. (10-12)
Someone Could Win a Polar Bear
by John Ciardi, illus. by Edward Gorey ($9.95, 6-9).

Down by Jim Long's Stage: Rhymes for Children and Young Fish, 25th Anniversary Edition
by Al Pittman, illus. by Pam Hall ($19.95, 2-6).
Skippers at Cape Spear
by Caroline Stellings ($9.95). Canine skippers help the elves save Saint Nicholas from the Vikings. (2-6)

New LullaBible titles are Baby's First Book of Prayers, Baby's First Book of Blessings, Baby's First Book of Psalms and Baby's First Book of Bible Stories by Stephen Elkins, illus. by Ellie Colton ($6.99 each, up to 3). The Dove Award Signature series offers God Is in Control and Testify to Love by Elkins, illus. by Colton ($14.99, 4-10). Just Like Jesus Said adds Don't Worry About Tomorrow, Love Your Neighbor, Secretly Do Good Deeds and Show Each Other Forgiveness by Melody Carlson, illus. by Susan Reagan ($12.99 each, 4-10). And joining Word & Song Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told are God's Power, Special Families, Courage & Strength, Stories That Build Character and Stories of Faith by Stephen Elkins, illus. by Tim O'Connor ($9.99 each, 4-10).
Paperback Series
Chip Hilton Sports Series
reissues Home Run Feud and Hungry Hurler by Clair Bee, updated by Cynthia and Randall Farley ($5.99 each, 8-13).

(Kregel Publications, dist.)
Talking with God: Sorry
, Please and Thank You by Charlotte and Gordon Stowell ($4.99) is a set of three books of prayers. (2-5)
Jesus and His Friends by Gail Ann Minett, illus. by Rachel O'Neill ($9.99), introduces New Testament stories. (2-5)

Tiny Teethers: Farm Animals, Ocean Animals, Pets and Wild Animals by Melanie Walsh ($4.99 each) are board books with teething rings. (3 mos.-2 yrs.)
squaretriangleround skinny by Vladimir Radunsky ($14.99) is a boxed set of board books. (1-3)
Where Is Little Black Kitten? by Virginia Miller ($8.99). Ba searches for his lost kitten. (1-3)
Flip's Day by Petr Horácek ($6.99). This tale of a penguin has a pull-the-tab finale. (1-3)
Giddy-up! Let's Ride! by Flora McDonnell ($16.99) reveals various characters on horseback. (2-4)
Baby Duck and the Cozy Blanket by Amy Hest, illus. by Jill Barton ($10.99). Baby Duck copes with blanket separation in this touch-and-feel story. (2-5)
I Love My Little Storybook by Anita Jeram ($12.99) celebrates the joy of reading. (2-5)
Bear's Good Night and Monkey's Play Time by Jane Cabrera ($4.99 each) are board-book tales. (2-5)
Maisy's Fire Engine and Maisy's Train by Lucy Cousins ($4.99 each) show Maisy in motion. (2-5)
Does a Cow Say Boo? by Judy Hindley, illus. by Brita Granström ($15.99), explores animal sounds. (2-5)

From This Little Chick by John Lawrence (Candlewick)

This Little Chick by John Lawrence ($15.99). A chick imitates the noises the other animals make. (2-up)
Do Like a Duck Does! by Judy Hindley, illus. by Ivan Bates ($14.99), is the story of a duck family and a fox. (3-5)
Maisy Cleans Up and Maisy Makes Lemonade by Lucy Cousins ($9.99 each, paper $3.29) are two capers starring Maisy. (3-5)
How Kind! by Mary Murphy ($14.99) shows how kindness is contagious. (3-5)
Pizza Kittens by Charlotte Voake ($15.99). Can three rambunctious kittens sit still through dinner? (3-5)
Treasure Hunt by Allan Ahlberg, illus. by Gillian Tyler ($14.99), celebrates family rituals. (3-6)
Maisy's First Clock by Lucy Cousins ($12.99) is a board book with a plastic clock with movable hands. (3-6)
Sally and the Limpet by Simon James ($10.99) tells of a girl who finds a treasure in the sea. (3-6)
Rosy's Visitors by Judy Hindley, illus. by Helen Craig ($14.99), reveals a child's secret world. (3-6)
Once Upon a Time... by Nick Sharratt ($8.99) features press-out pictures. (3-6)
The Big Meow by Elizabeth Spires, illus. by Cynthia Jabar ($15.99). A small feline overcomes his fear of using his big, brave voice. (3-7)
What Shall We Play? by Sue Heap ($13.99) describes play-time activities. (3-up)
A Present for Mom by Vivian French, illus. by Dana Kubick ($13.99), recounts a memorable Mother's Day. (3-up)
Willow on the River and Willow by the Sea by Camilla Ashforth ($12 each) are two stories centering on Willow the bear. (4-7)
Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child by Bob Graham ($15.99) is a tale about the rewards of paying attention. (4-7)
Bertie Was a Watchdog by Rick Walton, illus. by Arthur Robins ($10.99). A diminutive pooch chases a robber. (4-7)

From The Bugliest Bug, illus. by Scott Nash (Candlewick)

The Bugliest Bug by Carol Diggory Shields, illus. by Scott Nash ($15.99), tells of a contest in insect land. (4-8)
The Birdwatchers by Simon James ($15.99). A man shares the wonders of birdwatching with his grandchild. (4-8)
Beany Goes to Camp by Susan Wojciechowski, illus. by Susanna Natti ($15.99). A worrywart goes to summer camp. (6-9)
The Woman Who Won Things by Allan Ahlberg, illus. by Katharine McEwen ($14.99), relays another adventure of the Gaskitt family. (6-9)
What Planet Are You From, Clarice Bean? by Lauren Child ($16.99). Clarice returns to assume the role of environmentalist. (6-10)
The Adventures of a Nose by Viviane Schwarz, illus. by Joel Stewart ($14.99), offers a story about seeking acceptance. (6-up)
The Gold-Threaded Dress by Carolyn Marsden ($13.99). A girl from Thailand discovers the many aspects of being American. (7-9)
Trouble at Betts Petts by Kelly Easton ($14.99). Animals vanish from Aaron's parents' pet store. (8-12)
No More! Stories and Songs of Slave Resistance by Doreen Rappaport, illus. by Shane Evans ($17.99), shares stories and songs about enslaved African Americans. (9-12)
Seeing the Blue Between: Advice and Inspiration for Young Poets, compiled by Paul B. Janeczko ($17.99), presents advice and sample poetry from 32 poets. (9-13)
Becoming Joe DiMaggio by Maria Testa, illus. by Scott Hunt ($13.99), is a novel about baseball, family and the American dream. (10-14)
Darby by Jonathon Scott Fuqua ($15.99). This novel about friendship and race is set in a small Southern town. (10-up)
Waiting for Christopher by Louise Hawes ($15.99). A teenage girl takes a toddler away from his abusive mother. (12-up)
ChaseR: A Novel in E-mails by Michael J. Rosen ($15.99) centers on a lonely teen obsessed with e-mail. (12-up)
Thursday's Child by Sonya Hartnett ($15.99) tells of a girl who comes of age during the Depression. (14-up)
Stoner & Spaz by Ron Koertge ($15.99) is a novel about two teens who make an unlikely pair. (14-up)
Paperback Series
Read and Wonder
adds Jody's Beans by Malachy Doyle, illus. by Judith Allibone ($5.99, 3-6); and Gentle Giant Octopus by Karen Wallace, illus. by Mike Bostock; and My Goose Betsy by Trudi Braun, illus. by John Bendall-Brunello ($5.99 each, 4-8). Brand New Readers gains Bleeper's Friends by Carole Lexa Schaefer, illus. by Julie Lacome; Bravo, Kazam! by Amy Ehrlich, illus. by Barney Saltzberg; Mouse Goes Out by Phyllis Root, illus. by James Croft; and Piggy and Dad Play by David Martin, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($4.99 each set, 4-7). And Sisters of the Quantock Hills debuts with Sarah's Story, Frances's Story, Julia's Story and Gwen's Story by Ruth Elwin Harris ($5.99 each, 12-up).
Paperback Reprints
Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes
by Judy Hindley, illus. by Brita Granström ($5.99, 2-5); Good Job, Little Bear by Martin Waddell, illus. by Barbara Firth ($5.99, 3-6); Owl Babies by Waddell, illus. by Patrick Benson ($5.99, 3-7); Happy Birth Day! by Robie Harris, illus. by Martin Emberley ($6.99, 3-8); Science Fair Bunnies by Kathryn Lasky, illus. by Marylin Hafner ($5.99, 4-7); Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields, illus. by Scott Nash ($5.99, 4-8); Zelda and Ivy by Laura McGee Kvasnosky ($6.99, 5-9); Who's Been Sleeping in My Porridge? and Wish You Were Here (and I Wasn't) by Colin McNaughton ($7.99 each, 5-9); The Circle of Days by Reeve Lindbergh, illus. by Cathie Felstead ($5.99, 5-12); Zachary's Ball by Matt Tavares ($5.99, 6-10); It's So Amazing! by Robie Harris, illus. by Michael Emberley ($10.99, 7-up); The Dragon of Lonely Island by Rebecca Rupp ($5.99, 8-11); When I Was Your Age, Volume Two: Original Stories About Growing Up by Joseph Bruchac, Paul Fleischman, Karen Hesse and others ($7.99, 9-14); and Witch Child by Celia Rees ($7.99, 12-up).

The Story of Jesus by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Rebecca Thornburgh ($6.95). This board book recounts the life of Jesus. (3-5)
How Do I Love You? by P.K. Hallinan ($6.95) emphasizes parents' unconditional love for their children. (3-5)
The Story of Passover by Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt ($6.95), explains the historical significance of Passover. (3-5)
The Story of Saint Patrick's Day by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Pamela Levy ($6.95), focuses on this saint and the day named in his honor. (3-5)
Today Is Valentine's Day!
and Today Is Easter! by P.K. Hallinan ($7.95 each, paper $5.95, 3-6); The Easter Story by Carol Heyer ($12.95, 5-8); and A Child's Story of Easter by Etta Wilson, illus. by Mary Ann Utt ($7.95, 5-8).
Paperbacks in Spanish
La historia de la Pascua (The Story of Easter)
by Patricia A. Pingry, illus. by Lorraine Wells; and La historia de los Diez Mandamientos (The Story of the Ten Commandments) by Pingry, illus. by Stacy Venturi-Pickett ($3.25 each, 5-8).

Is This a Sack of Potatoes? by Crescent Dragonwagon, illus. by Catherine Stock ($15.95). A mother and child share a hide-and-seek adventure. (3-6)
Rabbit Moon by Patricia Hubbell, illus. by Wendy Watson ($15.95). A rabbit family celebrates each month of the year. (4-8)
The Boy Who Was Generous with Salt by Corinne Demas Bliss, illus. by Michael Hays ($15.95). In the 1850s, a boy adjusts to a hard life at sea. (5-8)
I Am: I Am a Dancer by Eleanor Schick ($15.95). A girl dreams and dances her way through the day. (5-8)

From This Whole Tooth Fairy Thing's Nothing But a Big Rip-Off!, illus. by Thomas Payne (Cavendish)

This Whole Tooth Fairy Thing Is Nothing but a Big Rip Off! by Lois Grambling, illus. by Thomas Payne ($15.95). Awaiting the Tooth Fairy, Little Hippo has an unexpected adventure. (5-8)
Butterflies & Lizards by Ruth Lercher Bornstein ($14.95) is a novel of love and forgiveness set in 1934. (8-12)
Strange Animals, New to Science by Laurence Pringle ($15.95) examines newly discovered and endangered animals. (8-12)
Where the Ground Meets the Sky by Jackie Davies ($14.95) offers a fictionalized account of the development of the atomic bomb. (10-14)
Borderlands by Jennifer Owens Dewey ($14.95) is a novel describing a teenage girl's mental illness and recovery. (12-up)

Flavia Girl
adds Holdin' On: A Brave Girl's Guide to Surviving Change by Lisa Weedn, illus. by Flavia ($14.95, 10-14).

Animal Friends by Maya Ajmera and John Ivanko ($6.95) introduces animal pals. (up to 6)
Henry David's House, ed. by Steven Schnur, illus. by Peter Fiore ($16.95), is an adaptation of Thoreau's Walden. (5-9)
Birds Build Nests by Yvonne Winer, illus. by Tony Oliver ($16.95, paper $6.95), explains how, why and when birds build nests. (6-9)
Ice Cream by Jules Older, illus. by Lyn Severance ($16.95, paper $6.95), offers a history of this dessert. (7-10)
The Official 'M&M's' Brand History of the Calendar by Larry Dane Brimner, illus. by Karen Pellaton ($16.95, paper $6.95). Candy characters guide readers through a history of time-tracking. (7-10)
gains Face-to-Face with The Dog by Valérie Tracqui, photos by Marie-Luce Hubert and Jean-Louis Klein ($9.95, 3-7). And It Happens in the Month Of... by Ellen Jackson issues a volume for each month of the year ($8.95 each, 5-8).
Paperback Reprint
The Jet Alphabet Book
by Jerry Pallotta, illus. by Rob Bolster ($7.95, 3-8).

Too Young for Yiddish by Richard Michelson, illus. by Neil Waldman ($15.95), is a tale about the importance of heritage and culture. (5-9)
Paperback Reprint
The Big Buck Adventure
by Shelley Gill and Deborah Tobola, illus. by Grace Lin ($6.95, 5-9).

Billy's Big-Boy Bed by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes ($15.95) centers on a boy who is apprehensive about making a big change. (2-4)
Paperback Reprints
Row Row Row Your Boat
by Iza Trapani; and Rub a Dub Dub by Kin Eagle, illus. by Rob Gilbert ($6.95 each, 2-7); and Dancing with Daddy by Willy Welch, illus. by Liza Woodruff ($6.95, 4-8).

People at Odds
debuts with The Bosnian Serbs and Macedonians and India and Pakistan by John Riddle, England and India by Michele Stephenson, The IRA and England and Israel and the Arab World by Heather Wagner and Native Americans and the United States by Alison Kelly ($21.95 each, 10-up). Launching Who Wrote That? are six books, including Louisa May Alcott by Elizabeth Silverhorne, Gary Paulsen by Elizabeth Paterra and Mythmaker: The Story of J.K. Rowling by Charles Shields ($21.95 each, 10-up). Battles That Changed the World starts up with 10 titles, among them Gettysburg by Earl Rice Jr., Midway by Richard Worth and Waterloo by Samuel Crompton ($21.95 each, 10-up). Behind the Camera gets rolling with six volumes, including James Cameron by Bonnie McMeans, Spike Lee by Charles Shields and Steven Spielberg by Elizabeth Budd ($21.95 each, 10-up). Six books launch Focus on Family Matters, among them Dealing with Terminal Illness in the Family by Heather Wagner and Teen Pregnancy by Michele Alpern ($19.75 each, 10-up). And Major World Nations gets underway with Afghanistan by Joan Barnatt, New Zealand by Carol Ann Gillespie, Scotland by Roger Dendinger and seven additional titles ($21.95 each, 10-up).
Galaxy of the Superstars adds eight titles, including Drew Barrymore by John Bankston, Ben Stiller by Dawn Fitzgerald and Dave Matthews by Erik Anjou ($19.75 each, 10-up). Eight volumes join Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications, among them Love Canal by Jennifer Reed ($21.95, 10-up) and Terrorism by Hal Marcovitz and Pearl Harbor by Judy Hasday ($9.95 each paper, 10-up). Your Government: How It Works continues with six books, including The Electoral College by Martha Hewson and The Federal Aviation Administration by Andrea Canavan ($19.75 each, 10-up). There are 24 Bloom's BioCritiques due out, edited by Harold Bloom, including Maya Angelou, Lord Byron, Anton Chekhov, Emily Dickinson, Toni Morrison, Mark Twain and Tennessee Williams ($24.95 each, 13-up). Eight volumes join Crime, Justice, and Punishment, among them Crimes Against Women by Gerda Gallop-Goodman and Victimless Crimes by Justin Fernandez ($21.95 each, 13-up); and Terrorism by Ann Graham Gaines ($9.95 paper, 13-up). Bloom's Major Short Story Writers and Bloom's Major Poets each have six additions ($21.95 each, 13-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
Latinos in the Limelight
reprints Christina Aguilera by Susan Korman, Cameron Diaz by Kieran Scott, Jennifer Lopez by Leah Furman and Selena by Veda Boyd Jones ($8.95 each, 8-up).


How the Earth Works: 60 Fun Activities for Exploring Volcanoes, Fossils, Earthquakes, and More
by Michelle O'Brien-Palmer ($14.95) collects games and experiments involving earth science. (6-9)
Oceans: An Activity Guide for Ages 6-9 by Nancy Castaldo ($14.95) presents experiments exploring tides, currents and waves. (6-9)
Funny Bones: Comedy Games and Activities for Kids by Lisa Bany-Winters ($14.95) includes tips on improv and stand-up comedy, writing songs and using props. (9-12)
Monet and the Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas, 21 Activities by Carol Sabbeth ($17.95) focuses on the art and lives of the Impressionists. (9-up)


The Lyon's Crown by M.L. Stainer, illus. by James Melvin, concludes The Lyon Saga ($9.95, paper $6.95, 10-up).

Grandma and Me at the Flea/Los meros meros remateros by Juan Felipe Herrera, illus. by Anita de-Lucio Brock ($16.95), is a bilingual tale set at a flea market. (6-10)

Paperback Series
Colonial America
offers six books by Mark Thomas, including Clothes in Colonial America and School in Colonial America ($4.95 each, 4-7). Math in My World presents six titles by William Amato ($4.95 each, 4-7). Real People welcomes six volumes by Philip Abraham, among them Amelia Earhart and George Washington ($4.95 each, 4-7). Making Things issues six titles by Jack Otten, including Watch Me Build a Bird Feeder and Watch Me Paint a Picture ($4.95 each, 4-7). There are six new Rookie Read-About Health books by Sharon Gordon ($5.95 each, 4-7). Ten titles join Rookie Español ($4.95 each, 5-7). Among the nine new Rookie Readers are Game Day by Cari Meister ($4.95, 5-6) and Here Comes Trouble by Larry Dane Brimner and Messy Bessy's Closet, Revised Edition by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack ($4.95 each, 6-7). Rookie Choices adds six tales by Larry Dane Brimner, including The Big Tee Ball Game and The Noodle Game ($5.95 each, 6-7). Rookie Read-About Geography gains Africa, Asia and Europe by Allan Fowler and Looking at Maps and Globes by Carmen Bredeson ($5.95 each, 6-7). Rookie Read-About Holidays has three additions by David Marx and one by Jacqueline Cotton ($5.95 each, 6-7). And four books by Allan Fowler join Rookie Read-About Science ($4.95 each, 6-7).
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists greets Roy Lichtenstein by Mike Venezia ($6.95, 8-9). Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times issues four volumes by Susan Altman and Susan Lechner ($9.95 each, 8-10). True Books: Animals gains four books by Ann Squire; True Books: Environment offers five titles by Rhonda Lucas Donald; True Books: Geography: Countries adds four books by David Peterson and Christine Peterson and one by David Peterson; and True Books: Science Experiments gains six volumes by Salvatore Tocci ($6.95 each, 8-10). New Cornerstones of Freedom titles are The Battle of Midway by Tom McGowen, The Golden Gate Bridge by Sharlene and Ted Nelson, Medicine in the American West by Lucile Davis and The Natchez Trace by Linda and Charles George ($5.95 each, 9-11). Cities of the World travels to Jerusalem by Deborah Kent and Los Angeles by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers and Stillman Rogers ($9.95 each, 9-14). Extraordinary African-Americans by Susan Altman joins Extraordinary People ($16.95, 11-up). There are five new Celebrity Bios, including Frankie Munoz by Mark Beyer and Rachael Leigh Cook by Ursula Rivera ($6.95 each, 9-12). Among the five additions to Survivor are The Donner Party by Scott Werther and The Shackleton Expedition by Jil Fine ($6.95 each, 9-12). And What If? continues with five titles, including What if an Asteroid Hit Earth? by Holly Cefrey and What if the Polar Icecap Melted? by Katherine Friedman ($6.95 each, 9-12).

If You're Happy and You Know It by Annie Kubler ($4.99) presents this children's song. (up to 2)
The Helpful Shoelace by Michael Twinn, illus. by Tina Freeman ($9.99). A tale about a shoelace, plus instructions on lacing and tying shoes. (3-6)
There Were 10 in the Bed by Annie Kubler ($9.99) offers this counting song. (3-6)
Dragonfly by Sue Baker, illus. by Nikolay Nemzer ($12.99), follows a dragonfly's metamorphosis from birth to maturity. (4-10)
SeriesNew Roly Poly titles are Little Box of Horrors and Countdownto Christmas, designed by Kees Moerbeek ($10.99 each, 3-6).
Series Reissues
Roly Poly
reissues Old Macdonald, Numbers and Nursery Rhymes in a larger format ($10.99 each, 3-6).


offers Caillou: Toys, On the Farm, Sounds and Friends by Tipéo ($4.95 each, 3 mos.-up). New Merry-Go-Round titles are Caillou: Giraffe, Crocodile, Dominoes and Xylophone by Jeannine Beaulieu, illus. by Tipéo ($3.95 each, 3-5). Scooter issues Caillou: The Picnic by Michel Bélair, Caillou: Favorite T-Shirt by Jeanne Verhoye-Millet, Caillou: The Birthday Party by Claire St-Onge and Caillou Dresses Up! by Francine Allen ($4.95 each, 3-up). And Backpack continues with Caillou Goes Camping by Roger Harvey and Caillou Goes Birdwatching by Francine Allen ($3.95 each, 3-up).

From Castle of Books, illus. By Yan Nascimbene (Chronicle)

Sam's Little Sister and Sam Loves Kisses by Yves Got ($6.95 each) are two board books starring this bunny. (up to 3)
In the Garden with Van Gogh and A Magical Day with Matisse by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober ($6.95 each) examine these artists' paintings. (up to 4)
Who Am I? Wild Animals by Alain Crozon ($7.95) is a lift-the-flap book. (2-4)
The Race by Caroline Repchuk, illus. by Alison Jay ($15.95), retells this Aesop's fable. (3-6)
Farmer Smart's Fat Cat by James Sage, illus. by Russell Ayto ($14.95). A farmer finds the purr-fect solution to ridding his field of mice. (4-7)
Dream Carver by Diana Cohn, illus. by Amy Cordova ($15.95), is a tale inspired by the life of a Mexican woodcarver. (4-8)
Loon Lake by Jonathon London, illus. by Susan Ford ($15.95). A father and daughter share a special moment. (4-8)
Pig Giggles and Rabbit Rhymes: A Book of Animal Riddles by Mike Downs, illus. by David Sheldon ($13.95). Illustrations help solve riddles. (4-8)
Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner ($13.95) takes a trip to outer space. (4-8)
Stars in the Darkness by Barbara M. Joosse, illus. by R. Gregory Christie ($14.95). A boy devises a plan to save his brother from gang violence. (4-8)
Castle of Books by Bernard Clavel, illus. by Yan Nascimbene ($14.95), pays tribute to books and to the bond between a father and son. (4-11)
Paperback Reprint
When Dinosaurs Go to School
by Linda Martin ($6.95, 2-6).

Quiet Night by Marilyn Singer, illus. by John Manders ($15), is a cumulative counting tale featuring campers. (2-6)
Martin and the Giant Lions by Caron Lee Cohn, illus. by Elizabeth Sayles ($15). A boy meets a family of lions one night at the playground. (2-6)
Small by Clara Vulliamy ($15). On his first overnight at his grandmother's house, Tom forgets his favorite toy. (3-6)
Missing Rabbit by Roni Schotter, illus. by Cyd Moore ($15). A girl and her toy rabbit discover where home is. (3-6)

From Where Does Thursday Go?, illus. by Stephen Michael King (Clarion)

Where Does Thursday Go? by Janeen Brian, illus. by Stephen Michael King ($14). After Thursday ends, where does it go? (4-7)
Little Pig Figwort Can't Go to Sleep by Henrietta Branford, illus. by Claudio Muñoz ($14), recounts a sleepless pig's fantasy adventures. (4-7)
The Matzah Man: A Passover Story by Naomi Howland ($15) adapts 'The Gingerbread Boy.' (4-7)
Grunt by John Richardson ($15). A pig learns that the things that make him different make him special. (4-7)
Aunt Minnie and the Twister by Mary Skillings Prigger, illus. by Betsy Lewin ($15). Nine children and their aunt live through a tornado in the 1920s. (4-8)

From Aunt Minnie and the Twister, illus. by Betsy Lewin (Clarion)

Wings on the Wind: Bird Poems by Kate Kiesler ($14) presents 23 poems celebrating birds. (4-7)
Little Dog and Duncan by Kristine O'Connell George, illus. by June Otani ($12). Poems tell of a large canine's visit to a girl and her little dog. (4-8)
The Saturday Escape by Daniel Mahoney ($14). Three friends sneak off to story hour at the library. (5-8)
The Bourbon Street Musicians by Kathy Price, illus. by Andrew Glass ($16), retells 'The Bremen Street Musicians' with a New Orleans setting. (5-8)
Three Rotten Eggs by Gregory Maguire ($16). Things go awry when a bully moves into a Vermont town. (8-12)
A Real American by Richard Easton ($15) is a coming-of-age story set in western Pennsylvania in 1892. (8-12)
The Great Blue Yonder by Alex Shearer ($15) is a novel about regrets and making peace with oneself in the afterlife. (9-14)
Sparks Fly Upward by Carol Matas ($15). At the turn of the 20th century, a girl living in a foster family struggles with anti-Semitism. (9-14)
When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park ($16) tells of a family's struggle to maintain its Korean identity during the Japanese occupation of Korea in WWII. (10-14)
The No Place Cat by C.S. Adler ($15). After clashing with her stepsister, a girl runs away to live with her mother. (10-14)
Free Radical by Claire Rudolf Murphy ($15). A teen learns of his mother's past violent activities as a Vietnam War protester. (12-up)
Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, photos by William Muñoz ($18), documents the wildlife that these explorers encountered. (9-12)
Angels Sweep the Desert Floor: Bible Legends About Moses in the Wilderness by Miriam Chaikin, illus. by Alexander Koshkin ($19), examines 18 New Testament stories. (9-up)
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler by James Cross Giblin ($21). A biography. (10-up)
Superpuppy: How to Choose, Raise, and Train the Best Possible Dog for You, Revised Edition
by Jill Pinkwater and Daniel Pinkwater ($17, paper $7.95, 10-up).
Paperback Reprints
Good Night, Dinosaurs
by Judy Sierra, illus. by Victoria Chess ($5.95, 3-6); Arturo's Baton by Syd Hoff ($5.95, 4-8); and Jerome Camps Out by Eileen Christelow; Ananse's Feast: An Ashanti Tale by Tololwa M. Mollel; Cheyenne Again by Eve Bunting, illus. by Irving Toddy; and Shaggy, Waggy Dogs (and Others) by Stephanie Calmenson, photos by Justin Sutcliffe ($5.95 each, 5-8).

Joining the Journey series is Journey Around New York from A to Z by Martha and Heather Zschock ($17.95, all ages).

Hush, Little One: A Lullaby for God's Children by Anita Reith Stohs, illus. by John Kanzler ($12.99), presents a bedtime song. (6 mos.-up)
Why I Love You, God by Michelle Medlock Adams, illus. by Bill Clark ($5.99), is a board book celebrating God's gifts. (2-5)
Colors I See in Church by Julie Stiegemeyer, illus. by Kathy Mitter ($5.99). This board book examines the symbolic colors found in church. (2-5)
God's Love at Easter by Joy Morgan Davis, illus. by Marion Eldridge ($9.99), focuses on Christ's death and resurrection. (4-7)
Only God Would've Planned It That Way by Todd Barsness, illus. by Shelly Hehenberger ($14.99), relays the story of Holy Week. (7-10)
The Hidden Prince by Jeffrey Burkart, illus. by Patrick Whelan ($16.99), retells a folktale that reveals God's love. (7-up)
Paperback Series
Arch Books
adds Mary's Easter Story and Shipwrecked Paul ($2.29 each, 5-9).

Sun Song by Susan Scott Sutton, illus. by Sally Randall ($13.99), offers a bedtime song with a CD. (4-7)
What Do You See When You See Me? by Jeannie St. John Taylor, illus. by Kathleen Kemly ($7.99). A girl recognizes an elderly woman's beautiful spirit. (4-7)
Larry Burkett's How Our House Works by Ed Strauss, illus. by Ed Letwenko ($12.99), is a poem that aims to teach the importance of taking care of things. (4-7)
New Pocket Change titles are A Purpose for Everything, A Place for Everything and A Time for Everything by Larry Burkett, illus. by Priscilla Burris ($6.99 each, up to 3). Godprints gains Rocket Takes Off;Twinkle's Book of Hope;Think, Slink! Think! and Swoops Book of Seasons by Lois Keffer, illus. by Steven Brite ($9.99 each, 3-5). And joining Noah's Park are Howler Solves a Puzzle and Field of Dreamer by Richard Hays, illus. by Chris Sharp ($9.99 each, 4-7).
Someone I Love Died
by Christine Harder Tangvald, illus. by Victoria Ponikvar-Franzier ($8.99, 4-7).
A Knight in the Forest
by Dan Foote ($9.99). Benjamin's adventures in a magical world teaches him what it means to be a Christian. (4-7)
What Difference Does It Make? by Debi Little Brazzale, illus. by David Sullivan ($8.99), sets out to explain Christian faith. (8-up)
Paperback Series
offers What Digby Dug Up and Good Job Wally by Peggy Wilbur, illus. by Steven Brite ($9.99 each, 4-7). New to Heaven and Mirth are Action Heroes of the Bible: The Sermonators, Heroines of the Bible: God's Fair Ladies and Prophets of the Bible: God's Anchormen by Mike Thaler, illus. by Dennis Adler ($5.99 each, 6-up). Godprints Q Crew Diaries adds The Clubhouse Mystery and Mystery at Crestwater Camp by Jeanne Gowen Dennis and Sheila Seifert, illus. by Steven Brite ($5.99 each, 8-12). And Detective Zack welcomes Secret of Noah's Flood, Mystery at Thunder Mountain and Danger at Dinosaur Camp by Jerry Thomas, illus. by Lad Odell ($5.99 each, 8-12).

Paperback Series
Sports in Action
has four additions by Bobbie Kalman and John Crossingham ($5.95 each, 6-9). Kalman's The Life Cycle continues with four titles ($5.95 each, 6-12). New Small Worlds titles are A Coral Reef, On the Tundra and In a Backyard by Jen Green and In a House by James W.R. Martin ($8.95 each, 7-14). Arty Facts has six additions ($8.95 each, 8-9). And Lands, Peoples and Cultures presents nine new titles, including Philippines: The Land by Greg Nickles, Ireland: The People by Erinn Banting and Vietnam: The Culture, Revised Edition by Bobbie Kalman ($7.95 each, 9-14).

We Are Dolphins by Molly Grooms, illus. by Takashi Oda ($15.95), describes a dolphin's first few days of life. (4-7)
Friendships in Nature by James Gary Hines II, illus. by Jan Martin McGuire ($15.95), focuses on symbiosis in the natural world. (5-8)
More Fun with Nature by Mel Boring, Diane Burns, Laura Evert and Christiane Kump Tibbitts, illus. by Linda Garrow and John McGee ($16.95), presents a guide to nature. (7-10)
Big Cats! by Patricia Corrigan, Kathy Feeney, Gwenyth Swain and Cherie Winner, illus. by John McGee ($16.95), compiles photos and facts about lions, tigers, leopards and cougars. (7-10)
Paperback Series
Our Wild World
welcomes Caribou by Julia Vogel, Tigers by Gwenyth Swain, Penguins by Cherie Winner and Leopards by Kathy Feeney, all illus. by John McGee ($7.95 each, 7-10).

The Jade Necklace by Paul Yee, illus. by Grace Lin ($15.95). When Yenyee's father perishes in a storm, her family sells her into servitude. (3-8)
Aziz the Storyteller by Vi Hughes, illus. by Stefan Czernecki ($15.95). A boy discovers where stories come from. (3-8)

On the Wings of the West Wind
by Joni Eareckson Tada, illus. by Michael Steirnagle ($14.99, 6-12).
Yes or No? Who Will Go? by Melody Carlson, illus. by Steve Björkman, is the sixth installment in a series of retellings of Jesus's parables ($9.99, 3-up).
Paperback Series
Retta Barre's Oregon Trail
by Stephen Bly debuts with The Lost Wagon Train, The Buffalo's Last Stand and The Plain Prairie Princess ($5.99 each, 8-12).