Do you know your rights as a patient? In this week's single new nonfiction bestseller, Power to the Patient: The Treatments to Insist on When You're Sick, Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld answers this and many other timely questions. With so much controversy surrounding today's health-care issues, it isn't surprising that Warner just ordered a third printing of this February 19 release, which will bring the total number of copies to 93,500. Rosenfeld, a professor at New York's Presbyterian Hospital (and attending physician there and at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) has a twice-monthly column in Parade magazine and can also be seen every Sunday morning on Fox TV's Sunday House Calls. On Sunday, February 17, the doctor headlined Liz Smith's nationally syndicated column, and the following Sunday was Parade's cover story. He's already appeared on Today, Weekend Today and ABC Business Week, with more events to come.

With reporting by Dick Donahue