Kent M. Keith, the Hawaii-based author of The Paradoxical Commandments--written three decades ago, widely picked up by speakers and counselors around the world, and finally published by the islands' new Inner Ocean Publishing last fall--made a big six-figure sale to Penguin Putnam president Susan Petersen Kennedy. She made the deal with Michele Rubin at Writers House.... YA fantasy author Garth Nix has enjoyed three substantial six-figure sales in a month: Harper's Ruth Katcher bought two new titles, Harper in the U.K. bought his Sabriel trilogy and Scholastic's David Levithan took paperback rights to his new Keys to the Kingdom series. There were foreign sales, too. The seller in all this was Jill Grinberg at Grinberg Anderson.... A book about the 1981 Israeli attack on an Iraqi nuclear reactor that crippled that country's nuclear capability was bought by Charlie Conrad at Broadway. It's Raid on the Sun; author Rodger Claire has special access to American and Israeli inside sources for the story, and the book will appear early in 2004. The North American buy was from David Halpern at the Robbins Office.