After 16 years in business, Beth Baxter, owner and founder of B&B Audio Inc., Northbrook, Ill., is putting her company up for sale. "It's been almost 16 years that I've been doing this, and it's time for a change," Baxter told PW. "I love this industry, but when you own your own company, you have to do everything, from producing recordings to collecting from accounts. At this point, I'm tired of doing everything."

The independent producer of general entertainment spoken-word audiobooks has a 125-title catalogue and direct distribution to Waldenbooks, Borders and Barnes & Noble, as well as other distribution sources. "I just know there's going to be somebody who wants that," Baxter commented. Her confidence is bolstered by the fact that she advertised B&B Audio a few years ago in the Wall Street Journal and quickly received an offer before changing her mind about the sale. This time she says she's really ready to turn over the reins.

As for the future, Baxter said, "I'm an open slate. I know I'm going to do something else, but for a while, I want to be open to the person who buys my company so I can offer any training or help they might need."

Interested parties may contact Baxter at