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Note: Some workshops and non-BEA, non-ABA meetings charge admission and require advance registration. If a phone number is listed, please call for more information, reservations and tickets. Unless otherwise indicated, all events will be held at the Jacob Javits Center.


9:30 a.m.—7 p.m.PMA Publishing University. Grand Hyatt. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association in association with Barnes & Noble. There are two sets of programs today. The first is a free full-day program allowing all PMA University attendees a chance to meet with Barnes & Noble buyers. From 9:30—10 a.m., there is a general review of B&N's business in 2001 and 2002, including category trends and consumer marketing programs. From 10:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., there will be seven 45-minute sessions with B&N buyers for specific categories. There is a maximum of 10 people per session. You must sign up in advance for these segments.

The second program (1—5 p.m.) is a free half-day program (open to first-time attendees, new publishers and PMA members only) and serves as an introduction to the concurrent seminars that begin on Wednesday. Call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 to register or visit the Web site:

How to Get the Most Out of PMA University. (1—2 p.m.) Moderator: Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians. Speakers: Jan Nathan, PMA executive director; Linda Ligon, Interweave Press; Pat Bell, Cat's-paw Press; Bob Goodman, Silvercat Publications.

Savvy Publishing Tips, Traps and Techniques for the New Publisher. (2:15—3:45 p.m.) Speaker: Dan Poynter, Para Publishing.

Unraveling the Mystery of Publishing: PMA Answers Your Questions. (4—5 p.m.) Moderator: Jan Nathan. Speakers: Linda Ligon; Pat Bell; Marcella Smith, B&N; Dan Poynter; Judith Appelbaum, Sensible Solutions.

Reception (for both PMA members and B&N attendees) (5—7 p.m.)


8 a.m.—5:15 p.m.PMA Publishing University. Grand Hyatt. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association. Registration: Members: $60 per 90-minute seminar; one day (four seminars, one lunch): $225; two days (eight seminars, two lunches): $350. Nonmembers: $75 per 90-minute seminar; one day $300; two days $450. Call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 to register or visit the Web site:

Concurrent Seminars (8—9:30 a.m.):

PMA Basic Publicity Course, Part I: Timing, Tasks and Targets from Contract to Pub Date. Speaker: Alice Acheson, Acheson Public Relations.

How to Build a Dynamic Publishing Web Site. Moderator: Mary Westheimer, BookZone. Speakers: Eric B. Anderson, The Future Thru; Joyce Coleman, Locust Hill Publishing. Dan Poynter, Para Publishing; Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies Inc.

Getting Through to Libraries: What Does It Really Take? Moderator: Jean Srnecz, Baker & Taylor. Speakers: Jim Kelly, Ingram Library Services; Marsha Spyros, New York Public Library; others TBA.

Cutting Deals for Book Premiums and Special Sales to Catalogs. Speakers: Liz Ziehl, Books Are Fun; Jerry Marino, The Marino Group; others TBA.

Editorial Research Using the Internet. Speakers: Dianne Cutillo, Storey Publishing; Steve Ettlinger, Ettlinger Editorial; Steve Garvan, Garvan Marketing.

PMA Financial Management Course: How to Grow Your Business and Talk Knowledgeably to Your Accountant. Speaker: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants.

Marketing to the Spanish Language Market in the U.S. Speakers: Carolyn Ramirez, Independent Publishers Group; Kirk Whisler, WPR Publishing; Adriana Lopez, Críticas.

B&N, Borders and the Independents—Your Questions Answered. Moderator: Keith Owens, National Book Network. Speakers: Marcella Smith, B&N; Laurie McBride, Borders.

Concurrent Seminars (9:45—11:15 a.m.):

PMA Basic Publicity Course, Part II: Getting Results in Print and When the Microphone's On! Speakers: Alice Acheson, Acheson Public Relations; Brian Jud, Publishing Directions; Carol Ann Story, producer, CBS's The Early Show.

E-Books: Mastering the Basics, Understanding the Market and Sorting Out Who's Really Selling What. Moderator: Jill Thomas, ION Systems. Speakers: M.J. Rose, consultant; Scott Pendergrast, Fictionwise Inc.

The Marketing of a Title from Beginning to End. Moderator: Bob Goodman, Silvercat Publications. Speakers: Jacqueline Marcell, Impressive Press; Eric Gelb, Small Business Advisors.

Creating Spin-Offs and Product Line Extensions. Moderator: Nancy Poffenberger, Fun Publishing. Speakers: Tim McCormick, Greentree Publishing; Leslie McClure, 411 Video Information.

Great Book Covers Equal Great Book Sales—Plus The Latest Design Trends. Speakers: Paulette Livers, Livers Lambert Design; Mayapriya Long, Bookwrights Design; others TBA.

Budget Basics for Beginners: Forecasting Sales, Returns, Costs and Cash Flow. Speakers: Linda Pinson, Keeping the Books (Dearborn Trade); Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants.

Tapping the Educational Market: Pre-K to 12 and Colleges. Moderator: Toni Albert, Trickle Creek Books. Speakers: Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies; Mark Kerr, Jossey-Bass.

Get Off the Book Page! How to Get Editorial Attention for Your Book. Speakers: Sharon Castlen, Integrated Book Marketing; Jill Lublin, Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media); Barbara Hudgins, Woodmont Press; Philip Smith, Golden Anchor Press.

Lunch Roundtable Discussions (11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.)

Concurrent Seminars (2—3:30 p.m.):

Conduct a Low-Cost Book Signing Tour! Speakers: Jo Condrill, Goalminds; Maggie Lichtenberg, publishing coach; Todd Berman, Jossey-Bass; Linda Ligon, Interweave Press; Marcella Smith, B&N.

Internet Publicity Basics—Your Online Book Promotion Tool Kit. Speakers: Gwendolyn Gawlick, Gwendolyn Gawlick Publicity Services; David Thalberg, Planned Television Arts; others TBA.

Developing Realistic and Cost-Effective Marketing Plans. Moderator: Mike Drew, Bard Press. Speakers: Catherine Kitcho, Pele Publications; Bob Goodman, Silvercat Publications.

Making Nontraditional Sales. Moderator: Liz Ziehl, Books Are Fun. Speakers: Brian Jud, Publishing Directions; Tim McCormick, Greentree Publishing; Dan Poynter, Para Publishing.

How to Create a Bookmap and Why It Will Save Time, Money and Aggravation. Speakers: Cindy McFarland and Deborah Balmuth, both Storey Publishing; Michael Larsen, literary agent.

Effective Staffing: How to Select, Hire, Direct and Manage Employees. Speakers: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants; Howard Fisher, California Bill's Automotive Handbooks.

Sharpening Your Sales Hooks and Making Creative Pitches: How to Write Pitch Letters, Sell Sheets and Pitch Your Book in Person. Moderator: Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians. Speakers: Miriam Bass, NBN; Carolyn Herter, consultant; Carla Ruff, publishing consultant.

Marketing Children's Books Today. Moderator: Laura Barnes, Barnesyard Books. Speakers: Nancy Poffenberger, Fun Publishing; Toni Albert, Trickle Creek Books; Florrie Kichler, Patria Press.

Concurrent Seminars (3:45—5:15 p.m.):

Publicizing Children's Books: The Similarities and the Differences. Speakers: Kate Kubert, Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Florrie Kichler, Patria Press; Jill Lublin, Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media).

Profiting From "Next Generation" Web Sites—What You Can Be Doing Now for Your Future. Moderator: Eric B. Anderson, the FutureThru Group. Speakers: Larry Bram, Teaching Strategies; Mary Westheimer, BookZone.

Distribution Options: What's Best for My Company? Moderator: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants. Speakers: Carla Ruff, Publishing Consultants; Jen Linck, Biblio; Julie Schaper, Consortium Book Sales & Distribution.

Selling by Catalogs: Putting Them Together, Making Them Work. Moderator: Gail Baird, Creative Bound. Speakers: James Riordan, Seven Locks Press; Jerry Marino, The Marino Group.

What's New in Contracts? Speakers: Alan Kaufman, Frankfurt, Garbus; Pam Art, Storey Publishing.

How to Write a Business Plan and Build Your Business Step-by-Step. Moderators: Linda Pinson, Keeping the Books (Dearborn Trade), Nanette Sanson, Quailmark Books.

Let's Brainstorm Your Design and Printing Questions. Moderator: Mike Vezo, RJ Communications. Speakers: Dana Cole, RJ Communications; Gwen Henson, Sagebrush Publications; Barry T. Kerrigan, Desktop Miracles.

Creating a Small Press Bestseller: Packaging, Communications and Promotional Strategies. Moderator: Bob Goodman, Silvercat Publications. Speakers: Antoinette Kuritz, Strategies; Carl Lennertz, Book Sense; Dorothy Molstad, Voyageur Press; Barbara Ann Janson, Janson Media Group.

9 a.m.—12:30 p.m.PubMarketing 2002: Selling to Libraries: Getting a Piece of the $5 Billion Pie. Room 1E07. Fee: $129. Kathryn Kleibacker, Kleibacker & Associates; Carol Ann Waugh, Xcellent Marketing; Linda Winter, The Winter Group. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, School Library Journal.

9 a.m.—1 p.m.Rights: A Global Perspective. Room 1E14. Fee: $99. Three-part rights symposium including lunch. Program Chair: Robert Baensch, director of the Center for Publishing, New York University. English Language (9 a.m.) with Carol Janeway, Random House. Digital Rights (10 a.m.) with Bob Bolick, McGraw-Hill. Translations (11 a.m.) with Marcella Berger, Simon & Schuster. Lunch (noon) with speaker Michael Korda.

10 a.m.—noon.Buzz Your Books: Igniting Word-of-Mouth Buzz to Boost Book Sales. Room 1E09. Fee: $59. Speakers: M.J. Rose and Douglas Clegg, both publishers at Pigeonhole Press.

1—5 p.m.Fundamentals of Independent Bookselling: Strategies for Understanding and Growing a Profitable Business. Room 1E04. Fee: $325 (advance registration required for only 60 slots; contact Kristen Gilligan at 914-591-2665 or 800-637-0037, ext. 1286; fee includes BEA registration). First of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. Facilitators: Donna Paz and Mark Kaufman of Paz & Associates. Sponsored by the ABA. Sessions continue Thursday, 8:15 a.m.—5 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m.—noon.

1—5 p.m.For Independent Publishers: The Best Way to... Room 1E09. Program Chair: Sheree Bykofsky, president, Sheree Bykofsky Associates. Fee: $99. Work Your Distributor for Sales (1 p.m.) with Jen Linck, NBN/Biblio, and Simon Warwick-Smith, Warwick Associates. Attract Trade Media Attention (1:45 p.m.) with Mardi Link, ForeWord magazine. Sell Through Non-Trade Channels (2:30 p.m.) with Chris Navratil, Chronicle Books. Leverage Sales via Independent Booksellers (3:30 p.m.) with George Gibson, publisher, Walker & Co. Bring Authors to the Market (4:15 p.m.) with Dominique Raccah, publisher, Sourcebooks.

1—5:30 p.m.What Works: Succeeding with Digital Content Applications in Higher Education. New York University Center for Publishing, Midtown Center, 11 W. 42nd St., Room 400. Fee: $99. Program chair: Debra Polishook, Accenture. Student Impressions: Findings from the Eureka and Spoon River College eBook Study (1 p.m.) with Tom Peters, director, Center for Library Initiatives. Publishing to Book Companion Sites: Streamlining the Process (2 p.m.) with Chuck Koscher, TechSight. Convert Once, Use Many: Maximizing the Data Richness of Electronic Books & Journals for the Educational Market Presentation Abstract (3:15 p.m.) with Harrison Yee, Apex. Reinventing the Campus Bookstore for Content Distribution (4:15 p.m.) with Sharon Fredi, Follett. Sponsored by BookExpo America, ePub University, NYU Center for Publishing, Accenture.

1—5:30 p.m.Selling Subsidiary Rights & Permissions. Room 1E07. Fee: $99. Program chair: Jim McHugh, CEO, Profiting from Permissions (1 p.m.) with speaker Judy Spreitzer, John Wiley & Sons. Getting Your Books Acquired by Book Clubs (1:45 p.m.) with Nancy Whitin, BookSpan. Selling Mass Market & Trade Paperback Rights (2:30 p.m.) with Trish Todd, S&S. Selling Film & TV Rights (3:30 p.m.) with Bill Contardi, Bill Contardi Literary Agency. Working with Agents, Co-Agents and Scouts to Grow International Rights Revenues (4:15 p.m.) with speakers Ira Silverberg, literary agent, Donadio & Olson; Mary Anne Thompson, scout, Mary Anne Thompson Associates; and William Hanna, v-p, Acacia House Publishing Services.

1:30—3 p.m.Will eBooks Circumvent Agents? Room 1E14. Fee: $59. Moderator: Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly. Panelists: Richard Curtis, president, e-Rights; author Warren Adler; Arthur Klebanoff, CEO, Rosetta Books.


7 a.m.—6:30 p.m.Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC). Grand Hyatt. Fee: $175 (APA members), $275 (nonmembers). (310) 372-0546. Registration, including continental breakfast (7 a.m.—3 p.m.). New Member Orientation (8—8:30 a.m.). Membership Meeting (8:30—10:15 a.m.).

Concurrent seminars (10:45 a.m.—noon):

Growing Markets: Cultivating New and Alternative Audiobook Territory: marketing to three developing areas (teenagers, Hispanic and audio theater). Past Presidents Speak: former APA presidents on shaping the future. Audio Publishing 101: Part I—Pre-Production.

Lunch (noon—1:45 p.m.). Keynote speaker: Seth Gordon, Unleashing the Ideavirus (Hyperion/S&S Audio). Presentation of the second annual Audiobook Hero Awards.

Concurrent seminars (2—3:15 p.m.):

Myth-Busting as Marketing: Promoting Audiobooks to Families, Schools and Libraries: disproving the myth that audiobooks are "anti-literate." New Formats/New Channels/New Listeners: preparing for the future. Audio Publishing 101: Part II—Production.

Concurrent seminars (3:45—5 p.m.):

What Is the Market Telling Us?: retailers and librarians tell publishers how to reach their target consumer. How to Win an Audie Award... and Make It Pay Off: how to submit and evaluate titles. Audio Publishing 101: Part III—Post-Production.

Cocktail Reception (5—6:30 p.m.).

8 a.m.—5:15 p.m.PMA Publishing University. Grand Hyatt. Sponsored by Publishers Marketing Association. Registration: call (800) 286-0222 or (310) 372-2732 to register or visit the Web site:

Concurrent Seminars (8—9:30 a.m.):

Book Reviews: How to Get Them and How to Use Them. Speakers: Sharon Castlen, Integrated Book Marketing; Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal; Jeff Zaleski, Publishers Weekly; Bob Minzesheimer, USA Today.

Online Promotion Secrets: Strategy and Actions for Marketing and Promoting Your Web Site. Moderator: Edward Palmer, BookZone Inc. Speakers: Gwendolyn Gawlick, Gwendolyn Gawlick Publicity Services; Ken Leebow,

Using Word of Mouth to Extend Your Marketing Campaign. Moderator: Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians. Speaker: Tom Cassalini, Sweet Pea Press.

Selling Direct: Cutting Out the Middleman. Moderator: Dan Poynter, Para Publishing. Speakers: Johnny Hamilton, Construction Trade Press; Jerry Marino, the Marino Group.

Optimum Editorial-Design Interaction. Speakers: Paulette Livers, Livers Lambert Design; Michael Selleck, S&S Trade.

Fundamentals of Publishing Law. Speaker: Jonathan Kirsch, Kirsch & Mitchell.

PMA Book Production and Manufacturing Course: Selecting Bindings, Paper and Deciding How Many to Print. Moderator: Mike Vezo, RJ Communications. Speakers: Ron Mazzola, McNaughton & Gunn; Jeff Schwaner, Booksurge; Gunnar Swanson, Allworth Press.

How and When to Work with a Business Consultant. Speakers: Howard Fisher, California Bill's Automotive Handbooks; Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants; Linda Ligon, Interweave Press.

Concurrent Seminars (9:45—11:15 a.m.):

Media Kit Savvy: From Bare Bones to Razzle-Dazzle. Speakers: Judith Rosen, Publishers Weekly; Lissa Warren, Perseus Books; Melanie Mitchell, Macadam/ Cage.

Digital Book Management: How the Net, ePublishing and POD Converge to Your Benefit. Moderator: Mitchell Davis, Booksurge. Speakers: Paul Coates, Black Classic Press; Jeff Blumenthal, Follett Corporation; Mary Westheimer, BookZone.

Marketing Tools 202: What You Can Do After You Do the Basics. Moderator: Munro Magruder, New World Library. Speakers: Fern Reiss, Peanut Butter Publishing; Rick Frishman, Planned Television Arts.

Selling and Buying Foreign Rights. Moderator: Jan Nathan, executive director, PMA. Speakers: Peter Miller, PMA Literary & Film Management; Wilfried Stascheit, Verlag an der Ruhr.

Writing Effective Back Cover Copy. Moderator: Suzanne LaRosa, NewSouth Books. Speakers: Robin Quinn, Quinn's Word for Word; others TBA.

Publishing Law Update and Personal Legal Clinic. Speaker: Jonathan Kirsch, Kirsch & Mitchell.

Strategic Distribution Decisions: How to Choose Distributors from a Publisher's Perspective. Moderator: Catherine Kitcho, Pele Publications. Speakers: Gary Moselle, Craftsman Book Co.; Tad Crawford, Allworth Press.

Publicizing Fiction: The Similarities and the Differences. Speakers: Marika Flatt, Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists; Mary Bisbee-Beek, Bisbee Books; Donna Woolfolk Cross, Pope Joan (Ballantine); Claire Kirch, Publicity Services; Judith Kelly, Sourcebooks.

Lunch (11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.). Managing Your Company Through Unpredictable Times and Keeping It Profitable. Moderator: Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants. Speakers: Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks; Howard Fisher, Fisher Books; Don Tubesing, Pfeiffer-Hamilton Publishing.

Concurrent Seminars (2—3:30 p.m.):

When, Why and How to Hire Outside PR Experts to Create the Campaign That Makes Sense for Your Book or Author. Speakers: Celia Rocks, Rocks-DeHart Public Relations; Maggie Lichtenberg, publishing coach; Eric Gelb, Small Business Advisors; Lindsay MacGregor, John Wiley & Sons/Hungry Minds.

How POD Can Fatten Your Bottom Line. Moderator: Carla Ruff, Publishing Consultants. Speakers: Danny O. Snow, Unlimited Publishing; Royce Adams, Rairarubia Books.

Maximizing the Opportunities to Extend Your Brand for Books and Related Content. Moderator: Dave Marx, Passporter Press. Speakers: Jennifer Watson, Passporter Press; Johnny Hamilton, Construction Trades Press; Leslie McClure, 411 Video Information.

How to Make Great Book Club Deals. Moderator: Linda Ligon, Interweave Press. Speakers: Susan Sewall, Chicago Review Press; Denise McGann, Scholastic; Tim McCormick, Greentree Publishing.

Inside Prepress: Creating the Perfect Electronic File. Moderator: Mike Vezo, RJ Communications. Speakers: Jonathan Gullery, HSA Design; Harold Redmer, McNaughton & Gunn; Jeff Schwaner, Booksurge.

How to Be a Publisher and Plan Strategically to Build Your Company. Moderator: Howard Fisher, California Bill's Automotive Handbooks. Speakers: Tad Crawford, Allworth; Tom Woll, Cross River Publishing Consultants.

Thinking Outside the Box: Adding Creativity to Your Marketing and Promotional Campaign. Moderator: Gail Baird, Creative Bound. Speakers: Dorothy Molstad, Voyageur Press; Thomas Baldrick, Popular Demand Book Company; Donna Babylon, Windsor Oak Publishing.

Publicize Your Backlist Goldmine: Sparking New PR Coverage for "Not So New" Titles. Speakers: Kate Bandos, KSB Promotion; Tom Hallock, Beacon Press; Peter Goodman, Stone Bridge Press; Nick Weir-Williams, Continuum International.

Concurrent Seminars (3:45—5:15 p.m.):

Building Winning Media Relationships One Phone Call at a Time. Speakers: Bobbye Middendorf, writer; Judith Kelly, Sourcebooks; Marisa D'Vari, talk show host; Dottie DeHart, Rocks-DeHart Public Relations.

Direct Mail Marketing: Conventional and Online. Moderator: Rich Vergara, MSGI Direct. Speakers: Robin Bartlett, American College of Physicians; Larry Chase, consultant.

Baker & Taylor, Ingram and Regional Wholesalers—Your Questions Answered. Moderator: Keith Owens, National Book Network. Speakers: Jean Srnecz, B&T; Debbie Pressnall, Ingram.

Creating Effective Printed Collateral. Moderator: James Riordan, Seven Locks Press. Speakers: Donna Babylon, Windsor Oak Publishing; Eric Gelb, Small Business Advisors.

Working Effectively with Freelancers. Speakers: Jim Becker, Becker & Mayer; Jane Billinghurst, Page Wood Publishing Services; Nick Weir-Williams, Continuum International.

Cashing-In and Cashing-Out: Valuing a Business in Order to Leave It. Speakers: Stephen Kerr, Business Marketing Consultants; Howard Fisher, California Bill's Automotive Handbooks; Martin Levin.

Know Your E-Rights: Internet Law and Marketing for the Leading-Edge Publisher. Speakers: Arthur Klebanoff, Rosetta Books; attorneys Jonathan Kirsch and Lloyd Rich.

Let's Brainstorm Your Marketing Questions. Moderator: Jan Nathan, PMA. Speakers: Marcella Smith, B&N; Pam Art, Storey Publishing; Mark Ouimet, Publishers Group West; Dan Poynter, Para Publishing.

8:15—11:30 a.m.ABA Bookstore Finances Session. Room 1E04. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. $25 for ABA and ABC members; non-ABA members are invited to join for $50. Moderator: Avin Mark Domnitz, ABA CEO.

8:15—11:30 a.m.ABA Marketing Strategy Session. Room 1E13. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. Moderator: Michael Hoynes, ABA marketing officer. Panelists: Doug Hall, founder of the Eureka Ranch for Business Consulting and author of Jump Start Your Brain (Warner Books), and Robert Spector, Anytime Anywhere (Perseus) and The Nordstrom Way (John Wiley).

8:15—11:30 a.m.ABA Inventory Management Session. Room 1E12. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. Moderators: Carole Horne, Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge, Mass.; John Bennett, Bennett Books, Wyckoff, N.J.

8:15 a.m.—12:30 p.m.The State of Our Industry Trends, Data and Intelligence. Room 1E15. Fee: $99. Program co-chairs: Nora Rawlinson and Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly. Opening Remarks (8:15 a.m.). Trends (8:30 a.m.) with Jim Chandler, Ingram, and Jack McKeown, CEO, Perseus Books. Data (9:45 a.m.) with Barrie Rappaport, Ipsos/NPD; Jim King, executive v-p, BookScan; Frank Nagy, U.S. Census Bureau; James Ulsamer, president, Baker & Taylor Retail; Michael Cairns, president, R.R. Bowker. Intelligence (11 a.m.) with Kirby Best, chairman, Publishing Solutions; Tami Heim, president, Borders Group Inc.; Scott Lubeck, Harvard Business School Publishing; Seth Radwell, BookSpan.

8:15 a.m.—5 p.m.Fundamentals of Independent Bookselling. Room 1E04. Second of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. Sessions continue Friday 9 a.m.—noon. See Wednesday, May 1, 1 p.m.

8:30 a.m.—12:45 p.m. Spanish Book Pavilion Sessions. Room 1E06. How to Maximize the BEA and the Spanish Book Pavilion: Part I (8:30—9:30 a.m.) includes a continental breakfast. How to Maximize the BEA and the Spanish Book Pavilion: Part II (9:30—10:30 a.m.). REFORMA (10:45 a.m.—12:45 p.m.), which is the meeting of the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking and is open to all Spanish book industry professionals.

9—10:30 a.m.Standards Update: Moving Beyond Stagnation. Room 1E14. Moderator: Patricia Harris, executive director, NISO. Speakers: Oliver Pesch, chief technical officer, EBSCO; Shirley Hyatt, director, Online Computer Library Center.

9 a.m.—3 p.m.The Latino Book Summit. New Yorker Hotel, Sutton Place Suite (481 Eighth Ave. at 34th St.). Fee: $85 (all activities); $50 (summit only or lunch only). Organized by the Latino Book & Family Festival. (760) 434-7474. Secrets of Distributing Latino Books (9 a.m.). Three Key Market Niches for Latinos: Children, New Age & Self Help Books (10 a.m.). Important Research on Latinos (10:50 a.m.). Marketing to the U.S. Latino Community (11:15 a.m.). Latino Literary Hall of Fame Luncheon (12:15 p.m.). What's New or Hot? (2 p.m.).

9 a.m.—4:30 p.m.Powerful Publicity for Books & Authors in Today's Volatile Media Marketplace. Room 1E07. Fee: $159. Program Chair: Jodee Blanco, Blanco & Peace Enterprises. The Swiftly Evolving Landscape of Author Promotions and Tours (9 a.m.) with Victoria Meyer, S&S. Effective Press Kits for Today's Media (9:45 a.m.) with Joan Schulhafer, Kensington Publishing. Working Collaboratively with Authors, Agents, Editors and Sales Directors (10:30 a.m.) with Jeff Seroy, FSG. Image Making: How to Effectively Communicate Your Message (11:15 a.m.) with Sandi Mendelson, president & COO, Hilsinger-Mendelson. What Producers, Editors and Reporters Really Want from Publicists (1:30 p.m.) with Carol Story, The Early Show; Amy Salit, NPR's Fresh Air; Andrea Sachs, Time magazine; Yvette Vega, PBS's Charlie Rose; Raymond Sokolov, the Wall Street Journal. How to Get Media Coverage for Difficult-to-Publicize Books, Featuring "Stump the Publicist." (3 p.m.) with Jodee Blanco, Blanco & Peace Enterprises.

9 a.m.—5 p.m.E-Pub University. Room 1E09. Fee: $99. Measuring Consumer Demand and Preferences for Electronic Delivery of Books (9 a.m.) with Barbara Kline Pope, National Academy Press; P.K. Kannan, University of Maryland. Surviving the Digital Revolution (10:45 a.m.) with moderator Byron Preiss, president, iBooks; speakers: Scott Waxman, Live Reads; Jerry Butler, iPicturebooks; and industry consultant Roger F. Cooper. Electronic Rights and eBook Contracts (1:30 p.m.) with Tad Crawford, publisher, Allworth Press, and Kay Murray, the Authors Guild. EBooks Maligned: Is 'e' the Turn-Off, or Is It the 'Books'? (3:30 p.m.) with Rick Miller, CCC.

10—11:30 a.m.ABA Publisher Sessions. Room 1E17. Publishers are invited to this update on all ABA and Book Sense programs with Q&As. General ABA & Marketing Services. Moderator: Neal Coonerty, ABA president, Bookshop Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Calif. Book Sense. Moderators: Carl Lennertz, ABA senior marketing consultant, and Mark Nichols, Book Sense publisher partner manager. Moderator: Meg Smith, business development manager. On-Line Book Buyer's Handbook. Moderator: Dan Cullen, Between the Lines editorial director.

11 a.m.—12:15 p.m.Real-World Applications and Business Benefits of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Room 1E14. Moderator: David Sidman.

11:30 a.m.—8 p.m.African-American Booksellers Conference (AABC). Room 1E08. Luncheon Welcome (11:30 a.m.—12:45 p.m.) Clara Villarosa, The Hue-Man Experience of New York City. Speaker: TBA.

Keynote Address (1—2 p.m.) Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.

African-American Bookstores and University Presses—What to Sell & How to Make Money Selling Them. (2—3:30 p.m.) Moderator: James Fugate, Esowon Books, Los Angeles.

We Are the Survivors: Strategies for Successful Booksellers (3:45—5:15 p.m.) Moderator: Rosie Milligan, Creating a New You in Six Weeks (Professional Business). Panelists: Joi Afazal, The Hue-Man Experience, Denver; Andre Kelton, Our Story Book Store, Plainfield, N.J.; Michelle Lewis, Afro-American Book Stop, New Orleans; Carl Weber, African-American Bookstore, Massapequa, N.Y.; Felicia Wintons, Books for Thought, Tampa, Fla.

Reception (5:30—8 p.m.) Sponsored by Ingram Book Company.

11:45 a.m.—1 p.m.ABA Bright Prospects Business Panel. Room 1E13. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. Moderator: Connie Brod, BookTV. Panelists: authors Tom Ehrenfeld, Doug Hall and Robert Spector.

1—2 p.m.The Anatomy of Book Doctoring. Room 1E17. Speaker: Richard Marek, former publisher, Dutton.

1—2:30 p.m.A European Market Profile. Room 1E14. Fee: $59. Moderator: Holger Ehling, publishing consultant; panelists: TBA.

1—5:30 p.m.The Impact of New Consumer Centric Modalities. Room 1E16. Fee: $99. This educational program is part of the Retail Multimedia Expo (RMX) being held in conjunction with BEA. Will Antipiracy Efforts Sour Consumer Ethics? (1 p.m.). Using the Web to Learn More About Your Customers (2:30 p.m.). The Mainstreaming of Web Music and Its Hierarchical Impact (4 p.m.).

1:30—2:30 p.m.Creative Destruction: Accelerating the Integration of Creation and Operation Efficiencies. Room 1E15. Fee: $59. Speaker: Dick Foster, director, McKinsey & Co.

2—3 p.m.ABA: "Best Ideas" Sessions. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. These hour-long sessions will be repeated 3:15—4:15 p.m. to allow attendees to attend two of their choice.

Merchandising. Room 2D04/2D05. Moderator: Carl Lennertz, senior marketing consultant, ABA.

Database Development. Room 2D06/ 2D07. Moderator: Michael Hoynes, ABA marketing officer.

Co-Op Opportunities. Room 2D10/2D11. Moderator: Mark Nichols, Book Sense publisher-partner manager, ABA.

Newsletters. Room 1D05. Moderator: Dan Cullen, Bookselling This Week editorial director, ABA.

Staff Development. Room 2D10/2D11. Moderator: Len Vlahos, director.

2—4 p.m.Find Comfort in Books—An Afternoon Dedicated to Children's Bookselling. Room 1E11. Co-sponsored by ABA, ABC and CBC. Admission: part of full-day ABA package.

Keynote Presentation by Russell Freedman. The author of In the Days of the Vaqueros is the winner of the 1998 Newbery Medal for Lincoln: A Photobiography and the 1994 Newbery Honor for Eleanor Roosevelt (all Clarion Books). (2—2:30 p.m.).

Find Comfort in Books—The Right Book for the Right Time. Moderators: Sheilah Egan, A Likely Story, Alexandria, Va., and Dara La Porte, Politics and Prose, Washington, D.C. (2:30—3:30 p.m.).

Presentation by Mark Teague. The illustrator of Dear Mrs. Larue and winner of the Christopher Medal for How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? (both Scholastic), will speak on creating "the right book for the right time." (3:30—4 p.m.).

2—5 p.m.Large-Store-Issues Roundtable. Room 1E12. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. Moderators: Bob Sommer and Gayle Shanks, Changing Hands, Tempe, Ariz.; Nancy Olson, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, N.C.; and Carla Cohen, Politics and Prose, Washington, D.C.

3—4:30 p.m.Sponsored Books: Publishing Opportunity or Artistic Sell-out? Room 1E17. Moderator: Jim Barnes, managing editor, Independent Publisher Online. Panelists: Judy Hottensen, Grove/Atlantic; Peter Osnos, publisher, PublicAffairs; Jeff Rodengen, president, Write Stuff; Jerome V. Kramer, editor, Book magazine. Sponsored by Independent Publisher Online.

3—4:30 p.m.Terms. Room 1E14. Fee: $59. Impact of Terms on pricing policies, channel partner behavior and retail marketplace. Moderator: Edward Nawotka, Publishers Weekly. Panelists: TBA.

3:15—4:15 p.m.ABA: "Best Ideas" Sessions. Admission: part of full-day ABA package. See 2 p.m. listing for repeating sessions and room numbers.

4:30—6 p.m.BookExpo's Editor & Bookseller Buzz Forum. Room 1E15. Program chair: Nora Rawlinson, Publishers Weekly. Editors: Jennifer Barth, Holt; Morgan Entrekin, Grove/Atlantic; Jonathan Galassi, FSG; Leigh Haber, Hyperion; Alice Mayhew, S&S; Errol McDonald, Knopf; Geoff Shandler, Little, Brown; Nan Talese, Doubleday. Sponsored by Publishers Weekly and ABA.

4:30—6:30 p.m.Meet the Spanish Book Market. Booth 1E06. Meet and mingle with wholesalers, booksellers, distributors and others who can help sell more Spanish-language books in the U.S. marketplace. RSVP with your company name to Sponsored by Críticas magazine.

6—7 p.m.BEA Opening Reception. Special Events Hall. Opening night remarks: Rudolph Giuliani. Sponsored by Talk Miramax Books.

8—10 p.m.NAPRA Nautilus Awards Presentation & Networking Gathering. Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, Princess Ballroom. NAPRA members and Nautilus nominees free, nonmembers $20. No advance tickets required.


8—9 a.m.Children's Book & Author Breakfast. Special Events Hall. Fee: $25. Speakers: Maurice Sendak and Tony Kushner, Brundibar (Hyperion); Kate DiCamillo, Because of Winn-Dixie (Candlewick Press); and John Lithgow, Micawber's Museum of Art (S&S Books for Young Readers). Sponsored by ABC-CBC Joint Committee.

8 a.m.—4 p.m.How to Create a Bestselling Book. Room 1E11. Fee: $197 (preregister at 203-840-5614 or on Speakers: Mark Victor Hansen, cocreator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series (HCI); Robert G. Allen, Multiple Streams of Internet Income (John Wiley); Jillian Manus, literary agent; Rick Frishman, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers (Writers Digest).

9 a.m.—noon.Fundamentals of Independent Bookselling. Room 1E04. Final day of three-day intensive training for those interested in opening a bookstore. See Wednesday, May 1, 1 p.m.

9 a.m.—6 p.m. Exhibition Hall opens.

9:30 a.m.—noon.ABA Strategic Planning Sessions. Three free sessions seeking ABA member input in the development of ABA's new strategic plan. First session (9:30—10:30 a.m.) Room 1E12. Second session (9:45—10:45 a.m.) Room 1E13. Third session (11 a.m.—noon) Room 1E13.

11 a.m.—4 p.m.Spanish Book Pavilion Sessions. Room 1E07.

HarperCollins Session with Jorge Ramos. The author of The Other Face of America (HarperCollins) is interviewed by Adriana Lopez, editor-in-chief, Críticas. (11 a.m.—noon).

The A—Z of Spanish Book Distributors in the U.S. Representatives from more than 20 distributors will discuss their services and answer questions. (12:30 p.m.—2 p.m.).

Pending Session. (2:30—4 p.m.).

11 a.m.—12:15 p.m."911": Civil Liberties in a Time of Crisis. Room 1E12. Free panel discussion with Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Moore, Nat Hentoff and others. Co-sponsored by ABFFE, AAP and the Freedom to Read Foundation.

Noon—2 p.m.Book Sense 76 Author & Bookseller Luncheon. Special Events Hall. Must RSVP to Limit two per bookstore. Meet Book Sense 76 authors. Sponsored by the New Yorker.

3—4 p.m.The Heard Word: BEA's Audiobook and Author Tea. Special Events Hall. Fee: $15. Speakers: Brad Meltzer, The Millionaires (Time Warner Audio); Walter Mosley, Bad Boy Brawly Brown (Audio Renaissance); and Janet Evanovich, Hard Eight (Audio Renaissance). Hosted by the Audio Publishers Association.

3—4 p.m.ABA Town Hall Meeting. Room 1E12. ABA booksellers can voice their opinions and share their ideas with ABA board members prior to the ABA Annual Membership meeting.

4—5 p.m.ABA Annual Membership Meeting. Room 1E12. ABA's official annual meeting will update membership on the past year and look ahead to future association projects.

4—5 p.m.Book Industry Trends 2002 Preview. Room 1E17. The Book Industry Study Group's annual look at the state of book publishing. Speakers: Frank Daly, BISG director, and Al Greco, Fordham University.

5:30—7 p.m.ABA Celebration of Bookselling. Special Events Hall. Mingle, rest, snack and hear the announcements of the Book Sense Book of the Year Awards in five categories: Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Children's Illustrated, Children's Literature and—new this year—Rediscovery. 2002 BSBY Awards to be announced by previous award winners. Bid for original illustrations and more at the Secret Garden Silent Auction to benefit the Association of Booksellers for Children. Co-sponsored by Atlantic Monthly and Smithsonian magazines. Open to all BEA attendees.

6—11 p.m.Lambda Literary Awards. Tribeca Rooftop (2 Desbrosses St.. between Hudson and Greenwich Sts.). Fee: $150 (dinner and reception) or $135 (dinner only). Lambda Literary Foundation's VIP reception (6—7:30 p.m.) and dinner (7:30 p.m.) prior to the awards ceremony honoring gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender books. Host: poet Emanuel Xavier; special award to Margaret Cho. More information at

7:30 p.m.The Seventh Annual Firecracker Alternative Book Awards (FAB). North Six, 66 N. Sixth St., Brooklyn (L at 14th St. eastbound to Brooklyn. Get off at Bedford Ave. [first stop in Brooklyn]. Walk west three blocks on N. Sixth St.). Awards begin at 8 p.m. (718) 599-5103.

8—10:30 p.m.NAPRA Nautilus Awards. Princess Ballroom in Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers (Seventh Ave. and 52nd St.). Fee: $20 (nonmembers). Second annual awards celebrating influential consciousness-raising titles. Co-sponsored by One Spirit Book Club.


7:45—10 a.m.NAPRA Authors Breakfast. Imperial Ballroom in Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers; Fee: $35—advance registration required. Authors: James Van Praagh (Heaven and Earth, S&S); Marc Allen (Ten Percent Solution, New World Library); Paul Pearsall (Toxic Success, Inner Ocean Publishing); Maria Housden (Hannah's Gift, Bantam). (800) 367-1907.

8—9:30 a.m.BEA Book & Author Breakfast. Special Events Hall. Fee: $25. Speakers: Queen Noor, To the Kingdom: A Memoir (Talk Miramax); Reynolds Price, Noble Norfleet (Scribner); and Stephen Carter, Emperor of Ocean Park (Knopf).

9—10 a.m.How to Find Great Books from Independent Presses: A Treasure Map for Librarians. Room 1E09. Moderator: Victoria Sutherland, publisher, ForeWord magazine. Speakers: Ellen Stimson, Unique Books; Brent Cunningham, Small Press Distribution; Donovan A. Montierth, BookZone; Mardi Link, ForeWord; Jim Kelly, Ingram; Jeffery Lependorf, director, CLMP. Sponsored by ForeWord.

9—10 a.m.The Children's Christian Market: In the Shadow of 9/11. Room 1E14. Speaker: Mary Manz Simon.

9—10:30 a.m.How to Do the Frankfurt Book Fair. Room 1E17. Staff of the Frankfurt Book Fair will share the best ways to benefit most from attending the Frankfurt Book Fair.

9—11 a.m.Literary Walking Tour of Harlem. Fee: $5 preregistration. NAIBA board member Glenderlyn Johnson of Black Books Plus tours significant sites of the Harlem Renaissance period. Sponsored by NAIBA.

9 a.m.—6 p.m.Exhibition Hall opens.10—11:30 a.m.Publisher + Book Packager + "Brands" = Successful Publishing! Room 1E15. Fee: $59. Speakers: Susan Knopf, Parachute Press; John Smallwood, Smallwood & Stewart; Jacqueline Duval, Hearst; John Owen. Sponsored by American Book Packagers Association.

10—11:30 a.m.ABA Succession Planning Session. Room 1E04. Moderated by: Ivan Barkhorn, strategic consultant to ABA; Frank Kerrigan, CFO of Ingram, and Ned Densmore, former owner of Village Book Store in Littleton, N.H. Free to all attendees.

10 a.m.—12:15 p.m.ABA Specialty Bookseller-to-Bookseller Roundtables. For booksellers who are predominantly engaged in selling books in these specialty areas (not designed for general stores with specialty sections).

Concurrent roundtables (10—11 a.m.):

Travel (Room 2D04/2D05) Moderator: Priscilla Ulene of Traveler's Bookcase, Los Angeles.

Gay and Lesbian (Room 2D06/2D07). Moderator: Philip Rafshoon, Outwrite Books, Atlanta.

African-American (Room 2D010/2D11) Moderator: Robin Green-Cary, Sibanye Inc., Baltimore.

Feminist (Room 2D08) Moderators: Sandra Torkildson, A Room of One's Own, Madison, Wis., and Mary Ellen Kavanaugh, My Sister's Words, Syracuse, N.Y.

Mystery (Room 2D09) Moderator: Maryelizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, Calif.

Children's (Room 1E0) Moderators: Dennis Ronberg, Linden Tree Children's Books, Los Altos, Calif.; Collette Morgan, Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis; and Ellen Davis, Dragonwings Bookstore, Waupaca, Wis.

Concurrent roundtables (11:15 a.m.—12:15 p.m.):

Science Fiction (Room 2D09) Moderator: Maryelizabeth Hart, Mysterious Galaxy Books, San Diego, Calif.

Mind, Body and Spirit (Room 2D06/ 2D070) Moderators: Howard and Gayle Mandel, Transitions Bookplace, Chicago.

Scholarly (Room 2D010/2D11) Moderator: Karl Pohrt, Shaman Drum Bookshop, Ann Arbor, Mich.

College (Room 2D08) Moderator: Suzanne Staubach, U-CONN Co-op, Storrs, Conn.

Rural Small Town (Room 2D04/2D05) Moderator: Russ Lawrence, Chapter One Book Store, Hamilton, Mont.

Business and Technical (Room 1E12) Moderator: TBA.

Children's: From Handselling to Community Outreach (Room 1E) Moderators: Dennis Ronberg, Linden Tree Children's Books, Los Altos, Calif.; Collette Morgan, Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis; and Ellen Davis, Dragonwings Bookstore, Waupaca, Wis.

10 a.m.—4 p.m.Spanish Book Pavilion Sessions. Room 1E07.

Marketing Spanish Books: Advanced Strategies for the U.S. Market. Fee: $59. Designed for publishers already selling in U.S. markets. (10—11 a.m.)

Market Update: Publishing in Mexico. A firsthand look at the Mexican publishing industry for booksellers, distributors and librarians. (11:30 a.m.—12:45 p.m.)

Librarian Lunch. Sponsored by (1—2 p.m.)

How to Select Spanish Materials Without Knowing the Language. (2:30—4 p.m.)

10:30—11:30 a.m.How to Leverage Your Publisher Partners for Maximizing In-Store Visual Merchandising. Room 1E16. Moderator: Peter Knapp, John Wiley & Sons. Panelists: Audrey Seitz, Ingram; Neil Van Uum, owner, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, Ohio.

10:30 a.m.—noon.The Literary Life in American Letters. Room 1E09. Panelists TBA. Sponsored by Friends of Libraries U.S.A.

10:30 a.m.—noon.Sales & Marketing Strategies for Spiritual and Mission Driven Publishers. Room 1E14. Fee: $59. Speaker: Simon Warwick-Smith, Warwick Associates.

11 a.m.—12:30 p.m.The Best Way to Prepare for & Work the London Book Fair. Room 1E17.

Noon—2 p.m.Saturday Book & Author Lunch. Special Events Hall. Fee: $40. AAP president Pat Schroeder will present the Curtis Benjamin Award. Speakers: Pete Hamill, Forever (Little, Brown); Roone Arledge, Roone (HarperCollins); Christopher Reeve, Nothing Is Impossible (Random).

1—2 p.m.NAPRA Roundtable: The Growing Body/Mind/Spirit Marketplace... and How It Can Work for You. Room 1E09. Participants: Marilyn McGuire, NAPRA president; Michael Weaver, NAPRA ReView managing editor; Michael Sky, ReView book review editor; Cynthia Black, Beyond Words publisher; Munro Magruder, New World Library marketing director; Howard and Gayle Mandel, owners Transitions Bookplace, Chicago; Phil Thompson and Stan Madsen, owners, Bodhi Tree, West Hollywood, Calif.; Steve Twombley, publishing director, Natural Health magazine. Sponsored by NAPRA.

1—2:30 p.m.How Should Libraries Recompense Publishers and Authors in the Digital Age? Room 1E15. Fee: $59. Moderator: James Lichtenberg, president, Lightspeed. Panelists: James G. Neal, Columbia Univ.; Susan Kent, Los Angeles Public Library; Kelly Franklin, John Wiley & Sons.

1:30—2:30 p.m.Exploiting the Invisible Web: Mastering Web Information Search Techniques. Room 1E14. Fee: $59. Speaker: Chris Sherman, president, Searchwise, and associate editor of Search

1:30—2:30 p.m.How to Become a Book Review Critic. Room 1E16. Speaker: Elizabeth Taylor, Book Editor, Chicago Tribune and others TBA. Sponsored by National Book Critics Circle.

2—3 p.m.ABA Session on Main Street/Alliances/Political Advocacy. Room 1E12. Moderator: Oren J. Teicher, COO, ABA.

2—3 p.m.Book Sense Bookseller-to-Bookseller Roundtables. Starter roundtables to learn how to get the full benefit from Book Sense and Concurrent roundtables: Book Sense—Getting Started (General stores): Room 2D08; Book Sense—Getting Started (Specialty stores): Room 2D09;—Getting Started: Room 2D06.

2—4 p.m.Emerging Voices. Room 1E17. Meet yet-to-break-out authors.

2:30—3:30 p.m.Understanding the PubEasyCustomer Self Service Solution. Room 1E09. Moderator: Gary Bowman, COO, PubEasy.

3—4 p.m.Book Sense Bookseller-to-Bookseller Roundtables. How other booksellers are using both the marketing campaign and online product to increase foot traffic, brand awareness and sales. Concurrent roundtables: Book Sense—The Next Level: Room 2D04;—The Next Level: Room 2D05.

3—4 p.m.Making Your Everyday In-Store Events More Irresistible and Profitable. Room 1E16. Moderator: P.J. Campbell, John Wiley & Sons. Panelists: Martin Goldsmith, The Inextinguishable Symphony (Wiley); Daria Lamb, Book Mark Cafe, Oyster Bay, N.Y.; Tamara Crabtree, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Ohio & Ky.; Margaret Maupin, Tattered Cover, Denver; Nancy Olsson, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, N.C.; Elaine Petrocelli, Book Passage, Corte Madera, Calif.

3—4:15 p.m.Marketing Your Books to Reading Groups?: An Author Shares Her Secrets for Success. Room 1E15. Fee: $59. Speaker: Donna Woolfolk Cross, Pope Joan (Ballantine).

3—4:30 p.m.What We Review, Retail and Reward: As Tastemakers, Do We Project a Culture of Ideological Elitists? Room 1E14. Moderator: Michael Silverblatt, Bookworm. Panelists: Karen Sandstrom, book editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer; Katharine Weber, freelance critic; Laura Miller, New York editorial director,; Carla Cohen, Politics & Prose, Washington D.C.; Steve Wasserman, Los Angeles Times Book Review.

3:30—4:30 p.m.ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards. Room 1E10. Winners are announced for best achievements of independent presses in 42 categories.

4—5 p.m.Visual Merchandising: Design & Feng Shui. Room 1E09. Speaker: Jami Lynn, Feng Shui Today: Earth Design the Added Dimension (Earth Design).

4—5 p.m.Book Sense Reading Room. Room 1E12. Come listen as Book Sense 76 authors read from their books.

5—6:30 p.m.NAIBA Circle Line Cruise of Lower Manhattan. Fee: $10 per person (donated to schools and libraries in downtown Manhattan for book purchases). Shuttle buses will run from Javits Center to pier and will return people to Times Square afterward

5:30—6:30 Kentucky Derby Party. Room TBA. Watch the running of the 2002 Kentucky Derby—live from Churchill Downs—with mint juleps, snacks and friendly wagers.

9—11 p.m.Return of the Rock Bottom Remainders. Webster Hall (125 E. 11th St., between Third and Fourth Aves.). Fee: $25 per person; $45 for two; $100 for five (proceeds benefit the ABFFE and the AAP's Get Caught Reading literacy campaign). The return of the book industry's favorite band, the Rock Bottom Remainders, whose stars include Mitch Albom, Dave Barry, Roy Blount Jr., Kathi Goldmark, Greg Iles, Barbara Kingsolver, James McBride, Ridley Pearson, Amy Tan and Scott Turow.


8—9:30 a.m.Sunday Book & Author Breakfast. Special Events Hall. Fee: $25. Speakers: Pat Conroy, My Losing Season (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday); Jean Auel, The Shelters of Stone (Crown); and Tipper and Al Gore, Joined at the Heart: The Transformation of the American Family (Holt). The Blackboard Book of the Year will also be presented.

9 a.m.—4 p.m. Exhibition Hall opens.

Noon—2 p.m.Sunday Literary Luncheon. Special Events Hall. Fee: $40. Speakers: Tim O'Brien, July, July (Houghton Mifflin); Paul Auster, Book of Illusions (Holt); Francine Prose, The Lives of the Muses (HarperCollins); and Oscar Hijuelos, A Simple Habana Melody (HarperCollins).