Montgomery, Ala.—based NewSouth Inc. and River City Publishing LLC have jointly announced the resolution of their dueling lawsuits (News, Jan. 28). In addition to settling the charges between NewSouth cofounder Randall Williams and the partners of River City (a company he founded as Black Belt Press), the agreement drops a judge's $100,000 fine against Williams and an injunction prohibiting his employment anywhere in publishing for four years.

"Under the terms of the settlement all suits between the parties will be dismissed," reads a brief statement. "While the terms of the settlement are confidential, both River City and NewSouth will continue to operate in the publishing business. Randall Williams has ended all affiliation with River City and has resumed his position as editor-in-chief and co-owner of NewSouth."

The countersuits resulted from Williams's claim that he and Black Belt publisher Suzanne LaRosa were wrongly fired by the company's board in February 2000, and River City's contention that he broke a noncompete agreement when he and LaRosa began NewSouth shortly after the sudden firings. While pointing out that he was legally constrained from discussing financial aspects of the settlement, an obviously relieved Williams—he has been managing NewSouth's bookstore since the court's December ruling—nonetheless told PW he no longer held a 30% ownership in River City. "Essentially, this brings closure to both of us, since it puts to rest my claims against them and theirs against me."

Carolyn Newman, River City's managing partner and wife of company president Al Newman, said, "The disputes between the parties have been amicably resolved, and I can make no further comment."