Audible Inc. will begin experimenting with retail distribution through Costco later this summer. Beginning early in the third quarter, eight Costco stores will begin stocking an Audible Air Pack, containing a CD-ROM with Audible Manager, which allows the downloading of two audiobook titles from a special page for Costco customers from the Audible site. Priced at $28.95, the Air Pack will be shelved in the software section of Costco.

Recent upgrades to the Audible Manager will untether users from their computers and allowing them to listen to the material with a portable CD player or in their car. Audible spokesperson Jonathan Korzen said, "We see this as an opportunity to reach out to Internet surfers and other computer users offline. Audible appeals to the Costco demographic, who are largely suburban car owners, who may start with audiobooks and may also be interested in non-audiobook material, such as the daily Wall Street Journal."