Phyllis Grann's stay at Random House proved to be a short one. The company announced last week that Grann has resigned as vice-chairman of the company and will serve as a nonexclusive consultant to Random.

Grann joined Random January 2 in a job described as a corporate advisory position, which came with no specific executive responsibilities. While Grann had been looking forward to having no day-to-day duties, she found that no responsibilities also meant little authority. Accustomed to having the final word at Putnam and then at Penguin, she found it increasingly frustrating when her suggestions were not acted on by Random executives, said a source familiar with the situation. In a prepared statement, Random chairman Peter Olson said Grann decided that the advisory role "did not provide sufficient challenges to engage her on a full-time basis." As her unhappiness grew, both Grann and Olson decided it was better to end the relationship sooner rather than later.

Grann's future plans were unclear. She will keep an office at Random House for the next several months and may do some consulting with publishers and other media companies.