Fall 2002 Listing by Publisher
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(Andrews McMeel, dist.)
It's Fall and It's Winter by Jimmy Pickering ($16.95 each) celebrate the traditions of these seasons. (3-up)

If We Must Die by Pat Carr ($15.95). A young teacher and her students are caught in the middle of the 1920 Greenwood Riot in Tulsa. (8-16)

Outside Inside Books: One, Two, Who's Who? and Swish, Swish, Who's This? by Caroline Davis ($5.95 each) are die-cut concept board books. (2-5)
YoYo Board Books: YoYo's Animal Friends, YoYo's Colors, YoYo's Numbers and YoYo's Toys by Jeannette Rowe ($3.95 each) are concept books starring a dog. (2-5)
Are You Ready for Bed? by Jane Johnson, illus. by Gaby Hansen ($14.95). How can Mrs. Rabbit get wakeful Little Bunny to bed? (3-6)
Careful, Santa! by Julie Sykes, illus. by Tim Warnes ($14.95). With help from his animal friends, Santa finds lost presents. (3-6)
Bedtime Little Monsters by Emma Harris, illus. by Paul Cherrill ($14.95). Flaps lift to reveal young monsters hiding. (3-6)
The Pop-Up Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae, illus. by David Wojtowycz ($14.95), introduces pop-up sea creatures. (3-6)
A Mouse in the Marmalade and A Turtle in the Toilet by Jonathan Emmet, illus. by Caroline Jayne Church ($14.95 each), disclose animals hiding throughout the house. (3-6)
Where There's a Bear, There's Trouble! by Michael Catchpool, illus. by Vanessa Cabban ($14.95). A bear spots a bee and thinks about the honey the bee can lead him to. (3-7)
Pedro the Brave by Leo Broadley, illus. by Holly Swain ($14.95, paper $5.95). Pedro outwits a wolf who wants to eat him and his pals for dinner. (4-8)
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone! by Alison Ritchie, illus. by Cathy Gale ($5.95). Joey doesn't want to sleep alone, till his parents add a new stuffed toy to his bed each night. (3-6)
A Monster Under Alex's Bed by Angelika Glitz, illus. by Imke Sönnichsen ($5.95), reveals what is really under Alex's bed. (3-6)
Paperback Reprints
Little Robin's Christmas by Jan Fearnley ($5.95, 3-6); and Laura's Star by Klaus Baumgart ($5.95, 3-7).

Saving Birds: Heroes Around the World by Pete Salmansohn and Stephen Kress ($16.95). This Audubon Book rounds up six stories about individuals fighting to save wild birds. (8-12)
Paperback Reprint
Shy Mama's Halloween by Anne Broyles, illus. by Leane Morin ($7.95, 8-12).

Paperback Series
The Zeke Armstrong Mysteries starts up with Red Card by Daniel Hale and Matthew LaBrot ($7.95, 9-13).

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, illus. by Gris Grimly ($15.95, Starscape paperback $5.99), presents this classic with new art. (All ages)
A School for Sorcery by E. Rose Sabin ($17.95) is a tale set in a school for the magically gifted. (13-up)
The Sea Lark's Song by Diana Marcellas ($27.95) is a sequel to Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea. (13-up)
The Wheel of Time spins on with Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan ($29.95, 13-up).
Conan the Swordsman by L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter and Bjorn Nyberg ($23.95, 13-up).
Strange Unsolved Mysteries, Vol. I and Vol. 2 by Phyllis Raybin Emert ($6.99 each) round up strange facts and tales. (8-up)
Paperback Reprint
Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card ($15.95, 14-up).
Paperback Series Reprints
Tor Classics issues A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens ($2.99, all ages); and Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Maples Dodge ($3.99, all ages). And The Wheel of Time reprints The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan ($14.95, 13-up).

Paperback Reprint
Songmaster by Orson Scott Card ($13.95, 13-up).

Paperback Reprints
The Dark Side of Nowhere by Neal Shusterman, Prince Ombra by Roderick MacLeish, The Magician's Ward by Patricia C. Wrede, A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer, Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones and Another Heaven, Another Earth by H.M. Hoover ($5.99 each, 10-up).

Busy Monkeys by John Schindel, photos by Luiz Claudio Marigo ($6.95) is a board book introducing monkeys of South America and Africa. (1-3)
How I Became Champion of the Universe by Kenny Harrison ($14.95). A young wrestling fan uses his secret weapon to become champion of the universe. (3-5)
Tub Toys by Terry Miller Shannon and Timothy Warner, illus. by Lee Calderon ($14.95). A boy gathers all the toys he wants to bring into the bath. (4-7)
Albie's Trip to the Jumble Jungle by Robert Skutch, illus. by Joe Mathieu ($14.95). Albie meets such jumbled creatures as a crocosmile and a forkupine. (4-7)
George Hogglesberry, Grade School Alien by Sarah Wilson, illus. by Chad Cameron ($14.95). His teacher and classmates help a new student from outer space to fit in. (5-8)
Don't Laugh at Me by Allen Shamblin and Steve Seskin, illus. by Glin Dibley ($16.95), presents this song imparting a message about the importance of accepting others. (6-up)
World Snacks serves up Let's Nosh! by Amy Wilson Sanger ($6.95, 1-3). And Alexandra Rambles On! adds Wherever I Go, There I Am by Karen Salmansohn ($12.95, 9-12).
Title in Spanish
El circulo de las Calabazas: Historia de un Huerto (Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden) by George Levenson, trans. by Alberto Jiménez Rioja, photos by Shmuel Thaler ($15.95, paper, $7.95, 4-7).
Paperback Reprint
Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden by George Levenson, photos by Shmuel Thaler ($7.95, 4-7).

Ms. Broomstick's School for Witches by Jana Dillon, illus. by Rebecca McKillip Thornburgh ($3.95), introduces a student who can't quite perform the way she is expected to. (3-8)
Smoky Dragons by Jane Clarke, illus. by Ben Cort ($4.95). A dragon dad is smoking again, much to the chagrin of his daughter. (4-8)
Rocks & Minerals by Mary Packard, illus. by James Watling ($6.95), packages a book with four rock and mineral samples. (7-11)
Anne Frank's Story: Her Life Retold for Children by Carol Ann Lee ($4.95) offers a biography of Frank, illustrated with her family photos. (8-12)
The Vampire Hound by Jim Kraft ($4.95). An evil vampire hunter journeys to Victorian London. (8-12)
101 Best Cheers: How to Be the Best Cheerleader Ever! by Suzi J. Golden, photos by Roger Schreiber ($5.95), outlines cheers and moves. (8-16)
Paperback Series
Garfield Extreme Sports adds Garfield's Awesome Ski Adventure and Garfield's Sumo Beach Bellyball by Jim Davis ($3.50 each, 5-8).

Merry Christmas, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt, illus. by Cyd Moore ($15.95), is a follow-up to I Love You, Stinky Face. (4-7)
Seasons of the Circle by Joseph Bruchac, illus. by Robert Goetzl ($12.95), examines how various Native American tribes celebrate the cycle of the seasons. (4-8)
Paperback Reprints
Too Many Monsters by Eve Bunting, illus. by James Bernardin; and Good Morning City by Elaine Moore, illus. by William Low ($5.95 each, 4-8); and The Boy on the Beach (previously Dive Through the Wave) by Mary Towne ($3.95, 8-12).

Heartland: A Prairie Sampler by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet, illus. by Yvette Moore ($18.95), celebrates prairie life. (All ages)
Beyond the Dance: A Ballerina's Life by Chan Hon Goh with Cary Fagan ($15.95) chronicles a ballerina's life from her early days in Communist China to her role as a dancer with Canada's National Ballet. (All ages)
A Day with Nellie by Marthe Jocelyn ($15.95) chronicles a girl's sunny day. (2-5)
Full Moon Rising by Joanne Taylor, illus. by Susan Tooke ($16.95), follows the phases of the moon throughout the year. (5-8)
One for Day/One for Night by Irene Watts, illus. by Mark Lang ($15.95), retells two fairytales by George MacDonald. (8-12)
Tales of Court and Castle by Joan Bodger ($18.95) retells stories from Europe and Africa. (8-12)
Building America by Janice Weaver, illus. by Bonnie Shemie ($17.95), examines American architecture. (9-up)
Breaking Free: The Story of William Kurelek by May Ebbitt Cutler, illus. by William Kurelek ($17.95), centers on this artist, known for his depictions of prairie life. (10-up)
Search of the Moon King's Daughter by Linda Holeman ($17.95). Emmaline's idyllic country life in Victorian England comes to an abrupt end when her father dies of cholera. (11-up)
Noses Are Red by Richard Scrimger is the third Nose novel ($14.95, 8-12).
Benny Bensky and the Giant Pumpkin Heist by Mary Borsky ($7.95). This canine detective solves a mystery. (8-12)
Rapid Ray: The Story of Ray Lewis by John Cooper ($8.95) focuses on this black Canadian Olympic runner. (10-up)
Real Stories from the Rink by Brian McFarlane, illus. by Steven Nease ($14.95), rounds up stories about hockey. (10-up)
Finding Sophie by Irene Watts ($6.95) concludes the trilogy that began with Good-bye Marianne and Remember Me. (10-up)
Be Very Afraid!: More Tales of Horror, edited by Edo van Belkom ($7.95), is a story collection. (11-up)
Samurai Spirit: Ancient Action Stories for Modern Life by Burt Konzak ($8.95) compiles tales that inspired ancient warriors. (11-up)

History of Flight by Bill Yenne ($18.95, paper $9.95) examines technological advances in aviation. (7-10)
The Missions of California by Bill Yenne ($18.95, paper $9.95) offers an historical overview of 21 missions. (7-10)
Turn and Learn presents Elephant and Mouse, Hen and Chick, Cat and Dog and Night and Day ($7.95 each, 2-4). My Very First Look At series offers Clothes, My Home, Opposites and Words ($9.95 each, paper $5.95, 2-5). Exploring Space and World of Dinosaurs joins Interfact Ladders ($14.95 each, 3-7). Dr. Halley debuts with Have You Ever Seen a Sky That Is Green? and Think Before You Blink ($12.95 each, paper $6.95, 4-7). Discovery Guides gains Animal Homes, Traveling on Water and The World of Plants ($11.95 each, paper $6.95, 7-10). Collectafact issues Coral Reefs, Deserts, Oceans, Rainforests, Solar System and Water ($14.95 each, paper $7.95, 8-11). New to Interfact are Dinosaurs and Sharks ($14.95 each, 8-11). Interfact Reference releases revised editions of Planetearth and Solarsystem ($19.95 each, 8-11).And Girl Zone welcomes Activity Annual and Beauty Bizz ($14.95 each, paper $7.95, 8-12).
Series in Spanish
Biblioteca de descubrimiento (Discovery Guides) introduces Pueblos del pasado (Ancient Peoples), La selva tropical (Rain Forest Worlds), El mundo marino (Ocean Worlds), Mi asombroso cuerpo (My Amazing Body), Nuestra fatanstica tierra (Our Wonderful World) and Viajes por la tierra (Traveling on Land) ($11.95 each, paper $6.95, 7-10). And Interfact offers Los desiertos ($14.95, 8-11). Paperback Series
Brainbusters adds Bugs and Illusions ($5.95 each, 8-11).

The Growing Reader Phonics Bible by Joy Mackenzie, illus. by Jill Newton ($16.97), is a Bible storybook. (3-8)
The Children's Everyday Bible by Deborah Chancellor, illus. by Anna Leplar ($19.99), presents a biblical tale for each day of the year. (4-8)
Little Blessings adds ABCs and Count Your Blessings by Dandi Daley Mackall; and Thank You, God! by Kathleen Long Bostrom, illus. by Elena Kucharik ($6.99 each, up to 5). Just for Me! starts up with Adam and Eve, Joseph, Samson and Me; Joshua, David, the Good Samaritan and Me; Noah, Moses, King Solomon and Me; and Baby Jesus, Jonah, Daniel and Me by Carolyn Larsen, illus. by Rick Incrocci ($12.99 each, 3-7). And Thinking of Others debuts with Tessa's Treasure, Wyatt's Wagon and Ivy's Icicle by Gary Bower, illus. by Jan Bower ($14.99 each, 3-8).
Paperback Series
Winnie the Horse Gentler gains Bold Beauty and Midnight Mystery by Dandi Daley Mackall ($5.99 each, 8-12). A Piece of My Mind adds Mel & Les More or Less and Totally Teresa by Linda Washington, illus. by Julie Chen ($8.99 each, 8-12). And Left Behind: The Kids by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins continues with Secrets of New Babylon, Escape from New Babylon, Horsemen of Terror and Uplink from the Underground ($5.95 each, 10-14).

Chanukah on the Prairie by Burt Schuman, illus. by Rosalind Charney Kaye ($12.95). A family from Eastern Galicia adjusts to their new life in North Dakota. (5-8)
The Atlas of Great Jewish Communities: A Voyage Through Jewish History by Sondra Leiman ($34.95). This chronicle of Jewish history is packaged with a CD of Jewish music from around the world. (8-14)
Night Lights: A Sukkot Story by Barbara Diamond Goldin, illus. by Laura Sucher ($12.95, 5-8).

The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals by Deborah Duvall, illus. by Murv Jacob ($13.95), retells a Cherokee legend. (All ages)
Millie Cooper's Ride: A Story from History by Marc Simmons, illus. by Ronald Kil ($16.95), describes a girl's courageous actions during the War of 1812. (5-11)
Peter Becomes a Trail Man by William Carson, illus. by Pat Oliphant ($12.95). In 1853, a boy journeys on the Santa Fe Trail in search of his father. (8-14)

(IPG, dist.)
Family Heritage Series adds The Scrimshaw Ring by William Jaspersohn, illus. by Vernon Thornblad ($15.95, 8-12). VIKING
Felicity Wishes: Little Book of Birthdays, Little Book of Friendship, Little Book of Happiness and Little Book of Wishes by Emma Thomson ($5.99 each) are miniature volumes featuring a magical fairy. (All ages)
As the City Sleeps by Stephen T. Johnson ($16.99) explores the city at night. (All ages)
Keats's Neighborhood: An Ezra Jack Keats Treasury, introduction by Anita Silvey ($25), collects nine stories. (All ages)
Corduroy's Merry Christmas (up to 3)and Corduroy's Trick-or-Treat (1-5), character created by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue ($5.95 each), are shaped board books with holiday themes.
Corduroy Goes to School, character created by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue ($11.99). This lift-the-flap tale follows this bear to school. (1-5)
Froggy Goes to the Doctor by Jonathan London, illus. by Frank Remkiewicz ($15.99). Froggy is so anxious about his visit to the doctor that he forgets to put on his underwear. (1-5)
Felicity Wishes: Friendship and Fairyschool by Emma Thomson ($14.99) is a lift-the-flap story starring this fairy and her friends. (3-8)
Madeline's Christmas Book and Doll by Ludwig Bemelmans ($21.99) packages Madeline's Christmas with a doll. (3-8)
Princess Fishtail by Frances Minters, illus. by G. Brian Karas ($15.99). A princess who lives beneath the sea rescues and falls in love with a surfer. (3-8)
There's a Big, Beautiful World Out There! by Nancy Carlson ($15.99) encourages readers to face their fears and embrace new experiences. (3-8)
Ruby's Beauty Shop by Rosemary Wells ($15.99). Ruby and her pal Louise have plans to make Max gorgeous. (3-8)
Turtle and Snake's Spooky Halloween by Kate Spohn ($13.99). Turtle and Snake plan a spooky party. (4-7)
Timothy's Tales from Hilltop School by Rosemary Wells ($16.99) presents six stories featuring the characters from the PBS series Timothy Goes to School. (4-8)
Pinocchio, the Boy: Or Incognito in Collodi by Lane Smith ($16.99) gives this classic a new twist. (4-8)
One Leaf Rides the Wind: Counting in a Japanese Garden by Celeste Davidson Mannis, illus. by Susan Kathleen Hartung ($15.99). This counting book introduces the beauty of a Japanese garden and the haiku poetry form. (4-8)
One Bright Penny by Geraldine McCaughrean, illus. by Paul Howard ($15.99). Three children try to meet their father's challenge. (4-8)
Ten by Vladimir Radunsky ($16.99). Mr. and Mrs. Armadillo long to have a child, but instead of having one, they have 10. (5-8)
The Seal Island Seven by Susan Bartlett, illus. by Tricia Tusa ($15.99). Pru and her friends at Seal Island School try to discover who is interfering with the tradition of building fairy houses. (7-10)
Keeper of the Doves by Betsy Byars ($14.99). A girl wonders whether or not to trust the old man who lives in the woods and trains doves. (8-12)
It Isn't About the Money by Sally Warner ($15.99). When Janey's parents are killed in a car crash by a drunk driver, her great-aunt insists on pursuing a lawsuit. (9-12)
Understanding September 11th: Answering Questions About the Attacks on America by Mitch Frank ($16.99, paper $8.99). This Time magazine reporter addresses questions about the events of this day. (11-up)
Blind Sighted by Peter Moore ($16.99). Just when Kirk's life is taking a turn for the better, his mother moves to California and leaves him to fend for himself. (12-up)
Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson ($17.99). When a neighbors' home is destroyed by fire, Kate's father invites them to move in. (12-up)
The Leopard Sword by Michael Cadnum ($15.99) is a sequel to The Book of the Lion. (12-up)
Waifs and Strays by Charles de Lint ($17.99) collects stories about teenagers. (12-up)
Hannah's Garden by Midori Snyder ($16.99). After visiting her mother's girlhood home, Cassie wonders if her family has a supernatural past. (12-up)
New Easy-to-Read Corduroy titles are Corduroy's Garden and Corduroy Writes a Letter by Alison Inches, based on characters created by Don Freeman, illus. by Allan Eitzen ($13.99 each, 5-8). Cam Jansen returns in Cam Jansen and the First Day of School Mystery by David Adler, illus. by Susanna Natti ($13.99, 7-10). Time Warp Trio adds Viking It and Liking It by Jon Scieszka, illus. by Adam McCauley ($14.99, 7-11). And Hank the Cowdog is back in The Case of the Missing Bird Dog by John R. Erickson, illus. by Gerald L. Holmes ($14.99, Puffin paperback $4.99, 8-12).

Just Ducky by Kathy Mallat ($15.95). Ducky finds an unexpected friend in a pool of water. (2-5)
Zooflakes ABC by Will Howell ($15.95) features animals hiding in cut-paper snowflakes. (3-6)
Caddie the Golf Dog by Michael Sampson and Bill Martin Jr., illus. by Floyd Cooper ($16.95). This tale of a stray dog that finds a home is based on a true story. (4-8)
I.Q. Goes to School by Mary Ann Fraser ($15.95). A kindergarten class pet strives to be Student of the Month. (4-8)
Saxaphone Sam and His Snazzy Jazz Band by Christine Schneider ($16.95). Drew and Sue search their house to find the source of toe-tapping music. (4-8)
You're a Good Sport, Miss Malarkey by Judy Finchler and Kevin O'Malley ($15.95). Miss Malarkey becomes a soccer coach. (5-9)
Peaceful Protest: The Life of Nelson Mandela by Yona Zeldis McDonough, illus. by Malcah Zeldis ($16.95) pays tribute to this leader. (6-10)
The Great Serum Race: Blazing the Iditarod Trail by Debbie Miller, illus. by Jon Van Zyle ($16.95), tells of the mushers whose bravery inspired this sled dog race. (7-12)
Tulsa Burning by Anna Myers ($16.95) spotlights the Tulsa raise riots of 1921. (8-12)
The Signers: The 56 Stories Behind the Declaration of Independence by Dennis Brindell Fradin, illus. by Michael McCurdy ($22.95), looks at the lives of the men who signed this document. (10-up)
Walk Away Home by Paul Many ($16.95). Nick treks for miles to visit his aunt in a commune. (12-up)
Jinx by Margaret Wild ($16.95). Jen assumes this nickname after two of her boyfriends die tragically. (14-up)
The Best Friends' Handbook by Erica Orloff and Alexa Milo, illus. by Carolyn Fisher ($7.95), provides space for youngsters to record details of their friendships. (8-14)
Paperback Reprints
Desert Babies and Seashore Babies by Kathy and Tara Darling ($6.95 each, 4-8); The Promise Quilt by Candice Ransom, illus. by Ellen Beier ($6.95, 5-8); and Iditarod Dream: Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete in Alaska's Jr. Iditarod by Ted Wood ($8.95, 8-12).

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter ($35) collects all 23 tales. (All ages)
That Naughty Rabbit: Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit by Judy Taylor ($13.99) tells how The Tale of Peter Rabbit came to be published. (All ages)
The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker ($25) presents the eight original Flower Fairies books. (All ages)
Flower Fairies of the Autumn: A Celebration by Cicely Mary Barker ($16) includes sketches and botanical notes about each flower, plus facts about the author's life. (All ages)
Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit by Nicole Savy ($6.99) is a biography of Potter. (3-8)
The World of Peter Rabbit Original Presentation Box 1-23 by Beatrix Potter ($160). This boxed collection of the 23 original Peter Rabbit books commemorates this character's 100th anniversary. (3-8)
New Peter Rabbit Seedlings Books, inspired by Beatrix Potter, are Peter Rabbit's Songs and Rhymes ($5.99, 1-4); and Splash! Peter Rabbit: A Peter Rabbit Bath Book ($4.99, 1-4).

Merwin: Master of Disguise by Christopher Hart ($14.95). An elephant who loves to go to the mall disguises himself to keep the park ranger from tracking him down. (3-7)
The Crocodile's True Colors by Eva Montanari ($14.95). This tale of animals aims to teach children about perception and art. (4-8)
Paperback Series
Kids Draw continues with Kids Draw Anime by Christopher Hart ($10.95, 6-12).

(Andrews McMeel, dist.)
The Little Big Book Series adds The Little Big Book of America, edited by Lena Tabori and Natasha Tabori Fried ($24.95, all ages). And Little Box of Books offers A Little Box of Christmas, edited by Natasha Tabori Fried ($14.95, all ages).

Birthday Zoo by Deborah Lee Rose, illus. by Lynn Munsinger ($15.95). Zoo animals throw a party for a boy. (3-6)
When I Feel Sad by Cornelia Maude Spelman, illus. by Kathy Parkinson ($14.95), sets out to reassure children that feelings of sadness don't last forever. (3-6)
Apples Here! by Will Hubbell ($15.95) reveals how apples grow. (4-8) Fox and Fluff by Shutta Crum, illus. by John Bendall-Brunello ($15.95). A little chick thinks that a fox is his father. (4-8)
There's a House Inside My Mommy by Giles Andreae, illus. by Vanessa Cabban ($15.95). The new baby is waiting in "Mommy's tummy house." (4-8)
Round the Turkey: A Grateful Thanksgiving by Leslie Kimmelman, illus. by Nancy Cote ($15.95). Each member of Jesse's family recalls the year's blessings. (5-8)
Wanda's Monster by Eileen Spinelli, illus. by Nancy Hayashi ($15.95). How can Wanda help the monster living in her cold, dark closet? (5-8)
How Do You Know What Time It Is? by Robert Wells ($14.95, paper $6.95) chronicles how humans have measured time. (7-10)
New Year Be Coming! A Gullah Year by Katharine Boling, illus. by Daniel Minter ($15.95), presents poems about the months of the year, told in the Gullah language. (7-10)
The Princesses Have a Ball by Teresa Bateman, illus. by Lynne Cravath ($15.95). In this twist on a familiar tale, the athletic dreams of 12 princesses come true. (7-10)
The St. Patrick's Day Shillelagh by Janet Nolan, illus. by Ben Stahl ($15.95). Kayleigh finds her family's shillelagh and learns of her ancestors' history. (7-10)
The Boxcar Children 60th Anniversary Edition by Gertrude Chandler Warner, illus. by L. Kate Deal ($18.95), features the original story and biographical information about the author. (7-12)
Five Pages a Day: A Writer's Journey by Peg Kehret ($14.95) offers an account of this author's writing career. (8-13)
Paperback Reprints
New Prairie Paperbacks are Jungle Halloween by Maryann Cocca-Leffler ($6.95, 3-6); Billy and the Big New School by Laurence Anholt, illus. by Catherine Anholt ($7.95, 4-6); Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day! by Abby Levine, illus. by Nancy Cote; and The Leprechaun in the Basement by Kathy Tucker, illus. by John Sandford ($6.95 each, 5-8); and Gertrude Chandler Warner and the Boxcar Children by Mary Ellen Ellsworth, illus. by Marie DeJohn ($6.95, 7-12).
The Boxcar Children Mysteries adds The Stuffed Bear Mystery, The Mystery at Skeleton Point, The Tattletale Mystery and Special: The Mystery of Alligator Swamp, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner ($13.95 each, paper $3.95, 7-12).
Paperback Series
New to The Adventures of Benny and Watch: Boxcar Children Early Readers is Watch, the Superdog!, characters created by Gertrude Chandler Warner, illus. by Kay Life ($3.95, 6-8).

American Heritage American Voices debuts with Colonies and Revolution by David C. King ($22.95, 10-14).
Build a Better Mousetrap: Make Classic Inventions, Discover Your Problem-Solving Genius, and Take the Inventors' Challenge by Ruth Kassinger ($14.95) offers projects for aspiring inventors. (8-12)
Delightful Decimals and Perfect Percents: Games and Activities That Make Math Easy and Fun by Lynette Long ($12.95) outlines projects using household items. (8-12)
Janice VanCleave's 204 Sticky, Gloppy, Wacky and Wonderful Experiments by Janice VanCleave ($12.95) rounds up science experiments. (8-12)
The Space Book: Activities for Experiencing the Universe and the Night Sky by Marc McCutcheon ($14.95) offers projects on topics that include the sun, moon and planets. (8-12)
Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship by Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger ($16.95) explains how kids can become active on local, national and global levels. (10-15)
Paperback Series
Black Stars offers Black Stars of Colonial Times and The Revolutionary War, Black Stars of the Harlem Renaissance, Black Stars of the Civil Rights Movement and Black Stars of Civil War Times, edited by Jim Haskins ($12.95, 10-14). And Amazing World Geography by Andrea Sutcliffe is a new The New York Public Library book ($12.95, 12-up).

Paperback Series
Kids Can! gains Great Games! Ball, Board, Quiz & Word, Indoors & Out, for Many or Few! by Sam Taggar and Ocean Science! Investigating the Secrets of the Underwater World by Cindy Littlefield ($12.95 each, 7-14). Joining Kaleidoscope Kids is The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Join the Corps of Discovery to Explore Uncharted Territory by Carol Johmann ($10.95, 8-14). And Quick Starts for Kids! issues Really Cool Felt Crafts by Peg Blanchette and Terri Thibault, Drawing Horses (that look real!) by Don Mayne and Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments by Ginger Johnson ($7.95 each, 8-up).

Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton, music by Boynton and Michael Ford ($15.95), offers a book of 17 story-poems and a CD featuring celebrities singing them. (2-up)
The Squiggly Wigglys Book by Elizabeth Koda-Callan ($13.95). A jiggle of the book changes the way members of a family look. (4-up)
The Mini-Express by Peter Lippman is a new Mini-Book ($9.95, 1-up).
Paperback Series
New to Brain Quest is Bedtime Brain Quest: 175 Stories, Poems, and Jokes to Read Together with Questions & Answers and Bathtime Brain Quest: 175 Stories, Poems, and Jokes to Read Together with Questions & Answers ($12.95 each, 3-5).

(St. Martin's Press, dist.)
The World Almanac for Kids 2003, edited by Kevin Seabrooke ($11.95), is a revised, updated edition. (7-14)

Baby's First Book of Prayers and Baby's First Bible by Melody Carlson ($6.99 each) round up prayers and bible stories for the very young. (up to 2)
My Sleep-Tight Bible Stories by Jean Syswerda ($7.99) relays the stories of biblical characters. (up to 4)
Draw with Jonah & Friends by Cindy Kenney ($6.99). Kids finish the pictures in this board book. (up to 6)
God Made You Special by Eric Metaxas ($6.99) is a die-cut board book featuring VeggieTales characters. (up to 6)
God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man by Cindy Kenney ($12.99) presents selflessness, kindness and love using the VeggieTales characters. (up to 8)
I Am a Promise by Gloria Gaither ($14.99). This picture book and CD tells children that with God's help, they can do anything. (4-8)
Bible Critters: Spiders! by Pat Matuszak ($9.99) reveals the role spiders play in God's plan for creation. (4-8)
The Legend of the Candy Cane Gift Set by Lori Walburg, illus. by James Bernardin ($19.99), packages this book with an ornament and CD. (4-8)
Papa's Gift by Kathleen Bostrom ($15.99) is a story that aims to help children understand loss and love. (4-8)
The Great Cheese Squeeze by Bryan Ballinger and Keith Lango ($14.99). A mouse and frog learn the value of working together. (4-8)
Jonah and the Pirates Who (Usually) Don't Do Anything by Eric Metaxas ($12.99) retells the biblical tale of Jonah. (4-8)
Even Fish Slappers Need a Second Chance by Eric Metazas ($6.99) is a rhyming story about a city of people who needed a second chance. (4-8)
The Star of Christmas by Cindy Kenney ($14.99) adapts the VeggieTales Christmas video of the same name. (4-8)
Who Made God? And Other Things We Wonder About by Larry Libby ($12.99) adapts the author's Someone Awesome for children. (4-up)
NIrV Kid Reference Library adds Kidictionary by Rick Osborne with Kevin Miller ($14.99, 8-12).
Board Book Reprints
The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg, illus. by James Bernardin; and The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Rick Osborne, illus. by Bill Dodge ($8.99 each, up to 4).
Larry Boy and the Emperor of Envy by Sean Gaffney and Larry Boy and the Awful Ear Wacks Attacks by Bob Katula ($4.99 each) are VeggieTales stories about overcoming envy; and the importance of listening. (8-12)
Paperback Series
New to Sports Heroes are Basketball and Football by Mark Littleton ($5.99 each, 8-12). Today's Heroes welcomes Dave Dravecky and Brother Andrew by Gregg and Deborah Shaw-Lewis ($4.99 each, 8-12). Joining Young Women of Faith Library are Rough & Rugged Lily and Lily Speaks! by Nancy Rue ($4.99 each, 8-12); and The Year 'Round Holiday Book... It's a God Thing! and The Values & Virtues Book... It's a God Thing! ($7.99 each, 8-12). Soul Gear gains Laptop: Reality Shift and Double-Take by Christopher P.N. Maselli ($4.99 each, 8-12); Boys' Bible, NIV by Rick Osborne ($21.99, hardcover $26.99, 8-12); and 2:52 Soul Gear Bible Heroes & Bad Guys and 2:52 Soul Gear Bible Wars & Weapons by Osborne ($7.99 each, 8-12). And A Life of Faith continues with three titles by Martha Findley: Millie's Steadfast Love and Millie's Grand Adventure ($12.99 each, 10-14); and Millie's Life Lessons: Learning to Trust God ($14.99, 10-14).