Fall 2002 Listing by Publisher
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My Favorite Bible Storybook for Little Ones by Fuzz Garland, illus. by Kevin Menck ($8.99), is a lift-the-flap board book. (up to 4)
Holly Has a Nose for Christmas by Katie Kobble ($5.99). A mouse stars in this scratch-and-sniff tale. (3-7)
The Santa Claus Trap by Ryan Herndon, illus. by Nick Price ($6.99). This board book features flaps and sound buttons. (3-7)
My Favorite Bible Storybook for Children by Anne de Graaf, illus. by José Pérez Montero ($10.99), is an illustrated collection of biblical tales. (5-8)
Joy's Christmas Dream by Hannah Dills ($2.99). A reindeer's dream of joining Santa's team comes true. (4-8)
Santa's Wish List by Robbie Robinson ($2.99). Santa receives a letter asking what he wants for Christmas. (4-8)

Snow Day! by Patricia Lakin, illus. by Scott Nash ($15.99). There is new-fallen snow to play in, but four friends still have to go to school. (2-6)
Scary Fright, Are You All Right? by Scott Gibala-Broxholm ($14.99). Her parents worry when a monster girl suddenly becomes polite. (4-8)
The Witch Casts a Spell by Suzanne Williams, illus. by Barbara Olsen ($14.99). A girl peeks through the window to witness a mummy's Halloween bash. (4-8)
Giant Children by Brod Bagert, illus. by Tedd Arnold ($15.99), collects poems that reveal the world from a child's perspective. (4-8)
Little Cliff and the Cold Place by Clifton L. Taulbert, illus. by E.B. Lewis ($16.99). A Mississippi boy longs to visit the Arctic. (4-8)
The Sea Chest by Toni Buzzeo, illus. by Mary GrandPré ($16.99). The life of a girl who lives on a lighthouse island changes forever when a sea chest washes ashore. (5-up)
Katie's Wish by Barbara Shook Hazen, illus. by Emily Arnold McCully ($15.99). Katie fears that she is responsible for the Irish potato famine. (5-up)
Louisa May & Mr. Thoreau's Flute by Julie Dunlap and Marybeth Lorbiecki, illus. by Mary Azarian ($16.99). Aspiring writer Louisa May hopes that Thoreau will help her find her inspiration. (5-up)
The Village That Vanished by Ann Grifalconi, illus. by Kadir Nelson ($16.99). A girl finds the courage to fool the slavers who are making their way through the jungle to her village. (5-up)
Me and Uncle Romie: A Story Inspired by the Art and Life of Romare Bearden by Claire Hartfield, illus. by Jerome Lagarrigue ($16.99). James visits his artist uncle in New York City. (5-up)
Turkey Riddles by Katy Hall and Lisa Eisenberg, illus. by Kristin Sorra ($13.99). What's the difference between a turkey and an owl? A turkey doesn't give a hoot. (6-9)
Where Fish Go in Winter: And Other Great Mysteries by Amy Goldman Koss, illus. by Laura Bryant ($13.99, Puffin paperback $3.99). Rhymes answer questions about the natural world. (6-9)
A Strong Right Arm: The Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson by Michelle Green ($15.99) is a biography of this pitcher, one of only three women who played baseball in the Negro Leagues. (10-up)
The Winter People by Joseph Bruchac ($16.99). After British troops raid a town and take hostages, an Abenaki teen is determined to track down the raiders and bring his mother and sisters back home. (10-up)
The Mysterious Tadpole: 25th Anniversary Edition by Steven Kellogg ($16.99, 4-8); and Invitations to the World: Teaching and Writing for the Young by Richard Peck ($16.99, 12-up).

The Book of BOO! by Louisa Campbell ($9.99). Eeyore's pals try to show him how much fun Halloween is? (3-6)
Princess Music Box ($14.99)and Christmas Music Box ($19.99) are music boxes, each containing five books with these respective themes. (3-7)
Read-to-Me Treasury, Volume Three ($19.99) offers retellings of six recent Disney movies. (3-7)
Winnie the Pooh Christmas Treasury ($14.99) presents 11 holiday tales. (3-7)
Dear Princess: Royally Funny Letters Written to and from Your Favorite Princesses by Ivana Tiara ($14.99) rounds up correspondence from Disney heroines. (4-up)
Americana Storybook Collection ($15.99) features 17 Disney classics. (5-10)
Paperback Series
Pop-Up Pals issues Pop-Up Pals and Pop-Up Princesses ($12.99 each, 2-5). New Lizzie McGuire Junior Novels are Lizzie Goes Wild, The Rise and Fall of Kate the Empire and Picture This! ($4.99 each, 8-12); and Lizzie's Quiz Book ($3.99, 8-12).

NFL: My Football Book ($7.99) is a shaped board book introducing the basics of football. (up to 5)
Complete Mother Goose by Neil Phillip, illus. by Giles Greenfield ($19.99), rounds up more than 100 rhymes. (up to 5)
My First Word Book ($16.99). This revised edition of a 1991 release features new photos illustrating 1,000 words. (up to 5)
My Little Baby Animals Carrying Case ($9.99) packages four board books about baby animals. (up to 5)
DK Children's Everyday Bible, retold by Deborah Chancellor, illus. by Anna Leplar ($19.99), collects 365 biblical stories. (3-5)
Debi Gliori's Bedtime Stories by Debi Gliori ($15.99) retells 10 classic tales. (3-5)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Joan Aiken, illus. by Belinda Downes ($15.99), offers a retelling of this story with embroidery-like art. (3-5)
The Cooking Book by Jane Bull ($12.99) serves up 50 recipes and cooking tips. (3-5)
1,000 Inventions and Discoveries by Roger Bridgman ($24.99) spotlights key developments in technology and natural science. (8-up)
Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel by Scott Beatty ($19.99) pairs facts about Superman's world with art from DC comics. (8-up)
Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide by Russell Schroeder ($19.99) chronicles the history of the Disney Company. (8-up)
DK Guide to the Oceans by Trevor Day ($15.99) examines the world of water. (8-up)
DK Science Kit ($29.99) outlines more than 100 science experiments exploring light, sound, magnetism, etc. (8-up)
Encyclopedia of the Human Body, edited by Richard Walker ($29.99), explains how the body works. (8-up)
A Life Like Mine ($24.99). Created in conjunction with UNICEF, this profiles children from 180 countries. (8-up)
DK Illustrated Family Encyclopedia ($75). This three-volume boxed set features 10,000 photos and original art. (8-up)
Robot Challenge Kit by David Eckold ($29.99) includes instructions and material for building a radio-controlled robot. (8-up)
NFL: Play Football ($12.99). Photos and text provide how-to football info. (8-up)
The Way the Universe Works by Robin Kerrod and Giles Sparrow ($24.99) compiles facts and experiments that demonstrate the workings of the universe. (8-up)
Children's Encyclopedia of American History by David King ($29.99). Illustrated with photos, maps and charts, this volume is published in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution. (8-up)
JLA: The Ultimate Guide to the Justice League of America by Scott Beatty ($19.99) recounts how the DC Comics superheroes have battled evil adversaries. (8-up)
Baby's World introduces Look At Me: I Can Clap! and I Can Play! and Look and Explore: Splish Splash and Tumble Times ($6.99 each, up to 3). My First presents My First Colors Board Book, My First Animal Sticker Board Book and My First Word Sticker Board Book ($6.99 each, up to 5); and My First Christmas Touch and Feel ($9.99, up to 5). New Little Windows titles are In the Garden and In the Park ($6.99 each, 1-5). DK Games plays on with My First Dinosaur Dash ($8.99, 3-5) and Silly Rhymes ($9.99, 3-5). Touch and Feel offers Dinosaur and Fire Engine ($6.99 each, 3-5) and Animals Box Set ($19.99, 3-5). Shaped Board Books continues with Halloween and Christmas ($6.99 each, 3-5). Joining Jumbo Sound Board Books are Tractors and Trucks ($7.99 each, 3-5). DK Readers welcomes First Day at Gymnastics ($12.99, paper $3.99, 4-6); and Journey of a Humpback Whale ($12.99, paper $3.99, 5-8). New to Eye Wonder are Earth and Mammals ($9.99 each, 5-8). DK Ultimate Sticker Books gains Glow in the Dark Bugs, Glow in the Dark Haunted Houses, Disney, Superman, Spider-Man and JLA ($6.99 each, 5-8). DK Secret Worlds issues Black Holes, Mini Beasts, Survival and Villains ($5.99 each, 8-12). Eyewitness spies India by Manini Chatterjee and Islam ($15.99 each, 8-12). And DK Revealed adds Human Body and Ancient Egypt ($12.99 each, 8-12).
Baby Loves Visiting by Michael Lawrence, illus. by Adrian Reynolds ($5.99). This follow-up to Baby Loves and Baby Loves Hugs spotlights the places Baby likes to visit. (up to 5)
NFL Football Top Ten ($9.99) rounds up pro football stats and information. (8-up)

Sirius, the Dog Star by Angeli Perrow, illus. by Emily Harris ($15.95), tells the true story of a dog that pulled a lifeboat of sailors to safety after their schooner is wrecked off a Maine island. (5-8)
Bert & I for Kids of All Ages by Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, illus. by Edith Heyck ($10.95), retells three Bert & I stories. (6-9)
Visiting Aunt Sylvia's by Heather Austin ($9.95). A family makes new discoveries on a Maine farm. (8-10)

Cookie and Curley by Frank Mulligan, illus. by Terry Myler ($7.95). A cat must deal with the arrival of a newly adopted feline. (5-8)
The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf by Liam Farrell, illus. by Terry Myler ($7.95). The wolf is on trial for damaging the little pigs' home. (6-9)
Shannon Harps by Peter Regan, illus. by Terry Myler ($8.95). Boys in Dublin form a soccer team. (8-up)

People! by John Maguire, illus. by Pauline Berwick ($16.95), presents a poem about diversity. (5-10)

'Tis the Season…Or 'twill be soon... and, as usual, many publishers have studded their fall lists with holiday titles. Among these offerings are a handful of picture books that present either a traditional take or a novel twist on Clement C. Moore's perennial favorite, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Artist Matt Tavares returns to the very first version of this rhyme, published anonymously in a newspaper, the Troy Sentinel, in 1823. In 'Twas the Night Before Christmas or Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas (Candlewick), the poem appears with its original spelling and punctuation, accompanied by Tavares's monochome illustrations that reflect the work's Victorian-era origin.
Mary Engelbreit has also illustrated a version of this tale, The Night Before Christmas. Mischievous elves and a tiny mouse are among the creatures stirring in the paintings Engelbreit has created for this HarperCollins release.
In a playful departure from the standard version, Judy Sierra sets this poem in a haunted house in 'Twas the Fright Before Christmas, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. In addition to Santa Mouse, a werewolf, cat, zombie and a bat make appearances in this Harcourt picture book.
Santa travels by fire truck rather than sleigh in another variation on this tale, Firefighter's Night Before Christmas by Kimbra Cutlip, who also wrote Sailor's Night Before Christmas. In this Pelican title, which features art by James Rice, firefighters on the Christmas Eve shift receive a visit from an old fireman who turns out to be Sgt. St. Nick.
An inventive array of tomes to curl up with after hanging those stockings with care!

Schubert's Snowflakes by Lynn Mercer ($12.95). A young polar bear experiences his first snowfall. (5-10)
PC Polly to the Rescue by Jayne Allan, illus. by Lynn Mercer ($10.95). A rising river threatens a duck and her ducklings. (6-9)
Fiestas: A Year of Latin American Songs of Celebration, selected by José-Luis Orozco, illus. by Elisa Kleven ($17.99), compiles holiday songs and rhymes from Spanish-speaking countries. (All ages)
Holy Pond Hill: A Child's Book of Christmas by Paul Kortepeter, illus. by Susan Wheeler ($9.99). Illustrations of woodland creatures accompany 10 holiday poems. (All ages)
The Little Penguin by A.J. Wood, illus. by Stephanie Boey ($15.99). A newly hatched penguin expects to look like his bi g, strong father right away. (All ages)
Famous Bears & Friends: One Hundred Years of Stories, Poems, Songs, and Heroics, collected by Janet Wyman Coleman ($19.99), offers a treasury of bear tales. (All ages)
Pooh's House by A.A. Milne, illus. by Ernest H. Shepard ($12.99), is a set of three miniature books. (All ages)
Winnie-the-Pooh's Touch and Feel, adapted from A.A. Milne, illus. by Ernest H. Shepard ($12.99), introduces textures. (1-4)
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms by Christine Kole MacLean, illus. by Mike Reed ($15.99). A boy pretends to have a variety of careers. (2-6)
Minerva Louise and the Red Truck by Janet Morgan Stoeke ($14.99) describes daffy Minerva Louise's truck ride. (2-6)
Moon Glowing by Elizabeth Partridge, illus. by Joan Paley ($16.99). Four animals prepare for the forest's first snowfall. (2-6)
Baby Love by Hope Vestergaard, illus. by John Wallace ($15.99). Poems and watercolors celebrate a baby's activities. (2-up)
Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten by Joseph Slate, illus. by Ashley Wolff ($16.99). This teacher's class stages a circus. (3-6)
Mouse, Mole, and the Falling Star by A.H. Benjamin, illus. by John Bendall-Brunello ($15.99). Mouse and Mole both claim the same falling star. (3-6)
Claude's Big Surprise by David Wojtowycz ($14.99). This young polar bear returns from vacation to discover he has a new baby sister. (3-7)
Knick-Knack Paddywhack! A Moving Parts Book by Paul O. Zelinsky ($18.99) is an interactive adaptation of this song. (3-7)
The Tallest, Shortest, Longest, Greenest, Brownest Animal in the Jungle! by Keith Faulkner, illus. by Rory Tyger ($11.99). Animals compete for various superlatives in this lift-the-flap story. (3-7)
Who Needs Birds When Dogs Can Fly? by Fay Robinson, photos by Charles R. Smith Jr. ($16.99), celebrates the relationship between children and their dogs. (3-7)
Tigger Tales by A.A. Milne, illus. by Ernest H. Shepard ($14.99), compiles three stories starring Tigger. (3-8)
Christmas City: A Look Again Book by Michael Garland ($15.99). Tommy follows rhyming clues to find his aunt in a bustling metropolis. (3-8)
Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington ($14.99) follows a firefighter through a busy day. (3-8)
Five Little Monkeys: Best-Loved Action Rhymes, illus. by David Melling ($14.99), features moveable characters. (3-8)
Get Well, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas, illus. by Jennifer Plecas ($13.99). The title character from Good Night, Good Knight returns to take care of the three little dragons, who now have colds. (4-7) Allie, the Christmas Spider by Shirley Menendez, illus. by Maggie Kneen ($16.99). A spider creates a decoration to brighten a girl's holiday. (4-8)
But Mom, Everybody Else Does by Kay Winters, illus. by Doug Cushman ($14.99). What would life be like if everyone did as he or she pleased? (4-8)
Frightful's Daughter by Jean Craighead George, illus. by Daniel San Souci ($16.99). Frightful and her mate hatch three babies in the wild. (4-8)
The Tale of Wagmore Gently by Linda Ashman, illus. by John Bendall-Brunello ($15.99). Wagmore tries his best to keep his large tail from knocking things over. (4-8)
The Ballad of Valentine by Alison Jackson, illus. by Tricia Tusa ($16.99). This tale of romantic mishap is set to the tune of "Clementine." (4-8)
Time for a Tale by Dugald Steer, illus. by Elizabeth Moseng ($15.99). Trying to outwit fox, Goose spins tales that are bound into this volume as mini books. (4-9)
School Picture Day by Lynn Plourde, illus. by Thor Wickstrom ($16.99). Josephina's actions cause her classmates to get spattered with oil and drenched with water—on picture day. (5-8)
My Last Chance Brother by Amy Axelrod, illus. by Jack E. Davis ($15.99). After his brother Gordon ruins his birthday, Max fantasizes about how much better it would be if Gordon were a bug. (5-8)
The Day My Runny Nose Ran Away by Jason Eaton, illus. by Ethan Long ($15.99). How will Jason convince his runaway nose to return to his face? (5-8)
The Bookstore Valentine by Barbara Maitland, illus. by David LaRochelle ($13.99, Puffin paperback $3.99). A cat beseeches her ghostly friends to play Cupid at a haunted bookstore. (5-8)
Sugar on Snow by Nan Parson Rossiter ($15.99). Two brothers help make maple syrup on their family's New England farm. (5-9)
Let There Be Light: Poems and Prayers for Repairing the World by Jane Breskin Zalben ($16.99), presents poems representing a spectrum of faiths. (5-up)
The Viper by Lisa Thiesing ($13.99). The Viper makes a series of calls to Peggy, announcing his pending arrival. (6-8)
The Christmas Thingamajig by Lynn Manuel, illus. by Carol Benioff ($15.99). Grandpa helps Chloe adjust to the holiday without Grandma. (6-up)
Hauntings and Horrors: The Ultimate Guide to Spooky America by Daniel and Susan Cohen ($9.99) tours creepy locations in the U.S. (8-12)
Double Fudge by Judy Blume ($15.99). In his latest adventure, Fudge learns the value of money and visits with long-lost relatives. (8-12)
The Rope Trick by Lloyd Alexander ($16.99). Lidi searches for the one person who can teach her a magic feat. (8-12)
The Great Ghost Rescue by Eva Ibbotson, illus. by Kevin Hawkes ($15.99). A boy aids the ghosts of Britain, who are running out of appropriate places to haunt. (8-14)
When Pirates Came to Brooklyn by Phyllis Shalant ($16.99). Two girls plot to fend off pirates due to storm Brooklyn on a cloudship galleon. (9-12)
Civil War A to Z: A Young Readers' Guide to Over 100 People, Places and Points of Importance by Norman Bolotin ($19.99) introduces the people and events of the Civil War. (9-up)
Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The Search for the Smallpox Vaccine by Albert Marrin ($17.99) chronicles Edward Jenner's efforts to develop and administer this vaccine. (9-up)
The Lewis and Clark Trail: Then and Now by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, photos by William Muñoz ($19.99), contrasts the territory these explorers covered in their era and the present. (9-up)
12 Again by Sue Corbett ($16.99). A woman who wishes to be young again awakens to find that she is 12, the same age as her son. (10-14)
Ghost at the Window by Margaret McAllister ($15.99). Ewan discovers that his new home in Scotland has a way of flickering between centuries. (10-14)
Science Fair Success Secrets by Bill Haduch, illus. by Philip Scheuer ($10.99), offers tips on creating successful science fair projects. (10-17)
Ways of Telling: Conversations on the Art of the Picture Book by Leonard S. Marcus ($29.99). The author discusses the creative process with 14 children's book illustrators. (11-up)
Parasite Pig by William Sleator ($15.99) is a sequel to Interstellar Pig. (12-up)
The Song Shoots Out of My Mouth by Jaime Adoff, illus. by Martin French ($17.99), collects 24 poems about musical experiences. (12-up)
Cop on the Beat: Officer Steven Mayfield in New York City by Arlene Schulman ($18.99, Puffin paperback $12.99), offers a look at the work of a police officer. (14-up)
The Year of the Hangman by Gary Blackwood ($16.99) is a story presenting a new spin on the American Revolution. (14-up)
Winnie-the-Pooh Easy Readers welcomes Pooh Goes Visiting and Tigger Comes to the Forest by A.A. Milne, adapted by Steven Krensky, illus. by Ernest H. Shepard ($13.99, Puffin paperback $3.99, all ages). Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives continues with The Case of the Graveyard Ghost by Michele Torrey, illus. by Barbara Johansen Newman ($14.99, 8-11). New Jiggy McCue Stories by Michael Lawrence are The Killer Underpants ($14.99, 8-12) and The Toilet of Doom ($15.99, 8-12).
Fudge-a-Mania, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Superfudge and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume ($15.99 each, 8-12).

(IPG, dist.)
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles by Joe Schwarcz ($14.95) explains the chemistry of common occurrences. (12-up)
Paperback Series
Chuck Farris reappears in Chuck Farris and the Cosmic Storm by Lois and Danny Gresh ($6.96, 8-12).

The Legend of Saint Christopher by Margaret Hodges, illus. by Richard Jesse Watson ($18), recounts the life of this patron saint of travelers. (All ages)
Anna's Corn by Barbara Santucci, illus. by Lloyd Bloom ($16). Anna's memories of her grandfather help her cope with his death. (4-up)
Brigid's Cloak: An Ancient Irish Story by Bryce Milligan, illus. by Helen Cann ($16), focuses on the patron saint of Ireland. (5-up)
The Great Stone Face by Nathaniel Hawthorne, retold by Gary D. Schmidt, illus. by Bill Farnsworth ($16), offers a rendition of this tale. (6-up)
The Angel and Other Stories by Sue Stauffacher, illus. by Leonid Gore ($20), collects folktales with spiritual themes. (8-up)
The Octave of Angels by Margaret McAllister ($16). After moving to an English village, Callum discovers a dark secret about his family. (9-up)
Adara by Beatrice Gormley ($6). An Israelite slave girl leads her master to the prophet Elisha. (9-up)
Paperback Reprints
The Lord's Prayer, illus. by Tim Ladwig ($8.50, all ages); Waiting for Noel by Ann Dixon, illus. by Mark Graham ($8, 4-10); Secrets in the House of Delgado by Gloria Miklowitz ($7, 9-up); and Maggie in the Morning by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk ($6, 9-up).

(Trafalgar Square, dist.)
Paperback Series
Shakespeare for Everyone issues 16 titles, including As You Like It, Hamlet, King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, Richard III and Twelfth Night ($8.95 each, 9-12).

Palindromania! by Jon Agee ($15.51) collects more than 160 (maybe 161?) palindromes. (All ages)
This Car by Paul Collicutt ($15) depicts a variety of cars. (3-6)
Bob by Tracey Campbell Pearson ($16). Rooster learns to sound like many different animals. (3-6)
Puppy Trouble by Alexandra Day ($16.95). A puppy gets into mischief when he escapes from his cage. (3-6)
Old Bob's Brown Bear by Niki Daly ($16). A girl wants to take her grandfather's new teddy home. (3-6)
A Bit More Bert by Allan Ahlberg, illus. by Raymond Briggs ($16). Bert receives a disastrous haircut, loses his dog and discovers there are many other Berts in the world. (3-6)
It's Snowing! by Olivier Dunrea ($16). A mother shares the magic of a snowy night with her baby. (3-6)
No More Vegetables! by Nicole Rubel ($16). Ruthie's mother agrees to "no more vegetables" as long as the girl helps out in the vegetable garden. (4-8)
Potch & Polly by William Steig, illus. by Jon Agee ($16). Potch pursues the girl of his dreams. (4-8)
Alphaboat by Michael Chesworth ($16). The letters of the alphabet sail off to look for buried treasure. (4-8)
A Full Hand by Thomas F. Yezerski ($16). A boy leads the mules that pull his father's canal boat. (4-8)
The Real, True Dulcie Campbell by Cynthia DeFelice, illus. by R.W. Alley ($16). Believing she is a princess, Dulcie leaves home to seek her real family. (4-8)
Jeoffry's Christmas by Mary Bryant Bailey, illus. by Elizabeth Sayles ($16). A kind cat helps Santa deliver a holiday feast to the animals. (4-8)
Comic Adventures of Boots by Satoshi Kitamura ($16) recounts a cat's antics in comic-strip form. (5-up)
Gus and Grandpa and the Halloween Costume by Claudia Mills, illus. by Catherine Stock ($15). Gus turns to his grandfather to help him find the right costume. (6-8)
Making Music by Susan Bonners ($15). A girl adjusts to a new neighborhood and finds her musical calling. (7-10)
The Spirit and Gilly Bucket by Maurine F. Dahlberg ($18) is a novel featuring an 11-year-old boy during the Civil War. (8-12)
Chang and the Bamboo Flute by Elizabeth Starr Hill, illus. by Lesley Liu ($15). Chang's musical talent helps his family after a terrible flood. (8-up)
Meeting Melanie by Nancy Garden ($16) is a tale of drama on a Maine island. (10-up)
Leap, Frog by Jane Cutler, illus. by Tracey Campbell Pearson ($16). The Fraser brothers must contend with a karate-chopping kindergartner. (10-up)
What Would Joey Do? by Jack Gantos ($16) concludes the Joey Pigza trilogy. (10-up)
Melonhead by Michael de Guzman ($17). Sidney takes a road trip from Los Angeles to N.Y.C. (10-up)
Never So Green by Tim Johnston ($18). Tex spends the summer with his mother, her new husband and their family. (12-up)

Close Your Eyes by Kate Banks, illus. by Georg Hallensleben ($16). A mother tiger entices her young one to sleep. (3-6)
Dahlia by Barbara McClintock ($16). Charlotte receives a special doll from her aunt. (4-8)
Monkey for Sale by Sanna Stanley ($17). At market, Luzolo learns to barter to get what she wants. (4-8)
The Adventurous Chef: Alexis Soyer by Ann Arnold ($17) is a biography of this French chef who opened soup kitchens during the Irish potato famine. (5-8)
A Picture of Grandmother by Esther Hautzig, illus. by Beth Peck ($15). After a secret tears a family apart, love and forgiveness bring it back together. (7-10)
Dillon Dillon by Kate Banks ($16) tells of a boy who learns the story behind his name and befriends three loons. (8-12)
Zulu Dog by Anton Ferreira ($16). A boy and his dog help overcome the animosity between whites and blacks in rural South Africa. (10-up)
Sonny's War by Valerie Hobbs ($16). A teen whose brother is fighting in Vietnam grows close to her history teacher, who opposes the war. (12-up)
Home of the Braves by David Klass ($18). The captain of the soccer team is dismayed when a star player from Brazil threatens to take over the team. (12-up)
Chill Wind by Janet McDonald ($16). Aisha makes a chill wind blow away as she searches for answers about her future. (12-up)

Please, Malese! by Amy MacDonald, illus. by Emily Lisker ($16). Malese plays tricks on his neighbors. (4-8)
First French Kiss and Other Traumas by Adam Bagdasarian ($16) offers stories about a boy's wild ride through adolescence. (12-up)

Good Night, Animals by Lena Arro, trans. by Joan Sandin, illus. by Catarina Kruusval ($15), is a bedtime story featuring animals. (2-6)
Bridget and the Muttonheads by Pija Lindenbaum, trans. by Kjersti Board ($16), is a sequel to Bridget and the Gray Wolves. (4-8)
The Grandma Hunt by Nina Matthis, trans. by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard, illus. by Gunilla Kvarnström ($16). Two cousins try to find a girlfriend for Grandpa. (4-8)
Pancake Dreams by Ingmarie Ahvander, trans. by Elisabeth Kallick Dyssegaard, illus. by Mati Lepp ($16). Stefan goes to great lengths to get his grandmother's Swedish pancakes. (4-8)

Paperback Reprints
This Plane by Paul Collicutt and Where Does Joe Go? by Tracey Campbell Pearson ($5.95 each, 3-6); Changes and Zoo by Anthony Browne ($6.95 each, 3-6); The Little Brute Family by Russell Hoban, illus. by Lillian Hoban ($5.95, 4-8); Gus and Grandpa and Show-and-Tell by Claudia Mills, illus. by Catherine Stock ($4.95, 6-8); The Wild Boy by Mordicai Gerstein ($5.95, 6-up); At the Sign of the Star by Katherine Sturtevant, Francie by Karen English and Tuck Everlasting (movie tie-in) by Natalie Babbitt ($5.95, 10-up); and It's Our World, Too!: Young People Who Are Making a Difference, How They Do It—How You Can, Too! by Phillip M. Hoose ($13, 10-up).

The Way Cool License Plate Book by Leonard Wise ($19.95, paper $9.95) depicts vanity plates from North America. (6-9)
The Story of Flight: From the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum by Judith Rinard ($16.95, paper $8.95) tells of individuals who turned the dream to fly into reality. (8-11)
Labyrinths: Can You Escape from the 26 Letters of the Alphabet? by Philippe Mignon ($14.95, paper $9.95) features 26 watercolor labyrinths. (10-up)
Police Lab: How Forensic Science Tracks Down and Convicts Criminals by David Owen ($19.95, paper $9.95), explains how forensic scientists gather and analyze evidence. (12-14)
Figure Skating Champions: Includes the 2002 Winter Olympics by Steve Milton, photos by Gerard Chataigneau ($5.95), profiles figure skating stars. (7-12)

Good to Be Small by Sean Cassidy ($14.95). A mouse helps find a missing lamb. (3-5)
Two Shoes, Blue Shoes, New Shoes by Sally Fitz-Gibbon, illus. by Farida Zaman ($14.95), is a tale set in New York City's Central Park. (4-6)
Priscilla's Paw de Deux by Sharon Jennings, illus. by Linda Hendry ($14.95). An alley cat dreams of becoming a ballerina. (5-8)
The Night Walker by Richard Thompson, illus. by Martin Springett ($16). A boy explores the hills and forest beyond his home. (5-8)
Baby Elephant and Baby Lion by Aubrey Lang, photos by Wayne Lynch ($11.95 each), focus on young animals. (5-8)
Twilight Fairies by Nancy Hundal, illus. by Don Kilby ($15.95). A girl has faith that fairies will attend her birthday party. (5-8)
Old Bird by Irene Morck, illus. by Muriel Wood ($15.95). Two boys care for a gentle but stubborn old mare. (5-8)
Jack, the Story of a Beaver by Shirley Woods, illus. by Celia Godkin ($14.95), portrays life in a beaver colony. (8-11)
A Company of Fools by Deborah Ellis ($15.95) is a novel centering on two friends in medieval times. (8-11)
Paperback Series
First Flight issues Bats in the Garbage by Sharon Jennings, illus. by John Mardon ($4.95, 7-10).
Paperback Reprints
The Bye-Bye Pie by Sharon Jennings, illus. by Ruth Ohi ($5.95, 3-5); Baby Penguin and The Adventures of Baby Bear by Aubrey Lang, photos by Wayne Lynch ($5.95 each, 4-7); Omar on Ice by Maryann Kovalski ($5.95, 6-8); Basket of Beethoven by Susan Currie ($7.95, 8-12); and On Wings of a Dragon by Cora Taylor and A River Apart by Robert Sutherland ($8.95 each, 12-up).

How to Take the GRRRR Out of Anger by Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis ($9.95) sets out to advise kids how to control their anger. (8-13)
The Survival Guide for Kids with LD by Gary Fisher and Rhoda Cummings ($10.95) includes info on study aids, helpful technology and social skills. (8-up)
When Something Feels Wrong: A Survival Guide About Abuse by Deanna Pledge ($14.95) is aimed at young adults who have been abused. (13-up)

(Words, dist.)
Turntable Timmy by Michael Perry, illus. by Doug Cunningham ($18.95), uses hip-hop language to teach children the importance of perseverance and dedication. (6-up)

My Mommy by Susan Paradis ($15.95) is a companion volume to My Daddy. (2-6)
Soul Moon Soup by Lindsay Lee Johnson ($15.95). This story about an 11-year-old homeless girl emphasizes the importance of imagination. (8-up)
Marika by Andrea Cheng ($16.95). During World War II, a Hungarian girl comes to terms with being Jewish. (10-up)
Stray Voltage by Eugenie Doyle ($16.95) reveals the beauty of life on a small farm. (12-up)

Worry Bear by Charlotte Dematons ($15.95). A worried little bear in the toy store meets a friend. (2-6)
Kisses by Nanda Roep, illus. by Marike ten Cate ($15.95), tells what happens when Lisa asks her imaginative father for a kiss. (2-6)
Hey Frog! by Piet Grobler ($15.95). What happens when a thirsty frog drinks all the water? (2-6)

Ignacio's Chair
by Gloria Evangelista, illus. by Cathy Morrison ($17.95). A chair is passed down from one individual to another, from the 15th century to the present. (6-up)
Walking with Henry by Thomas Locker ($17.95) journeys into the wilderness with Thoreau. (8-up)
Women Artists of the West: Five Portraits of Creativity & Courage by Julie Danneberg ($12.95) profiles Georgia O'Keeffe, Maria Martinez, Dorothea Lange, Laura Gilpin and Mary-Russell Colton. (8-12)

Clay Characters for Kids by Maureen Carlson ($12.99) offers directions for making 18 figures from clay. (6-12)
Artistic Drawing by Kat Rakel-Ferguson ($12.99) is a drawing guide. (6-12)

Greece! Rome! Monsters! by John Harris, illus. by Calef Brown ($16.95), focuses on such fabled creatures as Medusa and the Chimaera. (9-up)

Herd of Cows! Flock of Sheep! by Rick Walton, illus. by Julie Olson ($15.95), offers a barnyard caper. (4-8)
Tony's Hard Work Day by Alan Arkin, illus. by AnnMarie Mazuran Infanger ($15.95). Since his family won't let him help with the chores, Tony decides to work on his own project. (5-8)
Yonder by Tony Johnston, illus. by Lloyd Bloom ($15.95). A farmer plants a tree in this tribute to life's passages. (5-8)
Magic Boots by Scott Emerson, illus. by Howard Post ($15.95, paper $6.95, 4-8).
Haunting on Halloween by Linda White, illus. by Fran Lee ($9.95), provides tips for throwing a Halloween party. (6-up)
My Christmas Album by Candice and Richard Elton, illus. by Fran Lee ($19.95), includes a camera and a glue stick. (6-up)
Paperback Reissues
Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus and Tree of Life: The World of the African Baobab by Barbara Bash ($6.95 each, 6-10).

A Cottage Garden Alphabet by Andrea Wisnewski ($18.95) features woodcut art. (4-up)
Rama and Sita: A Tale from Ancient Java by David Weitzman ($19.95), retells a story found in The Ramayana. (6-up)
Henrietta and the Golden Egg by Hanna Johansen, illus. by Kåthi Bhend ($16.95). A chicken has great aspirations, including laying golden eggs. (6-up)
Something's Not Quite Right by Guy Billout ($19.95) challenges readers to find the dichotomies in 33 paintings. (8-up)
Paperback Series
Swallows and Amazons adds The Picts & The Martyrs, or Not Welcome at All by Arthur Ransome ($14.95, 10-up).
Paperback Reprint
Shaker Hearts by Ann Turner, illus. by Wendell Minor ($10.95, 6-up).

Does Anybody Love Me? by Gillian Lobel, illus. by Rosalind Beardshaw ($16). After a girl upsets her parents, her grandfather comes to her rescue. (4-8)
This Amazing World, collectedby Lois Rock, illus. by Ruth River ($16), compiles poems about nature. (6-12)
The Bible for Children by Murray Watts, illus. by Helen Cann ($23.99), retells more than 200 biblical tales. (7-12)
Paperback Reprint
Reuben and the Blizzard by Merle Good, illus. by P. Buckley Moss ($7.95, 4-8).

Winter Is by Ann Dixon, illus. by Mindy Dwyer ($15.95, paper $8.95), is a bedtime tale celebrating winter. (3-6)
Runaways on the Inside Passage by Joe Upton ($17.95, paper $9.95). Twins journey by sea in winter to find their father. (10-up)
Paperback Reprints
Go Home River by James Magdanz, illus. by Dianne Widom ($8.95, 4-up); and Kitaq Goes Ice Fishing by Margaret Nicolai, illus. by David Rubin ($8.95 each, 5-up).

Ollie Jolly, Rodeo Clown by Jo Harper, illus. by Amy Meissner ($15.95, paper $8.95). Ollie doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up—until the rodeo comes to town. (5-up)

Welcome to the World greets Welcome to the World of Alligators and Crocodiles and Welcome to the World of Frogs & Toads by Diane Swanson ($9.95 each, paper $5.95, 5-7).
Paperback Series
Mustang Mountain adds Night Horse by Sharon Siamon ($6.95, 8-up).

(Midpoint Trade Books, dist.)
Adopted Jane by Helen Daringer, illus. by Kate Seredy ($12.95). An orphan spends a summer away from the orphanage. (8-12)
The Wonderful Winter by Marchette Chute, illus. by Grace Golden ($12.95). An orphan boy joins a troupe of Shakespearean actors in Elizabethan London. (10-up)
The World of Henry Orient by Nora Johnson ($12.95). Two girls befriend a concert pianist. (12-up)
Paperback Reissue
Greenwillow by B.J. Chute ($10.95) presents a fable about a boy who believes he can never marry and the girl he falls in love with. (12-up)

Mott's Sip and Slurp: A Juice Box Book, illus. by Liz Conrad ($5.95), is a board book resembling a juice box. (1-3)
Mott's A Is for Apple (and All Things That Grow!) by Megan E. Bryant and Monique Z. Stephens, illus. by Liz Conrad ($9.99), is an alphabet book with cut-paper art. (2-4)
New Halloween Board Books are In a Dark, Dark House, Trick or Treat? and Vampire's Halloween, illus. by John Bianchi ($4.99 each, 2-5). And Christian Mother Goose welcomes Rock-A-Bye-Bible by Marjorie Ainsborough Decker, illus. by Frank Endersby, Anne Kennedy and John Nez ($9.99 each, 3-up).
Look! My Tooth Is Loose! by Patricia Brennan Demuth, illus. by Mike Cressy ($6.99), includes tooth trivia, a "loose tooth log" and a fold-out poster. (4-7)
Drawing Cats, illus.by Katy Bratun ($6.99) is a guide to drawing felines. (7-up)
Happening Hanukkah: Creative Ways to Celebrate by Debra Mostow Zakarin, illus. by Amanda Haley ($5.99), presents instructions for making holiday gifts. (8-12)
Paperback Series
Climbing aboard Reading Railroad is The Little Engine That Could Saves the Thanksgiving Day Parade by Watty Piper, illus. by Cristina Ong ($3.49, 3-6). All Aboard Reading rolls on with Name That Ed by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Esther Szegedy; Look! I Can Tie My Shoes! by Susan Hood, illus. by Amy Wummer; Spike at Halloween by Gail Herman, illus. by Cristina Ong; Station Stop 1: The Gingerbread Kid Goes to School by Joan Holub, illus. by Debbie Palen; and Station Stop 1: T-Rex Is Missing! by Tomie dePaola ($3.99 each, 4-6); and Whales by Graham Faiella, illus. by Turi MacCombie; I've Got the Back to School Blues by Gail Herman, illus. by Stacy Peterson; and Station Stop 2: Dear Tooth Fairy by Jane O'Connor, illus. by Joy Allen ($3.99 each, 6-8).
Reading Railroad welcomes five new additions. Corduroy returns in Rhymes and Riddles with Corduroy, based on the character created by Don Freeman, illus. by Lisa McCue ($3.49, 4-8). Smart About History offers Negro Leagues: All-Black Baseball by Laura Driscoll, illus. by Tracy Mitchell; and Valley of the Golden Mummies by Joan Holub ($5.99 each, 5-9). Smart About Art gains Pablo Picasso: Breaking All the Rules by True Kelley ($5.99, 5-9). All Aboard Science Readers adds two more titles. And Smart About History releases The Pilgrims and Me by Judy Donnelly, illus. by Maryann Cocca-Leffler ($5.99, 6-9).
All About Reading presents A Doll Named Dora Anne by Yona Zeldis McDonough, illus. by DyAnne DiSalvo; and Station Stop 3: Civil War Sub: The Mystery of the Hunley by Kate Boehm Jerome, illus. by Frank Sofo ($3.99 each, 7-9). My Teacher Ate My Homework and Tell a Lie and Your Butt Will Grow by Dan Greenburg, illus. by Jack E. Davis, join The Zack Files ($4.99 each, 7-10). Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo welcomes Oh Baby! and Girls Don't Have Cooties by Nancy Krulik, illus. by John & Wendy ($3.99 each, 7-11). RollerCoaster Tycoon Pick Your Path debuts with Sudden Turn and Sabotage! by Shane Breaux ($4.99 each, 8-12). Who Was…? continues with four new titles. And Dish serves up Boiling Point, Into the Mix and Truth Without the Trimmings by Diane Muldrow, illus. by Barbara Pollak ($4.99 each, 9-12).

Nana's Cold Days by Adwoa Badoe, illus. by Bushra Junaid ($15.95), reveals what happens when a grandmother comes to visit during a chilly winter. (3-6)
Tiger and the Dried Persimmon by Janie Jaehyun Park ($15.95) present a Korean folktale about a foolish tiger. (3-6)
Himalaya by Tenzing Norbu Lama ($16.95) tells of the dangerous trek the Dolpo people make to survive. (4-up)
The Fire: An Ethiopian Folk Tale by Heinz Janisch, illus. by Fabricio VandenBroeck ($15.95). The power of friendship frees a faithful slave. (4-8)
Salmon Creek by Annette LeBox, illus. by Karen Reczuch ($16.95), chronicles the life cycle of a Pacific salmon. (6-up)
A Brave Soldier by Nicolas Debon ($15.95). A young soldier leaves home to fight in WWI. (6-up)
A Coyote Columbus Story by Thomas King, illus. by William Kent Monkman ($15.95), retells the story of Christopher Columbus from a native perspective. (6-up)
The Death Book by Pernilla Stalfelt ($15.95) discusses God, the afterlife and grief. (8-up)
The Secret Life of Owen Skye by Alan Cumyn ($15.95) is a tale of small-town life and love. (9-12)
The Low Life by Brian Doyle ($19.95) compiles five novels. (9-13)
Messengers of Rain and Other Poems from Latin America , edited by Claudia Lee, illus. by Raphael Yockteng ($18.95), collects poetry from 19 countries. (10-up)
Camel Bells by Janne Carlsson ($15.95) portrays life in Afghanistan before the reign of the Taliban. (10-up)
Parvana's Journey by Deborah Ellis ($15.95) is a sequel to The Breadwinner. (10-up)
Dead Man's Gold and Other Stories by Paul Yee, illus. by Harvey Chan ($14.95), collects ghost stories based on the experiences of Chinese who emigrated to North America. (11-up)
Title in Spanish
Mandaderos de la Iluvia (Messengers of Rain and Other Poems from Latin America), edited by Claudia Lee, illus. by Raphael Yockteng ($18.95, 10-up).